i just made it to have some fun lol

New Profile Pic

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture (or not). I have been playing with the filters again and really like how it softened my face and made my skin glow. I just wish that I could find some magical makeup that would do the same, lol!

I really love my choker! I have been making most of my jewelry lately and found this metallic rose at the craft store, added a couple of leather cords and wallah! A dear friend has suggested I do a post on some of the jewelry I have made so I may do that in the near future.


I was tagged by the lovely @orange-lightsaber to show some of the art I made in 2016 and…well… when it comes to fandom this is ALL the art I made in 2016 lol It’s hard to find time, unfortunately, so most of the pieces I made were fanfic-centric to my own writing (sorry ;_; I suffer from compulsively having to draw the scenes I can’t shake), along with two general Reylo pieces for fun. 

Fanfic images are for A Proposal by Any Other Name (Leap Year Reylo AU) and A Dance of Titans (canon verse Reylux). Hopefully this year I can just make more general art for fun, though! 

I tag @clefslair @reylotogo @persimonne and any other artists who want to share theirs!


Here’s some long overdo Smurfs fanart. I wasn’t a diehard fan as a kid, but I did like it and watch it often when I was very small and remember it dearly. I’ve always really liked the art style of The Smurfs, and just always found their designs very fun and cool looking. Just super appealing, cute character design. 

Brainy was always my favorite Smurf, even if most of the Smurfs seemed to hate him in the old show, lol. Sure, he was egotistical and snotty, but I found him funny, and I felt his snobby ego was clearly a cover up for the poor dude’s insecurities. He had to hold his intellect above the other Smurfs to gain respect, and to be fair, it wasn’t very hard. Most Smurfs weren’t too bright. There were definitely other Smurfs who deserved more hate than Brainy. Greedy and Vanity for sure.

I also remember having a little crush on Smurfette when I first watched it. I didn’t fully get crushes yet, as I was about 3, but I just liked looking at her, lol. And I’ve always liked her design. She’s just so cute and likable. I feel like her design is just one of those really fun, appealing designs that almost everybody has to love.

But, anyway, I just watched Smurfs: The Lost Village yesterday. While there were some nitpicks here and there and I didn’t think it was amazing, it was surprisingly really cute and well made. I enjoyed it enough. I’d say it’s worth a watch, even if just for the beautiful visuals and animation.


Misha Collins Is in #AlphaMaleMadness  Elite 4

Thank you to each and everyone of you for voting and spreading the word around to help, we couldn’t have made it if just one of you wasn’t there participating, this has been so much fun to spend time together as a little family supporting our favorite actor, especially when we were in a tough situation against a co-star we dearly love as well, and to whom we had no ill will in this poll, it was fair game and had he been the one winning i’m sure most of us misha fans would have supported him in the following round

in the begining we were at 35% then worked hard and some of us didn’t even sleep (me included lol) to get it back to 47 and almost 48, but then suddenly our % was going down in very huge amount in little no time and we were going down again, we felt defeated, almost hopeless, but we never gave up and still did all we could to show misha how appreciated and loved he is, and when E-online started to make their captchas different and more random we were able to see our % go up again before yesterday, and we haven’t stopped voting ever since, i personally still can’t believe we reached this number, but we did it, it took last minute efforts but we all did it and i’m proud of us ♥ 

this is just a battle the fight isn’t over yet so stay tuned for the next voting spree probably later today and let’s keep this love and support spirit on till the end ♥

how i picked our new reality

so i just decided to move all consciousness and organic growth here a little bit ago and i’m sure you’re all wondering a) where we are and b) why i chose this particular existence.

k, so, the main thing is i just narrowed it down to universes that were exactly the same but vacant of all other tenants. it’s a fresh start and we’re not going to be bugging anybody, which is important if we’re trying to avoid the horrors of colonization. aside from lack of growth and consciousness everything is the same. it was basically a copy/paste job but idk if anyone is going to notice because i wasn’t that sloppy. we’re just in a previously empty version of the last place with a better energy to it. more luck or s/t idk w/e. i even moved all the ghosts and everyone’s gods. i also moved the moon because she’s my girlfriend. not meaning to play favorites lol but yeah. basically, that old place is left to stew in its bad vibes sans our divine radness. good riddance tbh. it’s going to be tight here.

