i just loved this moment so much haha

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We were not prepared for the cuteness… there were just moments they said lines and you can just hear me and Joan off-camera just losing it how cute the deliveries were haha


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333


On the 4th of February, the sky here in Singapore was so pink and pretty that it inspired this week’s spread, and reminded me so much patone’s colours of 2016. I didn’t even have to filter the picture, it was just so beautiful, a blink and you’ll miss it moment that a lot of people documented on instagram haha. Anyway, I love my nails so they snuck into the spread too 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 ( 1 0 / 0 2 / 2 0 1 7 )


Amy and Jonah in ‘‘All-Nighter’‘

My IRL Otherkins story.

Alright, so I go to an animal college in the UK. Its pretty respectable, most people act like.. Well like teenagers do, ands its all around okay. You meet other people who love animals, so its cool

Then i met these three people. two neon dyed hair, piercings and the lot. Now this is pretty normal at the college, the whole dyed hair and piercings thing. But these girls wore  giant onesies and odd shirts. One was very tall chick with neon pink/blue hair and i think a leopard onesie, one was smaller girl, and a little bit plumper with black/white hair (think Curella devil) and a ferret onesie.  and the last one was.. Trans i think. They had the typical short hair and referred to themselves as he.. He wore a shirt that said “Rats > Children"  ANYWAY I’ll call them “Pink, Black and Brown” because that was their hair colours.

  They were sat talking about Rodents (My specialty that i work with) So i figured “Eh they’ll be okay.” so i approached them and said “Hi! You like rodents too do you?”

“Brown :Oh yes I love Rats especially!” so i got excited, because rats are my main animal i study, so i was like

Me: Oh thats cool, I dont see many other people who love rodents as much as i do.“

Brown: Yeah, they are my kin animal!”

It was that moment i realised id fucked up.

me: “Oh uh… Yeah?”

Brown: “Yup! I eat nothing buts nuts, seeds and fruit. The same diet i give my rats!.”

Me: “… Rats are omnivores though”

Brown: “Actually they can live off of just that diet! I’ve had rats for three years, haha! i know my stuff. -w-”

Me: “… I’ve kept rodents for ten years, and yes while you can feed them that diet. They do need protein and-”

*Brown starts to get offended and decided shouting will make me go away, so i turn to the other two and gesture at them.*

Black: Actually Brown… She is right.

Brown: *stares angrily at black untill she looks away nervously* Whatever.

Me: Uhhh… So what about you guys? *turns to pink and black* Favorite animals? Lemme guess- Ferrets and Leopards?“

Pink: Well duh. They are our kin animals.

Me: Ohh… You’re all otherkins then?

Black: Y-yeah…

Me: ... How did you find out you were kins anyway?

Pink: Brown told me I was kin. she taught me about tumblr and how kins and what they are. It explains why I steal too.

(I didnt know Leopards go around pickpocketing and stealing groceries, but ok)

Me: … Okay. And you?

Black: Uh… I have a lot in common with a ferret, they are cute, friendly, like eating meat and being wild and free. Plus Brown told me. I have tumblr too…

(For those who dont know. Ferrets dont live in the wild. + They arent friendly unless they are bred,)

Me: Ohh.. Okay. *pulls a face when i thought they werent looking*

Pink: Whats with that face? If you’re making fun of us i’ll beat the shit outta you. *twitches like a serial killer would*

Me: Charmed… Im gonna go okay? see you about.

Two weeks later i was at the college store, and the police arrived and arrested Pink (now blue) for shoplifting the day before. Howd they find her so easily? Well when you shoplift in a fucking leopard onesie you stand out like a sore thumb. She eventually got kicked out for attacking a teacher, trying to bite him screaming "Im a feral animal not a human!”

Brown and Black are still on campus… sometimes. Whenever they arent “triggered” by someone telling them Otherkins arent real or when they arent being suspended for telling the teachers theor “real diets” for their spirit animals or saying they know better then the proffesionals who worked with their animals for over 10 years. How they still have a place i do not know.

– How absolutely dreadful lmao

Elizabeth: So, you think you can see something or talk to someone for a few moments and deduce all sorts of facts that everyone has missed?
Jack: Sometimes.
Elizabeth: How Clever.


every westallen scene ever (27/?)


Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡

Ahhh in a few days we’re about to enter a whole new era! Like Harry being right on the cusp of releasing his first single!! It’s actually happening?? I’m so happy and excited that I’m a mess these days tbh lmao. He’ll be exposed to a whole new audience now too. The stigma that is attached to boybands is very much alive and there’s A LOT of people that are so elitist and petty that they didn’t give Harry (and 1D) a chance simply because they were a boyband. *rolls eyes* But now that he’s solo, watch those people come out of the woodwork.. We’ll see tweets like “Never liked 1D but this new Harry Styles song is good”etc etc, we knoooow the drill with people having to justify their tastes and likes :p Which is annoying, ‘cause we’ll be like ‘Well you’re fucking late to the party and you’ve missed a lot but better late than never, Susan!” BUT it’s also really really great ‘cause Harry truly, HAND ON HEART, deserves all the love and support that’s coming his way. He worked his lil ass off for us in 1D, and took any opportunity to show us how thankful he was and how much he appreciated us. His patience was incredible, he tried so hard to make us happy. By way of hugs, pictures, autographs and HARD DEDICATED WORK since the start. Mr. Nice Guy was usually the last one to leave the fans who stood waiting. During concerts he’d go as far left as possible and as far right as possible, making eye contact with as many as he could, blowing kisses, making faces, being silly, telling jokes and stories, trying to connect and have a special moment with someone. He treated us like we were his pals. He was non-stop on that stage, a fireball, putting in soooo much genuine effort and love, every single night.. He was always stating that us having a good time was their main job. It was always about us

So now that he’s going solo, I just really hope that we as fans can rally behind him, have his back and show him more love that ever before. He deserves that SO fooking much. 😭❤️

This should be us when his single drops haha. ❤️

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Well if all these loved up couply moments we've seen are just 1% of their interactions then I don't wanna know about the other 99% ;) (actually I want to know haha)

Can you imagine if all those

Kinky ziam

Ziam date(s)

Ziam kiss(es)

The boys throwing some shade on ziam

Louis really done with ziam

Matching ziam

How impossible is to liam imagine a life without meet zayn even in a AU and must be sure that liam is gonna find a way to meet zayn

Domestic ziam

You & i

Ziam singing to the other 

And even so much moments are only 1% what would be the others 99%?

A invitation to the wedding?

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Sex & Relationship w/ Dwayne Would Include 3/?

A submissive Dwayne version is coming very soon!

Tysm boo @macfizzle for helping me with this lmao literally pretty much all of this was from her haha


- he’d try & taste you whenever omg I feel like he’d just pull your leg over his shoulder & go down on you 😫

- he loves fucking you while you’re wearing heels

- you’d ride his thick thighs 24/7 omg

- he’d be talkin so dirty as he watched you grind on his thigh ahh

- over stimulation, ofc!!! like that’s such a big part of your sex life, you can bet you’ll always have at least 4 orgasms.

- obviously he’s rough, but he has his extra rough moments.

- so if you’re taking longer than usual to come, he’ll just go deeper

- he’d be asking you Q’s he knows you can’t answer cause he’s so deep 😫

- “you like how daddy’s dick feels, baby?”

- he’d fuck you thru orgasms

- he’d use toys in public sometimes

- he’s free ballin pretty much 24/7 lmao

- I honestly feel like he’d lick stuff off of you???

- orgasm denial

- I feel like he’d make you touch yourself while he watched

- when he feels you’ve been teased enough, he’ll let you ride his thigh

- he’d be talkin so dirty while he watched you ride his thigh omfg

- “oooh…. you’re soakin’ my thigh, babygirl.”

- “you’re makin’ a mess all over daddy, baby.”

- “you just keep getting wetter and wetter, baby.”

- he’d say this when he’s possessive, “I’m gonna fuck you so good, the only thing you’re gonna remember is my name.“

- when y'all finally fuck, he’d really give it to you lorddd

- “you look so good taking my dick right now, baby.”

- you know if you try runnin he’ll just hold you down & make you take it

- he’d tease you by saying shit like this while y'all fucked, “you want me to stop makin’ ya feel good, huh?”

- “use your words, babydoll. I’m only gonna give ya what you want if you tell me.”

- back to overstimulation though 😫

- it’d be a game for him to see how many times he could make you come

- “how many times can daddy make you come before you pass out?”

- “think you come one more time for daddy?”

