i just loved them a lot during this scene

i’ve been watching bloopers and all i can think now is ‘if mass effect was a movie, who would cause more: shepard or garrus?’

- i can just see them needing to do the “pop the heat sink” scene at least 7 times because one of them keeps cracking up either mid-line or during the awkward silence

- cracking up during garrus’ random one-liners while on a mission

- shepard goes to lean against the railing in the main battery and MISSES

- during the presidium bottle shooting scene, one of them slips or even FALLS OFF as they try to throw the bottle (but fortunately there’s a net to catch them)

- garrus swears a LOT when he stuffs up which makes shepard laugh

- during the headbump in the me2 love scene, one of them sneezes and *THUNKS* the other on the head


The Doctor’s various smiles in The Lie of the Land, switching back and forth from a creepy Joker-like grin, to a warm and sincere flash of teeth.

I’ve often said one of my favorite qualities on Peter’s face is his wonderful smile. I love it, and wish he’d do it more. Having said that, I searched through the recent episode to GIF them all (well, probably not all), and decide which moment I liked best.

He smiled a lot during the ‘Punk’d Bill’ scene on the boat, but they were all from tricking the poor girl. Loved the smiles, but not for the reasons they were appearing. And I don’t know what was going on with him ramming the dock with the boat and scaring everyone. That was probably the most diabolical we saw of him in this episode…or maybe even the whole series! XD

It obviously became the smile as he’s talking to Missy in the vault. He just solved how to conquer the Monks and his enthusiasm of figuring it out has no bounds. The camera panned to him as he stood pleased with himself, and that’s the one I keep going back to on my choices. :)

The last one is of him about to plug his brain into the transmitter Monk in the Fake News Central room. It’s a nice one that slowly appears on his face, but I still like the one in the vault. :)

SO I have just finished ACOWAR and this is what I have concluded..

(chronologically from my notes)

-Feyre is so badass at being undercover

-long distance relationship feels

-Ianthe is a piece of SHIT

-Dagden and Brannagh are like Desda and Eska from Legend of Korra

-Some similarities between Tamlin/the wall/Hybern early in the book are looking reeeeeeal relevant to some certain *ahem* political things going on in the USA rn


-Eris makes me suspicious considering he is literally named after the goddess of Discord who famously sowed the seeds of the Trojan War

-more invisible hands!?!? *wink wink* hey Manorian i c u

-Feysand being the ultimate relationship in YA/New Adult lit to look up to because C H O I C E  and  E Q U A L I T Y dammit!


-Amren Nesta friendship

-omg could you imagine them and Manon all hanging out.holy mother

-Rhys’s self sacrificing tendencies hurt my heart

-i want to see stuff from Rhys’ perspective while Feyre was undercover

-The library reminds me of the Guggenheim museum and if you disagree you’re wrong

-Rhys is the Mom Friend™

-in ACOMAF i thought the bone carver was just baby Rhys but OMG its their future kid. holy shit

-When it was mentioned that a Fae warrior’s blood ran into a human line.. HMM who could that possibly mean??

-Seraphim interesting interesting

-Elain is PSYCHIC 

-Feyre falls face first into mud when she falls asleep sitting up. DEAD

-”You are selfless, and brave and kind.” p 376 OH INTERESTING RHYSAND ARE YOU DIVERGENT

- “…wear that crown to bed. only the crown.” p. 402

- “You bow to no one” p 402- this made me think of LOTR but alsoooooo of a certain someone who is heir of ash and fire and will bow to no one….

-Helion makes me think of Apollo

-Helion’s thighs

-feminism for all the wives/mates to become HIGH LADIES fuck yeah

- “50 years of Gossip”

-When Tamlin rolls into the meeting

- “The sun was shining when I left you”

-Amren being attached to the blood ruby 

-Amren and Varian


-Azriel attacking Eris

- more with the GENDER EQUALITY PLS (Viviane, yas girl)

- “I shall Consider” remember in EoS…. Remember???

- Helion’s bisexuality

-Helion is LUCIEN’s baby daddy

-Helion’s thighs

-Elazriel !!!

-Bryaxis is bae

-Nesta the witch

-the focus on how being narrow minded is bad!!!! very relevant

-Cassian reminded me of Achilles during the first battle scene

-when nesta detects Cassian’s injuries: Maaaaaaaaates


-a few pages later:


-”I need to-to die for it to be stopped?” 529. NO SARAH NOT AGAIN PLEASE

-crying because the suriel died

-p 552-3, the cauldron looking back at them reminded me a lot of the Palantir and of the Eye of Sauron. loved the LOTR parallels whether or not they were intentional.


-when Elain got kidnapped by the Cauldron i just pictured it skirting up to their camp and her getting in and it driving away like nyooom nyoom

-it was late at night dont judge my sleep deprived brain

-aw Tamlin did something right for once



-i didnt seee that coming but omg it makes so much sense

-Andromache, again a reference to the Iliad (Andromache was the wife of Hector)

-p 600- when they are gonna have the big battle while the Made ones nullify the king’s power over the cauldron- LOTR parallel to when the Rohan and Gondor forces draw out the orcs and the Eye while frodo and sam Do the Thing™

-in short… Feyre is Frodo


-YAY monsters

-When Spring and Autumn show up!!! love that trope

-oh shit more Hybern… theyre all fucked…

-AcCePt!!! Seraphim and MR ARCHERON

-and VASSA

-sidebar, Vassa being the firebird is an interesting parallel to Russian folklore and history. not to mention the Weaver reminds me of Baba Yaga a little bit but ANYWAYS



-Enchanted Cauldron Journeys™ 2.0

-The entire scene between Nesta Cassian and Mr. Hybern King


-ugh yes.

