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If I could find a real life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.

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I don't hate L*ndsey but she is kind of... A jealous ugly cunt. She wrecks a lot of things for Gerard. I'll be honest, I'm only on your blog to send you this. I'm going to block you directly after. I'm sorry, I'm spreading God's word. Eve made Adam eat the fruit, as L*ndesy did to Gerard.

One day I hope you’re able to love yourself and stop being hateful towards talented and successful women.

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Headcanon on how Reiner will react if his S/O already knew he was a Titan shifter and that they knew what their mission was but they we're completely obsessed with Reiner and will follow him to the very end(maybe kind of like a yandere) sorry I hope this makes sense I'm new to your blog and I just love you're writing.

+ I believe that Reiner would be extremely thankful that he still has his s/o by his side but also slightly shocked.

+ His s/o was actually the one to tell him that they knew his secret and the plan and they made it very clear that despite all the betrayal, they still love him and they’re going to be with him to the very end.

+ Reiner’s s/o would be extremely protective over him to the point where they wouldn’t care who got hurt in the process, just don’t come in between their love, messed up the plan or hurt him. Its simple.

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I have a headcanon that you take no bs from anyone. If anyone says or does anything you just hit them with your zodiac loving truth words. Depending on the bs it can also come in book form

I know this is supposed to be a hc but it made me smile like it’s a compliment? like thank you? for thinking I’m this kind of badass??

Man I like Corrin a lot. I know Corrin is the fucking worst lord ever but like. What little personality Corrin has I like, and how fanon takes on it make Corrin this intensely emotional loving person who is really kind and giggly. Also Corrin’s design is like one of my favorites in the series ever. The armor and hair and the dragon fang shit is sick as hell. The bare feet are weird but so is Corrin. Probably threw a fit too big for Gunter to argue with them about it. Looks back on it and is embarassed but just hates that shit. Anyway I like Corrin. They’re dumb but I like em

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Ive been wondering what it is for a long time what made your art stand out to me. I followed your blog ages ago and I've been wondering ever since and it finally hit me: I think your composition is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Its just all so creatively put together and it's just really cool to look at in general.Your art style is gorgeous too, but I just thought I'd drop by and say how cool and unique I find your art :D (I'm also very much in love with all the work you've done for the acotar series!)

Oh dear, THANK YOU for all these kind words!
Composition, yeah…both fun and annoying thing, haha:) I’m really pleased to know you like how it all turns out in the end! (those struggles are not for nothing, thank goodness!) And thanks for complimenting my ACOTAR pieces!

(I was a tad MIA from Tumblr so I just saw your messages and the love you sent my way so I’m sending it back in the greatest amount possible!!!)

@juggiedeservesbetter Hahaha, I kinda like my name too because it is very rare here in Greece so I thank my mom and her twelve cousins for conducting a poll with possible names when I was born and reaching that decision! 😋 But I’m sure your name is as lovely! Love you too, honey, you are such a sweetheart!❤️

@maldito-sentimentalismo Oh wow, thank you for this wonderful message, dear! I hope you have everything you wished for and so much more and that life treats you in the best possible way as well! Lots of love! ❤️

@wordsonpages1 Love, you just melted my heart and made me forever grateful to you! You’re such a wonderful human being yourself, so sweet, kind and lovable, I can’t even thank you enough for this message! Truly, everything you said applies for you too and I’m so happy to have the chance to chat with you!! An incredibly nice person that has an excellent way with words? Brilliant, you are brilliant! ❤️

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Okay 3 things. 1.) I made a little sketch of Yathir back when I reading the series early on, and somehow I imagined him to be that Wise Old Grandpa with a Dark History. Hope you don't mind. 2.) If it's okay, can you make a little timeline when all the stories took place? Because now that i think about it, it... kinda goes... all over the place. No offense meant. I'm just a neat freak. 3.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your story, and i wish yoh the best. 27k words you said? YOU ARE AN ANGEL AMONG WRITERS.

