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Catch Me

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: A platonic relationship with Bucky may become something more.

Word Count: 3.0k

Warnings: fluff ‘n angst, blood, violence, death (the usual)

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“Catch me, Bucky!” you called, dropping from the rafters of the training room. “Bucky, Bucky, catch me!” You felt the air rush by your ears as you approached the ground, the edges of your vision blurring… and then your body collided with a strong pair of arms, breaking your fall. You glanced up into a pair of steely blue eyes that were attempting to hide amusement.

“(Y/n).” Bucky sighed as he gently placed you back on the ground. “You have got to stop doing that. I might not always be around to catch you.” You cocked your head to the side.

“You will always be around to catch me, I have no doubt in my mind.” You strode away from your best friend as he stared after you, a hint of a smile on his lips.

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New York // Part 2

omg it took me ages to write this and idek why. it’s not the best, it’s actually really short and the reason why it’s like that is because i felt like i was dragging it out tooooooooo long and that just makes stuff not enjoyable. i’m sorry i took ages and it’s not even up to standards smh but i really wanted to give you guys somet!! if you have any ideas regarding what i should write about next, preferably not something that i will take ages to write lmao, then please leave them in the message box thing. ummmm, not much else to say so i hope you’s kinda like it? you don’t have to, you can tell me if it’s shite lmao. also i’m really sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, i didn’t proof read bc i wanted it out for you lads as soon as i could! OH ONE MORE QUESTION. do you’s prefer longer or shorter one shots? just so when it comes to writing them i have an idea of what to include and stuff. 
lotta love, xoxo -b

part 1 if you haven’t read it yet here 💗

I was in the shower for probably at least 45 minutes after I woke up from the longest nap ever. It wasn’t my intention to stay in bed until 6 pm however I couldn’t do anything about it. I was tired and although I knew that it didn’t help my jetlag at all I just slept anyway.

Once I was out of the shower, dry and feeling comfortable in my pair of black leggings and baggy shirt I laid back down on the bed. My phone was charging which confused me for a minute because I didn’t remember putting it on the bed side table or even taking it out of my pocket. Then I suddenly realised that it must have been Harry who put me to bed properly and sorted my stuff out as well.

Sighing, I took my phone off of the charger and pressed the middle button which caused the screen to light up. As I scrolled down on the locked screen I saw a whole lot of messages from my mum, my dad, and my mates and if I saw correctly even Harry’s name popped up as well.

I didn’t pay much attention to them because as soon as I unlocked my phone I somehow instantly forgot about the messages. After I finished my daily routine of going through all of my social media accounts which mainly consisted of Instagram and Twitter I decided it was time to show my face. And to be honest, I was rather bored as well. Not to mention my hunger which didn’t seem to fade.

Although when I got downstairs I found myself on my own, it was as if I was the only one living here. I didn’t know where Harry was though he probably told me about it in his text which I never read. Oh well – I thought as I made my way towards the kitchen and opened up the fridge door. It was full of food.

But it was full of healthy food.

Then I found some chocolate yogurt and a smile creeped its way onto my lips. I took it out of the fridge without any hesitation, taking a spoon out of the drawers as well then sat down on the bar stool chairs. My eyes were probably shining like the stars on a night sky while my mouth was watering but just as I was about to eat the first spoonful of desert, Harry stumbled in the house.

First I thought he was drunk or something but then I saw the bags in his hands. His sunglasses were low on his nose, it was about to fall off actually, his shirt was wide open on his chest and his jeans were hanging down on his waist as well.

Basically, he was a mess.  

I raised my eyebrows as I put the spoon in my mouth and ate what was on it, not minding one bit that he just came back. He didn’t seem bothered and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting me to actually get up because he knew me too well.

“Are you still hungry?” he asked me a few minutes later when I had finished my yogurt. He was still putting the things he bought away and right up until the question slipped past his lips, we were both extremely quiet.

Maybe a bit too quiet.

“Umm,” I muttered as I turned around with my chair, leaning back on the counter with my elbows. “Depends what you bought.”