-punt that bitches head like a deflated football!!!!!!

-yeah i said it.

-Amren is….. Satan?

-That was the Lucifer story, right? Are we all in agreement there??

-The cauldron is a big ol womb

-Mother+Cauldron=life, gift of life

-its the universe

-Rhys dying literally ruined my life

-even tho i knew it was gonna happen ( i saw a spoiler by accident)

- “Be happy, Feyre” Tamlin redemption arc?

-Rhys’s first words when he is Rhysurrected™

-Oops dont overcook Amren!!

-Nesta spat on Hybern’s corpse

- “We’re opening the fancy bottles”


-one more time for good measure:

Helion’s thighs

ugh. This book i swear to god


what are you doing to me sarah!??!!??

rhytobi  asked:

Heya, I recently found your YouTube channel and I'm very happy I did. No matter how many times I watch your videos I always laugh. I swear in one day i re-watched your truth or mischief videos about 3 times. I overly love Sara's Remus. It brings me so much happiness. Just one question, how do you guys decide which scene from Chasing Moonshadows to cosplay? Like do you chose one that you all love or is it more about wether you have the space, time, etc. Love you all. Waiting for the next video.

Hello! That is a great question, thank you! Usually, we have to consider the limitations of location, and which age the characters are, as well as which characters we have access to, when we choose Casting Moonshadows scenes to record! As you can see, a lot of them take place during the storyline when the marauders are developing the animagus-transformation, because a lot of those scenes take place in their dorm or in the Gryffindor common room, and it usually only concerns the four of them. So those scenes are easier for us to arrange than scenes that, for example, involves the teachers, or other characters or magic.

Thank you for your message and thank you fo enjoying our videos (♡´౪`♡)

Luke Evans - Interview Part 1

IMAGINE: You’re an actress starring in the upcoming sequel, No One Lives 2 Mad Love and your Co Star is none other than Luke Evans, returning as his role as, Driver.

Luke Evans - Interview Part 1

“Hello I am Nathan Slader and my guests today are the stars of the upcoming movie, No One Lives 2 Mad Love.” Nathan said, turning to Luke Evans.

“Luke Evans here, which is returning as his role as the psychopath, Driver. You may know him also from his other roles as Vlad in Dracula Untold, Zeus in The Immortals, Scott in his upcoming movie Girl On The Train and Gaston in Disney Beauty and The Beast. How are you doing today Luke?” Nathan said.

“I’m doing wonderful. I’m glad to be here today back on set of No One Lives with this lovely woman next to me.” Luke said, smiling over at you.

“A course and who wouldn’t be. Ladies and gentlemen my other guest here is none other than (Y/F/L/N). She is well known for her roles in Supernatural as Mel, a friend of the Winchesters and fellow hunter. Also she’s currently starring in AMC The Walking Dead, as Mia. How are you doing today (Y/N)?” Nathan said.

“I’m doing great. I really excited to be doing my first movie, with this guy here that I’ve been wanting to meet.” You said smiling over at Luke.

Now rumor has it this sequel is base off a fan’s idea. Is there any truth on that?” Nathan asked.

“Actually yes.” Luke said smiling. “A young woman on tumblr had written her own version of a sequel of No One Lives.”

“Really? On tumblr?” Nathan said.

“That’s right.” You said smiling and nodding. “She decided to email the idea to Ryuhei Kitamura, who as you know direct the first movie, No One Lives. He really liked her idea and flew her down here so they could go over the casting and the plot for it.”

“That’s amazing.” Nathan said, smiling.

“It is amazing to have fans out there that really enjoy our work and want to continue to see our work. I have to admit, when I got a called to come back as Driver, I was really excited about it. He was a character that I really enjoyed playing” Luke said, stealing a glance from you.

“I was excited to about this, because I watch No One Lives and I thought it was amazing. I always wonder what his back story was and what would happen with Luke’s character if he did find that someone he was searching for.” You said, blushing as Luke kept looking over at you.

“Fans of No One Lives are going to just love this movie. Because it finally answers the question of the origin of Driver and what would happen if he found someone. You, (Y/N) you play Nina, a girl with a multiple personalities disorder and Luke’s love interest in the movie.” Nathan said.

Yes I do. When I got called to star in No One Lives, I literally jumped up and down in my living room. My friend Hannah looked over at me like I was crazy.” You said, smiling as Luke smile and shake his head. “He doesn’t believe me” You pointed at Luke “But I really did, I was fan girly about it. I’m not going to lie.”

“All the girls would be fan girly if they worked with Luke.” Nathan said laughing.

What can I say? The ladies love me.” Luke said laughing and giving you a wink.

“Now I know you guys can’t give away too much of the movie, but what were your guys favorite scenes? (Y/N), you go first.” Nathan said.

“I have to say my favorite part was when Driver is telling Nina his backstory and his killings he did in the first movie. The scene was really tense and very graphic when it came to him deciding what he did. After he finished telling Nina what happened, she was quiet at first. Then with a straight face she says, “so what you’re telling me is…your single.” You said and all three of you guys started laughing. “It was so hilarious to me that after all the gory details she ask if he was single.”

