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if you’re looking for a high risk high reward kind of way to make thursday interesting: make a list of the five most influential relationships you had in your life. i don’t mean romantic, but they can be. it doesn’t have to be people or even something tangible, a relationship with music counts. but if it is people? write out what changed you and what your journey was with them and what happened between you two. and tell them. tell them they mattered to you. watch what happens, because the plain truth is that we don’t tell people enough that their love for us made us better. just for a day, in this whole ugly world that’s trying to kill any form of kindness: be thankful. it’s important. imagine what it would be like to get that kind of affirmation that you matter. just… watch how it changes someone to hear that. i don’t know. i think it’s sort of cathartic to be vulnerable like that. but i love you. and you matter. 

I envy the kindness of a Pisces Sun. The way they say “I love you,” to just about everything. The way their friends admire them and the way their friends trust them no matter what.
I envy how when you say you hate one everyone looks astounded. How they naturally grab your attention, your eye, just because they look like they popped out of your own personal dream and made a home in your reality by chance - or by accident.
I envy how no matter how beaten or broken they are, they’re always there to help. How forgiving and happy they are… yet when truly betrayed, they can hold grudges that last longer than any Scorpio Mars I know.
I envy their ability to escape from the madness with profound words. I also am sorrowful when I realize that much of the time this is why they are artistic, why when their pens hit paper or why when their fingers pluck at strings is to rid sorrow from their brain.
I envy their artistic talent, and above all else their musical talent. Everytime I listen to them it feels like I’m being hauled off to the most entrancing concert hall.
I simply envy much about the Pisces Sun. Though, to be fair, much makes me sorrowful as well.
Like how their trust is often taken for granted,
or how every good trait of theirs is often twisted into something nasty by the people who’ve they put their trust in.
Yet, I envy them.


#ThankYouBones week- Day 8 → 5 b&b moments that made you fall in love with them

While it was hard to choose I am not gonna deny, I fell in love with them from the first episode. It’s that line “be a cop” that made it for me. She challenged him right from the start. His little smile made me just love them more. My second fav moment is when he gave her the pig. That closeness between them and how he assures her that everything will be ok was just perfect. My third fav one was when she tells him she is one of those people who doesn’t deserve a family but, he tells her her that “there is more than one kind of family”. It shows to me that although they aren’t family yet, he still considers her one of his. The way he touches her scene and the way she looks at him afterwad was just magical. My fourth fav one is after Vincent’s final goodbye as they watch the car drives away and she holds him. I feel this was the moment they knew that everything is going to change between them. The smile on his face says it all. My last fav moment is following his stay in jail when she tells him she won’t hurt him. It is just how all comes together. They are now a family and she wants to assure him that he can trust her.

Washboard Wednesday - Delayed Gratification (Thursday) Edition

Hello Lambs! By now, most of you have caught last night’s episode. And what a “tour de peau” it was. Even mutilated and covered in blood, it was pretty awesome. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Right after the episode, I saw some lovely gifs posted. So, I reached out to one of the glorious gif-makers and asked for something just for this post. @felicitys was so kind to oblige. See later in the festival of flesh that ensues. 

Even tortured. So lovely. 

Mmm. Nice everything. 

This reminds me of an old French noir film. 

Full size hotness!

Here is the very pretty gif that @felicitys made for us. Enjoy the sweet elegance and grace as he pulls the jacket off his delicious bicep. It is beauty. Thanks again, dear! And do follow @felicitys!

On his knees. Yeah, he spent a lot of this episode like that, literally and figuratively. Insert your own lewd comment about 5x20 here. 

And there you have it. Suffice it to say, last night’s episode was like a delightful rain after a long drought. And now I have WW content for the next few weeks, at least. Hurray! 

BTW, while I goof and drool here, I don’t want that, in any way, to take away from the emotional and dramatic impact of that episode last night. Stephen was wonderful. He brought forth so much anger, sadness and desperation. He also conveyed the cool dispassion of a man becoming a beast. Loved it all. 

