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This is Bad™ and two moodboards have already been made for my friend @smackjelly s fic but!!! I was suddenly inspired to do this and Phi deserves all the love and support on their beautiful fic so I had to!!!



Ok so! ahg. I dunno where to start.

Ok can we all just appreciate Paul since the boys came into his life. Like he is being a bloody good genuine person, like I can’t even believe him last tonight. Totally became the hero of the show with the things he said to David.

The writers addressed lots of issues in society in this episode, and handled them all beautifully.

David confessed that his idea of a father was someone stern with high expectations, who wanted their son to tick all the right boxes. House, Job, Kids, WIFE. Paul actually looked heart broken that David spent all his life thinking he had to do those things. Like, no one was even there to tell him that that was the norm, David just thought that was the norm all on his own. Which is almost sadder.

Then after the Good Friday ceremony, Paul, admits that once upon a time he probably would have expected his kids to grow up to be like him, nothing else. And David thinks that’s the norm. So Paul corrects him and says well no it’s foolish. He talks about how wonderful his kids are because they aren’t like him. 

Then, Paul. AGH WHAT A HERO HE IS. He gives David the speech of the year!

“David….dont think you have to tick any boxes for me. Or anyone for that matter. Married, single, kids, no kids, doctor, cleaner, I dont care. As long as you choose the life that makes YOU happy. Do you hear what im saying?

*David nods*

“Good. I so wish I could have told you that all your life”.


David REALLY needed to hear that. To know that how he feels is okay. Especially from the allusive father figure that was always holding him back. Paul you bloody legend. Like, seriously that made me so happy.

Ok but also that last scene with David and Leo. BEAUTIFUL.

I think it’s so important for David to admit that he’s gay. You can think things, you can act upon how you feel, but to verbally acknowledge who you are. It’s committing yourself to your decision, it’s having witnesses to your decision. It’s really really hard to do, especially with tough subjects. So it speaks even more of his growth, that he can do this. Also the fact that he’s telling his brother, the person who he sees as his most important person, and by some degree his only family. That validation is extremely important.

BUT OUR OTHER HERO LEO. WHAT A FANTASTIC BROTHER. He never interrupted David once David said this talk was about him, he let David gather his thoughts and talk at his own pace. He turned himself around to properly face David once David started talking about Leo being the most important, and that he had to hear this first.

BUT THE BEST PART. THE. BEST. PART. Was when David said “I’m Gay”, in that sort of worried, quiet voice, Leo before anything else, told him to say it again. Say it again!. Then you watch David’s face change from hesitance, to relief, to some sort of relief/excitement/confidence. It. Was. Beautiful. Then afterwards Leo says “it’s about time Bro”. Then they adorable bro hug. THE END.

I couldn’t even imagine a better way of Leo handling that situation. I think if he had said said something like “I know”, or even said “About time bro” during that first confession, it could have rattled David back a bit. He let David take full control of this chat, and made sure David confirmed his feelings several times. I think that method was a clever way of showing that Leo was totally okay with it. “It’s fine with me, tell yourself it’s okay, tell yourself again”.

David’s mindset that he has to tick all the boxes seems like it means he thinks he needs everyones approval. But really it’s him needing his own approval. Aside from Hiiobaa-chan not approving, everyone has in some way told him to just be himself. David kept convincing himself that it was not okay. So having Paul tell him, as a father, that he doesn’t have to impress him, and having his beloved brother tell him to confirm to himself again, that he’s gay. Ahhhh. IT’S. BEAUTIFUL.

aSIDE FROM THAT, dAVID AND aARON WERE ALSO VERY CUTE THIS EPISODE. Aaron is kinda being a little more forward in how he speaks to David, it’s cute. David was was being vague about his lunch with Paul and Aaron pointed that out - “Dont go holding out on me here” and David’s all “I’m no-” and Aaron buts in saying “No. You are”. Awww lol and that invisible safezone Aaron made and he shuts the doors and David giggles and starts chirping away about finally having a dad. “Leo’s not here, neither is Amy. It’s just you and I, and Im not gonna judge you. Look *slides invisible doors* schhhhwoop This is our safezone” Agh its so cute.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the next #Daaron interaction will look like. Is David gonna tell Aaron hes gay? Will David try and flirt randomly LOL. Will he be a chuffed giddy adorable young guy and Aaron will keep trying to find out why he’s so happy? Agh. Its too cute to think about.

Ok this got a bit long Im sorry xD I needed to vent out my happiness HAHAHA.

Personal post

I feel like I havent posted something on tumblr that wasnt a reblog in a while.
First i was busy, studying my ass of, which paid off thank god. Then I was sick, then i met ㅌㄱ and spending a lot of time with him also ment keeping a lot of things private because last time I think i shared things to quickly and was pushed into decisions that I otherwise would not have made.

