i just miss cas ok


i want to write you a song
one to make your heart remember me
so any time i’m gone
you can listen to my voice and sing along
i want to write you a song


You bit down on your bottom lip, smiling as you thought of Cas outside some motel room, phone to his ear just for you.

“Like you do,” you confirmed. “Seven pm on the dot. You’re getting pretty consistent.”

He looked at his watch just as the hour turned. He was in a different time zone but he always kept his watch to yours; it made him feel closer to you.

“And how are things there?” he asked.

“Same as yesterday. Quiet.”

“Did you have a nice day?”

“Nicer now,” you grinned, and heard the quiet breath of his laughter. You closed your eyes and smiled, counting yourself lucky. Not everyone’s guardian angel called them every night to ask how their day was.



He’d been living near the house for about a week when he first started noticing paw prints in the mud by the fish pond.

He thought about staying for a few weeks more, but each day there was more paw prints in every place he roamed around. The small tree fort he built to sleep under had human footprints and the paw prints. The pond had them- even the grassy area where he liked to sit and watch the trees sway in the breeze had them.

Cas pulled his clothes off and folded them up- burying them in the hole he’d dug in the dirt, covering them with more dirt and some leaves and grassy branches before getting in the pond. The sun had been warming up things from the usual cloudiness and the water wasn’t deep enough for him to go all the way under. But halfway in he noticed the wolf. Bigger than any he’d ever seen before- almost positive it was going to find his clothing and somehow spot him in the water he sunk under until just his eyes were showing- watching the thing and trying to form a plan to get out of the water, grab his clothes, and run. Ten minutes of no moving made him shiver under the water and he didn’t like how deep he was, knowing if he went any deeper he’d go under without hope of getting to dry land again, so he stood up a little till his head was above water, sticking two fingers in his mouth and blowing out a hard whistle to try and get the animal to go away and quickly sinking under the water again so it wouldn’t see him.

anonymous asked:

I know this is weird or maybe because I'm a Destiel shipper, but I just feel bad that with Season 10 ending, there wasn't much of a reciprocity in Dean's part towards his concern on Cas. I mean, we have too much of Sam and Cas lately and that's ok. But, I just miss the days wherein Dean and Cas where like super buddies and Dean's always worried about his friend. This time around, we only see them in dialogues.. :(

still the talkative anon — And the writers seemed to treat Cas differently this season. And they made Sam leave Cas twice now, and forget about him. And Castiel’s blaming himself for Charlie’s death.. and then…him being controlled by Rowena…. I mean, really? An angel being controlled by a witch?

Hey there! :)

Yes, I feel you on all of this. And frankly, I think that it’s time for the writers to pick a side. As in; everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of Team Free Will/Destiel, but Cas shouldn’t be forced to be ‘their friend’ in this way. 

It keeps being pushed in every dialogue ever that Cas is their friend ”I can’t leave, because I’m your friend” and “the people who love me” and “we all love you”, but the way we’ve seen them (the Winchesters) treat Cas in this season; that’s not how friendship works. 

Which, you know, could also make for a good story. Which is why I am saying ‘pick a side’. It could be interesting, Cas going on this journey where he learns his self worth, where he learns what friendship means, and that whatever he’s got going on with the Winchesters at this moment; that ain’t it. Where he does his own thing, finds his own friends, and has his own story arc etc. I mean, that could be cool, if they go about it the right way.

So what I am saying is; I wouldn’t be as bothered by it if the show actually ACKNOWLEDGED that Cas is pretty much being ‘used’, and that this is not how a healthy friendship works, and that this is not how you treat a friend. I’m not saying that he has to be BESTEST BUDDIES with the Winchesters, I am just saying that if they are claiming that he IS, it has to show.

Imo the only acceptable options here are: Either next season he keeps following the Winchesters around, helping them with all of their problems once again, but there is some ACTUAL affection/gratitude from their side, 

Or Cas goes his own way, becomes a simple ally to them, and gets offered a chance to build his own life outside of them. That’s the least this character deserves after 7 years. Whatever they choose, the writers need to stop treating Cas’ character like he doesn’t have feelings…

The same goes for his powers; apparently one sec he can resurrect people from the death, then all of the sudden he can’t anymore, without explanation. (And so many other things regarding his powers that are way too random, and the randomly changing limits to what he can or can’t do, being used however it’s convenient for a certain episode.) 

They need to make a choice; tell us what he can’t or can do, and stick with it. 

But oh well, I guess I’m just a bitter Cas girl. :p