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The List - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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You punched the button on the elevator and sighed, closing your eyes. It was disastrous date one after another. This guy was sent a message by his ex right when you were having dinner and getting along. He then proceeded to show you the text message of her wanting to try again before running off.

The other one previously was obnoxiously rude. He interrupted the waitress when she was talking about the specials, he interrupted you and straight out said your opinion was wrong when you were talking about movies, at first you thought he was trying to be funny, until you realised he was more serious than ever.

The elevator doors opened and you walked straight into the living room and fell onto the couch with a sigh. Steve shot Wanda a worried look as she moved over to you and rubbed your arm.

“No more dates, I’ve had enough. I’m done” You mumbled into the couch before rolling over to look at the ceiling.

“You say this but then you go on about how you miss the intimacy of a relationship and enjoying their company..” Wanda explained and you covered your eyes with your arm. She was right as always.

“Bad date again?” You heard a deep voice pipe up, you lifted your head to see Bucky in the doorway, sipping coffee from a mug without a care in the world. If anything, he seemed almost smug. You looked at him, his white vest on and his flattering grey sweatpants on. This would be much easier if Bucky Barnes would just love you. 

“You could say that” You mumbled, sitting up and pulling your coat off and your shoes. Wanda shot Bucky a look which brought him to sit next to you. Steve soon excused himself and Wanda put her face in a magazine. 

“C’mon doll, we’ll watch some crap TV and you’ll be over whatever his name is in no time” Bucky rubbed your arm, you dropped your head on his shoulder as he put on animal planet, knowing the puppies were gonna cheer you up. 

It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep with your head on Bucky’s lap, as soon as he started playing with your hair you were a goner.

“Bucky Barnes” Wanda hissed making him snap out of his lovesick trance as he watched you. “Do something.”

“I can’t just do something” Bucky hissed back “I’m not what she’s looking for.”

“What’s that then?” Wanda raised an eyebrow making Bucky groan.

“A man with two actual arms, not previously brainwashed, not previously an assassin. Someone who knows how to have a good time. I haven’t even kissed anyone since the 40s..” Bucky listed off, he realised his jerky movements had woke you temporarily from your slumber. He froze on the spot as you sat up and yawned, rubbing your eyes. You gave them both a small wave before heading to your bedroom.

“Did she hear anything?” Bucky asked panicked.

“No she’s still mostly asleep” Wanda reassured.

The next day you went in the kitchen to grab some breakfast when something really odd happened. Bucky had himself pressed up against Wanda as she bent down to get something. The look of horror crossed his face as he noticed what you walked in on. You felt slightly disheartened, you had only been in love with Bucky since you started, but he never reciprocated your feelings, so who were you to be angry. It did sting you a little that it was Wanda of all people.

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll uh..come back later” You stuttered over your words before making a swift exit, not able to get that image out of your mind.

“Barnes, please get your dick away from me” Wanda cursed picking up the plates she had dropped behind the island. 

“I didn’t mean to, I just went to grab them as you did and now Y/N walked in and..” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair “This is bad.”

“Look it doesn’t matter, she probably didn’t think anything of it.” Wanda reassured sitting down with her food “As I was saying, we are gonna go through your list of things and make you the perfect candidate.”

Wanda frowned as she picked up the piece of paper that Bucky had passed to her, clearly ripped from his journal.

1. Two arms.

“Bucky, Y/N is not superfical, and you know she loves your arm, plus there’s not much we can do about that” Wanda frowned. “Okay what’s next?”

2. Handsome

“Alright, what do you say about getting a haircut Barnes? And a shave?” Wanda asked and Bucky fiddled with his hands before nodding. He really did like Y/N, and even though he had an inkling she liked him back, he wanted to really blow her away.

You walked into the living room, blanket in hand and chocolate in the other. The room was fully free for once, which was strange it never happened. You had been out all day with Natasha, trying to get you set up with one of her friends. After seeing Bucky and Wanda, it kind of gave you the kick up the ass you needed.

You took comfort in the corner of the sofa and put on your favourite film, Dirty Dancing. You eyed Bucky walking into the room and frowned as he sat down next to you. His hair was much shorter, much much shorter. 

“Hey doll, mind if I join?” He asked with a smile as you eyed his hair, and his smooth face.

“No that’s fine, what happened to your hair Buck?” You asked, running your hand through it. You couldn’t lie he looked good, but this wasn’t the Bucky you were used to. Especially considering he was wearing some very strange designer pyjamas as well. 

“Wanda suggested I get it cut, don’t you like it?” He asked worriedly as you gave him a strange look. Your hands now running along his jaw as you inspected either side of his hair.

“It suits you, it looks good. Just not used to it” You said sitting back down. Of course Wanda would suggest he get a haircut. Maybe it was his choice too, you just hoped she wasn’t rushing him into changing himself.  “Those pyjamas are ridiculous though” You teased.

“What?” He said looking down at his blue button up. “I thought this was fashion”

“Since when does James Barnes do fashion?” You giggled. He smirked and tickled you playfully for your comment. You stopped giggling when he pulled the shirt over his head and chucked it to the side. You soon realised how dry your mouth was, and turned back to the film as he relaxed into your side.  You needed to stop oggling your friends boyfriend.

“You’re getting stubbly” Wanda warned Bucky as they sat down in the living room together to go over the next part of his list. It had been a few days and although he appreciated the haircut, he didn’t like being completely clean shaven, he felt naked. Plus you complimented him on how it looked better now.

“I know, it’s fine. I’m uh, I’m not sure if we should practice this part. Feels wrong” Bucky said chewing his lip. 

“It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a friend helping a friend” Wanda shrugged, a lot more comfortable than what Bucky was.

“What if I get it wrong?” Bucky flushed “I really don’t wanna screw this up.”

“I thought you were the ultimate ladies man back in the 40s, you need to get that confidence back. Be cocky, girls love it” Wanda said with a smile before turning to Bucky. She watched him fidget about and sighed before grabbing his face and kissing him hard.

You had ran around the whole kitchen, unable to find your one hoody. It was freezing outside and there was no way you were going anywhere without it. When it seemed like there was no hope, you ran down to Bucky’s room and knocked, he would know where it was. 

After a few minutes when there was no response, you headed back upstairs and into the living room. You stopped dead in your tracks when you watched Wanda and Bucky making out pretty heavy on the couch. You sucked in a breath, they were your friends you had to be happy for them. Bucky’s eyes opened wide when he caught you stood there, trying not to interrupt as you moved around the living room, trying to find your hoody.

“Y/N?” Bucky cleared his throat, pushing Wanda away gently.

“Sorry guys, I’m just trying to find my hoody, I’ll be out in a second” You mentioned, your voice quiet, trying to hide the hurt. Bucky realised Wanda and him had been lying on it and pulled it out from under him. He passed it to you and frowned when he noticed you avoiding his gaze. 

“Thanks, have fun guys” You mumbled before jogging out the room.

Bucky looked to Wanda who shrugged before going back to his list.

“What’s the point in me going through this list if Y/N won’t wanna go on a date with me?” Bucky asked disheartened from the hurt written across your face.

“We’ll set her up like a surprise date. Don’t worry, you guys will have your happy ever after. That kiss Barnes was mighty impressive” Wanda giggled to herself.

“Yeah, thanks” Bucky mumbled, distracted.

You had avoided Bucky and Wanda for the remainder of the week. Bucky had tried to talk to you but when he did, he was giving you sarcastic remarks and acting like a dick. You had no idea what was going on with him. But that didn’t matter, you had a date tonight and you were going to make sure this one actually went smoothly.

You had no idea what this guy looked like or if he was remotely nice. But Natasha pushed that it was meant to be and that he would sweep you off your feet. You opted for a sleek black dress and a little bit of make up, you didn’t want to go all out like you had on the other dates, believing now that you weren’t showing them your true self.

“Table for L/N” You asked the waiter who greeted you. 

“Oh your party is already here, please follow me” He said with a smile. You followed him, nerves hitting you as you smoothed down your dress. Well here goes nothing.

You frowned when you seen Bucky sat at the table, a nice blue shirt and jacket on, his hair pushed back and a smile on his face. He thanked the waiter and took your hand, sitting down with you.

“What’s going on? Is this a prank?” You asked, looking around trying to see if Tony was hiding somewhere.

“No, it’s me, I’m your date.Name is James Buchanan Barnes, it’s lovely to meet you” He offered his hand and you raised an eyebrow at him. He let out a breath and called the waiter over and ordered a bottle of wine.

“Alright I’ll explain what’s going on.” He took your hand, although you were skeptical of why he was here, you couldn’t help but melt at the sight of Bucky Barnes actually attempting to wine and dine you. Something you had wished for for a long time.

“I’ve been head over heels in love with you for sometime doll” He confessed with a small chuckle. “I kept seeing you broken hearted that all these dates were going terribly but I just kept thanking my lucky stars because I wanted to be the one to sweep you off your feet. But I didn’t feel like I was good enough..”

“Bucky, I would have gone on a date with you at anytime, at any place..” You smiled at him softly.

“I know, but I needed it to be perfect. So I made a list of things and Wanda was helping me. I cut my hair and took care of my appearance a bit more, I hadn’t kissed a girl in a very long time so Wanda was helping me, I’m sorry you walked in on that. But I was doing this all for you, I swear..”

“You did all this for me?” You asked and Bucky nodded. “You didn’t need to change a damn thing Bucky, I was in love with you right from the start. Though please don’t kiss Wanda anymore, I don’t think I can stomach that.”

“I know” He laughed out loud, rubbing his head “I was wonderin, if tonight goes well, if you would consider may be going on another date?”

“Hmm” You tapped a finger against your lip with a smile “I’ll do you one better, if tonight goes well, how about you make me your permanent practice partner?”

“That sounds like music to my ears” 

Taste The Sweet (Grayson Smut)

Summary: You’re a Youtuber, hanging around the H&M tent at Coachella. Grayson is your biggest fan.
Word Count: 2,861
Warnings: Fingering.
A/N: Thank you to the anon who sent this idea in! This is all your idea, I’m just writing it out. I didn’t want to post the request because it contains “spoilers” but this imagine is basically what the anon requested. Hope you like this one! (title from Don’t Be So Shy by Imany)

“Turn your head a little to the side…” The photographer gestured with her hand, cocking her head to the left so you smiled and complied. “Perfect. Now smile.”

The flash went off a few times as she snapped her photos, and you tried to stay still and let her do the work but you were feeling too excited. Earlier today you had arrived in Palm Springs, ready to head over to the festival and show off your outfit that you had spent three weeks planning beforehand.

You didn’t know how you had gotten so lucky. One minute you had been uploading your pictures on instagram and it had blown up, gaining over a hundred thousand followers the first few months. By the time you had reached five hundred thousand, you had started up a Youtube channel, and a year later you had gained over two million on your channel and been invited to numerous events. Coachella being one of them.

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Wrong One (Jamilton + Laf)

AN: yet another late fic of questionable value

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @hamilton4starwars @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18 @theoverlordofeverything

Warnings: none? 

