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It’s no big surprise that @yuuri–on–ice is getting another callout post, but this time a bit more of a serious one. An anon on another blog alerted me to her [public - so I didn’t just go randomly lurking just to steal someone’s private photos] Instagram account in which she posts cosplays, and what i found there was absolutely disgusting.

Under the cut: Photos of this white nineteen year old dressing up in “belly dancer” clothes, something that is very racist and appropriative, her endorsing a non-Japanese person wearing traditional Japanese garb, something that is widely told to be wrong to do, and an insensitive comment that she felt the dire need to  say for the sake of her cosplays.

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What BSD characters say in their beginning fic notes in ao3
  • Kyouka: Warning, This Fic Doesn't Contain Bunnies And Tofus. It Contains Murder and Gore. Morbid. Continue?
  • Mori: Elise-chan forced me to update this T^T
  • Elise: whatever it is rintarou-said on his fic is a lie. read mine instead
  • Higuchi: What's the difference of senpai and this fic??? Senpai doesn't notice me but you noticed this fic. Enjoy.
  • Gin: *no notes*
  • Hirotsu:
  • Twain: i know y'all thirsty for this lmao here come dat boiii!!!
  • Fitzgerald: My creations are always top-notch, Old sport. It is always sought by everyone. Same goes for this fanfiction. It's a masterpiece, it's golden. I own it. I own your computer/phone. I own the gadgets you use to read this. I own you.
  • Alcott: U-uhm! T-this i-is my f-first attempt t-to w-write a f-fic so.... *sweats nervously* P-please tolerate mistakes... I'm sorry! Ah.... I- I hope you like it...
  • Lovecraft: what am i doing here, i myself don't know
  • Steinbeck: god, here it goes. I hate this story, I hate this site, I hate myself smh but please read lol
  • Kouyou: Gracefulness comes from greatness. Such as myself to myself. Enjoy reading, lads.
  • Kajii: Hellooooo, fellow humans! I, Kajii Motojirou once again took my time to yet again help you invest in an extraordinary experience!! Hoho, I have yet to truly indulge in the realm of emotions, but worry not! This thing created by none other than me, will assist you on "feeling" a roller-coaster of emotions, as said by volunteers and young ones of today! Once you're done reading, leave a kudos and a comment to help me discover just what it made you feel so that I can finally know just how emotions can affect the pinnacles of science!
  • Yosano: This is my third fic lol so you probably know me already. If you have any qualms about my writing style, say it to my face when you see me instead of bitching about it. That's all, have fun reading~
  • Ranpo: i made Poe type this bc i'm too important to do so and i also told him to type like this lol that's about it poe, now grab me some snacks
  • Kenji: It's about cows hehe.
  • Junichirou: Hi! I hope you like this. :)
  • Kunikida: WARNING: Creator choose not to archive warnings because it would be a spoiler. But to prevent anything from affecting you on an unpleasant way, refer to the additional tags added on the upper corner of this story. I invested approximately 1.5 hours on organizing the sequence of events here. It took me 30 minutes to finalize the story, and spent 15 minutes to proofread it. By my calculation, it should take you less than 15 minutes to read this, for it only contains 1,500 words. But it would take you 25 minutes if you feel like feeling the emotions behind the content more, and if you decide to comment. Now, I hope this wouldn't waste your time, Enjoy.
  • Poe: pls don't read this
  • Fyodor: Angst to cleanse ur soul.
  • Chuuya: Yo! :) Finally had the time to update. Sorry about that, was busy doing stuff so yeah, now here it is.
  • Dazai: I'm stuff lol
  • Atsushi: Hi! Ah, this is my first fic, so please be gentle? Haha... I will update every Tuesdays since I don't know when I can be online to continue this. Please be patient with me. Also, please excuse grammatical and typographical errors. With all of those out of the way, I hope you enjoy reading!
  • Akutagawa: Just fucking read.
  • Oda: I'm dead but this fic isn't.

I was tagged by the lovely @orange-lightsaber to show some of the art I made in 2016 and…well… when it comes to fandom this is ALL the art I made in 2016 lol It’s hard to find time, unfortunately, so most of the pieces I made were fanfic-centric to my own writing (sorry ;_; I suffer from compulsively having to draw the scenes I can’t shake), along with two general Reylo pieces for fun. 

