i just loved this scene ok bye


I wonder if Skam’s actors ever rewatch their acting and just feel impressed? Like how could Tarjei or Henrik rewatch a scene and not think they are so good when they act, so real, so impressive, so in it? And I also mean… does Tarjei ever watch a scene and thinks “omg look how cute I am in here and the snapback tho really fits me!! I get when ppl say how can you not fall in love with this lil bean …and wow I’m so small around Henrik? How fucking tall he is ….that lil shit… yes yes I also get when people do screenshots while watching the clips I’m such a cutie” I mean DOESN’T HE THINK HE IS SO CUTE?????? Because he’s so fucking cute and adorable with those lil curls that leak from his snapback and that fluffy wisp when he’s not wearing any hat though… how can they not fall in love with themselves I love them


I just wish you would have consulted with me first!
Well, I didn’t!
I could’ve made calls.
I wanted to take care of it myself.

ok so these 2 episodes of su were really intense and I have posts to make later but let me just point this detail out for a sec

I love how they went like ‘look we’re like every cartoon giving non specifically gendered beings these outfits so your binary view can identify traditional gender roles easily’ and then they go ‘lol nope we’re totally gonna take that view and shatter it into pieces bye’ in just a fraction of a scene


kabby week - day three: favorite quote - “I can’t do this again.”

I know we all understand what she’s saying in this scene, but sometimes I feel like the gravity of it gets overlooked. Everyone always talks about how much Marcus loves Abby, how Marcus has been in love with her for two seasons, but I hear far less about how much Abby loves Marcus. Abby loved Jake, she loved him with her whole heart. And when Abby is about to lose Marcus too, she tells him she loves him. She tells him by saying she feels as much for him as she did for the first man she thought she’d spend her entire life with. She can’t lose the person she loves most in the world (second to Clarke both times, of course) again. She loves him despite his role in Jake’s death, she loves him despite the blood on his hands or the wrong in his past. Abby loves him so much that she can’t bear the thought of losing him. Abby loves Marcus completely and irrevocably, and I’m just very glad she told him.