i just loved the pilot so much damn

RWBY Vol. 5 Ep. 2 Thoughts

- Relic?!
- Oh wait nvm, it’s just the evil jellyfish
- Salem
- Watts you freaking nerd.
- Wow Watts, how rude
- Wow, I can’t believe Professor Lionheart is gonna die in the first couple episodes
- “Do not forget everything I can do to you.” GOD DAMN THAT’S POWERFUL
- Is Tyrion gonna get a mecha tail? How many tails does this guy go through?
- Did Cinder get a new voice actress?
- “That I wish to have a word with him” Welp, it was nice knowing Tyrion

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Oooh, do Shiro please? (For the meme)

sure thing! i love him so,, 


  • How I feel about this character: i feel like ive said so much already about him lmao but,, i adore shiro honestly. there’s something about shiro that just kinda grabs you and pulls you in, makes you really care. my first time watching, i tried not to get Attached–i knew the drill of “he died like 8 episodes into golion” and figured with the arm and his convenient memory loss that the galra had probably let him escape and he’d be a sleeper agent or something. so i tried really really hard not to get too invested but,, he’s just so warm and genuine and kind. he cares about his team so much, commits himself to leading even though he’s just as lost as everyone else. 
  • and shiro’s just so damn unlucky its heartbreaking. like, he was all set at the garrison until kerberos and everything was suddenly a downward spiral. he had a promising career as a pilot, a bright future ahead of him. and he honestly loves space, really wanted to explore and learn. the fact that the whole world was torn out from under him, that he lost so much and he’s still so kind it just,, really gets me. and he still has this sense of adventure, says–“Defenders of the universe? I like the sound of that.”
  • But he’s still dealing with the aftermath of everything, and his symptoms aren’t minor or endearing. they’re detrimental and ugly–he freezes, breaks down, screams, lashes out–he’s down on the ground doing push ups at like five am in full armor because he can’t sleep, can’t rest, has to be ready for an attack at any moment, has to be ready to defend his crew so they aren’t taken from him again–he’s been through so much. and he’s a character with thirty something years of bad history and tragedy behind him and just,, i want so badly for him to make it. and i want him to realize that he deserves it. he thinks he’s not worthy of being a paladin, writes himself off as a loss and accepts he’ll just die. and you can see the tender look on his face when keith tells him he’s gonna make it, he’ll be alright. he looks so touched by that 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: just keith and when i feel like it lance 
  • My non-romantic OTP: hm,, if this like, just means what character interactions i like platonically then, shiro and pidge i guess? he seems like her older brother; shiro’s familiar with pidge’s family and definitely looks out for her a lot. he’s also the only one pidge ever really opens up to about her dad and brother. they’ve both suffered heavy losses from kerberos, so they can kind of understand each other 
  • My unpopular opinion: i dont mean any offense by this but like,, im sick of the space dad thing. i feel really bad that everyone treats shiro like he’s so much older and more capable, like he has to be everyone else’s parent and cater to all their needs when he himself is described in official published sources as one of “five teenagers,” a “young pilot,” only “slightly older” than the other paladins and “wise beyond his years.” like, the guy was literally aged by his trauma. he acts older because he was forced into a position where he had to mature if he wanted to survive. he’s clearly going through so many things on his own, and yet people expect him to drop everything and micromanage the other paladins’ emotional needs at all times. he’s the leader, yes. and he puts in the time and care for other members of his team, he looks after them. but he’s certainly not their dad, and the other paladins are capable enough that he doesn’t need to “raise” them. he’s part of the team too, let him be 
  • One thing I wish would happen in cannon: I really want some flashbacks prekerberos, to see what kind of person shiro was before everything and just how much he’s changed. and then i want him to be able to start healing and realize he’s still a good person. he’s not the monster the galra tried to make him 
  • My OTP: sheith is just v important to me 
  • My cross over ship: ??? uhhhh,,,, ive never really liked ships with characters from different series
  • A headcannon: he and keith both have trouble sleeping, so sometimes they’ll train together late at night or just go back to one of their rooms and talk. if one of them has nightmares that are particularly bad, the other will be like “okay, time for a sleepover.” lots of comfort and cuddling 