- you’d be sore 24/7

- you’d barely be able to walk most of the time tbh


- very protective over you, obviously

- I feel like he’d be lowkey clingy tbh??? like he always has to be touching you, not even in a sexual way but just to touch you. whether it be holding your hand, wrapping an arm around you, or hugging you, he’d be touching you.

- you’d be his best friend, as cheesy as that sounds haha.

- y'all would be so comfortable w each other

- his family would LOVE you

- he finds himself always smiling when he’s with you

- cuddling 24/7

- he’d try & make you laugh & smile as much as possible cause he loved seeing you so happy

- he’d treat you with gifts constantly, no matter how much you insisted he didn’t need to.

- he’d show you off as much as possible


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- He’s demiromantic, he doesn’t fall in love often, mostly because of his trust issues, and he’s asexual (also he’s only 12 so)
- He had a crush on Bobert but since Bobert is aro ace he just gave up and now they’re good pals
- He just wants to be cool?? Also my human Ocho has piercings because he thinks it’s rad haha. He’s a cool loser love him
- My human Ocho is probably asian or something I still don’t know
- He was in Bomb Guy’s gang before but he left because of an argument with Bomb
- He unintentionally stole Rob’s pen once (is that even a headcanon)

liisilafontaine Happy 31st birthday to this gorgeous, fiercely talented, incredible woman in the middle! From the moment we met here in London, we just clicked…and it has been non stop ever since haha I am so happy we are on this wild journey together; so many laughs, tears, and unforgettable experiences. We have been through everything imaginable these past 6 months, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. I can truly say that I feel like I’ve gained two dreamy sisters. I love you so much, Amber! May this year bring nothing but abundance, and endless love. #Ahhahhh😛#FitUpCuzItsYoBirdayBihhh 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

☆ stars and ideas ☆

hal loves to talk about his adventures in space, while barry listens and enjoys the sight of hal getting excited telling him about it.

-thank you for 300+ followers! i never had the opportunity to properly say thank you to you guys so this one is especially for you <3 i love you guys so much and every messages and tags that you put on my posts really warms my heart! stay awesome!

Lots of love, Nabby :)


Screenshots from SO MUCH YELLING AT EACH OTHER | Golf it w/ Mark, Bob & Wade! :D

There was SOOO much rage in this video. xD Especially from Wade. :P What is it about golfing games that make Seán, Wade, Bob and Mark so angry? xD But yeah this was a super fun video to watch. I laughed extremely hard at many parts of this video and I just had this big dumb smile on my face throughout watching it. :) Funny story while I was watching this video for the first time though! Wade was raging and making all kinds of different rage screams and at one of those moments Seán just says right after, “Wade’s giving birth to a fucking mule in there.” After he said that I laughed so hard that I almost choked on my hair while I was laughing. xD I was laying down on my side watching the video and when I laughed I inhaled some of my hair into my mouth, that’s basically how that happened. I don’t even know why him saying that made me laugh so hard because it wasn’t that funny. I guess it’s just because he said it right after Wade screamed and he described how he sounded perfectly and that in my brain was extremely hilarious for whatever reason. xD

I love watching all 4 of them play games together though, even when they rage. They always seem like they have so much fun playing these games together and that’s always really nice to see. Even when certain moments in the videos almost make me choke on my own hair, haha! ^_^

Stop erasing Iris West. Sick of this.

How did I know that they would use the lyrics of the song Barry sang to IRIS WEST for thier non-existent forever dead ship… Haha it’s so pathetic they HAVE to erase Iris from the narrative to get “moments”. Seriously how pathetic do you have to be to want it that bad? Is there not a million white hetero relationships on tv? You want one that bad to erase the MOST IMPORTANT character to Barry Allen in 60+ years of comics just because the actress playing her is black? Oh no that’s right you love Iris and shipped WestThawne sooooooooo much. You are a bunch of fake ass feminist. You pretend to care about your “fav” but you really don’t give a fuck about her. You just want to see her with the white male lead. Why are you so obsessed in ignoring the narrative? Her true love died in season 1 and when they showed that she would’ve had him and a baby you ignored him for the lead that loves another woman. Haha imagine that. You love to erase what is actually being shown….. FAKE NEWS head asses. Seriously if you want it so bad go watch another show where you can see plenty of white hetero relationships that are MILES better than the one you love (and doesn’t exist). Candice Patton has received hate since she was casted. Your delusional ship started before the show even began. Guess what though. Barry Allen loves Iris West more than anything. Candice Patton plays Iris West. So please do everyone a favor and move on with your lives. Candice is so important to the role and Iris to The Flash legacy. Meanwhile your fav is a nobody to The Flash. Iris West will always be more important and Barry Allen’s love of his life. Always. He himself said “There is no Flash without Iris West”. Oh wait y'all tried to steal that for your fav too. Damn how pathetic is that? You have to erase the amazing beautiful black actress and character to get anything good. Yikes. Also just always remember Barry Allen sang Runnin’ Home to You to his fiancé Iris West. His future wife Iris West-Allen. She’s gonna have twins. Their grandson will become Impulse. That’s a FACT. So you keep spreading your fake news but even you know that’s the truth. Hey it’s okay… There are plenty of other shows for you. Bye! Love to all my WestAllen fam that put up with this bullshit daily. Also all the love in the world to Candice Patton who is so elegant and graceful and just amazing. She deserves all the love and praise. What a QUEEN. The haters can stay pressed. I’m just rambling now but yeah. Sick of them stealing and erasing Iris. It’s disgusting. That is NOT okay. Alright I’m done peace and love

