i just loved this scene ok bye


Aaaaaaand Sherlock would have been just what he is: a fucking awesome genious who can always find a clever solution. Molly’s characyer would have been saved and still acceptable and I want to tell myself this is how that scene went ok? Bye.


I just wish you would have consulted with me first!
Well, I didn’t!
I could’ve made calls.
I wanted to take care of it myself.


NEW VIDEO : it’s about Seth’s redemption and how Dean is a big part of that story, and how it’s their story (and how they love each other ok bye don’t fight me on this)

I recommend you to put on the subtitles to understand all the quotes (if you know the scenes by heart like me no need haha)

So I saw this amazing edit  a while ago and I got inspired to vid Ambrollins and edit Seth’s redemption ark, way before those new amazing scenes. I left my project untouched for a few weeks because I went on holidays and I just got back yesterday and finished it in one go. 

So this is for you @theawkwardfangirlwithavengeance because you inspired me and also because i am quietly stalking your blog and I love your posts ♥ (seriously, I go to your page and @dudeambrose at least 5 times a week, thank you both for keeping alive the ambrollins fandom when nothing happens and entertaining us with your posts)

also I’M OBSESSED WITH THEM. I can’t stop vidding them. They have become my number one OTP in only a few months and they have taken over my life

Last monday night raw was perfect and I can’t wait for tomorrow

One day I will make a funny/cute/romantic video of them but right now the angst/feels are killing me

Back by popular demand

I’m so sorry I said I would have this done by last Saturday night but I was away for the weekend and drove back home to Nyc (then I spent the week babysitting & being distracted re watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show) Anyway! It has been *too* damn long since I’ve watched Call the Midwife and done one of these commentaries™! I’m pretty sure I stopped once I got to the end of my semester/finals week & since I’ve been done for the summer time’s just gotten away from me but - lets watch 4.1 ..

dedicated to all of you ofc but this episode in particular for @beatrix-franklin <3 *cause she asked*

Lets get right to it

  • The credits already seem weird without the color 😂 wow
  • oh hello fresh baby welcome to the outside world
  • Patsy’s smile! omg so cute
  • “Earth is the smallest of magnificent things & the greatest of little ones”
  • Trixie messing up her eyeliner is me af
  • How with the awkward length hair she still is a bombshell? goals
  • the freaking milk man 😂 idk why it’s funny but it is
  • “What name is it?” “Well we thought Nicholas if it was a boy” LOL POOR NERVOUS DAD
  • “IT’S NOW OR NEVERRRR” was this the only time Elvis has played on Ctm?! cause that is Not acceptable
  • I just wanna hear Can’t ! Help ! Falling ! In ! Love ! With ! You ! Is ! That ! Too Much To Ask! ? Like it came out in ‘61
  • “Magic carpet midwifery service” she’s a charmer that beatrix
  • Imagine having a baby in a damn car yikes kill me rather die 
  • she said privacy the ¿American? Way and sounds so much better 😂
  • “Turn that radio down! You wouldn’t want to be reminded of this every time you hear Elvis Presley” 😂😭
  • Her knee in vomit bless u Trix omg, i hate vomit
  • I miss Sister MJ & Sister E’s little arguments 😂😭😭 r i p
  • “Bravo old thing!” AW CHUMMY
  • I miss her sometimes but ah well
  • Remember when Patsy’s hair was so pretty and not a fugly wig
  • I shouldn’t be talking tho bc I *still* don’t have a license
  • I wanna know what it’s like to sit on the other side of the car, someone fly me out to the UK
  • Sister MJ reminiscing.. my heart..gone
  • Lol Babs is on her way omg
  • “It might be unsettling to see friends replaced by strangers but everyone is welcome here and all must be cherished” 😭 we gotta remember this next series
  • Here comes Gilbert (psa I hate the headbands I’m sorry, I hate them on everyone)
  • Aw bby Shelagh
  • Like she had that pram all out 😂
  • The kids making go karts tis lit
  • Babs dropping everything I feel
  • If Sister MJ doesn’t greet you at the door did you really get to Nonnatus?
  • “Put down the bananas, they are superfluous to the situation” ICONIC
  • Shrixie interaction🙌🏻💖 my bbys
  • I need more in series 7 & preferably not work related
  • and yes if you missed it shrixie is officially a thing
  • Ah Gary and Coral breaking my heart
  • “Some months ago Dr Turner and I adopted a baby girl” 😭😭
  • Sister MJ snatching the biscuit is also me
  • DR SPOCK 😂 truly the 60s
  • “Americans are foreign, they do it all different” hey but we used to be British tho
  • And yes we can indeed get evaporated milk here, how would you make flan without it?
  • Ah it’s fine, my mom didn’t breast feed us & well at least my brother is good😂
  • Hey look Shelagh in a cardigan, surpise
  • at least it’s not blue
  • “I read it in the lancet” Alright smart boy. Plot twist if he doesn’t go to med school
  • “We’ve got wet rot and dry rot at home” LMAO BARBARA
  • Now I wonder whose handwriting that note is
  • “Well I’m allowing it” that’s my gal trixie
  • Chin chin 😉🥂
  • I wanna drink with the nurses, I wanna be their friends : concept, the nurses party with me at penn state and we fight nasty frat boyz and steal their disgustingly warm beer
  • The silk pyjamas👏🏼 I need
  • Pats and Trixie dancing ✨ I miss & will continue to miss their friendship
  • it’s ok, we’ve all been there :)
  • “Good giddy aunt!” My new catchphrase
  • Barbara’s truly white girl wasted
  • Trixie asking Fred for a milk basket💔
  • “This love will lasttt” strictly bops on ctm
  • lol Barbara is less clumsy now at least, character growth😂 :’)
  • “Putting on a brave face - I know what it feels like” oh trix I feel bby💔😭
  • I feel like sister E would’ve had a love-hate relationship with me, if you know I was there and this was all exactly real
  • “You’re a midwife, not a can can dancer”
  • larks in the parks ay
  • gary pouring the milk through the mail slot kills me 💔
  • Shelagh’s dress here was cute, I don’t think she’s worn it since ??
  • it’s fine looks like she’s got a new turquoise outfit this year lol
  • hey my cousin was born 33 weeks, oh wait I think 32 actually
  • Is that the mucus extractor
  • “Everyone has to have something that makes them happy” oh gary😭
  • aye bendito he said he’s shamed he smells omg
  • * one moment *   // ok never mind my cousins just face timing me to rub in my face that she’s in Puerto Rico And I’m not
  • Omg I wanna cry these poor kids 💔😞
  • The only bright side is some Shrixie 😭
  • Anytime Sister MJ says it’s something she can do I wanna cry
  • Please give me a scene of Sister MJ playing with Angela 😭 she’s a gem and so cute with kids
  • bye I’m cryin
  • Maison Trixie 😭😭
  • More Trixie interacting with children as well pls even tho I’m cryin
  • Aw Patrick bringing Shelagh tea “this house is so full of love” I LOV U
  • stupid Netflix cut this scene
  • Sister MJ spotting Sister E in pain omg my heart
  • “I don’t like to see sad faces” THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EYE
  • You don’t forget what it’s like to be putting on a show..”  IM DROWNING IN MY OWN TEARS 😢
  • Good work Babs for the breast milk pumping idea, v proud kid
  • What a bitch. I know you didn’t ask for this & they wouldn’t tie your tubes but you didn’t have to neglect your freaking kids w t f
  • makes me so angry
  • Tom proposed omg I forgot
  • they weren’t right for each other but they were pretty damn cute😭 but they’re together irl and it’s great like What an attractive couple #jelen😻
  • Yass Shelagh the navy suit work it gal, show off that figure
  • wonder what the post pregnancy wardrobe is lookin like
  • “Put your head on my shoulderrrr"🎼
  • Split up and sent to Australia! they deserved better😭
  • Sister MJ and food is the actual best relationship on the show end of story
  • “Joy is not felt less exquisitely because the moment flys and if we can taste it, we know that we are blessed” 💛


