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One of these days I’ll stop doing SU crossovers, today is not that day. I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for weeks, and I finally sat down and doodled it. I just really love SU crossovers, gem stuff, it’s so colorful and fun.

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toy-mango submitted:

Oh boi, oh boi, the beryl squad is finally here.

They do all have partners in which i wont draw since i have over 40 heckin gem by noW (if anyone wants to draw them a partner go ahead just know white has one that I’ve already drawn)

Aquamarine is childish and she can be a thorn in everyone’s side often.
Emerald is bitchy and sarcastic, her favorite thing to do is make everyone mad.
Morganite is a beAN, she loves everything and will hug inanimate objects.
Golden Beryl wants to run a lot and you can’t stop her.
Heliodor is tired of constantly cleaning up everyone’s shit
White Beryl/Goshenite is the “leader” of the beryl squad and shes p chill but ends up punching Black Beryl often.
Bixbite just wants to be strong and will play fight with everyone.
Raspberry Beryl is generally confused all the time she doesn’t even know why.
Maxixe is sad all the time and he will cry often, no one knows what to do with him.
Black Beryl is angry 24/7 and only knows how to yell at people, the other beryls throw him into space when important gems are around.

Oh yeah they all have water wings too.


herokib  asked:

Have you seen the live action sailor moon series? I think it really interesting since the heroes do not have masks to wear, I imagine that the action bits were hard to film.

I have in fact!  It’s actually my favorite adaption of the manga (mind you I have yet to watch Crystal).

I really loved the way they interpreted the characters and their relationships.  As with the anime, my favorite was Ami and I LOVED the arc where she was turned evil.  It actually felt more immediately threatening to have Usagi’s best friend who knows all of her secrets and failings, go bad than the object of her crush.

Though I feel the action scenes were a bit lacking in the earliest episodes as things went on they got significantly better and more well choreographed.  One thing that always stood out to me though were the costumes.  Just look at Queen Beryl and her generals!

One other thing I enjoyed was how the girls looked so normal when they weren’t transformed and only got their different hair colors once they were in their senshi outfits and had all of their powers.  It was a nice way to translate the unrealistic coloring of anime into live action without completely giving away who the girls were in their everyday, civilian lives.

It was a pretty great series and the one thing that disappointed me was that we never got a sequel.  I would have loved to see what they would have done with the storyline from Sailor Moon R in a tokusatsu TV series!

I am, however, very glad that some of them came back for other tokusatsu work.  For example:

Jouji Shibue who played Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen would go on to play Kamen Rider Ibuki in 2005′s Kamen Rider Hibiki.

Rina Koike who played Sailor Luna also played Shizuka Nomura in Kamen Rider Kiva.

and Rika Izumi who was Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury played Akira Kazuraba, Kouta’s older sister in Kamen Rider Gaim.

I really like seeing these actors and actresses pop up in other things.  They were all so good in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Thank you for the question!  

Okay but we’ve talked about how maybe the other Green Riders have a sort of, idk, patron god. And I put Ben Simeon under the same category as Karigan - ie, god of death, and I can’t stop thinking about Karigan having a being-an-avater moment where she’s actually walking and speaking As Westrion, and points out incidentally that while Karigan is the avatar there are others in the Corps under his/her patronage, as it were

and they point out a couple of people (Beryl Spencer? that one dude who could pass through solid things? idk) and then they point out Ben.

And Ben is shocked, because he’s a healer that’s the opposite of -

and Westrion-As-Karigan just dead on looks at him and

“Do you think you would be capable of anything without my permission?”

Because of course healing is a death art

aiusdadhs I don’t know why I’m so stuck on this but I like it


Here’s the thing about the Shitennou/Soldier pairings:  Out of all of them, Kunzite/Minako is really the only one that you can specifically say was said to be romantic by the people in it themselves.

Minako says that they fell in love, Beryl says that she’s controlling the men they love, and Kunzite looks up to see her when they regain their memories.