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Can I please request the rfa + saeran breaking the fourth wall and finding out their in a game? I get seven kinda did but it'd be interesting to see how all of them would react.

I feel like all of the charcaters would be extremely sad to find out that they could never meet MC, so I made this kind of angsty. I also added Seven even though he kind of does know it’s a game because I just love him too much not to add him! I hope that I answered this one okay, let me know if I didn’t!! ^^


  • The irony of finally getting a girlfriend only to have her for eleven days broke Yoosung’s heart
  • He regretted every single time he called you Rika
  • You were so kind to him, you didn’t treat him like a child, you were genuinely curious about his future
  • All he wanted to do was go to you, feel how warm you would be when he hugged you
  • But that day never came
  • After all, Yoosung was just a character in a game, never being allowed to see you
  • He cried so much, more than he ever has in his life
  • But Yoosung was determined to make the most out of his limited time with you via the messenger
  • When the eleventh day came, Yoosung wept uncontrollably as he called you one last time telling you that you were his sunshine and that you would always be on his mind and that he would always love you no matter what
  • But eventually, his sunshine was taken away from him


  • Zen never thought that such a perfect girl existed until he first called you and listened to your voice
  • After years of being alone, Zen finally found someone who cared about him, not just for his pretty looks but for his true self
  • He realized that he was just a character in a game, that he would never get to see you, touch you, or kiss you
  • Zen felt his world fall apart at the seams but he knew that he had to use his remaining days to give you nothing but all of his love
  • You were incredibly supportive of him when he broke his leg and even more when he had to deal with his scandal
  • Even though he was in a game, you felt so real to him making it hurt that more more when the eleventh day came
  • In his last phone call to you, Zen tried holding back his tears as he sang gently to you, saying that he finally found his princess just like out of a fairy tale
  • However, this fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending


  • For what felt like the first time in her life, Jaehee finally found someone she could call her true friend
  • She was just known as ‘the assistant’ to everyone else but you never saw her that way, you saw her for the strong, independent woman that she was
  • And when you encouraged her to keep up with the coffee project because it made her happy, Jaehee thought about all of the different types she would make for you when she would meet you
  • But that day would never come, Jaehee was in a game but you weren’t
  • She tried not to let her feelings get the better of her, she had finally found a friend that understood and appreciated her
  • But as the days went on, Jaehee felt something more for you, you weren’t just a friend who she like
  • No, Jaehee had fallen in love with you without even realizing it, making it that much more painful
  • Jaehee silently cried when she called you for the last time, telling you that she loved you so much, that she would never forget you, you then told her that she was you your dream
  • And you were hers


  • Jumin didn’t understand that he loved you the moment he read your first message
  • He thought that it was silly, how could he mange to love someone he never met?
  • But he did fall in love with you, something he never thought that he was capable of
  • Everyone saw him as the man with no emotions, but you didn’t, you saw him for who he truly was
  • You treated him like any other person and Jumin would be eternally grateful to you because of that
  • His feelings of love towards you were in vain, since Jumin was just a character who could never see you
  • Even with his wealth, being with you would be impossible and Jumin felt nothing but sadness because of it
  • Nevertheless, Jumin kept a cool and calm composure for those elven days, even though he was hurting on the inside
  • Jumin’s last phone call to you was one of the rare occasions that he cried, he tried his best to convey all of his feelings towards you, with him promising that you changed him and he’s become a better person because of you
  • You asked him on last request, that you would always remain in his heart and his last words were simply stated
  • As you wish


  • He knew from the very beginning that you and him could never be anything more than names on a screen
  • Seven was simply a character in a game, nothing more nothing less
  • He tried his absolute hardest not to fall in love with you, but he stupidly did
  • It was going to be so painful, almost as painful as leaving his brother, when he would have to say goodbye to you
  • But Seven didn’t want you to be sad, so he stayed as 707, joking with you so that you would be happy
  • The phone calls with you were something that he would cherish for the rest of his life
  • For those eleven days, Seven let himself be selfish and feel happy whenever he chatted with or called you
  • He didn’t let his pas haunt him, Seven only focused on making you laugh and feel loved
  • Seven got barely any sleep those eleven nights since all he could think about was how his happiness would fade away in the upcoming days
  • The last phone call Seven made to you, he became Saeyoung and while talking to you, he let himself cry tell you how you saved him from his own darkness and although he would never be able to marry you at the space station
  • He would always love you to the moon and back