the main reason i chose this place was based on some lucky numbers. i know, silly, but that’s the kind of woman God has chosen me to be so here we are. anyway, idr what the numbers were because whenever i looked at them they moved around a lot and when i looked away i forgot them, but they made me feel fuzzy enough, so that’s how i knew they were rad. idk if they were in a language i know or if they were even numbers (i suck at math, sorry), but they had kind of a number-y vibe so w/e, right? 

like, yeah, so, it’s gonna be tight as hell chilling here with all of you. if anything shifted during the switch i’m sorry, but also not super sorry because accidents happen and i’m pretty sure i would have noticed if i broke anything, that is, i didn’t hear any glass shattering and the news isn’t talking about massive tidal waves. if you have any complaints just let me know, i’ll see what i can do, but i doubt there’ll be any issues that won’t be made up for by the absolute boon of living in this sick, new plane of reality. 

anyway, i hope you all have fun here. things should shake out to be more or less way fucking better in a little bit. i made sure not to screw with anyone’s natal charts or anything, that should mostly be the same, i think. uh, so, yeah, like, main thing here, just be yourselves and have a good time. like, i bet we could have some really neat parties here and i bet your friend’s band could play? that would be so rad lol you’re gonna love it here, i swear. bless bless bless bless bless bless bless 

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You can literally see it’s HL having fun together in the MV bc they really made the couple mirrors HL traits. I mean, Harry: green, taller, long hair, fonding more, fedora, & Louis: Blue, shorter, cold, hoodie, more playful, snapback & these 2 randomly met 1 night & just clicked like, come on now... too many coincidence.. It might look normal to other people, but it’s not that subtle to the fans who put the pieces together, even if they’re just using some illusion, we knew what was going on lol.

exactly. it’s such a louis thing to do so he can tell his and harry’s love story…. and i think that’s beautiful


I finally made some successful butter slime!! (I think lol) it feels lighter and more rubbery than I expected, but it’s still super soft and fun to mess with! I took two videos: this one, and one spreading it with a knife! (When I post the other one I’ll link it here ^^)

(Feel free to delete the caption for aesthetics)

What was your first time lifting like?

Ok before I get into this, i want all of you lovelies to comment your story because you’re all so amazing and entertaining. ah, i dont like getting soppy but all the anti lifters who despise us have no idea how amazing this community is.

So the first time I lifted was last year in May. I knew nothing about tags, that bar codes didn’t set off alarms, absolutely nothing. alright so i remember what made me want to steal was this fantasy i had as a kid (DONT JUDGE ME OK LOL). i always dreamed that id have the superpower to freeze time, and id go to the mall and take all the stuff i wanted then unfreeze time and no one would know. i dont come from a poor family, we’re definitely middle class ( NO IM NOT SOME SPOILED KID WHO JUST LIFTS FOR FUN), but my mom raised my siblings and i on her own, and i hated asking her for things unless needed. i figured i would just start stealing makeup and clothes here & there so she wouldnt have to waste money on my wants. Alright so my girls decide to go the mall, but id already ask for movie money the week before, and my mom had to pay for my dentist appointment and other things so i knew she didnt have much money. however my mother is so sweet and wouldnt let me go to the mall broke, and gave me $30. The night before we go to the mall, i start going over how i was going to get some things. I figured id conceal in the dressing room but i didnt know what to do about the tags. Ok so fast forward. we got to the mall, and of course, only thing i could get was a shirt and pants, or some smaller things. all my friends had enough money to go to p1nK, and i felt like this stuff was just overpriced you know? Now, i didnt know anything about getting off tags, so of course i didnt have any tools so i didnt get any clothes. however there were three headbands I fancied, and i grabbed some clothes, put the headbands in them and went into the dressing room LUCKILY THE GIRL DIDNT COUNT. it was loud in there so i went to work, REMEMBER I DIDNT KNOW THE WHOLE BARCODE THING, so i RIPPED , YES RIPPED GOD I WAS STUPID, the barcodes up and put the headbands in my bra. i put the ripped up pieces of the tags in the pockets of the pants i grabbed and walked out and put the pants back where I got them. NOW THIS WHOLE TIME I WAS WITH FRIENDS WHO DONT/DIDNT lift and i was scared of being judged so i didnt tell them. I LAUGH AT MYSELF NOW BUT I THOUGHT THE HEADBAND ITSELF WOULD SET THE ALARM OFF LMAo. So the whole time, i was scared shitless and we all walked out as a group and when i didnt beep, I FELT THE ULTIMATE RUSH SINCE IT WAS MY FIRST TIME. so that is my first time lifting, and months later i found liftblr :-), now im here.