anonymous asked:

What's some of your favourite Robert storylines and/or moments?? (Including Chris and Karl's Robert) 😊

HI NONNIE YOU CUTIE!! Well I was only born in the 1990s Nonnie, so Little Suggs had nearly a decade on me. By the time I came into unfuzzy consciousness Karl had taken over the role. Because my family watched the show, I vaguely remember Sarah Sugden. But in a mythological kind of way. Sorta like how I remember Neighbours. I know of it but yeah, I don’t know how or why. 

But I tell you what… I’ll do a top moment for each Robert and a runner up…


Runner Up: 

Robert & the Owl

I only know about this plot line from Tumblr. But jfc, I’m so glad I do… I wanted to link to the original post/channel. But I think those bastards at ITV have shut it down. Honestly, what have they got against Little Rob and his Owl Friend?

All you basically need to know is that soft Little Suggs falls in love with a lost/injured/baby (?) owl and nurses it back to health in a wooden box, before giving it up, very reluctantly. I can’t link to the actual ep cos its vanished, sorry, but I managed to find the brilliant @carlwritesbadsmut summary here:

He struggles to part from his owl even as it has to be released back into the wild. Family friend Lorraine convinces him that in life it’s better to learn when to let go. I think she needed to teach Robert that lesson a few more times in later life…

Originally posted by robsugdens

What a little softy. Much nicer than the moment he “punched” Donna (for Andy) cos she teases him, “Oooh are you gonna hit me with your handbag?” Only for Robert to Forrest Gump leg it out the playground… If this and the portacabin yesterday are anything to go by, Suggs always had a hard time controlling his temper! But no, he loved that little owl.

No wonder Aaron loves him tbh. They need a pet don’t they..? Like, can we put babies on the back burner and just get a dog instead? Even a parakeet tbh…? 


Sarah Sugden’s Death

So this is where Christopher’s Robert first enters my consciousness. Vaguely. Sarah, his adoptive mum (most real mum he’d known) was having an affair with some random bloke (I remember literally nothing about him). Jack is pissed off… but Rob’s on his Mum’s side of course, he loved Sarah and she loved him, but he has to stay with Jack cos Sarah isn’t his bio mum. It’s sad. Muchos sad. 

HEADCANON ALERT: this is around the time I imagine the farmhand incident happening, cos Jack and Rob’s relationship just shattered completely.

Annnnywaaay… Jack is having financial problems but Robbo don’t give a shit. Not with his mammy not around. Why would he? Golden boy Andy Sugden cares though. SO MUCH. He loves Jack and the farm. So being the bright spark he is…  he decides to fake an insurance claim and burn down the barn. 

Only, in his infinite wisdom… (lol) He forgets to check it beforehand and course Sarah and her fella are in there having a super secret discussion about god knows what. Sarah doesn’t manage to get out. And Robert rocks up just in time to see the barn and her aflame. Great timing Suggs. It comes out that Andy lit the match, but Jack takes the fall and goes to court. Cue lots of years of “you killed mum!” from Robert to Andy. And general jealousy at the lengths Jack will go to, to protect the son that Robert never really saw as one of them.