Fanfic images are for A Proposal by Any Other Name (Leap Year Reylo AU) and A Dance of Titans (canon verse Reylux). Hopefully this year I can just make more general art for fun, though! 

I tag @clefslair @reylotogo @persimonne and any other artists who want to share theirs!

New Profile Pic

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture (or not). I have been playing with the filters again and really like how it softened my face and made my skin glow. I just wish that I could find some magical makeup that would do the same, lol!

I really love my choker! I have been making most of my jewelry lately and found this metallic rose at the craft store, added a couple of leather cords and wallah! A dear friend has suggested I do a post on some of the jewelry I have made so I may do that in the near future.


Here’s some long overdo Smurfs fanart. I wasn’t a diehard fan as a kid, but I did like it and watch it often when I was very small and remember it dearly. I’ve always really liked the art style of The Smurfs, and just always found their designs very fun and cool looking. Just super appealing, cute character design. 

Brainy was always my favorite Smurf, even if most of the Smurfs seemed to hate him in the old show, lol. Sure, he was egotistical and snotty, but I found him funny, and I felt his snobby ego was clearly a cover up for the poor dude’s insecurities. He had to hold his intellect above the other Smurfs to gain respect, and to be fair, it wasn’t very hard. Most Smurfs weren’t too bright. There were definitely other Smurfs who deserved more hate than Brainy. Greedy and Vanity for sure.

I also remember having a little crush on Smurfette when I first watched it. I didn’t fully get crushes yet, as I was about 3, but I just liked looking at her, lol. And I’ve always liked her design. She’s just so cute and likable. I feel like her design is just one of those really fun, appealing designs that almost everybody has to love.

But, anyway, I just watched Smurfs: The Lost Village yesterday. While there were some nitpicks here and there and I didn’t think it was amazing, it was surprisingly really cute and well made. I enjoyed it enough. I’d say it’s worth a watch, even if just for the beautiful visuals and animation.


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Why are people doing damage control over drunk Jensen? Anyone with common sense and eyes can tell he was drunk. You didn't even have to see the way he acted. It was all in his eyes. There's a long list of proof from the panel that he was drunk. But not enough room to list here. From what I've seen everyone loves drunk Jensen and had a good time. And it's not like he was drunk enough to NOT know what he was doing. He was just loosened up and didn't give a shit. I don't get the excuses being made.

yeah lol it’s not like he went on a drunken rampage and punched somebody in the face or anything else ridiculous that u hear about drunk celebrities doing. he was just having a good time.

it’s also weird how people are like “but WHY was he drinking so much!!!!!!!!!” as if he’s not allowed to let loose every once in a while without there being some depressing reason for it. guess what!!! people drink to have fun! they drink when they’re on vacation! they drink to loosen up when they have to talk to hundreds of people all weekend! 

it’s so ridiculous to judge a grown adult for drinking when all he does when he’s drunk is cry about people doing good in the world, dance like a white girl, imitate people’s accents, give people $200 for their birthday, eat pizza, name a unicorn “steven,” show his best friend his bear underwear onstage in front of hundreds of people,,,,,,like, it could be a lot worse, people. 

Kiwi Analysis

So, on Friday, me & @captiveharts read the lyrics of this song almost at the same time, and then when we started discussing them, we realized we both had thought the same thing. Yes, we do think it’s a song about stunting, and we do think it’s about a stunt in particular. Not b*bygate, though, but H*ylor (that is probably the stunt lol). And Harry saying this song started as a joke at the Breakfast Show with Nick, made us think this probably started as a “you know, i really need to get this off my chest” thing: it started as a joke meaning that he probably wanted to make fun of her and of her habit of writing about her exes. It was probably just “a bit of a banter,” & then at some point, they must have gone like “you know, this could be good,” & turned into a proper song.
But with no further delay, let’s start our analysis.

●     “She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes
Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect.

○     The first line can be a metaphor of how TS started from the bottom as a Miss Nothing & then turned into a pop princess/America’s sweetheart™,

○     The second line can be about how business-woman-alike she always acts. Everyone always says – even if she enjoys acting like a naive little girl – she’s actually really smart (& she knows it).

