i just loved his 'princely' clothes and his hairstyle and make up


// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV wants the domestic life to grow //

part 4 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Contains Mature Content*

part 5 is about to be on and poppinnnnn. see ya again soon - drea 🌖

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anonymous asked:

Is Souta Furuta Washuu what you'd call a Mary Sue?

I don’t know if this is a question you ask because of genuine curiosity or if you’re one of the people who go out of their way to play judgement day with people who like morally grey character. 

So I will give you a reply that will explain my short answer, no I don’t, in a more elaborate manner. 

First of all - what is a Mary Sue? Let’s take a look at the definition. 

A Mary Sue is an idealised and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-rank person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities, sometimes with the intent to inspire young or marginalised people and show them that even they can have as great of a potential as leading characters. Often this character is recognised as an author insert or wish-fulfilment.[1] Sometimes the name is reserved only for women, and male Sues are called “Larry Stus,” “Gary Stus,” or “Marty Stus”; but more often the name is used for both sexes.[2][3]

Personally I’d say that sounds way less than Souta and more like… 

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But of course this is oversimplifying the facts, so let’s start with a real Mary Sue. 

Theodore from The Castle of Otranto 

The Castle of Otranto is the first gothic novel in literary history and created something that you call the triadic character constellation, which consist of the archetypes of the hero, the damsel in distress and the villain

Since we’re not discussing the novel now, let’s just have a look at Theodore the Mary Sue. 

Why is Theodore a Mary Sue?

The definition of a Mary Sue describes the character as someone who is so close to perfection that it makes them bland. Perfection in a from the author intended positive sense

 Theodore is: 

  • A prince that was raised like a peasant but still talks and acts like royalty (though he has no prior knowledge to being a prince)
  • Incredibly handsome and witty
  • He has so much luck that he is practically untouchable to EVERYTHING that happens around him (supposed to starve to death under a gigantic Helmet, nah, ghost from the afterlife helped him)
  • He is so handsome that the 2 most beautiful girls in the novel (though all girls are beautiful and chaste and boring and Mary Sues) fall in love with him even though they don’t have a lot of interaction 
  • He helps everyone (especially women) for no selfish reason at all, but no, he just believes it is worth giving up his life for a complete stranger especially if it’s a woman 
  • Did I mention the help form his ancestors from the afterlife?

See where my point leads you? A Mary Sue is never NEVER morally grey character, what you mean would be a character that’s over powered and badly written. 

But then we also have to take a closer look at… 

Why would people assume Souta is a Mary Sue?

1.“He is part of every organisation that exists within the TG universe!”

Wrong. He is not part of every organisation. He wasn’t part of Anteiku, neither is he part of Aogiri, he is not part of the Tsukiyama clan’s now fallen empire, he is not a White Suit, he is not a Black Goat and I don’t think he ever heard of Tatara’s family, but he is a Washuu. 

The Washuu clan who has control over the CCG, the Washuu clan that is the reason why the Sunlit Garden exists and Souta is a Garden child that wasn’t deemed useful for breeding so they made him part of V. Thanks to his connection to Kanou (and Kanou works with the Clowns and prior worked with/for the CCG AND he knows of the Garden…) you can do the maths - tada, that’s how he also became part of their organisation, though it is important to acknowledge that Souta has his own agenda. 

All organisations that Souta is a part of are related or connected to Washuu Clan, which he is a part of. Arima was also member of the CCG and part of V, but also had his ties to Aogiri so hm… Seems like Souta isn’t the only Washuu kid that get off the right path. 

… and look at Eto, who happens to be an natural born one eyed ghoul, leader of Aogiri and Ken’s favourite best selling author… h m. 

2. “He is too handsome.” 

Which is also one of the key characteristics of a Mary Sue, but again… all Washuu children out of his generation (speaking of the siblings Souta, Rize, Kishou and Yoshitoki) are beautiful, as pointed out various times (by Ken and in case of Yoshitoki (Chika) by Marude) through out the manga. 

Also he’s not the only good looking character in the series who has a morally grey perspective look at Eto, Touka, Ken, Renji… the list is endless. 

3. “He suddenly took the lead of the CCG!” 

That was his initial plan from the start. He is a literal carbon copy of his older brother, from the hairstyle down his voice he is copying Yoshitoki and it works, even Yoshitoki’s own son mistook his uncle for his own father. It didn’t happen suddenly, it all happened because Souta planned it. 

Also it wasn’t too suddenly, he still had some negotiations with his Papa, hm? He also worked for the CCG and is no stranger to them. 

4. “He is over powered!”

He might be an artificial half ghoul, but he is not overpowered. He was seemingly exhausted after his fight with Eto, he was bruised and beaten up, even threw up due to psychological pressure (if it was an act or not is ofc debatable.) Meanwhile his brother Kishou often came out of fights unharmed, a ‘scratch’ was something unusual for him and in the end the only person that was able to kill him, was he himself. 

Now to move away from the Washuu, you also have other artificial half ghouls that would fit the ‘over powered’ category, look at Ken, Amon, Takizawa and the other half ghouls. 

Even full ghouls are somewhat ‘over powered’. Renji can kick off someone’s head without effort, he blocked Arima’s attack with his bare hands, survived getting his throat slit and blast from Angel Beat right to his abdomen AFTER barely surviving a fight prior to that ; Hinami has a chimera kagune, Donato can detach his kagune and create a perfect clone of himself with only losing a small part of his body in case of his clone being killed, what the fuck is Uta even? 

And even among humans we have character whom you could speak of as a Mary Sue, look at Marude who can shot a sniper riffle without adjusting it, hitting another sniper in a larger building complex without any problems, he also managed to jump of a ship and swim fully clothed through presumably ice cold water (and while you swim fully clothed it gets way harder to move and ice cold water slows you down too). 

Takeomi who can kill a ghoul with his bare hands while being a human. 


5. “His backstory is unrealistic and overly dramatic.”

That literally applies to 90% of the entire Tokyo Ghoul cast when you’re honest. Plus his backstory is plausible looking at the long history of how the Washuu treat everything like life stock. Humans and ghouls alike. Only a few lucky ones who are born into the main branch get a somewhat ‘good’ life and even that point is debatable. 

You can of course always take the easy way out and say a character is a Mary Sue, but a Mary Sue is a perfect character without any flaws. Saying that the TG cast consists of Mary Sues is over simplification. You can’t just pick that one character you don’t like and call them a Mary Sue, then you have to say that most of them are Mary Sues. 

It’s the same as calling Touka a damsel in distress because Ken saved her one time. 

All of these character are complex and a product of the environment they were born and raised in, if you merely reduce them to a few traits or what you want them to be, you’re reading the story wrong. 

Sure it’s easy to hate Furuta and I’m not saying that everyone should love him, he is a horrible, terrible person but he is an incredibly well written and complex character and therefor nobody I would call a Mary Sue. 

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you’ve got stars in your eyes

i want you all to know that i love eren jaeger very much. happy late birthday my beautiful boy and happy season two to the rest of us!

special thanks, as always, to @baegerbombtastic, who reads my garbage whenever i send it, regardless of what we were talking about at the time, and thank you to @ereriere for telling me i’m not a failure for taking too many months to post this.