Handwritten Heartbreak-Newt Scamander x Reader

Handwritten Heartbreak
A/n- This was not requested, just popped into my mind. Hope you enjoy

Warnings- Holy frick the fluff and angst are strong with this one

Newt’s arms wrapped themselves around your waist as you stood  the counter of your flat. He leaned his head down to press sweet kisses to your cheeks as you laughed at his actions. The scent of baked goods drifted through the flat as you began to start your final batch of cookies for the night.

“Newt, what are you doing?”

“Showing my beautiful dear some love, is there something wrong with that?” He hummed out, tightening his hold on you once more.

You let out a few giggles as you looked up at your husband. “Of course not, but I have to finish this batch of cookies, and it’s a bit hard when you’re standing so close.”

“Is that so?”

You turned around and meet eyes with Newt as he smirks down at you. You stuck you tongue out at him, which was then followed by him scooping you up and setting you on the counter. He leaned in for a tender kiss as you tangled your hands through his soft hair.

“Darling, do you remember when we first met?” he asked as he still held you, not wanting you to slip off of the counter at all.

“Hmm, you mean the time when we were both assigned to work together on a charms assignment?”

“Yes, and that was the time when I thanked Merlin for finally setting me up as your partner,” he kissed your nose, followed by each of your cheeks, “because I never thought that I would get to work with someone as intelligent and caring and gorgeous as you.”

“I love you, Newt.”

“I love you too, Y/n.”

Newt slowly opened his eyes and looked around the bedroom. He had a wonderful dream, one filled with memories of the two of you together, simply enjoying the comfort of each other’s company. He reached over to your side of the bed, and he once again became disappointed when he did not find your sleeping form there. Your hair was not there covering your eyes, and your mouth wasn’t slightly open from the soft snores that often escaped your lips. Your legs weren’t tangled in the bed sheets and your arms weren’t around him. He wanted it to be real.

He had been asked by the ministry to do a special observation, which he excitedly accepted, but that didn’t mean that he missed you any less. It was lonely here. He was in an unknown city in a country he had never been to. He missed getting up in the morning and seeing you making tea and breakfast. He missed climbing up to the roof at night to look at the stars. He missed everything about you, and he wanted nothing more than to be with you right now.

Newt hadn’t even noticed that he was crying. All of the memories must has released some emotion that could not be kept hidden for too long. He shuffled over and slipped on one of his white shirts before heading over to his temporary desk area. His case was closed shut papers lined the surface of the wooden desk. He reached for a stack of letters that had all been scripted with your handwriting, each one talking about your day and how much you missed him. He picked up one of them, the crinkled paper flapping in his hand as a swift breeze slipped through.

Dear Newt,
It’s been so long since I last saw you, I hope you’re doing alright and I hope that you are remembering to eat often. You know how you can get sometimes. Today the weather was beautiful, almost as beautiful as that time we had that one picnic in the park. We should do that again when you get back haha. Anyways, your day was probably much more eventful than mine. I only went to a few shops for some food and make a quick purchase at the book store that sits past the bank. You’re probably too occupied to even read this at this moment.
It’s rather lonely here without you though. I know you’re coming back soon, it’s just that the loneliness of it all makes it seem longer than it really is. I really miss you, and I hope you’re doing well with whatever shenanigans you’re up to.
I love you so much Newt. I love you I love you I love you I love you. I can’t wait until you’re in my arms again so that you can tell me all about your wonderful adventures. I love you dear.