Word Count: 1,639

Gilbert came back from his run to find Thomas hunched over a mug of coffee at the kitchen counter. That was an unusual sight on the weekend.
“What are you doing up this early?” Gilbert hopped up onto the counter across from Thomas. “Mom and Dad didn’t give us something to do, did they? Because if they did, you’re doing it.”
“No. Alex wants to hang out all day. Which is probably just him going over his speech for next weekend over, and over, and over,” Thomas grumbled into his cup before taking a sip. His face lit up at the first drop that touched his tongue.
“You’re definitely addicted, dude. You’re too young to be hooked on coffee. You should try running. It really-”
Thomas cut Gilbert off. “Don’t even. To have enough time to go out before school, you have to be up at like four, and there’s no way I’m getting up that early. And this is so much easier. It doesn’t require really any effort.”
“Well, if you want to die any early death, then go ahead,” Gilbert shrugged.
“I’m not going to-” Thomas started, but just decided to let it go. “I need to get changed or I’ll be late.
“Actually, I just thought of something. What if we swap for a day? You don’t want to go anyway,” Gilbert said. He had almost an evil glint in his eye.
“Do you think you could pull it off?” Thomas asked. “I doubt you could even come close to looking as handsome as I do.”
“Tommy, we’re identical twins. I think I can manage,” Gilbert rolled his eyes. “Was that a yes, though? Because I need time to find something of yours that isn’t absolutely hideous if it was.”
Thomas headed back in his chair and watched Gilbert for a while before he answered. “Sure. But if he finds out, I’m throwing you under the bus the second he talks to me about it.”
“He won’t find out. I’m an excellent actor,” Gilbert grinned, fixing an imaginary tie as he hopped off the counter. “‘I’m Tommy and I say shit like ‘y’all’ and ‘y’ain’t’ even though we only spend a few months out of the year in Virginia, which isn’t even that southern.’”
“Yeah, okay, Frenchy. Go get changed. Alex is a bitch about wasting time,” Thomas was mumbling into his cup again.
Gilbert tousled his brother’s hair as he ran past him on his way to his room. He seemed way too excited to Thomas. Maybe this was an awful idea.
“Oh well,” Thomas mumbled to himself and got up to pour another cup of coffee. It was too early for this shit. When he turned back around, Gilbert was there in a tasteful vest and tie and his hair was down from its usual bun.
“What do you think?” he asked Thomas and spun around. “Do I pass?”
“Yeah, I think so, dude,” Thomas nodded, clearly impressed.
Gilbert nodded, grinning like an idiot. “I should go then. Enjoy your day as me.”
Thomas rolled his eyes and watched his brother leave. He kind of really regretted this decision, but he knew it was too late.
A little while later, Gilbert arrived at Alexander’s house. He didn’t prepare himself at all before he strutted on up to the front door, knocking loudly despite the clearly visible doorbell. There was no response for the longest time, so he went to knock again. Just before his hand hit the door, it opened, revealing Alexander. His hair was up in an unusually neat ponytail and he was wearing a sweater vest with a bowtie. He was almost never this put together.
“Hey,” he looked down. Gilbert could see that he was blushing.
“You look really nice,” Gilbert said, hesitating before adding, “Sugar.”
Was that something Thomas said? He’d heard their grandma use it. Hopefully, it was something his brother had picked up.
Alex stepped aside and motioned for Gilbert to go in. “Yeah? Martha insists on buying my clothes to make up for lost time or something. I think they’re a little childish, but-”
He froze when Gilbert kissed his cheek on his way in the door. Did Thomas not show his boyfriend any affection ever? What was the deal?
“You okay?” Gilbert shut the door for him.
“Yeah, yeah, of course,” Alex smoothed out his vest, still not looking up at Gilbert. “Do you want to watch a movie?”
“Don’t you have competition to get ready for?” Gilbert asked.
“I had my speech down weeks ago. We don’t have to watch a movie, I was just-” Alex stuttered. Also unusual for him.
Gilbert wrapped his arm around him and started for the living room. “A movie sounds good. Which one were you thinking?”
“Cabaret?” Alex answered, not at all confident with his answer.
“That’s a little gay, don’t you think?” Gilbert fell onto the couch.
“We- we’ve been dating for two and a half years, Thomas,” Alex rubbed his arm. “I didn’t think that you- that you- um- What- what do you want to watch then?”
“Do you have any James Bond movies?” Gilbert shrugged, watching Alex closely, trying to figure out what his deal was. Normally he would have just joked back at something like that. Gay jokes were like ninety-nine percent of their humor.
Alex nodded and went over to the shelves of movies. The movie he was looking for was on a top shelf that he knew he couldn’t reach. He tried jumping for it, which didn’t work at all, and kept struggling for a minute before Gilbert noticed and got up to help him. Gilbert moved right up behind Alex and reached above him to grab the movie, not stretching at all.
“This isn’t fair,” Alex grumbled. He took the movie and practically stomped away. There was the Alex Gilbert knew and love.
“Just think really, really hard and maybe you’ll grow a few inches out of sheer determination,” Gilbert laughed. “But I think you’re perfect just the way you are. Other than your attitude and that you talk too much.”
Alex muttered something unintelligible and went to curl up on the couch once he had gotten the movie set up. Based on that reaction, Gilbert knew that he had said something that Thomas would have been proud of. He did feel a little bad about it, though. He joined Alex on the couch, wrapping his arm back around him. They sat in quiet watching the movie for a while before Alex started inching his hand up Gilbert’s thigh.
“George and Martha are out of town for the weekend, so I was thinking that maybe- maybe we could-” Alex whispered.
Gilbert furrowed his brow and looked down at Alex. “What?”
Alex sat up quickly, kissing Gilbert before he could do anything. He wrapped his arms around Gilbert’s neck and nipped lightly at his lip.
“No, no. Absolutely not,” Gilbert pried Alex off of him. “Nope, nope, nope.”
Alex hugged himself and stared at the floor. “S-sorry- I th-thought that- the other day, it sounded like you- I’m sorry- I’m really sorry- I shouldn’t’ve-” he started crying before he could finish.
“Oh, Alex, no. Please don’t cry. Oh, god, Thomas is going to kill me,” Gilbert reached Alex’s hand.
“W-what? Thomas, what are you talking about?” Alex jerked his hand away. “It’s fine. You don’t have to make excuses. I clearly misread things. It’s my fault.”
“No, Thomas is at home. I’m Gilbert, see?” Gilbert pulled his hair back.
“Please stop. It’s okay. I didn’t think you were that opposed, though,” Alex mumbled.
“Alex, I’ll take you home and you can talk to Thomas yourself,” Gilbert got up and tried to pull Alex up too. “Come on.”
Alex let himself get pulled up, but once he was up, he bolted for his room upstairs. “Just get out! I don’t want to see you anymore!” he screamed.
Gilbert flinched when Alex slammed his door shut. He considered going up to try talking to Alex more, but that seemed like Thomas’s problem, so he decided to leave instead. He got in the car and took every possible detour he could on his way home. Thomas was going to kill him and then tell their parents so that they could bring him back to life so that they could kill him themselves and then their parents would tell the Washingtons so that they could bring him back and kill him one more time. There was no part of him that wanted to go home, but he knew that he had to, so eventually he started on his actual way home.
Once he got home, Gilbert sat in the car for a long time. After about an hour, his phone died and he didn’t have anything to do, so he got out and slipped in the back door. Thomas was curled up on the living room couch with what had to have been his twentieth cup of coffee. There was no way for Gilbert to avoid him on his way to his room, so he took a deep breath and walked into the living room.
“How was it? I expected a text or something,” Thomas turned to face his brother.
“Um-” Gilbert’s voice shot up at least five octaves. “Just remember that I love you very, very much and that Alex overreacts all the time.”
Thomas squinted at Gilbert. “Why would I need to remember that,” he asked slowly.
“Because I may or may not have ruined your relationship with Alex and then just left him home alone a crying mess,” Gilbert blurted and then made a run for it.
Thomas was too dazed to react, so Gilbert made it all the way to his room to lock himself safely away.
“Well fuck,” Thomas said after a bit.

Hero - reid x reader

@amichaelgirl requested: 97 with Spencer Reid

“I don’t need a hero, I need a husband.”

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Working with your husband made your job worse and better at the same time. Worse because it made you worry uncontrollably for Reid’s safety, but better because you understood each other on a whole other level than most couples did. If there was a tough case, you each had someone to talk to who knew what you meant.

Currently, working together was making your job worse. Spencer was too impulsive sometimes. It could be dangerous.

The case you were working took place in a town in the middle of nowhere, meaning that everyone knew everyone and they all wanted to protect each other. There were also endless amounts of barns, farms, and abandoned houses, perfect for an unsub to hold someone hostage, as they were doing right now.

Garcia was digging like she’d never dug before and found a connection between a man with a record that fit the profile, and the newest victim that had been abducted. She also found that the unsub’s father owned a farm that had been abandoned after he passed away. 

The unsub had been left out and bullied as a child, he was abused and neglected. After taking a look inside his past, it was no wonder he turned out troubled.

The team and others were armed outside of the barn that the unsub was in, along with his victim. You were standing next to Spencer with your gun raised towards the large open doors. 

“I can talk him out of it,” Spencer said to Hotch, “I really think I can. He’s holding a gun to the victim’s head and we can’t get a clear shot, just let me try to talk him out of it.” he pleaded. You kept quiet, of course you didn’t want him to go in, but so long as he was armed and wearing his vest, he knew what to do.

However, after Hotch approved of it, Spencer began to take off his vest and put his gun down. “Spence!” you shouted as he ran closer to the madness, refusing to look at you.

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Dangerous Woman- Part 14

A/N: This part was hard to write but I hope I did it justice. We’re getting close to the end. I’m thinking a few more parts but I’m definitely planning a squeal with @livforthegames.

Warnings: Swearing/Violence/Getting Bucky hot and bothered… ;)

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.

Bucky x Reader  

Part 13/Masterlist

Originally posted by rohgers

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Being Pregnant is Tiring (SR)


wonderful! So I would like a one shot in which the reader was Spencer’s wife and is pregnant for 6 months and in a meeting of a case she ends up sleeping because the baby did not let her sleep at night And she gets a little embarrassed and hotch says it’s okay and send her home early with Spencer

Warnings: None (I kinda changed it up a bit sorry!) not edited 

your pov:

Of course being pregnant had its ups and downs. The upside was that Spence and I made a beautiful human being. The downside is I was always tired and the baby was very active throughout the night leaving me miserably exhausted. 

We had a wake up call at five o’clock in the morning. I groaned hearing Spencer’s phone buzz. “Spencer get your phone.” I said pushing his shoulder. He picked up his phone, answering it. “Yeah? Okay, we’ll be there soon.” I heard him say as he got up. “Love we have to go, there is a case.” I sighed trying to sit up. “Here I’ll help.” He said yawning, coming to my side taking my hands and pulling me up. “How do you feel this morning honey?” He asked kissing my temple. “I’m so tired, the little one was very active last night. I haven’t slept a whole night in so long.” I said pouting. “I’m sorry sweetie. It’ll be worth it in the end baby.” He said - pulling on dress pants and a dress shirt with a tie and sweater vest. I nodded and placed a flowy top on with some leggings. “The perks of being pregnant, I get to wear leggings.” I said smiling placing a kiss to his lips. He smiled as he followed me into the bathroom. We both pulled out our toothbrushes and toothpaste. I felt a kick as I put the minty substance in my mouth. “Fuck.” I said placing a hand on my stomach. Spencer spit out his toothpaste looking at me worriedly. “Are you okay?” He asked. I nodded spiting out my toothpaste, swishing water around my mouth. “Little one is just playing.” I said leaning on the vanity, closing my eyes. I felt Spencer’s hands on my stomach, rubbing it softly. “We need to go baby.” He said softly pulling me towards to door. “The bed looks so comfy.” I said whining. He laughed and opened the front door for me. “I know Mrs. Reid, but we need to get to work.” 

