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“lo prometido es deuda” we say in my neighborhood, it p much means “what you promise is a debt”. I made a promise to talk about The Emoji Movie once we watched it on streaming, and.. this one is a hard one.

Not because it’s hard to watch itself, while that’s true and I do not recommend wasting any penny watching it, the real trouble with reviewing it is that…

It brings nothing new.

EVERYTHING that happened in the movie It’s something I’ve seen before in other animated movies, the whole plot is a mix-mash of Inside Out and Wreck It Ralph and The Lego Movie, the characters are so bland that I literally don’t know how to describe our main protagonist without saying that he is, welp, the main protagonist.

There’s your classic “alternative girl”, the beta and the annoying comic relief.

None of the jokes made me crack up because none of the jokes had a good phasing or a well though punchline, a lot of them where based on “POP CULTURE REFERENCE LOL XD #YOLO” and others where pretty overused if not incredibly lazy.

The story ain’t better, Gene is just your average kid that no one understands, he has the gimmick that he can make more than one face, and that apparently means he is defective. They have this big machine that “scans them” every time someone in the phone uses an emoji (instead of taking a pic once and staying with it but whatev) and our protagonist fucks it up and has to find a hacker to help him become “normal”.

But ohh no why you wanna be normal if you are SPECIAL and as SPECIAL people is ALWAYS going to love you in the end with no doubt even if they hated you at first for the exactly same problems and the villain is just obsessed with everyone being the same because EVIL, you gotta be yourself and never change and yeah yeah I’ve seen it all before and you all have seen it all before. 

Guess who is the villain, just take a fucking guess, who do u think it is?

I think the worse part is that you can clearly see that at least SOMEONE in the animation or direction department gave the tiniest little shit about the project, theres two scenes that are pretty entertaining to look at because they are pretty well animated, I mean yes of course is Sony they got the money and no afraid of wasting it, but towards the movie you can just… feel that ton of the people working on it is living a hell, is like towards the whole movie they are whispering to you “please safe me I didn’t ended my whole career in CalArts to this”. 

The Just Dance and Spotify parts where the best ones, they are short and theres some incredibly bad jokes in the middle but it had some creativity behind it, guess ya gotta stick with the less worse of the bunch.

Just Dance and Candy Crush felt incredibly unnecessary, have I mentioned that Major Lazer is constantly stuck into the movie? they even play Bubble Butt… sadly they skipped the part where Tyga says “I ate the pussy fast, I’m about to start burpin’.”

The ending is exactly what you would expect, he saves the day everyone is happy he turns into a favorite in town and by the kid he gets the respect he deserved and the girl and yeah… Is it the worse movie I’ve ever seen? nah, Sausage Party still takes that cake, but it’s a pretty close second.

My recommendation? watch it online for free with friends to crack at how bad it is, you can find it updated on PornHub (that ain’t a joke), ah, and don’t make shot games around it, I talk by experience.


ohh my god if you missed the worms livestream here’s a summary:
Bored burgers spam which was then worsened when charlie endorsed it
people begging for slow mode then complaining when it was on
people saying grill every time tiana spoke and asking who she was
later on in the stream when people wanted her to come on the podcast and we had adopted her as our queen and everyone was genuinely being nice to her
everyone hates kaya because he’s a cheater
large majority of the stream was Andrew trying to fix the chat
charlie minimising the game for a solid minute
‘impeach kaya’
Jackson straight up just disappearing at the end
*chat is going fucking mental* charlie: I don’t see anything wrong here
chat was 50% spam 20% complaining 20% edgelords and 10% actual conversation
charlie being mean
the fucking maps included an Alex Jones one, the one with the fucking tongue, cool cat vs ihe and Brendan Fraser island
ray narvaez jr was there and donated $100 at the start
charlie calls tiana 'ti’ which is the cutest shit
charlie’s munching noises when he decided to just ??eat a sandwich ??
trying to keep the bored burgers under control
slow mode slowly being turned off by going from a minute, to 30 seconds, to 15 seconds, to 5 and then being turned off
the overuse of capital letters thing where no one could use more than 4 capital letters in a row
Jackson thinking he had won but then it turned out charlie had actually won and everyone felt upset on his behalf
kaya fucking annihilated everyone and won almost every game
tiana keeping score of who won and the suggestion made to just remove jacksons column all together
andrew screaming 'im talking to FUCKING CHARLIE’
no one beat me up for being from tumblr I guess I was cool enough to be in their ranks
For $1000 dollars charlie would tell the bored burgers joke
I was there for the entire thing and these are the best parts I can come up with feel free to add more

  • Yoongi: Hey Jimin, come listen to this song I made. I wrote the lyrics thinking about you.
  • Jimin: Really? Hyung that's so sweet! *Blushes and puts on the headphones*
  • Yoongi: *Rapping* Coffee table, kids chairs, mini fridges, arm rests, small dog breeds-
  • Jimin: *Takes headphones off* I don't get it you're just listing a bunch of short thin- I hate you.
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Flatmate!au. 4.3 words of everything Park Jimin doesn’t like in bed that you would do right –unlike the girls he brought home.