“Just some stuff,” he shrugged then when he turned around he looked at me with a questioning look on his face. Arching my brow, which seemed to be the only facial expression I’ve shown since I woke up, I waited for him to carry on but instead he just looked away while messing with the shopping bags.

“Why are you being so awkward?” I asked him finally, a laugh escaping my lips although I didn’t find the situation funny.

“I’m not being awkward. I don’t know what you’re on about,” he scoffed. “The jetlag must be hitting you and your little nap probably didn’t help you.”

“Are you seriously gonna be acting like a dick to me because I was moody on the way back from the airport?” my voice got stronger and louder as I stayed sat down. I tried not to let my emotions show on my face but I totally failed. I always did so I wasn’t surprised. “I’m so sorry I was tired, hungry and stressed.”

“Well, I was tired, hungry and stressed as well yet I put a smile on my face because I finally got to see you after ages.”

“I’m sorry you felt like that, okay? And I didn’t ask you to force a smile on your face, hell, I-, I don’t even know-, gosh, do we really have to argue?”

“I’m not arguing-,”

“Well then shut your mouth and give me a hug. You didn’t hug me since that awkward one at the airport where everyone was looking.”

A sigh left his mouth as he looked to the side. I saw as he swallowed then shut his eyes and let another sigh out before he concentrated on me with his eyes again.

“Okay, don’t give me a hug then, that’s fine too,” I gave up as I slipped off of the chair. I chucked the spoon in the sink then did the same to the empty yogurt box.

“Baby, look-,” he started to talk as I was about to leave the kitchen but his voice stopped me. I didn’t turn around, hoping he’d carry on with what he wanted to say but the room was dead silent.  

“Do you want me to stay here at all or should I just get my shit and leave?”

“Listen, I’m sorry-,”


“I am, I just-, I’m stressed, and I don’t know where my head’s at. I have my first solo performance in like hours, well, tomorrow night, but still. I’m nervous as hell and it didn’t help that I made you so angry when we were in the car.”

“I know you’re stressed and I know how it feels to be like that. You feel like you’re lost as if there’s no way out and you’re just stuck in one place. You don’t know what to do to get over yourself and your problems until you have a big crying session or talk it out with someone. So I don’t think it helps that you’re so distant, and that you made me so angry? When? You were being nice to me and I just flipped because I was not in the mood. You did nothing wrong.”

“Well, then why do I feel like I upset you? You said I was being awkward then I was acting like a dick towards you just now. What am I supposed to think?” his voice was desperate and lost, my heart suddenly started to ache for him and my actions spoke louder than my words could.

As I walked back to him I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, making sure I did my best to collect all of his pieces that were not stuck together to make him his perfect self. I absolutely hated seeing him in a bad shape and no matter what he did or did not do I couldn’t just stand there and let him be.

Which might not be always beneficial and it may make me look absolutely weak when it comes to him I had to accept it.

Almost right as I hugged him, his arms wrapped around my neck and his head rested on top of mine, making sure our bodies basically moulded into one.

“I love you. I’m sorry I’m such a mess,” he whispered into my hair, his soft voice full of emotions making my heart beat faster and goose bumps arise on my arms.

“I love you and please don’t say that. You’re not a mess.”

“I am a mess though and you know it too,” he sighed as he slightly pulled away, shoving one of his hands through this short hair.

“Well then in that case, you are my mess,” I winked at him as I got on the tip of my toes to press a light kiss on his lips.

He smiled which made me smile and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his neck this time and jump into his arms. Thankfully, he held on to me so I didn’t fall, a soft chuckle leaving his irresistible lips while his eyes were shining brighter than anything I have ever seen before.

“I’m sorry about my attitude before,” I told him as I hid my face in the crook of his neck. My grip was tight on him, my fingers formed into a fist as I locked my arms around Harry’s neck.

“Don’t worry about it, love,” he said and he suddenly started to walk out of the kitchen.

We didn’t go far, just to the couch in the living room where he sat down with me in his arms then I ended up sitting on his lap with my legs on each side of his waist.

