i just loved this so much :3

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Hello, Aimo! I just want to say, I've been a huge fan of your work since you first started drawing for DAO. My canon warden is a Brosca and you were the first person I came across who felt the same way about the dwarva as I do! I'm playing through inquisition for the first time right now and my main inquisitors are a pair of Cadashes who I headcanon as sisters. Every time I think about how much I Love dragon age dwarva I think of your art, and I just wanted to say thank you! Thanks for doing 1/2

My Dragon Age dwarvettes (and a photobombing Pillars of Eternity one) say hi! It’s always heartening to know that dwarf players feel kinship when they see each other in fic and art, so thanks for dropping me a line and letting me know :3

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top 5 ss moments?


5) Yes, the damn anime bc i liked this scene better in the anime for whatever reason. It just??? idk came off more intimate almost??? unpopular opinion since y’all love the manga better but it’s how I feel. This scene was THE scene that confirmed sasusaku was end game.

4) can we just talk about how much this poke means to him and how he bought back that thank you 180 degrees bc im shooketh. Sasuke’s sentimental ass loves bringing shit back.

3) sasuke going to sakura for comfort, sakura deciding she needs to tend to her team mates and pushes her own development. hi yes this is good shit i love ss.


2) he literally winked bye look at her happy lil blush

he was so receptive to her insecurity how fuckin cute they are married already 

1) THE scene that made me ship sasusaku and know it’ll be canon. Her feelings became more than a crush, he was showing how much he cares. Shit man what a couple I was watching ep 33 thinking ‘I think?? I ship this???’



also I was listening to the Shrek soundtrack while making this- so for full affect

Step 1

Step 2

And when it’s in the wash just don’t leave your house

Step 3


Step 4

cause you can totally redo 6 pieces of art that took you 10 weeks to do

Step 5

Like yesterday I was skyping some pals and I got attacked by one; what did I do? you know just backwards roll as far away from my laptop as possible. (Also it happened when I was thinking of more steps so this gif is filmed 15 minutes after the last one because I only came in once I was sure the moth was out)

Step 6


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I just love Keith's vlog so much because even though some people say this is sudden character development it's all visible in his character throughout the series? And it's all part of the reason he's been my favorite character for so long and it feels really good to have it confirmed and I want to cry because maybe now the fandom will understand Keith a bit better and I love him

I saw a post saying that the 3 minute vlog had more character development than 3 whole seasons and rolled my eyes so hard that I got a migraine. How is him finding out his heritage and about his past and becoming the black paladin and facing challenges and becoming a leader not character development???

BUT I DIGRESS!!! because as long as people realize that he is more than the fanon crap headcanons that have been circulating for a year then I don’t care!!!!

Keith is suchH a GOOD and he truly deserves the best and the fact that he’s so multifaceted and knows his flaws,,, bring me a more woke gentle boy,,, u cant. I love him so UFKCINF much

❞ HI PETALS !! I HIT 6K YESTERDAY and I cannot THANK YOU guys enough… You have no idea how much it means to me that y’all follow me and stick with me. You are all the real mvps and I love you to the moon and back !! I will be working on a follow forever and the little song edit tutorial on Saturday, because tomorrow I’ll be visiting London for the day !! Just a little heads up, because I won’t be able to answer any asks tomorrow !! Xoxo

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I don't really have a question, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this Tumblr, your books and answering so many asks. It's really amazing and truly appreciated.

Awwww, thank you so much, nonny!! <3 

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YOUR WARDEN REMINDS ME OF Yennefer's offspring with one of the Hawkes (which is fitting because Amells are Hawke's distant family which just makes Alexys even cooler I want to cry I love her design so much) and also do you have any artist recommedations on Tumblr I might stalk? Basically, if you have any inspirations/artists whose art you like on here? Thank u thank u bye<3

i’m forgetting a lot of peepers but some of them i’ve seen on my dash recently are

@nipuni || @louminx  || @drawingllamas ||  @papabay  || @seagrot || @projectnelm  || @shamianasart  || @me-za-me-ro  || aischeu || @crystalgraziano  || @toiek || @rebelflet  || @revolocities || @moksutinn ||  @rynisyou  || @endrae  || @qissus  || @marceline2174  || @gawki ||  @fishslappping

they all have lovely lovely art, go shower them w/ love

Request: McCree and Reaper w an s/o who is The Biggest Theatre Nerd Ever and won’t ever stop quoting plays and singing along to musicals at like 3 am

I’m listening to the Hamilton mixtape it’s all good lmao -Mod Zen


*Lets be real, he’s not much of a theater person. He’s into old movies, especially loves the aesthetic of old Westerns (surprise)

*So he won’t be singing or quoting along, but he’ll listen. And if you repeat your favorites, he’ll pick up on it.

