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would you like to save your game? ♡


“I’m not lonely… because you’re always looking at me.”


noun | trag·e·dy | \ˈtra-jə-dē\ | 悲劇
: a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone’s death
: a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation : something that causes strong feelings of sadness or regret
: a play, movie, etc., that is serious and has a sad ending (such as the death of the main character).

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Outrageously Accessible #01

“Who says being accessible can’t be glamorous!” 

a stylish accessible theme! the goal was to make an accessible theme that looked like a regular theme and could be customized like one.

live preview + code

special thanks to @espoirthemes for helping me with some troubleshooting


  • 500px/400px posts
  • left or right sidebar
  • left or right side images
  • optional bold/italics + color
  • custom favicon
  • optional borders, and choice over what does and doesn’t have them!
  • choice between arial and verdana
  • 14px/15px font! everything changes size not just the body. except for one thing, the three top links due to a thing with 15px verdana
  • optional link underline
  • optional custom nav title
  • up to 5 links in the dropdown menu!
  • sidebar image title, plus works as a home button

please, let me know if there are any bugs, you can shoot me an ask.

id also really appreciate it if you liked this or reblogged if you’re considering using.

if you’re interested, here’s what base i used!

edit: here’s the 2nd theme that i’ve made, it’s a stripped down version of this one if you don’t need as many features, check it out. #02

theme 01 - aka its late and im tired

So I made my first theme! I was actually just planning on making a simple one for my side blog but i ended up spending like 8 hours making this instead! I mean I spend enough time editing the shit out of other themes, figured I’d just make one myself, so here it is :^)


  • 250px & 400px posts
  • single column
  • lots of color customization
  • 150px sidebar image
  • customizable font
  • post wrapper option 
  • transparent posts & wrapper 
  • 2 extra links (u can honestly add more if u want u just gotta tweak the code a bit!)
  • umm ?? 
  • idk its got a cute little search bar
  • also faded images option

–> click here for code/preview!


happy birthday to my #1 boy, kozume kenma~! ♪ ♡ (16/10)

Objblogs Complete!

Thank you all for sticking around for this absurdly long project of mine. It’s been about 3 years since I started and I’m glad that it’s finally done. I may go back and sort of my favourite ones to make more books but for now, I’d like to let it rest for a while and enjoy its final state.

Also apparently in the time that I was using this tumblr theme, tumblr made it a theme you have to buy so I can’t really change the number on teh sidebar without purchasing it. But just know I’ve reached 4529/4529!

anonymous asked:

Why is suzuki tatsuhisa "tatsuo"?

Err… well, I believe I’ve answered this before lol

It’s because his name in kanji is spelled as 「達央

Normally, the character「」, especially in male given names, is read as “O” or “Ou”. That’s why it’s a frequent occurrence that staff/announcers mis-read  「達央」as Tatsuo

Also, there’s some people like Yusa Kouji who just reads it that way, to piss Tatsuo off.

Another thing,「達央」was chosen by his parents to mean as “always among friends”. Because「」(dachi) is “friend”, and  「」(ou) is “middle/center”.

IDEK if I made sense but hope that explains it lol

also don’t ask this again lol jk here have some Tatsuo

anonymous asked:

hi, how are u? so i saw your answer to the question about your sidebar icon on my timeline and, curious as i am, i came here to see it and i absolutely loved it! could you please make a tutorial of how to make this icon? i suck with texturized/brushed graphic stuff (mostly with textures, when i apply them, they ALWAYS change the background color tone), thank you very much! ❤️

hi, I’m good thank you, how are you? This icon is kind of an anomaly because I was just messing about when I made it but I’ll give you a run through of how I did it anyway!

A. Base colouring.
B. Removing the background.
C. Colouring and removing gaps around the cut out (colour fill layers).
D. Creating the fade out/splatter effect.
D. Textures and gradient fills.
E. Final colouring and sharpening.
G. How to use textures without having them change the background colour!

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I know that I’m late but it’s finally here… Our 4k photoshop pack.

I’m thinking of making another pack full of icons and sidebar pictures, asap.

  • 36 Actions
  • 103 Fonts
  • 5 Patterns
  • 3 Polaroid Png
  • 6 PSD
  • 112 Textures


So, as usual, I’ve selected and made some resources for you!

Thank you for follow and like my stuff. I love what I do. I love this blog. I love FATM. So it’s just me having fun in my free time. Thank you. Thank you and Thank you.


Kara here bringing you a guide that has taken me ages. Its basically a beginners guide to pretty much everything I know how to do coding wise. Because coding is so diverse, obviously there are thousands of different ways to do things, but this is just how I do them.


What’s a Base Code? How do I know which one to pick?
How do I change the credit? How do I make it cute?
What does Margin mean? How is that important?
Fonts, how do they work? How do I change them? Can I put effects on them?
Pagination? What’s that? Why is it doing that?
Adding images, removing them, and renaming them.
Hover 101.
The magic of colors.

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