  • The way that you made him feel when he watched you in the RFA chat room confused him
  • Saeran had only texted you once, some vague message and even though you asked him questions, he never bothered responding
  • But as Saeran watched you chat with the other members happily, it made his heart physically hurt
  • He didn’t understand, why you were making him feel this way
  • Saeran’s life had been to the equivalent of hell and he never thought he would feel joy in his life
  • However, as he watched you through the messenger, Saeran realized that he felt happy, that he had fallen in love with you
  • You were so kind to the other members, giving them advice and truly caring for them
  • None of it matter though, Saeran knew that he was just a character in a game and that meeting you would be impossible
  • Even though he knew the pain of when the eleventh day arrived would be immense, Saeran continued to watch you talk to the other members
  • He had less panic attacks and even cracked a genuine smile for the first time in a very long time
  • As the eleventh day arrived, Saeran decided to call you and confess his feelings, he didn’t care since this would be the last time he would ever hear your voice, he poured his heart out to you about how much he loved you even though this was the first time that he ever talked to you and that you showed him what true happiness was
  • And even though you were going to leave Saeran
  • He promised to love you forever and always

~ Requests and Match-Ups are Open! ~ 

my tumblr is just progressively turning into an alteration between shitposting, crying about my ocs, and posting about hating myself, so here’s all three at once:

-I gave my Ryder a tool hairstyle and I love him so much
-I hate myself especially a lot today (mostly body image and future-me shit)
-Cody bought a ring sizer and made me test out how big my left ring finger was so that was !!!!

If I’m not responding to you on messenger/asks I’m kind of in that bad anti-social funk right now but know that i love you all

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Coming on Anon, because I get flustered around such amazing talent. Your edits are magic! Wow. The Baking Championship one is so seamless (they all are). It's so sweet and fluffy like properly creamed sugar and butter....See what I did there? 😅 I love all your edits. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. ☺ Hopefully, SuperCorp will rise like a proper souffle! (So, yeah...I also came on Anon to make horrible/funny? baking references.)

omg! your baking references just made my whole night, my friend :D they’re brilliant!!! supercorp will rise like the fluffiest souffle for sure!

thank you so much for your kind words, this fandom is so talented and funny and smart and a constant source of inspiration it’s a blessing being part of it :) 

also @proudlyunicorn and her british bake off live blogging are to thank for that baking manip… i was having a bit of a creative block but when i found out she was planning to write that fic i just had to make a manip! 

fanaticfangirl2602: I’ll be going through my dash and looking at cute and funny things, THEN THESE KIND OF POSTS SHOW UP. You constantly hurt me. I love it. You have made me veeeeery worried for Jim. O.O

i can make it less sad bc i have put way too much thought into this

i was talking to @summerweens earlier about how all of the Trollhunters are given alliterate titles like Kanjigar the Courageous, Deya the Deliverer, Unkar the Unfortunate, etc. imagine if Jim is dubbed Jim (or James) the Just in the end, bc even if he does screw up in the Dark Lands he still strives to be fair and do the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes; good people acknowledge them and work to be better and that’s what Jim’s been doing. But Jim is really hard on himself so he’s like stunned when he’s given that title. He doesn’t think he deserves it and he can’t believe the others think he deserves it, and the realization that the worlds he’s tried so hard to protect think of him highly after everything has him close to tears (if not in tears). They all bow before him and Jim doesn’t know how to react. He’s super humble and awkward about it, and for a really long time he’s not sure whether they’re right about him being just or not, but he learns to accept it and it just really warms his heart.

alternatively in a slightly less poignant version, my goofball boyfriend thinks the trolls should fake Jim out first with Jim the Generic after Toby and Claire are knighted, and then reveal Jim’s actual title. We laughed about “Jim the Generic” for a good ten minutes straight yesterday. I can imagine Toby messing with Jim about it afterward. “I don’t know, Jimbo, it’s got a nice ring to it. ‘Jim the Generic’.” “Please don’t call me that.”

