i just miss candice in them


[au] jodice at san diego comic con from 2011 - 2017 (✿◠‿◠)

“our amazing six year long journey… is sadly coming to an end. it just feels right you know?we’ll miss playing hybrid ken and vampire barbie as much as you’ll miss seeing them on your screens. thank you to all the incredibly fans, we couldn’t have done it without you! but this doesn’t mean it’s the end for klaus and caroline… it’s only the beginning to their eternity together.”

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favorite grandice moment/s ??

1) SDCC 2016 (basically almost* all the interviews had me smiling at grandice)

2) when grant was flirting with candice on twitter. those were the days man x

3) all those grandice pictures uploaded by grant and candice themselves.

4) when grant/candice promote WA. ( i don’t know but i just feel the connection between them even though they’re talking about a ship that is basically played by them lol)

5) when grant likes candice’s pictures and vice versa. i miss those days when they were active likers on each other’s page :( now it’s just bleh.

6) Paleyfest 2017 !!! all the grandice moments are literally my favourite. i’m telling no lies. 7) When GG said that CP was his celebrity crush. 8) When GG commented “look how everyone’s smiling cuz you’re there” on CP instagram picture. 9) GG linking arms with CP during one of the SDCC 2016 interviews.

there’s probably more? but i can’t really think right now so i’ll update once i can think of anymore! :) I love EVERY grandice moment. it’s so precious to me. hoping to get more of them x

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Do you ever miss the dynamic between season 1 Westallen with Barry not so secretly pining for Iris and Iris subconsciously sabotaging Barry's attempts to move on while she's having secret rendezvous with the Flash? Those were fun times. Also, LOVE your Flash metas and HC's.

Awww, thank you so much! And to answer your question, yes and no. 

I do miss that breathless tension between Iris and The Flash when it would just the two of them in Jitters. Grant and Candice play so well off of each other in a variety of ways and the Iris/Flash meetings were a perfect example. The atmosphere around them during their secret rendezvous usually had low lighting and it was always so still and quiet and the overall effect was very muted. However, the chemistry between them was so tangible that you could literally feel that tension as you watched them. I defintely miss that. 

While I don’t really miss Iris being completely oblivious to Barry’s feelings I do miss the Barry from 1A that would shamelessly gaze at Iris with hearts in his eyes but yet still be surprised that everyone within a one mile radius could see that he was madly in love her. I also miss petty Barry, but thankfully he still makes an appearance every once and a while. 

There is a lot I miss about Season 1 but at the same time there is so much more to love about where we are now. 

I miss the Barry that was so nervous about confessing his true feelings for Iris because he was terrified about what it would do to their relationship. But I love the Barry now who has no fear when it comes to telling Iris how much he loves her. The Barry that is so confident in Iris’ love for him that he can’t tell her often enough or exuberantly enough what the means to him. 

I kinda miss the timid, unsure Iris that didn’t know how to navigate her burgeoning feelings for Barry ESPECIALLY when he started dating Linda. But I absolutely love the Iris now who loves her man deeply and completely and doesn’t care who knows it.

I miss the Iris/Flash secret Jitters/rooftop rendezvous, but I love even more Barry and Iris conversations on their couch in their home that they share together. I miss the tension and excitement from their meetings in season one, but I love the comfort and familiarity and sense of home in their meetings now. 

I think more than anything I miss the anticipation. I miss that feeling of the unknown. That feeling of knowing something amazing is about to happen but it isn’t quite here yet. With that being said now that we’re finally witnessing the ‘unknown’ from Season 1 I can see that it was well worth the wait and that being in it, is so much better than waiting on pins and needles for it. 

The exciting part of it is, there is still so much to come with WA. So in a couple of seasons when they’re (hopefully) married with the beginnings of the Flash family here or on the way you should ask me this question again. 😉

SDCC (grandice)

Grant was sitting right beside Candice, a little too close, and a little too touchy. She looked at him, and he smiled, making her remember that they are just friends, best friends, and plus he already has a fiancé, but there was always more. something more than just, friends. 

Candice takes moments too congratulate herself on picking this outfit. She loved it so much, and hoped for the best. though the deep V did draw attention, it made the day worthwhile. 