*He finds it adorable, tbh. McCree loves innocent, passionate people and this is just perfect.

*Get him into theater and he will be a critic. He would probably hate Andrew Lloyd Webber (JUST SAYING)

*Knows every bit of Oklahoma!. Has never been to Oklahoma. He has not seen the musical either. God help him.


*I know there was discourse as to what Reaper’s costume in Masquerade was supposed to be from: im pretty sure he was going for the Red Death from the Poe story, so it’s not a Phantom reference.

*He hates Webber too

*He LOVES theater. It’s one of his soft points: probably before the fall he frequented as many theaters as he could to see any types of plays

*And musicals were, and still are, his favorite.

*Loves West Side Story and Hamilton. Unorthodox ones he can almost relate to…

*If you’re singing, he’ll join you, and he’s GOOD. It’s such a soft moment for Reaper you stop in awe of his voice or if his humanity.

*Everyone at Talon hates you now for the inside jokes you have.

*“This next hit is crucial. Don’t miss it.” “I am not throwing away my shot.” “Reap-” “wE ARE OUTGUNNED”

I’m allowed to be salty okay, don’t try to give me that “we’re proud of them they work hard for us” and they do and I’m incredibly immensely proud of them always and cheer them on so much 

But I have literally dedicated 3 weeks to streaming literally non stop on youtube, Melon and Naver, voted hundereds of times for this and has bought 4 physical albums and on itunes and Melon and I’m just 

disappointed and hurt and sad and upset and mad and ???? I love B.A.P with my entire heart and no matter what I’ll support them but right now I am tired and mad and just D I S A P P O I N T E D  


Tagged by @hajiiwa (<3) to post my lockscreen, my homescreen, last song I listened (nop, it’s not of my phone because I don’t have music on my phone) and my last selfie (I’m not good with them, so I don’t take much, so here’s the one I took a while ago wich I already posted, but whaterever)

And I’ll tag: @my-bokuto-san, @its-love-u-asshole, @jacky-mxo, @anime7otaku7artist7, @iamthefacebehindthemask, @vansuchoy, @shotadork, @addictivities, @pxlspace, @chante-wante, @sad-boy-lance, @gayindisguise, @fandom-musiclife, @just-a-normal-otaku, @dancingtoalethalblade, @kvrotsvki (this and the selfie are super optional of course!)

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/post/165593893524/hey-im-really-loving-your-sl-posts-specifically we signed up to follow you cause we love you're blog it's perfectly fine that you're not posting Sims 3 stuff lately and there is never a person saying that you can only post Sims 3 stuff it's your blog and you can post whatever you like I love both your Sims 3 and SL stuff

omggg okayyy szdfljkhsd i’m just making sure cause i know how awkward it gets when ppl start posting different things. personally i never mind cause same but others may feel differently so i just wanted to point out that i won’t take it personal if anyone decides that they no longer want to follow. but yayy zdkfjs thank you so much again.

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Baby, I love your Blog so much and I care about everything you post. Hell I'd even read your grocery list. I appreciate you and everything ypu do so much.

Oh man why are you so damn nice ? <3 Thank you very much, it’s beyond appreciated…I’m very touched.

Also, here’s my grocery list : 

1. Coffee. 
2. More coffee (just in case). 
3. Coffee (to stash it in a safe place for emergencies). 
4. Souls. 
5. A nice new Ouija board to be able to call my demon friends without any interferences (it’s annoying when I get only a word out of two you know ?). 
6. Notebooks I’ll probably never use. Always more notebooks. 
7. Disgusting decaffeinated coffee (to give to the people who dare to come bother me in MY house).
8. Soul extractor (you can find that in any decent BMM (stands for : “Black Magic Market”), it’s very useful in my line of work). 
9. Baguette. 
10. Cheese to go with the baguette (I mean…I’m French, gotta leave up to those stereotypes you know ?). 
11. There is no eleven. Eleven is in the upside down anyway. Can’t be on my grocery list. 

Chapter 4: Brown Reflection

Finally some things are explained (lol). I’ll never thank enough the lovely and supportive @sfjessii; you keep on betaing this with so much energy, I just want to continue it for you.
This chapter almost killed me though, ugh.