“So you’ll come and see me, right?” he asked me a few minutes after he was just staring at me but not in a creepy way. He did that sometimes and I didn’t mind it because I knew he gave me his full attention and I loved it.

Now that might have sounded uptight and kind of selfish, it was the truth plus I didn’t mean it in that sense.

“Yes,” I said right away. “I mean if you want me to, it’s up to you.”

“I want you to,” he nodded. “Actually, I need you to come with me,” he laughed. “M’gonna be doing these skits and I need you to be there not to mention I’m performing a new song.”

“Which one?” I asked him curiously. I haven’t exactly heard his full album yet only because I told him I want it to be a surprise.

He actually really wanted me to listen to it then after I told him I wanted to wait for the actual release date he kinda got onto my idea. Of course he showed me snippets here and there because he knew how curious I was all of the time but I’m also way too stubborn so I wouldn’t just ask him to show me stuff.

“The only one you heard. Apart from Sign of the Times.”

“Ever Since New York?” I asked again just to make sure I was thinking about the right one.

I knew of the titles of the songs but I didn’t listen to them.

“Yeah,” a small smile made its way onto his lips. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned forward and pressed my mouth against his in a soft peck, his right hand came in contact with my cheek as he rested it on my face while our lips were touching. “I’m very happy you are here.”

“I’m very happy to be here.”

“Good,” he chuckled. “I missed having you around.”

“I bet you did,” I joked which to he raised one of his eyebrows and pouted at the same time. “I think I missed you too.”

“What do you mean you think? Aren’t you supposed to know that?”

“I don’t know, am I?”

“Um, yes?”

“Well, I don’t,” I shrugged as I kept on messing around with him and eventually got off his lap.

My legs were still on his thighs but I was sitting on the couch, right next to him. He took advantage of this position as he leaned into me, resting his head on my shoulder and placing his hands on my legs. They were warm and big and it made the butterflies in my stomach come to live as he rested his hands on my thighs. He just had that effect on me and it was lovely really.

“I’m just messing with you, I missed you more than you’ll ever know,” I said suddenly as I hugged his bicep tightly and pressed a few kisses on his chin as his head was still leaning on my shoulder.

Love Song- Auston Matthews

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Thank you guys so much for understanding I needed that small break! I think I’m back! We’ll see how well today’s writing goes! Any who… I’ll have more information on the information sharing later today or tomorrow! I need input on which team should be first though! Anyway… enjoy!

Warning: Cursing

@bartristaa Request: Could you pls do one where you dated a singer before dating Auston and the singer wrote a song about you, and Auston knows it and gets jealous all the time when he hears it? 😘


              You cringed as the song came on again.

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I’m quite bad with part twos’ so here’s part one.

When Harry’s eyes fluttered open the next morning,he noticed that his best friend wasn’t there like he thought she’d be.(He also noticed that he hadn’t that good of a sleep in ages).

Her side of the bed was abandoned and if it wasn’t for the pulled back duvet cover,he’d have thought he was hallucinating last night.But the covers proved that he wasn’t. Sitting up, Harry rubbed his eyes wondering where she had gone because he sure as hell as remembered her staying the night..He remembered several things from last night. 

He remembered how she abandoned the door handle and made her way back to him shyly muttering that she didn’t have ‘any clothes’.He remembered how he directed her towards his closet and waited in bed as she changed in the ensuite bathroom so he could have a cuddle.  Peering at the duvet covers as he made his way out of the bed, his eyes lingered on the spot that they cuddled in.He remembered how her head laid gently on his chest as her body was entertwined with his.He remembered how her body felt against his lanky frame and how he’d envelope her in his arms as they fell asleep. 


Harry walked towards his closet,searching for his comfiest sweatpants before reminding himself that he’d given them to her the night before.

He brushed his fingers through his scruffy bed-ridden hair as he made his way to the bathroom.Arriving at the sink,he splashed water over his face to drown his thoughts.

Where had she gone?

He knew he was being dramatic but he couldn’t help to feel that way.He wouldn’t have felt that way if any of his other friends had done the same (not that he invited his friends to sleep in his bed with him) but the thing is, he loved her.He loved her more than a best friend loves another – he loved her like she was the girl he was going to marry.