Grant leaned over towards her, and just sat there, their arms next to each other as close as it could be. Candice felt tingles, and try to think nothing of it. She could feel Carlos , and the rest of her co-workers seeing this , and tried to play it off. 

“ .. well, in America its called where’s waldo, but in Australia its called where’s wally!”  Every laughed while grant thought. given the fact he had ‘a few’ drinks before hand, this gave him courage to get closer to her. 

Grant leaned his head softly on Candice’s shoulder, and whispered ‘ I am blocking him’ Candice nodded, and knew that was just an excuse, but then again, was it? 

Jesse looked at the two and laughed to himself. ‘damn’

As they started to talk Jesse was explained how there is always going to be an issue, because of the meta’s, and ‘everyday drama’ he placed his hands on grant and Candice. 

Candice picked up on what he meant by everyday drama, maybe he was referring to grant, la, and me? she thought. but noticed, grant noticed and said. 

“Why are you gonna put your hand on me!?” every laughed. Grant smiled and added.

“ Girl were full of drama “. The members laughed as Carlos picked up on what the implication was and smirked. 

Candice felt grant moving more and more towards her, at one Point he got so close, he wrapped his arm around her and buried his head in her chest. ‘Oh god’ she said. feeling a very large sensation in her stomach, with shivers, and tingles all over. 

‘what the fuck’ Carlos thought. he was about to move his hand, but decided not to be rude, and let it go. 

Grant moved closer to her boobs and slightly touched it with his lips, and dirty thoughts ran over his mind, as his hand slipped lower. Danielle was in shock with the fact that this was still happening a laughed extremely hard. 

“Candice…” grant whispered. Candice smiled, and patted his head, and looked at his green eyes at one of her most vulnerable spots. 


Carlos knew that La thoma was bout to storm in and make a scene, and decided to step in. 

“Grant stop, she is not your real girlfriend”

Everyone laughed.

“Wait, no, god no, I am getting confused, i’m flustered!” grant turned red. 

“Well, that wraps it up, thanks for coming bye!!” the interviewer said. Grant and Candice shared looks , took some pics, and walked out. 

“ so, what the hell was that?” Carlos asked grant. 

“What do you mean?”

“Laying your head in her books, while kissing it, Anndd whispering her name, what the hell dude?”

“It was…I-”

“Look, you need to chose, do you want Candice, or do you want La Thoma? Because it is not fair to lead her on like this, and then marry some one else right in her face. chose dude…chose”

Grant watched his friend walked away and sighed. 

Later on her caught up with the rest of the ‘gang’ and went on the meeting place. 

“Grant, and Candice, you are headed to another interview with todd, k?” tom said, as he walked away patting their shoulders. 

Grant gave a final glance at Carlos as he mouthed. “Chose” . But grant, did not want to chose, at least right now. he needed more time. 

Grant walked with Candice alone. “um… so, how are you?” she asked. 


“grant, remember when you basically dived your head in my boobs?”

“Uhh, I mean I did not look at it that way, I just was um, tired, and-”


“Candice, to be honest I-”

“Your Up!” a man shouted. Candice smiled and kissed his cheek. 

“Its okay” Grant smirked and walked towards the next meeting where they were basically in each others arms the entire time. 

After that they met up and went to TV Guide Magazine.

“so, its Candice, Keynian, Grant, and Danielle. and then the others at the 1st row”

Grant sighed. “ why cant we pick our seats”

“I mean if you want to, sure, I just thought I make it more…okay whatever just sit down”

Candice smiled. Grant tugged her arm, and they sat next to each other, his arm was wrapped around her, and she was all but in his lap. Their director noticed and smiled. 

“ So, how is Westallen, is iris okay?”

“Well, she is hurt, because the love of her life is gone, so far, and she just, misses him, you know, she wanted so badly to marry him…but that chance is gone now” Candice looked at grant and he then noticed it as it clicked in his mind. 

“Its not good to carry that, and you know, sometimes you just have to speak up” he added. 

“Its hard to when you have to be strong” she added, the two looked at each other and starred. Carlos was so in shocked he just gave them that look, as the cast realized what was going on. 

