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Zodiac Gothic: Terrifying things may come
  • Aries: One day, when you blink, you'll see anther world in between the closing and opening of your eyelids. It will be terrifying, horrible, indescribable - and you will forget it as soon as you open your eyes. Perhaps it just happened. Perhaps it will happen tomorrow. Or perhaps, the last time you close your eyes, it will happen. And you won't be able to open them again to escape.
  • Taurus: The next time someone tells you to run, do it. Even if you are surrounded by nothing but walls, run until you can't run anymore - then walk, then crawl, then squirm. Only when you have exhausted all means of movement will you be safe.
  • Gemini: You are going to meet a special someone soon. A /very/ special someone. They will not have eyes, and their tongue will be heinously long. They will try to wrap you up - let them. Only once you give in to them will they let you go.
  • Cancer: Something horrible has happened. It had nothing to do with you, but it happened. Just now, it happened again. You are powerless to stop these horrible things. And they, too, are powerless to hurt you - so long as you remember to listen to the weather. Did you forget? Hmm. Something bad has happened. It had everything to do with you.
  • Leo: There are dark forces attempting to change your fate right now. But will it be for better, or for worse? Leave a lemon on your porch overnight to stop them. You may save yourself - or doom yourself to an even worse fate. You must make the decision soon, or the forces will already be upon you.
  • Virgo: Don't go to an ocean. Don't go to a lake. Actually, it's probably best you avoid swimming pools too. To be safe, don't even take a bath tonight - it isn't worth the risk. Is it raining? Well, then your fate has been sealed...
  • Libra: Don't stare too long at that object that shouldn't be there. Pretend that it's normal. If you pretend that you didn't just see it move out of the corner of your eye, you will be safe.
  • Scorpio: Don't do it. I know that you're thinking about doing it - but don't. There are demons waiting to take a hold of you if you succeed. What is 'it' you might be wondering - well, you know. You're the one who planned it.
  • Sagittarius: The monster under your bed loves you. It loves you so very much. It crawls out and sleeps next to you at night, and it stares at pictures of you while you are away. It even fights off the other monsters every night. But watch out, it might just fail some night....and the monster in the closet loves you in a much more violent way.
  • Capricorn: Someday, when you are home alone in a new house, there will be an extra door that you will notice, and be unsure of it was there before. It wasn't. It contains a set of stairs, each step more wet and soft than the last. The further down these stairs. you walk, the hotter and damper you feel, and the more lights you will see on the walls. Do not touch the lights. Do not touch the walls. Keep walking - you will eventually trip, and find yourself facing up the stairs. Walk up. Do not, at any point, turn back - the teeth will come.
  • Aquarius: A strange and hauntingly beautiful woman will ask to use your phone in a parking lot at midnight, sometime in the near future. It will be cloudy and dark. She will look startlingly familiar, but you will not be able to remember her at all. You must not allow her to take your phone. You must not allow her to take your heart.
  • Pisces: If you ever find yourself surrounded by strangers, keep a look out for anyone with golden pupils in plain white eyes. If you have seen them, then immediately cleanse yourself with fish water and lemon juice. If it's been more than three days, you have been Marked for something that is yet unknown, but must be avoided at all cost.

I felt the need to make this because it’s ridiculous the amount of hate messages I’ve been getting along with my other DB buds. We fanfic writers, fan-artists, casual DB fans should not feel the need to “hide” or “keep a low profile” just because we LIKE Goku, or Gochi. And if you’ve been getting hate as a kakavege fan, vegebul or what ever ship/ character this implies too. ((Leave people to their corner and let them be happy))


***For the record yes, I understand nakama and goku’s sense of family. And guess what I STILL love Goku/ Gochi/ Son family. Ok :’) 

WARNING: If you are going to use this picture ((not saying you should cause I would rather you reblog the original post/source)) PLEASE give me credit for the drawing and link back to this blog. Furthermore, if you happen to see this post posted some where else without a source please guide them to the right direction and link to this original post. Also, you are NOT aloud to edit this picture what so ever.

“Kill your curiosity. Kiss me already.” - Nishat Ahmed (x)

Castiel sighs as the feeling starts up again.

“This again,” he mutters in annoyance, hoping it won’t take too long to notch down to ‘normal’ amounts.

Cas has long since been able to deal with Dean’s longing. At first, it was horribly disorienting but soon enough he had gotten used to carrying on like it wasn’t even there, like tuning out background noise as he waited for Dean to make a move.

However, lately, Dean’s longing had kept surging sporadically and Cas was back to being disorientated whenever the levels of Dean’s longing fluctuated.

When this particular surge doesn’t go back to its usual level no matter how long Cas stays, (not that Cas is complaining about spending time at the Bunker or near Dean; he likes the Bunker and is in love with Dean, anyway) he decides he’s had enough.