●     “And all the boys, they were saying they were into it,

○     where “all the boys” are obviously all the men TS stunted with

    ■     many of whom are surrounded by gay rumours,

    ■     reenacting every single rom-com cliché (no, Tom Hiddleston, I haven’t forgiven you yet for going around with that hideous I <3 TS tank top)

    ■     “Into it” can also be interpreted as a way of accepting a deal, & getting along with it.

●     “Such a pretty face, on a pretty neck.

○     Does this one really need an explanation?

●     “It’s New York, baby, always jacked up,
Whole tunnels, foreign noises always backed up.

○     Well, NYC plays a big role both in TS’ personal life, and for the whole length of that mess that was H*ylor.

○     The lines Harry & his co-authors wrote seem in fact to mock a bit TS’s Welcome to New York (Walkin’ through a crowd, the village is aglow / Kaleidoscope of a loud, heartbeats under coats)

○     Harry and Taylor are papped several times together in NYC:

   ■     The first time they were spotted together was in Central Park

   ■     Taylor went to 1D’s after party after their concert at the MSG,

   ■     They were both papped again in NYC while leaving their hotels

   ■     They were seen together at the Jingle Ball’s backstage

   ■     And of course there’s the whole super yikes NYE ball drop thing.

●     “When she’s alone, she goes home to a cactus,

○     This is probably the most “obscure” line in the whole song, but we thought it could mean that she’s basically going home alone, finding nothing but a plant in her empty house. TS likes surrounding herself with people – her “squad”, her countless boyfriends – but at the end of the day, these are mostly stunts. We don’t know which relationships she has are actually real (*cough* Karlie i know you’re real *cough*), but most of them are probably just for the sake of the press and the media.

●     “In a black dress, she’s such an actress,

○     TS is actually known for wearing a lot of black dresses/outfits 

○     She referred to herself as “the girl in the dress” in Dear John (The girl in the dress cried the whole way home and The girl in the dress wrote you a song).

○     About the actress thing, well:

   ■     TS is literally an actress as well since she played a couple of roles in some movies (Valentine’s Day, The Giver, etc),

   ■     she’s an actress metaphorically because of all of her stunts & the girl next door image she’s built for herself.

○     But with this line, Harry also seems to mock an old TS’s song, Better Than Revenge, where on her turn, she was mocking a girl who had “stolen her boyfriend from her” (She’s not a saint & she’s not what you think / she’s an actress, oh oh / she’s better known for the things that she does / on the mattress, oh oh).

●     “Driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it, I’m kinda into it,
It’s getting crazy, I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it.

○     Okay, first of all, crazy. Harry repeats it twice in each chorus, & he stresses it when he sings it.

○     Crazy is definitely a word that comes up to everybody’s mind when they think of TS:

   ■     because of the psycho girlfriend image that has been build up around her public persona (there are loads of parodies on Youtube, media have often talked about it)

   ■     and eventually, she has – very smartly – referenced it herself in Shake It Off and especially Blank Space (and in fact she acts like a psychopath in the Blank Space music video, mocking the idea that the GP & the media have of her).

○     But “crazy” is a term she often uses in her own songs as well,

   ■     Picture To Burn (Tell you friends I’m obsessive & crazy, that’s fine, I’ll tell mine that you’re gay),

   ■     I’m Only Me When I’m With You (You drive me crazy half of the time), etc

   ■     She uses it in the initial monologue in the I Knew You Were Trouble music video,

   ■     and she has a whole song called Crazier.

○     The whole “into it” escalation, on the other hand, seems like a young Harry trying to convince himself that this stunt won’t be this bad:

   ■     his managers were probably telling him how a good idea this would be, how his popularity would increase, he must have told himself that he would have survived this, that he’d have managed to appear into her,

   ■     only to realize that no, he wouldnt have been able to do this cause the whole stunt was getting insane, and that H*ylor was the worst thing ever (for both him & Louis), and that’s why he then proceeds to sing “I think I’m losing it”.

●     “I think she said ‘I’m having your baby, it’s not of your business’”.