“ But things change…”

Candice smiled. “ I am sorry, where were we?” she asked. 

Grant smiled and leaned more towards Candice. 

“somewhere else, I will come back to you later Candice, so tom…”

Okay, after that meeting Carlos had it. He knows grant wants to be with Candice, and she wants to be with him, and right now, he feels like he was watching the first season of the flash. 

Grant and Candice was talking in the corner . 

“ grant do you love me?”

“Candice, I don’t love you, I am In love with you, so I guess yes, I love you, I always have, and I just, I love you so much, but-” 

Candice leaned up and Kissed him softly as his hands moved to her waist. 

He felt something stir in him when he felt her boobs press against his chest, and he deepened the kiss. 

Carlos caught them kissing, but before he could smile he saw La Thoma walking down the hall. 

“Oh shit” carlos said hey really loud and broke them apart. 

“Your girl, the otha one is coming.”

Grant sighed and took a deep breath, tell her I have to go to an interview!” he and Candice ran to the elevator leaving Carlos in more shock. 

“Grant, why don’t you tell her”

“I will tell her along, right now is not the best time so-”

and again, he was interrupted with a wonderful kiss. 

“where to now?”

“ well, we have a two hour break, and I have a hotel not to far from here…”

“Will she be there?”

“No, I haven’t told her about it yet”

“Grant, is this right? your engaged, and right now, you are cheating, regardless if you like her or not, you’re cheating, on her with me.. I need to know that if we do this, you are going to break up with her in the kindest way. I don’t want her to think that-”

“Fuck what she thinks, I love you, and I always have, she has rushed me to love her in a way I cant, and  I have to fake. with her it feels like acting, but with you…it feels like love”


20 mins later. 

Grant and Candice sat down on the bed. 

“what now??”

Grant brought in two drinks, and they had two glasses of martinis. 

“oh, my, we are gonnabeso drunk”

“Tispys more likeit” he smiled and crawled on top of her. 

“your kind of cute, like hot”

“yeah?” he smirked and kissed her deeply, and lowered himself to where her v shirt began. he slowly opened it further and exposed her chest. 

“Candice, your so hot” he said, he began to suck one of them immediately and groaned. 


he quickly kissed all over her, as he felt himself getting harder. 

The two were just about to hit It when Carlos called. 


“Grant, where the hell are you, the panel starts in 10 mins!”

“Iam with Candice, and we’s are at the , a hotel, and we are on the ways. carlos we had two martins, and I am very very happy to be the flash ahhaha” 

“Oh god, your drunk?”

20 mins later

Somehow they were able to get them there without any harm, and right now, things were really not looking that good. 

Grant smiled and placed his arm around Candice. “ so , this is iris Westallen”

the audience cheered and people where very happy. 

“Not yet though” Candice added. 

“I like iris, because she looks like Candice, and they are both very nice people, they are the same , cuz they are lovable and pretty” 

their director starred in shock, and jesse tapped them. 

“shut up”

“ Uh, yeah, Candice you have pretty hair”

“Thanks grant you have a pretty face”

“thx babe, you have a pretty face, and body too, which we all know is cable of anything around me” 

the two laughed and Carlos placed his head down. “oh fuck”



what do u think s far??


Day 7

How I feel? Oh… just watched an entire 32 women wrestling tournament and the two going to the finals are an MMA girl and Kairi Sane.

If anything. I’ll probably watch the finals just to root for the underdog. But Ronda Rousey has been seen too much in these episodes, so it might just go to Shayna Baysler.

Ok, truth. From top to bottom this tournament had it’s ups and some downs and I marked out for nearly all of them… except for when Candice lost… I cried 😭


Jodice One-Shot: More Than Anything.

This is a Jodice one-shot, where Jodice stays for Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola together; if that makes you uncomfortable, please stop reading now.

Dedicated to Gail, Yana and Syd.


Joseph let out a sigh of relief as they finally wrapped up shooting for the day.

Being on set without Candice just wasn’t the same thing; everything seemed gloomier somehow, and he missed her terribly. It was probably pathetic and completely unprofessional, but, after years of working together as Klaus and Caroline on both The Vampire Diaries and then The Originals, he had gotten accustomed to her sunny presence and felt as if a part of him was missing when she wasn’t around.