He corners Dean in the kitchen one day and growls, “Dean.”

Dean turns - a picture of nonchalance -  and asks what’s up.

“What’s up?!” Cas cries a little hysterically. “What’s up is your longing!”

“My what?” Dean chokes out, eyes widening in horror.

“I have had it up to here with you and your longing,” Cas tells him. “Kill your curiosity and kiss me already.”

Dean just stands there, gaping at him.

“You’ve known all this time,” he gets out eventually.

It’s not a question but Cas nods in confirmation.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Dean asks, frowning.

Cas deflates a little now, irritation leaving him in a whoosh.

“There was always something in the way: the Apocalypse, the civil war in Heaven, the amnesia, Purgatory, Naomi-”

“Okay, okay,” Dean interjects. “You don’t have to list out all the crap we’ve been through.”

Cas’ lips quirk into a sad smile before turning into a teasing one. “There was also you coming to terms with it and that took long enough, you emotionally constipated… assbutt.”

“Ugh, Cas,” Dean groans. “Assbutt is the worst insult ever.”

“It’s still an insult.”

“Sometimes-” Dean huffs “-you’re so frustrating I don’t even know why I’m in love with you.”

You’re frustrating,” Cas says lamely, as he rolls his eyes at Dean. “I thought I told you to kiss me.”

“You always gonna be this bossy?” Dean teases even as he moves to close the distance between them and finally kisses Castiel.


Since everyone loved my last post, here’s more pictures from the shop since I went back this afternoon. Keep in mind: this is literally just ONE CORNER of this shop! It’s literally packed wall-to-wall all over with goodies and the energy is insanely wonderful~ Please visit this shop if you can!

The Crystal Fox - Laurel, MD

BTS Reaction to Holding Their Child for the First Time

Jin: This would be such a special moment for Jin. I feel that Jin would really love to be a father, and now that his baby was finally here, he’d be super ecstatic. He’d be all smiles and coos, carefully holding the baby in his arms as he rocked it back and forth gently. And if the baby held onto his finger or smiled at him, he’d rave to his wife about it and take pictures of his child being absolutely adorable.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: Suga would be hesitant to take the baby out of his tired wife’s arms. I mean, the baby was just once in his lovers belly but now they’re here. In the flesh and beautiful, just like he imagined them to be. He’d slowly take the baby and hold them close to his chest, sitting on the bed next to his wife and taking hold of her hand. If the baby started to make any noises he’d freak out, apologizing to the little human. And when the baby opened it’s eyes and smiled at Yoongi, he would deny anyone that said tears welled up in his eyes out of love.

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J-Hope: He’d be so excited to hold his newborn child. He’d talk to them constantly, rocking them back and forth as he told them about everything in hospital room. From their mother to the view outside he’d show his child everything and talk and kiss them softly. He’d gush whenever the baby would make little noises, and when the baby held onto his finger, he’d melt on the spot, fangirling to his wife about how their baby actually knew who he was! He knew talking to the baby bump would make a difference.

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Rap Monster: Rap Monnie would be such a caring and understanding father and he’d love his child from the moment they came out into the open world. He’d love to read to his child; from fantasy to history he loved how the baby would curl up in his chest and fall asleep to the vibrations he’d make while reading aloud. He’d give this baby so much love, kissing their head softly and making sure they were well taken care of. And when the baby would smile at him, his heart would swell. He and his wife had made this beautiful person, and he wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Originally posted by kazumitatzumi

Jimin: He’d be hesitant at first, since when his wife handed him their child they started to cry. But after a few panicked seconds he’d rock the baby back and forth, babbling sweet words to make them calm down. After that moment though, the baby was all eyes; curious at the world and at Jimin. They’d stare up at him with wide innocent eyes and Jimin would stare back, internally panicking. What if they didn’t know him? But when the baby broke out into his own smile with their eyes scrunched up like his did, he couldn’t help but smile back, not knowing his wife captured both of their identical smiles.

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V: My heart can’t take the idea of Kim Taehyung as a father. Like, words can’t accurately describe what he’d be like when he holds his child for the first time. It’d be like a multicolored sunset, deep kisses in the rain, hot chocolate and fuzzy socks on a cold day; just perfect. V would leave many kisses on any part of his baby’s face. He’d love running his finger over the baby’s soft cheeks, cooing at them and whispering words of love to them in his Daegu dialect. Lord help us when this child smiles or holds their father’s hand. Angels will sing, and Tae’s smile and look of love he’d send his child and wife, I just. I can’t. Cancer will be cured at that moment, I guarantee.

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Jungkook: This cutie will try to act nonchalant about holding his child for the first time. But he can’t stop the smile pulling at the corners of his lips when he finally gets to cuddle his baby. He’d like to hold the baby close to his chest as he hugged his wife. It made him feel complete and full of love when his family were close like this. And when the baby smiles for the first time or grabs onto his pointer finger, expect Kookie to take thousands of pictures and smile along with them. He’d rant about how beautiful they are and how he was so lucky to have such a healthy and happy baby.

