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Klance fanfic reclist [multichap]

Favorites are italicized!

Homesick at Space Camp (multichapter; incomplete) by K0bot - Lance tries to be the best friend Keith’s ever had; fake marriage.

We’ll Stir the Stars (multichapter; incomplete) by Latios - Lance, a sea witch, travels with Keith, a dragon, in order to rescue Shiro.

The Lion’s Den (multichapter;incomplete) by Gigapoodle - Lance works at Shiro’s coffee shop, and Keith goes to the youth center Shiro volunteers at.

Aspen Falls (multichapter;incomplete) by spoopertrouper - Galra Keith crashes into earth, and Lance, Pidge, and Hunk try to help him locate his human mother.

Sweeter Than Pumpkin Pie (multichapter;incomplete) by konekat - College AU; Keith gets sick and Lance decides to stay with him for Thanksgiving break.

Shaky Ground (multichapter;incomplete) by morvish - Modern-ish AU; mystery.

six foot dive (multichapter;incomplete) by shizuoh - Lance and his family go to California for vacation, and Keith is a lifeguard.

Purple Marks and Bleeding Hearts (multichapter;incomplete) by TeaParade - Lance is a sniper who’s having trouble killing his newest mark, Galra!Keith.

Halcyon Days (multichapter;incomplete) by bolbessa - Lance does not know he’s royalty, and Keith escorts him back to his kingdom.

The Quiet (multichapter;incomplete) by MilkTeaMiku - Keith, who is doing a year’s worth of clerkship training, can see ghosts, and Lance doesn’t know he’s dead.

Six Feet Over (multichapter;incomplete) by freshia - Lance can see ghosts, and Keith is a ghost who resides in his new apartment.

live for the fight (when it’s all that you got) (multichapter;incomplete) by Yuu_chi - In which Lance is a walking disaster, and Keith is a guardian angel determined to keep Lance alive.

Kismet, Kill Me (multichapter;incomplete) by Jessadilla (wobblyarms) - Lance pretends to be Keith’s boyfriend a bar one night, so Keith makes a missed connection post.

We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get There (multichapter;incomplete) by Voltromort (theungenue) - Firewatch AU; Lance becomes Keith’s emotional lifeline in the wilderness.

Next Level (multichapter;incomplete) by battleshidge (Amiria_Raven) - Online gaming AU.

Felidae (multichapter;incomplete) by eldee - Five times Keith turns into a were-Galra, and one time he doesn’t.

Annihilate Together (multichapter;incomplete) by LynnLarsh - Keith gives up playing piano before his freshman year of college; later, Lance begs Keith to come to his violin jury.

Monsoon (multichapter;incomplete) by Lulatic - Lance, a graceling, gets dragged into a war by a Galran soldier with questionable motives.

Not That Bad (multichapter;complete - 67847 words) by varelsen - College AU.

Lifeline (multichapter;complete - 8620 words) by sinelanguage - Keith thinks that he doesn’t need backup on a mission, and finds himself in over his head.

Stay Awake (multichapter;complete - 7159 words) by Talinor - Lance nearly dies, Keith saves him, and they both question their feelings. 

ghost of a king (multichapter;complete - 27158 words) by ashinan - A routine recon mission causes Lance and Blue to take drastic measures to ensure Lance’s survival.

Entangled (multichapter;complete - 101865 words) by mackerelmademedoit - Keith finds himself mentally linked to Lance.

Dancing Lions, Painted Wings (multichapter;complete - 35154 words) by genericfanatic - Anastasia AU.

equations for a falling body (multichapter;complete - 25205 words) by csoru - Keith and Lance are captured and have sex due to a Galran drug, and have to deal with the aftermath. (warning: dubcon, but neither Keith nor Lance are at fault)

Finding Home (multichapter;complete - 26966 words) by spacegaykogane - Keith and Lance are stranded after the wormhole incident, and have to work together to get home.

Magic Me Some Love (multichapter;complete - 143602 words) by KaSaPe - After Shiro is gravely injured and Keith is cursed to take the form of a Galra, Keith demands Lance, a magician, to save Shiro.