Pairing: Eren/Levi
Verse: Let There Be Light (a prince au)
Rating: T (but E for last chapter)
Summary: Stillness hits the dancefloor with all the weight of a summer storm, ending just as suddenly as it had started, and the index and middle finger of the Queen Regent’s right hand are pressed to Eren’s throat, her left pressed to the crook of her own elbow, while Eren’s fingers are curled around her wrist. It’s a scene from a fable that Levi had never retained over his decade of royal service, though Isabel had told it to him more times than he’d asked. 

The Queen drops her arms when silence settles back over the ballroom, dropping into a curtsy modest enough for a Regent but deep enough to show gratitude—and the marble beneath Levi’s feet vibrates with applause. Nobles ten paces in front of him chatter back and forth in languages he doesn’t know, but some words are familiar, if only because of the context. 

Prince. Regent. Beautiful

Levi wants to agree, can feel the force of it climbing onto his tongue, scraping the insides of his cheeks.

When he looks back toward the center of the ballroom, he finds Eren’s eyes on him. 

Or you can [Read on AO3]!

chapters:  i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x

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Thanks everyone for all those notes for my last post I was happy to see how many of You liked my hairstyle exercise :3

Also, I noticed that some of You guys were interested in seeing how Mirabelle looks after the Embrace so here she is in all her Nosferatu beauty. Originally, I had two pieces of her in works with different styles, but I ended up hating the second one.

As always I realized just how little skills I have when it comes to painting clothes and general painting technique. I am just so messy and slow and I can’t seem to figure out how to paint clothing correctly considering materials and lighting.

Originally she was supposed to have vintage dress and pearls around her neck as she loves pretty clothes and expensive jewelry, but since I couldn’t paint any of it with good results I gave her this badly done tank top - I am Sorry Miri XD

And now more about Mirabelle herself:

Before her Embrace she was a naive romantic girl who really thought that her former Ventrue master/lover will marry and eventually embrace her. When Anton traded her for the information with Lazarus without even hesitating she still couldn’t believe that he would do that to her. She wasn’t supposed to be Embraced in the first place, but Lazarus grew fond of her resilience, stubbornness and the struggle she put off while he tried to ‘’convince’‘ her about the true nature of her relationship with her former Master. Not long after her Embrace she realized how much of a naive girl she was. While she is not all happy to be a Nosferatu because of her vain nature, she still thinks that what Lazarus did to her somehow made her into a stronger woman.

She has a fairly good relationship with her sire, he seems to trust her after all these years and she would like to keep it that way, in the end he might took her beauty away, but he also opened her eyes about what this world is all about and that love isn’t on its list. 

Considering relationships with other Nossies: She really dislikes Blackrat, Miri tries to avoid her at all occasions, she simply doesn’t trust that this emotionally unstable girl can make it through the unlife. She loathes Lazarus’ other Childe Boneface, she always considered him way too human, but because of his Embrace of Blackrat he is too weak in her eyes that she gives him scorned look anytime she sees him.

She got along with Victor, who was charismatic and well groomed for a Nosferatu, but he dissappeared few years ago. Werner was also a good fellow to socialize with as she enjoyed that she could talk to him about vast and various topics and he was always so calm. Sadly for her, he withdrew from Kindred society almost completely several years back and when she accidentally meets him now he is different, numb and apathetic and he doesn’t seem to be interested in any conversations beyond polite minimum.

She avoids Theodor because of his creepy attitude and misplaced jokes. She is quite neutral with other nossies and actually doesn’t mind other clans and Kindred except Ventrue, especially Anton who she hates passionately with her dead heart.

She loves expensive clothing, jewelry and shoes. Her motto is - The fact that I am not beautiful doesn’t mean I can’t have nice things. So you can guess what her favorite hobby is - robbery. Oh, and also trolling on the dating sites in her free time which she considers her personal inside joke.

You want to get on her good side? Give her expensive gifts. Don’t talk about your prince charming and you get a charming grin on her lovely face.

Beauty is on the inside right? :)

Halloween Treats - Harley Quinn and Joker x Daughter fic (requested)

Request: Pleaseee do some more harley and joker daughter writes ! I loved your first one ! could you do another one about their daughter?

Words: 3,565

Warnings: Please keep in mind my writing is referring to how Harley Quinn and The Joker are presented in Suicide Squad, not the comics. Thanks!

Reader is referred to in ‘you’ terms and is roughly around 5(: 

Not exactly a sequal but based off this http://potter-imagines.tumblr.com/post/146736957085/puddin-i-think-there-might-be-something-wrong imagine 

Costumes of all sorts were flung around your room looking like tornado had swept through leaving only a destruction of clothes in it’s path. Thrown across your floral lampshade was an Alice in Wonderland themed dress. On top of your wooden oak stained dresser was a vampire costume (Harley had picked it out hoping to pull some evil from you). Being the daughter of the crazed couple Harley Quinn and The Joker, a pernicious costume for the upcoming Halloween an aspiration that your parents had for you. 

Laying on your princess comforter was a brown basket and a blue and white short dress resembling that of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. All the costumes Harley had bought for you, her stubborn daughter, were discarded and thrown around the room. You had your own intentions for a Halloween costume but with the holiday being right around the corner, your time was falling short.

Harley had been curled up in your rose printed arm chair for the past half an hour watching you clamber through costumes after costumes. She sighed heavily wishing your buzzing self would just pick an outfit and be done. Mr. J was going to be home within the hour and when he saw the mess you created, you’d get an ear full.

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#EatTheRare Fic Roundup: Hugh/Mads Rairpairs

Whenever we see a new Mads character, we as a fandom solemnly and with great deliberation proceed to ship him with EVERY POSSIBLE PERMUTATION OF HUGH.  Sometimes more than one of each!!  This festival has been amazing for the most ingenious pairings, and i think we all have new favorites now. Let it never end!

The Roundups will be broken into Mads/Hugh pairs, Hannibal Rarepairs, and a special category shoutout for Femslash Rarepairs, because WOW!! NICE JOB FANNIBALS!!!  There will be separate posts for Art and Fic, for a total of six, and then we will sent out one final post with all of the post links.

Thank you to @camilleflyingrotten for the gorgeous banner art!

In alphabetical order!

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BMP: Your Ex-Boyfriend

prfxn said:How would the BMP1 princes react to Meeting MC’s ex boyfriend? “

Requested: Yes

For:  prfxn 

Smut: No

A/N: Leo is the name of your ex-boyfriend.

Keith Alford
You were walking with Keith and Luke around the Manse. They said that there was an important person they wanted you to meet therefore you had to come to one of his meeting. 

Upon reaching his office you were shock to see your ex-boyfriend, Leo. The both of you stiffened. Luke and Keith looked back and forth between the two of you. 

“Can we get this meeting started?” Keith sounded irritated. 

He knew there was tension between you and the man who’s in charge of his little sister’s birthday party. The meeting went well, both you and your ex tried to brush things off so that the two of you won’t be questioned why you’re so tensed. 

Keith’s phone rang and he excused himself. This was a perfect time for your ex to talk to you. “Hey Y/N how’ve you been?”

“I’m doing great, thanks! And I see that you’re very successful in your life now.” You tried your best to smile at him but he knew you were just faking it. 