❝Had there always been a sultry look in his eyes when you’d stretch in the middle of a movie, ravishing the fleeting moment of perfection without you noticing and thought he was sporting a usual, carefree, cheeky grin? Had his dark gaze lingered on your ass a tad too long each time you got up to get some popcorns from the kitchen and stayed on you, undressing you with his eyes until you came back and he had to avert his eyes back to the TV screen as if he’d been engorged in whatever was playing and smiled with innocent enthusiasm at the sugary sweetness you brought as if he didn’t just eye fucked you? Had there been a sinfully silent enjoyment in his ear splitting grin when you’d chastely pressed your body into him, in the need to fit both of you in the screen when you were taking seemingly, friendly innocent selfies? ❞

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Types of people I know (by INTP)

(updated x2)
I’m not so social to know all 16 types. Still some of the types I know don’t entirely match the stereotypes, so I wanted to show that, too.

- nerdy jokes
- writes actually cool poems and posts them everywhere
- sends you selfies with geeky t-shirts
- doesn’t mind listening to you babbling about your problems
- wants to help
- gives you awesome presents you didn’t ask for, somehow knows what you’ll like.

- honestly, I don’t like them much, so it’s not 100% even-handed description
- they have their cool moments and jokes,
- can listen to you but after 2 mins they are bored and check their phones
- selfie queens and kings
- always dating someone/breaking up
- great cooks, really great.
- Mood Changing Championship winners
- try to explain why is something bad/wrong instead of making it better.

- master of nerds and memes and jokes
- will watch their favourite show for the 7th time just to watch it with you
- conspiracy theories 24/7, aliens and shit.
- awkward feelings, often hides even the positive ones.
- faux pas
- builds complicated stuff based on the internet blueprints. It works.
- easily stressed, can run away from responsibilities

- precious buns, must be protected
- overuse stickers on fb messenger (not that I mind)
- stubborn but shy
- remember about you after a long time
- try to help, they actually care about you

(not sure if I typed him well)
- witty jokes or dirty ones 24/7
- center of attention
- breaks rules on daily basis
- made a birthday gift map like in Indiana Jones
- sensitive, has many insecurities
- fast mood changes

- depression is his second name
- sensitive as hell, takes everything seriously
- talented artist (like, WOAH IT’S BEAUTIFUL)
- knowledge is power
- many different hobbies, practice makes perfect.

- actually has a plan for the whole week
- like, seriously, planned dinners and work during specific hours
- sticking to this plan is a different thing, but usually works more or less
- dirty daddy jokes 24/7
- woMAN in womans clothes (lol jk clothes are also manly)
- secretly a nerd, loves airsoft and swords and epic battles, you’d never tell

- cinnamon rolls
- creative and talented perfectionists
- always happy, unless they have a really good reason not to be happy
- walking chaos but somehow manage to make a living
- 10000 ideas a day, some of them actually come to life, most are just impractical/unrealistic tho
- spontaneous social activities, they drag you in by force.
- make friends in 10 seconds (seriously how??)

- born leader, but doesn’t throw orders everywhere
- try their best. Always. Sad when something goes wrong, even when it’s not their fault.
- awesome music taste, they explore different genres
- does everything with 100% accuracy, talented.
- 4chan king

- try to help you using logical arguments,
- understand their feelings and handle them quite well, easily triggered tho
- constructive criticism,
- joke usually by using funny analogies. Or throw puns at you.
- the “start talking about feathered lizards, end with tusken raiders sex” squad
- medically explains how to make a giant cyclop with one surgery and hormones

 (I didn’t check if it’s 100% his type but it suits him best)
- says stuff which is basically translated into “I’m brilliant!”
- Actually is clever, but kinda throws it at you so it triggers many people.
- does research for the sake of it, finds really cool stuff
- finds memes and ridiculously funny youtube videos, sends them to you
- whispers to your ear their conspiracy theories right in the wolf’s den