He Who Fights Monsters (multichapter;complete - 64888 words) by magisterpavus - The Garrison trains Knights to slay dragons; Knight cadet Lance is kidnapped by a red dragon that kills its own kind.

the missing part (multichapter;complete - 20353 words) by SpirituaReborn - The paladins experience the unfortunate consequences of a mind-meld program.

Infection (multichapter;complete - 73471 words) by 5557 - Horror/romance; Lance thinks that he’s infected by an alien sickness, but no one believes him.

A Kiss is a Kiss (But it’s never like this) (multichapter;complete - 25285 words) by GibbousLunation - Five times Keith kissed Lance in a less-than-ideal situation, and one time Lance kissed him back.

Spaghettification and Other Extreme Sports (multichapter;complete - 17978 words) by SociopathicAngel - Lance sacrifices himself and Blue to stop a black hole, and ends up in an alternate universe.

The Expiation Expedition (multichapter;complete - 40940 words) by @dragonomatopoeia,@obstinaterixatrix - Due to a miscomunication, the state of a planet’s political climate hinges on Keith and Lance pretending to be married.

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A collection of the greatest Chris Kreider tweets circa 2011-2012. 

My favorite is the last exchange between him and Kevin Hayes, because Hayesy clearly tweeted in the middle of the class, while Kreids waited to tweet after the class was over.

Links to source tweets:

My body is ready // I need a hobby // #kidinacandystore // Don’t hold up the bus // #conspiracytheory // big wheeling my texts // I’d be lost without you ;) // let’s go b’s & apologies for the go b’s // #legendsneverdie // sitting in #bonnies class & #nolove


I was in London last week, and bought way too many books (but I had a lot of fun doing it!) Featuring Hermione, mug from Warner Bros studio tour, and bookmarks from Waterstones.

i just listed these bookmarks that i made last night- the two in the middle are laminated and the other two are not, check them out in my etsy shop under the bookmark category, they’re $7-8

I’m clearancing out tarot card bookmarks at just $1 each! 

For several years I’ve made laminated bookmarks out of incomplete tarot decks. I’ve decided I’m discontinuing them, so I’m clearancing out the last of my stock. Some of these have been hanging around a while so the edges of the laminate may be a little dingy or worn, but otherwise they’re in nice shape. 

You can pick the deck you want your bookmark(s) from, but I select the individual cards, as I really don’t want a bunch of messages from people saying “Do you have X card left?” Generally the most popular ones have already sold, like the Rider-Waite Smith Magician. Here’s how many of each I have left:

Top row, left to right:

Shaman’s Wisdom, 21 bookmarks; Llewellyn Tarot, 5 bookmarks; Goddess Tarot, 3 bookmarks; Rider-Waite-Smith, 29 bookmarks 

Bottom row, left to right:

Celtic Wisdom deck, 6 bookmarks; IJJ Swiss tarot, 6 bookmarks; Zerner-Farber tarot, 3 bookmarks

$1 each plus shipping–or buy the whole lot of 73 bookmarks for just $50 plus shipping! First come, first served!

pendingforgreatness  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for good sources for mugen characters ?

Yeah, I actually made a bookmark folder just recently for mugen related stuff such as forums and creators. There’s not much in it yet, but I can recommend the few I have.

An obvious one is MUGEN Database. It’s a good way to find lots of different characters and stages made by different creators.

MUGEN Fighters Guild is a forum with a pretty neat filter option. If you’re not sure what to look for try filtering it to characters only and then make it so posts with most views show up first so you can easily find the more popular characters.

MUGEN Free for All is another forum worth taking a look at.

If you have any characters you like you should try to search the creator’s username (you can usually find it in the readme in the character folder) and see if they have a homepage or something else for their creations. If you like one of their characters you may also like the rest or at least some of their other characters. 

Some of the creators I like are:

  • RoySquadRocks has a lot of characters based on old games.
  • The_None has a lot of great characters. His Uppercut and Dee Bee Caw are pretty funny. 
  • DJ HANNIBALROYCE’s Aladdin and Mari are some of my favorite characters. His other characters are worth checking out too.