Chapter 1: Black Smoke
Chapter 2: Red Night
Chapter 3: Green Lightning
Chapter 4: Brown Reflection (AO3)

There is a wide pool of his blood on the ground, getting larger and larger by the minute.

He has been sitting in the same position for what feels like hours. He had tried to walk away and put some distance between himself and the docks, and had failed in doing so. He had managed somehow to stumble through a complicated labyrinth of dark alleys and then he had collapsed here, facing the placid lake, watching as the darkness melted away to the light.

He had slid down heavily on the ground, stretching his long legs in front of him, his arms lifeless, resting beside him and his thighs. His back hunching forward, trying not to bother the residual of the arrow still burrowed in his shoulder.

He had been so tired.

Tired and cold.

So he had stopped, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

He had tried to watch the sunrise, with both trepidation and fear. He isn’t used to light anymore; darkness had been his loyal companion for… how long? He doesn’t remember. He only knows his darkness had failed since that fatal meeting. And yesterday night… It just disappeared.

There was no black around him while he struggled to watch the yellow rays kissing the surface of the lake, the dirty streets and the sleepy city.

He couldn’t take it. It was too bright. So he had tried to bask in the brilliance of it, tried to catch some warmth at last.


He was so cold.

He is so cold.

Has he ever been warm before? He doesn’t remember that either.

It’s morning now.

He tries to steal a glance at the sky. He is getting used to the colour. The sun is up, not hot, not warm, just there, luminous, yet surrounded by heavy clouds. He thinks it will rain. There is a soft rustle of wind all around him, where he can still feel it, messing with his black hair and making it fall over his eyes, rustling over his ruined jacket as if playing.

Yes, he can feel it somehow. Even the gentle wind is cold.

He knows he should move.

He had done something stupid, after watching the sun rising. He had tried to convey a portal. Tried to escape. The damned light reminded him of the past; of joyful memories; of people he had cared about; of how he had struggled at first, because he had missed being… here; of sad words about monsters and an archer he should forget.

He had hurt. And he had tried to flee again, like the coward he is.

But his magic is depleted. His darkness has abandoned him.

He had tried and a tiny sparkle had answered. A tiny blue wave, winking at him, mocking him, and disappearing.

He knows it’s over now.

And a sense of peace has descended on his mind.

It’s finally over.

Keep reading

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what does nat's tat on her neck say? i love her so much ;_;;<3

omg plssss sDKFJsdhfkjhsdf i love you back.

but i just changed it actually.. it used to say “ninja” but i replaced it with “bushido” cause i like it better.

Panda rolled his eyes when he see it lol.

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Headcanon : Hobi has a key to Yoongi's studio.


So when Yoongi just throws a key at Hoseok one day (a key that Hoseok very nearly almost drops) he is Very Confused. But when Hoseok asks what it’s for, Yoongi just gives him The Look that says he OBVIOUSLY should know EXACTLY what the key is for (sometimes Hoseok thinks Yoongi does this type of stuff just to fuck with him; other times he knows Yoongi does it to fuck with him) . So for most of the day he tries it on random locks: the small chest in Tae’s room, the random closet in their dorm that no one uses, the door to their manager’s car (probably shouldn’t had tried that last one while said manager was standing right next to him, but oh well) and coming up with nothing. 

But later that night when he goes to ring the bell on Yoongi’s studio door (Hoseok teased Yoongi relentlessly when he got the doorbell installed, but is now looking for one to add on his own studio’s door. He pointedly ignores the smug looks Yoongi shoots him as he scrolls through hardware store websites.) the thought occurs to him. And when the key slides into place and the lock clicks, Hoseok’s heart jumps into his throat. The door swings open to reveal Yoongi standing with his arms crossed. 

“About damn time.”

And then! Hoseok hugs Yoongi long and hard, because he knows what this means, what it means to Yoongi, what he’s trusting Hoseok with. Yoongi’s studio is more than a work space, it is his sanctuary for his thoughts and emotions to flow freely and an environment Yoongi retreats to when he feels stressed or overwhelmed. And by giving Hoseok a key, Yoongi is saying: 

 “I love you. I trust you. With all I have.”

Tl;dr - Yoongi’s studio is Yoonseok’s makeout den Confirmed™


im finally done! i talk to rune when im at work and i love using mysmes emojis when i talk to them and i was like “i should make my own” and they encouraged me so i did this after work and finished mc4 today this was so much fun <3

i forgot to put my watermark on them and im too lazy to but plS dont repost anywhere i dont mind people using them personally just ask me