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Alpha pack who?

Stiles finds Derek’s old Facebook on a Saturday night.

Instead of going out to a party, or some other typical teenage hangout like a regular person he’s in his room on his computer. He’d been looking into some leads for the current flavor of monster running around Beacon Hill.

The only evidence the pack had gathered so far was some glowing slime in the woods by Derek’s house and a bad smell to go with it. But it wasn’t high priority since it hadn’t made an appearance in town and hadn’t hurt anyone.

Which is why Stiles ended up on Facebook trolling Scott with a Poke/Like war like they were back in middle school. Scott was taking too long to respond so Stiles went onto Kira’s facebook where he saw a picture from a recent pack night. It was of Kira and Stiles, but Derek was in the background. That got Stiles thinking, did Derek have a facebook where they could tag him?

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