There are more but I haven’t bookmarked their pages yet, and I can’t remember them right now.

Oh, and you could also watch Saltybet and see if any interesting characters show up and then just search the name of that character.

"It's not something you talk about" - far too verbose thoughts about society vs fandom in regards to your personal sexuality

I’m not talking specifically about sexual orientation.

I’m just talking about sexuality in general - about having or not having sexual feelings, about feeling or not feeling sexual attraction and about what things we might feel sexual attraction to. What sensations makes us feel good and what fantasies makes us… well; experience sexual pleasure.

It’s somewhat easy to talk about having a sexuality. The problem, for many of us (I think, but I’m really having a rather limited amount of data here…), is talking - and sometimes even thinking - about what said sexuality entails. About what works for us. About what we want or need. Secret fantasies, hard limits or things that makes us tingle in a very nice way. “Odd things”, we might think. “Wrong things”, we might think about our own turn-ons. “Twisted things”, we might try not to think of.

And here is where fandom comes in.

I grew up in a community where masturbation was “a childish thing that one ought to overcome”. I grew up with sex being something that belonged only within marriage.

Then I became corrupted and– *snorts* No. I wasn’t corrupted. When I first began fantasising any sexual things I didn’t even know what sex was. It starts earlier than we think, doesn’t it? I wasn’t corrupted - there had not been anyone even telling me about sex when I began thinking of it. But I knew, even then, that it was not something you ought to speak of. And growing up in the community I did, that notion didn’t change.

I did, however, change. As a teen, I began joking about sexual things a lot, because that’s a safe way to approach something you want to explore. I still do that. A lot. With things I don’t dare to be serious about. And I left that community during my late teens, but even if I had other views on sex than my community had had, I still only talked about it jokingly. I still only talked about it in general terms.

I haven’t been a teen for a decade now, but it was only two years ago I began actually accepting all of my sexuality (and asexuality). It was only then I began finding more than one odd chapter in a random book here or there that described something that actually made me feel something. It was only then that I began really looking for it, exploring it. Approaching it with curiosity.

The reason?

I had discovered fanfiction.

Suddenly, it became fun to discover new things about my own sexuality. Slowly, I began to actually bookmark stories just because I liked how they made me react. Even more slowly, I began writing the word “porn” in regard to what I read. And then, I began talking about it with strangers. Because it was safer, but also because it was… not strange to do so in this community. No one raised an eyebrow over reccing porn to each other. No one raised an eyebrow over your preferences. And not only that; it wasn’t just a serious topic - it was a fun one. You could joke about it in a bolder and more personal way than I had ever thought. You could make fun - not just of sex - but of parts about your own sexuality. You could be personal. And sexual. And still, it was never seen as “leading on” or “flirting”. Just a topic to discuss, to indulge in without any other motive than fascination and enjoyment.

I have never in my life taken my sexuality more seriously, but neither have I ever taken it so light. It’s a natural part of what many of us do here, nothing more and nothing less. It’s (often) a very allowing community. And that is why I am not offended when people talk about fanfic just being an excuse for sexual gratification. Because that’s not a “just”. Now, fanfiction is a lot of other things for me too, but recently I’ve found myself feeling rather proud of the porn part. Because there’s no “just” in making sexuality something we talk about as openly as many others would talk about their jobs. It’s actually… a grand thing. For me. And for some other people over talked to.

And there’s the thing, really. That I have talked about this. With other people. And that, in itself, means I’ve come a long way. And I quite like the view from where I stand now. Lots of cerebral porn and dirty-talk. Could be worse…

Guys so we were tasked in school to make a bookmark for our diary (its like our daily attendance, we write AM PM -PRESENT and let out teacher sign it and to our parents as well so they know whether we slacked off or nah) and i was like ‘oh ok its obviously gon be mark’ and so i made this.

I did not see the fucking pun until i got home and after i ate dinner

I just literally made a bookmark