That letter had been towards the first few weeks of his travels. He had exchanged and written you letters back, but recently, they had not been as frequent. His work had blinded him and created late nights of writing notes. He picked up another letter that had come in, but this one was more recent.

Dear Newt,
I know you’re busy. I don’t expect you to reply back to this letter either, and I don’t want you to beat yourself up about it either. I miss you though. I wish you were back here now, but I know it’s selfish to think that when you’re enjoying your travels and discoveries. Sometimes it feels like my heart is breaking, but I know you’re doing what you love.
I am sorry if these letters have been interrupting your studies. I can stop writing them if you wish. I love you very much, and I’m also sorry. I hope all is well.

By now, Newt was sobbing. He loved doing what he does for his work, but he needed you with him. He hadn’t been able to write often, so now you had the illusion that he was too busy and that you were interrupting him. He was disappointed in himself. He was likely the cause of the tear stains you left on the letter. He was the one that had left you to sleep alone at night. He should have taken you with him, surely the ministry could have made an exception. His heart ached and he wanted to curl into a ball and snuggle into your arms, but you were nowhere to be found. He doesn’t regret coming, he only regrets coming without you.

The hole in his heart only grew bigger, like a beast was sinking its sharpened claws and dragging them down, tearing the tissue even more. He felt like he was being swallowed up in despair. He needed you. He needed you now. He needed you to hold him and to tell him that you were okay. He hurt you. He left you. He hated himself. Why didn’t he just bring you with him? He was such an idiotic fool. What kind of husband was he?

He knew not to beat himself up but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to yell and cry and scream, but none of that would bring him back to you or vice versus. He could leave and pack up, but you would be disappointed in him for quitting and giving up. Perhaps he already disappointed you.

He pulled on his hair as he sunk to the dusty wooden floor. His appearance was now far from formal, for his shirt was now wrinkled and his hair was swept in different directions. His crying became more audible, not necessarily caring if the rooms surrounding his own heard. He felt pathetic for crying, worthless even, but he couldn’t stop. He was the worst husband to ever exist on the face of the earth. His tears and heart twisted in agony as he clutched his chest. Everything hurt, everything was his fault. He made the mistake of not taking you with him and now he was paying the price.

His emotional spiral was interrupted by a knock on the door of where he was staying.

“The post!” he whisper-shouted. There could be one of your letters, it could indicate that you were okay, or worse, it could indicate that you wanted nothing to do with him. He shoved his anxiety aside. He rushed to the door in order to bring in the possible letter from you and unlocked the door and threw it open. There was no post though, far from it.

You stood there as he opened the door.

You had a smile on your face, for you had called the ministry many times (mainly because they refused to tell you where Newt was arranged to stay, which bothered you a lot) and had come to surprise him.

“Y-Y/n you’re here, you’re so- oh Merlin!” He yelled as he trapped you in a bone-crushing hug. You rubbed his back soothingly as his tears began to soak your coat. His audible tears once again erupted and you closed the door shut before sinking to the floor with him.

“Newt, dear what’s wrong? Has something happened?”

“Y-You’re here, how did you get here!?”

“I wanted to surprise you, so I asked the ministry where you were. They were quite hesitant actually.”

“Y/n I’m so sorry, I’m sorry for being a horrible husband. I was so selfish I didn’t take you with me a-and it’s all my fault and you hate me and I’m so sorry, love I’m so sorry!” he wailed.

You could almost hear his heart breaking as he sunk deeper into your arms.

“Newt, you’re far from a horrible husband. You needed to come here for work, you did nothing wrong. Shhh…love your heart beat is very rapid right now breathe love, I’ll help calm me down.”

You continued to let him hold you as he sobbed, his hyperventilation eventually subsided into small hiccups.

“I’m sorry darling.”

“No more apologies Newt,” you said as you ran a hand through his hair. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. I love you and I always will, nothing will ever change that. My heart will always be yours.”

“Y/n I love you. I can’t imagine you leaving me, I swear I’ll never go somewhere without you again, I love you so much.”

He pulled you in for a passionate kiss and he gently tugged on your lips. His warmth could be felt on your own cheeks and he reached his hand to your to caress over the ring he had given you when you vowed your love to one another. You kissed his forehead once more.

