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The Piece of me Project

The Piece of Me Project is a self-love one. Self-love does not come easily, nor does it come all at once; acceptance comes in tiny baby steps by recognizing small parts of yourself you like and love.

That first baby step can be a hard one to take.

This project is for everyone: all genders, all ages, all levels of confidence. It will be a way for all of us to come together and celebrate the small things that we love and that make us beautiful and unique.

To Get Involved:

If you’d like to be a part of the Piece of Me Project, read on!

Identify a small piece of yourself you like. It could be your legs, your glasses, hair, smile, eyes, hands, outfit, nails, anything. The only requirement is that it’s just a little thing about you!

- Photos must be taken in landscape. Any photos in portrait will not be included in the video for formatting reasons.

- Please do not enter selfies. As much as I love all your beautiful faces, this project is meant for the little features of ourselves we love. 

- You may enter up to two (2) photos! You may send in two entries, but please send them in the same email (attach 2 photos). Depending on the number of photos received, a second photo from the same person may or may not appear in the final video.

The video will be uploaded to YouTube and posted on this blog when it is complete!

Send your photos to thepieceofmeproject@gmail.com no later than April 6th, 2015 with the subject Photo. Any changes to this date will be posted on this blog, so make sure to follow for that and any other updates!

If you have any questions, please send them to thepieceofmeproject.tumblr.com/ask. There is also an About page that mostly reiterates the information found here, and may be updated as time goes on.


my mom always says to my brother like when mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow ‘be a man’ instead of telling him not to do a half assed job and im like mom, i am literally the benchmark u are comparing him to like see the irony???

it is something i should have learned

// a playlist to listen to while coming to terms with your feelings for a certain hockey captain. listen (x). 

maple hayley kiyoko // hey amie miriello // too afraid to love you dylan gardner // reflections misterwives // nicest thing kate nash // when you sleep mary lambert // you my everything ellie goulding // i wasn’t prepared eisley // bad idea yuna // bad religion frank ocean // all about your heart mindy gledhill

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I just saw your goddamn murdoc drawing and I swear to god I nearly cried from how happy he looked and my chest hurts and oh god... you are so going to get it from me murdocfucker69. I'm watching you murdocfucker. Always watching....

its really sad. this interview if you think about it about how he’s acting. i think this is why?? it hurts so much. because this is like a glimpse of a man we could of had if he weren’t so awful. or who he could have turned into at least before phase 3, or 4.he could have been the rly geeky and adorable uncle who is just laughing and genuinely having a good time. but instead we got this person who is unstable did awful things to 2d, created a cyborg noodle without even attempting to go out and find noodle. (honestly i think it doesnt mean he doesnt care about her. i just think he cared about the state of the band more so he just kept moving on and didnt rly think things through.) he became an abuser and just downright awful.which is utterly awful, and just makes me wonder what made him cross the line and go that. was it the people that were chasing him, the trouble he got into right after noodles disappearance because he cared about her and wasn’t really sure how to handle not having her there. (cos he’s never really had a healthy relationship before. all he’s known is that awful way he was raised. so perhaps he thinks its the norm??? an hes not sure on how to deal with certain things) and i don’t think he’s been genuinely happy for a long time. or any of the gorillaz as a matter of fact. or something idk. i just woke up and im having a lot of feelings about this pic rn and rambling lol. but yeah. that’s what i think.

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Hey Ren, it's Jay. I just wanted to thank you for everything you're doing for me. My sister told me about you talking to her, and it had made this unfortunate thing bearable. ♡ you and all the mods at TTSG are all amazing. Thank you.

Ren says:

Hi, Jay. I’m still talking to your sister in the hopes that we can sort some stuff out and keep you safe through all of this - she’s been absolutely amazing, and I’m really proud of her for taking the initiative to figure out how to keep you safe and okay. I think you’re in great hands right now, and I know that things up ahead are going to be really hard, but I also know that with the support of your sister and the rest of your family who supports you, you will make it through.

Sending you tons and tons of love, and I’m so glad that your recovery is going smoothly and that you’re safe. <3

(For reference, everyone - Jay is the friend of ours who bound for too long and punctured a lung; I’ve been talking to their sister, who’s been one of the best, most considerate allies I’ve talked to in a long time! Keep them in your thoughts, they’re still recovering from #surgery and handling a sticky family situation and your telepathic support would be awesome!)

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What happened hun? You seemed so happy with your new fella.

he’s technically not. we were just joking about it, is all. i’m pretty sure that he meant everything in jest and he probably has no real intentions of dating me bcuz seriously look at me right now

who in their right mind would want to date this completely out-of-their-mind moron who is sitting here crying about past relationships

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You know, if you want me to squee and roll over the ground in pure an utter flutteredness (which totally is a word), you could just SAY SO. But nooooo, you had to draw CUTE FANART again, of Seb and Luisa this time, and now I'm forced to give you a shout out once again, because I LOVE THEMMMMMM GAH *hides*

Your fault for making such a cute ass fic sunny


Salutations, I must commence my not too labyrinthine set of words to fully appreciate the character whom we all know by the name of Kaneki Ken.  Such an individual who will never reach his zenith, a tragedy in the form of a college student.  A normal being like both you and me - yet by a certain voracious eater, his life was thrown in a vortex and the outcome of such a cycle was a broken individual!  Yet after all those horrid scarring events, he continued to respire in our merciless world, with his volitive attitude, he carried on as some would say.

With only one purpose in his numb life, to serve to protect those dear to him - a privity shared with the one and only, Ayato Kirshima.  Both being aware of their intentions, however - after their encounter, no attempt was made to voice their evident [at least to each other] thoughts.

He, the pennant of comprehension and generosity, willing to perish for the life of others ; a sacrifice whose life will be but another death - but perhaps this might not be the case.

Haise Sasaki, the man with the forgotten memories, is the new page of this book, the last chapters to lead to the terminal point of the madness of their world.

kaneki-k here it is, I finally did it, now pay me you demon.

I have a mighty need for a carol/deanna face off

like how r u gonna give me a woman like deanna all but bragging about her ability to read people, and then give me carol bullshitting her way through her interview and NOT give me them in a furious battle of poker faces????


"I am not defenseless." 


crazyfuzzyedges So I was looking through the tags of this and omg I was so distressed that you liked that ugly doodle jfc I had to go and improve it bc personal pride lol

I wasn’t sure about Kagome’s outfit design but I was having fun so I went with it lol 

"What are you planning for your birthday?"

- “Not opening the door.”

"Hahaha! You are so funny. Wait… that wasn’t a joke?"


Why I need feminism

*driving home*

Me: Let’s see what’s on the radio.

DJ: “It’s a tragic day for all men today—Leonard Nimoy died. Most boys had a Star Trek phase growing up. You girls probably have trouble telling the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, but trust me, it’s a big deal that he’s gone.”

Me: …

Me: Seriously? What year is this?