“Wheels up in twenty.” Hotch said as soon as we walked through the doors. I groaned and went to my desk grabbing the updated go-bag. “Spencer.” I said looking at him then looking down at my stomach. “It’ll be okay babe. Just relax on the plane and don’t think about the sickness.” He said placing a hand on my back escorting me to the jet.

“Everybody gather around.” Hotch said demandingly. The meeting went on and on making me zone out. I put my hands on my growing stomach. I softly rubbed my stomach feeling the little baby kick inside me. The kickings slowed down letting me relax. I slowly closed my eyes feeling the heavy lids in my tired, dry eyes. My breathing evened out feeling my whole body relax. Finally in a few weeks I got to have a deep sleep. 

“Baby, wake up. We’re almost there.” I felt Spencer’s warm hands on my arm shaking me awake gently. My eyes snapped open feeling a blush creep to my cheeks. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep this is so embarrassing.” I said pushing my face into my hands. “You’re pregnant babe. You have every right to to be tired.” He said kissing my cheek. “Reid, when we land take Y/N to the hotel and stay there. She needs to rest. You can help from the hotel.” Hotch said through is straight face. “No, I can help it’s fine. I’m fine.” “That wasn’t a question.” He said as the plane landed. I looked up at Spencer giving him a guilty frown. “Sweetie it’s okay I can help from the hotel. He’s right you need sleep.” He said taking my hand helping me stand on my swollen feet. “Let’s get you to the hotel.” He said wrapping a hand around my waist. 

“Why don’t you go lay down while I look over the file okay babe?” He questioned me as he set down our bags next to the bed. “Spence, I want to cuddle. So does the baby.” I said hopeful. He smiled and laughed. “Okay Y/N. Just for right now though. I need to help the team out.” I nodded and pulled back the covers excitedly. I crawled into bed and snuggled into the soft pillows. Spencer shimmied down the bed to level with my stomach. “Let mommy get some rest.” He said kissing my stomach. He came back up to my face placing a soft sweet kiss to my lips. His hands traveled around to my back, softly rubbing my back. “Sleep well love.” 

I’m By Her Side

* Burr x Reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: reader is in love with Lafayette but he’s getting married and the reader is just…*suffering.* And then after Laf gets married, Burr realizes something’s off and the reader has to spill. And then she and Burr are in a soft and happy relationship

    A/N: Yet another one I pulled from the depths of request. I used a shit ton of italics in this one. Yeah anyway, there’s some probably wrong French translations. Also, wedding planning is a pain in the ass and no where near as easy as I made it sound. I just shortened it. Trust me, it sucks. Oh, and the suit I’m picturing Lafayette in is the one Daveed wore to the White House. But I hope you all enjoy.

    Word Count: 3,456


    “Mes amies!” Lafayette greeted the group warmly. You looked up at your friend and smiled. His curly hair was pulled back like always. His eyes sparkled happily. His happiness was contagious. He dropped into the seat next to you. “I have great news!” He said.

    “What?” Alexander asked his energetic friend.

    “Adrienne is coming here from France!”

    You all exchanged blank looks. “Who?” You asked.

    Lafayette looked around at your confused faces. “Have I not mentioned mon amour before?” You recoiled, physically recoiled, at his words. Mon amour. My love. He had a girlfriend. “We’ve been engaged for years now.” Correction, he had a fiancé.

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    Come Back For You Part 3

    Part One Part Two

    Warnings: two swear words?

    Daryl’s arms had long since lost the feeling of the heavy weight of the crossbow that sat patiently in his grip. He’d been tracking the deer for a while now. It was barely light, but he couldn’t sleep, and had stumbled upon the fresh tracks of what appeared to be a nice sized doe. And a catch like that was rare if not unheard of in the current state of the world. 

    He’d woken up well before the sun, crushing his pillow in a tight embrace before realizing that it was’t you in his grasp. He was letting himself slip again; days went by when he couldn’t remember what color your eyes were. The other days were worse. He’d wake up expecting you to be there; hunt, thinking you were by his side. Call out your name into the emptiness; try to hold your hand and only grasp at air.
    Today was one of those days.
    He shook his head to clear his thoughts of his long dead fiancee. Recently the doubt of your survival that surrounded his mind had won over the impulsive side that always swore you were there, just over that hill and he’d find you. Truth is, he’d stopped looking for you.
    Times like these, however, were when he really started slipping.
    He breathed out, looking down his crossbow at the doe that stood eating in the clearing. He just had to clear a few trees and his shot would be perfectly lined up with the doe’s beautifully brown eyes.
    Your eyes.
    He quickly shook his head, before carefully making his way closer. It was then that he saw the stag, standing protectively by his mate as she ate the grass beneath them.
    A small smile lit up his face, before he turned around to tell you to look at em’! Just a happy family but you weren’t there.
    He threw down his crossbow, scaring the deer off. They leapt away as he cursed, slamming the palm of is hand into a nearby tree. His left hand soon followed, trying in vain to cause anything to feel the same pain he was feeling then. He wasn’t crying, no, he’d never done that over you. You were strong, and he knew you wouldn’t want him to cry over you. He was saving those tears until he knew without a doubt that you were dead.
    He slid down the trunk of that tree, his back catching painfully on the knotted bark. He placed his head in his hands, mumbling to himself about getting a grip.
    He tuned his head skyward, running a hand through his dirty hair. It was long, now, after not having it cut in a while. You preferred it short, he knew that well. He thought if he’d be the opposite now as he was when you were with him, then maybe… Maybe he’d forget.
    So he tried to. In that moment, he shook his head, retrieved his crossbow, and stood up, straightening his shoulders.
    Rick had lost his wife, too. So he could be a strong as Rick, right?
    The prison was empty. It had people in it, yes, and it was not quiet with the walkers constantly trying to get in, but it was empty.
    Rick was up, his eyes red and his posture hunched over the metal table as he unenthusiastically pushed the scrambled egg on his plate to the side with his fork. Daryl sat down opposite him, roughly slamming his plate down and setting his crossbow down beside it. Rick raised his eyes to glance up at Daryl as he sat down, but didn’t make a sound.
    The two sat silently, the air begging for a conversation but not receiving one as the two men ate their breakfast. Daryl was done first, having actually eaten his food instead of playing with it. As he was standing to leave, Rick broke the silence.
    “Daryl,” he began slowly, “how do you manage?”
    Daryl sat back down hesitantly, confused.
    “Manage what?” He asked.
    Rick looked up at him, then, his eyes glazed over as if he would cry if he hadn’t already done so already so much that he could no longer.
    “How do you manage to live when you’re lost your world?” Rick asked, his eyes diverting back to the suddenly interesting eggs on his plate.
    “Same way everybody does. We all lost everythin’ when the world went to shit.”
    “No. No! How do you cope when the person you love most is dead?”
    Daryl took in a shaky breath.
    “I follow by example. Losin’ my fiancee was th’ same as you losin’ Lori.”
    Rick shook his head, shakily running his hands though his hair.
    “What was her name?” Rick looked at Daryl, who then couldn’t maintain eye contact. He opened his mouth, to say her name, before closing it again.
    “Beautiful name,” Rick said, his eyes dropping back to his plate.
    “Beautiful girl.” Daryl shot back, his voice nearly cracking.
    After a moment, Rick whispered,
    “Do you see her, sometimes?”
    Daryl thought about it.
    “No. Not when I’m awake. I think she’s there, though. Sometimes I find myself calling’ to ‘er, holding’ ‘er.”
    Rick nodded.
    Daryl stood up, slinging his crossbow over his shoulder.
    “You haven’t lost everything, Rick. Neither have I. We still got family.” Daryl gestured around him.
    “You still got us.”
    It had been a few day since his talk with Rick. Neither of them had spoken since, but a sort of tense understanding had fallen into the air around them.
    Daryl was in the watch tower. he didn’t actually have watch duty, since Maggie was opposite him in another tower watching over the grounds. He just didn’t know what to do with himself. He didn’t sleep well that night, dreaming of you. Of how he’d left that day on a hunting trip with Merle. He should never have left your side. He should never have walked out that door. He should have stayed in your warm embrace, smiling agains your lips and pulling you into him.
    He pushed a shaky hand through his hair. You had been on his mind a dangerous amount recently. Maybe it was because of Judith  being around much more. Maybe the thought of family had been surrounding Daryl’s cold heart so much and he’d only ever thought of starting a family with you.
    But he had a job to do, and having a family or seeing his fiancee again wasn’t likely.
    So he stood, crossbow in hand, staring into the sunrise and dreaming of holding your hand.
    It was the middle of the morning when Daryl heard the soft growl of a car approaching. It was Rick’s car, bouncing along the gravel road. Daryl was quick to descend from the watch tower, eager to see what they’d brought back from their trip.
    “Daryl!” Rick called, causing Daryl to feel unnaturally frustrated, for a reason unknown to him. When he heard Rick’s voice, he’d think of the conversation they’d had, and then he’d think of you again.
    “Get Hershel!” Rick called again.
    Daryl sent a haphazard look over at Rick and Glenn before deciding that they weren’t in need of immediate medical attention.
    “Get him yourself!” He called back angrily.
    “I ain’t your slave.”
    “Daryl! We need Hershel now!” There was a new sense of urgency in Rick’s voice, as if he was desperately attempting to get the message through Daryl’s thick skull.
    Daryl rounded the base of the watch tower, his eye catching on Glenn, who was unloading something from the back seats.
    “Why?” Daryl began, “I don’t see why-“
    He was cut off by another figure draped over Glenn’s shoulder.
    He raised his crossbow defensively.
    “Who the fuck is that?”
    You raised your head, your eyes wide at the sound of his voice.
    As soon as your eyes met his, any angry curse that was about to be yelled from his mouth died. His arms faltered, and his crossbow began to droop, before it crashed down into the dirt beside his shoes.
    Your arm dropped from around Glenn’s shoulders. You couldn’t think, couldn’t speak.
    He looked you over. Your hair was shorter than he remembered, cut sloppily and longer on one side that the other. You were covered in dirt and blood and sweat and you were leaning all your weight on one leg but it was you.
    A whisper came from his mouth. It was sharp and short and soft but you heard it carried on the wind like a sweet lullaby.
    Rick looked between you and Daryl, before grabbing Glenn’s arm and pulling him away.
    Daryl started walking towards you. It wasn’t a desperate sprint, nor a sort of magical moment that you’d seen in romance movies. He sort of stalked towards you, not being able to walk entirely straight, at an all too slow pace. When he was a few feet in front of you, he stopped.
    Neither of you said anything. You looked him up and down, and he did the same to you.
    His hair was long, and his eyes screamed of exhaustion, and he was still wearing that goddamned angel winged vest. You smiled, reaching out to touch the worn leather. You remember getting that for him on his birthday, as a sort of joke that you half meant. He’d loved it, unexpectedly.
    And then you were in his arms. Your injured calf couldn’t support your weight so he supported it for you, letting you collapse against him. He held you in a tight embrace, his head nuzzled into your neck and yours into his. He smelled like sweat and blood and dirt but something inherently him and oh god you missed it.
    The two of you sunk down onto the dirt, you half on top of him and half dragging behind into a mess of limbs and leather.
    You could feel him shaking beneath you. Your shoulder was wet; he was finally crying over you.
    “You came back,” he whispered, rocking you back and forth.
    “You came back,” he whispered again, pulling away to look into your eyes.
    You smiled a soft, tired. pained smile.
    With a shaky hand, you pulled a delicate chain from around your neck under your shirt into view. On it, the simple, silver ring he’d given you along with his life swung back and forth slowly.
    “Yeah,” you whispered, “You’ve still got a promise to keep.“

    Lions’ cage

    Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

    Warnings: Bit of angst, bit of fluff, bit of smut.