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It only takes seventy years, but after decades of waiting, Peggy and Steve find their way back to each other. It takes another year–one filled with breakfasts shared over newspapers and long walks through the streets of New York, stolen kisses in the hours between night and day and fighting side by side–before they finally make good on that dance.

The band plays something slow, Peggy teaches Steve the steps, and he nimbly avoids trampling her toes. It’s perfect.

Well, it’s perfect…until the arms dealer they have been tracking for months shows up at the dance club.

At Last - Etta James // Slow Serenade - Tape Five // St. James Ballroom - Alice Francis // Imelda May - Big Bad Handsome Man // Clap Your Hands - Parov Stelar // I Belong To You - Caro Emerald // History Repeating - Propellerheads ft. Shirley Bassey // Moondance - Michael Buble // A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Harry Connick Jr. (listen)

(Happy happy birthday @ladyanj! I hope you have a great day and a wonderful year!)

Oxygen [Newt Scamander X Reader]


Word count: no idea probably 900+

A/N: so i wrote this in one sitting and just was really happy with it, should i make a part two? 


not requested

not my gifs

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She’s got her own trajectory She leaves my heart 11 degrees 

You never thought of yourself as one to fall in love and get married. You just thought you would mess around and live life to the fullest. You made this clear to anyone you’ve ever come across, including your best friend, Newt Scamander. 

The both of you first met at Hogwarts but didn’t become close until he had been expelled. It was a dark time but that adds a reason to Newt’s list of how much he loved you. 

The only problem was how you refused to go after love. And deep down, it hurt him. 

 It’s like she puts love to the back of her mind ;Then rips it out again           When she’s back at mine

Now, Newt had an assignment from the Ministry to travel to world and take notes on magical creatures in order to help his fellow wizards understand these creatures. At first, you were to take no part in his project; but after a fiasco in Eygpt, the Ministry sent you to keep an eye on your beloved friend.

Everyday, you watched as he admired the various creatures that he took care for. Watching him be happy was all you could wish for. You valued Newt’s happiness more than your own because that was how you had lived your life so far.

And from the looks you gave him, any bystander would accuse you of loving the man which of course wasn’t a lie. But you’d never admit it. Not even to yourself.

She says “Oxygen’s overrated I don’t even need to breathe” She’s got a tank full of highs and a mind that never sleeps

You sat in a chair, watching Newt as he drained the poison from his Swooping Evil pet. Out of the corner of your ee, you sensed movement yet all it was,was that stupid photograph of Leta he kept around. It sickened you, mostly because all the harm she caused your dear friend,

But why do you have the right to be jealous? That picture of Leta probably made him smile still. And that’s all you wanted, was for him to stay smiling.

I loved you then I love you now So make me laugh For an hour 

Then one day, everything just - clicked.

You realized that you truly felt affectionate and loving towards your best friend, Newt Scamander, and would keep him happy at any cost.

And just as he started to realize his feelings for you, the two of you arrived in New York, and met Tina Goldstein.

Then rip me off High as a cloud And leave that taste In my mouth

Life seemed to come crashing down. Tina made Newt… happy. And in that span of about 48 hours, everything changed. 

You could see the looks he gave her which she would secretly return. And it hurt, it hurt so badly to the point where you wanted to bust out crying. OF course, Newt wasn’t your soul mate. you weren’t meant to fall in love.

So if Newt could be happy with out you, maybe it was time to move on.

 She says “Oxygen’s overrated I don’t even need to breathe” She’s got a tank full of highs And a mind that never sleeps 

Once you arrived back in England you planned on giving Newt a hefty amount of money and to try and convince your boss to give Newt a job where he could visit New York. It would make him happy, and if he was happy, you were happy.

But Queenie read you without even reading your mind, and confronted you on the topic. She relayed to you how important you were to Newt and how he would constantly need you. But it didn’t help, because those words didn’t come from him and were not shown through his actions.

“I just want him to be and stay happy!”

“But at the cost of your own happiness?”

based off the song Oxygen by CAtfish and The Bottlemen


Brother For Sale

I thought I wanted a little brother. When I was a stupid six year old.

Now I’m nine, a lot smarter, and I realized I made a huge mistake.

Tommy is the worst. The absolute worst. I hate him. It wasn’t so bad when he was a baby. He cried a lot but it was super cool to say I was a sister. All my friends thought he was super cute too.

It’s when he stopped being cute and starting being annoying.