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So first I want to say I saw your thing on marriage proposals on Jakku and it was perfect and wonderful and just urgh, I can't even XD but I had a thought... What if Rey one day saw Poe receiving food AND THEN GIVING SOME BACK. And at first she's cool with it because hey, new place new customs but he never introduces his 'new wife' to her and she doesn't know what to think because surely it's only good manners, right? So she confronts him... :P


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why allura is important and good

okay, so all y'all who hate allura can catch these hands real quick before I give y'all the Facts™

here’s the thing: in media, especially in shoes and double especially in kids shows, it’s hard to find women in powerful roles. it’s extremely important that young kids are exposed to that, particularly young girls who need to know that they can be powerful too. allura is shown as a leader figure and just as crucial to the team as any of the others. she is a powerful magician (witch??) and just a super cool strong, shapeshifting, and inquisitive character and that’s pretty dang cool if you ask me.

it’s very rare today that black women in any media are depicted as beautiful, wanted, attainable, and intelligent. allura is portrayed as all of these, and is still a black woman. (to all those who are “bUt she’s aLteaN noT blAck!!!!11!!1” I say, her race is still a prominent factor in her appearance, which is an amazing thing to see on a show, much less one created for a younger demographic.)

another reason being that she’s just plain awesome!!! she leads the team just as much as shiro/keith and does a damn good job at piloting the blue lion. she’s a super awesome space magical princess who is beautiful and smart, what is not to like?!!?!

because of these reasons I am kind of angered by the suggestion of a lance/allura/matt love triangle, so I stand by the idea that lance is protective of allura because he sees her as more of a sister (although I am not opposed to allurance) and doesn’t want matt involved with her because he cares about her but that’s besides the point of this post.

tldr; allura is a great model for how women, especially WOC, deserve to be portrayed in media and I honestly do not understand where all her hate comes from.

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i just love isle of flightless birds by twenty one pilots. do you love it? like c’mon! it’s just so perfect and deep and more people should listen to it and appreciate it as the perfect song it is. tyler’s voice in this song? man! it gives chills to the whole damn universe. the lyrics? so perfect and important. it changed my whole life and soul. how can someone not love this song? how can someone not see the amazing meaning that lies behind this masterpiece? isle of flightless birds is just something too big for this sad and awful world. it makes the day brighter and weightless. i just love this song.

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i've actually never seen mr robot but it looks interesting~ would u recommend it? (also since i've heard that it deals with the topic of mental illnesses n trauma, i'd like to know if you think they handle it well, without gross stereotypes or anything??? :0 )

i DEFINITELY recommend it its so good, i love this show so much. every week it just grabs me and im so invested in all the characters

the mental illnesses, for the most part are handled VERY well. its not presented as some cute quirk or anything and the way the show is edited simulates the anxiety of it all so damn well. like the pilot absolutely grabbed me because i could relate to elliot so much on his mental illnesses and how i had to deal with mine.

so on the mental illnesses, its accurate up to an extent, but i don’t wanna spoil it in case you know absolutely nothing about the show, but there is one aspect of the mental illnesses that has been hollywood-fied. its not a gross stereotype (i have strong words for m night shayamalan on this issue) or anything but its not fully accurate to the disorder in the way its presented on screen


some things:

  • first of all, mom holy fuck?!?
  • pidge and lance being hella brave!!
  • like “here goes nothing”??? NO lance it’s not nothing i’m so proud of you!!!!
  • “GET SOME OF THIS” pidge holy shit what are you like 14? cut down some of the sass jk never stop, i love you pidge,
  • ok i gotta address the elephant in the room: keith and lance have their-NOPE NOT YET LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW GOOD ALLURA LOOKS. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HER.
  • new worlds??? i love the underwater world so much, but there’s also the weird techy tree? and the creepy but also kinda cute monster that was by shiro
  • nEW ALLIES??? please be one of the old paladins please be one of the old paladins they’re probably not, but either way i’m so excited!!!!! and keith is the one who found them? NICE.
  • so zarkon knows how to track team voltron hmmm?? ok who else thinks it’s because of shiro’s galra arm
  • MY MAN HUNK looks so good, as usual i pray that you’re not used as comic relief this season. you’re more than just the food guy hunk and i love you. GIVE ME HUNK DOING SMART THINGS AGAIN. and strong things too bc he’s even stronger than shiro please
  • “there is no place in this universe beyond my vision’s reach” damn that’s terrifying. please stay safe my kids i’m looking at you shiro
  • seriously shiro please stay safe, i see you taking on zarkon. we need our space dad alive. the last thing we need is this mysterious ally replacing you. if anyone else is gonna pilot the black lion, PLEASE let allura do it
  • CORAN!! sadly, there’s not much going on with him but i missed him
  • ok so yea lance and keith have their shirts off. freak out. get excited. it’d be cool for klance to be canon but i doubt it’ll happen :(
  • tbh they probably were in the shower or had just come back from training

feel free to add on if you have any thoughts!

  • Me: *takes deep breath*
  • Me: I love--
  • Anyone else who's spent time around me: Yes, you love 479er so much, she is your pilot lady and you love her so much, you just love 479er so god damn much, I KNOW, you love her you fucking love Freelancer Command AKA Pilot E-479 okay I know, I get it, YOU LOVE 479er and you want her to come back in season 14. I. GET. IT.

I don’t know what this episode was. I don’t even know how to begin to describe those 21 minutes. I’m so emotional right now, so I may not make any sense at all, but bear with me.

Let’s break the episode down right from the beginning:

Cold open was flawless, and started the episode off right. I found it hilarious how the squad saluted a vending machine, and then completely lost their shit when it broke and they all ran for free candy. THESE IDIOTS DEAR LORD.

Jake trying his hardest not to work the case with Amy killed me, he tried so hard to distance himself from her and respecting her dating no cops policy, but with Amy’s assurance that nothing will be weird between them, and that they’ll be perfect professionals, he hesitantly agreed. 

Amy was so dedicated in proving that her and Jake can be professional around each other and that nothing has changed the slightest between them, and she had no idea what she was getting into through this case. 

I loved the very subtle moment between Jake and Amy in the van when Amy undos the top button of her shirt and asks Jake how she looks, and he looks away and says that all he sees is “clothes hanging off of a blob” HE’S SO ATTRACTED TO HER IT KILLS HIM

The entire exchange between them at the restaurant was awesome. Through Amy’s sloppy kiss on Jake’s cheek, to the hand holding, all of it was so great, but I think the most precious moment was them saying what it is that tells them that they’re the ones for each other. Amy saying that he makes her laugh, and Jake saying that her opinion is the most valuable to him was incredible, and the heart eyes they gave each other during this scene absolutely slayed me in half.

The first kiss initiated by Jake in the restaurant was quick, hilarious, and very charming. Amy telling him after the kiss that he did “quick, professional thinking” cracked me up and their handshake to neutralize their kiss was SO THEM. 

I initially didn’t expect Jake to be telling Charles about the kiss, but when he did, it made a lot of sense with the pace of the episode. He did it to show that there is nothing between them, and that they were doing it merely for the sake of the case. Charles’ reaction was THE BEST, he is back to being the captain of this ship (after all he is the one that sparked the romance in the first place in the Bet) and his comments were hilarious. “you and Amy, follow your hearts”, “stay with each other forever” YESSSSSS BOYLE, knock some sense into them please. Rosa’s line of “call me when you grab each other’s asses” WAS A+

The second kiss initiated by Amy was passionate, intense, yet VERY FAST. *sigh* this one was my favourite from the promo, and I wish it lasted a few seconds longer. LOVED the aftermath though, “we are police colleagues” and “this is a work event” may be some of the best dialogues these two have ever said. 