“Look Y/N is there anyway we could get back together? I know I made a mistake breaking up with you back then but do you think you can give me another chance?” 

Before you could even respond back to him, Keith came barging he. By the looks of it he heard your conversation. “I hired you to plan for my sister’s party and not flirt or get back together with my private designer.” 

Leo apologized and left as soon as the meeting ended. 

“No one will ever take you away from me again. I can’t believe you dated that loser.” He smirked at you. “I bet I’m better in bed than him.” He whispered in your ear making you blush. 

Roberto Button
You couldn’t believe you were dragged into one of Roberto’s plans again. The moment you stepped out of the car Roberto dragged you along as he ran away from Alberto.

The two of you were now in town, with a great disguise. Roberto was wearing a fake mustache, eye glasses and you changed his hairstyle. No one is able to recognize him now. You were also in disguised. 

Walking around town hand in hand, the two of you seemed like a real normal couple. Roberto thought it would be fun to go to a clothing store and just try everything. He’s usually the one trying out new outfits and now its your turn to try new outfits for him. 

Roberto pointed out outfits for you to try on you happily accepted it. Once you were done with your little fashion show in front of him, he went to the cash register to buy new clothes for you. At first you insisted because you can make your own clothes but he wanted do to something for you. 

While waiting for him someone called your name. “Y/N? Is that really you?” 

You turned around and saw your ex-boyfriend Leo. “Hey.” You smiled at him. 

“Stunning as usual I see, Y/N. What are you trying to do Y/N? Seduce me so we can get back together? Cause let me tell you, it’s definitely working.” 

Leo stepped closer to you making you back up. “I’m here with m-” 

“Who’s this?” Asked Roberto. 

“This is Leo, my ex-boyfriend.”

Roberto greeted him even though he didn’t like the fact that your ex-boyfriend is acting all friendly with you. “Y/N you’re seriously replacing me with this ugly weirdo? Usually when you break up with someone, you’re suppose to upgrade and not downgrade.” He laughed. Roberto clenched his fist. “I mean I understand if he was a Prince but then again I’d still be more handsome than him.” 

In that moment Roberto took off his fake glasses and his fake moustache. “Well guess what, she’s dating me now if you’ll excuse us. Y/N has a date with me, her one and only Prince.”  

Leo’s jaw dropped to the ground when he realized who your boyfriend is but he didn’t say anything else but just walked away in defeat. 

Glenn Casiraghi
Ever since you were reunited with Glenn you never wanted him to find out about your ex-boyfriend. But it was too late for that now. 

You and Glenn went out for a nature walk just by the country side of the kingdom. He loved going to the fields, it made him very peaceful and the great outdoors is just something he loves. 

He decided to do a hiking day with just the two of you, and on the trail you didn’t expect to bump into your ex-boyfriend. 

“Leo? What are you doing here?”

“Y/N! I’m so glad to see you! I’m kind of lost at the moment, do you know where we are?”

Glenn eyed Leo carefully. He watched him like a hawk, there were time where he’d stay close to you and put his arm around your waist and that’s where Glenn stepped in between you and Leo. “I don’t think you should trust Y/N with directions. You’ll get more lost if you ask her for directions, here I’ll tell you where we are.” He took the map that Leo was holding and pointed at the location they’re at. “If you want I can my car to get you back in town.” Glenn offered politely as possible. 

“No, there’s no need for that. Thank you for the offer but I must get going. It was nice seeing you again Y/N and I hope we can have some coffee?” 

“Look man I don’t know if you’re getting the hint or not but Y/N is not available, cause she’s taken by me and I don’t plan on letting her go anytime soon.” 

After that little incident Glenn grabbed your arm and continued your nature walk and once he calmed down he asked who the guys was. “He’s my ex boyfriend…” You averted your eyes from his. 

He was disappointed, “I wanted to be your first boyfriend.” 

You put your hand and and stroke his cheeks. “Yes he’s my first boyfriend but you’re my first love and the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with.” 

Glenn’s face was red as a tomato, he hugged you tight in order to hide his reddening face. 

Yakov Chernenkov
It was your anniversary today, Yakov decided that he’ll take you out to that new restaurant that just opened up. 

When the two of you arrived, you were seated immediately not because Yakov is a Prince but it’s because there weren’t a lot of customers in there just yet. You and him were seated at the back of the restaurant. The two of you wanted to keep a low profile and sitting at the back helped, at least then paparazzi won’t be able to ruin this special evening. 

Once the both of you finished ordering, the waitress walked away and gave your orders to the back. As the two of you were having a conversation the doorbell chimed. You looked at the person who walked in and it was none other than your ex-boyfriend Leo. 

You ignored him and continued to talk to Yakov, this day is for you and Yakov to celebrate and be happy about. And not ruin it by just seeing your ex. 

The food finally arrived and it definitely looked delicious and it was indeed delicious. “Here try mine.” Yakov has his fork out to feed you. “I can feed myself thank you very much.” You were now blushing and he couldn’t help but chuckle. 

The two of you were enjoying the night, you were about to call the waitress for the dessert menu when your ex came over. “Y/N? Is that really you?” 

“Leo.” You faked smile. 

“You’re as stunning as ever. How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since we broke up. We should catch up sometime.”

You could tell that Yakov tensed up upon hearing that the guy who’s standing by your table is your ex-boyfriend. “Um Leo, I don’t want to be rude or anything but, today’s my anniversary with my boyfriend and -”

You were cut off by Leo “Oh my bad Y/N! I didn’t want to ruin this special day. I’ll take my leave now.” 

Even when Leo left, Yakov was still in a bad mood. “Are we still going to get desserts Yakov?” You asked. 

“No, we’re going home. I have something sweeter than desserts here in mind.” He was now smirking and you were scared to even ask what he meant by “sweeter than desserts”.

Edward Levaincois
It wasn’t fun being stuck in your room designing clothes and what-not. The rose Prince could tell that you needed a break, therefore he invited you to go to a botanical garden. 

He knew that even he’s the rose Prince, you loved flowers before even meeting him. Seeing the flowers made you very calm, happy and peaceful. When a smile appeared from your face, Edward couldn’t help but smile also. 

“My dear rose, please don’t overwork yourself. You’re always working so hard.”  

“I’m sorry for making you worry Prince Edward. I just want to say thank you for bringing me here. It definitely helped me relax.” 

Exploring the garden and looked at the different flowers made you really happy. Of course this made Edward happy too. He would even tell you facts about the flowers that you didn’t even know. 

There was a flower that caught your eye but you didn’t know the name, “Prince Edward have you seen this flower before?” 

“Hm…. I think I have when I was on a business trip but I don’t remember the name of it.” 

As the two of you struggled to find out what the name of the flower is, a voice answer your question. “That flower is a Plumeria flower. Plumeria is a native to Brazil, Caribbean and Central America, and they come in several varieties.” You turned around to the man who answer your question. Your eyes widened in shock. “Y/N, I see you’re still interested in flowers.” 

“Since when did you have interest in flowers Leo?” You questioned. 

“It was due your influence Y/N. You always talked about flowers when we were dating so… here I am.” He smiled. 

You were flattered upon hearing this from your ex-boyfriend. However the usual calm Prince excused the two of you for an urgent matter. “I’m sorry Sir Leo but Y/N and I must go. Thank you for informing us about the flower.” And with that said the two of you walked away from Leo and the botanical garden.