“O yes I do love that part.” Luke said smiling. “We had to do a few takes because we kept laughing when she said.”

“So Nina has humor then?” Nathan said
“O yes she had a wonderful sense of humor. Just like this gorgeous woman here.” Luke said, smiling at you, making you blush more. “I think that’s my favorite thing from the whole movie to be honest. Nina takes the most seriously and gory scenes, then cracks jokes. I love the part when she gets caught in the sneer traps and gets launch in there air. She cuss so much, I couldn’t help but laugh.”

“Hey, I was caught in three sneer traps, who wouldn’t be cussing up a storm?” You said, playing fully shoving Luke. He took her hand and entwine his fingers with yours.

“Now how does it feel working with (Y/N), Luke?” Nathan said as he took a quick glance at Luke holding your hand.

“(Y/N) is just wonderful and delightful to work with.” Luke said, smiling as he squeezed your hand. He looked at you the whole time he described working with you

“She has a wonderful sense of humor and she has this way of just pulling you in. All she has to do is smile and your hooked. Seeing her play this character that started off in such a terrible place and become this stronger woman, was truly amazing. My mind was blown, when I saw her doing her own stunts. Especially when she scale this 18 foot wall, by herself. I had to get hooked up to a harness to do that scene. Seeing her do it, not once but four times, it was amazing.” Luke said, as he smile showing his fangs, he turn away when Nathan started talking.

“That must be awesome to see that up close like that.” Nathan said.

“O it was. I actually forgot my line when she first did it.” Luke said laughing. “I was caught up that she got up to the top of the wall. I heard Ryuhei say, “Luke say your line. Say your line.” I actually cuss, cause I couldn’t remember my line.“

“Yeah that was hilarious. I told him he forgot his line cause my boobies almost came out of my shirt.” You said, laughing as Luke blush. He buried his face in your shoulders. “It’s okay you’re still pretty.”

I’m glad I still have that going for me.” Luke said, pulling away and laughing.

“O my goodness.” Nathan said, smiling as he shook his head. “Now (Y/N), how is it to work with Luke?” Nathan said.

“I love working with Luke to be honest. He’s such an amazing actor and like I said I’ve always wanted to meet him. When I got a chance to meet him and work with him, I had to take it.” You said, blushing as Luke squeezed your hand again and winking at you. “It’s amazing to see him go from being this sweet, wonderful man, to a killer that drops bodies like no tomorrow and then come back to being sweet. It’s incredible to see how he can bring his character to life.”

“Awe your so sweet, darling.” Luke said, kissing your cheek and making you blush.“ Awe you’re blushing, love.”

“Shut up.” You said, smiling as you nudge him with your shoulder.

“It seems like you two have great chemistry. Did that help when you guys had to do a few sex scenes in the film?” Nathan said, causing you both to blush.

“It made it easier I bet.” You said, as you try not to show your nervous. Luke notice and stroke your hand with his thumb. “I never did a sex scene before let alone one with my clothes even being close to being off. Nina and driver, they were like bunny rabbits in this movie.”

Luke and Nathan said busting up laughing.

There’s that sense of humor I love.” Luke said, lifting your hand up and kissing it.“ That’s one of the many things I love about her, takes something serious and makes jokes, lighting the mood. That helped a lot during the sex scenes. I’ve done some before but not like how Nina and driver are. They really do go out it like bunny rabbits.”

“Christian Grey has nothing on Driver.” You said, causing them to laugh more. “Hey, I’m just being honest here. I’m wasn’t complaining one bit and Nina wasn’t either.”

“ O love your too much.” Luke said, giving you another kiss on the cheek.

“I have to say, this is one of my favorite interviews.” Nathan said as he got the single to wrap the interview out. “Well, we’re out of time. I hope to have you guys back here for another interview and hopefully see you guys in more movies together.”

“O must definitely.” Luke said, looking over at you.

After the interview was over, you kept blushing more and more. Luke still hadn’t let go of your hand, even after you guys walked out of the studio.

The whole night Luke kept making comments on how wonderful and beautiful you were. He kept going in about wanting to work with you more and always made plans to rehearse on the side.

You heard him make comments like this before but it seems different somehow or were you just seeing things? All you could think about, is your hand was still in his.

Luke Evans- Interview Part 2

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Looking back at stage play 「Touken Ranbu」

One day free since stage play 「Touken Ranbu」 ended…

Sometime today, I felt sort of unsatisfied

Thinking, “I wonder if I should think back over stage play 「Touken Ranbu」”

Every time I finish a play, for each one,
I write something that turns into a  「looking back blog」 but

I feel like I want to do it this time too, not leaving this play out.

I’m always thinking freely and as much as I want
Writing about mundane things so

I think it becomes long, rambling writing so,
please forgive me.

And if you’d like, or you have time, please read it

Looking back at stage play 「Touken Ranbu」.


Before the production of 「Touken Ranbu」, I only vaguely knew about it.

I had forgotten where I knew it from but,

It’s really popular,
but the only details I knew about the Touken Ranbu is that it was about taking care of swords.

Sword dance [ranbu] is something I’m good at, or I guess I should say I like it so

When there was talk about swords
“If they do something like turn it into a stage play, I want to try performing in it.”

I thought things like that.


I was surprised when talks of turning it into a stage play came around.

I instantly started looking into 「Touken Ranbu」.

First it was data related to my role, 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」, and its connection to history.