Jake’s awkwardness post the undercover date was THROUGH THE ROOF, calling Amy out on her tall butt and weird elbows, trying his hardest to see some flaws in her and not let his feelings get in the way that have grown even more (if possible) after working this case together. Jake saying how he wants things to go back to normal was so genuine, because before anything else, she’ll always be his friend and he doesn’t want to ever lose that. Amy saying how she doesn’t want things to change was very interesting, and I love how the line repeats at the end of the episode when things have changed a great deal. 

Holt and Wuntch’s showdown in this episode was so well done, there were some great one-liners, and both of them fought very hard to get their way. In the end, Holt had to make the ultimate decision: Does he want to keep his command over the 99th precinct that he has worked his entire life to get? or Does he want to keep his family that he loves so much together, even if it means they have to be without him?

He chose the second option and decided to leave the precinct. His speech broke my heart into pieces, I felt myself tearing up as he told the squad that these were the best years of his career, years where he was loved and treated with the respect he deserved. Holt trying to be robotic reminded me so much of Jake being robotic in the pilot and Holt calling him out on it. The look on the squad’s face as Holt says dismissed is heartbreaking, they just lost their father figure, mentor, the man they’d all do anything for. Gina saying she’s coming with Holt was so sweet, I loved how hard she tried to save him with Terry. THE GIRL EVEN PUT HER DAMN PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE. 

Charles and Rosa’s plot was the sweetest, I love their friendship, and them being polar opposites just makes everything that much more hilarious with them. 

The final scene between Jake and Amy was my favourite of the entire episode, because they were so raw and vulnerable in front of each other. Holt leaving shocked both of them to the core, Jake lost the only father that believed in him and supported him through everything, and Amy lost her mentor, her rabbi, the executer of her will. Without him, they are both a little lost. Jake saying that he’s handling it the way he handled his dad leaving by repressing it hurts me so bad, because he has become so used to repressing his emotions. He’s repressed them regarding his dad and regarding Amy, and there’s only so much he can keep inside for so long. Amy’s line of “So a lot of change around here huh?” was perfect, because that was her acknowledging that as much as she insists, things have changed. Things between them can’t go back to being how they were, and she knows that deep down she doesn’t want them to and it takes Holt leaving to make her see that. And I still can’t get over Jake’s expression following this line. It is glorious, and he stares at her for a split second, knowing exactly how she’s feeling, and then his gaze shifts to her lips and he lets himself go. He lets those repressed feelings out, and never could he ever have imagined that he would kiss Amy Santiago in the same evidence lockup room where he had once struggled to convince her that his feelings for her weren’t real. Never had he imagined that he would kiss her under these circumstances with Holt being gone and the future of the precinct up in the air. The kiss is so perfect, romantic and sweet and I love how Amy is surprised but doesn’t hesitate for a second, because this is what she’s wanted for so long and what she needs when so much of her future is unknown, she knows that she can always count on him to get through anything, even if it is Holt being gone. I love how they cling on to each other, she keeps her hands on his chest until their amazing gut wrenching soul crushing eye sex is broken by the sound of Boyle’s voice. They don’t get to say a word about the kiss, and that’s the cliffhanger we’re left on with them. I don’t know if the writers will decide to still keep them apart or finally take that big leap and get them together. Whatever they do, I trust that they will handle this relationship with utmost care and consideration, how they have done it so perfectly up till this point. 

So season 3 will open with Holt and Gina being gone from the precinct, Jake and Amy have kissed (for real) and either in a relationship or not, and a new captain in the 99. The first thought in my mind when the finale ended was wake me up when September is here cause I can’t fucking wait to see what happens next. 

What will happen to Fashion of Glee?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been inundated with messages asking if we plan to keep the site up and running after Glee ends. It’s been incredible to see just what dedicated followers we have, who love reading the site as much as we love running it.