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So on the topic of “what if Damian Wayne as the Teen Titan’s Robin got a full animated show”
I can’t stop imagining the idea that the rest of the Titans are very confused about what to do with this Very Angry Small Birb sometimes. Like, sometimes he’s a brutal, efficient hero who can cut through a group of villains with nary a thought- and sometimes he acts like a little kid (they forget sometimes that he’s actually much younger than them.).
And one day, Dick gets a text from Damian basically saying he’s sick of fighting Slade and he’s going to go murder the shit out of him, and drives out to try and stop him-
Only to find his pouty little brother restrained under a half ton of green tiger. “Putting him in the corner doesn’t work. So, we put him under the cat, yes?” Starfire explains. Dick takes pictures for blackmail material.
Just, the potential for character growth with Damian “Brutal child assassin and certified brat” Wayne as their Robin for the Titans is amazing. And while it’s been explored a bit in the comics, I feel like it would really be amazing as a show.
(I also love the headcanon that Red X is just the other Robins fucking with him, although I can’t remember who originally posted it.)

Rumor Has It

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You built up walls to prevent the rumors from getting to you, but now they came crumbling down

Word Count: 2024

Originally posted by rainbowboombox

You usually walked down the halls of your university with your headphones on at full blast. Ever since your relationship with BTS’ Jeon Jungkook went public a few months ago, people always would step aside whenever you brushed past them or whisper about you behind your back. You knew that those who whispered were probably talking smack about you. 

You loved Jungkook with all your heart, and you knew it would break him if he found out that the rumors about you made you upset. That’s why you decided to build up walls, block them out, and tell Jungkook that they didn’t bother you. You’d put your music on at full blast because the rumors wouldn’t make you upset if you didn’t hear them.

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FAVORITE HL FICS - THESE INCONVENIENT FIREWORKS (190k) by mdasch & everydayslike

Harry doesn’t get it. He wears his heart on his sleeve because he hasn’t any idea what the world is really like. Things don’t always happen for a reason. Sometimes life is mean and pointless and people hurt you just because they can. Sometimes you fall in love with a person or a fantasy of the person you’re going to be someday, and all it ever does for you is make you into something you hate, brittle bones and stone walls.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts by the motion out of the corner of his eye of Harry lifting up his phone. Louis gets a hand in front of his face just before he hears the fake shutter sound of the camera going off. “Missed me,” he says, peeking out from behind his fingers.

“I don’t get why you won’t let me take your picture,” Harry says, pouting a bit, and Louis just laughs.

“Well, we can’t have you finding out I’m a vampire, can we?” he says, patting Harry’s thigh consolingly. He turns back to the film, and tries not to worry about what Harry might see in his eyes if he ever managed to catch him off-guard.

Loving a minor character aesthetic
  • “You. Yes, you. You, that one person who just got three lines and disappeared into oblivion. I will get irrationally attached to you.”
  • Tumblr tag: three posts, two of which just tagged them because they appear at the right back corner of a picture if you squint
  • “This wikia article is a stub”
  • counting the amount of lines they get in each installment and choosing the one with the most lines as your favorite
  • *searches through the depths of Tumblr, Deviantart, Pixiv, Twitter, and 5734 shady image boards for fanart* *gets the same two results all over*
  • wanting to ship them. Nobody to ship them with. Crack-shipping like crazy
  • desperately creating fan content, only to get discouraged and give up because nobody cares
  • rewatching and counting down the episodes till their next appearance
  • THEY APPEARED AND SAID SOMETHING!! It was nothing plot-relevant and lasted 3 seconds but THIS IS A GOOD SCENE
  • not knowing all the stuff you know about the major characters because they never got a proper character sheet
  • Finally. Finally finding that one other person who loves them as much as you do. Congratulations, you have found your soulmate.

Exo Cup Fanmeeting in Japan 170514

Wow were we blessed today

Japan has now become my second favorite place for CB moments~ 



They were the same team (the blue team) and look at how our royal couple absolutely wrecked the other two threesomes wowowowowoowowowow we always knew they had great chemistry :D they just work well together


WOw. Such a lovely view of their backsides :,)

Mmm yes Park Chanyeol demonstrate some more please (Lol I’m that girl having a seizure in the right corner)

If y’all already don’t know, this is the ballon popping game they are demonstrating (y’all can already smell the fan service can’t you?)

Lol. Me being the evil fangirl grumbling “Seriously? The ballon is such a cockblock”

(Chants: “kiss kiss kiss kiss”)

Lol I love that the ballon is a heart. It really accurately represents what’s about to happen. 

Now…let the games…begin

Bless. I love how Baekhyun is just low-key hugging the man’s Park Chanyeol (I KNOW IT’S FOR THE GAME BUT LET ME DREAM. THIS IS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE OTHER THAN OTHER CB MOMENTS)

Now a backside view. The games haven’t even started and Baekhyun is already putting his arm around Chanyeol’s waist ahhhhhhhhh

MM they look like they’re on a honey moon

Lol even closer please

Baekhyun’s so ready for this

And here’s a closer view

“Ah yes we are Korea’s number one coup- I mean pair ahahaha.”