What kind of character it was, and so on.

“But it won’t be any good if I don’t play the game!”
I thought, and I felt like playing the game.

I thought that but……

At that time, there still wasn’t a smartphone app

It was a computer game so

Because my computer had broken, I wasn’t able to play it…

Since that was the case, I thought,
“For the time being, I’ll research the character as much as possible”,
and I kept doing a lot of searching and reading.

In my research

It wasn’t just Yamanbagiri Kunihiro,

There are a lot of other characters

They’re all really fascinating characters, I realized in each of their individual episodes and interactions.

I like Japanese history so

To a degree there was knowledge of that history in my head but

Seeing history from the sword’s starting point

I was able to see the history that I had been aware of until now from a different point of view so

Even though I was just researching
It was really interesting.

The character that caught my attention,

Manba-chan, of course,

I played Okita Souji in musical 「Hakuoki」 so,

I was curious about 「Kashuu Kiyomitsu」 and 「Yamatonokami Yasusada」. lol

When I was acting in Hakumyu

My part in Tou-sute had already been determined so,

While the role was 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」,

“Now I’m wielding 「Kashuu Kiyomitsu」 as Okita Souji, aren’t I ~ “
During the Hakumyu performances I was thinking things like that. lol

This and that

During Tou-sute practice.

The Tou-sute characters

There were a lot of people that I had co-starred with before now,
personally, it was a really easy setting for me to be in.

But as you can see from the group of cast members,

The cast of Tou-sute this time
Headed by Hiroki-kun, nothing but amazing people !

There were a lot of people with accomplishments and great abilities so,

As part of that,
I was happy being the attendant of the citadel in Tou-sute, but on the other hand there was strong pressure.

It’s also because this is a really huge production.

Tou-sute’s story this time

There’s also the conflict of Oda’s swords,
And Yamanbagiri Kunihiro’s growth.

That’s what the director, Suemitsu-san, told me.


“Putting aside the pressure I feel now, in this production I want to achieve some growth myself along with Manba-chan..”

I was thinking something like that at the time.

The story of Tou-sute this time

Mikazuki’s acting as Yamambagiri’s guide but,

At the same time that was happening

Hiroki-kun was guiding me as the cast group’s leader

I was thinking, “I should build myself up along with 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」 shouldn’t I?”

The scenes with Mikazuki where we’re talking and looking at the moon,
I really love them.

Even though it was a performance,

Talking with Hiroki-kun, playing Mikazuki
I could feel any haziness in my mind disappear right away.

In that time, the feeling of the haziness that Yamanbagiri had falling away instantly, with a thud.

In the beginning Yamanbagiri had built a wall against Mikazuki but
Through that, finally, his heart would open a little.

Those scenes are the exact reason that the emotional attachment is there.

And then the war council scenes.

I like those scenes too, of course.

The war council had special scenes and content daily but,

They still took place on the battleground.

Having brought up the daily special content

In general we were preparing with a quick briefing but,

It didn’t end up being anything like a prep session ! ! lol

It was mostly Mikazuki and Tsurumaru
putting in ad-libs,

We weren’t supposed to laugh
Hasebe and Yamanbagiri would end up laughing. lol

Yamanbagiri especially had all kinds of lines with explanations so

Even though I absolutely wasn’t supposed to laugh

Those two people would end up laughing ! lol

Being unable to say my explanation lines while I was laughing
It was difficult. lol

But, I love those scenes.

Time after time, not knowing what would happen
If I’m being honest it was a really scary thing but

It’s because of those members that I didn’t feel fear or anything
By trusting in them, I was able to truly enjoy the ad-libs.

It isn’t just the war council scenes.

There was a sense of security in every one of the scenes,

Performing was really fun.

A lot of discussions unfolded so that we could make the characters really come to life there.


I love each of the scenes.

The Tou-sute cast that was able to breathe life into the characters, I love all of them.


Manba-chan’s mantle caused me some problems.

When I put on the mantle for the first time, I was already tangled in it…

Twisting around my arms,

Wrapping around my sword,

Constantly hitting the people around me,

It was quite unruly.

So during practice, I worked with the mantle the whole time.

In the beginning it was a relatively clean mantle (dirt getting into it) but,

Gradually it was becoming worn out. lol

But that’s the exact reason I grew such an attachment to that mantle so
My mantle for practice and my mantle for performances were the same.

So, Manba-chan’s original mantle is dirty. lol

I’m attached to that mantle so

When the performances were over
When I would think things like 「Now I can’t wear this…」 I got really sad. lol

That mantle, I want to wear it agaiiin.

Around the time I entered Tou-sute practice

The smartphone version of the game had come out so

Everyone was playing the Touken Ranbu game in the training room
No matter who’s hand anything was in,
We couldn’t easily clear the stages one by one; that, and all kinds of talks sprung up. *

I saw each person taking care of the characters they were playing in the stage play and
I thought, “Yeah, everyone really does love their characters.”

So of course, I was also always taking care of Manba-chan.

Stage play  「Touken Ranbu」, false rumours burning through Honnouji
It’s been finished but

I hope everyone from the previous Tou-sute can come back again.

When that time comes, as 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」 again,
I want to appear before everyone.

Yagen Toushirou.

It was my first time co-starring with Kitamuu but,

We got along so well that it really didn’t feel like it

Shokudaikiri Mitsutada.