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mun's ships for Maribelle?

maribelle/every girl no? not allowed? drat.

yadda yadda, ship not set, blah blah, no pressure, you get the gist.

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I just got OneShot this morning and I'm loving playing it, even if I haven't got too far, it looks like it's really my kind of game. I didn't knew it was yours until I read the files (searching for one particular document). That made me happy and I don't know why, but I hope a lot of people play it too

We hope you’ll like it! <3

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Could you do Oikawa babysitting his nephew (he is so cute like he is a mini oikawa) with his gf. Gf is giving more attention to his nephew than him. Tooru whines, until his nephew finally fall sleep. Tooru and gf have a heated make out, tooru was jealous of his nephew. until they heard the front door open, causing them to immediately stop of embass and pretend they fall alsleep.

I changed the ending just a little bit! Hope that’s okay, Anon! Also, I know that Oikawa’s older sibling is kind of a mystery - he just has this nephew without any knowledge of their being an older brother or sister - so when I reference his sister, I’m kinda suggesting it could be his biological sister or his sister-in-law.

He loved his nephew. He loved her. So getting to spend a day with the both of them amplified his feelings of love for both. And the fact that she was just as excited to spend time with the small boy made him that much happier. It was going to be the perfect day.

That were original feelings, but as the hours passed, he was beginning to feel more and more excluded. Takeru had only wanted to play volleyball with her, she had shared her gelato with the small boy, even now as they sat in Oikawa’s living room, Takeru took up most of the space on the couch next to her, leaving his uncle to either sit on the love seat opposite them or on the floor.

Oikawa felt like pouting, which he knew was childish, but the two people he loved were excluding him from everything and especially didn’t appreciate the little crush Takeru had adapted for the girl. Before he had thought it cute, but was now seeing the way his nephew had picked up on his own charms which he implemented now. To say the least, he was beyond grateful when the boys bedtime came around.

“Takeru is adorable,” she gushed, a wide smile spread over her features as she plopped herself down next to Oikawa. She turned to him, eyes bright, ignoring the pout he obviously wore on his own face, “we should do this more often. I’m sure your sister would be grateful.”

A verbal whine left his mouth next as his arms slithered around her, pulling her against him, “[First Name]-chan ignored me all day!”

“Oh, please,” she rolled her eyes with a giggle, “don’t tell me you were upset most of the evening over that.”

A grin spread across his lips then, hands reaching for her hips to pull her tighter against him. “I know a few ways you can make me feel better,” the suggestion was followed by the action of pressing their mouths together, his tongue not waiting as it pushed it’s way past her lips and into her mouth. The gasp that came from her spurred him on, his body leaning heavily against hers, wanting no space between them.

Breaths came heavily, hands tangled tightly into hair, and hips ground against each other, producing small moans from the two. All thoughts of the sleeping Takeru in the next room lost to both of them as well as the fact that his older sibling was due to come through the front door at any minute. The sound of the lock turning caused their hearts to stutter, clumsy bodies attempting to pull away from each other and make themselves somewhat decent. A curse left Oikawa’s lips when her head connected with the bottom of his chin, their eyes moving to the door with red at their cheeks.

“Welcome home!” Oikawa grinned sheepishly, reminding himself that next time they took care of Takeru, they’d be at his house.

yesterday was nice. the weather here is beautiful right now and everyone is feeling happy and invigorated from it. i spent the afternoon eating blueberries with my friend while we talked about our favorite kinds of berries and watched bob ross. today he bought raspberries which was just so nice of him. the university grounds have such a wonderful atmosphere right now because everyone is just outside enjoying the sun again. the park is full of people walking their dogs or doing homework on the benches. we had a nice lovely dinner last night here at the dorm and today i made cauliflower mousse. it was so good.