The rest of them?  They’re all talking about Endymion.  The other Soldiers? They just said they couldn’t fight against people they knew weren’t in control of themselves/who were being mind controlled. Everything else is something other people said about their relationship.

I’m not saying that they weren’t implied, because I think that’s probably what the intention behind this storyline was.  But I’m also saying that you could really, really make a case that they weren’t all neatly matched up in romantic relationships, just because Minako’s was romantic/everyone else interpreted them that way.

Unless things change by the end of the episode, of course.  But, honestly, I expected more than this, something that was much harder canon than what we got here.

My problems SenShittenou include, but are not limited to:

  1. It seems arbitrary. ‘Here are four attractive girls, here are four attractive guys! Obviously they will fall in love immediately!’
  2. It’s not written well. All four of those girls fall in love with a different guy at the same time, the first time they meet them? And we don’t see how the relationship improves from there; at least UsaMamo gave us scenes where they’re being romantic before they discover their past selves.
  3. It’s just so neat. It’s not that Zoisite and Kunzite are both attracted to Jupiter, or that none of the girls are attracted to Jadeite. One falls in love with one, forming nice, neat, pairs.
  4. Since basically none of the Senshi have characterizations beyond 'sad girl in need of rescuing by Usagi’ and none of the Shittenou have characterization besides 'I am loyal to Endymion/oh no I am brainwashed by Beryl’ it’d be the most boring ships in existance.

My problems with SenShittenou do NOT include:

  1. I’m just a misandrist who hates men and wants all of the senshi to be lesbians. I’ve never read the manga, I have no connection to man hating Rei or Minako not being interested or whatever happens. Also, I’m a guy, and not particularly self loathing because of my sex.
  2. It ruins my ships. My one ship is already non canon, especially in Crystal, so this doesn’t make it any better.
  3. I think it makes the senshi weak. Romance does not make you weak. Shitty characterization and over focus on your leader, to the detriment of your personality and abilities, makes you weak.

(PS; What’s the Crystal 'hate’ tag? I don’t want the people who can’t handle dissenting opinions to see my 'hate’.)

anonymous asked:

Could you do headcanons about Zeus and Beryl Grace and how they bonded? please :) thanks.

  • they met at a movie premiere 
  • Beryl was looking stunning as ever and Zeus was dressed to the nines in a pinstripe suit 
  • it was a whirlwind romance with trips all over the world together and gifts at every turn 
  • Beryl had admirers over the years better never any so willing and able to give her anything she could dream up 
  • she was ecstatic when she found out she was pregnant 
  • her head was full of dreams about the life they would lead together, ruling heaven and earth with people waiting in line to adore her 
  • but then Zeus had to leave 
  • Beryl convinced herself it was all Hera’s fault and if the goddess would just admit that the marriage was over then she could take her rightful place as Queen 
  • her conviction turned to obsession and before she knew it, she was spiraling 
  • her glory days ended with a bang, as the lives of stars always do, and then it was just her and Thalia 
  • she doesn’t remember the day her desire for the life she thought she deserved began to outweigh the love she had for her child but she does remember the day that Thalia’s blue eyes became the one mirror that showed her a reflection of herself that she didn’t want to look at 

looking back at your smiley face I’m realizing this probably isn’t what you wanted lmao but I find the Beryl story line endlessly fascinated soooo 

Manga!Kunzite musings

See, I’m actually intrigued to see how Crystal interprets the Shitennou’s pre-brainwash personalities. It’s something that we, the viewers/readers, were never privy to, and with the announcement that their respective crystal’s qualities will be the foundation to their personalities is something that have caught my interest.

Take Kunzite for example, I always thought that the soft-coloured crystal (which is usually used for healing and romance) was a misnomer for such a cold and cruel villain. But what if his pre-brainwash personality was actually concurrent with the crystal’s qualities, and Beryl/Metalia just corrupted or inverted these qualities to become a sick, twisted version of himself? The opposite of healing and love is – you guessed it, destruction and apathy.