Robert’s so fucking pissed. He leaves after this for a sunny summer in Espagne and the warm embrace of his Granny Annie. Oh and to go get a fancy new (better acted) head. See ya Christopher! Sweet and soft! Far too good for us…

Originally posted by robsugdens


Runner Up:

NuRob’s Debut

Like, so much of Karl!Rob is my jam. And there is so much to choose from. Karl could REALLY act. Once he settled in a bit. And they knew it, like with Danny. So they kept him busy. His feet barely touched the ground and he was already “winding up” Andy and his newly acquired girlfriend Katie. Lots of girl trouble of course, starting with Donna (cough, well Nicola, but… yeah). I couldn’t pick one SL out of that messy, gorgeous time. They’ve shifted into a foggy haze of nostalgia. Just look at this wonderful shithead at work. Poor Donna tbh, punched and now this:

So I’m just gonna go with Karl’s arrival as Robert. Honestly, I love Karl!Rob so much. I don’t think the Robert character would have been legendary enough to warrant a third outing (by Ryan) if Karl hadn’t put the leg work in first. He and Kelvin (although Ryan continues to fly the flag singlehandedly now) justified another generation of Sugdens on the show. And not only that, but he made characters like Aaron Dingle possible too, in my mind at least. 

As the “naive pillock” (Rob’s words not mine) Andy says to Katie just before Karl’s explosion onscreen: “He’s got a right edge to him though, Robert… Like everyone’s picking on him all the time. Even when he’s not here he wants my Dad mithering about him…” - This was truly the beginning of the Robert Jacob Sugden we know and love today.

This is worth watching just for Katie’s hair alone… The noughties seem like a dark dark time tbh.


The Robert/Katie Love Story

I mean this is like being asked to pick a favourite ‘moment’ of Ryan’s tenure and just vacantly mouthing ‘RobRon’ over and over again and until someone bashes your head in to make the incessant droning stop. Katie and Robert? It was a long, drawn out and torturous affair. But I don’t care if it was long. It was epic.

And this is my ask box so we’re playing my rules (I’m the youngest of 5, I get my own way :P). Of course, you’ve probably all already seen Robert scowling his way through Katie x Andy’s wedding (a.k.a the first Robron meeting). But there was so much more to this. 

For Andy, Katie was the true childhood sweetheart. She and Andy met at school when Robert was in Spain. Quiet, shy Andy loved her straight away. Course Robert came home and immediately sussed she was Andy’s weak spot. He tried and (hilariously) failed to get her onside. It wouldn’t be till a while later when they Andy x Katie were playing house and being grown ups, running the farm, that Robert would finally catch her eye. He was much less serious than his brother, less dour. And with the responsibility of Daz on her back, he felt like a welcome relief from Farmer’s Wife Duties. Katie and Robert’s flirting was honestly everything (see above 👆👆).

👆👆👆👆👆 = NO

It makes me weep for what they did to Katie x Rob when Ryan arrived. It could have been so good, because Karl!Rob really grew into the archetype RJS personality through his love of Katie. He was an audacious flirt, out to get what he wanted one minute, but with a heart pulsating madly underneath the next. A heart that eventually consumed him entirely. It also makes me sad for the travesty that is Robert and Rebecca now. I can easily imagine how incredible it would have been if Robert could have got Katie pregnant at any point. How much damage it would have caused. In comparison, the story of his actual first child is just a sickly shadow… Ugh I cry.

I won’t rehash in detail, but Rob x Katie have an electric affair. It all comes out. Andy wants to shoot Robert but shoots Jack instead. And Rob x Katie get engaged. And then duh duh duh… Sadie King… Robert has an affair (do you see a pattern emerging?) and it all unravels from there causing him to lose the (at that point) love of his life. 

To Rob x Katie “shippers”, Sadie King was a fucking nightmare in stilettos. She also arrived in the village in a helicopter and was too posh for her own good.

But you know what? You could see why it happened. You could see the attraction. It was sexy and a bit dirty too. It was everything Robecca isn’t. And it all came out in most explosive way possible. Oh god, so much emotion and drama. And so much Sugden Sibling hatred and rivalry followed. So delicious. Yeah. I’m gonna pick the start of Rob x Katie up to the aftermath of the Sadie reveal. But it was a close run thing between this and Chicken.1 (Max King’s death and all the Jack x Rob content there). 

Course, Robert was never quite the same after Katie left him for good. 🍋🍋🍋He ended up playing chicken with Andy, killing a man, lol sorta (standard Rob) and being sent away by Jack. He leaves the village, under duress, saying he’ll go in whichever direction his car is pointing. So SO SAD… BYE KARL! THE OG FUCKED UP SUGGS… I LOVE YOU. MY FIRST EVER CRUSH… NEVER FORGOTTEN…

Originally posted by gargoyles42


Runner Up:


OK so maybe it’s just all the Karl!Rob Feels clouding my judgement tonight. But this remains one of my favourite Ryan scenes of all time. Literally perfection. 

This scene had so much history and chemistry between Kelvin and Ryan. It was just unreal. It was like Ryan had been there all those years as Karl!Rob. 

I will admit here that, sometimes, especially during affair era, it was hard to conflate the Evil Robert we often got with the Sweet Misguided Boy of my childhood. I didn’t ever think Ryan was bad, he had bags of charisma, but the plottiness let him down (doesn’t it still do tbh??). So for a while, I sorta saw him as a new character. Separate from my Robert Sugden. Just with a shared history (stole that way of looking at it from @gargoyles42​).