Awww Baek looks so fond I can’t

Ah yes Height difference


What an aesthetic couple

Aw Chan looks like a kid XD Showing off his prize

Baek: “We may have won this trophy but we already won each other’s heart”

Oh look at that eye contact. Wowowowow did you see how Baekhyun leaned in slightly looking straight at Chanyeol? Hmmm why did Chanyeol look so startled. I wonder what he thought Baekhyun was doing. What if he thought it was…a kiss? AHH LET ME DREAMMMM. But honestly that eye contact and the way Baekhyun kinda just instinctively leaned in. I mean yeah Chanyeol could’ve been surprised that Baekhyun was staring at him but really I feel (or it looks) like there is some tension. Sexual tension maybe? Just the way Baekhyun is looking at him like that really gets me slightly suspicious

Lol I wonder. Isn’t it uncomfortable for Baekhyun to lean on Chanyeol like that since Chan is taller? XD

That looks so awkward XD

And ending with some creepy synchronization XD



anonymous asked:

Why are you a yoonmin shipper?

Hello my dear!

Well, now that you ask me that, I feel like it’s time for me to finally reveal the truth to the world…

And the truth is… I was not at first

To be completely honest, my very first BTS bias was Jimin, and when I first discovered the whole ship thing, I shiped… well… Jikook. But like, really badly!

But then, Yoongi came in front of my eyes and totally ruined my heart ofc. But Jimin was still very much there, not willing to let Yoongi take all the space yet. And the more I was killing myself with looking for pictures of Yoongi, the more I saw Yoonmin. And the tow guys really melted my heart so much than Jikook was no longer even an option anywhere for me, haha!

Just look at them ^_^

Originally posted by kookieinfirestae

You can feel the love

Originally posted by chimines

…the affection

Originally posted by bellahasjams

…the tension

Originally posted by myjaebutt

Originally posted by its-nico

…and how Jimin always make Yoongi smile…

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

…they are just soooooo cute together!

And don’t get me started on THIS:

Originally posted by zutterv

Now, I’m gona roll in a corner and die because of all the feelings that all of this brought back…… *starts rolling away…*

Thanks my dear ;)

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What is the second honeymoon phase theory?

Right now is a perfect time to answer this question.

The Honeymoon Phase is when you’re completely obsessed with someone. When your love for each other is passionate and thriving. It’s exciting. It’s intoxicating. You can’t get enough of each other. We all know the basic understanding of it.

As I said before the average time for The Honeymoon Phase is “good” for is about 2 years just because if our psychology allowed us to run on that much adrenaline so much for longer we’d probably die haha.
(It’s how relationships end after a duration of a few months or years is because they’ve “lost that spark”)

But, people don’t realize is they can get into a SECOND Honeymoon Phase. Usually after quite some time has passed and both the individuals have grown within themselves and also with each other. It happens after experience and events. When you start to fall in love all over again.

It’s why couples are so HAPPY after their wedding or their Honeymoon (it’s called the Honeymoon Phase for a reason)

Some say the second time around is better. Because you already know everything about that person, so you just get to enjoy their company now. You get to love the little things, and want to share it with the world. You fall deeper in love more than you thought that you ever could

Dan and Phil are easily in the Second Honeymoon Phase.
After time with their work and touring the world and finally having done “life things” they’re able to have more time to focus on each other.
Can’t you see it?

This didn’t just start either. The signs start to show around gamingmas actually. When the tour had ended. They were finally alone, enough time to relax and recollect themselves.

The way they share things, and information with us. The little stories. The anecdotes. The pictures. The travels. The schedules. Each other.
They share bloody everything.

This aquarium trip and the fact that they shared maybe a bit too much of it is a dead give away. The silhouette pictures? The selfie? The overall happiness vibe? This little holiday away before a convention is something they both needed.
It’s also something they’re deciding on sharing with the world and I think that alone is beautiful. Because two years ago we would have been dead where we sit if they started to do this shit.

It’s The Honeymoon Phase. Because 2 years ago they weren’t in it. (Minus Japan because Japan is just like how they are right now in Singapore)

It’s a beautiful thing that they’re sharing with the world.
They’re in love.
And no one should take that away from them.
So if they feel like they’re finally comfortable enough to share pictures of their dates then by all means do so!
Because I’ll be here in the corner screaming about it and also wishing I could have someone to go through a Second Honeymoon Phase with.
Love is beautiful, and it deserves to be shared.

How do I even begin to explain what happened today?
oh yes, Simon Le Bon is very rude.

He was the first to show up at the hotel door. He was trying not to be seen, but cmon dude, it gets really hard when you’re wearing lemon green clothing and you’re over 6ft tall
I called his name and he waved before turning around to leave
I shouted “Come back Simon!” and he just made a signal with his hand for us to wait. He never came back.

