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@serafiiina-redux tagged me to name five things that make me happy. I’m pretty sure at least a few other people tagged me last week including @sugarforsalt @daddynobucks and @morethananaveragebitch so I guess I should do this thing. I’m sorry I suck at tumblr sometimes. Anyway, five things that make me happy: 1. When my kids do something together and aren’t fighting, 2. When someone says they’ve missed me, 3. When I cook something I’ve never made before and everyone loves it, 4. When my makeup turns out just right, and 5. Sharing a laugh with friends especially if it starts out as one of my crazy internet rants. I always end up feeling like I exorcised my demons.

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Before I forget this gem, last night I had a dream that you made a callout post for my sister (who is 8 and doesn't use the internet) and immediately after I got 99 messages from people wanting to start discourse and 1 message from you that was just a bad pun about a lobster. I forget what the pun was but I remember thinking "dang that's a good pun"

Just trying to claw my way into the nightmares of my followers

Looks like the main course on this menu is discourse

Just finished Iron Fist

Wow, that’s disappointing

Like, as the show went on, I thought, hey, this is starting to get interesting.  Maybe the critics were wrong.


That last episode made me sour about the whole thing.

  • You don’t even get to see Kun Lun.
  • You don’t see the dragon (just the red eyes)
  • Bride of Nine Spiders is a one off villain instead of equal to Iron Fist.
  • Madame Gao is just a Hand lackey contradicting Daredevil Season 1
  • Characters just appear SO LATE into the show.  Like, two characters they treat as pivotal show up in the last 4 episodes.

Outside the slow start, I got somewhat invested and thought “Hey, this could be going places”

But that last episode…wow, that made me feel sour about all of it.

The whole show feels cheap.  Like, “decorate NYC to look like China” cheap.

Random thoughts about S2 vs S1

Just some early morning musings.

The producers made a big deal of saying they were trying to correct mistakes made in last season. And they have indeed succeeded in creating a show with a lighter tone and a lot more variety. But it’s felt… a lot more ephemeral than it did last year. And I think they DID repeat at least one mistake, and make some brand new ones.

Mistake #1 - Handling of the JSA. This was supposed to be a BIG DEAL, bringing these comic book characters into the fold. But as of 2x15, three members of the JSA are dead, one is left behind in Camelot, one has lived out his life (and is likely dead by 2017) and one is destined to die. We did get to care for Amaya and for Commander Steel. Those two were done justice.We got a little taste of Obsidian, though not much of one.  But Hourman, Doctor Midnite and Stargirl… they were essentially redshirts. Just like Carter Hall had been a redshirt; an anticipated character who wound up only being there to die without us ever getting a chance to care about him. The JSA was really oversold. From what I’ve seen, comic book fans were disappointed. Those of us who came in via the Arrowverse ended up being underwhelmed because there was no reason for us to be excited about any of these characters.

Mistake #2 - Not giving the team a real overarching mission early on. A lot of the early episodes really felt like fill to the overall storyline, marking time until they could introduce the Legion of Doom and the Spear of Destiny. It was FUN fill, but again, ephemeral. If you came to this series in S2, you weren’t given anything to really grip you and care about next week’s episode.

Mistake #3 - When did the team become so callous? Early in the season there was a lot of outcry about the treatment of Mick Rory, and I didn’t think it was that bad. Mick gave as good as he got. But as the season wore on, it started becoming obvious that something was WRONG with Mick. He went from the guy who played dumb but knew what a metaphor was, to a guy who couldn’t evenspit out the word “hallucination.” Yet no one on the team really registered that something was wrong with him? That’s not like them at all. Sara, in particular, was always sensitive to what was going on with her teammates. For her to be in a position of responsibility and NOT ask, “Why were you doing brain surgery on Mick?” just ignored one of the best parts of her character: The human side that always warred with the assassin, the side that observed Mick was different after having been Chronos. Mick Rory fans are mad about how he was treated; I’m not happy with how the TEAM was treated.

Mistake #4 - Handling of romance, once again. We got this hint of Mick & Amaya, which was great and laid some groundwork for Mick’s invitation to her in 2x15. But then there was this detour with Nate. It felt completely wrong and unnecessary. I still haven’t seen payout for it; we didn’t need Nate to be the one to learn of Amaya’s fate.

I won’t even get into the mishandling of history time and again. Now, there are things they got very right.