:D You are way too nice! Thank you! :D *hugs*

All right, lemme address your three things:

1) Goodness, I don’t mind at all! “Wise Old Grandpa with a Dark History” is pretty much my headcanon of Yathir, but y’all are welcome to imagine him however you like — and that you took the time to consider this and sketch him at all is amazing to me! :D

2) No offense taken! I think I’ll create a post explaining the timeline in more detail when I’m close to posting the next story, that way it’s fresh in everyone’s minds :) In the meantime, I did make a quick version of that in this post, and hopefully it’ll help you for now: http://thisgirlhastales.tumblr.com/post/161683716233/workin-on-them-two-space-cowboys-lance-and-keith

3) Right now I’m at 32,500 words. I think I might be over halfway now? We’ll see, there’s still a good chunk of story left to tell. You are incredible, honey, so I’ll say thank you again: THANK YOU :D I hope you’re having a great day and that you’ll have an even better week! *yet more hugs*

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hi!! i'm just seeing your art for the first time and i really love it! i was wondering if you've ever heard of tofuvi? they're another artist and your styles are different but there's something about the way they feel(?) that's kind of mmm reminiscent(?) of each other!? maybe you guys would get a long or something!! ^_^

Aaaa!!! Ohmygosh!! Thank you so so much for the kind words :;(∩´﹏`∩);:💖💖💖!! Your comment made my day✨✨!! I’m a huge huge fan of Tofuvi’s art 💖💖!!! I love how elegant and adorable it is at the same time 💖✨✨ so I was really shocked to see that you’d think my art gives off a similar feel!! Thank you–I’m so happy 💖💖!!

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for some reason lately i've been thinking a lot about what kinda shitposts/memes and typical stupid internet/inside-jokes would occur in gotham, like with the rouges and such. and boy howdy if that riddler go-gurt post didn't seem like just the kinda shiz you'd read on some 20-something gothamite's blog idk what would. even better line of thought i've been having, actually running the risk of a rouge seeing/hearing stuff about them and w/e their reactions would be.

I think most rogues don’t care about internet memes or jokes about them. They kind of have bigger things to worry about and they’re not going to track down someone just because they made a meme out of them.

BUt they do love to throw the popular ones at each other’s faces.

- Rogue meetings where Harley comes in with a walmart bag of go-gurt for Ed and regular yogurt for everyone else.

- Scarecrow complaining about how cold it is in Arkham and some rando telling to switch to burlap socks then.

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I just stumbled across your blog, I instantly fell in love with it. Also you seem to be a very kind and loving human being, have a great day and take care!

thank you so so so much ❤️ you just made my very shitty day much better


Love of my life, kindest of kind souls. bravest of hearts and strongest of people. my soulmate, my other half, my best friend. how did i ever get so lucky as to meet you? i’ll never, ever know, and yet at the same time, it feels as if we were fated. i don’t know how i would have made it through so much without you these days. i don’t know who else i would talk to about the things we do talk about it. i cry sometimes just thinking about how lucky i am to have you, because you are that special to me. i want to keep you in my heart forever, i want to keep you in my life for longer, i want to have you around for always and never let you go. you are the person i would marry in a heartbeat if there was cause too, if our bf’s were not a part of the equation, just because i know i could be happy with you as a life partner easily. this… is the epitome of platonic love, and i hope to know you for a life time, my darling, my heart, my one and only <3

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I feel like hearing a poem about the heart, like how you feel with different kinds of love and happiness. I dunno, I just came from a fluffy fanfic ♡♡♡ (If you need a phrase or something more than this, I'll send it in another ask!) - Cal

the ancient greeks believed in
kinds of love,
and with you i have experienced

it started with
the conversations that spanned hours and
surpassed our mortal minds,
begging the cosmos for answers to questions
never meant to leak from our lips;
the nights spent on the curb,
gazing at the constellations with you
trying to name them
(i’m still convinced you made half those names up);
the impromptu food fights
when you insisted on making brownies
at three in the morning because,
to quote,
who needs sleep?
this particular type of love was something
both of us desperately needed,
clung onto with bloody fingers
as divine powers tried to take it from us.

this, by no choice of the mind,
evolved into
agape and ludus:
the loves that are soft,
supposed to soothe our aching knuckles
and cleanse us of our sins,
the ones committed in a blind desperation
to salvage what little love for one another we had left;
the loves that are snide comments,
snide comments that mean no harm,
snide comments that mean “i love you”;
the loves that are young,
easily wounded.
and, oh, how it stung
in the best way possible.

ludus was brushed aside
did you know this was the love
most feared by the gods?
thought of as the most dangerous?
the most divine?
i could believe that for nothing
has made me feel more like
i could topple empires
than your hands on my
and your lips on mine.
however, eros rarely lasted.

we needed something more.
something to quell the worries
bubbling behind our hearts,
shush the deafening noise in our minds.

was the solution to this problem.
for years,
we learned to love ourselves as
identify our strengths and weaknesses,
know what to do on bad days
where it felt like our chests were caving in on themselves
and happiness seemed frustratingly out of reach.
at first,
there was no success
with both of us believing we couldn’t love each other
if we didn’t love ourselves.
i called bullshit.
we learned together,
grew together,
loved together.

after so many years,
this turned to
no longer were we falling in love
because we had caught each other long ago.
now we were standing in love,
finally understanding just what happiness felt like.
the lazy sunday afternoons,
the scent after a light rain,
the light against bare skin.

we were safe,
and, somehow, without noticing when,
we became a family of two.
no one else needed to feel at home.
i believe this to be
i hope it is.