Making his way downstairs,Harry hoarsely called out, Love!” hoping that she was in the lower part of the house, before entering the kitchen in which he saw her.

Her;his best friend that had stayed the night in his bed and in the morning she was supposedly gone.

“Hey,” She paused, smiling at the 23 year old man in front of her who had yet to wake up properly, as she turned around to face him.Though Harry had splattered water over his face, he still seemed tired.

“I’m just making a couple of toasts for you.Wasn’t sure if you wanted anything else,” she continued waringly,before leaving her back towards him.

“Yeah, I -Christ!” Harry exclaimed as he looked at her once she turned back.She was still wearing the clothes he lent her and damn, she looked cuter than ever.His shirt flew past her thighs as the sweapants she wore were loosely fitted.He loved the way she looked in his clothes.

“What was that H?” She questioned,not quite hearing what he said.

“ I – Er yeah.Two toasts are fine.”

Harry moved closer to her until he was right behind her.Making sure she had no cutlery or dishes, he placed his hands on her shoulders so he could move her from the counter.She faced him with a pure look of confusion as she uttered out, “What’s wrong?”

Harry bit his tongue nervously,all the confidence he had a mere few minutes ago disappeared.

What was he supposed to say?He couldn’t exactly tell her the truth of how he spend nights wishing she was there beside him,of how much love he had for her.But he did…Well sort of.

“Can I kiss you?”

Best friends

Requested: Can you do one where you are shawns best friend and one day he confesses his love for you?

Shawn Mendes x Reader

words: 1637

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Shawn was you best friend since you can remember. You lived in the same street and were in the same class since primary school. Your mothers spent much time together and made sure that Shawn and you got along well. It almost was like they had planned your friendship. Like they knew that their kids would fit perfectly together.

With the time your families grew together and it was normal for you two to sleep or eat at each other’s place, it was like a second home. There was barely a day when you didn´t see each other and you couldn´t complain about it.

He was one of the kindest persons you knew, trustful and honest. He truly cared about you and whenever you were feeling not good he did anything to make you feel better. He´s one of the few people who could make you laugh even though you were in a bad mood. Even when you tell him to leave you alone because you want to be alone, he wouldn´t go without telling you how much you meant to him. You were extremely thankful for having him in your life and when you thought about him you weren´t sure if this really was just friendship anymore. Since a few months, you felt a lot more feelings than usual when he was around and you also thought about him a lot more than before.

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The more I think about it, the more I’m learning to appreciate the Samurai Jack finale. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with how it ended, but it’s Genndy’s story that he’s been wanting to put to rest for years, and I’m just glad he was finally able to end it the way he always wanted.

And while I would have preferred Jack stay in the future, that’s coming from my perspective as a viewer who has come to love the characters in the future and the crazy world that 99% of the series takes place in, and I think it’s easy to forget sometimes just how important getting back to the past was for Jack. The poor guy was plagued by guilt for decades to the point of hallucinating because he wasn’t able to save his people and the millions of others who suffered under Aku’s reign in the past. In so many episodes in the first four seasons he’s looking for a way to go back in time, not allowing himself even the simplest of luxuries because they would get in the way of him going back and achieving his mission. He goes through this for 50 years and, despite becoming disillusioned, he still pushes himself forward because the hope that he can one day finally save his people is always in his mind.

So, knowing that, I’m glad that Jack was able to finally get back. His return to the past wasn’t an action borne out of his own selfishness (he wasn’t even given a choice), it was an action borne out of Ashi’s selflessness, since she knew how much he longed to go back, and she made an enormous sacrifice for the sake of him and his people. Jack may have erased all those people he met in the future, and I know he cared for each and every one of them, but he’s back home and his quest is finally fulfilled; that’s what makes it bittersweet in my opinion. And I just know that the Scotsman, the Archers, and everyone else Jack helped would have wanted him to return home, too.

So thank you, Genndy, for an incredible show, and, while I may have personally disagreed with many of the writing decisions made towards the end of its run, Samurai Jack is a still a gorgeous and creative series and a source of inspiration for myself and many others.