Great Thing #1 - The Legion of Doom. This is a fantastic lineup of bad guys. Yeah, they chew scenery but that’s part of the fun of a comic book villain. At the same time, the writers have partly humanized Thawne, with his motivation of merely wanting to survive now, and the combination of Darhk and Merlyn was fabulous. I wish they’d brought Cold in earlier, not only because I love Wentworth miller but also because he would have been such a good foil for the Legion, especially in that bank in Zurich. I know we’ll get to see something of that in the next two episodes and I hope it lives up to the promise.

Great Thing #2 - Captain Sara Lance. She gets to be more than just Killer. We always knew Sara had so much potential and she’s living up to it. I’d like to have seen some struggle with the bloodlust this year; she’s got it under control thanks to the training from Ra’s, but it’s not gone.

Great Thing #3 - Nate, Amaya & Lily. Arrow writers, take note. This is how you introduce new characters to a team. We liked all three of them (though we didn’t like Nate & Amaya together). The Legends writers gave us reasons to care about all three of them, and to hope that Lily can remain. And we liked them because they meshed with the original team, rather than superseding them.

Great Thing #4 - A character arc for Mick Rory. I don’t think it was handled well; Sara and Rip especially would not have been so ignorant of what Mick may have retained from his days as Chronos. But we’ve been getting to see another side of Mick, the side that loved his partner. I’d like to have seen more of this, especially Mick & Ray.

So there’s my ramble. I will probably have more thoughts when I get back from my vacation and get to see 2x16 and 2x17.

What do YOU think? (Likes and reblogs are great but I’d love to see some comments too… please tag me on ‘em so I can read ‘em!)

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[1] drink: Chocolate milk. I’ve just gotten home from work. Fight me.
[2] phone call: Talking to one of my kids’ mothers
[3] text message: to a co-worker about work-stuff
[4] song you listened to: Foo Fighters’ ‘Long Way to Ruin’
[5] time you cried: last Wednesday because of an argument


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ok but is no one going to talk about phichit’s dream of having his own ice show






  • Bernie Sanders: It is unacceptable that the typical female worker made $1,337 less last year than she did in 2007.
  • Republicans: Hey, it's not our fault Eve ate that apple and cursed all women ever. We're just carrying out the Lord's punishment ://

1. you have made it to 20! what a whirlwind year it has been but if you can survive 2016 you can survive anything.

2. remember that love trumps hate any day, everyday. just keep spreading love and being the best person you can be.

3. last year was definitely not your year for romance, try it this year though. I have a feeling a lot of love is coming your way.

4. school is a priority, do not ever forget that. you are so fortunate to be able to even attend college so just try your hardest in each and every class.

5. DO NOT SKIP YOUR 8AM! you signed up for it, you now have your afternoons free to study as you please. it’s an important class and really an hour difference of sleep is not going to kill you.

6. go to bed early, you’ll thank yourself when that 8am roles around.

7. take care of your body. eat healthy but eat good. make sure you are hydrated and exercise on the days that you can. you know that you always feel so good after you exercise.

8. keep meeting new people and keep making friends. talk to people in your classes, make new friends and study buddies.

9. when you are not feeling good on the inside remember to just take time to unplug and go outside.

10. remember your worth. this can be applied to friendships, to relationships and even when you are with just with yourself. you are worth so much and you have purpose, you are just starting to figure out new parts of your journey, don’t be so hard on yourself.

11. you can change your mind.

12. don’t let people make you feel bad for not wanting to do what you used to do, for changing and growing.

13. do not be afraid to let this love inside. when people give it to you sometimes you make up excuses to not take it. don’t do this, embrace the love and keep giving yours as well.

14. last year was so hard there is no doubt. but baby he doesn’t think about you anymore and you were not worth anything to him. that was not love and there is no love there. he is in the past, he is not your future. just let it go. let him go. no more.

15. you make each day what you will. it’s up to you and you are writing your story, you get to decided the paths that you take and the people you get to take it with. mistakes happen along the way and you can recover. you are in charge.

16. just spread love. give it to yourself in abundance and give it to the people you meet and want to keep getting to know. 

17. be who you want to be in 2017. there are so many possibilities and so many different outcomes and lots of things that we do and do not have control over. make sure that the things you can control that you do. make sure that you spread love and light. we all are going to need it.