“My deepest apologies my beautiful flower, I didn’t know the name of the flower you asked me. I should’ve done some more research about the garden before coming there.” 

You held his hand, “There’s no need for you to apologize, at least I got to spend some time with you, and that’s all what really matters. You even went out of your schedule just to take me here so you shouldn’t be apologizing at all. By the way, thank Prince Edward for taking me here. It really cleared my mind, and if it’s still troubling you, Leo’s my ex for a reason. He’s part of my past and you… My dear sweet Prince is my present, and I hope to spend my future years with you as well.” You blushed. 

Prince Edward leaned in giving you a kiss, assuring that the two of you will definitely be together in the future.

Joshua Lieben
“No freaking way, what in the world is he doing here?” You thought to yourself. 

Your eyes darted around the room only to find your ex-boyfriend in the same party as you. You can’t deal with having him around you and for sure, you didn’t want him to meet Joshua. 

You and your ex-boyfriend Leo had quiet a dramatic relationship, Joshua knew about him and you were just hoping that the two of them won’t bump into each other or worst Leo bumping into you while you’re with Joshua. 

You met Leo back in high school, he was a great athlete that was loved by everyone and had many girls drool over him, and yet he chose you. Your relationship with him didn’t last long especially when you found out that he knocked up with a girl that’s older than you by a year. After that you broke up with him and never saw him ever since. 

And now he’s here tonight at this party with your current boyfriend, Joshua needed to do his Prince duties and you were just walking around. Joshua could tell that you were on the edge so he came up to you, “Hey is everything all right?” 

“Actually, can we go home? I’m feeling under the weather. But if you’re not done with your duties I’ll just go home myself.” 

“None sense, I just finished so if you want, we can head home now.” 

He had his arm around your waist nodding at Jan to call the driver to come now. Joshua guided you through the party and excusing himself from the guests.

As soon as you reach the door you heard a familiar voice, “Well if it isn’t the royal couple.” There was a smirk in his face. “Leaving so soon Your Highness? And for you Y/N… Do you really think a Prince like him would really fall for you? Wake up already he’s not meant for you, cause I’m the one that should be holding your hand.”

Joshua was ready to defend himself.

“Shut up Leo, you had your chance and I’m not letting you hurt me again. And for the record I’d rather die than go back together with you. I’m happy with my relationship. I love him and he loves me and you better shut your mouth because you don’t know what Prince Joshua is like. He’s not a heartbreaker like you.” 

Joshua might not be a heartbreaker like Leo but he can definitely be an ass to you. But Leo didn’t need to know that. 

You grabbed Joshua’s wrist and made your way outside the party. There was a smile on Joshua’s face. He cupped your face and gave you a gentle kiss. “W-What was that for?” You questioned.

“Nothing, I just wanted to say I love you and how lucky I am to have you.” He smiled lovingly. 

Wilfred Spencer
“Oh shit” You muttered the moment you caught a glimpse of your ex-boyfriend in one of the fashion show that Wilfred invited you to come. Wilfred automatically noticed your change in behaviour and pulled you closer to him.

The whole fashion show, you were on the edge. Your ex-boyfriend is one of the designers who helped out with the fashion show and you didn’t know about it until now. You admitted to yourself that the designs were indeed stunning.

When the fashion show was over you and Wilfred went back stage and congratulated Monsieur Pierre, the models and the designers.

“Y/N? Is that really you?” 

You turned around and smiled at your ex-boyfriend. “Leo it’s good to see you again. Looks like you found your calling in fashion designing.” 

“Yeah looks like I finally figured it out huh.” He put his hand on his nape. “You inspired me to be honest. I heard from your best friends that you wanted to be a fashion designer and went under Monsieur Pierre over here and well, this is where it led me.” 

You were very flattered. However Wilfred didn’t appreciate how your ex-boyfriend is trying to flirt with you. Just before Leo could even ask you if the two of you can catch up he cut him off. “I’m sorry to cut things short here but my Princess and I must be going. I’m sure she’s very tired now.” You said your farewells and walked towards the car. 

“Prince Wilfred…. what was the for?” 

“I didn’t like the way he was looking at you. It was as if he was trying to find a hint of hope getting you back.” 

You chuckled lightly and gave him a quick peck on his cheeks. “I assure you that’ll never happen. Not in a million years.” Wilfred’s face is now as red as a strawberry. 

He took your hand and kissed it.

My family's reaction to Be My Princess 1

I’m doing a special react episode as BMP got the highest vote count for my giveaway aha. I’m doing the first one here, the other one will be up another day. Enjoy my family’s reaction to BMP! :D

Family members joining me: Sis, 3 hot male cousins, mum, anime-loving cousin (A/N: I promised extra people, didn’t I? :D)

Yes, we always start with a group CG

Sis: Wow. 

Male Cousin 1: You haven’t called us for so long, so I assume this is one of those games again.

Male Cousin 3: They did a good job with the medals and stuff y'know.

Male Cousin 2: Blondie looks like he had a hair disaster that day. At least use some mousse.

Me: Okay the boys here are all crown princes, heir apparent to their own country’s throne. You choose one of them, fall in love and become their princess. Anyone can guess the name?

Mum: So that’s what you’ve been giggling like a schoolgirl when revising your work. (Guilty. Sowwy mom ;-;)

Anime cousin: Is this adapted from anime???

Me: Dammit no. Anyone can guess the name?

Male Cousin 1: Let me whisk you away into the castle of dreams (WHY WHY WHY)

Me: Err the name isn’t that long O.o 

Male Cousin 2: Take my hand and we’ll see the world (HAVE YOU NOT BEEN LISTENING?!)


Sis: Be My Princess?

Me: At least someone gets it. I give up on you three.

First up, I showed them Wilfred (or Wildabeast) as I call him:

External image

Me: This guy’s like really serious in his work and he doesn’t want his princess to face the same kind of stress he did. The name’s Wilfred.

Male Cousin 1: He’s got a really awkward dancing form.

Sis: Hair disaster guy no. The girl has hair sticking out as well oh god. (ARE YOU THE GODDAMN FASHION POLICE HERE?!)

Mum: What is this? Your dad can’t even do this properly for god’s sake sigh. (MUM YOU SHOULDN’T BE SHAMING YOUR HUSBAND HERE)

Anime cousin: Call him and I’ll suggest some anime and books to learn how to properly waltz.

Mum: I wanna dance out of a sudden!

Me: Stay still mum.

Sis: The girl and the dress don’t match (Sis you aren’t fashion police for the last time sigh >.>)

Male Cousin 1: His mouth is weird. Like he trying to suck something man.

Male Cousin 3: The sparkles in the picture are getting to me bad.

Male Cousin 2: SPARKLES BE GONE 

Me: Enough!

Second one showed was Joshua, or Joshizzle to me:

External image

Me: This guy’s as serious as the first one when in work mode. His name is Joshua.


Mum: I want to get that curtain to decorate your room and makes some rugs! (Eh…?)

Male Cousin 2: This prince has at least better hair and not so stiff clothes like the hair disaster one before.

Sis: He’s cute I want his number aha

Male Cousin 1: I like gummy bear smiles and I demand a photo with one.