Future Baby Mama (Chris Kreider)

Anonymous said:

Would you possible be able to write one for Chris kreider?? I love that man and I love your writing! Could it be about him having to babysit a teammate’s kids and needs helps so he calls the reader over and you guys just have a fun time and he starts talking about one day have kids with the reader.

Word count: 1649

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“I am in way over my head.” You’re not quite sure what to think when the first words out of Chris’ mouth upon calling you are not the standard greeting.

“Hello to you too, Chris. Why are you in way over your head?” You ask.

“(Y/N), I’m serious. I’m literally at DEFCON 1 right now.”

“Why are you ready for nuclear war?” You deadpan.

“Marc and Lindsay are having a date night tonight and they asked me if I could watch the girls. I figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult; they’re three and one, what harm could they do? You wanna know the answer?”

“A lot of harm?”

“A lot of harm!” He says. “I caught Anna trying to give the cat a bath in the toilet and the baby is constantly crawling away from me!” You can’t help but to laugh at your poor boyfriend’s situation right now. “Can you please come over and help me?”

“I don’t know, I’m a little busy right now.” You tease, when in reality you’re just sitting on your bed and watching Riverdale.

“Please? The baby’s cute when she’s not trying to escape.” He barters. You’re already up and grabbing your keys before he uses the baby’s cuteness as a weapon.

“I’m on my way.”

“Oh thank God-Anna do not draw on the wall!” He yells as you laugh and hang up.

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I love you

For the incredibly talented, kind and gorgeous @maryenette | @maruthor
Happy birthday to you honey, I hope you’re having a great day❣ This is the least thing I’m able to gift you, it pales in comparison to your writing, but I hope you like it!

Word count: 617

You feel Jason’s hands before you see them, his fingers ghost over the skin of your right shoulder and down your arm, stopping to hold your waist and snuggling his nose in the crook of your neck as he takes a deep breath. You feel the way his chest rises and falls behind you and a soft blow of air tingles on your ear when he lets out a sigh. It wakes you up.

You haven’t opened your eyes yet, but you know it’s either really early or really late depending on the way you looked at things. He brings you even closer and a sensation of worry settles in your stomach.

You wonder if he had a nightmare, or if there’s something bothering him, but then Jason leaves a short kiss in the side of your neck and you melt against him, a quiet smile pushing your lips up.

His other hand travels to the top of your head and he runs his fingers through it, smoothing your strands over the pillow, he wraps an arm around your belly and his thumb traces circular patterns over the fabric of your pijamas that covers your hip bone.

You let him hold you like that for a few minutes more, content with the silence and darkness surrounding the both of you. Delighted at the fact of having him close and fine, enjoying his caresses.

Jason leaves small pecks behind your ear, on your neck, jaw and cheek, making you hum with happiness.

You turn around, your nose merely apart from his by a couple centimeters. In the darkness of the bedroom, you barely manage to make up his face, but once you do Jason’s eyes twinkle at you and moves his hand to cup your cheek.

“What is this sudden demonstration of affection?” You want to joke, instead you find yourself lifting an arm to run your digits through his hair and, as if it is an automatic reaction his eyelids flutter closed and he moves his head towards your touch, his body completely relaxing under your fingers.

You rest your hand on his neck when you’re done and he opens his eyes to look intensely at you.

“I love you” He mumbles, putting a lost strand of hair behind your ear.

Your heart warms at the sincerity of his voice and can’t hold back the answer anymore.

He had said it before, at random moments when he would just stare at you while you were so focused in writing you would just forget about the world around you. After you went through a sleepless night because you were so stressed about homeworks and assignments you couldn’t shut an eye. And just before holding your hand at a date.

He had said it before, but you had never answered. Not because you didn’t feel the same, but because you were scared that saying it out loud would make the feelings fade away and somehow destroy everything.

Now, as his fingers hovered over your lips and his eyes shine and you’re cuddling so close to each other that your breaths mix you were doubtless of it. He loves you, and you love him back and in some way, that seems like enough to you.