We met 4.14 so we only know eachother for a month but we are so comfortable together even though we are obviously still getting to know eachother. Its exciting yet normal, butterflies but I also feel calm and secure when im with him.

And no matter what I tell him or what we talk about I dont feel judged, and he will at least try to understand me and slow down even if he doesnt fully grasp the concept.

Is it weird to say that even just writing this makes my heart fill with… love?

Ugh i definately have become that annoying overly sappy gf that I used to hate.


If you go on a Mental Illness side blog, do NOT judge their character/person based on what they may or may not post! A lot of these blogs are vent blogs, and they use them to out negative emotions. It’s their safe space.

Do not judge somebody based on a blog they run, especially if it’s a blog where they use as an outlet. Everything they post isn’t all what or who they are. 

Giorno Mista fusion for @dailypassione fusion week! 

“You conscious… is even brighter than the sunrise, lighting up the path ahead… the path that we will walk on!” 

So his name is Elio and his stand would be Walking On Sunshine :) :) :)

It gains power from light (sunlight and artificial light) and heat energy, like it can absorb light and heat from around it to boost its strength and speed and use it in combat. It can transfer light/heat/energy through his hands into other objects. It can also an make the area around themselves freezing cold/burning hot or really bright/dark. etc. Doesn’t necessarily need sunlight but is weaker without it.


I go in the diabetes tag to find inspiration for a speech im giving at a jdrf event being held by my university

And i see a ton of shit like this

Its things like this that make it so hard to live with this disease. People dont see it as a disease, just some joke, or sugary food, or someone overweight. Even people in my nursing classes dont know the difference betwen the types or that it has nothing to fo with weight or how much sugar you eat. Its reasons like this that the only other person that i know with diabetes doesnt tell anyone about it, because hes afraid of being judged or made a big deal about it. This is why its as hard as it is, because so many people dont listen when we describe what we go through, just asuming its a finger prick or two and youre fine.

I live in a world where my friends roommate sees me giving myself a shot in the arm, even though i have a pump. She asked why i did that if i didnt “need” to because of my pump. When i told her it was because sometimes i like the shots better she said “ew thats so emo”

Diabetes is sugar
Diabetes is extra deserts
Diabetes is obestiy
Diabetes is emo

Why do we live in a world where these are statements?

No one would ever say that about cancer

anonymous asked:

I agree with that cringe post. I used to make self-insert-things a lot but when I got introduced to the internet I was told to stop. I'm glad others have had a similar experience, so I'm not alone. Mine were all Sailor Moon art, what were yours like?

sailor moon inserts are hella cool!! i love seeing sailorsonas aaaaaa ;w; i would have made one if id watched more of the show, probably.

my self inserts were like,,, well first i used to write romance fiction where i was the main character and the ppl i had crushes on were the love interests, when i pretty young. i remember showing it to my mom aslkdjasl why did i do that omg,,, but ye later i used to write little scenes where i was with my fave characters and we were hanging out or falling in love lmao. so many stories about me and sonic characters, many about anime characters too :’)

@lyriumrain I loved elins so much and I thought they were so cute, but like you said, the sexy costumes started to freak me out… like, I LOVE their little fluffy dresses and (fully covering) mini people armors!!! its the cutest thing ever!!! but then they have other armors that destroy all of that cuteness and..it just makes it all seem so dirty. like yeah I guess if I was a 1000 year old chibi girl I’d wanna show some leg but my whole ass panties??? NO! UNNECESSARY. 

idk, I dont judge everyone who plays as them bc at one point I was like!!! so cute!!!! and it didnt always seem like grade A pedo material but now I can kinda tell whos gross af and whos not. like people defending their sexual attraction to them in global chat lol


So, in this AU, all of the characters are replaced with Tumblr users! I’ll name the cast I have so far:

@skylordlysander - Manny

@zealzealous - Duck Guy

@creepypuppetbrigade - Red Guy

@derpfromouterspace - Sketchbook

@shineysmile - Tony

@im-only-a-clock - Shrignold (since they’re so nice ;w;)

@nerdy-ai - Colin

@shoopcan - Spinach Can

@somebodysleepy - Meat Guy

@yummycrummy - Larry (was it not obvious? X’D)

(bounus: some bg/glitch teachers)

@glassgizmo - Space Guy

@amberxmagnet - Magnet

@destinypath - Saxaphone


@magova4910 - Bread Boy

@digital-bunny-love - Speshal One

@suspicious-spirit - File

(and that’s all I got X’D)                                                    


1. Tumblr users in this AU are still their same selves, just cosplaying/dressed up as the character they are!

2. Lines and actions CAN be altered! So now Duck Guy can say “IT’S FUCKING SWINE” and Tony would shout BREAD and throw bread at people when he’s mad XD

And if your going to start shipping me with nerdy-ai..