- all this from an organ no bigger than your fist

(this isn’t exactly happy but honestly the concept of different types of love fascinates me so)


Went and saw the Lego Batman movie tonight and it was so good. It was so good you guys it was so GOOD

“My older brother was my hero growing up.  Everyone called him ‘Jise.’  He was this hip-hop dude.  People loved him, especially the girls.  Everyone knew when he walked into a room.  I was the opposite.  I blended into the crowd.  I was quiet.  I made straight A’s.  I liked comic books and action figures.  So I always looked up to him.  He was murdered one night in 1989.  Somebody shot him.  I was fifteen at the time, and I just kind of gave up.  I thought our family was curs…ed.  I always had this feeling that I was up next.  So it was like, ‘What’s the point of being good?’  I dropped out of school.  I started hanging out with the wrong crowd.  We started robbing people.  I never actually took anything myself.  I just tagged along for the adrenaline high.  Even at my lowest, part of me was always the same good kid.  I always held down a job.  I wrote poetry.  I kept dream journals.  Whenever we were getting into trouble, my friends would always tease me.  They’d say: ‘This isn’t you, man.  Why are you here?’  Hip-hop saved me.  It gave me a voice.  I started doing open mic nights.  I took all those dream journals and turned them into lyrics.  I joined a group called The Arsonists.  We toured all over Europe.  We pressed a lot of records.  Of course I always held down a second job.  My proudest moment was when they wrote about us in The Source.  My stage name was ‘Jise,’ in honor of my brother.  It was like I’d gotten us both there.”


Sketch Dump Time ♥

  1. In which Keith loves his gloves and forgets to take them off. This was inspired by something I did last week xD… I went and took a shower with my glasses on. Yay! Also: I headcanon that Keith and Pidge have a very strong bond and despite her teasing him about being all emo and too serious to be real they have laughing fits on a daily basis.
  2. Just. Kuro. Things…. Let’s say he sucks at writing love letters or anything remotely romantic. But he’s trying! And Lance appreciates it, because he knows how bad Kuro is with these kind of things, eventhough he doesn’t believe this to be more than just Kuro’s way of cheering his bro up. So they both kinda pine for eachother.
  3. Continuation of the superheroAU :3 These were some sketches I made during classes. So…yeah. This is Keith’s superpower. He turns all purple and furry and is now 50% claws and 50% fury. Yay! Lance gave him the nickname “Beasty Boy”… and it kinda stuck.

Artists tend to be pretty blunt when it comes to these things? It’s like not even compliments to them, they’re really just facts. 

“I love your face, it looks great”

I feel like Scout could be like that kind of artist hahahaha

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What do you think were the best nalu moments in this arc so far?

Hmm~ This is a good question!  I had to go back quite far for this one, but I think you’ll like it!  It’s gonna be a long answer, so let’s get started!

First off, we have Natsu coming back from his year long training session:

I mean, in the entirety of chapter 418 we see just how much Lucy misses Natsu (and Happy too of course), but in this page, you can see how happy she is that he’s back.  She looks almost relieved (not that she wasn’t thriving on her own, but she had a hole in her heart).  Natsu looks ecstatic to see Lucy (we even get a little blush).

Moving on to chapter 419 (don’t worry, I won’t be going through every chapter like this lmao) but OH MY GOD LOOK.  Natsu had no idea how hard Lucy was working and how broken she was losing Aquarius, everyone, and HIM all at once.  I think this is where he truly understood her pain whether he knew all the details or not.

Also, how can we forget how “first chapter” this page is.  It’s almost like Lucy can’t believe it.  He’s back and so is Fairy Tail.

Here, it’s pretty clear that Natsu has learned how much him leaving as well hurt her.  I think this is v important for their relationship…  Which they still have yet to “resolve” though I don’t think Natsu leaving was entirely “selfish”.

I think here Natsu is trying to gain Lucy’s trust again.  To prove himself to her, and honestly I believe that this scene is very intimate between them and the way their relationship is.  Not so much romantically, but their trust in each other.

We also get a LOT of scenes of both Natsu and Lucy reacting like this to one another… 


Okay, okay I know, I’m nitpicking everything- HOW CAN I PICK JUST A FEW FAVORITES??  But alright, I’m going to get into general, overarching moments that I think are the best and really love!

There is A LOT under this break and there are also spoilers of the latest chapters!!  Please read with caution :)

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