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Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your blog and your gifs are amazing! :) How long does making one of them take?

Thank you so much :) That depends. If it is just one gif such as this

It takes like a 1-2 minutes. Not long at all. BUT if it is a gifset without captions, it takes about 10-15 minutes. If it is a gifset WITH captions, that can take anywhere from 5-35 minutes, It depends. :)

Some sketches I did of the other esper boys; a sort of followup from the Mob one of before. Shou’s kagune design took me a while to figure out jeez.

Basically a Tokyo Ghoul AU of sorts, but instead of psychic powers, it’s their kagune and their unique abilities. My thoughts on their kagune stuff under the cut~

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Question... has anyone else named their Johnny Zest's offspring, Lemon Zest? Because I just did in my game to be a smartass at first but then she aged to a toddler and is blonde like Johnny and she's now my favorite thing lol. (Figured I'd share since your url)

johnny and frankie’s daughter in the first run of my legacy save was named lemon zest and i loved her so much!! i think i posted a picture of her on here somewhere on the down low….. here it is….. a meme queen just like her mother

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Considering the 2nd season of love live sunshine is airing this october. Do you think a movie will follow next year? And possibly end the love live sunshine franchise? Or do you think this time they will be milking as much as they can from sunshine? Just wondering because u's Love live ended after two seasons and an anime from which spanned from 2013-2015.

Hmmm I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a movie, but I’m not super sure how many seasons we’re gonna see. It very much depends on what the plot for season 2 is gonna be and how it ends. But considering that the original Love Live cast was around longer than the anime, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunrise tries to spread Aqours’ story out. 

Idk I might just be biased, but having Aqours around for just two seasons and maybe a movie feels so short? Muse has been around (and is still around) for so long like it would feel so weird for them to move on from Aqours after only a year with them. Like idk I think they deserve a little more time in the spotlight, y’know? I would def expect a third group after Aqours’ time is done, but I rly hope that isn’t anytime soon. 

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Hey, I'm seeing a lot of hate for LA LA land. I really haven't seen it so I'm sort of confused? Did something happen in the movie or something? Sorry if this is really random I just have no idea lol.

I haven’t seen La La Land either, and honestly my opinion has become so biased against it that odds are I wouldn’t enjoy it much as many others have seemed to at this point. Heard it was an amazing movie from all who saw it. Some claim it was life changingly good.

The problem is…there’s nothing truly groundbreaking about this movie in any way, from everything I’ve seen about. It’s just another musical. And musicals are awesome, I love them. But it’s pure fluff that’s been winning and being praised/rewarded over movies that are actually significant and relevant to a lot of marginalized people. On top of that, everyone who works on La La Land keeps praising the studios and people who made it for ‘taking such a risk’. Like seriously? A risk? On a musical?? That’s not a risk. That’s not special. Like I get it was all original work, and that’s awesome, but it shouldn’t be winning over movies like Moonlight or Hidden Figures or Fences. It really shouldn’t and the fact that Emma Stone (not blaming her for winning of course) is winning against people like Ruth Negga (who starred in Loving, another culturally and historically important movie) is upsetting and questionable.

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What kinda markers and pens do u use for ur sketchbook drawings

like. all kinds. USUALLY some japanese brand. like i go to muji/kinokuniya for my pens, but hey even the cheapest shit-ass pens can pull off some good sketches.

tip on what to use in ur sketchbooks: can it write?? it’s perfect. is it running out of ink? great, it’ll have some cool shading effect. is it dead? toss one and get it again if you liked it that much.

anyway i have some recs for some sexy pens

- this one? I think? idk I get mine from the store so idk i’m pretty sure this is the same pen

- this is a hot motherfucker of a brush pen that u can get refills for

- bruh, i wouldn’t be caught dead without a muji pen in my bag they’re not the best but i just, ,love them

- these r also great

- my dude if mono erasers arent the best erasers ive ever used then idk

- prismacolor markers r fun. they bleed through ur pages but if ur cool with that they’re fun for sketchbooks.

ok u have a list glhf.

I’m glad so far no one sees my post as a bad word against P&P like I love them I really really do, they’ve written some amazing stuff. I just would have loved to see everyone give Lin a standing O for being the 13th EGOT winner and 3rd PEGOT winner cause you know they would have. And I’m sure he would have cried and I would have cried and there would be tears all around. So much history could have been made.

#Richonne Party Day 1: Monday- Scene that Made you start shipping them.

So…are ties allowed with this party game because if not, we’re gonna have a problem here. LOL! There are so many moments, so many ‘this is the OTP that I will ride or die for until the wheels come off’ moments between Rick and Michonne, I’m having trouble picking just one to gush over!

All right, all right…if I have to pick a single moment that made me declare them my OTP, I’ve got to say that what really hooked me is “I’m still with you.” 

(5x16 Conquer & if anyone could find & post the clip of this, I’d appreciate it!)

5B Rick Grimes wasn’t worth a pot to piss in. I’m saying that as unrepentant Richonne trash and just in general. 5B Rick was the absolute worst. Fight me on it. I’m ready for you. Cass me outside and square up. Facts are facts. 5B Rick wasn’t shit. Granted, he was suffering from severe PTSD and I’m sure Survivor’s Guilt was a factor too but still, I wanted to take 5B Rick and knock some goddamned sense into him before giving him the biggest hug.