I’ve had this tumblr for a few years now and I’m kinda feeling really blah about it because it’s always been about sharing my art and improving but lately it feels like make art just to post it online rather than post it online because I love what I made. So if I’ve not been engaged w this blog over the last 6 months it’s because I’ve been grappling with this kind of weird faux sense of productivity and improvement that I’ve been deluding myself with and for those of you who stuck around anyway, thanks!

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((adore the kind asks omg)) ofc i'll choose stars for you ;) && I also love atoms, roses and forest 💕💕

ty nadya  ilyy <333333333333 and yaaaaaass theyre just the loveliest (like u ) 

stars: why are you glad your past happened the way it did?
thanks nadya 🌌 stars are my no.1 :“)) im really glad bc what’s happened to me has changed and made me the way I am now which isnt that bad and it also meant that I met you (which im so so thankful for) 💜

atoms: what’s one thing you love about yourself?
 i love me being in love with books

roses: who is somebody you love and/or appreciate?
 there’s innumerable people but one of them is you, I love you to the moon and back 🌚

forest: what’s something that makes you feel safe?
 my earphones can help block out the world but also give me some assurance, it’s a must have I take whenever I leave the house (and know I’ll be out) for more than an hour

kind asks 


Went and saw the Lego Batman movie tonight and it was so good. It was so good you guys it was so GOOD

SHORT STORIES, my favorite kind of poetry ( meme ).


❝ i heard you were doing good. ❞
❝ you don’t grow your horns overnight. ❞
❝ i promise, it gets better eventually. ❞
❝ & we never talked after that. ❞
❝ am i really, truly, that unlovable? ❞
❝ don’t talk like you’re coming back. ❞
❝ my most dangerous habit is trusting. ❞
❝ we’re made of stars & stories. ❞
❝ you didn’t have to do that. ❞
❝ everything is poetry when you’re drunk. ❞
❝ did i mean anything to you? ❞
❝ real feelings don’t just go away. ❞
❝ you came & changed the weather. ❞
❝ when can you just be mine? ❞
❝ there was no love, only lust. ❞
❝ darling, stop wishing on dead stars. ❞
❝ art is another form of screaming. ❞
❝ silence is the most painful goodbye. ❞
❝ what the fuck did you do? ❞
❝ i’m drunk, dizzy & missing you. ❞
❝ kiss me like you’re losing me. ❞
❝ i don’t feel like smiling today. ❞
❝ not all good people are innocent. ❞
❝ we’re a disaster in the making. ❞
❝ some things are better left unsaid. ❞
❝ we really should’ve talked about it. ❞
❝ i’m so glad i met you. ❞
❝ i wish i knew you earlier. ❞
❝ i fucked (pronoun/name) to our song. ❞
❝ i dreamed of you this night. ❞


❝ you saw the messed up parts of me, & stayed. ❞
❝ all i’ve ever wanted was for someone to save me. ❞
❝ since you left, i have no one to talk to. ❞
❝ i apologize for the nights in which i cannot breathe. ❞
❝ everytime i look at you, i want to kiss you. ❞
❝ we said no strings attached but now we’re in knots. ❞
❝ there’s a difference between missing someone & missing having someone. ❞
❝ for which f are you drinking? fuck, forget, or fun? ❞
❝ my biggest mistake was thinking i could live without (pronoun/name). ❞
❝ whenever (name/pronoun) rose to kiss me, i fell even more. ❞
❝ i wish that ‘goodnight’ was followed by ‘i love you’. ❞
❝ let’s smoke a pack of mentholds & talk about love. ❞
❝ your deep, sleepy voice makes me feel like i’m okay. ❞
❝ i read both of our horoscopes looking for an answer ❞
❝ reality is the absolute last place i want to be. ❞
❝ i didn’t expect that drunk kiss could mean this much. ❞
❝ all i need is a late night drive with you. ❞
❝ feeling pain is nowhere near as terrifying as feeling nothing. ❞
❝ your eyes are the color of summer fading into autumn. ❞
❝ you are the warmest home i will ever, ever find. ❞
❝ the world is less scary when i am with you. ❞
❝ i still can’t tell which of us was the victim. ❞
❝ i just need an excuse to hang out with you. ❞
❝ your expectations for me have been set way too high. ❞
❝ i don’t want to feel this way about anyone else. ❞