“I love you too” You say and his ears go up along with the corner of his lips.

“I know” He kisses your nose and you bring your head toward his chest, his hand still caressing your hair.

You let yourself sink in his aroma and close your eyes, not realizing you’re grabbing at fistfull of his shirt until he cups your hand with his.

“By the way, Mary?”


”It’s already 12, happy birthday”

GOT7 reaction to their s/o waking up after giving birth

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Hey, can you a reaction of their s/o (yn) waking up after giving birth? Thanks In Advance ❤️ LOVE YOUR BLOG ❤️❤️❤️❤️

thank you so much for the adorable request ^_^ 
It was a little hard to think of 7 ways of saying he’s over the moon, but nonetheless I hope you like it :) 
*PROFILE requests are closing! voting will be up soon.
~ahgase Omma 

he can’t stop smiling! he’s so proud but lost for words too, so he just smiles at you

as soon as your eyes open, he kisses your forehead and then just smiles at you, answering all your questions with a nod or a few words, he’s too busy admiring you to answer properly.

its clear that he’s been stressing the whole time youve been sleeping, but as soon as your awake he’s smiling, he hasn’t shaved, he hasn’t left your side the whole time youve been in hospital, but now he can relax.

he doesn’t have an overexcited smile, but a much softer smile, he doesn’t want you to see him worried, but now he can breath easily.

super excited, wanting you to come around as soon as possible, so that you can hold the cutest baby in the world, he can’t wait to share this moment with you!

for once he's speechless! he’s smiles and kisses you softly, constantly staring at you in amazement, after everything you wake up looking more beautiful to him and he’s just in awe 

he can’t stop smiling, he has a dreamy look in his eyes, slightly glazed over, he’s still in a trace about the whole thing but mostly he can’t stop thinking about the future.

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anonymous asked:

can u imagine dean hasn't even told his husband that he loves him smh he's probably going to do it in season 13 and that's what's going to bring cas out of any possible mind-controlling and then it's going to be really emotional. smh.

Anonymous said:i can’t believe i said “imagine”, i meant to say “believe” rip i’m so awkward, sorry about that D:

Judgement free askbox :P

Though honestly Dean gave Cas a mixtape, i think he thinks he said I love you to Cas… He just didn’t check with Cas that he knew what it meant… And if Cas knew what it meant, that Dean definitely meant it to be taken that way… And after Cas tried to give it back, to explain properly. 

But yeah he better take a second go at it with actual words next year >:|

I don’t know if Cas will be brainwashed or not next season - I mean no one really knows - but I think our Cas is on a certain journey where he can’t really progress if he’s brainwashed and he’s suffered so much from lack of agency that he’s rarely been able to deal with things and progress. The show finally seems to be ready to start tidying up characters and sorting them out properly, like how Dean finally concluded his arc that had been going on since season 9 (and general character stuff since the first episode ever), so I hope Cas is going to get to make more progress, and this was a quick escalation through various points for him because you CAN deal with all his stuff in a season but he gets nearly half the episodes Sam and Dean do, and if he’s brainwashed that’s even fewer. They’re probably going to have to deal with whatever Jack caused between them, but I don’t know if he’ll completely make off with Cas again with circumstances very different after he’s born. 

anonymous asked:

I cannot wrap my mind around be/ronica, same way I can't wrap my mind around b/archie or j/archie. veronica views betty like a project, she has from the start. and aside from giving polly a place to live, what has veronica ever really done for betty? "it has to happen eventually!" who said???

Riiiggghhhttt??? Neither Vermin nor Douchie are ever particularly good friends to Betty or Jug….that said, seems like when Cole wasn’t tap dancing around questions or getting “excited” just remembering how professional he and Lili are….he basically stated, “yeah, Bughead rocks, I know everyone loves us and I think we should be 2gether 4ever, too!”