“Dear, tell me about your travels.”


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I'm sorry. I meant your favourite male character from books

Hello, darling :) Nothing to be sorry for, it’s just that I would have a really hard time choosing just one, haha. Even now it’s a struggle and I feel like I will cheat again by choosing two xD

Here it goes:

1) Rhysand - ACOTAR series

There are MANY reasons for this but the main one is, basically, I love dark, sassy, suave and morally grey characters who basically stan their ladies like, right from the start. And I don’t know (and don’t care) what that says about me but I was ready to love Rhysand right from the moment he appeared in Spring Court with that head on spike.

Apart from all of this, Rhysand actually reminds me a LOT (and that’s an *cough cough* understatement) of one of my fav TV male characters - Klaus Mikaelson (TVD).

Here’s an awesome post by @maevelin who pretty much nailed all the similarities (x)

Edit: As far as ACOTAR series goes, Rhysand is (VERY) closely followed by Cassian, Azriel and Lucien. Just to clear things up and cheat even more, haha!

2) Warner - Shatter Me series

Okay, so this is my latest fave and this series took a turn for amazing from the moment he appeared, at least to me.

There he was, saying things like:

“At least I’m honest about being a liar.”

And then a little verbal sparring with his future BAE:

“Go to hell.“ 

“I’m working on it.”

When no one sees him, he cuddles stray gods to his chest, then carries on his evil way.

Warner as he expresses feelings for his BAE:

“I want all of you. I want you inside and out and catching your breath and aching for me like I ache for you.” 

“I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with. The one you take into your arms and into your bed and into the private world you keep trapped in your head. I want to be that kind of friend. The one who will memorize the things you say as well as the shape of your lips when you say them. I want to know every curve, every freckle, every shiver of your body.“ 


And finally, Warner owning up to the person he is. No remorse, no guilt, no excuses:

“I have never claimed to live by any set of principles. I’ve never claimed to be right, or good, or even justified in my actions. The simple truth is that I do not care. I have been forced to do terrible things in my life, love, and I am seeking neither your forgiveness nor your approval.”


3) Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice (an honourable mention)

Because P&P basically started my obsession with historical romance and I still cannot comprehend how you can be so handsome and rich but so incredibly socially awkward at the same time.

Also, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy doesn’t hurt ;)

Okay, so this is a little bit more than just one, what can I say, I always cheat with those *sorry not sorry*

Hope you have a lovely day :)


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You should do a spicy boom!sonamy prompt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok for real tho, would you write some cute, fluff, slightly angst boom! Sonamy prompt? I need some feels! Btw you're awesome I love all of your work. Is the only thing I've been reading for the last week and I'm obsess <3

Haha, just kidding! I would love to do some fluff~ I’m still not quite sure on the definition of ‘spicy’? But I think it means ‘steamy’ right? Well, I think you were kidding, right? Cause you said, ‘but for real’ so I’ll go with fluff, cute, and some mild angst. Boom is hard cause it’s not very easy to place these two in a moment of vulnerability besides-….


…..Oh my gosh.

(Also thank you so much!!! XD I know it’s a deep pool of prompts to swim through since 2 or 3 years of writing these suckers but I thank you for liking them so much~<3 I love you for your love and support! XD)


Sonic walked with a wide swing in his step, looking around before directly to Amy, and seeing what she was doing on the ground.

“Uh… Ames? Not that I’m trying to be a bother to your… ‘experimentation’ thing or whatnot, but…” he shook his hands in the air, looking a little bored before leaning over to see what she was doing, fiddling with what looked like puzzle pieces placed in a slider.

“Sorry, Sonic. I know I called you over here for your speedy abilities, but I honestly can’t seem to figure out this… stupid… errkk!!!” she tried to slide one more square piece over, tugging and struggling before getting it’s rusty self in place.

“Ha!” Amy was forced back by her own power, but the titles in the small square glowed suddenly, and Sonic’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he leaned back.

“I did it!” Amy jumped back forward, holding her hands up triumphantly. “Okay, now I need you to- AHHH!!”

The two were suddenly pulled into the small, miniature vortex and spiraled into it, becoming small and only pint-sized selves.

“Oh no!” Amy looked herself over, “The effects of those ancient geared tablets must have triggered some form of…. of an ancient shrink ray!” she gripped her head, looking worried. “I must have misread it!” she suddenly ran over to a large book, hitting it open and then looking down at the page as Sonic raced up to look at her.