Stay By My Side (Soprano's "Duet" Rendition)
Elisabeth feat. Rui, pianist
Stay By My Side (Soprano's "Duet" Rendition)

Thank you to everyone for your kind response and reception of my first cover of Stammi Vicino.
After just releasing my cover of this aria, the new duet had it’s early previewing… and its poignant and gentle way of making you want to cry just made me want to sing this rendition all over again.  I was very fortunate my lovely friend Rui - the beautiful pianist who has covered many pieces already from YOI -  had already recorded her piano cover of this duet, and allowed me to record with it. And thus our first “duet” collaboration was born.  
I wanted to capture the same peaceful tone of the duet rendition, with my own personal touch.  
I’m grateful to this anime and its music for really inspiring me to want to explore singing various pieces and recording again. This is my way of showing my love…  I hope you enjoy yet another dose and rendition of this romantic aria, as we enter the final chapter of our beautiful skaters’ story.  

“Let’s go together. I’m ready.” 

Many thanks to @ammeja for granting me permission to use her beautiful art for the track visual. 


“We are at a lap dance. It’s a celebrity lap dance, which is where celebrities of all shapes and ages sign autographs for cash prices. It’s sort of like going to a strip club, except they don’t stuff cash in your underwear. But that’s… kind of it. […] They love [Leia] and I’m her custodian, and I’m as close as you’re gonna get. She’s me and I’m her.” – Carrie Fisher

“So this is one of those things we go to… at least once a month. Kind of a mini Comic-Con. Carrie resisted these lap dances for years. But… it’s amazing. You see these thousands of people behind me? They line up in 9 in the morning, they’ll stay here until 9 o’clock at night just to have two seconds with Carrie.” – Carrie’s assistant


2016 was a hell of a year

Fuck politics and jobs and apocalyptic internet uprising
I did a couple big feature films, a couple wonderful indies, a couple small roles in projects I believed in… I fell back in love with the thing that made all the bullshit worth it

I lived outside of contract

I got the back of my head shaved for $5 in Albuquerque.
I fell in the kind of love that made you realize you sometimes never fell out of it
I realized the importance of my emotional health
I realized the sensitivity of my mental health
I watched my favourite person write her living will and made peace with the inevitability of death
I gained more respect for life

Can I give you some advice? I earned it myself.

Don’t smoke. Everyone that smokes cigarettes will tell you not to start.
Stop biting your nails.
Stretch everyday.
Call your grandma. Whomever you have now that’s not conveniently close but still contactable, contact them
Shout. Just do it. Whenever.
Trust yourself.
Be alone. It’s really uncomfortable sometimes and that’s when it’s important.
Celebrate the people that inspire you.
Study the ones who intimidate you.
Write love letters.
To yourself, to God, to your dad or mom or best friend or someone whose heart you hurt. Tell people how you feel.
Don’t drive if you think you’ll have ONE drink.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been up and running around since 6am. Drop your car off before your 4pm coffee because maybe you want a glass of wine and to take a walk, and police are hungry
Thank people for their service. Maybe you hate the military, but an elderly man in a veteran hat spent months with no communication in a ditch writing a monthly letter to the woman he loved, and she spent months waiting by the mailbox. He probably had to burn leaches off his body with cigars he never smoked just to return to her lips alive and scared and damaged but free
Say thanks.
Pray. There’s no way to do it wrong.
Write. The more you do, the better you get
It’s not about getting better
It’s about being genuine
What else?
Oh yeah.

Love them. It’s scary. You feel bitter. You’ve been hurt. Love. Love hard and brave and choose every day to fight for freedom, redemption and celebration
Every day should be the holidays it you do it right