Ton-chan is big as always isn’t he

His build is too good, I’m astonished

Ichigo Hitofuri.

We played the same role of Okita Souji in Hakumyu.

Our first time working together, he was a reliable, hard-working co-star

His stage fighting was really cool, wasn’t it

Sayo Samonji.


Takeru, the parts of taijutsu that remain are way too shocking *

[T/N: this is probably wrong, but i had a hard time working out a more correct translation… it could also just be something along the lines of ‘the way his body works/moves is too amazing’, if i had to guess.]

On top of that, I was totally shocked to hear that this is his stage debut

Tsurumaru Kuninaga.


The ringleader of the war council scenes


Generally he would be the one walking about different things in the preparatory briefings


And making everyone laugh

But he also got to enjoy that himself

Mikazuki Munechika.


My thoughts this time, once more.

That is
Hiroki-kun is a truly big person.

His ability and his existence are big.

The scenes where I talk with Mikazuki while looking at the moon.
I loved them.


It’s the second time I’ve said that. lol

I really wanted to take more pictures with everyone but,

In the midst of the commotion
I wasn’t able to take pictures with all of the members

But surely we’ll be able to meet again

Once more.  

Stage play  「Touken Ranbu」
Thank you ! (・∀・)ノ☆

The letters, presents, colored paper that I received from everyone.
I’m very happy

I get to look through the letters carefully one by one.

I’ll also take care in using the presents

Stage play 「Touken Ranbu」 has come to an end but,

Aramaki Yoshihiko’s activities will continue after this.

I will focus even more from now on so

I hope that, if you don’t mind, you continue to lend me your support.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

I’m sorry for my bad writing and long rambling.

Manba-chan often says things like 「I’m a replica」 but,

Even an actor playing a 2-dimensional character
It’s an 「imitation」 of that character.

Even me, myself, playing Manba-chan
It’s a 「replica」, I think
It was a strange thing to have been thinking about.

It’s now, so I can say it.

「I, I’m not some kind of imitation.」

As Yamanbagiri Kunihiro himself

I was able to stand on the stage and,
I think I was able to get approval from all of the masters, and
Because of that, I’m really proud of what I did.

If that’s just arrogance, please excuse me


All of the masters,

Truly, thank you ! !

Well then ! !

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm looking for some malec smut in high school au, like non supernatural stuff, just these boys popular, rich, insecure whatever the situation may be. Preferably long with lots of chapters, not just smut but normal cutesy stuff too and problems they face. Do you have any recommendations?

MALEC FIC RECS #2 (High School AU)

Click here for Malec Fic Recs #1

Sorry it took me this long to reply! I prefer to answer and post on my computer and today I finally could use it!

(-I put some Notes to express my opinions and other stuff (they are kinda lame :p sorry haha)

-Just click in the title to open the fic and if there’s an issue with the link just let me know.

-I put how many chapters each story has and where is posted next to the title.

-They are not in order of how I like them or whatever, it was just how I found them, I put them here.

-Also I put a (*) before the fic title for the one’s I think you should really read!! The one’s I really loved the most of this list.

-I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes in my English, it’s not my native language.)

* Sandwich Boy (23/23) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Alec only wants one thing - Magnus Bane to acknowledge his existence. M for later lemons

Notes: The first fic that came to my mind when I read this was Sandwich boy, by Dr. Blind, of course! I remembered it so instantaneously, you described this fic. It’s been so long since I read this one but I think it does have everything you want…

Now, this fic has a fic with a bonus scene:

Bow (1/1) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Magnus gives Alec a Christmas present. An unofficial missing scene from Sandwich Boy. M for lots of love making.

And “Sandwich Boy” was based in this fic by the same author:

* Drunk (2/2) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Alec is drunk, horny, and wants only one thing: Magnus. Two-Shot. Rated M for lemon.

I searched for more fanfics (in some of the ones I have read) and I didn’t find exactly what you wanted but here they are (some I have read them, some I just found them):

* Tell me, would you kill? (12/?) (Fanfiction.net) by @freakypumpkin

Summary: Magnus and Alec had an affair during college, while Magnus was still dating Camille. They parted ways afterwards, but after five years, when Camille is gone and they both have found their own passions (Magnus with hacking and Alec with writing bloody thrillers), they meet again. (:D) What will happen next and how do they end up sharing an apartment?

Notes: This is more or less what you are looking for, in some chapters it’s narrated their affair in college so it’s kind of high school au and it has smut and it has a really cool plot!! <3


Malec Days in High School (19/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec Lightwood was the new kid. Magnus Bane was the popular one. What happens if the wallflower of the school decides to push the two together?

Not so bad (4/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: It’s Alec’s first day of a new high school. He’s a senior. Wow, transferring in as a senior always makes things easy. He hates life. When he meets the Popular senior Magnus Bane, he realizes maybe transferring wasn’t all that bad.

Seven Days of Malec (4/7) (Ao3) 

Summary: Magnus is known to be a heartbreaker. He dates the first girl that asks him out on Monday and breaks up with her on Sunday but his popularity among girls is still growing. Alec, a second grade student, wants to know something more about these strange relationships. Story based on the ‘Seven Days’ manga. Malec AU, AH.

Notes: I like this one a lot!

Malec High School AU (3/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: AU where Magnus and Alec both go to the same high school. Magnus is the new, really cool and beautiful, kid in school. Both joining Isabelle’s drama club, they eventually meet and starts to like each other. Mostly fluff, might come up some hurt/smut also, but then I’ll warn that in the beginning of the chapter. Warnings for homophobical slurs and the fear of coming out!