○     Of course, this is a metaphor. this girl mentioned in this song sounds extremely bossy, and lowkey psycho, and that’s a great description for TS (her public persona, at least).

○     This is TS saying: “I want all the promo I can get, and I don’t care if you hate it. We signed a deal, so now shut your mouth cause I’m getting what I want.” She’s stubborn, she doesn’t think about him anymore, she just wants to help herself and, indeed, she has done that even way after the end of H*ylor, publicly shading Harry, and implying that great part of 1989 (& not only) was written about Harry (and by the way, there have also been rumours, back during H*ylor, that TS was indeed pregnant of Harry).

○    Harry might have also take inspiration from another stunt (*cough cough* b*abygate *cough cough*) for this particular line

●     “She sits beside me like a silhouette,
Hard candy dripping on me till my feet are wet

○     These are the infamous lines that made people accusing Harry of encouraging pedophily (yikes). First of all, we definitely don’t think Harry was aware of the metaphorical meaning of “hard candy” (I had no idea either), and we actually think that “hard candy” is just the name of a drink, a very girly one btw, that for sure would fit TS’s sweetheart image, and of course it’d make sense since Harry sings that “it’s dripping on him till his feet are wet.” (And btw, there’s also a scene in the Blank Space mv where Taylor eats a hard candy & the camera focuses on her face).

●     “And now she’s all over me,

○     Well, she was quite literally all over him during H*ylor

○     and she made sure to stay all over him with all the songs she implied were about him.

●     “It’s like I paid for it, it’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for it.

○     Harry here might refer initially to the whole stunt thing: their relationship is nothing but a fauxmance, it’s literally hiring someone to play his beard.

○     And then, he refers to when the realization of what was going on sank in: he was gonna pay the consequences for this stunt for a long, long time (in fact, he still is since media still ask him about her).

In conclusion, this song seems to us Harry’s reply at all the songs she implied were about him, at all the very obvious attempts of shading him she’s done through the years. But this song, this is not a Style 2.0, it’s not even another Perfect. This is extremely subtle, and one can get the reference only reading carefully into the lyrics. It’s Harry’s way to get back at her, but in a classy way (unlike hers), and by mocking Better Than Revenge, he’s basically saying: “Take this, Taylor. There is nothing I do better than revenge.”


Hey everyone! I briefly joked and screamed about this on Twitter, but I’m going to be a little more serious here.

All four of these pieces are my work. The drawings on the left are pieces I found in my old sketchbook, from around 2011 when I was about 13 years old. They’re actually my very first drawings of Rin, Len, and Miku. On the right are pieces I’ve only made a few days ago. 

6 years ago I was your typical deviantArt young teenager. I was the type of artist I see people sometimes make fun of now. There were plenty of times in my art journey where I received some rather harsh criticism, and on top of that I have always lived in the shadow of my older brother, who’s an amazing comic book artist. I figured my art would remain looking the same forever. But I really just tried to have fun with it, because despite all the metaphorical rocks thrown at me it was something that I really enjoyed doing. Though it was hard sometimes, I kept drawing. Only because it was fun. Looking at those old pieces now, I can easily point out all the things wrong with them. But I vividly remember, sitting in my room at age 13, adoring these pieces that I made, showing them off to my parents, and to the point where I actually saved them in a drawer (to be discovered by me yet again now lol). 

There’s been some rough spots. There were times where I’d cry and kick myself and swear “I’ll never draw again!” It’s really not easy, being an artist. You can ask me why I didn’t stop now and the only answer I can really give is “Well, making art is just fun”. That’s the most important thing art should be to any artist, no matter how many years of experience, in my own opinion. When I started, I wasn’t expecting to get as far in my art as I did. I wasn’t expecting to get so devoted to it. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many other talented artists and make friends through this medium. It was all for fun. Sometimes I would focus hard and look for ways I could improve. Other times it would just seem to hit me one day and I didn’t even realize it until later. Making art is a journey. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “bad artist”. Every artist is constantly making progress and we’re all only ever improving. 