“It’s no use… it’s all the way on page 380…” she looked at all the pages, seeing how hard it was to flip each individual one separately.

Sonic jumped up, gesturing to himself and for her to move as she smiled and got by his side.

She laughed as she jumped while he ran over the pages, having them flip quickly under his speedy shoes before she was finally able to see the right page.

“Oh! Stop, stop, stop!” she motioned her hand out before dropping to her knees, using her hand to read over the now large printed words.

“Shoot!” she hit her hand to the paper, “I thought it said sight array, not shrink ray!”

“How could you mess those up?” Sonic had his arms folded, before parting them with a shrug and leaning his head back, “They don’t even sound the same!” He then looked back at her with the expression that he was somehow smarter at getting this than her.

As he shook his head in complete haughtiness, she just stared at him as if he had no idea what the difference was in hieroglyphics and modern language.

“Some things can mean a number of things, Sonic.” she rolled her eyes, and continued to read. “Now… let’s figure out how to fix this…”

“Pfft, boring!” Sonic jumped down from the book, taking off a ways.

“W-wait! You can’t just go! It’s dangerous!” Amy stood up, looking upset and worried before he about faced, hearing her words, and coming back.

“Did I hear dangerous?” he gave her a funny look, “Amy, I’m magnetically pulled to dangerous!”

“I really hope you weren’t just winging words there.” Amy insulted, as he did in fact looked offended.

“What’s your problem?! You act like I can’t understand anything!” Sonic put a hand to his hip and then gestured up to her, “Like, what? You’re some sort of ‘high scholar’ above of me?” he turned around, folding his arms and looking behind himself, pouting in a grumpy way.

“Well… yes.” Amy nonchalantly answered, even looking up a moment to bounce her shoulders as if that was ‘matter-of-factly’ a true statement, and then looked back at him with drooped eyelids. “And you’re point is?”

“Augh! I don’t need this!” Sonic threw his hands up in the air, fed up with her attitude as he was about to take off again.


“Sorry comes after the brooding, Amy. You know this.” he stayed bent down in his running pose, arms up and ready to swing out like a running man and his toe tipped up to start the first step.

“No, not that! I mean, how am I gonna get around if you take off like that?” she jogged to the corner of the book, and looked down over at him.

“Sonic… we can’t just abandon each other!”

He slid his mouth to the side of his muzzle, narrowing his eyes and drooping his eyelids as if he wasn’t really disagreeing on that comment… but he could just go if he wanted too..


Her voice turned more desperate.

He looked down, his frown slowly stretching out and untensing.


He shook his head and ruffled his hands in his quills, getting up and waltzing back to her. “Ahhh.. fine! FINE! But you have to say you’re sorry!” He stuck a finger up at her, still looking upset.

“Fine.” Amy nodded, liking that deal as she sat pretty up top, tilting her head slightly side to side to rustle her own quills into a neater place from looking down. “I’m sorry for referencing that most men are blind idiots who state their opinions as fact.” she smiled down to Sonic.

She acted so innocent…

He hated it.

He glared and puffed up his own chest, “Oh yeah? Well, I’m sorry for referring to all women as pompous and stubborn!” he folded his arms, turning away. “Acting so high and mighty… but then needing someone to cuddle with in the dark~” he suddenly mocked her by throwing his arms around himself, then placing his hands together and to the side of his face, as if doting or acting ‘feminine’ as he pretended to sleep and close his eyes.

His eyes shot back open when he heard a battlecry and looked up, jumping a bit in shock and parting his legs, racing away as Amy came down with a hammer.

The dust piled up and he coughed while fanning it away.

She breathed loudly, looking ticked.


“Yes. Thank you. Adios!” he nodded, saluted her with a flick of his two, put together fingers goodbye, and was about to race off.


“WHHHYYY…?” he groaned, swinging his arms down and back around himself in a huge, over-exaggerated whine.

He looked to her with arched eyes, as if so done with fighting her already.

“I thought that’s what you want!”

“We need to get that-!” She pointed to the tablet’s holder. “To Tails!” she threw her pointed finger down, looking ready to chew his head off.

“Hmph. And why should I help you?” he folded his arms, sticking his tongue at her before turning his head away. “All you ever do is unappreciated me.”

“Excuse me?” she raised an eyebrow, confused by his wording.