In the next 30 minutes the sweet sweet Roger came downstairs. All the rumours are true - He’s lovely. Took pictures with all the fans who were waiting and was really kind.

Then, a long time passed. I went to the store on the corner of the street because I needed a bathroom. On my way out of the store I received a call from my boyfriend “JOHN’S HERE, HE’S LEAVING” I came rushing down the block, everyone looking at me. I was wearing platform sandals and ran as clumsily as I could, so fast I almost ran into… John Taylor. In the flesh. He’s SO TALL and SO HANDSOME. Also a gentleman. He looked at me and smiled, amused by my whole mess.
I just went “Hi John!” totally making an embarrassment of myself. He turned around and we took this picture. There was a whole line in front of me and yet, my mess called his attention. He touches you when he takes pictures. He put his hand on my back. I don’t recall exactly the feeling. But we all here spent quit some time thinking about those hands, heh. His feet. So big. Unbelievable.
Before he left I said “Sorry about the embarrassment!” and he laughed. I died that exactly moment.

I turned around and spotted a tiny blonde man almost getting crushed by the crowd. I rushed there as well and grabbed my letter, with a selection of my drawings inside it as well. It was difficult to reach him, but I gained his attention by shouting I had some artwork for him. He turned around eventually, I showed a couple of them and he said “Oh, you painted this! Very good, very good!”. NICK RHODES LIKED MY ART. That’s it, I can truly die happy now.
Then, he left with my gift for him and got inside the van. I was one of the few who gave them presents, so it’s official: Duran Duran saw my art.

I’ll post my present in the next post.
I have no words to describe how it felt. I wish you all could be with me that moment. I’m still recovering myself… And I still have two concerts to go!

miraculous/hey arnold au?

lol creds to @charme-miraculeux ‘s husband for this idea, but do you ever think that chloe treats marinette like helga treats arnold from hey arnold?

like she’s an absolute horror to marinette in her face but then when no one’s looking, chloe just pulls a locket with marinette’s picture in it out of her shirt and kinda goes:

Marinette, my love
My sultry preteen
Why must I hold you
Only whilst in a dream?
Will I be forever enslaved by your spell?
Why must I worship you and never tell?
Marinette, you make my girlhood tremble
Make my senses quiver in awe
Someday, I’ll tell the world, my love
Or my name’s not Chloe Bourgeois

or she’s like hiding around the corner from where marinette is standing and just clutches her heart and goes:

Your eyes, like two blue jellybeans
Are pools I want to bathe in.
My head doth swoon,
and yet I want to beat your face in

or she’s got this secret marinette shrine in her closet that legit no one else knows about and sometimes she just sits in front of it and is all:

Marinette, you idiot
I’ve always sworn it
I’ve always loved you
My darling, my darling
Kiss me, my darling
Oh, raven haired Aphrodite
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Why I love the Doctor/Rose fandom

Do you know what? I love the Doctor/Rose fandom. Periodically we fall into a gloomy mood where we feel like we’re dying as a fandom, or things aren’t like what they used to be. For just a moment, I want to focus on the cool things happening. 

Last week, over 20 self-rec lists were solicited in ask boxes. The fic reading/writing community is so incredibly encouraging, and this is perhaps the best indication of that lately. It wasn’t just the established, popular writers who got asks, either. I reblogged several from newer authors and some who don’t get as much exposure. That made my heart happy. 

The addition of several new fic prompt/rec blogs in the last month is a good sign that we aren’t dying. People love this ship enough that they want to inspire our creators to new works. That’s a high level of involvement and dedication to the fandom, and it’s not something you find in dying fandoms. 

We’ve talked a lot about the struggle new authors have to get recognised, so @legendslikestardust dedicates a weekly post to finding a new author and promoting them on the blog. They also specifically promote SFW fanfic, since another concern is how much harder it is to get noticed if you don’t write smut.

But smut is still a part of fandom, and it’s a part many people love, so the same people who run that blog also run @dwsmutfest to support that side of the fandom. 

If you like visual prompts, @dwficprompts posts pictures every day to get your creative mind going. I’ve gotten several plot bunnies based on these pics–it’s fantastic. 

And of course, I started @doctorroseprompts because that’s where my passion is. After reblogging prompts from other prompt blogs with, “This could be Doctor/Rose…” and giving a scenario, starting my own prompt blog just seemed like the logical next step. 

And as a prompt blog owner, nothing has made me happier this month than seeing people combining the prompts for all these blogs. The more prompts there are, the more new fanfic we get. February has proven that. To see people taking a prompt from their Fluffuary card and adding it to one of our Valentine’s prompts, or basing their story on a picture from @dwficprompts… it’s just a great, great thing.