    Can you do one where the reader is younger than Tony, and he meets her friends and feel insecure cause of his age. But it ends happy and stuff. K. Love your work bye.

    A/N: I am so soryr, I had this request before I left to Brazil and I didn’t write it because I couldn’t come up with anything, but here ya go! Feedback is love, feedback is life <3

    @orangepenguin5 @shelvesandwhelves @john-benderr@muffinz323@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7@that1awkwardfangirl@sammiesamness @shamvictoria11​

    Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

    It was just about night time at the Stark house. Tony was home early for a change, and both of you were getting ready to lay your heads on the pillows and hopefully not die in your sleep because you two had a ton of things to get done. Avenging and running a company were tough but no one else but you could do it better.

    “Babe, I’m going out tomorrow night, wanna come?” you asked from over your shoulder as you brushed your teeth and Tony put on the pants of his pajamas. The night was perfect for only that, and your eyes appreciated it. Scars and everything, the man was a sight.

    “Uhhh…” he hesitated, “I don’t know, maybe the guys at the barbershop quartet–”

    “Come again?” you frowned in confusion. The mere idea of Tony having a barbershop quartet was ridiculous.

    “You know” he shrugged “the team? The avengers? Mightiest heroes on earth?” you nodded, laughing breathily at the old fashioned name for his friends who very coincidentally were 4. Thor was out of town, or, being more specific, out of earth. “Perhaps we’re going out too”

    “Ok, but you know? I’d really appreciate if one day we’d go out with my friends” making an emphasis on the words as you turned off the lights of the bathroom and made your way to the bed.

    You took all the pajamas you kept under the pillow and took off your clothes, eliciting whistles of approval from Tony, who was already inside the covers. He cheered on your nakedness and you decided to leave the fancy and cute baby-doll for another night; his old t-shirt suited you better in his words.

    “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you going out with me, ok?” You hummed sleepily as you were quickly wrapped around a pair of warm and strong arms. He placed a soft kiss on the back of your neck and called it quits for the day.

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    Your Wettest Dream Cum True

    Summary: Everyone knows about your crush on Bucky and they decide to take your relationship into their hands after weeks of making fun of you. It ends in an amazing night with the Winter Soldier and the usual rubbing from the team.

    Author: buckysplums14

    Pairings: Bucky x Reader

    Word Count: 3,318 (sorry, I’m a wordy bitch)

    Warnings: Smut ahead! The usual, oral sex, unprotected sex

    Originally posted by natpekis

    It had only been a few weeks since Steve had brought you to the compound and already the team was ready to lock you and Bucky into a room together. You had met Natasha a little over a month ago at the gym and she’d invited you to train at the Avengers compound with her, the two of you quickly becoming friends. How could you refuse an invitation to meet the Avengers? Never in a million years. You’d shown up and Nat had brought you down to the gym where you’d met Sam (AKA Falcon) and Wanda (AKA Scarlett Witch).

    “It’s such an honor… you guys kick ass!”

    Sam laughed and Wanda blushed.

    “I like her already… you should bring her around more often!” Sam exclaimed.

    You’d sparred with Nat for about an hour when she taught you how to do her famous thigh grip.

    “We need someone you can try it on… hey! Barnes!” she shouted and you looked up from where you were kneeling on the matt.

    There he was. James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky. The Winter Soldier. You were somewhat familiar with his story. He’d been friends with Steve, he was presumed dead in ’44… you’d seen the museum exhibit. He came back as the Winter Soldier, was blamed for the events in Vienna. He’d been frozen, but you’d heard he was an Avenger now, you thought you’d seen it in the news during the Avengers’ last big fight. He sauntered in wearing a t-shirt that was much too tight and gym pants. The way he almost strutted over was tantalizing. He almost seemed to walk in slow motion as you looked him over. Those chiseled pecs and those rippling abs, his beautiful biceps, his strong hands… his long hair was falling in his face as he lifted his metal hand to smooth it back. He was even more attractive in person, which you thought was impossible. You shook yourself back into reality.

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    pining fic rec (21 fics)

    here is a quick little fic rec of some of my favorite fics with pining!! i hope y’all like them, and as always drop by my ask with requests!  💖

    ❉ - means you need an ao3 account to read!

    Searching For The Cure (We Found Us) by itsprobablylarry (30k)

    “So you woke up as a frog,” Louis considers out loud. “What if you’re like that princess that turns into a swan during the day but is a human between sunset and sunrise?”

    Harry just blinks at him, clearly unimpressed.

    (Basically: Louis doesn’t quite know how to handle the fact that his best friend/roommate wakes up as a frog.)

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    Initials - Soulmate AU



    SUMMARY; Bucky’s your soulmate but he’s not down for all that love stuff which pisses the reader off. 

    WARNINGS; Hot making out sesh, yeah lots of kissing, swearing (duh), it gets a little sexual, I think that’s it??

    A/N- I proof-read this like once so ignore any mistakes

    Originally posted by natashamaximova

    What’s a soulmate but someone that’ll just rip out your heart and abandon you. Or in your case, a soulmate that wouldn’t even consider the idea of you two being together even after the universe had aligned the two of you.

    James Barnes was your destined soulmate.

    James Barnes was also an absolute dickhead.


    It took seven years of hard training day in and day out at SHIELD as a possible candidate for the team of Superheroes for Nick Fury to finally call you too his office and say the five magic words “Welcome to the Avengers initiative”.

    Life was damn good for you at this point, with one fatal flaw. Your soulmates initials were yet to appear on your skin. It was a simple factor that happened in practically everyone’s lives, you watched it happen to some of your friends, your mother told you stories of when it happened to her and your father. You make any physical contact with your soulmate and their initials become a permanent mark of your skin, most people refer to it as a tattoo because that’s how it appeared on everyone’s body.


    After moving the last of your boxes full of your things into the Avengers tower you finally got to meet the team properly. Thor was loud and seemed to think that the best way to celebrate your arrival was drinking, to which Tony Stark agreed. Natasha shut them up with a cold but humorous remark then introduced herself to you, she was friendly and you saw yourself growing closer to her. Clint was sat high up on the indoor balcony like a bird and he waved to you from there. Steve Rogers was a gentleman as you presumed, a trait which you greatly welcomed while Bruce was a little quiet and Wanda was instantly talking to you as if you’d known each other forever. All in all you felt welcomed.

    Wanda continued to talk to you and explained that you were yet to meet two more of the Avengers, according to her they were on a mission and set to return later in the evening.

    “Okay” Natasha clasped her hands together as she stood before you and Wanda “Training starts at six, meet you down there, Y/N?”

    “Yeah sure Nat”

    “Cool. Hey Wanda, can you help me out with dinner?”

    Wanda nodded toward her and they both made their way over to the kitchen. Now stood alone, you decided to spend the free time you had before training relaxing in your new room.

    Time passed fairly quickly in there while you sat reading on your bed, so quickly in fact that Wanda came into your room three hours later and you couldn’t help feel like it’d only been twenty minutes.

    “Training’s soon” She said from your doorway, you tilted your book down too see her better “You have appropriate gym-wear right?”

    You shrugged “I have my Shield uniform”

    “Not good” She stated and started walking into your room, then you noticed the clothes she had in hand “Lucky for you, I have spear sweatpants” She chuckled the folded clothes onto the bed, beside where you were sat then turned to walk out the room but not before giving you a salute “You can thank me later”

    “Thanks wanda!” You called but she was already half way down the hall by that point.

    Putting your book down your eyes went to the clock hung on the wall.


    You should probably make your way down to the gym about now. You stood from your seated position on the bed and held up the clothes wanda left you so you could take a look. They looked like they’d fit, grey joggers and a black vest, that’ll do just fine.

    You slipped them on and filled a water bottle with your on suite bathroom sink then walked contently out of your room. To get to the gym meant you had to pass through the living room where the elevator entrance to this floor of the tower was which meant running into the two Avengers you were yet to meet.

    “Good job today, Sam” Said the long haired man to the one he called Sam.

    “Thanks Buc-” Sam spotted you walking into the living room “What the- Who are you?”

    You paused, looking at the long haired man which at this point you assumed was Bucky. Only when you looked at him his beautiful baby blues were already on you. Assessing you by the looks of it.

    “I’m Y/N”

    You hastily walked over to them both and held out a hand for Sam to shake which he did “You must be Sam Wilson”

    “The one and only” He smiled “You’re the new Avenger right?”


    Sam nodded slightly then cocked his head to the side, in the direction of his team-mate “This is James”

    “Bucky” James corrected, then like you had done before to Sam, Bucky held his hand out.

    As you responded to his greeting you brought your hand out to meet his “Bucky Barnes? I heard about- Ouch! Ah shit!”

    The second your hand connected with Barnes you felt a sharp burning sensation along your right hip, your hand retracted quickly to grip where you felt the burn most.

    Sam took a step back slightly in caution “Guys? What’s happ-”

    “Ouch, ouch, Fuck” Bucky cursed while he held his flesh forearm, clearly also in pain.

    The pain suddenly faded and dissipated into a barely recognisable numb feeling, judging by Bucky’s sudden lack of profanities his pain and fled too.

    You both knew what this meant but you still stood there in silence.

    You lifted the side of your vest to reveal your hip. And there, exactly where the burning hurt was a definite tattoo. It was two italic letters, separated by a full stop. In prominent black ink it read ‘J.B’.

    You couldn’t help then notice that a very similar font had positioned itself on Bucky’s arm. Just below the fold of his forearm. Initials. Your initials.

    Sam cut the silence.

    “Um, I’ll leave you two, I guess-”

    “No” Bucky interrupted “I need to go clean up. Sam, you coming?”

    You wanted to scream at him, yell or shout something along the lines of ‘Well fuck you then, we’re soulmates, you’re meant to kiss me or something, why do you look angry at me?!’

    But you didn’t say anything, just watched Sam awkwardly shuffle away to another room with Bucky pacing quickly behind.

    “Did that just happen?” You breathed to yourself.


    The gym was quiet apart from the sounds of Sam on the treadmill while Steve and Clint sparred on the mats. Natasha held the punching bag with both hands while the boxing gloves were tightly secured on your hands.

    Nat’s head appeared in your eyeline from behind the bag “So he just…left?”

    You threw a hard punch at the bag, it didn’t swing because of Natasha’s firm grip “Yeah, who does that?” You asked her “We’re soulmates!”

    Another punch.

    “Has he spoken to you since?”

    Punch Punch “Nope” You sighed “Have you, um, met yours? Your soulmate”

    Nat smiled, more so to herself then you and let one hand go of the punching bag to hold it up to you. There centred on the back of her had were the letters ‘C.B’.

    “He kissed me and told me that he loved me the moment the tat’s appeared”

    Another punch, this one was more painful “Just like in the movies” You stated in response to Nat’s soulmate story “Why couldn’t Barnes do something like that?”