I started this website when I was in high school, four and a half years ago, and it has been an absolute pleasure to keep it going as I’ve gone through university and into my adult life. Like so many Gleeks around the world, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve wanted to hurl things at my TV, all in the name of a damn TV show.

As the show wraps up, I keep coming back to a quote from the pilot episode; “By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.” And my joy was found in the costumes of Glee. I’ve opened myself up to a world of amazing fashion, an industry I want to work in forever, and so, so many remarkable people; my family of co-moderators first and foremost, but also you – our immaculately-dressed readers.

For a show about singing and dancing, we really only ever had eyes for those wacky outfits. Week-to-week, we’ve followed Glee’s costumes with an unwavering passion, appreciating them not only as covetable additions to our own closets, but as a vehicle for telling the characters’ stories. For that, we’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the masterminds past and present at the helm of the Glee costume department – Lou Eyrich, Elizabeth Martucci, Robert Blackman, and Brigitta Romanov.

So – where do we go now?

Understandably, now that the show is ending, our primary focus is going to turn to other projects (stay tuned). But, we very much intend to keep Fashion of Glee up and running! Although updates will probably not be as frequent, as always we will keep you outfitted in all the clothes worn by the core cast members, from their everyday wardrobes, to the red carpet. We also hope to revisit earlier seasons and continue to expand the catalogue of clothes worn on Glee itself.

Stay stylish,

- Alice and the Fashion of Glee team

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We got so much gold at SDCC on all fronts, and Wendy is my favorite interviewer after David, Stephen and Emily because like them she clearly knows how to sell a show. What are you most excited about for the season, like for Olicity especially what are you most looking forward in terms of development for our characters and their dynamic?

There was suggestion made during season 3 (fan suggestion, I mean) that Arrow needed to add to its EP cast someone with more of a television background to help even out the TV needs vs. comic book background.  Wendy Mericle definitely has that.  She’s been made an EP on Arrow and her past credits include Desperate Housewives, Eli Stone, Ghost Whisperer, Smallville, Jack & Bobby, Everwood, Eastwick, etc, etc, etc.

I am in no way knocking the other EPs like Guggenheim or Kreisberg whose resumes are just as extensive, but I think having someone more grounded in “tv” vs “comics” might help keep a POV at the table that’s more “your average daily viewer” than one so enmeshed in comic books POV.  Hm. Does that make sense?  I hope so. It makes sense in my brain.

So what am I most excited for?  Lots.

Getting the focus back on Oliver Queen as The Title Name.  I felt Oliver really got shuffled backwards a lot last year.  I didn’t care for it.  Yes, other characters have to grow, but Oliver Queen should never feel like a side character on his own show. 

Getting back to a balance between Oliver Queen’s personal life vs. Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen’s life.  I want to see more to Oliver’s time than just what he does in the arrowcave, which is another thing I think we lost for almost all the characters last year.  I’m excited to hear that they’re going to try to balance those two things out.

Felicity getting more episodes devoted to her as a character.  I need to see Felicity in a Felicity-centric, Felicity-focused, Felicity-driven story of her own.  No more using her to prop up, spin off, build up, or try to manipulate via her popularity the “selling” of other characters.  These characters either fly on their own or they flop.  Period.  So I’m really looking forward to seeing Felicity’s journey as an individual character in her own right move on to show us what her destiny is.  Hand in hand with that is her father and her mother.  I’m excited about Donna returning to Starling and I’m super excited about Papa Smoak, whoever he turns out to be.  *rubs faux rabbit foot that he’s a villain*

Diggle getting more focus and episodes devoted to him.  Same reasons as above.  Plus Season 3 really pushed him aside and I felt that loss.  I don’t want that in Season 4.  I want to see centric story for him, development of his character, his destiny, etc.