Like I said before in another post, another observation is that the Kunzite crystal has an affinity for the Planet Venus and Aphrodite. This itself is a very intriguing aspect of Kunzite as it is rarely addressed in the fandom. Since Naoko had a thing for crystals, it’s not far-fetched to assume that one of the reasons why he was paired with Venus was because his crystal namesake is naturally aligned to Venus.

Note that another love interest of Venus, Danburite, is also named after a crystal that is associated with love and healing. Kunzite and Danburite seem to also have a strange history together, dating back to the Sil!Mil.

In their past lives, Danburite (or known as Adonis back then) was sent to Earth as a Venusian soldier to aid the Earth forces against a war. In the present time, Adonis/Danburite would go on to continue serving the 4 Generals under the Dark Kingdom operation, as hinted in the Sailor V manga.

I’ve always thought that it was a bit strange that a person with Venusian origins, would defer to an Elysian even after being reincarnated into the modern world. Why were Danburite and Kunzite working together in the first place? Was Kunzite’s influence on Danburite stronger than the incarnation of Venus, Minako Aino herself? Danburite was also hinted to be jealous of Venus and Kunzite’s past relations (just like Beryl with Serenity/Endymion), was that the reason why he went to the dark side in the first place? And in his utter rage for not receiving Venus’ love, he bonded with another corrupted individual with similar characteristics as him – Kunzite? But unlike Kunzite, Danburite kept his powers of love, but used it instead to trap and control women into submission. Whereas Kunzite’s qualities were reversed when he turned evil, Danburite’s were simply magnified.

The dynamics between the three have the potential to be something complex, but sadly Naoko decided to keep things vague instead of expanding further on the matter.

Another thing I’d like to note is that when Kunzite regains his memories temporarily, and when he reverted back into crystal form, the change in his personality seemed closer to his crystal’s namesake original qualities. He is much less apathetic (looking more serenely calm) and often have a smile on his face. He also played an important role in exposing Metallia’s weakness, allowing Sailormoon and Tuxedo Mask to turn the tides and defeat her ultimately. 

I really hope Crystal does Kunzite justice, because manga!Kunzite is one of the better developed male characters in the series. And that’s not me delving into yet another unsolved mystery – was Saitou-san in the Sailor V manga the civilian identity of Kunzite or not?

Until next time! (and perhaps I’ll try to tackle the whole Saitou-san = Kunzite debacle, but I’m pretty sure it’ll once again boil down to “we will never know for sure, fuck this!”…..so yeah)


This is probably going to be of interest to no one but pretty much just me but I DOOOOON’T CAAAAAARE.  Because I really, really love Sailor Moon’s plot and the details of it.

And this conversation reminded me really strongly of the conversation where Kunzite (I think) talks to Beryl about reviving Jadeite, that she promised the Silver Crystal would be able to bring him back to life, and I often wondered if she was lying about that.  Or if Metallia was lying to her about it.

This conversation made me wonder, did Mamoru really die?  Did Metallia really bring him back to life?  Or was that a lie to freak Usagi out and crush her spirit, because they want her absolutely crushed, because Beryl has history with her and hates her and wants to just kill everything associated with her, even Beryl’s beloved Endymion, in a way.

So, how I headcanon this moment is that Mamoru may have actually died when he took Kunzite’s attack, but it was Usagi and the light of the Silver Crystal that healed him/brought him back to life, then they stole him away, brainwashed him and because he’s a psychic, his powers have been amplified in that direction as well as his natural power has been amped up as well.  They didn't give him power, they twisted and manipulated his own power.

But Beryl wants complete ownership of Endymion, she wants everything that he was to Princess Serenity to just be DEAD DEAD DEAD, so she tells Usagi, HE DIED AND WE REVIVED HIM AND NOW HE’S OURS, HE CAN NEVER AGAIN BE YOURS/WHAT HE WAS TO YOU.