    “He’s an asshole, afraid of love or something”

    Punch Punch “Damn right he’s an asshole”


    That night you were pretty restless. Both from the stiffness you felt due to the workout with Natasha and the fact that your very own soulmate is reluctant to even hold a conversation with you. You thought back to earlier in the day when you’d left the gym and accidentally ran into Bucky. He was dressed ready for a training.

    “Hi” You said.


    “Are you about to go train?”

    “Yep” He answered plainly.

    “Cool” You retorted just as flatly.


    You shot a sarcastic smile his way “Good”

    “Good” He returned.

    You needed some water, a big glass to cool down how angry his avoidance made you. And maybe a midnight sandwich.

    You pulled the thick blanket from over your body, shuddering slightly when the cold air hit your bare legs. A baggy t-shirt and undies might not have been the best choice of nightwear but still you carried on. Tiptoeing through to the kitchen wasn’t necessary due to the sheer size of the Avengers Tower. It was unlikely that you’d wake anyone up.

    You flicked on the lights in the spotless kitchen which nearly blinded you in the process but you managed to blink away the discomfort of the change of light. Pulling open the fridge you noticed a white bread sandwich laid out on a plate, just sitting there. No one would miss a sandwich, right?

    You shrugged to yourself and pulled it from where it sat and placed it on the counter while you shut the fridge.

    “That’s mine” Came a voice from behind you.

    “Jesus Bucky. You scared the shit out of me” You scolded once recognising the voice. You turned from where you were stood and there sat at the island in the kitchen was a sleepy looking James. His arms were rested on the marble surface, letting you see your own initials clearly on his arm.

    “You plan on eating my sandwich?”

    “Yes” You said confidently “I’m hungry”

    “Well you can’t. It’s mine”

    “Can’t even share a sandwich with your soulmate, huh?” Bucky scoffed at that then exaggeratedly rolled his eyes which only annoyed you further “What Barnes? Why can’t you accept that? At least talk to me, asshole”

    “We are talking”

    “You know what I mean”

    “Well Y/N” He huffed “If it’s love you’re looking for, I can’t give you that. So let’s just leave it”

    Bucky went to stand up and leave but you weren’t having it. You rushed around the island to stand in front of him and block him from taking a step forward “Leave it? Leave the fact that the universe literally destined for us to be together?”

    “Yes Y/N, leave it”

    “James Barnes, I will not just ignore the fact-”

    “Please be quiet”

    God he was infuriating. You harshly poked your finger into his chest, probably hurting you more than it did him “I don’t have to listen to you, my initials are on your fucking arm and you refuse to do anything about it”

    “You want me to do something about it?”

    You sighed loudly then let out an exhausted laugh “Yes you dumbass, talk to me, look at me, do something, anythi-”

    Bucky suddenly pressed his chest against your own so that your lower back collided with the island counter. His hands flew to your waist as he lifted you quickly and dropped you on the surface.

    His mouth was attached to your neck within seconds causing a moan to fall from your lips rather than the rest of the sentence that he interrupted. While stifling your sighs and moans against his shoulder Bucky’s flesh arm wrapped itself tight around your waist pulling your centre closer to his as his cold metal  hand travelled down your bare thigh, cupping just under knee so he could position your leg over his hip.

    “Fuck, Bucky” You groaned while his lips slid against your jaw and kissed their way up to your  lips.

    You cupped the nape of his neck, dragging your fingers though the long hair there and used the grip you had to pull his mouth to yours. The bruising kiss nearly made for fall back onto the counter so you braced yourself with one palm flat on the marble, wrapping your legs tighter around him.

    Then he suddenly pulled away, a little out of breath while you whined quietly in protest. After the best and most sudden kiss of your life your face resembled that of a deer caught in the headlights to which Bucky responded with “What? You said anything


    Requested Anonymously

    Soulmate AU: You get cravings for whatever your soulmate eats.

    When you were a kid, the cravings were a big issue, mostly because you couldn’t figure out what you were craving. This wasn’t an uncommon problem in young children. After all, a little girl from South Africa isn’t likely to recognize the taste of the smoked elk meat that her North American soulmate is eating. But you almost never recognized your cravings. Yes, sometimes you recognized bread, but you could never find the right bread. Sometimes you recognized salad, but you could never find the right mix of greens. It was like your soulmate was eating food from another planet.

    As you got older, it got easier. You got better at ignoring the unstoppable cravings, and at finding close substitutes. More foods in your soulmate’s diet were recognizable to you as the years went on. A sudden and ongoing craving for jelly babies left you terribly pudgy during your tween years, only for the craving to suddenly stop when you hit thirteen.

    It was frustrating, but it was fine. What worried you was how you would sometimes go a whole day without any cravings at all, or sometimes three or four days. You would forget to eat on those days if you weren’t careful. Being a slave to your soulmate’s overwhelming eating habits for your whole life had left you without much of an appetite of your own. You worried that he might have an eating disorder, or that he was living somewhere where there wasn’t always food to be had.

    Other than that worry, it was bearable. You adjusted. You reminded yourself to eat even when he didn’t. You didn’t let yourself be too bothered when you craved foods that didn’t seem to exist on Earth. You lived, you ate, and so you sometimes worried, but for the most part, you did alright.

    But then the bananas happened.

    It just happened every once and awhile at first. Bananas became more common in the diet, and at first, you didn’t mind. At least it was healthy instead of jelly babies.

    It didn’t settle with that, though. You got to the point of craving bananas five, six times a day. Had your soulmate moved to a banana farm? It was getting ridiculous. You had to carry a banana with you every time you left your house.

    And then it got worse.

    You woke up in the middle of the night, craving bananas. And you couldn’t even be sick of them, either. Your soulmate wanted them, and therefore, so did you. But why wasn’t he getting sick of them? It was ridiculous. Could people get sick from too much potassium? Were you going to start turning yellow, like people who ate too many carrots turned orange? Were you going to start getting sick from eating in the middle of the night so often?

    You took appetite suppressants that were made just for soulmate cravings, and they helped, but there was nothing that ramped down the need for bananas.

    All in all… your soulmate was driving you crazy, and you hadn’t even met him yet.

    You saw him in the park.

    Itchy with cravings, you were fishing a banana out of your bag, when you caught sight of a man sitting on a bench.

    Eating a banana.

    Lots of people ate bananas. Lots of them, right at this very moment, were eating bananas and giving their soulmates banana-cravings just like the ones you were getting. But you were looking at one of those people, and you knew that this particular banana-eater was yours.

    You immediate reaction to the discovery was to turn tail and run, forever becoming a lonely, crazy old cat lady, rather than face the man who was going to love you and cherish you forever.

    Who came up with that? you thought, staring at him. He was wearing a leather jacket, and even from as far away as you were, you could tell that he was a big man. Bigger than you, anyway. Broad-shouldered and long-legged. It was intimidating. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to have people drawn to each other like this? We meet and ride off into the sunset, just like that? He’s never met me, but I’m gonna walk up to him and he’s gonna love me and I’m gonna love him, no doubt about it? Just like that, no slow-burn build-up? Whose idea was this?

    The more you thought about it, the less scared you were, although you were still plenty scared. But more than you were scared, you were frustrated. Why?


    You marched across the green field, frustration and fear warring with each other as the invisible bond between you and him dragged you forward. When you reached him, you dropped your open bag to the ground in front of him so that he had a perfect view of a notebook, a cellphone, a pen, and three stupid bananas.

    “You.” It was the only word you could think to say. It was the only word that you could manage to say.

    He blinked (gorgeous, bright blue, expressive, crystal-clear) and tossed his banana into a nearby trashcan without even looking (that shot would’ve made jocks jealous). The biggest grin you had ever seen on anyone crossed his face and he eagerly jumped to his feet. "You!

    He looked and sounded so happy (just to see you, oh wow, that look was just for you, no one had ever looked half so happy to see you, ever) you almost awww’d. But you had a bone to pick.

    "You jerk,” you snapped, stepping closer.

    A fleeting look of incomprehension crossed his face, followed by hurt. His grin faded. “What?”

    “The bananas, mister,” you said, poking him on his jumper-covered vest (purple, you noted against your will, frustratingly pleased with how the color complemented his light tan). "Hardly anything other than bananas for six months because of you!“

    "I…” He squared his shoulders (broad, very broad, strong, good for holding onto when you kiss him, but- gah, no, no kissing, not now), defensive of his taste in fruit. "I like bananas. Bananas are good.“

    Whatever. He could act innocent all he wanted. You weren’t done. "Jelly babies made me fat when I was a little girl.”

    At this, he visibly grimaced (he was older than you expected him to be, but not so much that it was a problem, and the slight creases of age only served to make him look more distinguished). “Oh- ah, yeah, sorry ‘bout tha’.”

    “And what about the rest of it?” you exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air. "All those crazy foods that I could never find! What was all that?“

    He didn’t answer that one. Instead, he fiddled with the edges of his leather jacket, nervously eyeing the toes of his boots. "Aren’t ya… at least a little happy t'see me?”

    All the frustration was snuffed out like a candle, and you were suddenly disappointed with yourself for being so harsh. He wasn’t what you had expected at all, but your soulmate bond told you that he was perfect. And he was perfect, in a strange way.

    “Yes.” His head snapped up at your answer. “Yes, I am very- ah!”

    He had stepped right over your bag and grabbed you, lifting you up into a spin. You laughed, startled, gripping his shoulders for balance as he grinned up at you, even happier than he had been before.

    Oh, you thought, enchanted by blue eyes that made you ignore a big nose and enlarged ears. You could only see the best of him, and the parts that weren’t the best… well, you loved those too. He really was perfect.

    “Very!” you blurted out, trying not to shriek with laughter as your soulmate held you up. “Very happy to see you, I am, I’m sorry!”

    He set you gently on the ground and kissed you without any hesitation, and that was perfect too.

    “But we gotta come up with some sorta compromise on the banana thing!” you blurted out when his lips pulled away from yours, and he laughed.

    Sir - Derek Luh Smut

    “Truth or Dare?” Amanda asked Lucy. “Truth,” she said confidently. “Last person you gave a blowjob to?” I asked. “Ben,” she answered. “Omg I knew it!” Amanda exclaimed. “Always knew something was going on between these two!” She continued. “We are just friends,” Lucy said. “Yes, with benefits!” I added. “Damn right we are!” She confirmed causing us all to laugh.

    “So, Y/N, Truth or Dare?” Lucy asked me. “Dare my lovelies,” I answered and took another shot of tequila. “I’ve got one, I’ve got one!” Amanda exclaimed. “What is it?” I questioned. “Get it on with…” she stated.

    I swear to God if she makes me go out with Nathan again…

    "Mr Luh,” she said and smirked. “Our music teacher?” I laughed. “Yes!” Lucy agreed. “He’s totally hot and not old. Plus, you’ve already said you’d fuck him if you had the chance to! We’re basically giving you a carte blanche so go on!” Amanda said.

    He is definitely sexy. And he’s only like 20 something, 25 tops and I’m 18 so I’m legal. I’m in a boarding school so there is no way my parents would find out about it.

    “Okay!” I said and the girls squealed. "You better not tell anyone though!” I warned them and stood up. “We promise!” Amanda and Lucy said in unision.

    I unzipped the tent and walked out in the cold. I walked past my empty tent and made my way to the teachers’ tents.

    Each tent had the teacher’s initials on the front. “AH, KB, DS,” I was murmuring to myself.