But Kate Oates aligned all the stars and constellations for him when she, or her team, came up with idea of revisiting Max King’s death. The inclusion of Rob, wanting to find out the truth - not only for himself but - because Aaron had been arrested just added that element of sweetness to Andy x Rob’s bitter rivalry. Basically, the Sugden brothers would be best mates if their love lives (and dead Mum) didn’t keep getting in the way. I mean, the shooting of Rob itself and weeks long coma was terrible (bye bye Ry Ry) but I would happily sit through that again if it meant we got quality content like this - RYAN OWNED AND BECAME ROBERT SUGDEN TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FOR ME IN THESE EPS. He took the legacy and made it all his own… 

Originally posted by robsugdens

I just cannot believe how long this show has been running. And that we’ve been watching these munchkins for almost 30 years now. That’s just incredible to me. Very Truman Show. Anyway, Chicken.2 felt like another epoch was beginning for them. I hope Kelvin comes back one day to continue it. 


SSW & The Day After the Robron Wedding (FUCKING 😬 FIGHT 😬 ME)

It won’t let me include ANY MORE EMBEDDED YOUTUBES. SORRY.

HaVe LiNkS iNsTeAD

Look, if I can have the whole of fucking Katie x Rob, I’m gonna have SSW AND the prison goodbye. I couldn’t pick between them if you forced me. 

Both utterly perfect and heart ravaging. And yes, I have written so much about them both at this point I just feel like there’s nothing else to add. But I’ll try. 

Who would have guessed that the little owl loving bubba up there would fall for Aaron Dingle tbh? As a kind Nonnie pointed out to me, they’re the world’s most unlikely couple on paper. But they work. They do. There’s no accounting for it. Well, to me, it’s because Robert sees so much of who he WANTS TO BE in Aaron Fucking Dingle. Courageous, brave, proud of his roots, honest, universally liked, even if he is sassy and has a temper with it. He’s everything dispossessed little Rob wanted for himself, but especially since he came back from Spain. 

And yet somehow, when Aaron is in his life… Just standing beside a person like that is enough. Rob’s love for Aaron? It’s the kind of love that asks nothing in return. Just Aaron’s quiet presence in his life makes Robert a better man. And Ryan kills it every time proving that. If you told me in 2014, Robert Sugden was coming back to be another fella’s husband, no offence, but I’d have laughed in your face. I wouldn’t have bought it at all. But slowly, surely, like the inching tide, Ryan has got me submerged. I’m seeing things I never saw before in Karl’s portrayal, because of episodes like SSW. Ryan did that…

Originally posted by nooneelsecomesclose17

A masterclass in subtle acting. Ryan never really steals a scene for me, but he’ll chip away at you until your hanging off his every word with baited breath. Especially in the quiet, raw moments with Aaron. It was just so still. So much of their relationship has been like a rollercoaster. But these episodes were distant, silent. Like they belonged to the mists of time already, like what was said here had already happened in some way and was just being reconfirmed. Which is, really, kinda the case, with Jack x Robert at least.

And the prison goodbye… Oh… cut out my heart?? Have they ever looked more in love or complete? Sarah Sugden, Sadie, Chrissie EVEN KATIE - the past all pales into insignificance standing at the foot of the MOUNTAIN OF LOVE Robert has built to Aaron. Temple. Taj Mahal, whatever…

Originally posted by justleavemebreathless

Ryan has crafted this character around the pairing. As has Danny. Which really, when you think about how epic the characters were separately and the legacies both of them brought with them… Two icons of two different Emmerdale golden eras colliding to make something so much bigger than anything that’s gone before. No wonder the show won a Bafta last year tbh. It’s really fucking astounding. I just… I know I’m speaking in abstracts but I can’t talk about the little touches, the little breaths. The way their bodies just fit together… Or I might cry. 

Nothing beats these two scenes for me, Robert has come full circle. He’s found a home in his childhood village. A husband and a best friend. Family, and a kid who relies on him the way he needed to rely on someone. And I just can’t wait to see him grow even more. 

I mean

Look at this cutie: 

Originally posted by rbertsugden

And this one:

Originally posted by katesranas

And this one too:

Originally posted by mygodthefeels

THANK THE LORD AND SATAN FOR ROBERT JACOB TBH… and all the content creators - gifs and videos for making this post look fancy just like Robbo deserves! And thank you for the question Nonnie.. x

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As much as i'm excited for the fluff, I'm also really really hyped for white hat. :3 (not trying to rush you, just want you to know that i love him and am excited to learn more~) Good luck with all your writing! Love your fics! <3

//nervously sweats whenever WH is mentioned//

But in all seriousness tho, thank you anon, ur far too kind //sobs//

I’ll probably give yall more little teasers here and there in between other fics since you’ve all shown such a big interest in him, and since his fic is really really REALLY long it takes place over the course of about a year so, like, a loooot happens ahaha and won’t be posted for quite some time, so hopefully that’ll do you over until the true suffering begins //dies//

Anyway. I got to head back to work, but how about this, I’ll give you this minorly adapted quote from him that is the closest quote I have to kind of summing up how he thinks:

“Sometimes, when facing the worst of the worst villains, one must be a little villainous in return to reign victorious.”

-(WH in response to a hero having moral issues with him)

Me: -Immediately after watch the teaser trailer of Carmilla, calmly take the phone-

Me: -waits until he pick up-

Boyfriend: Hello?

Me: - Takes a deep breath-

Boyfriend: What hap…


Boyfriend: … Really?


Boyfriend: Ok. You show me that trailer later. I love you.

Me: Bye -hang up-

Me: -continue screaming-

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hmu with all the good shit on craig tell me ur favorite things about him, his kids, his appearance, all of it!!

Holy fuck where to start

• ok so I feel like Craig is really super protective, not only just of his kids, but of mc as well….
• he…kisses a lot…and good and for a long time….
• he just loves his friggin kids and his kids love him
• I bet he was in love with mc during college
• he’s a really tight cuddler I stg he is ok
• he tucks his kids into bed at night and swaddles mc in blankets upon blanket and eventually himself
• he’s just so friggin handsome and amazing and cool and strong and…..I am proud
• I’m so proud of him. He’s finally trying to care for himself a little instead of stressing care for everyone else. He’s taking his own advice. He’s treating himself right. He’s making time for things. I’m so proud of him.