Me: I can’t guarantee.

Male Cousin 3: Is it just me or does everyone seem to have different hair colours??? Cos I want to dye my hair that shade of purple.

Me: I give up on you.

Anime cousin: I’m boreddddd (Random kid.)

Rest of us: *ignores*

Thirdly, I showed them Glenn or rather, cozumi-otome’s beloved Glenny-poo:

Sis: Aww he’s so cute with those cat ears OwO

Me: Isn’t he?! He’s the cutest character to me in this game. ♥ His name is Glenn and he’s the youngest out of all the princes.

Sis: I think he is. Cuteness overload!

Mum: He can make a good son-in-law, no? (WHAT WHAT WHAT MUM WHAT ARE YOU SAYING NOW)

Male Cousin 1: Hmph. I’m cute as well and the two of you are fawning over him.

Male Cousin 3: *pats shoulder* Too bad. I see the hearts floating around the two of them.

Anime cousin: Damn, if they turned this game into an anime, this could be something worth watching.

Me: Just go and watch Diabolik Lovers! 

Anime cousin: I’m going to my room for a while *disappears*

Me: And he’s blushing y'know?! SO. CUTE.


After what seemed like forever due to me and my sis fangirling over Glenn, I showed them Roberto or rather, littlehevn and labyrinthofleah’s beloved Robbie:

External image

Me: This guy here has some sort of a love for fun, and his speech is kinda like a player’s. His name’s Roberto, or Robbie for short.

Male Cousin 2: Honey, don’t you know it’s not cool for males to grow long hair nowadays? Hmm? (The return of the damn fashion police. >.>)

Male Cousin 3: What a gaudy suit. That tie is just, ugh.

Mum: Well at least he can play a musical instrument. 

Sis: That wink tho.

Everyone: … *awkward silence*

Male Cousin 1: Why so quiet out of a sudden?

Me: Ahem. I told you he may sound like a player, but he has quite the tragic past. His mum passed away when he was young.

Male Cousin 1: Well at least we have a reason to see why he behaves so.

Sis: Can I stay in this game?

Next up, we have Keith, or Keithster to me XD:


Me: Um, okay…? Ahem. Anyway, this guy is quite the controlling type. His name is Keith.

Sis: Lemme try braiding and making your hair into that hairstyle the girl has there.

Me: Be my guest.

Mum: I see a nice mansion, but I won’t wanna live in it. Imagine how much cleaning you have to do!

Me: Mum, this guy’s a prince. If you live there, you’re his mother, the Queen. Dad’s gonna be King then.

Mum: I take back what I said. (She seems eager to be queen.)

Male Cousin 1: Another long-haired dude wow. This game designer sure likes guys with long hair.

Male Cousin 3: Upside kiss? You’ll feel dizzy and the kiss won’t feel right at all.

Me: Umm I leave it to your imagination, this scene. Moving on now!

I showed them my flowery Edward next:

External image

Me: This guy has a flowery speech and he loves roses. He refers to you as the world’s most beautiful rose he’s ever seen.

Sis: Seems like how a player would talk.

Me: Oh no he is most certainly not a player. His name is Edward.

Male Cousin 1: I like his hair, it seems so shiny and smooth. OwO

Male Cousin 2: I like his uniform! Especially that frilly shirt inside.

Male Cousin 3: *looks at his brothers in disdain* You two are turning gay, I swear.

Anime cousin: Damn right *emerges out of room*

Me: The heck were you doing in there? You literally vanished for so long.

Anime cousin: Went to catch up on my anime aha

Mum: He seems like a nice boy! 

Me: He is!

Sis: Does he like roses? I wish he could give me a bouquet of them. He seems like one of the good-looking ones in the game.

Me: I tell you I fell for him first, but my heart belongs to another forever now. ♥ (I think everyone knows who he is, no? OwO)

Sis: Is it that guy? *nudges*


Me: Chill! The guy’s a fictional character so calm down!

Male Cousin 2: Whew. If you had a man young lady, the three of us will hunt him down and have a manly talk with him. Break your heart and we’ll break his face.

A/N: I’m honestly scared about what will happen to my future boyfriend.

Lastly, I showed them our handsome man in a braid, Yakov baby:

External image

Me: He’s just perfect to me. My King Yakov. ♥

Sis: WHAT?! HE’S A KING?! But I thought you said that they were princes. :<

Me: In this story he’s still the crown prince aha

Male Cousin 2: Are you serious he has a braid! Oh my god when do guys have braids?!

Me: B-but he pulls it off well! He says it’s for protection purposes y'know.

Male Cousin 2: But still, why a damn braid!

Male Cousin 1: To be honest, he IS kind of handsome. Plus, I think I can see some slight bit of abs.

Male Cousin 3: Stop raging bro. 

Mum: He’s handsome.

Sis: I like this guy.

Me: I called dibs first.

Sis: Nope nope nope.

Male Cousin 2: Ok stop fighting over the damn male LOL


So that’s it for the BMP reaction! I’ll put up the BMP2 one soon :D I didn’t tell them the nicknames I have for them for fear that they’ll burst out laughing and dying XD

See ya again with this LOL


watched: Frozen

Since there have already been many discussions about this movie I’ve rated this movie based on JUST what I’ve seen. Nothing else. 

I cleared my mind, sat down and watched the film so I can judge the movie just based on what it showed. I even took notes dude.

✰ ★★★+ ½ ★ (3.5 out of 5) -spoiler-

Good points: Beautiful snow patterns, dress designs, color palettes for props in each scene, and building decor. The design of the props looks really sexy . And as expected from Disney, lots of cute moments that make you feel fuzzy. Frozen gets brownie points for going for a sisterly love instead of prince&princess love. They even brought in a different type of ‘prince’ instead of generic pretty boy prince as a lover for Anna. That’s a pretty big move for Disney. I love how Anna chose to save her sister and not her own life. That was very very brave of her and I fully support children showing love to their siblings. 

Nice exaggeration of gestures in terms of animation. Composition of scenes is nicely done. 

Not so impressive points: Uninteresting character design, another white princesses (at this point we have enough of them), inconsistent character development, the story feels rushed (in some parts lacking logical sense), songs don’t move the story forward and instead mainly work as unnecessary ‘fillers’ and take time away from further story/character development. Most importantly,

I’ve got way too many unanswered questions, such as:

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Healing Hearts

Title: Healing Hearts

Chapter Number: Three

Author: renderinglifeslowly

Original Imagine: Imagine you work in the emergency room of a New York hospital. During the Chitauri attack, you look after the casualties. It’s been a very long day. Then, they bring in a man who has been badly beaten but who is handcuffed like a criminal. You don’t know who he is or what he has done to be chained down, but care for him like the other victims. He is polite, charming, and heals remarkably quickly.  Only after he is taken away do you learn that he was the cause of all the chaos and destruction.

Rating: Teen/Mature

Notes/Warning: I just have to say, I never expected such a wonderful response and I really, really appreciate it. There will be more relationship development in this chapter between Loki and Sophie, and a little more of romance. So, warning for that, and language. I’m probably being a little liberal with the rating, but better safe than sorry.