Hiding who I am (23/23) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Alec is the “emo” boy at school , Magnus is the new “glittery” transfer student. Will these complete opposites find love? Alec/Magnus. R&R Rated T Slightly OOC Now Complete!


No More Hiding (10/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: *Sequel to: Hiding who I am* Alec and Magnus got through their senior year with a little drama. Now can they handle their first year in University? Rated T Slightly OOC maybe Alec/Magnus AU R&R

* Pool boy (8/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Magnus is rich but his pool is disgusting, So he’s searching for someone to clean his pool. Alec’s not so rich he needs a job so he can get some money for himself and his family and he knows how to clean pools. AU/AH

Notes: So I read this a while ago and I remember liking it a lot!

Notice me (6/6) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: (music, fashion and art is involved in this story ) All Alec was good at was staying in the closet and the creative stuff like music and art, but he wasn’t that good at all that stuff his sister knows that he’s gay. he wants to get noticed by Magnus Bane the hottest guy at his high school, st Xavier’s. Malec. (a little bit of Clace and Sizzy)

Taking A Chance (3/?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Alec decided to attend high school away from his siblings to avoid being in their shadow. However, it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. After an incident that forced him to transfer to Alicante Academy in Idris, Connecticut, he met someone who turned his world upside down, someone named Magnus Bane. But, will he be able to let Magnus in; and trust Magnus with his heart? AU

like a mischievous teenager (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: ‘my parents hate you so I’m sneaking you in at night for sex shhh’ malec high school au

Notes: Author’s Tumblr: @thewarlocksbitch

I think I Might Love You (1/1?) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Alec gets kicked out of his house and threatened his father. With no where else to go, he runs to his best friend, Magnus, wanting to just forget even for a little while. And asks Magnus for his help. WARNING YAOI LEMONS, SHOWER SEX not written from experience so if I fuck something up, don’t flame. Might continue onto cannon (mpreg).

Misery Business (19/19) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: “I didn’t know what else to do. I pulled back and bit my lip, a nervous habit I’d always had. 'I—I think I love you, Alec.’” AU. Highschool fic. Major Malec. Minor Jace/Clary, Simon/Izzy.

Roomates (2/2) (Fanfiction.net) 

Summary: Alexander Lightwood has just moved away to college. They definatly left a lot out on stuff you had to be prepaired for; heavy luggage, getting lost, and horribly attractive roomates. Alec finds himself stuck with Magnus Bane, a fashion student who captures his heart without even saying hello. How can he survive the next few weeks with this person sharing his room? Rated M for Yaoi

I will search for more (I know I have read a lot of fics like this ones, I’m gonna look into my saved ones) and post them (: I hope you like them<3 

And if any of you are looking for a certain kind of fanfic, you can ask me and maybe I can recommend you some 

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Rereading the aftermath verse (again). Just a couple of questions if you don't mind. Clearly lots of the avengers know about the three of them but do they ever see them interacting as a family? Like the three of them cuddling up together during film night or interacting with the kids calling Tony papa. How do they all feel about seeing Tony kissing Laura who they know as Clint's wife, or to see Tony and Clint being affectionate? I love slice of life fics so these are the scenes I always imagine.

Well. They keep pretty low key at first, even though it’s an open secret. And not to give too much away, All Tied Up had a companion fic in the works called “Unreasonable Demands”, which covers those ransom requests. And I’ll do more in depth sloce-of-life stuff in Boys Night Out, which will be the official $7 in the series. :)

Recently, I am into watching old foreign films which tackels about love and relationship. I have a best six that I really admire, so I decided to write a review about my perceptions on those movies. So yes, here it goes..

Me Before You. ★★★★★

This was the first time again that I cried for a movie after watching Me Before You. The film can make a person inlove, vulnerable, and be part of the story which I really felt during the time I saw it.

I find the movie pleasing because of its uniqueness – where a girl could develop a strong feeling to a man with disability but definitely love is not just enough for them to stay. Louisa sacrifices a lot just to stop Will on going to Dignitas in Switzerland for assisted suicide but she failed. That was the scene which I cried the most; and the conversation of Louisa and her father which he tells that “You can’t change who people are… You love them.” is also memorable for me. Another doleful scene is when Louisa went on his favorite coffee shop in Paris and read his farewell letter made me very emotional – minutes after I finished watching the film I was still crying and I can’t really stop my tears. Until now, I searched and read the letter of Will because I forgot the content and it has still a big impact in my heart.

One Day. ★★★★☆

This is another film which made me in tears while watching it since the ending was tragic for the two of them. Actually, I never felt any romantic excitement or “kilig” type of emotion since from the start they treated each other as a besfriend; and Emma hides her feelings for Dex. But, I have so many realizations from this especially about how important to never waste time for non-sense things; and karma is definitely true. I like also the flow of the story, the actors, and definitely the script.

“I love you, Dex, so much. I just don’t like you anymore. I’m sorry.” This is one of my favorite lines from the film because I feel the pain of Emma while she was saying those words to Dexter. I was speechless when I finished watching it since I thought in the end they would live happily but unfortunately Emma died because of an accident. This film is an eye-opener to everyone, specifically for the young adults out there.