I love the Doctor/Rose fandom because I love the people in it, and the way we encourage each other. I love that instead of giving up when it seemed like maybe we were dying, members of our fandom have invested themselves in its revitalisation. This is why we are amazing, and this is why I’m proud to be a part of this little corner of the internet.

The Coping Process

Y/N: I finally finished this, it got a little longer than I intended. I hope you’ll like it. :) Requests are open and welcome!

Plot: You are visiting Stiles in Washington for the first time since he moved away for his FBI training. Suddenly you have to realize that long distances can take a toll on couples and how easily it produces jealousy of an almost too perfect fellow agent.

Pairing: Reader x Stiles

When you climb out of the bus in Washington in front of that huge old building, you are nervous although you have no reason to be. You never feel more comfortable than when you are with Stiles, never more able to simply be yourself without being judged. But you haven’t seen him for over a month now since he moved here for his FBI training and the time apart has taken a toll on you. That’s why you are so excited about this visit. And it’s why you are nervous that something between the two of you could have changed.

As soon as you find him waiting next to the bus stop, your heart flutters and despite of all your doubts, a huge smile appears on your lips, pretty much the same as his. You are in his arms in a matter of seconds and he hugs you tightly while you hide your head at his shoulder and breathe in his scent. You kept a shirt of him that you sleep with but it’s not quite the same. Stiles strokes your back softly, kissing your head before he leans back a bit to press his lips onto yours.

Nothing has changed. Your heartrate freaks out and your love for him flows through your veins unstopped.

“God, I missed you babe!”, he mumbles after you both pulled away to catch your breaths.

“I missed you too. But that kiss was a good welcome gift!”

Your favourite grin tugs on his lips. “Well, other guys bring flowers, I just use my exceptional kissing abilities. Come on, let me take care of that and I’ll show you my room.”

You hand him your bag and follow him into the building, not letting go of his hand the whole time. As you enter his room, you can’t hold back a little laugh because it’s so obviously his. The Star Wars posters, the pictures of the pack being goofballs and the baseball bat in the corner next to his door are screaming Stiles. He even keeps the investigation board next to the writing desk, although it’s empty.

“What do you need that for?”, you ask casually, pointing at it while you walk through the room and look at everything.

He shrugs. “I just wanna be prepared when something happens. I can gather info here, still helping even if I’m not on-site.”

“You know you’re crazy, right?”, you tease him.

“That’s why you love me”, he claims, kissing you once again. God, you almost hope that he won’t stop for the rest of the day because he’s absolutely right.

However, suddenly you hear a knocking at the door and break apart unwillingly. “Stiles?”, a female voice asks in a tone that suggests that this is not the first time she came here to look for him.

Stiles frowns a bit but answers: “Wait a sec.”

You are just waiting there in the middle of the room as he walks over to open the door. The person that stands on the other side of it surprises you. It’s a girl. A pretty one. Your age, tall, sporty, blond hair, beautiful in a natural and casual way. One of those girls you would’ve totally been jealous of in Highschool. And maybe not just in Highschool.

“What`s up, Mandy?”

“Am I interrupting something?”, she asks back instead of answering the question because her blue eyes have found you.

“Eh, well, kinda. This is Y/N, my girlfriend. She came to visit for the weekend. Y/N, this is Mandy, she’s in my training group”, he introduces the two of you.

Mandy waves at you, her smile probably seeming much more honest than yours. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. I guess that means that you can’t come tonight?”

“No, sorry. Next week.”

“No problem. Have a nice day.”

With that she disappears and Stiles closes the door. While Stiles still looks the same as before, you’re suddenly feeling completely different. And you don’t even really know why.

“What’s tonight?”, you question, giving your best to make it sound unintentional.

“We usually meet to play dart in the bar on Friday nights”, Stiles explains. “I’ve told you about that, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I just thought that was something you do with the boys.”

“No, we always invite the whole training group.”

Makes sense. That’s also what he told you, you just always assumed that the group consists of boys because of the profession, which, now that you think about it, was pretty stupid. Before he can realize that something is bothering you, you excuse yourself and flee into the bathroom to make yourself ready for dinner. There you lean against the doorframe and take a deep breath. You are definitely overreacting. You should just enjoy the day and stop thinking about it.

You fail to do so. And you’re really angry at yourself about it, because the evening could’ve been one of the best you ever spend with each other. Dinner is amazing, the restaurant romantic and Stiles’ eyes always glimmer happily when he looks at you. He constantly holds your hand or kisses your head or brushes his thumbs over your cheeks, demonstrating his huge affection for you with small gestures. And still: Mandy is on your mind the whole time.

All your thoughts chase and build up on each other. Stiles is a man. Mandy is exceptionally beautiful. And he is separated from you while he meets her every day. Looks into those blue eyes every day. Could you even be mad at him? Isn’t she someone every man would want? You are not the jealous type, you have never been. You always trusted Stiles. But you have never been in this situation before.