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Hi, I've been reading (do you say reading for webcomics? idk) Swan yesterday and it's really cool so far! (I love characters with plant powers <3) I can't wait to see how it continues and I really love your art style! Ok, just wanted to let you know. I hope you'll have a beautiful day, bye! ^^

thank you so much anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a beautiful day too!!! <3 <3

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Hi ! Can you please do a one shot where y/n and Calum are best friends and y/n is super innocent and Calum knows that and one day their together and talking and the topic of kinks comes up and y/n gets flustered bc she has a daddy kink even tho she has never tried anything and Calum finally finds out what her kink is and gets turned on and wants y/n to experience that and then you can take it from there. So sorry it's so long and if its complicated, but Thankyou !

oh my god idk why but i had so much fun with this and it’s good that your request is long bc it sets the scene yknow (if that makes any sense) i basically just like long requests ok bye

“This is weird as hell.” Calum whispered, leaning over towards you. You nudged him out of your personal space.

“It’s not, if you ignore the, um, y’know.” You blushed at the mention of sex. It was no secret that you were innocent to the nth degree, which was why watching 50 Shades of Grey was so awkward. You loved the storyline behind the books; Christian being a tortured soul with trust issues and Anastasia being the one to try to help him. But a half hour into the movie, you were wishing you hadn’t picked it to watch with your best friend. As usual, Calum made everything more weird and uncomfortable than it had to be.

“But he’s whipping her! Why is he whipping her, that’s not okay.” He protested loudly. You rolled your eyes, but you could feel the heat rising on your face.

“It’s a kink, Calum. People like what they like and you have to accept it.” You explained, which earned a scoff in response from him.

“But- ugh.” He groaned “I didn’t think this was gonna be this bad. Why do you like this, Y/N? It’s so fucked up. I understand people like to get freaky in different ways, but this… this is something else.”

“You’ve got a kink, right?” You looked up at him. His face twisted in confusion, but you could see the added rosiness in his cheeks. “There’s gotta be something you like that isn’t normal.”

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.” He rolled his eyes jokingly “I mean, it’s you! You’re as innocent as it comes, no offense. The next thing I know you’re gonna be begging  me to fuck you and call me daddy.”

You froze. How did he know about that? Sure, you’d never actually done anything, but you’d gotten curious about what a daddy kink was and ended up watching porn for three hours. Needless to say, you were alarmed by your sudden desire to do exactly what Calum had described.

“Y/N? You alright?” He snapped his fingers in front of your face. You cleared your throat, nodding and straightening your posture. The tight feeling in your crotch you’d only felt once before was quickly returning. Calum smirked. “Oh, I see how it is.”

“See how what is?” You tried to keep your voice from shaking. His finger moved under your chin, tilting it upwards slightly.

“You, my dear Y/N, have a daddy kink.” He decided. Your eyes went wide and you tried your best to feign disgust.

“Me? A daddy kink? That’s ridiculous.” You shook your head quickly. He smiled lazily, pausing the movie with his free hand.

“Don’t lie to me, baby girl. You’re a lot dirtier than I took you for.” He traced your jaw with the tip of his finger “So you’d like it if I let you call me daddy, hm?”

“W-What?” You stuttered before attempting to compose yourself “Calum, we’re friends. Even if I did have this imaginary daddy kink, we’re friends, not lovers. And you know I’m waiting to lose it to someone I really care about.”

“We’ve been friends for years, there’s no one better for the job.” He grinned “C’mon, I’m willing to do this. No strings attached.”

“Won’t it be weird?” You asked quietly. He shrugged.

“It’s only weird if you make it weird.” He mumbled “I’ll go easy on you, don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal. And if I’m honest, I’m kinda into it.”


“Either we do this or I’m gonna need your bathroom for a few minutes.” He stated, pressing his bulge against you. You swallowed, nodding warily.

“O-Okay.” You stumbled over your words. He smiled softly as his fingers wandered across your face.

“Good girl.” He hummed “You know what to call me. And you tell me what to do; I know how important this is to you.”

“Calum, please just do something. Anything.” You begged. He smirked, tilting his head slightly.

“What’d you just call me?” He questioned. You squirmed as his hands made their way down your sides, lifting up your shirt.

“Daddy,” You gasped involuntarily as he cast your shirt aside. Cold air hit your torso and you were quick to wrap your arms around yourself. This was the first time a guy had seen you this exposed. Even your skimpiest one-piece covered more than this. Calum slowly pried your arms away from your body.

“Hey, it’s just me, princess. No need to be shy.” He put a hand on your cheek. You blushed, nodding and setting your hands in your lap. He guided your lips up to his, connecting them gently. His lips formed a lazy smile as he pulled away. “I don’t know if I’ve ever told you before, but you’re so beautiful. You deserve to be told that.”

“Thank you.” You were sure your face was burning by now. He hummed in response, too busy looking over your body.

“Have you ever let anyone else see you like this, baby, or is it just me?” Calum asked. It took you a moment to realize he was talking to you, as his hands were currently making their way towards the band of your bra.

“Just you,” You mumbled. He looked up for a moment, pausing his motions.

“Just you who?” He raised an eyebrow. You gulped, trying desperately to ignore his soft fingers creeping under your bra.

“Just you, daddy.” You groaned. He nodded in approval, fingertips toying with the cotton of your bra. A part of you was telling you to scream at him for how he was violating you, but you couldn’t help but enjoy it. You loved the way his skin felt against yours.