    I kept going until I reached the last tent. The thought that I had to go back and look more carefully annoyed me as I’m already cold. The last tent was the only one that was lit up from the inside indicating that the person inside was still awake.

    As I got closer, the imprint of the initials DL got more clear.

    Bingo! I thought to myself.

    I walked near the tent and kneeled to the level of the zip.

    “Sir?” I whisper-shouted. There was no response. “Mr Luh?” I repeated a little louder.

    Quiet shuffling could be heard from inside. Soon, the zipper was lifted to open up the tent.

    “Are you okay Y/N?” The teacher asked.

    His hair was messy unlike the usual gelled back hairstyle he does. His glasses remained on as usual unlike his shirt which was now off. His abs were clearly defined and different tattoo designs were imprinted all over his body.

    “Y/N?” The teacher repeated as he noticed I’ve dozed off. “I’m really scared and cold,” I said and pouted. Mr Luh raised his eyebrow.

    “What are you scared off?” Mr Luh asked after a couple of seconds. “I heard there is bears in this area. Also, it’s dark and I’ve got no one to share my tent with as there is an odd amount of girls,” I made up an excuse. “Y/N there aren’t any bears and even if there were, the whole camping site is surrounded by a wire fence,” the teacher explained. “Yes, but they can climb over,” I whined. “Y/N just go back to your tent. You’ll be fine,” sir said slightly annoyed. “But I’m cold,” I said. “Put something else on,” he said referring to my vest top that was quite thin. “You spilled your coffee over my sweatshirt earlier sir. It’s still wet,” he grimaced at the memory. “Right,” he said looking around.

    “I cannot find my sweatshirt to give to you for the night,” Mr Luh said after a minute. “Can you not borrow any of your friends’ ones?” He asked. “They are all asleep,” I lied on the spot. The teacher sighed.

    Mr Luh came towards the entrance of the tent and looked around carefully. “Okay, you can sleep here for the night but I advice you not to tell any of your classmates,” the teacher said monotonously. “Of course,” I replied and smirked while looking down.

    I walked in quietly and sat down on the ground. I looked around. The tent itself was quite small so that is good in a way.

    Mr Luh’s iPod and speaker were sitting in the corner, currently off. ‘The Great Gatsby’ was open and left on top of sir’s sleeping bag as he was probably reading it before I came.

    “I love this book,” I said as I pointed towards it. “Really? What’s your favorite part?” Sir asked. “Probably when Gatsby confessed that after all these years, he still loves Daisy,” I said. “It’s just, it’s been years since they’ve last met, she married and had a child, yet he didn’t give up on loving her. Every Saturday he’d throw a party just to impress her and every night he goes to the deck to look at the green light across the bay. After everything that has happened, he’s still truly in love,” I smiled at the thought. Mr Luh was looking at me amused and curious at the same time.

    “What about you?” I asked. The teacher thought for a minute. “Well, I don’t really have a favourite part but I like the idea of the whole book,” he said and I raised an eyebrows confused. “Gatsby’s dream to have Daisy was corrupted but power, money and dishonesty just like The American dream of happiness and individualism. Just like is happening in the real world,” sir explained and I processed the information.

    “Yes, but they did have happiness at some point. After all, Gatsby and Daisy did engage into an affair,” I said. “But were they truly happy? Risking Tom finding out about their affair and not being able to truly show their love for each other. Also, Tom’s dishonesty caused by anger by Daisy’s dishonesty, ended up causing Gatsby’s life and Daisy’s happiness,” Mr Luh argued back.

    “I guess you are right,” I said and looked at my music teacher who was already looking at me.

    “Anyway, we all have to wake up early tomorrow so lights off,” sir commanded. I obeyed and turned the gas lamp off.

    I laid down with my back facing sir’s chest. The tent was quite small so I was pressed against him.

    Mr Luh put the blanket over me as well and accidentally touched my arm. “Jesus Christ, you are freezing,” he exclaimed. “Yeah,” I murmured and subtly pressed my ass against the teacher’s dick.

    Is he wearing anything besides boxers?

    I slowly started wiggling around and moving my butt which was still pressing against Mr Luh’s dick.

    Sir cleared his throat trying to hint for me to stop. I stopped moving for a minute but then started moving my butt in a circular motion. I could feel a bulge starting to form.

    “Y/N please stop moving,” Mr Luh requested calmly. “I’m sorry sir, I’m just trying to get a little more comfortable,” I said and popped my but out so it was pressing even harder against sir’s bulge.

    I kept on moving about for another five minutes and with each one, sir’s bulge was growing harder and harder.

    Surprisingly, Mr Luh put his hand firmly on my hips and held them tight so I can’t move. “Stop. Moving,” sir commanded, now through gritted teeth and I smirked.

    I turned around and moved closer to him. “Why? Are you getting a little uncomfortable?” I smirked. “No, but you are getting too comfortable,” sir hissed.

    I put my hand at the hem of my teacher’s boxers and dragged my hand up his six pack and his chest, drawing random patterns. “A little fun never hurt nobody,” I whispered in Mr Luh’s ear. “But I’m your teacher,” sir whined but pulled me closer anyway. “So what? I’m 18 and I can make decisions for myself,” I whispered in his ear again.

    Before sir could answer, I moved my hand down to his boxers and felt his bulge though them. I could hear Mr Luh choke out a moan. “Fuck,” he murmured under his breath.

    I put my hand in his boxers and started pumping him. “That’s wrong,” my teacher said while moaning. “It’s going to be fine,” I said and sat up so I’m more comfortable. Slowly I leaned towards Mr Luh and looked him in the eyes. He moaned again as I kept on pumping him. My teacher pulled me closer and attached his lips to mine in a heated kiss, each of us fighting for dominance.

    Mr Luh grabbed my leg to put it on the other side of him so I was straddling him. He moved his hands down to my ass and squeezed it. “Shit you are so hot,” sir said.

    I stopped pumping him which resulted into an angry groan by the teacher. I looked him in the eyes and started lifting my vest top without breaking the eye contact. A gulp could be heard from the teacher. My top was completely off when I could hear sir say “You are some badass girl,” amused. One of his hands remained on my ass and the other one travelled to my boobs to play with them.

    Sir stood up and started playing with my left nipple. He was stroking it so gently and I couldn’t help myself but moan. Mr Luh smirked at that and moved closer so he could start sucking on my other nipple. His tongue was making gentle circles around it and then started sucking on it softly. I started moaning louder and louder.

    Suddenly I was flipped over and sir moved. He dragged his fingers slowly from my chin, down to my boobs and massaged them causing more moans from me. Mr Luh kept on moving his fingers down across my body until he reached the hem of my shorts. He brought them down and threw them somewhere in the tent.

    After a few second I could feel my teacher’s fingers press against my entrance through my thong. A loud moan escaped my mouth. “Be quiet, we don’t wanna get caught,” sir commanded me and I nod my head. “You are so fucking wet,” he said and rubbed me against my undies harder. “Just take them off,” I demanded. “I don’t like your attitude young lady,” he said with a smirk. “Please take them off,” I tried again. “Please take them off, who?” He smirked. “Please take them off sir,” I repeated. “Hmm, not yet,” he smirked and I groaned in frustration.

    Sir rubbed circles through my underwear and it was so teasing and hot. He moved his thumb in the shape of the number 8 which helped stimulate my clit. “I thought you couldn’t have gotten any more wet but damn,” sir said and slowly took my thong off.

    The cold air hit against my entrance and caused a quiet groan from me. My teacher leaned closer and attached his lips to my clit. He started sucking harshly on it while flicking it with his tongue. Loud moans were escaping my mouth. “Shit, shit, shit,” I moaned as he started sucking even harder.

    I was so wet I could feel I’m dripping a little. Mr Luh saw that and licked my wetness that was dripping down my thigh until he reached my entrance. “You taste so fucking good,” sir said and leaned in again. He put his tongue in me which caused me to choke out a moan. Sir just kept on making circles with his tongue to taste more of my wetness.

    After a minute I could feel the ball of pleasure forming in the pit of my stomach. “You have to stop or I’ll cum,” I managed to say with a lot of effort.

    “Turn around,” sir commanded and I obeyed. He brought my ass up and made me stand on my knees.

    Sir took his boxers off and I turned around. I finally took a good look at his dick and dayum. It’s gorgeous.

    I want him in me so badly now.

    Mr Luh grabbed his dick and started stroking my entrance up and down painfully slow. I tried pushing myself back so he could finally enter me but he stopped me. “Be patient,” sir commanded and leaned closer to grab my hair.

    After a minute of teasing, he finally slid his dick in me. Both of us moaned at the feeling. His size was just perfect to fill me.

    Sir kept on moving in and out of me while pulling my hair. Moans kept on escaping both of our mouths continuously.

    My teacher let go off my hair and moved his hand down to slap my ass which turned me on even more. “Well look at my hand print on your pretty ass,” sir exclaimed proudly.

    “I wanna go on top,” I moaned out after a couple of minutes. “Hmmm,” sir moaned out and pulled out to lay on the ground.

    I straddled my teacher and lowered myself into him. Sir moaned loudly at the feeling and put his hands on my hips for more support. I started bouncing up and down and sir kept on staring at my boobs as they bounced too.

    Slowly, I started grinding on my teacher slowly which caused him to moan out loudly. “You have to be quiet sir,” I said as I leaned closer and kissed him. He kept on moaning through the kiss but it wasn’t as loud.

    Soon, my teacher started moving his hips up and down in order to make it more pleasurable for both of us. Mr Luh started moaning even more more than before.

    “Y/N.. I’m going to… Im going to cum soon,” Mr Luh managed to say out loud although it caused him a lot of effort. I stood up and my teacher groaned.

    I moved down and grabbed my teacher’s dick and started pumping it. I started sucking on his balls and then I dragged my tongue up to the tip and licked it. Slowly, I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it slightly.

    Sir’s dick was twitching in my mouth. I brought my head up and down a couple of times before I completely put my teacher’s dick in my mouth.

    “Jesus Christ you are so good,” Sir said referring to my deepthroating skills. I took it out and smirked. I pumped my teacher a couple of times before I put him back in my mouth and moved as fast as possible and sucked as hard as possible.

    “Y/N I’m so close,” Mr Luh moaned out. I started sucking even harder and soon sir twitched again. I took him out of my mouth and aimed his dick at my tongue.

    I could feel Sir shooting his cum in my mouth as I kept in pumping him slowly. After, he was done I moved up about to the level of his face and looked him in the eyes as I swallowed. “Jesus Christ, you are so hot,” sir said again.

    Suddenly, I was flipped over and my teacher moved his hands to my entrance. He stuck two fingers in me and curled them up. Mr Luh started pumping me relentlessly and I couldn’t help myself but moan.

    The ball of pleasure formed in the pit of my stomach once again. “I’m going to cum,” I choked out and sir started pumping faster and faster.

    After a minute I couldn’t hold it any longer and let it go. A warm feeling spread across my whole body as I came. Surprisingly, I started squirting which I never knew I could do before.

    “Fuck, why didn’t you tell me you can squirt? That’s so sexy,” sir groaned. “Because I didn’t know I could,” I said still breathing heavily. “What do you mean? You must have done some stuff before?” Sir questioned. “Well, no one has ever made me cum that hard before,” I said still shaky.