DONT. I made the AU judging by personality or characters drawn most by tumblr users. PLEASE don’t ship us!

Thank you!

And if your wondering WHY you are a character, please message me! I’ll answer since I’m too lazy to add reasons here XD

That time of the month- Joker x Reader

Hey, guys! Sorry, I’ve been really inactive lately, my school’s actually taking the piss with projects and homework. I’m so sorry! Well anyways, I thought of this on the bus and wanted to try and write it out. Hope you like it

Warnings: sWeArInG aF (no joke there’s a fuckload of it)

It was a usual day in the clown household, J out on a heist and poor old me, (Y/N), left to entertain myself without causing too much of a mess. Everything was as it should be, a massive buffet served on the table, the whole house spotless and flawless.Usually, I stand by the dining room chairs, waiting for everyone to be back safe and sound from a successful “business meeting” as J likes to call it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do worry. What if J’s gone? What if someone hurt him? What if something happened? Yadda, yadda ,yadda. It’s all crossed my mind before at least once, any woman has her concerns, nothing unhealthy or anything.

After around 1 hour of waiting, they arrived, cheering and praising J for an interesting night. I love his good moods. They were pretty rare, so I treasured them like a small girl treasuring her teddy bear, no matter how ripped and dirty it is. If he was jumping with joy, he would call me pumpkin and kiss me on the forehead, cute shit like that. He might not know it, but I always cherish the little things he does, they’re adorable and priceless.These were one of those good days until some bastard decided to fuck it up for me.

Whilst preparing the turkey, which I was planning to serve for dinner tonight, I had managed to do so many clumsy things I didn’t even know I could do. I mean, I cut open my hand, slipped over a tea towel of all things, banged my knee against the counter, trapped my pinkie toe in a cupboard, get my hair stuck in the freaking stuffing and squirt lemon juice in my eyes, making me practically blind. By far, the most fuck-all turkey I’d ever made. I ended up making steak since I mercilessly burned the goddamned headless bird that was literally a replica of Batman’s ass.

Now that turkey really fucking pissed me off.

But anyways, my bad mood was slowly disappearing as I heard compliments and shouts for seconds fill the room. I guess that cookbook paid off for once, thank you, Mary Berry. My legs were aching so much as I ran to and fro, henchman to henchman, adding gravy, refilling their beer and clearing their plates. I even saw some of them licking them clean.

J had finished. He surprisingly quietly placed his dishes away and walked out of the room, as if he were in his own little bubble. My puddin’ must’ve been thinking of a creative yet gory sabotage plan to finally kill the stupid bat.

I looked past every henchman, making sure that they were enjoying it. Hell, even if they didn’t like it, they didn’t have much choice or else they’d have to deal with J. My eyes suddenly stopped, glaring at a man who was staring at the steak; disgusted.

Obviously, I had to know what was wrong so I made my way over to him, trying to hide the fact that I wanted to shove that dead cow down that guy’s throat. “Somethin’ wrong honey?” My smile was clearly fake, but I didn’t want to be the person to ruin the happy spirit that seemed to float around in the air. The man looked up to me “Your so-called-steak is as raw as my dick and it tastes like it was scraped off the asphalt, what the fuck is this?”

Now that just made it a thousand times worse. “Oh, this?” I asked as sarcastically as I could, picking up the steak “this is your mum’s fuckin’ pussy from last night! Didn’t she tell ya? She’s got such lovely bed sheets and that baby picture of you was the cutest! It’s such a shame ya grew up into a disappointing piece of shit. Oh, and if your dick’s raw, I suggest ya go to a doctor and check for herpes because that can get real serious, honey.” I smiled at him with pure anger, turned my heel and started to walk out into the hallway. The loud echo from my noisy heels abruptly stopped once I heard him murmur under his bullshit breath “Guess it’s someone’s time of the month,”

That’s it. He’s finally done it. I took deep breaths, trying to calm down my steaming fury that was about to explode, but nothing could help me now. Marching my way back down the hall, I halted about a few inches from the henchman’s face. Opening my mouth, I violently lobbed every curse word I could imagine at him, letting all hell loose. “NOW WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??!!YOU INSULT MY FUCKING COOKING THEN SUDDENLY ASSUME THAT JUST BECAUSE I’VE HAD A BAD FUCKING DAY YOU GET TO SAY I’M ON MY PERIOD?! OH, I DON’T THINK SO. I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU AND YOUR FUCKING SHITTY ATTITUDE. YOU COMPLAIN ALL THE FUCKING TIME AND I’M SO FUCKING DONE WITH YOU. I’VE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOUR FUCKING WHINING. GO LICK YOUR DAD’S PUSSY SINCE YOUR UNCLE’S WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH YA TWAT!!”