Luckily, we had Michonne to do that. The figurative and literal knocking some sense into him part, not the hugging unfortunately. The hugging is for later on (7x08, FTW!). Anyway, in the aftermath of the worst public temper tantrum I’ve seen outside of a Walmart, after Rick regaining consciousness from Michonne’s cognitive recalibration and finally accepting just how much he had been fucking up lately, we get this potent scene between him and Michonne.

I’m watching Rick just look like he was utterly defeated, sound like he was resigned to his Doom (in this case, his and possibly the whole Group’s Exile from the ASZ) and he just laid it all out there. That’s one of the best things about Rick: once he’s realized that he’s fucked up, he’ll own it and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. 6A-Present Day Rick proves that.

Anyway, back to 5x16 and the Scene. He told Michonne the truth about the Gun Plan. He told why he didn’t involve her. He told her why he did it and the whole time, he was sounding like he was waiting for Michonne to give up on him, to scold him and turn her back on him like Lori did after he dealt with Shane’s ain’t shit, psycho ass in Season 2 but that’s not what happened.

Nah, man. Michonne was certainly hurt for being kept in the dark, definitely disappointed in him for going all the way AWF but giving up on him, spurning him? Nope. She didn’t do that. She didn’t even think of doing that, even when he was still being an idiot after the first time he woke up. She stayed by his side. She stuck up for him with the Alexandrians. She was gentle but firm with him. She forgave him the second he cut the bullshit and she refused to accept the gun he was offering her, not once but twice

“We’ll find a way…and if we don’t? I’m still with you…”

And it’s in that moment, that whole scene (especially the bit at the end when she’s like “don’t be too long” over her shoulder as she’s leaving like his wife to make us all chuckle), that I became complete Richonne trash. How could I not? I mean, for real…

What kind of relationship has people willing to admit so solemnly that they were wrong, especially the dude partner? What kind of relationship has the partner acknowledging the wrong but still wanting to keep trying with them, still wanting to accept them as they were? What was this, I was wondering.  

Is this actually an adult relationship, an adult and realistic relationship about to come into fruition on my television? Is this real? Is Richonne really gonna end up being a thing, a functional and adult thing…thang?

Yes. Yes, it was. Granted, the actual consummation and full acknowledgement of feelings took a bit longer than it should’ve, thanks to a certain bottle blonde Messie plot device in play, but Richonne proved to me then and still proves to me now to be the best relationship on TWD and one of the best on the television, if not the best.

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More Hivewswap theories please, I love them so much

asdkl I had a post in my drafts for a while that said “Hiveswap Theories: “ and it was just blank otherwise, but I do want to put some out there before the game comes out. It’s fun to guess. 

One train of thought of mine is that Joey isn’t gonna make it back, and Jude is going to join her in Alternia, following Dammek back in an attempt to find his sister. Could be a good reason for the beginnings of Mom Lalonde’s troubles, assuming she was babysitting them when they disappeared. 

Second idea is that they successfully swap Joey and Dammek back, and Joey starts Grandpa Harley and Mom Lalonde on their interest in SBURB. This one seems more plausible, and also suggests the very cute idea that Rose met the Harley-Claire siblings at some point without realizing who they were related to. Presumably in this scenario A. Claire has died, explaining her absence with Jade and GH on the island.  

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Just a short note to let you know that this anon thinks you're an awesome person and wishes they had a friend like you. You are everything I want to be and more.

this anon should know i’ve had a really terrible evening and my own parents said some incredibly hurtful things to me and i’m feeling super at a loss right now bc i just spent around a thousand dollars to throw my little sister the best bachelorette weekend i could and still i am not Good Enough bc i don’t wear makeup and i like tee shirts that say “star trek” on them

so this anon should also know that you’ve really sent a lovely message at a time i really needed to hear something good about myself. thank you so much.

Person: why are you crying?
Me: I just love my friends so much??? I don’t deserve them??? They’re so nice to me and I love them all and I don’t understand why they like me but I’m glad they do

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Before when you posted about candle holders, you mentioned them having an arrangement of herbs and things for certain gods and such? That sounds absolutely fantastic and as soon as I'm able, I think I'd like to treat myself to a few. I really love your work!!

Yeah! That’s sort of what I was thinking. I had a person many months ago who wanted me to make for them an altar piece they could dedicate to Loki, and at the time I didn’t have anything big enough to fit the herbs I wanted to use (such as Mullein and the sort), nor anything appropriate, imo, for an altar.

Now I have a medium for something just like that if anyone ever asks for something similar.

Thank you so much!

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Why did you decide to write about the Ottoman Empire? It's something I rarely see but am thrilled to have read about!

Oh man. Why WOULDN’T anyone write about the Ottoman Empire? It was so dynamic and had a massive impact on the world for hundreds of years. It kind of blows my mind how much Western (American) education just skims over it. (Actually it doesn’t blow my mind, because we like to ignore things that aren’t White Judeo-Christian European history.)

Anyway, the idea for And I Darken stemmed from my love of Romania and Romanian history, so when I found out Vlad the Impaler was a contemporary of Mehmed the Conqueror and grew up as a political prisoner in the Ottoman courts (along with his brother who stayed loyal to them!), well, my brain basically lit on fire and stayed smoldering until I finally found the write spark for a story.

HISTORY. So much cooler and weirder and more fascinating than fiction will ever be.