—  17 things I want to remember in 2017

- Dan literally wearing a trash bag that said ‘Phil Trash #1’ nbd
- and let’s not forget the “dads of the year” award
- Dan dragging Phil for his ‘brrrmany’ tweet lmao (he had it coming to be fair)
- “Hallo, mein Name ist [ Dan ]”
- I C O N I C
- “You want me to choke you?…I’m not gonna say dad like I did in Dublin" D A N
- We made Dan name the lama “Merkel” and he just went “I feel like we’re just trying to see how fast Phil and I can get deported” lmao
- “That sounds like a few Dutch eagles mating over there” followed by “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING THAT WAS SO OFFENSIVE”
- also before the show started they played Youth and I feel like we screamed just as loud as during the show we’re all still Troye trash


| the aesthetic from video games concept arts part 3|
| i very love the concept arts from video games!|
| Edits made by me :)|

Hey, guys, since I just made the second last exam of the semester, I decided to create a post where I will explain a bit how I get prepare for an exam, specifically for the oral tests. So…let’s start:

★ 1. Planning materials and hours of study.

    The first thing I do when I have to prepare myself for an exam is get hold of       the program of study and then calculate the time that could potentially use to     study everything and repeat. So in this case I recommend that you do not         arrive at the last second, but start as soon as possible to collect the study         material. I personally started studying at least one month before the exam         takes place, if we speak of course of oral exam. For already written it is             different, because I, personally, can pass a test written just reading many         times the topics to bring . But then again, it depends from person to person,     so … take your agenda or your calendar and start to establish which days or     hours where you can devote yourself to the study, and once established it         tries to respect your program , but rest assured, it’s not a problem if                   sometimes jump!

★ 2. Organize your notes.

    Another important thing to do before you really start to study is to place the       notes taken during the lessons.You can fix them or from time to time, or all       at once when you have finished all the lessons. The right thing to do would       be the first, but I do not always succeed, especially because often my               university classes end up about six o'clock in the evening, so I get home not     before seven. 

★ 3. Read your textbook and highlights the most important things,                   helping with the notes, then unite it all.

    Here I don’t think there needs to be an explanation, usually I’m used to             help me with the notes I previously organized, so that I both easier to                 read and understand what are the most important things to learn. Usually         I join the notes taken in class with the textbook doing a summary or by               writing in pencil on the book, it depends on the amount of                                   notes. I also use a lot of highlighters of different colors to highlight, of                 course, each of them has different meanings depending on use and color.

★ 4. Repeat aloud.

    Regarding this point i don’t think there is much to say; usually I  repeat aloud     to better fix things and above all helps me a lot to prepare for the oral.

★ 5. Review.

    Regarding the revision I’m used to repeat aloud, but above all to do mind         maps or summary, however, I recommend these methods especially for           written exams.

                       TIPS TO OVERCOME ANXIETY PRE-EXAM

Another thing I wanted to deal with is the question of anxiety, I suffer and I wanted to tell you a bit ‘my tricks to “overcome”.

★ 1. Estrange the mind.

The first thing I can tell you to do before you do anything else is to alienate the mind. In moments of leisure, stay away from the study, thinks of nothing else, watch a movie or a funny television series, go out with friends, read a book or whatever makes you relax. This will help you above all not to go under stress, and it is important for your mental health.

★ 2. Don’t drink coffe.

Before an exam is important not to drink coffee, or who does not drink too much, at least for me. The coffee, in fact, even if it has the property to raise the level of concentration, can also, if taken in excessive doses bring a widespread state of anxiety as well as insomnia. This could result in a bad performance on the exam day (what we do not).A good substitute is the green or black tea.

★ 3. Chamomile or Calming herbal teas.

This more than advice is my pre-exam ritual. In fact, usually, when I am particularly anxious or scared for an exam, I like to drink a chamomile or calming herbal tea, or a simple red fruit tea. Help to calm down and let me rest.

★ 4. Inhale and Exhale.

Another tip is to breathe. It happened to me sometimes to have some mild panic attacks before an exam, so before you take medication, you should simply exhale and inhale slowly filling and emptying the stomach, this way your mind will become calm.

★ 5. Believe in yourself.