It’s somewhat symbolic, but I think Beryl maybe wants it to be literal (even though I don’t think her version is really accurate), because then that Endymion is dead and this Endymion can be HERS HERS HERS.

Which is exactly what will cut Usagi to the bone, because she’s emotionally fragile, I’m sure they remember that from Silver Millennium and it’ll crush her spirit and Beryl will have her revenge/complete win.


Oh my god, can we just kill off the “good” Tuxedo Mask forever and just go with this version? This is like, the most emotive he’s ever been. Like my bf put it: it’s like this is the real version, and the other one is the brainwashed one, lol.

I’ll definitely put episode 11 on the list of episodes of SMC that didn’t suck. If you can overlook Usagi not really minding her “friends” getting beaten up, it’s pretty good. I actually teared up at the part with Luna. But then again, I just can’t stand animal abuse. Kotono’s performance was really good right there though. Right in the feels. ;_;



like listen, listen. No one gave a shit about Tuxedo Mask, really. Other than him being a really BIG nuisance, the guy was not on anyone’s in the Dark Kingdom’s radar until Beryl realized that holy SHIT THAT ENDYMION HOLY FUCKKKKK

(which I find hilarious like the Dark Kingdom’s leading members all use to be important parts of the Earth’s kingdom court and no one in that group gave a flying fucking about where their once future King might be BUT FUCKING REMEMBER CONSTANTLY ABOUT THEIR ENEMY THE MOON PRINCESS LIKE GUYS)

(I can’t tell if that says something about how hardcore the inner’s love for serenity/usagi is or just how little fucks the dark kingdom run on)

(either way, amazing)


but ZOISITE. Oooooh, ZOISITE. Zoisite just had to grow to hate this guy so much that he threw Beryl’s orders out the window and needed to torture and kill him

and it’s perfect. No one knew Sailor Moon was the moon princess–no one realized that the way for the crystals to react correctly would be for her to CRY (AND I MEAN CRY)–no one knew that HER TEARS WOULD FORM THE SILVER CRYSTAL–THE THING THEY ALL WANTED

and the thing is obviously too she needed to cry over something that both gave her terrible pain and forced her reconnection to the path–and you can argue that the effect could have also happened if one of the Inner’s were killed but Zoisite figured out how to do it on the first try and also find the lost heir to HIS FORMER KINGDOM AS WELL

and he didn’t even need to know Mamoru was the key he just needed to be SOOOOOO PISSED that he lost all logic and reason

it’s like Zoisite angrily slapped a keyboard and some how his key smashing input the correct password on the first try


and he got killed for it

I love this motherfucker so much

I’ve never actually checked to see if any of my gemsonas match the properties of their gems so let’s have a look at that, you know, a million years late to that research party


Everything I’ve read for Topaz seems to be about promoting love, happiness, and self-control. Maybe Topaz brings out the first two in others, but she only really exhibits the last one herself. EVERYONE LOVES TOPAZ BUT HERSELF, HAHA


Stuff for Onyx includes: aiding decision making, helps one become a master of their own future, and helps to protect the “wearer”. In this case the wearer is Ulexite. Onyx is the brainy ‘in his head’ type so he probably makes all the plans that nearly get them killed help them escape Homeworld all the time.


“Use to heal eye problems” HAHA FUCKING SCORE also it’s associated with intelligence and creativity. Something also about a ‘live and let live’ attitude which I think Beryl kind of had to adopt to not just give up and keel over and die.

Rose Gold

Everything for gold/rose gold in general says it can pretty much just be substituted for the sun, and is all about life and beauty and all that jazz. Rose Gold could be that, except the only “life” she cares about is restoring the lives of more and more gems for war… though the beauty thing, THAT she is ALL about. ‘Course there’s also the whole alchemy aspect of gold, and transmutation is something I could dig with her.