Hand in hand with Diggle comes HIVE/Andy’s death.  I have a sneaking suspicious that HIVE and the events that led up to Andy’s murder will tie into Oliver’s flashbacks this year.  I’ve wanted that for 3 seasons now and I think Season 4 might be the year I get it and maybe the answer to: Just how much did Oliver know about Diggle (and possibly Felicity) when he returned to Starling City in the pilot.  How “coincidental” was all of this in the end?

Quentin Lance getting a damned story.  I love and adore Paul Blackthorne.  That man is fabulous in everything he is in and I want him to get a bigger slice of the pie come Season 4.  If they bring Donna Smoak in, then I want my SmoaknLance.  Big time.  I will ship that so hard core it won’t even be funny.

Oh.  Olicity.  Do I even need to really put this on the list?  LOL.  I’m sure everybody knows it’s on my list.  I want to see Oliver and Felicity being a couple, committed to making it work, fighting to be together, actually being *shown* together as that couple.  I want all the great flirty, fun, bantering, awesome, sexy, passionate moments between them.  I want to see them being partners in and out of the arrowcave, and I definitely want to see them in action together, on adventures, missions, fieldwork, doing joint stunts together, etc.  I want all the fun I know Arrow can deliver with them.

I also want to see the side effects Thea develops from the pit.  They have me curious.

Damien Darhk. O.M.G. I want him to be the smartest, deadliest, most ruthlessly evil villain Arrow has ever had.  I want to fear this man the way I wanted to fear Ra’s al Ghul but never did.  In the end it was like, well, I could sit down to tea with Ra’s and maybe watch some cricket….  I never feared him.  I didn’t care for that.  I want to Fear Damien Darhk.  Make me afraid, Arrow Writers.  Make me afraid.

Oliver & Diggle repairing their relationship. I love their bromance. I want to see them earn that back.

Magic.  I’m great with the occult, mystical and magical, so I’m super excited about what they’re going to do with that.

I want lots of scenes of interaction between characters I like.  Like:









Felicity/Mama Smoak/Quentin

Felicity/Papa Smoak/Oliver


I am excited about probably 98% of Arrow.  I just need them to give focus to the characters I watch for, not shove them to the background like they did in Season 3, not lose sight of the point of Arrow by getting – once again – lost in spin offs and character building for spin-offs, too many crossovers (please, please, TV Gods, control the crossovers), and I absolutely need them to remain as grounded, gritty and “real” aka Non-Powered as possible.  They made that promise before the pilot and I need that to stay as true as possible.

It’s a long list, Anon, but I’m excited about a lot of stuff.  Let’s see what they deliver.

  • friend: so i saw writing in your notebook
  • brain: *remembers all the awkward stuff i drew*
  • me: *blushes frantically*
  • me: *tries acting normal*
  • me: so what did you read?
  • friend: i saw you write "i'm forced to deal with what i feel, there is no distraction to mask what is real"
  • friend: and i just want u to know i'm always going to be there for you
  • me: dude
  • friend: and u'll never be alone
  • me: dude
  • friend: *tears up*
  • friend: and i love you so much and you don't have to hi-
  • me: DUDE!!!!!1!!!!!!!
  • friend: what
  • friend: *dabs eye*
  • me: its a damn twenty one pilot song lyrics
  • friend: oh
  • friend: i knew you could never be that deep you little shit
  • me: *sighs*
5.20 Episode Reaction: Goodbye New York

So…it’s over. I’m a puddle of emotions and one of the best emotions that I can say I feel after this seven episode run of Glee NYC is - I feel satisfied. Not just happy, and squeeful, and joyful, and entertained - but that as a package, this arc of Glee gave me development for the characters I care about.. It was a beautiful full circle arc for the New York gang, and the finale did not disappoint (for a change - Glee’s finale’s have not been its strong point). Goodbye New York…The URBP was All (unlike last year’s nothing)…See what I did there?

So without further ado, and in no particular order, and also late - some thoughts. Some of which I don’t see being talked about:

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