    Sir dropped on the ground next to me, both of us exhausted. “I never expected you’d do anything like that. You look so innocent,” sir said. “It’s always the innocent ones that have the most tricks up their sleeves,” I whispered as I rested my hand on Mr Luh’s chest.

    Dare complete.


    Shoutout to @nvdroer for helping me write this. YALL BETTER GO FOLLOW HER COS SHES FUCKING AWESOME.

    Bullet Proof

    Request: Tony x reader where he always keeps on annoying her but she gets badly hurt & he’s super protective & emotional because she’s in a lot of pain & he loves her? - @iknowyouwuvme

    Triggers: Fighting, guns, hospitals

    Word Count: 1700+

    A/N: I kinda went on a tangent and had fun writing this. Sorry if it isn’t what you wanted but I hope you enjoy it!

    @helllaellla @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills @emilypkuzu  @annadier @buckystories @shamvictoria11 @feelmyroarrrr  @totheendofthelinepal  @thelazyorange @creatorofwritings @callingmrsbarnes @whotheeffisbucky @palaiasaurus64  @likochkah  @professional-fandoms @james-bionic-barnes

    Originally posted by luvindowney

    ‘Will you get of off me?!’ You yelled at the large mass of man on your lap

    ‘I don’t believe chairs are supposed to talk’, Tony said with a smirk.

    ‘I’m not a chair, Tony’ you were done with his immaturity and your legs were getting tired. You had no idea how that ironman suit held him up.

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    I needed a recovery fic after yesterday and I can’t even think about Death Note without also feeling like I might cry, so I wrote more incredibly self-inulgent KaiShin.  Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed by how schmoopy this got (and how long, all things considered), but I hope you guys like it.  8)

    Kaito sighed, gazing down at the letter in his hands with dismay.  No scholarship unless he turns 24, has a child, or gets married.  Sitting down at the kitchen table, he runs through his options.  As he has barely turned 21, he can’t conceivably turn 24 in time to get his loans.  He’s not ready to become a father, nor does he know any girl willing to have a kid with him.  And, well, the only girls he knows are his best friend and her girlfriend, so they’re completely out of the question anyway.

    Which left marriage.

    He hummed to himself.  He could legally get married at 21.  That would be the easiest course of action, but the problem was who could he marry?  The girls were out, obviously.  They were dating and he didn’t really want to get in the way of that.  He’d rather spend the night at an aquarium than marry Hakuba.

    Sighing, he pulled out his phone.  He only had one option, so he might as well give it a shot.

    “can u marry me”

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    She Does

    Originally posted by toasttostyles

    There is a bit of smut towards the end, it isn’t anything too descriptive but still something I wanted to do for this. Click on the underlined words for visuals when mentioned. Please read the note at the end if you can xx

    “Baby have you seen my shirt?” Harry questions whilst scampering around the room. “I swear I put it out last night, you remember right?”

    You roll your eyes, “I’m not a hundred percent sure H, our clothes were sort of all over the floor last night.”

    He smirks with a lip bite, watching you apply your mascara. You flush from remembering last night’s actions, hoping for a repeat soon.

    “That’s also true.” He says, stepping towards you. You feel his breath ghost across the nape of your neck as his hands graze your hips. His chin rests on your head, admiring your appearance in the mirror.

    Harry applies a kiss to the spot underneath your ear, inhaling your body wash from the shower earlier.

    “Mm,” He basks in the scent, “you’re wearing my favourite today.”

    “You’re tempting me.” He growls softly, lips pressing against jaw. Your breath hitches as chills run up and down your spine, giving Harry a smug look.

    “So I’ve still got that affect on you?” He raises an eyebrow.

    You say nothing as you lay your head back into his body, practically melting into his touch. You breathe for a moment, enjoying the sensation of your towelled skin around his bare upper body. Harry’s tattoos emanate beauty in the sunlight of his bedroom, making them seem three times more magical than they usually are.

    Just as you turn around to kiss him back, your phone buzzes from the vanity. It’s Lottie, bringing you back into reality.

    Her To You

    Are you almost on your way?! Don’t know if you got the group text but she’s already left and you still have the things for tonight!!

    You gulp while scrolling through the rest of the messages, all being from the rest of the ladies explaining how excited they are for the next twenty four hours.

    Harry is behind you, seeing the texts as well. He frowns for a moment, furrowing his eyebrows. But he pretends he doesn’t see them, turning away to scratch his head.

    “Still don’t know where my shirt is love.” You sigh a bit tiredly, finishing up the touches of your make up.

    “H darling, pick a different shirt. I know you saw the texts you Nosy Nora, we have to go.”

    “But that was the one Gem got me for Christmas! I have to show her I actually like it by wearing it!” He whines, sitting at the edge of the bed.

    You slip on your dress from the bathroom, fumbling with the zipper. Harry comes behind you to help as he already knows from countless times before.

    “Christmas was months ago, I’m sure she doesn’t even remember the shirt. Even if she did, she wouldn’t care right now. Have we got everything packed?” You hurriedly reply, pecking his lips once before getting out to get your heels on.

    He sighs as he puts on another shirt, one you’ve never seen before but nonetheless trademark Harry.

    “Did you buy that?” You stop in the midst of your rushing to examine the print. He smiles, “Online, yes. Glad it fit nicely. Remember the last time I ordered online?”

    You laugh loudly, recalling the moment you walked into the bedroom to see him standing with a very disappointed look, the shirt came in a size that was just a bit too large.

    “Dunno if I can wear this to Ed’s birthday party.” He mumbled as he felt the material.

    “That put you out at least £1300, but I don’t even think it makes a difference to you mister £110 for a white t-shirt.”

    He does not speak of anything in reply, simply chuckling to himself as well.

    “Could you get my phone? I’ve got my hands a bit tied with the other bags.” You’re currently holding an overnight bag and a couple other old shopping bags full of gift goodies.

    Harry hands it to you while his own phone buzzes. He reads it out loud, “Where the hell are you?! We’ve just arrived and you guys aren’t here yet, we need you guys!

    Your eyes bulge out when he finishes the sentence. He clears his throat before looking at you.

    “We should uh.. we should really get going.“ He tells and you nod, “You think so?”


    “I can’t believe you guys are late to my wedding dinner rehearsal.” Gemma scolds the two of you as you walk in.

    “Actually, Harry I can believe but Y/N..” She throws a glare at you. You giggle reluctantly, “Sorry ‘bout that. We had a bit of a wardrobe crisis.”

    She rolls her eyes in fake annoyance, “You two didn’t shag before coming here did you?”

    Harry opens his mouth, “Actually, before-” “NO. No we didn’t.” You cover up, nudging him in the process.

    She eyes you both suspiciously before returning to her normal stature, “I’m just glad you’re both here so we can get started.”

    Gemma’s fiancé, Michel stands to make a toast to everyone for being there, followed by Gemma with similar words. The night goes on happily with the positioning of people in the ceremony, ending with a delicious dinner in a setup table.

    “I still can’t believe she made me one of her bridesmaids, I don’t feel like I’m worthy of that position.” You say to Harry, leaning against his shoulder. He wraps an arm around you as you two watch the bride and groom dance around.

    “She tells me it’s cause I wouldn’t have anyone to walk down the aisle with,” He jokes. “I was talking to her about it, as much as I adore you I didn’t want to pressure her into making you a part of the wedding but she insisted to have you in it.”

    You smile with gratitude, wanting to high five your fourteen-year-old self for achieving the practical blessing of Gemma.

    “She’s told me it’s cause she thinks you’re good for me.” He leans over to kiss your temple. “And I think so as well.”

    “Y/N! Dance with me,” A tipsy Lottie slurs.

    Louis drops his jaw at the sight, “Who gave her more to drink?! I said one glass of champagne and maybe ‘alf a beer and she might be a bit of a lightweight but-”

    You giggle as you stand on your feet, “I think our Irishmen is guilty.”

    Harry watches you dance around with a small smile, taking a sip of his beer before Anne invites him out to the floor.

    “Alright, I think we should get going, yeah? I think Krystal and the rest of the girls are already on their way to the hotel.” Gemma suggests as things get wrapped up.

    “Don’t understand why you guys couldn’t get ready at your own houses.” Harry grumbles, not wanting you to leave him for a night.

    “Really? You want four screaming bridesmaids and one bride to stay at the house the night before a wedding?”

    He ponders for a moment then denies the thought. “Never mind. I’ll just take you tomorrow night.” He kisses the top of your head causing you smile.


    “May I have the rings, please.” The priest beckons to the two ring bearers, Lux and the son of Gemma’s friend. Since Lux is older she holds the box, with the small boy simply holding her other hand.

    Lux waves towards Gemma, who blows her a kiss back. The little girl then returns to her seat next to Harry as she requested from before.

    “Do you, Gemma, take Michel to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?”

    “I do.” She whispers but somehow the whole room can hear the emotion trickle from her voice. Complete joy fills her face.

    “And do you, Michel, take Gemma to be your lawfully wedded wife, to to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?”

    “I do. I always do.” He replies, sliding the ring onto her finger.

    You see Harry sniffle from the other side, wiping a tear away from the corner of his eye. The room is relatively quiet, with several sniffles and tissue blows. Love is definitely in the air for everyone.

    “By power vested in me by the city of London, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

    Michel kisses Gemma with a dip, cheers erupting from the crowd widely. When they pull away Gemma laughs to herself, “I’m married!”

    The wedding ceremony leaves you speechless and quite emotional as you cheer for them once they step out.

    You’re arm and arm with Harry on the side while they walk off to wherever for a bit until they must appear again for the reception.

    “I can’t believe she’s actually married.” Harry says lowly into your ear.

    “Why’s that?”

    “I mean.. she’s my sister. We used to race each other around the fields at home and divide the candy rationally and strategically during Easter and now she’s.. she’s starting a new life with someone else.” He answers stoically, biting part of his lip at the memories.

    You hold an expression of comfort while taking his hand, rubbing the back of it.

    “As long as she’s happy in her new life, there’s always new memories to be made.”

    The ceremony space itself is beautiful — at the Trinity Buoy Canary Wharf. You gasped earlier today when walking in to see it, the beautiful candles and shades all around. The workers keep the heart shaped light in the back of the room as they begin setting up for the reception. The urban feel of the setting screams Gemma.


    “Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?” Harry comments, placing a hand at the small of your back.

    Your cheeks redden but your face is an expression of annoyance, “Only a thousand times, yes darling.”

    Harry had been very adamant in complimenting you today, more than usual. Just from being reunited at the wedding space after no more than twelve hours of being apart, Harry pulled you aside to kiss you passionately and remind you of how splendid you are.

    “Mm, well I can’t let you forget. My girlfriend needs to know how lovely she is.”

    You wear a half smile as you angle your body towards him with a suspicious look.

    “Have you screwed something up? You’re being very kind today, more than you normally are H.”

    He shakes his head, lacing your fingers with his. “Just appreciating you, that’s all.”

    Harry wouldn’t let himself say it, at least not right now. He’s waiting for the perfect moment to say the three words, words he realised he felt strongly about towards you in the midst of the wedding storm.

    After the reception area is set up, guests file in to see the tables set up. You hear oo’s and ahh’s and mentally praise yourself for having helped decide on the decor. (2 and 3)

    “I can’t wait to hear your sing today.” You tease Harry. He widens his eyes in fake surprise, “Right, right. I’m doing that today.”

    “And you’ve only been rehearsing with Ed for nothing.”

    He chuckles to himself , “Yeah, we haven’t been doing anything.”

