i just made up the sword everything else was an outfit i just saw her in shes so great

Like a Dream(P.9)

Title: Like a Dream(P.9)(last part)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: Fluffy ending.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.

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The last few weeks of filming seemed to fly by. Thankfully, there were no more heated scenes between Akira and anyone else, said for one final scene with Robbie, which was just fine. Me and Robbie had become so comfortable with each other that the scenes were easy to film and much more believable. 

Robbie was the first to come out to an interviewer that we were official, it set off a domino effect of excitement with our fans. Social media and magazines exploded with adorable photos and sweet questions. Of course, there were some bad remarks within it all. Articles titled ‘Is Y/N cheating on Robbie kay?’ or ‘Is Mr. Kay dating Y/N out of pity?’

We ignored them, we had too. I trusted Robbie and he I. If we didn’t there was no way our relationship would last. Instead, we took the bad press with humor, making jokes about my affair with Parker or how pitiful I must be for Robbie to agree to fake date me. 

All in all the last few weeks were great and now it was today, the last day of filming. One more scene, a final kiss and then that was it. Robbie and I had already agreed to take a break from movies after this, we wanted to spend some time together before we decided our next move.

Even Parker was taking a month or two off of auditions. I stayed in Robbie’s apartment a lot more often then my own, but we had our breaks away from each other of course. We went to interviews separately and even some days on set we went alone.

“Are you nervous?” Robbie came up from behind me, making me jump a bit, having been stolen by my thoughts. I turned to face him, smiling as I saw his usual grin. “What were you thinking about?”

“The last day of filming today. That’s crazy right?” I answered, letting him sit next to me.

“Yeah, but I think I’ll be glad when the press for the movie dies down a bit. We might be able to sneak back to my place in Texas and enjoy a date without being surrounded by cameras.” He laughed, his arm moving to circle around my shoulders, my head instinctively leaning against his chest.

“That’ll be nice. Though, I’m certainly gonna miss everyone.” I said, a slight frown to my face.

“Nah, no worries there, love. Trust me, they’ll keep in contact. They always do.” He kissed the top of my head and then we stayed quiet as we watched a few final scenes between other characters, until it was our turn for our last act.

On stage, I stood beside Colin, my outfit for Akira completely redone. Covered in gold leaves with white glitter, my hair down and swirled around my waist in soft curls, a crown on my head, set between the two branch like horns.

Colin was in his normal attire for Captain Hook, Robbie the same old Peter Pan, though this time, he held a large sword in his hand, pointing it directly at Colin.

“You might as well back down now, Hook.” Robbie slid into the part of Peter as if we’d never walked off stage. “She’d never choose you and the ‘savior’ over me. Can’t you tell? She would have killed Henry in exchange for a little power. She wouldn’t have stopped. She’s more like me then you know.”

Colin braced forward, his face contorted in anger. “You don’t know a thing about her. You pushed her into everything she became. Akira never chose darkness, you forced it into her. With every boy you made her kill.”

I was currently unable to speak, frozen by Peter’s magic in this particular scene.

Robbie let his lips upturn into a smirk, laughing a bit before swinging his hand to the side, an indication that special effects would show that his magic on Akira had subsided. “Alright, if you don’t think she’d chose darkness. Let me prove you wrong.”

I stood now between both of them, turning towards Colin, a few others in the cast behind him and then back to Robbie. Dating him made these scenes easier. If this was a real moment in my life, I’d run to his arms over and over again.

“Go on Akira, show them who you really are.” Robbie added, a grin plastered on his child-like face.

I looked at Colin, my face showing a small moment of guilt, making sure to act as if for a second, I could chose them, but I made sure to let the sign of a powerful demi-god show on my features before I spun around and rushed to Robbie’s side.

Our lips collided without a care of the cameras or people watching. Eyes shut as they zoomed in on the moment. I felt Robbie’s arms encircle my waist, pulling me up against him before he pulled from the kiss and grinned over my shoulder. “We’re resetting the board. Game over.” Purple smoke circled around the two of us, starting at our ankles and making it’s way up. “For now.”

With that, the smoke shielded us from the cameras and we made sure to move off stage so they could finish the scene after we ‘vanished’.

The ending left it wide open for a sequel, or at least a continuation in the tv series, though no one had actually discussed it just yet, we all knew it was a possibility.

After the finishing touches and a couple of retakes, made it back on stage for congratulations and goodbyes.

“That’s a wrap guys!”

Later that evening we all stood on the red carpet for a party to celebrate the end of filming. We were all dressed up, smiling for cameras, answering interviews.

For a moment, I pulled away from Robbie to go talk to Lara and Colin, being pulled into an interview with them in the process.

Robbie was across the way, his lit up from the flashes and lights, giving small smiles and answers to fans as he walked past. He was close enough to me now that I could hear him, an interviewer pulling him in for a few questions.

“So that’s the end of filming with you and Y/N…What now?” He had asked, microphone held out in anticipation.

Robbie shrugged, giving a small smile. “That’s the end of filming, now we just get to settle into being in a normal relationship and not one where we’re trying to take over everything together.”

I gave a small chuckle, walking away from the camera I was on to stand a bit behind the guy interviewing Robbie.

“So you two will still continue to see each other after this?”

Robbie’s eyes caught mine and he smiled, nodding while he reached a hand out to pull me over to him. “Long after this of course.”

I grinned, looking up at him, head leaning on his shoulder as he kissed my cheek, placing his arm around my waist once again. “You two are quite adorable.” The guy added, getting a small laugh from the two of us before we kept going.

I glanced at Robbie and caught his gaze moving towards Josh as he sauntered over to us, a knowing grin on his face. “Oh gosh.” Robbie chuckled, a red look coming to his cheeks as the older actor stopped next to us.

“I gave you until the end of the movie.” Josh started, though I had no idea what was going on, I could see the sheepish grin on Robbie’s face.


“You didn’t even last a few weeks, did you?” Josh laughed, patting him on the back before smiling at me. “Can’t blame him, can you though, Y/N? You’re quite perfect for this guy.”

When it finally clicked, I smiled brightly and glanced at Robbie, enjoying the laughter from Josh as he walked away. “The end of the movie, huh?”

Robbie laughed, pulling me into
him for a swift kiss. “I fell for you as soon as it started, love.”

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Prompt- Clarke/Lexa, At a Renaissance Fair in October

When Lexa suggests Clarke join her and some friends at the renaissance faire, she mostly thinks it’s a joke. She even laughs at the invitation until Lexa shoots her a confused expression.

“Oh you’re serious…”

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