Sophie had only been there for three days, but she was beginning to think of Stark Tower as home. Leaving certainly wasn’t going to be easy. Tony had arranged for her to take some time off work, so she could care for the fallen Prince of Asgard. Another sunny afternoon, she was sitting on a comfortable leather chair in the living room- catching up on some reading. Suddenly, she felt the chair become heavier and a cool presence by her side. A deep voice like silk broke her from the rest of her reading trance, glancing up at the handsome prince.

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Happy birthday 手越 祐也! (a.k.a. he’s-the-prince-of-selfies-don’t-argue-okay post)
but anyway… This post is something else! A gift to the person who gives me daily doses of exasperation. Do you know that I hate that I love you so much? :’< Happy 27th year of existence! ♥ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Squeal-inducing fanservice, calling us his girlfriends, doing his best in everything, and calling himself a perfect idol, plus the fact that he’s extremely good looking and a pro at singing, are the reasons why we just can’t get enough of Tegoshi. But life with him as our bias isn’t only about boldness when he blasts on the stage or pride when he accomplishes a project in ItteQ. It’s nerve-wrecking too, worrisome, and definitely hard at times. Common reasons?

He’s quite different from all the other Johnnys talents. He almost never experienced the Junior status. He admits that he has no Johnnys friends (except NEWS, of course!). In a world where it is somehow obligatory to love one and love the rest, being a Tego fan, you either 1) can’t love the rest 2) Love the rest but feel an occasional oddity because you realize the other idols talk about friends from the same company while Tego talks about soccer friends… soccer people… soccer buddies… And oh, right, some private friends, and many more. >_<

Actually, this was never a problem for most fans but I think it’s easy to see where I’m coming from. Personally, 90% of my fan friends have multiple fandoms, and although I have more than one fandom too, I sometimes feel out-of-Johnny’s-world because of my distant ichiban. Or is it just me? xD Tego, you should interact with your senpais and kouhais more!

He has changed and is constantly changing. I might’ve crossed out the changing hairstyles if not for the fans who still demands wishes to see his black hair again. Um, I’m not one of them, I love the blonde. Whyyy, itz hawt  Other than this, the thing we always see in Tegoshi Yuya facts and trivias around the net: plastic surgery, which he denied. (Not a big deal anymore; heck it’s 2014! Besides, he was destined to grow up with a perfect face~ *o*). What about the personality? Hates to lose since the dawn of day, check. But he was an innocent kid before, almost an angel, the future boy-next-door of Johnny’s… Nobody would dare to call him little shit. Would you?It amazes and amuses me reading the fans’ comments and rants when Tegoshi started to be/act like the person he is today. “What’s happening to Tego?”, “What about his wholesome image?”, “Why is he becoming gay?”, etc. He also became more straightforward, daring, fearless. Must be the effect of experience–specifically in the years he has spent in ItteQ. And don’t forget that NEWS has gone through a lot, too. But I don’t think experience changed him. Rather, experience brought his true self out. ‘Change’ is just the easiest word to use.And that’s the hard, mindblowing part. He 'changes’ drastically, you will never be calm when it comes to Tegoshi.

He’s the gender bender. Crossdressing princess, that’s our bias! Everyone embraces Yuuko. We don’t have troubles loving her; she’s a nice girl who just wants everyone to be happy. She is cute, confident, catches the attention of men and women alike, can run over models, can sing notes higher than a chipmunk, is pretty with or without a wig, is beautiful with or without make-up.

So, what is the problem? Actually, there’s a handful. 1) They don’t understand. They don’t understand that Yuuko is the same as that guy in the “NEWS” band. 2.) They don’t understand that Yuuko is the same as that guy who religiously talks about soccer–and can be seen anywhere playing the sport. Oh, the clothes that reveals his yummy muscular thighs! 3) They don’t understand that he crossdresses because he can, and 4) We don’t understand HOW THE HELL TEGOSHI IS PRETTIER THAN ALL OF US. Tegoshi’s parents, thank you. Tegoshi, darn you.

Scandals/issues. I’m gonna be biased here. Little do I know about the other idols’ issues, so theirs are probably worst than Tegoshi’s. But even so, his rumors are ridiculously disturbing. Stealing somebody’s girlfriend, devouring a group (think 48. And just to clarify, “devour” didn’t come from me. I read it somewhere, probably from a hater to use such a word!), planning to take J&A in his own sinful hands (that’s the conclusion drawn from the Tego-Julie affair :p), having a foreigner girlfriend (intl paanas, we have hope!), and other minor issues, that, even if these aren’t as explosive as the Akanishi Troop’s bombs *okay I do know a little about the Kings of Arama*, these are enough to make our scalps hurt from scratching our heads. We ask Tego: What.Have.You.Done.Again.

It is true that any issue involving a fandom makes impact to its fans. But the rumors that involve NEWS members, in my opinion, make a greater impact than supposed, because the group is still trying to give us the best–to please us, to not betray us. Then suddenly there’s news, not of releases, but of ridiculous stuff and useless rumors which is very frustrating on both sides. NEWS isn’t an activity-stable group, so we want to see that at least the members are doing fine by themselves. NEWS, in return, doesn’t want us to worry. The good thing about Tegoshi is he assures us from time to time. But issues also follow him from time to time and I can’t anymore. asdfghjklgk.

He is “shippable” to anyone… And to anything? Because Yuuko is a flirt and Yuya is a slut (forgive me for the use of the first name. I promise this will be the last I will shame my ichiban in a public post–or it depends on my Tego-caused jet coaster mood. HAHAHAHA!!)

Basically, he’s someone who looks good with everyone. Experiences from around the world shaped him this way. In NEWS, all the Tegoshi OTPs have a considerable number of supporters. He can be paired with someone like Becky, to someone like Imouto, to unexpected people like Johnny Kitagawa’s niece, to some divorced actress (there was a rumor 'bout this, in case you don’t know). You can ship him with his ikemen best friend soccer player Atsuto Uchida, to some of Johnny’s talents (Hi TegoKame!) or non-Johnny’s celebrities like Hyde. To take it further, look at the chemistry he has with the various people he has met in his ItteQ adventures. The insects he has fought with. The objects he has touched. (Don’t say I am exaggerating because isn’t it legit to ship a person with inanimate objects, for example: Koyama x eclairs, Shige x cameras, Massu x clothes? Speaking of which, don’t we ship Tego to soccer itself? ^o^)

These and more, there are soooooo many contenders for Tegoshi’s attention, love and affection. No, this isn’t a deadly competition; just an everyday struggle with the “feels” we feel when we see Tego petting pups, or being mobbed by drag queens, or showing his obsession of skulls to declaring his love for the fans. By the way, I ship myself with Tegoshi too. Tehee~ ^^

His competitiveness. He’s the most competitive person I know, more competitive than some full-time athletes. To others he appears harsh. To others, brash. To us, he’s the perfect manifestation of the lyrics we hear in JPop songs which usually speaks of courage and strength. He is strong like that. Hell yeah~~

And it makes us proud. But sometimes, exhausted. He’s got so much fire in him; when he dives into the heart of things he pours all of his passion, and as fans, we can’t be lax too! He might be the easygoing type in NEWS but he’s also the one who does not accept defeat so easily. His flamboyant hates-to-lose attitude makes everyone not just notice it, but feel it. Be swayed with it. So when Tego does this and that we know he isn’t running a friggin’ substandard show. Way to go, Tego.