    “Lovebirds.” Liam begins as he takes his seat at the table. “Did you two try the bacon wrapped figs during the hors d'ouvres? They were smashing.”

    You laugh, “We did, Li.”

    “I think I’m gonna ask the caterer to do my birthday party. Or maybe my dinner for tomorrow night ‘cause that was delicious.” Niall joins in, taking the seat next to Liam.

    “Did she seat all of us together?” You ask, glancing around at the other name cards.

    “Well, no. Not exactly. Might’ve switched some name tags around.” sits Louis who is diagonal to you.

    Your jaw drops before you turn to laugh, “She’s going to kill you after this you know. She spent weeks trying to get people together and apart.”

    He shrugs, looking at Harry. “Hope your Aunt Sandra and some girl named Laura go along.”

    Harry’s eyes bug out hearing the names, “Oh, no.“

    "Well, guess now’s the time for them to fix their problems.” Louis speaks without a care in the world, simply refreshing his drink.

    Gemma and Michel make their big entrance a few minutes later.

    “She looks so stunning in that dress.” You marvelled amongst the round of applauses in the room. Harry nods with his hands clapping together.

    “And so does Michel. He’s looking rather dashing in his suit.”

    He turns so that his eyes are on you, “More dashing than I?”

    You nod, “Just a bit, yes.”

    Harry grimaces jokingly, “I’ll let that one slide since it’s his wedding day.”

    You giggle, playing with a tendril of his hair. It’s a natural thing of yours to do, every time you two are in close proximity your hands either go to his hair or his arms. Sometimes his chest.

    “You look stunning as well today.” He muses. The bridesmaid dress Gemma picked is an exception to some ghastly looking ones you’ve seen in films and other photos.

    A small smile plays off your lips as you match his eyes.

    “Keep smiling, darling. I’d do anything for that smile.” Harry whispers.

    For that moment Harry forgets you two in a crowded room. In the times where your eyes are locked with Harry’s, your skin—any part of your skin touching and your breathing is slowed transports him into a world where it’s just you, him, and happiness all around.

    “Oi,” A voice cuts in, this time it’s Ed Sheeran coming in between.

    “Stop eye-fucking in public you dirty people.” He nags with a wink.

    “Hey!” Harry stands to give him a hug.

    “How’s my favourite ginger God?” You give him a squeeze.

    “Fantastic but slightly hungover as always.”

    Chatter continues for the rest of the evening as dinner rolls along. You find yourself in a trance of the food you’re eating. Beside you Harry is eating happily as well, but more than willing to try your food. You two had gotten different meals.

    He reaches his fork over to take a cut up slice of your fish. You gape, “Better give me a cut of your steak as well.”

    As the night fades away, you find Harry has become quite touchy with you. His body parts always find their way back to you. Sometimes, Harry’s hand would graze the skin of your thigh, fingertips teasing the edges leading into your inner parts. His gaze would be on yours more often than not, with his heart beating just a bit faster at the sight of your smile and sound of your laugh. If you leaned closer to him in any way, his chin would be on your shoulder before you could even open your mouth. But he’s very discreet about these things, with just enough care in his touch so that it would only be for the two of you.

    You shift your body so that you’re in front of him, holding a questionable look on your face.

    “Going somewhere?”

    He does the smolder face, “Right into your heart, baby.”

    You roll your eyes at his words, the cheesy fuck couldn’t be enough.

    Dinner is soon finished with Gemma and her new husband performing their first dance. They fit together in the centre of dance floor, making you tingle at how wonderful they are.

    “I hope that’ll be us someday.” Harry vows, gently saying so in your ear. “With your heart against my chest, lips pressed to my neck.”

    You chortle to yourself, shutting your eyes at the imagine. Though you’ve only been together six months, every moment of your relationship together made all aspects of a future together seem possible.

    Harry thinks that as well. He adores the way you nuzzle your nose in his neck, the way your fingers toy with his ring-clad hands, how you whisper sweet nothings to him when it’s only you two in the world. Sometimes that’s how it feels like, and he loves it that way.

    The first dance finishes but another slow song comes on, with every other couple being invited to dance together.

    “C'mon H,” You tug him along, “I want to do this with you.”

    His hands travel to your waist as though it is natural for them to be there. You arms reach across to his neck, eyes locked with his.

    “So, want to tell me why you’ve been quite handsy today?”

    He bites his lip as his cheeks turn pink, “All this wedding stuff is putting me in a mood.”

    You sway your hips gently as your bodies move in a small circle. Harry presses his lanky body up against yours, shutting his eyes before kissing your forehead.

    “Hm, is it?” You mumble against the sensation of his lips on you.

    “It is. Love is in the air darling.”

    Harry removes himself from the close link of your bodies to spin you around, a grin plastered on his face as you do so.

    “Ah I see, I guess a wedding is all it takes for you to turn into absolute mush.”

    “I might even write a song about it.” He boops your nose.

    “I want to write you a song,” He begins to sing softly, “one as beautiful as you are sweet.”

    Your cheeks burn at the melody, wondering how you got to be so blessed with this man.

    “You’re so handsome Harry.” You whisper, running the palm of your hand across his cheek. “I hope you know that.”

    He smiles, “I don’t, which is why I need you here to remind me.”

    You chortle again at his response, shaking your head slightly.

    “Have I really been clingy today?”

    “Maybe just a bit to some people, but I don’t mind it. We all get into that mood sometimes, so I think it’s better to accept the extra affection rather than shove it away.”

    “I’m sorry if I say I need you,” Harry vocalises, “but I don’t care I’m not scared of love..”

    You giggle, slapping his chest playfully. “Please don’t, that’s enough of quoting your own songs and Ed’s. This is where I’m cutting it off Angel.”

    “Well, I’m sorry if I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with you.” He scoffs but your eyes widen at his words.

    “Did you just say-”

    “I love you.” He says simply, as if the three words are natural to his tongue when said to you.

    You’ve thought of this moment your entire life, the moment when someone you loved would say 'I love you’ and you’d know they truly mean it.

    “I love you Haz,” You affirm, tugging on the end of his curls.

    Harry grins, knowing everything is possible with those three words coming out of your lips to him.

    The rest of the reception goes faster than you can even comprehend. Ed and Harry’s performance was nonetheless spectacular, a song they had both been working on together just for this occasion. The rest of the boys were very supportive on the collab. Cake is cut, speeches are shared to let tears flow and more dances come about. It’s easy for you to say Gemma’s wedding has not only been the best night of her life so far, but yours as well.


    There are no words exchanged between you and Harry as the door is shut behind you. You stand in his bedroom with both your shoes off, leaving you to look up into his eyes.

    He delicately pushes a strand of hair past your ear, admiring the way you look in front of him. This one of his favourite versions of you, your make up faded and hair slightly disheveled, eyes eager for what’s in store between you and him in just a few short moments.

    You bat your eyelashes and bite your lip softly. This is you after a long day practically spent with him, and he can’t find a better view. He doesn’t want to really.

    Small steps are taken towards the bed, with your feet on top of his just as you two were dancing earlier before. It’s just your breathing and his making sounds in the room.

    Your hands find their way to the collar of his dress shirt. It’s already unbuttoned a few down, revealing the brilliantly coloured ink on his collarbones. You brush your fingertips across the birds in a way that’s almost ethereal. The moment is yours with him.

    Harry’s lips are soon on yours, kissing with a ferocious passion that gives tingles inside. There’s fire between your lips and heat radiating off your bodies, he can’t get enough of you.

    “I love you,” He says urgently. Heavy breaths to the sky, his finger tips dance on your thighs, falling deeper into your life.

    "You’re so beautiful.” He continues to share honeyed words. Tugging at the zipper of your dress, it’s off within seconds, leaving you in the lingerie you picked up days earlier.

    You hurriedly rip off the rest of his clothing until it’s just his slacks and boxers left. You two break the kiss to grasp air, not realising you two have not stopped embracing to breathe.

    “I can’t explain how perfect you are Harry.” You say in a quiet voice. You always become a bit shy around him in circumstances like this.

    Harry lays you on the bed, tucking away a few hairs. Things have been intimate between you both before, but it’s different now in this moment. The illumination of his bedside lamp hits your smooth skin differently, the air shared between your lips and his is more friendlier to breathe. It’s being in love.

    Your fingers fumble with the buckle of his belt but you undo it eventually and he pulls his legs out hastily. The bulge underneath sparks wetness to your core.

    He places wet kisses from your neck and back to your lips while grinding his clothed crotch to yours slowly. He’s quite the tease sometimes, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    You tug at the hem of his boxers, signally for Harry to pull them down. He complies, pecking your lips before doing so. A smile makes its way to his mouth as he takes in the sight before him.

    Harry carefully unclips your bra, making sure to lay kisses from the valley of your breasts down to your core. He slips the underwear off and throws it off to the side.

    “Fuck, you’re breathtaking.” You blush as he stands for a moment to roll a condom on.

    After a few more kisses you feel him enter you, slow and amorous. His thrusts are gentle at first and you can feel every inch of him.

    “I love you so much baby.” His voice is dripping with adoration.

    “I love you Harry,” You gasp for air, feeling pleasure all around. He then picks up his speed, moans flying out of both of your mouths.

    Your name amongst other profanities leave Harry’s body. You’re holding hands with him as he moves deeper inside you, every thrust bringing you closer to coming.

    “Angel, open your eyes.” Harry grunts and you don’t even realise they’ve been shut from pleasure. Every time he rolls his hips, it touches your g-spot perfectly. You snap your hips up to meet him, causing more groans to exit his lips.

    “I-I can’t h-hold it.” You choke out words at the brink of euphoria. His lips attach to your sweet spot, telling you to let it go.

    You come with absolute pleasure reigning down, not being able to see Harry’s sweaty figure above you coming seconds after. His plump lips pressed to yours sets him off, chanting your name before coming down.

    He sighs as he flops down next to you, breathing heavily. You cuddle into his side, kissing his chest softly.

    “I love you.” He says finally, as if there is nothing more to be said.

    And there isn’t, under the sweet-tempered light of the wedding, much like the fairy lights around his yard for your first date. He’s just a boy, standing in front of a girl, confessing his love for her, hoping that she feels the same way.

    She does.

    You like that little Notting Hill reference at the end, yeah? ;)

    Thank you to florfermosa for requesting this! Apologies if it’s a bit too cheesy / doesn’t make complete sense in their relationship timing, but at the request it was to be fluffy and say the three words so this is me at an attempt to keep it as true to Harry but still quite daring at the same time. 

    I will be starting school again so bear with me in managing timing! I do have a couple more imagines in mind to write so those should hopefully be out before May. Maya-bay. Fuck that sucked.

    Thank you for reading, please message me if you’d like to talk, I actually want someone to edit my imagines if anyone’s got a good sense for writing and is willing. Feedback also is appreciated darlings.

    Love to you all,

    Iz xx

    Biggest Fear : Luke One Shot

    This was supposed to be part of a Luke series that I had in mind but I clearly suck at those and couldn’t get this idea outta my head so here ya have it. (I imagine Jaiva as Cara Delevingne but you can of course picture her however you like). Hope you enjoy x

    Luke knew it was a bad idea to give her this kind of personal information. Of course she wasn’t asking just for the sake of getting to know each other. Jaiva isn’t that simple. She’s a sneaky, coniving little shit, never even blinking without an underlying purpose, and Luke should’ve seen this coming. 

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