“You never listen to me!” he suddenly over-acted, flinging the back of his hand’s wrist up to his forehead, leaning himself back. “I’m all alone in this big empty world, and all I ever wanted was for you to notice me! Ah!” he suddenly dropped to his knees, laying with an arm supporting him up, looking helpless, and clearly seeming to reference a previous conversation he must have had with Amy Rose…

“I’m just a woman! With feelings too!” he kept mocking, and as he did so, Amy’s face shifted from anger to hurt, as if he was making fun of her feelings when she had spoken those words long ago.

“But of course! You wouldn’t understand!” he hit his hand down in a fists, “Because, what? What!?” he suddenly threw his hands up to his face, shaking his head back before glaring at her, turning back to his old self.

“Because men don’t understand love!?”

He bounced himself up and walked over to her, looking much more serious as she stepped back, a little afraid that he wasn’t just acting anymore…

“I came here to help you! Not be told I’m stupid!” he thrust a finger at her, and she tripped over the side of the book’s cover, hitting the stacked papers to break her fall.

“..A-Ames?” he suddenly pulled away, worried.

She looked down, sniffing as she rubbed her nose and got up.

“Is that what you think of my feelings?” She walked past him, before looking up as she did so, “That their a drama to be acted out?” she looked deeply hurt, and turned away as she squinted her eyes shut, before running off to get the tablet, pushing it as it started to jut-forward.

“…H-hey now… hold on! I’m the one that’s suppose to be offended and hurt here!” he stomped his foot down. “Don’t suddenly make this about you!”

She kept struggling to push it, but little by little, she got it going.

“Just don’t come, Sonic! I get it! You’re better off alone…” she looked away from him as she passed, before his face drooped and he watched in sorrow as she pushed the square puzzle passed him.

He outstretched an arm, “Amy..?”

He had taken it a bit too far, and looked away, scanning the ground as if he could find answers there.

“Ah, man…” he rubbed his head again, before he moved down to his neck, looking regretful.

“Amy… Ah, Ames. Don’t push it yourself!” he gave in to his better nature, rushing up and helping her push, causing the square to go must faster.

“I said I didn’t need your help anymore!” Amy felt the ease on her shoulders while she pushed, but it didn’t change the fact of how she was feeling toward his little act back there…

“Look, okay, I have feee… feeel… feelllllingggsss toooo…” he contorted his face and mouth as if saying that was difficult, before shaking his head and sighing as if relieved he got it out.

“Ah, there. Now we’re doing what you love to do. Talking about the inner-crisis of our teenage lives!” he kid, still shoving the darn thing forward.

“At this rate, we’ll get to Tails’s soon enough!” he then stated, as Amy looked back at his expression…

She smiled.

At least he tried.

The two finally made it, with a sandy and dirt trail behind them, to Tails.

Changing them back, just before he did so, Amy and Sonic stood in the box that Tails had closed the door on.

She bounced her feet, looking up and waiting expectantly for the beam to change them back to normal.

Sonic looked away, as if nervous, before scratching the tip of his head, and turning back to her, putting his hands together.

“Umm… A-about what I said…”

“Forgiven. Now brace yourself.” she happily squinted her eyes.

He looked back up to her, almost sorrowfully, before chuckling lightly and leaning closer to her.

“No.. about not treating your feelings fairly.”

“It’s in the past! Afterall, you’re a ‘solo-rider’ I get that.” she continued to let it all go, but Sonic just frowned more, trying to be real with her.

“…Ames, I wasn’t lying when I said I liked danger.”

The computer started rotating a countdown.

“Yeah? So?” Amy kept her eyes closed, still acting cheery like she didn’t care what he said.

He looked more gently to her, his eyes showing more in them then what he was saying.

If only her eyes were open to see.

“I mean…” He leaned closer, as tenderly as he could, he leaned his head behind her shoulder.

“I’m not afraid of the most terrifyingly, dangerous adventure any hedgehog could ever go on…”

The computer started counting down from 3…2….1…

“What’s that?”

Loving a stubborn woman.”

Her eyes shot open, turning to look at him as he moved his head, acting as though he hadn’t done or said anything.


The two zapped back to normal sizes, as the door was flung open in a light of blue.

Tails raced up before watching Sonic spin out the window, and then went to open the swinging close door for Amy, but she just knocked it clear off it’s hinges with her hammer, chasing after him with large smiles on her face.

And if there could be, hearts piling out around her from thin air.