Again, yes, it can be hard. But look at this. 6 years between the times of these two pieces. All this effort – all the walls I’ve hit, all the holes I’ve been stuck in, all the proud and cheerful moments I’ve had – they’ve all came to this, 6 years later. I love drawing. I can’t wait to see what my art will look like in another 6 years.


Ok cube spinner dice thing update time. (I have no idea what to call this lol) So I looked into how much each one would cost and it looks like I can get these done for say 10$? I’m able to get those cubes anywhere from 5-8$ so I can get those lasered and to everyone in whatever style they’d like. You don’t have to have my logo as the 6, like I said last post, this was just something I made for me for fun and maybe to take to shows as a goofy dice display thing to mess with! But I’m happy to make some fidgety toys for tables! I love some of the ideas everyone was coming up for a purpose! So these are the colors ive found. I did order that rainbow one so hopefully it appears soon since I ordered it at the same time as I did this purple one, so I’ll be able to show you what it looks like in real life :) Since I have to order these piece by piece (I haven’t found any bulk places yet for them) I think what I’ll do is do a preorder thing for them that way I can get a count on how many of each color I need to buy. Also I wouldn’t suggest the silver. There just no contrast there so warning on that one :) But beyond that I think this will work as an update and I’ll get that preorder going soon since OF COURSE these all come from China and they take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get here 🙄

Employee of the Month: Part 2/11

Pairing: Reader x Hwang Minhyun

Group: Wanna One (NU’EST if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little)

Type: Probably Actually Fluff


Warnings: Bad Words(but less than I usually have, so be proud of me)

A Brief Synopsis:

The tale of Minhyun’s not that shitty job and how it provides a platform for you to exist in his life romantically. Kind of.

(the synopses are gonna be almost completely the same for every person lol sorry)

A/N: Sorry it took longer than expected. I’m shitty at time management. 

Name: Hwang Minhyun

Age: 22

Occupation: Live-In MaidHousekeeper

  • From the outside looking in, the fact that Hwang Minhyun chose this as his profession was astounding to virtually everyone
  • Honestly he could get any job he wants
  • He’s so diligent 
  • And handsome 
  • And meets so many job qualifications 
  • But “cleaning is my passion" 
  • It was actually a problem 
  • Arguably a kink
  • Nobody should trust a bitch with that many cleaning supplies
  • 6 dusters is too many dusters for one person
  • Hell 6 dusters is too many dusters for 6 people
  • He has probably killed someone and gotten away with it
  • And that’s how he ended up as a house keeper 
  • Not because he could flawlessly get away with murder, but because he was a clean ass bitch
  • Not that I really needed to clarify that

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You can literally see it’s HL having fun together in the MV bc they really made the couple mirrors HL traits. I mean, Harry: green, taller, long hair, fonding more, fedora, & Louis: Blue, shorter, cold, hoodie, more playful, snapback & these 2 randomly met 1 night & just clicked like, come on now... too many coincidence.. It might look normal to other people, but it’s not that subtle to the fans who put the pieces together, even if they’re just using some illusion, we knew what was going on lol.

exactly. it’s such a louis thing to do so he can tell his and harry’s love story…. and i think that’s beautiful


I finally made some successful butter slime!! (I think lol) it feels lighter and more rubbery than I expected, but it’s still super soft and fun to mess with! I took two videos: this one, and one spreading it with a knife! (When I post the other one I’ll link it here ^^)

(Feel free to delete the caption for aesthetics)

how i picked our new reality

so i just decided to move all consciousness and organic growth here a little bit ago and i’m sure you’re all wondering a) where we are and b) why i chose this particular existence.

k, so, the main thing is i just narrowed it down to universes that were exactly the same but vacant of all other tenants. it’s a fresh start and we’re not going to be bugging anybody, which is important if we’re trying to avoid the horrors of colonization. aside from lack of growth and consciousness everything is the same. it was basically a copy/paste job but idk if anyone is going to notice because i wasn’t that sloppy. we’re just in a previously empty version of the last place with a better energy to it. more luck or s/t idk w/e. i even moved all the ghosts and everyone’s gods. i also moved the moon because she’s my girlfriend. not meaning to play favorites lol but yeah. basically, that old place is left to stew in its bad vibes sans our divine radness. good riddance tbh. it’s going to be tight here.