“Can I take this off, sweetheart?” He asked, hands already at the clasp of your bra. You nodded eagerly.

“Please, daddy.” You urged. He smirked, unhooking the bra and letting it fall beside you. His eyes widened at the sight of your bare chest. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You began to lift your arms to self-consciously cover your chest. He swallowed, putting a hand on your arm.

“Don’t cover yourself,” He instructed and you hesitantly lowered your arms. His teeth bit down harshly on his bottom lip. “Shit, you’re gonna make daddy feel so good, aren’t you, baby girl? Gonna let me take you just how I need you. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, daddy.” You confirmed. He cupped your breasts in his hands, running the pads of his thumbs over your nipples.

“Fuck, you’re such a good girl. I bet you’re so fucking wet for me. Am I right, Y/N?” He groaned. You whimpered in response, too focused on the pleasure radiating from your nipples. He applied pressure, making you let out a low moan. You were surprised with how responsive you were to his touch, and how comfortable you felt. He removed his hands from your body. “I want you to take off your pants for me, sweetheart. Daddy’s gonna take care of you.”

“Please,” You breathed. He nodded, not taking his eyes off yours as you tugged on the waistband of your yoga pants. His tongue slid across his lips as he took in the sight of you stripping for him.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so hot.” He groaned. You slowly set your pants aside, exposing your pale pink panties. He visibly tensed, jaw clenched tightly. You were almost sure the wetness dripping from your core was soaking through the cotton.

“What are you gonna do?” You spoke in a hushed tone. He licked his lips again, getting down on his knees in front of you.

“Can I take these off?” Calum asked, running his finger along the lace edges of your panties. You gave him a shaky nod as an okay. He slipped his finger under the waistband, pulling them down your thighs. “God, all this time the most beautiful woman has been right under my nose and I didn’t even notice.” He sighed in content. Your face flushed, causing you to duck your head.

“T-Thank you.” You whispered. He looked up at you from under his lashes.

“Don’t be shy, princess. Daddy’s not gonna hurt you.” He coaxed, putting a hand on each thigh and spreading them apart. Your muscles tensed reflexively, as it was still new for you to be so exposed. “Such a pretty pussy, baby girl. You’re so wet for me.”

“P-Please,” You gasped, feeling your core tense. He removed his hands from your body to take off his shirt. His muscles rippled with every movement, the dark black of his tattoos making a striking contrast against his tanned skin.

“Please what, baby?” He ran his hands down your thighs. You squirmed in your seat, groaning and throwing your head back.

“Please, daddy. Touch me, fuck me, I don’t care. Please just do something.” You begged. He nodded, smiling slyly.

“Of course,” He leaned closer to you. You gasped loudly as he dipped down, licking a long stripe down your slit. The pleasure was new to you, but much better than before. He looked up at you. “Feels good, huh?”

“Y-Yes, daddy.” You bit your lip to keep from crying out. He nodded absentmindedly as he started rubbing circles into your clit. “Oh, fuck. Feels so good.”

“Have to get you ready for my cock, baby girl.” Calum dipped a finger into you dripping wet hole. He smirked. “Mm, I bet you could take me right now. You’re absolutely soaked for me.”

“Please do something.” You begged, bucking your hips against his finger. He began pumping his digit slowly.

“Like the feeling of my fingers inside you, sweetheart?” He grunted, adding another finger. You whimpered as you nodded. “Think I can give you another? And use your words.”

“Daddy, please, I need more.” You pleaded. He nodded, dipping his head down and planting a kiss to your clit. You moaned as he began sucking. His tongue swirled around the bundle of nerves, making you throw your head back in ecstasy. The addition of a third finger was enough to make you let out the most animalistic noise you’d ever made. He pulled away at this, still pumping his fingers.

“You like it when daddy licks your sweet little pussy clean, hm?” He asked, not needing your response to confirm what he already knew “You ready for my cock, baby girl? Gonna make you cum so fucking hard you don’t know what hit you.”

“Yes,” You breathed, groaning as he curled his fingers inside you. One of your hands tangled itself in his raven curls as he reattached his lips to your folds. The small amount of suction he applied was enough to make your legs quiver. His tongue slid across the sensitive area repeatedly. You gasped as his fingers dug deeper, hitting what was evidently your sweet spot. He looked up at you, amusement pooling in his eyes as he saw you on the brink.

“Think you can let go for me, baby girl?” He licked your clit once more before coming up for air. You nodded, squeezing your eyes shut in pure pleasure. He moved his free hand to rub circles in your clit as he reattached his lips. You could feel the pressure building in your core and you knew you were nearing your high. The way he was sucking your clit and hitting your sweet spot just right was enough to make you moan loudly. He chuckled, sending vibrations through your body.

“Fuck, I can’t… I’m gonna-“

“Let go for me, Y/N.” He coaxed. You moaned again, feeling a swell of pleasure run through you. Your whole body quaked with an indescribable feeling. He hummed in content as he lapped up your juices. His fingers swirled around your opening before he pulled them away. He ran a finger up your slit before bringing it to his lips.

“D-Daddy,” You moaned. He shushed you, running a hand over your slit.

“You taste so good, sweetheart.” He praised, pulling his finger from his mouth. You whined, not enjoying the absence of his touch. “You’ve been such a good little girl for daddy tonight. Tell me, baby, do you want me inside you? Filling up that tight, wet pussy, making you cum again like I just did?”

“Yes please, daddy.” You were surprised by the steadiness of your voice. It didn’t reflect how chaotic you felt inside.

“Yeah? You like begging for me?” He asked as he undid his belt. You watched the black leather fall a his feet.