Love, Rosie. ★★★★☆

This is similar to One Day because Rosie and Alex were bestfriends but apparently none of them died in the end. Before they achieved their happy ending, they had been into challenges and struggles. The movie permeates on my heart because I felt different kind of emotions while watching it – I laugh, I feel the romantic feeling, I become doleful, and it gives hope to me.

My favorite scene here is when Rosie found the letter of Alex for her who hide by Greg – “You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with and if you’re okay.”While she was reading this, I thought I was in her place and that letter is for me too since I really felt the love and pain she experienced that time.

From this movie, I became a huge fan of Lily Collins because of her brilliant acting and stunning face.

Pride & Prejudice. ★★★☆☆

I feel triggered to watch this since I read the book “After” and I decided to view first the trailer before the full movie. The story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy were typical for me – a rich man with full of pride and a canty girl who came into a middle-class family. But, it became my favorite because of the cinematography, characters, and script. I also like the outfit they wore and the old culture of the European side.

The thing I admire in this film was it not just only focuses to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy – Jane and Mr. Bingley, Lydia and Mr. Wickham, and Charlotte and Mr. Lucas love story was also shown on the film. Though, they have different stories but their will for marriages are the similarities of the four couples. There are two reasons why the characters of this film wanted to get married: first, the romantic feeling of being inlove; and second is the benefit they’ll get even they don’t feel any affection which mostly happened in this generation.

I have three favorite scenes here, first is when Charlotte answered Elizabeth for her reason about marrying Mr. Collins even she doesn’t love the man. Second, is the rainy scene where Mr. Darcy confesses his feelings for Elizabeth. And third, the famous scene on the top of the hill where both of them finally admitted there love for each other and Mr. Darcy said to Elizabeth, “You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love.. I love.. I love you. And wish from this day forth never to be parted from you.” From then, the story of the two also captured my heart.

500 Days of Summer. ★★★★☆

This is the movie I wanted to watch since before because of its good reviews to the viewers. As I finished watching it, I can say that it is really a great film though it’s kind of confusing for those who wouldn’t be observant since it is a nonlinear narrative. I never had the chance to watch the trailer so I don’t have any idea of the flow of the film; and I thought it is similar on The Fault in our Stars because of its title but apparently, I was wrong.

It became close to my heart because I’d been into that kind of situation, so I understand Summer’s decision. Aside from this, I love all the scenes especially when Summer told to Tom that she got married because she felt sure about her husband and something she wasn’t with Tom.

You cannot just only feel different kinds of emotion in this movie but you will definitely learn a lot of things.

The Vow. ★★★☆☆

A Channing Tatum film! I have a big crush on him so I literally experienced the romantic feeling while watching the movie. I still admire the whole story, even I cannot understand some of the words of Leo – I think he was too fast and there was something on his accent that I can’t explain.

I was really affected by their acting and the script is so gorgeous so it becomes one of my favorite romantic films. You cannot miss any scene from it because it was all breath-taking from the start until the end. I feel also pity to Leo while watching it – I just want to grab and hug him coz’ he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. But, I understand also Peige point of view since she can’t remember anything. The thing here is, even you lose your memories, your passion and one you love will forever stay in your heart.

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Why do you think Wolfgang kissed kalas stomach do you think it was scripted or max just added it in lol? How much leeway do you think they get to improvise in scenes

I don’t think it was scripted? I mean, sure Lana directed them in a certain way but I think that during emotional and love scenes the actors have to improvise a lot! Besides, Max (and all the other actors) seem to know and understand their characters very well so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. I love every little detail ❤️

tbh I love that Bull calls the inquisitor ‘kadan’ before you give him the necklace. 

He says it during the tavern scene after the first dragonslaying if you have the romance initiated at that point. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a way to get a dragon’s tooth without killing one yourself. So that scene always comes before the “tough love” quest scene. 

Maybe this was an oversight by the writers, but I really love the idea that it just slipped out while the two of them were drinking. Like he’s already got it bad for the inquisitor before they give him the necklace. 

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skam, obviously

The first character I first fell in love with: The first character I feel in love with was Vilde in s1. I recognized myself in the whole trying to be popular by being someone you are not and her struggles. I really related to her and I’m sad she has been the victim of bad writing.

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Jonas, idk in the beginning I didn’t think of him as more then Eva’s boyfriend but the whole break up scene with them talking really made me see him as a full character

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Even, I don’t dislike him I’m just meh towards him

The character I love that everyone else hates: Sonja and Vilde probably

The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Ingrid and Sara, for anyone who followed my blog during s3 you know I made a lot of gay headcanons and I liked to joke they where dating behind the scenes when they returned in s4 they were really mean and therefore I don’t headcanon around them anymore

The character I would totally smooch: Noora and Eva

The character I’d want to be like: s1 Noora

The character I’d slap: I would looove to give Nicolay a proper punch

A pairing that I love: ANY 👏🏻 WLW👏🏻 PARING (chrisana is my current favorite)

A pairing that I despise: P-Chris x Isak

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i cannot believe the amount of times i had to stop and rewind during the finale ep! tyler is honestly so perfect as supes and it makes me happy to see him on the screen again!!! at one moment, i just had to pause and say 'god, i love this man' lmao. also, i don't know why but going into it, i thought he'd have a lot less scenes but he actually has quite a few and he looks great in all of them and i am a proud bearded hoechs stan but them! cheek! bones! it was so good lol

I’m glad to see such a positive response to him once again. His cheek bones definitely pop every time I see them.