Literally everyone could tell that he was grumpy and frustrated, giving him knowing smiles as he hurried towards his trailer to get changed and leave.

He huffed, gathering his things. His Candice withdrawals weren’t at all being helped by the fact that he felt incredibly anxious leaving her all alone for such long periods of time while she was in such a delicate condition. The blonde hated his overprotectiveness, rolled her eyes and laughed at it every chance that she got, but she was carrying his child—their child—and he wanted to be there with her every step of the way.

Finally ready, he marched to his car, barely allowing anyone anything more than a curt goodbye. He was grateful that they had decided to buy a small house in Atlanta after getting married, predicting the success that their spin-off would have; The Originals was in its fourth season and still going strong, and, although it hadn’t been easy to figure out a way to justify Caroline’s temporary absence because of Candice’s pregnancy, he was glad that everything was working itself out so perfectly. The fans were excited about ‘Jodice’—as they had taken to call him and Candice together—just as much as they were about Klaroline, and, while greatly overwhelming at times, it felt amazing to have the genuine support of so many people.

Carefully parking his car, Joseph felt a smile creeping up his face as he hopped up their front porch steps.

However, the sight of his beautiful wife sobbing her eyes out on their couch wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

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West-Allen Much?🤔 2

So I decided that I would post some pictures of Candice and my best friend so you guys can see the similarities between them not to see if they look alike.

And some pictures of my best friend and her crush I don’t have a lot of pics of her crush though so they might be low quality just a heads up.

I love this because it was unintentional they just take pictures alike.

They are so beautiful 😍

My babies😫💙


This is a hard decision Bria is cute with both styles but I really miss her long hair

Can they just get married already like I don’t know how much my heart can take😫😫😍😍

Candice and Bria are my inspiration for taking pictures they are like twins when it comes to pictures not by looking alike but because of how they take them the same.


They are and always will be my real life West-Allen . They are just so perfect for each other.💍💍💍

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“ I did that scene in episode 11 where I heal her, but it’s slightly a seduction. I was pleased with the writing and keen to work with her. I’m a fan of her work. I think she’s great. I think we’ve got this great chemistry, this on-screen relationship. I read she has great chemistry with everyone. So it’s not just me. We have a lot of fun on set. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and neither do I.”

                                                                         Joseph about Candice.

I really miss them.

alright look ...

i love me some stelena and i love me some steroline; you cannot deny the dobsley chemistry or the sense of excitement paul and candice have when they talk about steroline (well you could but then you’d just be wrong) THAT BEING SAID i think julie missed out on a big opportunity to construct something between paul, kat and ian on the show because LOOK AT THIS 

and this


… and this 

And finally this!

There just always seems to be a need for Ian and Paul to be near Kat or touch her or flirt with her or joke with her in a way I haven’t seen them do with Nina in all the years they’ve worked together. Obviously I’m not saying anything is happening between the three of them but there is a professional and personal spark there and both of their characters have chemistry with Bonnie because we can’t forget this: 

or this:

So I just feel like there was real triangle potential there. I’M JUST SAYIN’! but that’s none of my business.

lilbreck replied to your post: “Who the fuck says dum dums? That shit is cringe worthy”

Wow, this seemed to come out of nowhere. Of course, I probably just missed some conversation. I’ll go back to my chicken soup and complaints about being sick.  

Hope you are feeling better, the post that they are referring to is the one HERE. That I wrote over a month ago, nearly two, just after the photo of Candice on The Originals set was released and all the articles were going around saying that just because Caroline has her wedding ring round her neck, it means that this is confirmation that Klaroline is going to remain platonic.

I just find it funny that is what they chose to pick on. Personally, I like using dum dums in my posts because they make it feel light hearted and not malicious. While also demeaning the antis and haters by making them feel inferior.

…Guess it worked!