I grabbed my golden gun out of my fishnet tights and shot the dickhead right between the eyebrows, killing most of my rage along with him. I let out a few deafening screams, feeling the vibration of my voice hitting against the purple walls. That made me feel way better. I opened my eyes to see J looking at me, slightly confused. “What was that all about doll?” “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just that time of the month, ya know?” And I walked away like the sassy bitch I am, like I had no idea to why a dead man was silently meeting the Grim Reaper in our polished hallway.

5sos Mashup
Derryn Shaw
5sos Mashup

This is a mashup I made myself which is basically just a bunch of 5sos-official songs. My Guitar playing is honestly not the best at all and I kind of messed up towards the end so don’t judge me too harshly please.


so im actually convinced that phil has some sort of supernatural ability to tell the future or make things happen?? like he literally predicted dan in the tarot card reading video (Robot Killing Machine i think for those of you that havent seen it) and things that he says he wants to happen just happen, like the thing with the pandas, although that might be the japanese thing, but still two huge things cant be a coincidence right?????? and then just little things like making dan stop hicupping w the weird note thing that ive never heard about and am 75% sure phil made it up on the spot. idk its just really weird but its also 2 am so dont judge me


I decided it would be a good idea to do a robot!jungkook edit today. Well. Its 7 hours later and I’m still not done. Ugh. Some will probably say that I used WAY too many effects in this one… I would say I used way too many effects in this one.. 

Anyway. I’ll post it tomorrow (if I manage to get it done… jimins hair did also distract me a little bit today…) so you can judge for yourself haha. In the meantime! Read “Human Error” by @kareverie . Because its probably my favourite fic ever. (and its sort of what inspired this vine. Or it reminded me of that fic while I made it and I got so happy when I remembered and read it again. And it was just as amazing as I remembered it ♡) So yeah. Read it! And while you’re at it you might as well read her whole masterlist. Because its all gold. Have fun! ♡♡ xx

(a little teaser because why the fuck not haha. dont worry the quality will be better in the video. you didnt worry did you? I’m just here talking to myself again. I should stop. night xx) 

Frozen 2: What I Hope Will and Will Not Happen

So, upon hearing the announcement for the Frozen sequel, I was - and still am - torn. On one hand, I would absolutely love to see more Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, but on the other, I’m terrified of what might happen in the film and how it’ll end up, (you know what I mean. Disney isn’t exactly… great with their sequels.)

I really, really don’t want Elsa to have a love interest. I don’t think I can actually see her with someone romantically. After 13 years o grueling separation, she finally has the person she loves the most, Anna. I feel like Elsa would make up the lost time with her sister, devote whatever free time she has to Anna, and Anna only. 

Elsa’s reputation amongst the little children in the fandom is very also empowering. She is one of the first Disney women who shows power without having a romantic partner, having a true bond with a dearly-loved family member, and if Disney does happen to give Elsa a love interest, I feel that will just ruin the whole premise that was built in the first movie, with it being more about love between family-wise, not romantically. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit right with me. 

I also hope the sequel does not include a Kristanna wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kristanna (not as much as Elsanna,) but I feel that they should leave something heavy like that in a short, maybe something like Tangled Ever After. 

Maybe the excitement of having a sequel  just hasn’t settled in yet, or I just need some solid information regarding it to get me going, but I do have some ideas of what could happen.

But, even with my ever-growing list of things I hope does not happen in the sequel, there is just one thing that I really do want: An Elsanna kiss.

And, no, not a romantic one. It will most likely never happen in the canon, although I do wish. Hopefully just an innocent little show of affection from both sisters.

Whether it be a kiss on the cheek, or nose, forehead, or hand, I just have this weird sense that these two dorks exchanging a sisterly peck will probably happen, considering how close we came with this: 

I don’t really know what to think or feel, this is all coming from a 14-year-old female who has to get out her bad feelings before leaving to see Frozen fever and Cinderella. 

Frozen has made me a better person, has changed me. I am just really worried of the future of the sequel. I really needed to get my feelings out, since this is the only way I can vent about this without being judged.


i’ve had this blog for four years now. that’s a really long time. I’ve still got supernatural posts way back in my archive, that’s how long of a time it’s been. As much as I still love teen wolf and 1D, it’s time for me to move on to new things. You can still find me on my side blogs - @anotherfemmedirectionblog (femme 1D photos) @camillacharles (books and poetry), @nsfwishes (which i can’t tag bc it’s nsfw but is pretty artistic nudes mostly), and @holtzyrans (omgcp) and I will be recreating my aesthetic blog into my main, which you can find at @femmish

i’ll be keeping this blog up as an archive of all my old things, and will probably be making a new side blog for posting fic and things on

besides that, you can find me on ao3 at nutella_enthusiast, (dont judge i also made that like four years ago and now i can’t change it), and feel free to ask for my skype, snapchat, or whatever else you want to get in touch with me