I can totally Justin being so clingy towards Zach like he always has contact with him in some way shape or form and while Zach acts annoyed he actually loves it(btw you are my favorite 13 reasons why blog)


Awww! Thank you so much! Just imagine Justin always being all over Zach though. Literally clinging to him and jumping on him, hugging him, sitting on his feet when Zach tries to leave… Justin just wants all the attention, and Zach always acts like it puts a huge inconvenience in his life, and Justin sort of is, but Zach would be lying if he said he didn’t like it. Justin is Zach’s favourite distraction


I was tagged by the lovely @legandaryharry & @lovingstyles87. Thank you both! Love you. 

All you gotta do is just choose 10 photos in your camera roll rn that represent you in any way.

So I’m dumb and I thought ^that said pick 10 random photos on your camera roll so I just closed my eyes and clicked on 10…

Anyway, first one is of my king being a rockstar in those iconic gold pants (i still can’t believe he did that) That 2nd pic is of me during teej, when my mom told me to stop being silly so she could take a nice picture (hA). 3rd is just a picture of the sky. That’s it. (I was on my home back from Boston this summer). 4th is the dog my cousins had for about 6 weeks WHO LOVED ME MORE THAN SHE LOVED THEM OKAY ITS TRUE. And they gave her back! I’m still so mad. 5th is a pic of my man’s sexy ass back, I want to have fistfuls of that shirt in my hands. 6th is my babies! 7 is gross me again, nothing special lol. 8th is a screenshot of book recs from @roseonhissleeve (thanks yeli). 9th is something I wanna buy for my friend! And 10th is my death. AKSJDKLF IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM KALSJDKWHAT

I tag the wonderful @caramelstyles @tiostyles @spectralstyles @moonlightharrys @stylishmuser and @roseonhissleeve and anybody else that wants to do this!

(Sorry if you’ve already been tagged)

“I couldn’t help but notice how lovely you were dear, I simply had to introduce myself, I am Golden Flower Tea, but simply Gold will suffice, and what does the princess wish to be called?”


((henlo - mun elfie))






So fresh and so clean clean (12x04 // 12x08)

Earlier in the dungeon, there was a room which the DM described as “Dank”, as in dark and dank. All the players laughed, but he rolled with it and said there was marijuana growing in the room.
Later on, while they were fighting a gelatinous cube:

Barbarian (lowest intelligence character): “Look, you’re stupid, I’m stupid, let’s just sit down and hang out.”

DM: “The gelatinous cube wiggles.”

Barbarian: “I throw an ounce of weed into it”

DM: “Um.. okay, the gelatinous cube wiggles slowly in a relaxed way. Congratulations, you beat my favorite monster by getting it high”

Not Yet

“Are you in love?”

“Not yet,” says Cas.

“What’s - what’s that supposed to mean?”

Cas considers him.

“It’s just,” says Dean, “I kinda - you made me think like you’d say yes, man. I really thought -”

“You misunderstand me,” Cas says. “Or perhaps I should have answered more completely. I… am falling in love with you, currently. But I am not yet finished.”

“Finished?” It’s put an end to the look of hurt in Dean’s eyes, at least. Now he just looks confused.

“Well,” says Cas. “In love is something that sounds final. An end point, a… goal. But I am not at the end point yet. I can’t be, because every day I fall for you… more.” He clears his throat. “I notice something new about you, or you say something you’ve never said before, or you say something you have said before. The things that make me love you deeper are very diverse in nature.”

Dean, by this point, looks struck dumb. Cas continues, to fill the space.

“So I’m not all the way in love, not yet. I don’t know if I ever will be. But I am falling in love with you, Dean. All the time.”

Dean likes it. Cas can tell by the way he smiles down at his hands, as though at a joke, like he can’t believe it.

“Ask me,” Dean says. Cas doesn’t waste time pretending not to understand.

“Are you in love?” he asks.

Dean smiles.

“Not yet,” he says.

It was just different with you…I cant explain it. Everything, the way i felt, the way i thought..” she said, her voice breaking “it was different, I’ve never felt it before.”
“Least now you know its possible.” He half smiled at her.
“No!” She yelled.
“No, you don’t get it. It was only because of you. And if it is possible with someone else…” She took a deep breath.
“I wouldn’t want it with someone else.
excerpt from a book I’ll never write