He says unrealistic things. Admit it, “koneko-chan” is so aesthetic. We continue to buy it though. Be like fools. Ah, the diamond-glazed idoldom and the starry-eyed fandom. *sighs* “So what?” we claim.

Do you ever have those emo moments when you think why can’t you just have your ichiban all by yourself? When you think it’s actually possible not because anything is possible–gaaaah that’s so cliché–but because he says his words so sure, so confident, we can’t help but believe (Tegoshi: “BERIIV~”). Well, every famous person would show how much he/she loves his/her fans. But Tegoshi’s way of “loving” us is shown in the most exaggerated way possible. (We know he wants to be the best at it, and so he goes!) While it’s very gratifying, it could also be the most depressing. It’s either of these two: Too good to be true or too true to be good. Sometimes I just wanna punch him in the face. Don’t play with our feels, baby.

His fans are the craziest–emotion wise, fangirling wise. I’ve read that many times, even when NEWS still has 6 members. In fact, this is where I got the idea for this post. 8D I wanted to blog my answer for this matter, but I couldn’t organize my thoughts until this birthday tribute (really, “tribute?” LMAO) just popped out. Why not make an entry not about how Tegoshi makes me happy, but how he makes me miserable instead? And so, ta-da! This might be my favorite post so far. :3

Excluding myself. Why do I think Tegoshi fans are the craziest? I have a friend who liked Tego; a potential fangirl. When she learned he’s the Crossdressing Princess, the Ero Prince, and all those nicknames and labels he’s known for, she backed down. Turned off? I thought so. As her friend, I was saddened. Almost there!! I asked her why, and was astonished at her reply.

“I can’t understand him. He’s extraordinary.”

She’s right. Come to think of it. There are people whom you’d immediately read from the first time. The badassed people are actually badassed. The good guys, good. But our ichiban, surprisingly, is unreadable. Conned by the face. Wondered by the personality. Confused by the gender play. Shocked by the words and actions. What remains consistent is how we deal with it. We’ve all gone crazy and we continue to be. As far as I know we’re not violent though, thanks to the wonderful idol-fan relationship led by the leader of NEWS! But that’s another story. With Tego, whether we love cats or not, we are all his dazed kittens.

Preference 36: Ariana Grande Album My Everything

Luke: One Last Time

“I keep having this dream.” you said to your friend as you to eat at the local restaurant that is by your shared apartment. “What is it?” she asked as she took a sip of her water. “That the world is ending and I end up on the roof looking up at the sky… but I’m not alone.” you answered and she stared at you thinking what to ask next, but you knew her well enough to know her question, “It was Luke, and I don’t know what it means. I mean it’s been months since we broke up.” “He was a big part of your life Y/N you can’t just forget somebody that meant a lot to you. If you’re asking me, I think the dream means that you’re not over him, and you probably won’t be until you see him. Even it’s one last time.” she says winking at you as she takes a sip of your coffee. “Okay psychology major maybe you’re right maybe I do really miss him, but that doesn’t mean -,” but then you get cut off by your text ringtone. “Who’s that?” your friend asked being nosey as usual as she raised her eyebrow sitting up to see the caller ID. “Luke. He wants to me with me” you answered looking up at her confused by the suddenness of the text. “So go meet the man of your dreams… literally.” Your friend laughs getting up from the table and paying her  part of the meal. Now you were left at the table texting back Luke to to make future plans with him, because maybe your friend was right maybe you were meant to see him even if it’s for one last time.

Calum: Bang Bang Ft. Jessie j & Nicki Minaj

You’ve known Calum all your life and you both seemed stuck in each-other’s friend-zone. Just recently Calum broke up with his girlfriend or really she broke up with him. There was going to be party for Calum to get over the break up, and the guys called you over just before the party started. “Hey guys I brought the chips you wanted.” you said holding the chips as you hug each of the guys. “Shh.” Michael says pushing you up the stairs, and you also notice a certain boy with brown hair-blonde tips was missing. “Where’s Cal-” “Uh. Yeah he’s in his room and he doesn’t know you’re here.” Ashton whispers as he closed the door of his room once you are all in. They sat you down on the chair, and start tying you down, “What’s going on. Luke!” you yelled but was cut off when they covered your mouth. “Sorry Y/N.”  Luke shrugs. Ashton pulls a white board out of his closet, “We’ve all known for years your crush on Calum now that bitch is gone and we have devised a whole plan for you and Calum to finally get together.” Ashton says going through each step with you. “Now for the makeover.” “But I look perfectly fine.” you said looking down at your shirt and shorts. “Yeah but impression is everything.” Michael says as the hairstyles, makeup artist, and stylist came in. The boys left you in there once the party started. “Okay.” said the stylist as she lets you finally look into the mirror, and boy did you look great. Once you built the courage to go down stairs you notice people looking at you. You went in the living room and noticed Calum sitting on a chair with a crown atop his head. “Hey prince.” you winked at him. “Y/N?” Calum looked at you in disbelief, “You look great.” he added breathlessly. “Thanks just a little something I put together.” you said watching the style crew leave the house. “So do you want to talk?” you asked sincerely as much as the guys wanted you and Calum to sleep with each-other, you didn’t want to be the rebound. “Honestly I thought she was perfect.” Calum confessed, “Well now you have me.” you said grabbing him on to the dance floor.

Ashton: Love Me Harder Ft.The Weekend

It’s not a lie that many people want to take your heart and called it their own. You seem to have this aura about you that people get sucked into, and lately Ashton eyes has been catching glimpses of you waiting when to make the right move. You are usually seen at club dancing your worries away with a glass of champagne in your hand and the other holding a hands friend, mostly worried you might lose them since didn’t want to be approach by creepy boys like time and time again. Although Ashton was different, and you can see that when he starts making his way to you, “Hey.” he says smiling at you. “Hey.” you said back still dancing to the music. “I just wanted to ask you if you wanted-” “No.” you said sort of sad that there could be something different than usual. “No? But you didn’t let me finish.” he says with confusion in his words. “You’re going to ask me on a date, and then you’re going to want to have sex later. Sorry to say this, but I like more than that.” you yelled over the music that was getting louder by the second. “I just wanted to feed you.” Ashton says not wanting to give up since he came a long way. “Not a date a right?” you asked when you stopped dancing to hear him right. “Yes. I just want to feed you. You look hungry.” “Right now?” you asked looking at your friend who gives you a nod and points at her phone, which is the signal you give to each other that when things go wrong dial 1 on the emergency contact. “Right now.” he answered with a sweet smile, you nodded, and out of surprise he holds your hand leading you out the crowd.