“I need your cock, daddy.” You looked up at him with needy eyes. He nodded, stepping out of his black jeans.

“C’mere, beautiful.” He beckoned you forward with a soaked finger. You gulped, reluctantly standing up and walking the few feet to where he stood. His hand went under your chin, lifting it so you had no choice but to look at him. “I have more class than to fuck you on your couch. Wrap your legs around my waist.”

“I’m fine with-“

“Listen to daddy.” He cupped your ass with his hands, lifting you off the ground. You were forced to comply with what he had asked. His lips attached to your neck briefly, and before you could fully process what was happening, he was throwing you down on your bed. He immediately climbed on top of you. “You gonna be good for me, baby? Stay just like you are and take my cock?”

“Yes.” You nodded. He hummed a response, pinning down you arms by lacing his fingers through yours.

“I’m gonna tell you right now, princess, this is gonna hurt.” He looked you in the eye, completely serious “And even though it’s not gonna be the best thing, I want you to stick with it for me, okay? I’ll hold your hand the entire time.”

“Thank you,” You swallowed. Honestly, you were impressed by how caring Calum was. You could tell he cared about your comfort more than he cared about the sex.

“Of course,” He pulled one of his hands away to quickly remove his underwear. Your eyes went wide at the sight of his long, thick cock. He noticed this, causing a small laugh to slip from his lips. “Like what you see? You want daddy’s cock inside you?”

“Please,” You squeezed the hand that was still entwined with yours. He nodded, taking his length in his hand and pumping it slowly.

“Fuck, I already know you’re gonna make me cum so hard.” He groaned “I’ll pull out, it’ll be better if I take you bare.”

“O-Okay.” You agreed. He nodded to himself before running his tip over your entrance. You gasped as he slowly slid himself into you. He was right; his dick stretching you out hurt, but you couldn’t let him know. His eyes searched yours as he began to thrust slowly.

“You alright, sweetheart?” He asked, placing his free hand on your chest. You responded with an uneasy nod. “Just ride it out, baby girl. I promise it’ll feel good in a second, nice you get used to it.”

“Can you touch me like you did before?” You mumbled. He smiled slightly, nodding as he brought a thumb to your clit. You let out a moan at the now-familiar sensation.

“There we are. Focus on how good daddy’s making you feel.” He rasped, his lips ghosting over your ear. Shivers ran down your spine as you did exactly what he told you to. The pain was beginning to fade and in its place was a feeling you knew his fingers couldn’t give you. Soft whines and grunts passed his lips, still swollen from your pussy. You wrapped an arm around his back.

“Ugh, daddy. Fuck me harder.” You begged. His eyes filled with lust as he eagerly complied with your request. His balls slapped against your skin, filling the otherwise quiet room with a crude noise. The occasional gasp passed your lips, but you were surprised at how vocal Calum was. He grunted with every move, groaning when your walls clenched around him.

“Baby girl, I’m not gonna last,” He huffed, ramming into you. You cried out at this; he was fully inside of you, stretching you out completely.

“You’re so deep, daddy,” You commented. Where your sudden talent for dirty talk came from, you weren’t sure, but neither of you were complaining. Beads of sweat dampened Calum’s hair, making it even more curly than usual.

“I know, baby. Gotta fill you up right.” He grunted, pounding into you relentlessly “God, I love your tight little virgin pussy. Makes me feel so good.”

“I’m so close, daddy.” You breathed “Oh, please. Feels so good.”

“Cum for me, baby girl. Cum on daddy’s cock like a good girl.” His thumb dug deeper into your clit. Your back arched off the mattress as you neared your second high. “Come on, Y/N, don’t hold back. Cum for daddy.”

“Oh, fuck me, daddy,” You cried, pleasure overtaking you entirety. He thrusted harder, riding out your high.

“Mm, yeah. That’s my good girl.” He praised, stroking your hair “Where do you want my cum, princess?”

“All over,” You mumbled, still seeing stars as a result of his relentless thrusting. He grunted, pulling out of you.

“Put your hand right here, you’ve gotta earn it.” He grabbed your hand, wrapping it around his fully erect dick. A low whimper left his lips as you began pumping it. “Good girl. You’re making daddy feel so good.”

“Am I doing okay?” You spoke quietly. He groaned, throwing his head back.

“Faster, princess.” He demanded “C’mon, baby, daddy’s so close. I can’t wait to see you covered in my cum.”

“Please, I want it.” You begged, in hopes of inducing his own orgasm. Both of your hands were working on him; one hand firmly wrapped around his shaft, the other massaging his sack. His hips bucked slightly against your hand.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Oh, shit, baby girl, just like that.” He moaned. You increased the speed of your motions, feeling his cock throb under your touch until thick ropes of cum shot out from his tip. He groaned, thrusting into your hand to ride out his high. You let out a squeal as the warm liquid covered your chest. Calum finally calmed down, left gasping for air.

“Was I good, daddy?” You dared to ask. He nodded breathlessly, making a spot for himself to lay beside you.

“So good, baby girl. Never felt better.” He panted “God, I’m gonna have to take you like that more often.”

“I would be okay with that.” You agreed. He smiled as he turned to face you.

“Oh, please, you’d be more than okay with that.” And there it was. Calum was back to his usual banter, and you were still just friends.

officer jeon

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ngl when i first saw the dope mv i thought he was the oldest im sorry jungkook

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officer jeon at the crime scene? idk man im not coherent enough for this shit

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ok but imagine isak being the first to say i love you after they’ve discussed even’s mental health and cleared up the misunderstandings. isak just tells him that he’s there for him and that a mental illness does not change things between them and he’s not going anywhere because he loves him and for the first time in a long time Even no longer feels like he has to constantly prove his love 



First things first. 1) I’m writing this after I’ve watched the four episodes, so I’m probably going to forget something and things won’t necessarily be in the right order. 2) I’m brazilian, so english isn’t my first language, sorry for the mistakes. 3) This post will have a lot of anti Logan and pro Jess, so if you are not a Literati sipper, you should probably skip it. Ok, let’s do this!