- perfect perfectionist perfection
- creative descendant of a female dog, (I’m jealous)
- talks in binary, can’t into feelings
- helps everyone with hard school stuff, can be a leader if necessary.
- actually cute and shy, hides it well
- asks me for relationship advice, poor thing

- “It depends”
- remembers tiny lil’ facts from books, doesn’t remember to eat
- can’t into feelings (and actually dates INTJ)
- memes, puns and pure chaos
- “Lol poke it with a stick and see what happens” squad
- has awesome ideas, giving them life is another thing
- Can spend 5 days in a room and go out just because humans have to eat

my dad didnt realise id gone out to see my grandfather and he called me to ask where i was and i tell him where i went and that im bringing back some cake if he wants some and he says “oh i got home and no one was here i thought you might have run off” and sarcastically i go “yeah actually i did the cake was a lie to throw you off”

and i get as far as saying “the cake was a lie” and my whole brain does a 180 degree turn and goes “what the FUCK did you just say”

of course my dad, who hasnt played anything more recent than the original Far Cry, having dismissed Bioschock when i showed it to him because it had “too much of the annoying bloke talking” doesnt understand the accidental reference ive made and wouldnt care anyway because hes sixty and has like, a job and shit

but it was just astonishing to me that in that moment i stumbled into making one of the most fucking overused and beaten to the ground jokes, completely fucking accidentally, and to someone who couldnt appreciate the horrible miracle that happened anyway

this story was pointless thanks for reading


I’m honestly so disgusted with our fandom rn. Ik we have a bad name and there are a lot of people who aren’t shitty. But there is also a majority of us who are shit and ruin everything good and holy so let’s make a pact.

- DO NOT send bts explicit picture and/or videos etc. on Twitter

Why the fuck would they want to see that you know that it makes them uncomfortable all those sexual jokes on their videos make me sick and them sick and they have spoken about it before. Go read smut or some shit and DO NOT PUSH YOUR GAY FANTASIES ON THEM. All this shipping is cute and shit until you guys take it too far and start being rude and inappropriate in the comment section.

-“raping jungkook”

First of all the very idea of rape is so fucking sickening and I get it, not everyone should filter themselves just for others but


. The very fact that you’d do this to someone joke or not especially someone you admire and respect.



-ARMY’s everywhere

Just like I said before, bts is not the center of the universe and ARMY’s have already made a bad name for themselves when they are always talking about bts. It’s okay to fangirl about your favs BUT NOT ON VIDEOS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH BTS. This gets on my nerves because it is so disrespectful to comment on a new groups comeback or something and the whole comment section gets taken over with comments like
“Haha Jimin got no jams XDDDD”
“HAHA ARMY is everywhere we rock!1!1!”(you dont)
“This reminds me of bts~~~”
Honestly stop that shit.

-overused jokes 

Okay. *deep breath* I fucking hate these overused jokes like at kcon jimin made an unhappy face when someone screamed you got no jams at him. ITS NOT FUNNY. STOP COMMENTING THAT EVERYWHERE. Jokes like:

“Jimin got no jams hehe XDD”

“RAPMON is the God of destruction!!!!”

“Jhorse!!!!! hA”

“Jungkook YOURE A CHILD DONT DO THAT LOL *is actually 15*”

“Jungkook hates girls!!”

“Jungkook hates jimin!!!”

There’s so much more but honestly these were barely funny at first and now they’re overused and offensive so knock it off.

ok so my friends made some rlly good poems about the fandom and it clearly expresses everything I said in poem form. 

Disclaimer: if you’re an army guilty of the following, do the world a favor and don’t read :) Also we’re aware that not EVERY army is cancer, but the majority of the fandom is, so enjoy :) 

 CLEARLY, one of the poems is superior but… *cough* you can decide amongst yourselves (btw, thisll be at the end of the rant, George and i just didnt know how to start the rant so we did this instead lmao) 

Disclaimer: if you’re an army guilty of the following, do the world a favor and don’t read :) Also we’re aware that not EVERY army is cancer, but the majority of the fandom is, so enjoy :) 

 Hey army 

Stomp stomp 

At first you were pretty gnarly

 But now all you do is alarm me 

So stop being so swarm-y

 You’re the bad sort of smarmy 

Stomp stomp 

Everyone hates you


 Hello there army, I’ve got a news flash

 Were you really not expecting the immense backlash 

It started with “Hey look at Jungkook, he’s a good dancer” 