Olitz —-> Favorite ‘PG’ Moments


Alright kiddies, I need to get this off of my chest since I keep seeing a bunch of posts about this chapter. Some teenagers getting salty since they didn’t have their shipper reunions and others trying to justify Erza’s power, and quite frankly, it’s just ridiculous.


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I absolutely love your Evanuris!!! 😄 What do you think it'd be like if they all were forced to go on one of those "Team Building Camps" trips, with none of their regular luxury or personal space / privacy? 😆

Thank you for loving my vision of the elven pantheon, first!
There is so many funny scenes that could be drawn with the Evanuris during a mission so it was really hard for me to focus on just three drawings! I hope you’ll like it! :)

Mythal and Elgar’nan when they were younger used to have a lot of outside missions together, so I decided to draw them being innocent, young and in love! That won’t last forever, sadly…

Solas is really enjoying to see the two precious princes dealing with the rain! He is a dork, but I love drawing his trollface! XD

Ghilan’nain and Sylaise are precious creatures that needs to be protected from long time travel, especially their little feet… and Ghilan is shipping Junaise! XD

Hi again, Boueibu fandom

The other day I posted about a series called Gakuen Heaven and the toothpaste scene. Well, I finished watching the series late last night. Here’s another similarity I found:

A wishing on a star scene! Also, these two particular characters made a pact during their childhood, just like Atsushi and Kinshirou. I forgot which episode shows this flashback though and them talking about it.

Someone else pointed out that Kaoru in Gakuen Heaven:

Looks an awful lot like Akoya!

Similar uniforms too!

So it appears Boueibu took a lot from this series and I can’t stop laughing.

EDIT: fortune-maiden pointed out that Kaoru’s seiyuu also voices Kinshiro. :O

I know a lot of people have probably mentioned this but I love how the songs Start of Time and Where’s My Love played during scenes regarding Stydia, describe them individually so much.

For example the most important lyric in Start of Time in my opinion is “When you walked into the room just then, it’s like the sun came out”. To me it’s literally saying that after Lydia kissed Stiles something clicked. I mean just go back and look at her facial expression, after they kissed Lydia’s face was full of surprise you can tell she wasn’t expecting to feel anything, but I think for Lydia that scene was so important regarding how she feels about Stiles. You see just because Lydia hasn’t said that she has feelings for Stiles it doesn’t mean there isn’t any, you can tell in her facial expression,the glances, small touches they share that they is something there. You see the most interesting thing I find regarding the Stydia kiss is that if holding your breath stops a panic attack, then why didn’t Lydia just tell Stiles to hold his breath? Instead she kissed him, all while not knowing for sure if Stiles would even hold his breath. When you go back and watch that scene and really pay attention, and just forget about what you ship, you will see that essentially it was more than a kiss for both of them. It represented something way more than that, for Lydia it represented a feeling that she didn’t know she had for him and for Stiles it represented hope. And that is why I find 3x11 such a crucial part in the development of Stydia.

Next is Where’s My Love and the first lyric that stands out is “If you bled I bleed the same, if you’re scared I’m on my way” We all know curiosity to Deaton that Lydia and Stiles have a connection, they have an emotional tether. And I don’t believe that Jeff would put that in just for kicks, everything that you see on the show means something, the music in the background, the small hints, the hashtags…everything. We all saw in 3x18 when Stiles was in the hospital getting a scan, that it kept always flashing back to Lydia in her car…why would they do that if it didn’t mean at least something?. Also another big indication that they are connected is 5x04, Stiles face said it all when he saw the girl his in love with bleeding on the floor…but they took it a step further and Stiles had a panic attack but the only person who managed to calm him down was..you guessed it Lydia. Not even Scott or his dad were able to tear him away from it. It wasn’t until Lydia told him to go and that she was okay (even though she wasn’t, but she knew he wouldn’t leave otherwise) that he listened and went with his dad and Scott. Another is, if the timeline adds up correctly is when Lydia will wake up. If you take the sneak peak and 5x01 in consideration the creepy lady nurse said that it was time for her shower…and we all know that after the shower scene Lydia wakes up. So could Stiles be the person that directly or indirectly gives Lydia the power and motivation to wake up?

Then the second lyric is “If you ran away, if you ran away, come back home”. I find this so important because Stiles needs Lydia to come back not just to the pack, but to him. And so now his pleading for her to wake up and come back home, because he needs her to know that it’s been her all along, and that he won’t be going anywhere. You can tell that Stiles was lost without his Jeep, Scott and his dad when he was in the hospital. And his gotten his Jeep to work, his fixed his friendship with Scott and his dad’s okay, now the one thing that his lost that still needs to come back to him is Lydia.

I feel so strongly about Stiles and Lydia. And I know that Jeff wouldn’t put all these clues in or hint at them being something more, if it wasn’t going to be true. You don’t create a beautiful dynamic between two characters if you’re not planning to make them be something more. Stydia is a slow burn ship, and why would Jeff continue to add fuel to the fire if he didn’t want or plan to have them as endgame? I don’t think he will be that cruel to continue to bait the Stydia shippers just for views or whatever. For me personally I believe that Stiles and Lydia will be endgame, and even though at times I question the things the writers and Jeff do when it comes to them, I just go back and watch those Stydia scenes and I think to myself how can you not put these two together? How can you just create a dynamic like theirs and not take it to the next level? How can you not end up giving these two a happy ending?