Last but not least, believe in yourself. You are your only limit, and only you can overcome them. Only you know what you did and what you’re worth, so do not make you throw down, life is a great challenge!

isn’t it amazing how one day everything will be okay and you can go pick flowers without a thought in mind or roll over to the other side of the bed and the love of your life will be there drooling on the t-shirt you gave them to bed last night because they couldn’t find their pj’s and you’ll pour yourself a nice big cup of coffee, take a deep breathe and just close your eyes and think “wow, i made it”

times that svt made me cry

1. when dk cried bc he felt like he wasn’t good enough

2. during 17 project when they saw their family members

3. when woozi talked about how difficult it was for him as svt’s producer

4. joshua’s ending ment during boys wish when he talked about how hard it was for him as a trainee and how he doesn’t get to see his family much

5. their first win when the leaders were so emotional that they could barely speak

6. seungcheol talking about his grandmother in ss360

7. when minghao told mingyu to stop changing the filters and be proud of his skin tone bc he’s handsome

I had a dream last night that 90% of dinosaur media turned out to to all be  adaptions of 1 single gigantic children’s book about dinosaurs,  just interpreted differently (The Good Dinosaur, We’re Back!, and Theodore Rex were listed as “examples” of adaptions). The reason that all dinosaur movies rely on the same handful of dinosaurs/stock story lines was because they all arose from that 1 story.

In the dream I went on and made my own “interpretation” of the story, in which dinosaurs are a “ dying race” living amongst mankind, and a  of Dinosaurs that were raised by humans living in New York(?) get together to rediscover their roots

The group included:

-A humble, peace making T. rex ashamed of his thirst for flesh

-An angry velociraptor that compulsively pulls out their feathers like a pet parrot.
- A fully clothed, fat stegosaurus with high waisted pants and glasses

- A butch lesbian Triceratops who carried cigars on her horns (somehow)

- A vague hadrosaur named “Debbie” 

- Little baby T. rex who always “wears” it’s eggshell

Analysis of NH moments being recycled from SNS

As suggested by @kerosenestars

I think we all know The Last was a bullshit parade…so I’m just going to focus on the canon material in the manga.

1. The way Hinata talks about protecting Naruto is the same way he talks about protecting Sasuke.

2. The scenes where they talk about dying for the other one are almost identical.

3. Hinata shielding Naruto during the war (which lead to Neji’s death) is similar to when Sasuke protected Naruto from Haku’s needles, YEARS before.

4. Sasuke was always a trigger for the nine tails so, they made Naruto whip out two more tails when Hinata seemingly dies. Keep in mind, the situation was already fucking terrible and would have made him release it eventually.

5. The way Naruto and Hinata are positioned together as a two-man squad is something you would normally see with Naruto and Sasuke.

6. Neji had commented in the past that Naruto could save Sasuke and before his death, he made a comment about how Hinata was willing to die for Naruto.

7. Hinata talked about always chasing Naruto but it’s more than obvious that Naruto was after Sasuke. Kakashi even said that Sasuke had “always been there in front of his eyes”.

The difference? The feelings between Naruto and Sasuke were mutual.

NH can have our scraps, that just proves that there was indeed something between Naruto and Sasuke. They both watched each other since childhood, while Hinata watched Naruto. She aspired to be like Naruto, while he aspired to be like Sasuke and vice versa. 

I’m sure there are are more examples that I would encourage anyone to add. These are just some specific ones I had screencaps saved for. As you can see, the most iconic NH moments are just cheap ripoffs of SNS and that’s really all they have. 


Ever since Allison died there hasn’t been that much Allydia posts or people talking about Lydia and Allisons Friendship . Although i love Sciles with all my heart, i think that Allison and Lydia is just my all time favorite friendship from any television show. and heres why. 

1. They never needed a man to come save them. And a boy never got between them. When was the last time we saw an amazing female relationship on television that wasn’t thwarted by a guy? 

2. They fucking defended and protected each other through everything. When Allison got Mama bear protective over Lydia it was my favorite. 

When Allison made it clear she would do anything to protect Lydia,

 or when she walked Lydia out of Peters like the two badasses they were. 

3. They always tried to help each other and support each other and they just genuinely believed in each other so much. They never gave up on each other. ever. 

4. Throughout everything with scott and her father, Lydia was the only one she could truly trust and ultimately her anchor throughout everything. When Deacon said they needed an anchor Lydia immediately stepped forward to Allison. They honestly cared about each other so fucking much it broke my heart. 



Originally posted by allydiamoved

5. They were side by side. Shoulder to Shoulder. Through everything. Allison literally dies for Lydia, saving her. Even at the beginning of their friendship they stood by each other. 

and when the first thing Allison asks is if Lydia is okay after she is STABBED WITH A NOGITSUNE SWORD. OR WHEN LYDIA FELT ALLISONS DEATH. 

6. And also despite everything they had been through, they were able to just be normal teenage girls together.

7. And Lydia probably misses her every day 

so yeah, i just don’t want people to forget about what i think is the best friendship ever shown on television. 

because i think what’s even more rare than romances or relationships is true amazing friendships. and this is at the top of the list.