And now all I see in youtube comments is pure cancer 

Who knew you preteens could be so brash 

As you lean over and pluck out Namjoon’s eyelash 

Anyone who dares say that bts isn’t the answer 

Your army friends, like dead spirits, conjure; you’re a necromancer 

To anyone who is butthurt you can kiss my *ehem* ash 

Cause regardless of what you think, some armies are complete trash -Alicja (@ikon-lasagna)

 proud of this^ *bows* It’s very rappy

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hmm, yeah. i remember the first time he opened up about it and he said something like Kris was disrespectful, i think. i just lost all respect for him. i think Kai was the only member who didn't speak about it and i have loads of respect for him for keeping quiet. all the other members should have kept quiet until Kris said something. hell, man, they're saying these horrible things about him yet Kris hasn't said anything. :c i would love to speak to you more about this ^u^

Ahhh! Sorry for this late reply but I was wayyy too happy before. I’m going to address why Suho is one of the members I hate. Now, I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I think this also sheds some light on Kris’ situation. And maybe I am incredibly biased? I hope I don’t get much hate but /deep breaths/ here goes! I haven’t been with exo from the start-start, I didn’t really stan them until a few months after debut but I can say I’ve been in the fandom for quite a long time and I like to analyse things so… I feel that as a leader, Suho was quite lacking in 2012, he was almost a non-existent leader of exo-k. I mean nobody really saw him as a leader. Almost everybody was praising Kris’ leadership skills with his ability to speak up for the members, help them answer the harder questions when they were stuck etc.. but almost nobody mentioned Suho’s leadership skills. Now this could be because exo k didn’t really promote much but I still felt that way. There’s this clip I think during Gayo Daejun (watch this) you can see Kris’ leadership in action. He commnicates to the staff, arranged the members in seats, quick and snappy. Suho? not so much…

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I’m sorry. I’m afraid. I’m scared. Most of all, I’m torn apart.

My Chemical Romance.

What can I possibly say about them? They saved me? Of course they did. They kissed my wounds? Let me know it was alright to be different? Yes. They did. But most of all they were THERE. That’s it. That’s all. They were THERE FOR ME. Through thick and thin whether they knew it or not there where THERE. Through all the bullshit and the pain and the stress I’ve endured they’ve always been a shoulder and a savior. They didn’t know it. They don’t even know me but yet they were always the most important people in my lives. It sounds like on overstatement when really it’s quite the opposite. They were, and continue to be home to me. Through all the people who’ve walked in and out of my life, I always thought they would be the ones to stay. They would ALWAYS be there for me. But now… They left me too. They said they’d always be a band as long as we believed in them and now they’ve left. I can’t tell you in words what they mean’t to me. I guess it’s only hitting me now because well… I’ve always had something to hold onto. That being this last song. I hope and prayed and felt. Now that it’s here I realized I am UTTERLY alone. They helped me through so much. Cutting, Heartbreak, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, and just emotions in general and they didn’t even KNOW IT. I get it, everything I’m saying is overused and under appreciated but I seriously thought they’d be a band forever and now I’m clouded and have no where to breathe. My friends don’t get it. They think I fan girl and joke around but don’t actually have any emotional or real attachment at all but that’s not the case. I actually have so much emotion that I have to cover it with jokes and fan girling just to seem like I’m perfectly OK. Well I’m not. I’m a wreck. I’m just a big, terrible mess someone made and no ones cares to clean up. They were at least my floor to be a mess on and now they’re GONE. It’s hard to fathom the fact that they’re no longer a band, and sure I can support them all as individuals which I will but it’s not them anymore. They’re not, and may never be again that silly band from New Jersey. That band that was serious, personal, and completely ridiculous all at once. That band that saved thousand upon thousands of lives. That band that made them. That band that lasted 13 years before finally giving up on me like everyone else in my life has. That band that made me smile in the darkest of time. THAT BAND. THE BAND. They’re no longer that silly band….

My Chemical Romance.

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Just saying, you’re allowed to dislike Clay and Shelli and to make unoriginal drags about them in the tag, but pedophilia is not just some joke you can throw here and there. There have been, still are, and will be more victims of it, whether in the tag or not, who are being made into an overused joke. I can’t emphasize enough on how uncomfortable it makes me when people imply that Shelli is a pedophile, and I can’t be the only one. So please stop comparing Clelli’s relationship to that of a pedophile and their victim, whether you like them or not.