1) I wanted to see the opening credits and the theme song, I already knew that there was not going to be an opening like the one in the series, but I wanted the song to be there at some point (when Carole King sang and played the piano or maybe on the last scene).

2) I’m so pissed at the way they treat cheating on this show! Like it’s ok and normal! Rory is cheating on Paul (was that his name? Can’t remember hahaha jk) with Logan (and he is cheating on his fiancée) and she doesn’t even feel bad or guilty about it. C’mob, girl!!! You cheated on Dean with Jess, on Logan with Jess, on Paul with Logan and slept with married Dean! Where is the famous character development here? Her only worry was that Logan was going to spend time with Odette. This really drove me nuts.

3) Queen Paris Geller is here. I’ve missed you! I’ve never imagined that Paris would be working with in vitro fertilization, but it was nice to see her working

4) Michel is gay!!! I’m so glad! This show was in desperate need of some LGBT representation! Team Michel and Patrick!

5) Hep Alien!!!! 

6) First episode is over and no sign of Jess????

7) I can’t believe Paris and Doyle are getting a divorce. I have no hope anymore. 2016 is definitely the worst year for couples

8) Rory is in New York! She is going to bump into Jess in a library, I can feel it!

9) Rory is in a vinyl record store! She is going to bump into Jess there, I can feel it!

10) Ok, no sign of Jess yet.

11) I really wanted Chad Michael Murray to be playing Tristan again. And I wanted him to ask Paris out only to have her say no

12) Where are Madeline and Louise?

13) It was so good to see Paris again! But I kind of wanted her to be more crazy-Paris!

14) Rory and Logan are still doing the whole cheating thing and being ok with it.

15) I can’t stand this musical anymore. Why the hell is it this long?? It’s not even funny!!! This time could be used to…hum… I don’t know… show Paris, or Jess, or Kirk or ANYONE!

16) I just love Kirk’s movies

17) I wasn’t that into the therapy storyline too

18) Yeah, Spring wasn’t my favorite episode

19) So…. Rory is going crazy which means Jess will be here soon to save the day

20) What did I say? Hello, Jess!

21) Yesssss, Rory, you should write that book and name it Gilmore Girls!!

22) No Paris this episode?

23) Emily is dating someone?? I don’t know why, but this seems odd, a little bit ooc

24) Ooh, there is Jason. I haven’t missed you, but it was nice to see an old face. I just hope they don’t bring Mr. Boring Man (aka Max Medina) back too

25) I’m loving Berta! and I think it was really clever to have Emily stick with this one maid that brings her whole family to the mansion other than have her change maids every episode, It says a lot about the difficult time she is having

26) We finally got to meet Lane’s father!!!

27) I really wanted a scene inside Kim’s Antiques

28) And Lorelai is still treating Jess like trash… Right now he is the most down to earth character, give him some respect

29) I’ve never been a really big fan of the Life and Death Brigade, but it was fun to watch those scenes

30) Ugh, Logan is back and him and Rory are acting like a couple again

31) I guess this means I’m supposed to stop rooting for Literati, because it’s not happening

32) Finally they broke up! Bye Logan

33) I cried so much during Lorelai’s story about Richard! It was so full of feelings and just sincere

34) Yayyyy, JavaJunkie wedding is happening people!!!!

35) The book is happening! And it is called “Gilmore Girls”, shocker!! But it’s nice though

36) SOOKIE!!! Melissa’s voice has changed A LOT!!!

37) My Literati feels are back! What if they share a beautiful dance on the wedding and then head to the lake and just spend the rest of the nigh talking? I would be ok with it!

38) OMG, Jess is so in love with her!! That window scene just killed me! They are so getting together!

39) Eloping is the option that best suits Lorelai and Luke, but there are some people missing in this wedding! Lane is there, but no Liz (I don’t even like her, but it’s her brother!) and no Jess? 

40) Ok, still waiting for Jess to show up and share that beautiful dance with Rory

41) Fine, he is not showing up

42) Lorelai: “You will find someone too”

      Rory: “Maybe I already have” (Jess appears)

      That’s what I wanted to happen


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gay love will pierce thru the veil and save the day


“The you that you were then, who you are now, who you’ll be,” he began quietly, as if sensing my thoughts, “I love you. With my whole heart. My whole life, however long I’m lucky enough to get, nothing will change for me.”

His voice sounded raw, flooded with the same searing feeling racing through me. The relief, the certainty, the overwhelming gratitude I felt that fate had given him to me, all burned my eyes, left me unable to speak again. So I kissed him and told him that way, over and over again between breaths, as he moved over me, inside of me, until there was nothing in the world beyond us and the promise of forever.

ok so these 2 episodes of su were really intense and I have posts to make later but let me just point this detail out for a sec

I love how they went like ‘look we’re like every cartoon giving non specifically gendered beings these outfits so your binary view can identify traditional gender roles easily’ and then they go ‘lol nope we’re totally gonna take that view and shatter it into pieces bye’ in just a fraction of a scene

PLL 6x10 Recap - Game Over Charles

wow….so here we are, after five seasons and a half

after endless filler episodes, this episode was meant to answer every question we had. what did I think of it? well, let my recap answer that for me

(but to give you an idea, I had to cut half of the ‘annoyed’ ‘angry’ or ‘done’ variations of gifs from the draft, cause it was too long)

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