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@lostculture: Miss Candice SwanIepoel in the Breakfast in Bed Bralette in Natural I just received this lovley photo this morning and I still am in complete disbelief of it all I read before that your garments are only as “cool” as the people who wear them so in this case I can say my garments are now unbelievably amazing and quite honestly a dream come true because when it comes to this girl “cool” is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you so much for having faith in my products @angelcandices ❤❤ My mother and I did one of those happy jumping up and down hugs about it so yeah … youve made many people happy today hehehe


“Clinging to me like a last breath you would breathe. You were like home to me, I don’t recognize the streets. Please don’t close your eyes, don’t know where to look without them. Outside the cars speed by I never heard them until now. I know you care, I know it is always been there but there’s trouble ahead, I can feel it. You are just saving yourself when you hide it. Yeah, I know you care, I see it in the way you stare”


Caroline Appreciation Week: Day 1: Favorite Sexy Scene

4x06 / 5x11

Choosing just one scene is not possible because she has quite a lot of sexy scenes, but I managed to narrowed it down to those two scenes.

4x06: I loved the blonde little distraction act. She looked very good, very sexy and she put her twins nicely on display. I always found these moments interesting because Klaus is not someone who is easily distracted. He knew  what she was doing, he still played along because he wanted to spend time with her, but she did her magic and she affected him quite nicely.

5x11: I loved this and while it was badly directed it’s still one of my favs. Forget the lighting, the directing and the missing song. They don’t need it, all we need is them together in a scene and then they do their magic. Just look at them, they have such insane chemistry and there’s so much passion between them. It’s just amazing.

Paul's TVDNJ Panel Session Part 1
  • Paul chooses hard liquor over beer. No keg stands for him!
  • Paul’s sisters r here they said there’s a rager at the wasilewski house lol
  • Paul did a lot of work stuff & travelling this summer
  • If Paul could be anyone for a day he’d be Daniel Gillies and stare at himself in the mirror all day
  • NYC and Paris are his favorite place of all
  • Paul thinks Arielle is his biggest fan. She is very amused.
  • Arielle got him an awesome painting of a frog for his birthday
  • Paul will direct again in s6, they gave him a tentative episode it might change but its midseason.
  • While directing Paul wouldn’t watch his own playbacks
  • “You’re just gonna use me and leave and not stay for breakfast!” to Arielle leaving the stage.
  • If he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be his grandma’s pierogis
  • Favorite moment with Ian on set : “I don’t have any. End of the day?”
  • Paul: “Ian! How are you? Great to see you! Oh we have a scene tomorrow? SHIT”
  • Paul just took a picture with some guests with a “selfie stick” or as
  • Paul joked a “whipping mechanism”
  • Paul originally auditioned for Ben Mackenzie’s role on the O. C.
  • He really liked American Dream and he wished it would come back.
  • He is a fan of 1960s culture! He loves a throwback.
  • Paul describes: Ian: smoldy, Daniel: he blushes, sweet cheeks, Nina: boss woman, Candice: bubbly bubbles
  • He loves spending time with family in Poland
  • Paul doesn’t tweet because he doesn’t feel inspired
  • He’s been instagramming more than twitter. He need a to link them. “I’m an old man”
  •   “Ian is a tweet machine!”
  • Paul misses Ian. “I need a minute.”
  • Paul Impersonating Ian: “oh I’m tweeting from a helicopter 2819911 feet in the air and then I’m going to Zimbabwe”
  • Paul just started watching Game of Thrones. “Everyone is naked. I’d probably die. I like period pieces.”
  • Fan yells: “Your hair isn’t right for GoT.” Paul: “I’d fix it!”
  • Paul asked Julia to come up on stage and help him.

@lostculture: Miss Candice SwanIepoel in the Breakfast in Bed Bralette in Natural I just received this lovley photo this morning and I still am in complete disbelief of it all I read before that your garments are only as “cool” as the people who wear them so in this case I can say my garments are now unbelievably amazing and quite honestly a dream come true because when it comes to this girl “cool” is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you so much for having faith in my products @angelcandices ❤❤ My mother and I did one of those happy jumping up and down hugs about it so yeah … youve made many people happy today hehehe

  • Just pointing out that Klaroline has the most RTs.
  • Keep RTing Klaroliners. This is not enough. We need to show them that we are still here
  • P.S. I included only the one’s that have over 1.000 RTs (some missing)