i just made it transparent

its my beautiful wife sister’s brithday



Happy birthday @sai-shou

@primaryconclusion for you, I’d draw anything - especially Magidbeleon ;)

It’s actually been quite awhile (translation: MONTHS) since I’ve drawn these two!! I’ve missed ‘em. And yeesh, when i compare my art now to the last thing I’ve drawn of gideon/mabel (or any of my gideon art, really) it’s a night and day difference 0_0

Like, my headcanons about them changed over these past couple months too! before i was like “idk if i ship em as kids…” and now i’m like “heCK YEAH let’s see some mab/gid bonding after the finale when mabel revisits gravity falls and reconciles with a way-less-psychotic, actually pleasant gideon and they become really close and she realizes what made them click in the first place and she notices she has a thing for skater bois uwu….” 

thanks for the request! ♥


Wanted to do some tests with coloring
I used @rolling-flash ’s Boulder Opal cause seriously I love his design/palette and I always wanted to draw him