I bought a printer last week, so I went ahead and made some prints of gift arts I saved from friends over the years. :”3 There’s just something extra special about having the physical copies in my hands aaaaa;;; Can’t wait to trim them and compile them in an album. ///

Also printed my old falling!akakuro cheebs and stuck them on my doujin shelf for fun, lol. :”D

Okay but

Imagine a secret society of immortals who meet up just to talk shit about the world like

“Ohmygod the mortals think that those markings are some kind of mythical story can u believe it? Its literally just something someone drew out of boredom lol”

“i cant believe they have no idea where atlantis is… remember how fun it used to be there? Just everyone getting along like COME ON GET UR SHIT TOGETHER AND LETS PARTY ATLANTIS STYLE!”

“I wonder when those guys who made the pyramids are coming back… Ill bet never since everyone is fucking terrified of the “curse” so no one turns the signal on.“

“Remember when people used to think the earth was flat? Wait, some still do? Jeez youd think they’d learn this in school, I’ve known it since that guy in Egypt figured it out, whats so hard to understand? Theres literally evidence of it FROM SPACE now”

“Remember when marijuana was legal? Man that was so cool you could say you were immortal to anyone and they wouldnt freak out, today everyone is soo damn tense about supernatural stuff”

Feel free to add more

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Could you ever imagine Galathan romanced to someone else? Maybe another OC, (anyone's, doesn't have to be yours) or another character?

Mmm not really, like I did had some fun shippy ideas with characters from the people l talked to. But l already have a strong mindset of Galathan’s romance with Dorian from the very start, so I can’t imagining him being with someone else.

Funny thing though is that my first Galathan playthrough didn’t trigger Dorian’s quest because of the glitch, he had only flirted with Iron Bull once but that was before l made the final decision to romance Dorian instead. So… when the cutscene of seeing Bull in your chamber wanting to bang you, l just froze lol. I ended up deleting him and made a new game after the glitch was fixed. RIP #1Galathan

There was a small possibility Galathan could have ended up with Varric too, but Bioware waved their finger at us ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But overall, l’m super glad how everything turned out in the end.

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what did you dislike about the hobbits movie? this is an honest question, lots of people have dif. opinions and i was curious.

np i feel like i’ve said it a lot and a lotta these points have been made by better ppl but here’s a masterpost i guess. 

  • it relies on super lazy gross-out humour instead of actual tolkien wit.
  • it has transmisogyny sprinkled throughout in scenes(”hilarious” man in dress trope) and kili confusing a elf man for a woman :)) (which is also homophobic af since my identity as gay is made into the butt of a joke! i sure love that!! and gender identity jokes how :)) fresh :)))) )
  • super poorly paced
  • so much CGI that every shot, quote “looks like a painting that got jizzed on by the sun”. But honestly it stings the eyes and is at the level of 300. I’m the hugest WETA workshop fan and collect every statue and prop I can, but every background shot looks awful.
  • A total boy’s club.
  • Boring long-ass action sequences that have no tension because every good guy is not acquintanced with physics.
  • even though Jackson could’ve changed this, as he did change a lot of the dwarves’ roles, he went with the easy route and made Bombur’s entire existence into a fat joke.
  • Little to no development of the dwarves(there, i’m grateful to the fandom ^^)
  • No attempt was made to include anything but white people in the film, furthermore, actresses of colour were even discouraged and not allowed to audition. 
  • Impossible to follow all plot points at first viewing and without context or backstory. If you didn’t watch the extended cuts with Thranduil’s tragic backstory, you’re fucked.
  • Who the Fuck is Fili?
  • Movie didn’t have guts to make romanceable dwarf look classically dwarfish.
  • Azog was the most boring villain in villain history tbh. I wanted some backstory on him??? but no. nothing.
  • all in all most movies are “meh”(though i like them!) but BotFA was a total mess. It looks like PJ made no effort whatsoever? 