He has needs. What if he wanted to satisfy those needs and she was there, perfectly available? The way she came over today seemed absolutely natural, the way they talked to each other familiar. At one point in your dinner he receives a message on his phone and all of a sudden you are sure that it comes from her. Now that you are repeating that encounter in your head over and over again, you are even convinced that she wasn’t so happy to see you there. Your worries grow and grow until you get a heavy feeling on your breast that makes it hard to breathe. You know you’re probably overreacting and being paranoid but you can’t help yourself. You realize that certain fears have built up inside of you in the time apart and now you’re just immensely scared of losing him.

Sleeping with her here would be the perfect opportunity. You’re so far away. There is no chance they would ever get caught. You are starting to feel sick but you’re still saying nothing as you pay for your food and leave the restaurant to go home. What could you have said that wouldn’t accuse him of being an asshole?

As soon as you are back in his room, you throw a look at the bed and ask yourself if Mandy beat you in being the first girl to share it with him. You shudder and are lucky that Stiles doesn’t see it because he is putting your jackets away. Afterwards he comes over and lays his arms around you from behind, pressing a kiss onto your neck.

“What do you think about taking a shower?”, he mumbles while you can feel his smiling lips on your cold skin.

Only a few hours before you would have turned around in his arms with a cheeky grin, kissed him and started to undress. Now you don’t know what to do anymore.

“Yeah…yes, I’ll just…you can go, I’ll follow in a bit”, you press forward.

It’s not very convincing and he obviously gets it immediately. It’s not easy to hide anything from Stiles. Instead of doing what you said, he turns you around himself and looks at you intensely, a little frown appearing on his forehead.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing”, you retort all too innocently.

“Y/N, I know you better than you probably know yourself. You have been weird the whole evening. What’s wrong?”

You look back at him, struggling for words that won’t sound totally stupid. His caramel eyes pierce right into your heart and literally melt it. Damn it. You were never able to lie to those eyes. It always felt entirely wrong.

“I’m just…I don’t like that Mand”, you finally mumble, breaking eye contact and looking at the floor instead.

“What? Why?”, he asks with surprise that sounds sincere.

“Have you looked at her? I mean, what is she? A blond Emma Watson?”, you answer desperately, taking a step back to flee his hug because that makes it so much harder. “And while I’m absent she’s at your side and suddenly the two of you are the combo that feels much more natural while I am standing here like a total outsider because I can’t share this whole experience with you, because I have no idea what it means to train to be an FBI agent. So I can’t even blame you for probably having the better and more meaningful conversations with her. And then you’ll realize that you can well live without me and that I have never been so very special in the first place so…so…”

Your voice breaks, which is good because it forces you to end this outbreak of emotions that probably doesn’t make any sense at all. Stiles’ confused face confirms that.

“Just to get this straight…are you actually jealous?”, he asks.

You swallow hard and just shrug your shoulders, which is pretty much a yes. He lifts his eyebrows.

“Really? But you have never been jealous. That’s not really your thing, is it?”

“Well, it obviously is since you moved away and met blond Emma Watson!”

“Stop…stop calling her that. She definitely isn’t Emma Watson material”, Stiles pleads. You simply cross your arms in front of your chest and pout because you don’t really know what else to do. “Look, Y/N…I’m not good at this stuff! You know that. But you have to believe me that I never even noticed that she is pretty.”

“Yeah, right”, you snort.

“I mean it! That’s not how I think about her. She’s just a pal. I shouldn’t have to say this but you have nothing to worry about. You are the one I want to call and talk to whenever I feel bad or need someone to understand me, nothing has changed about that.”

You bite your lower lip while shame overcomes you. That’s why you usually aren’t jealous. No good thing comes from that. And now you are feeling utterly stupid about yourself. The disappointment in his eyes is no help either.

“But…you have needs”, you stutter in a weak try to defend yourself.

Stiles just rolls his eyes. “If you’re not there, I am perfectly able to satisfy my needs myself. I’ve done that for seventeen years so I’m pretty good at it.”

Blood shoots into your cheeks and makes you blush. Well, now that he says it like that it seems absolutely logical and you are the one who made a mistake. You push out a sigh and stare at your fidgeting hands.

“You…you’re right. I’m sorry, Stiles. I guess I am still learning to cope with the distance”, you apologize.

“It’s alright, me too”, he admits and comes over, putting his arms around you tightly and kissing your hair. Pure relief rushes through your body at that simple touch. You have been scared that he would be mad for a much longer time. He would have had every right to be. At times like these you almost can’t believe how perfect he is. “Can we just stop with that nonsense now and enjoy the rest of the weekend?”

“Yes. I think I’m ready to take that shower now.”