Michael: Break Free Ft. Zedd

“I don’t think I can do this… I mean act sexy in front of people for the whole world to see.” you said looking up at Michael as people set up the set for your scene. “Come on you just have to be a beautiful space alien princess who gets captured… no biggie.” he says realizing what he signed up his girlfriend for, “Come on Y/N, I asked you because I think you’re beautiful. I couldn’t imagine anybody else for this role. Come on! Be my space princess?” he says giving you his puppy dog face. “Fine, but you owe me food I haven’t eaten since yesterday.” you said before the director called you on set. “Y/N just act raw as possible pretend to seduce to the camera, make love to the camera.” the producer says as they start filming you for the 5 Seconds of Summer next single. “Now take off your clothes to reveal the ones underneath….okay you’re doing great, now act seductive.”  For a whole thirty minutes you were shooting different scenes and as the time goes you start to feel like you were the sexiest person in the room and even start laughing at your own mistakes. “Do you want to see your scenes?” the director says once they called a wrap. You nodded and when then the video started the first scene was of you as the song name pops up, “How does it feel like seeing yourself in this music video?” Michael asked as you kept watching. “I feel like I’m watching somebody else.” you said in amazement. “No it’s you, just another side of you.” Michael says as you look at him smiling, and you smiled back feeling really happy that you did this not just for Michael but for yourself.

As you can tell I love Ariana Grande, and I based each preference on Ariana Grande meaning of the songs. :) - Michelle

Check out our preference on this link

For mobile heres the link

Bits & Pieces of Nao's 101Q&A

Q2 Why/How did you wake up? 

Nao: I was hungry so I woke up (smiles) Healthy right?

Q3 After you wake up, what’s the first thing do you do?

Nao: First of all, go to the toilet

Q4 What do you wear when you sleep? 

Nao: When I sleep? Nothing

– What do you wear (during winter)? 

Nao: Tour T-shirts ne

Q5 Girls, what do you want them to wear when they sleep?

Nao: Alice Nine’s Tour T-shirts of course I guess 

– We’re asking what kind of clothes do the girl wear that you will be turned on. 

Nao: Aaahh~ dress shirts dress shirts (immediate reply)

Nao: I go to bed, and fall asleep in about 3 seconds.

Nao: I want to sleep on (my lover’s) arm 

– On the girl’s? 

Nao: Yeah. Woohahahaha (laughs)

Q11 Giving the good night kiss type or wanting to be kissed type? 

Nao: I want to be kissssed! (smiles)

Nao dreamt that Arisu was on a tour, he or Hiroto was driving; they went to a rest stop, Nao went to the toilet, and they left without him

Q15 Your ideal breakfast menu? 

Nao: Rice, natto and yogurt. And, after the meal, coffee too

Q18 When you like the clothing, are you the ‘buy immediately type’ or 'carefully think and choose type’?

Nao: I will buy it immediately ne – Do you try it (the clothes) on? Nao: No

Q26 Watch wearing type? 

Nao: I didn’t wear it today but I usually do

Nao: Ehh….. I don’t want to hold hands~~ (when walking with his lover) 


1. Hot 

2. He has a lot of stuff, so his hands are occupied

Q30 What kind of actions from a girl that would make you feel something? 

Nao: Her smile! Not like, gyahahaha-kind of laugh but a smile.

Nao: I wanna wear Doara!

Nao: Personally, my favourite is 'Senkou’s hair where it was coloured red.

Q39 Girl’s hairstyle, I like this kind! 

Nao: Just as it is is OK!

Q40 Your favourite colour? 

Nao: What do I like I wonder……Ah! Red

– Why is that? 

Nao: Red of passion that’s why. My rice cooker is also red

Q41 If you were to represent yourself with a number? 

Nao: -1 

– Meaning? 

Nao: There is no perfect person. All the more because humans are inperfect, they cooperate with someone and make it a plus. It’s that kind of feeling. In other words, a human alone is unable to do anything.

Q42 If you were to represent each member with numbers?

Nao: Shou-kun is 1,000,000. Because he has a 1 million volt smile. Hiroto-kun is 75. There’s a reason for it but you can’t write it. Tora is 5000. Because he had 5000yen in his wallet previously (lol). Saga-kun is 486000. It’s the price of the bass he’s responsible for. Saga-kun’s model bass’ price ne (lol)

Q51 What were the impressions you had of the members?

Nao: Shou-kun, sleepy I guess. Hiroto-kun, he eats really deliciously. Tora, few friends. Saga-kun, this person wants to sleep right? This is just an impression. It’s not a fact yo

Nao: Having that prince-like image; I don’t have it, not even once. That’s why…… Isn’t it because Shou-kun’s image is strong in that? Because not only his looks, but Shou-kun’s actions as well is prince-like.

Nao: It’s completely fine to look nice. The next thing is, I want the real ability as a band. That was all

Q58 Have you thought of leaving the band in the past? 

Nao: I’ve never (thought of it) but, it seems like there were such rumours. I knew it through a letter from a fan. 'Nao-san, is it true that you are leaving?’ The me who received the letter was like, 'are you serious!’ (burst out laughing). I now know it too. Even now, I don’t know why would such a rumour surface (lol)

Q59 Was there a period of time where you have thought of pausing the band and have solo activities? 

Nao: Nope, never

Q62 Tell us the secret of how does the Alice Nine-style band continue for a long time! 

Nao: Isn’t this the same as love, I guess

Nao: I don’t get much shocks. Because I’m strong (in the face of criticism)

Q65 What is the bit that you like about Alice Nine and the troublesome bit of it? 

Nao: The bit that I like is, we respect each other. The adult bit

– It’s different when you say its just because you guys are close right. It’s like you guys keep a distance properly and be considerate of each other right. 

Nao: Yeah. That’s why, we are like partners. The troublesome bit is…… if you were to say summer homework, it’s like (they) do it on the last day of the holidays. This is such band reality. I am the type to want to finish everything before the holidays start so I end up thinking, 'finish it quickly!’ ne

Q66 Try to represent the Alice Nine now with one kanji!

Nao: It’s written as 漢 but read as 'man’. It’s our 10th anniversary, it’s the hottest yo. That’s why it’s surrounded by a blue flame (lol)

Q67 If Alice Nine gets a big break, what do you want to do?

Nao: Buy an island and make Alice in Wonderland!

Q70 By the way, during your student days, were your results good? 

Nao: Yeah!

– You’re brimming with confidence ne 

Nao: Yeah. I was unbelievably good

Nao was a relay athlete!

– If you were good in both studies and sports, you were definitely popular among girls in your school?

Nao: I was in a boys school (both explodes with laughter)

Q72 The first CD you bought 

Nao: ZARD-san’s '負けないで’. ZARD-san is forever my idol

Q73 The first live you watched 

Nao: 'THE HIGH-LOWS-san’ I guess. At Hokkaido

Nao: To put it in the coffin, as expected, it’s our own albums yo.

Q79 The unforgettable live is? 

Nao: There’s a lot but, as expected, I was touched by the live where the five of us stood for the first time. It was a livehouse called Takadanobaba AREA. The deep emotion of a band formed again, I can still remember it up till now

Q81 Now, the live of an artiste that you want to go for is?

Nao: School Food Punishment. I wanted to see them!

When Nao and his friend started a band in high school, Nao was the vocalist because he had no money to buy any instruments. Then he saw his senpai’s kakkoii drumming self and started drums

Q89 If you weren’t in a band, what is the occupation that you would like to try? 

Nao: Voice actor. I’m really interested in it.

Q90 Which part of your body do you like? 

Nao: ……Cheeks! I like how it looks soft

Nao’s method of keeping in shape is do a hageshii live. But after that, he will end up eating xD

Q94 Tell us your special skill that will definitely lose to no one! 

Nao: Patience! I don’t think I will lose

Q101 A few words to the you of 10 years later 

Nao: Are you aliiivee~?