Basically that. I really don’t like it. but this is just my opinion feel free to disagree or argue ur case.

Also, it gets a bit on my nerves(because apparently i’m the “no fun allowed” robot lol i’m super pissy) that ppl are like “BAGGINSHIELD IS CANON YA’LL” because it isn’t…. and it makes me sad. it’s at most queerbating. Peter jackson didn’t have the guts to go with it, and it’s not canon representation at all. I guess it makes me bitter bcs i’ll never see myself represented in these big movies but ppl act as if it’s canon still lmao. 

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You play dnd right? Do you have any tips for a beginner? Have a nice day! -JD

i do play but im also a beginner!!! this is my very first campaign and i ended up as the DM cuz i had listened to TAZ so i at least had a basic grasp of how things work lol im not really sure what kind of tips i can give besides have fun! official rules are important to some players (and DMs specifically can be more of a stickler abt them) but i almost never actually think about them, its way more fun to remember that in the end its just a made up game!


hey yall heres some fake texts i made for @undeadpsycho13 ‘s coffeeshop au! this is from the actual dialogue i am sry bc i just am too lazy to write stuff myself so forgive me. anyways yeah here i just made these for fun cuz its easter vacation i have nothing to do im bored

also dont call that number i didnt kno wat to put there so i just put 12345789


i did some older padge (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ ) somethin bout my beautiful baby daughter made me think she might have a sidecut in the future??? or maybe i just rly like sidecuts lol

also i rly rly did try to give her a bg but like……………its fuckin hard man so i threw a plain bg in 

anyway i lov pidge and i hope she and matt get the hug they need in s3

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Oo I love trish so much tbh! Do u have some sorta backstory for her, or a drawing that u made but didn't post ? I just love her design and her personality

ahh so happy you like her! Trish actually belongs to my friend @goblinqueenbluebie​ she uses her more to RP then drawing her, but I draw her all the time people always think shes mine. I always have fun drawing her vintage styled hair * O  *  Here’s a new drawing of her no one understands why she likes this trashy idiot lol?? he gross
 some where in the universe Ruca is puking her brains out

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wait have you been putting captions on every bloofyboy post? I just read the ones on the *shrug emoji* pictures and now I feel like I have to go check every post again bc 'here's the thing brenda' actually made me laugh out loud

not all of them but some of them… and some i added and tumblr deleted them ¬.¬ but yeah if you go back you’ll find some with captions and i probably will put captions on all of them from now on cos it’s fun lol

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Do you have any suggestions for someone who wants to get into journaling like you do but doesn't feel very creative or original? It seems so healing but I feel like I couldn't come up with anything unique.

omg honestly this was me like 3 years ago and i feel u it’s so shitty. the only real thing i’ve done since 2014 to change that is just … i’ve done a lot of art lmao. it’s cliche and annoying but the only way to develop a style is to just keep doing stuff and you’ll work out stuff you like and eventually that’ll become Your Style. use your own handwriting, use colours you like, use words from your own brain etc etc just try and make stuff that you like

copying (for practise obv not just straight up plagiarism lol) is SO good and useful when you don’t have a style yet. i did a lot of copying of other artists work for school stuff and also for childhood fun and it forced me to try stuff i wouldn’t have otherwise tried (watercolours, bright block coloured acrylic paints). also try and find some artists you like bc #inspo from other artists changes everything (i started drawing in pen bc of danny gregory ! basquait made me realise art can be messy ???!!! a wild concept for 18 yr old demii). everything you experience will end up in Your Style so try and keep an open mind 

oh and btw … if u just wanna do it to help you personally rather than Be The Best Artiste In The World remember it doesn’t have to look good !!! like … just writing down a thought in a journal and that being it is GREAT and v. useful !

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hey i dont have have an ao3 account so i cant officially comment but i just wanted to let you know that im really enjoying your halfway house fic and i really look forward to more ! :) (also for some reason the pears thing made me lol, no idea)

you can comment as a guest I’m pretty sure! not that I mind getting an ask at all, just letting you know for future reference

I’m really glad people are enjoying that fic! it’s a lot of fun for me to write and it’s nice to get to throw it out there rather than…having it languishing on my hard drive unread (by anyone other than me). 

I don’t know why I decided that a thing Loki would want after being imprisoned and tortured for years would be “pears” but apparently it is.