the main reason i chose this place was based on some lucky numbers. i know, silly, but that’s the kind of woman God has chosen me to be so here we are. anyway, idr what the numbers were because whenever i looked at them they moved around a lot and when i looked away i forgot them, but they made me feel fuzzy enough, so that’s how i knew they were rad. idk if they were in a language i know or if they were even numbers (i suck at math, sorry), but they had kind of a number-y vibe so w/e, right? 

like, yeah, so, it’s gonna be tight as hell chilling here with all of you. if anything shifted during the switch i’m sorry, but also not super sorry because accidents happen and i’m pretty sure i would have noticed if i broke anything, that is, i didn’t hear any glass shattering and the news isn’t talking about massive tidal waves. if you have any complaints just let me know, i’ll see what i can do, but i doubt there’ll be any issues that won’t be made up for by the absolute boon of living in this sick, new plane of reality. 

anyway, i hope you all have fun here. things should shake out to be more or less way fucking better in a little bit. i made sure not to screw with anyone’s natal charts or anything, that should mostly be the same, i think. uh, so, yeah, like, main thing here, just be yourselves and have a good time. like, i bet we could have some really neat parties here and i bet your friend’s band could play? that would be so rad lol you’re gonna love it here, i swear. bless bless bless bless bless bless bless 

Okay but

Imagine a secret society of immortals who meet up just to talk shit about the world like

“Ohmygod the mortals think that those markings are some kind of mythical story can u believe it? Its literally just something someone drew out of boredom lol”

“i cant believe they have no idea where atlantis is… remember how fun it used to be there? Just everyone getting along like COME ON GET UR SHIT TOGETHER AND LETS PARTY ATLANTIS STYLE!”

“I wonder when those guys who made the pyramids are coming back… Ill bet never since everyone is fucking terrified of the “curse” so no one turns the signal on.“

“Remember when people used to think the earth was flat? Wait, some still do? Jeez youd think they’d learn this in school, I’ve known it since that guy in Egypt figured it out, whats so hard to understand? Theres literally evidence of it FROM SPACE now”

“Remember when marijuana was legal? Man that was so cool you could say you were immortal to anyone and they wouldnt freak out, today everyone is soo damn tense about supernatural stuff”

Feel free to add more

I had a Voltron Legendary Defender marathon with my friends yesterday! They seemed really hooked on it (I’ve corrupted them, lol).

One of my friends really likes Pidge, and another is a big fan of Coran. They made fun of the lengthy transformation sequence (don’t we all). They also like shipping Shidge, Hunay, Klance, Shallura, Hance, and Sheith (they have some good taste).

We had just started “Greening the Cube” when we had to stop (bummer, “The Blade of Marmora” is my favorite). We’re hoping to pick it up another day.

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Did u hook up with anyone at pride 😛 the amount of shirtless trade this year was... a lot

no i didnt haha we werent really able to go clubbing cause the lines were a mess and sooo long. so me and my mates just bought some good liquor, drank by the beach, and just talked alot haha it was fun though cause i made great friends and got to know people better! but yeah, didnt really have the chance to be flirty with guys or dance haha due to the situation. my friend did catch a number of guys checking me out though while we were walking haha but yeah not all were my type since some looked like bottoms lol according to her but i dont know i wasnt really looking haha

I hate it when things are terribly bad and everybody makes fun of them. Like I always have to think about the people who made them and really tried their best and maybe some of them even did a great job, just the thing failed overall and … it just makes me so incredibly sad. It’s even worse if it’s like an incredibly ugly plush animal … then I feel so bad for the plushy… like I always imagine people walking past it and think “it’s so ugly” and I just want to hug it, even though I also think it’s ugly and rationally know it has no feelings. And that’s how I feel about the emoji movie and I know it’s silly but damn ..*sigh*


I bought a printer last week, so I went ahead and made some prints of gift arts I saved from friends over the years. :”3 There’s just something extra special about having the physical copies in my hands aaaaa;;; Can’t wait to trim them and compile them in an album. ///

Also printed my old falling!akakuro cheebs and stuck them on my doujin shelf for fun, lol. :”D