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Protection | BTS Reaction

Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. All the famous people are there and everyone’s drinking and having fun…Your abusive (Mentally and/or physically) ex turns up however - as they are part of a famous group also, but your boyfriend doesn’t like them due to how they treated you. Your ex tries hitting on you, but your boyfriend has other ideas.

Disclaimer: There are elements of abuse, mental and physical. There isn’t a lot, but they are still there. So just a warning. 

Jin: You were stood by the drink stand whilst Jin had gone to talk to a bunch of people who had congratulated him on his win with the boys. As you stood there, you were suddenly tapped on the shoulder and you turned around “(Y/N), it’s been a while.” said the familiar face. You knew you’d see your ex today, but you didn’t think he’d speak to you

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Hi Emma! I was wondering if you could direct me to a very grainy dark video where the boys are waiting to go on stage and I forget what song is playing but louis is dancing. He's standing next to his mic and the girls videoing it are screaming about how cute he is. I searched and couldn't find it. It's just the most adorable thing ever and I would love it if you or your followers could help me out. Thanks! And happy almost thanksgiving! 🦃

i think you might be talking about this video:

the specific bit where they’re screaming about Louis is here:

and happy almost thanksgiving to you too!

Reading some of my recent posts and thinking I would love to talk about our perspective and character POV in various Destiel scenes to examine what they each individually know about what’s going on and how our perspective differs too. Just reading myself talking about that being an obvious metaphor in 11x04 in the “werepire” scene but aside from a bit of commentary on the mixtape scene I haven’t really done much with it… What scenes should I talk about? I mean, would you want an analysis like that/think it might be interesting?

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Can you do 4 and 95 with Billy Hargrove? :) I love your writing and am so happy you're writing for Stranger Things but also all the Javier Pena love <3

Pairing: Reader x Billy Hargrove.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: Domestic violence references.
Word Count: 416
Prompts: “Who gave you that black eye?” / “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

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Ask Mumpkin: Do I think a Tarot deck has a personality? Why or why not?

Originally posted by debbie-sketch

I love my Tarot cards with a passion. They’re the first bit of witchcraft I ever actively used and the first thing I turn to in a moment of doubt or confusion regarding my craft. Do I think a Tarot deck has a personality? I am the first to say something along the lines of “my cards just dragged me,” but at the same time, I wouldn’t say they have a ‘mood’ either.

So, yes and no, really. Tarot cards are a tool. You and I can be amazing diviners with and without the cards.  However, think of this: isn’t every tool we use embedded with our energies? We are constantly influencing the world, so why wouldn’t we influence our own decks. If we are using a deck to answer questions then really our energies would feed into it, right? We deep down know the answers, the cards just help illustrate what we already know. So if we are hitting those cards with our energy then after some time they will take of the characteristics of the owner.

My friend is a very salty character and when she asks her cards a question she gets a very blunt and very sassy answer. In comparison to me, who has a far more soft approach, my cards will answer that same question with a softer answer.

However, let’s dig even deeper! What if we argue that the deck simply shows a reflection of what we expect from it. If we are asking a question that we think we already know the answer, too.  Therefore feel like we are about to get “dragged” by our cards then hey, you probably will.

So as you can tell, my mind isn’t totally made up here…Tell me, what do you think?

Do you think your Tarot deck is a mirror of your expectations or is it embedded with your characteristics? OR do decks not even have a personality at all??

Happy Tarot reading, loves, and remember to stay safe!!

Dating Do Kyungsoo would be like...

the beginning 

  • him being a little shy at first in the relationship 
  • maybe a bit too quiet 
  • a bit unsure about everything he does
  • like
  • do you like flowers 
  • or chocolate 
  • or wrestling
  • he doesn’t knoooow 
  • but after a while he would turn more confident whenever he’s seeing you smile or getting shy or blushing 
  • he loves all of it 

skin ship 

  • he loves it in private and maybe when you two are alone 
  • kisses, cuddling and make out session 
  • no problem when you’re alone
  • i front of the boys i see him as a little bit shyer, maybe holding your hand or a kiss on the cheek but not more
  • i public just holding hands but everyone could see how much he loves you by just the way he looks at you 

daily life

  • cute morning cuddles and kisses when you live together
  • cute texts when you don’t live together 
  • “Good morning Jagi, I hope you slept well…” 
  • him telling you about his day with short texts, random pics or snaps or calling you just to hear your voice
  • cute coffee dates or long walks in a park
  • trust is very important in you relationship, so no secrets 
  • you would be very honest with each other
  • during tours he would like to facetime you every evening telling you how much chanyeol or baek annoyed him today
  • “I will kill them, I swear to god one day I’ll kill them and..”
  • “Please don’t Soo”
  • *sighing* “Okay, everything for you, babe”


  • would never yell at you, maybe getting a little bit louder when it’s a really intense fight 
  • no swear words or mean things from his side 
  • “You’re an idiot, Kyungsoo!” 
  • “Stop swearing” 
  • “I can swear as much as I want!”
  • “Don’t talk to me like that, stop yelling” 
  • “Make me” 
  • lol you’re dead
  • such fights would lead to 

le sexy time

  • after or during fights it would be rough 
  • heavy make out sessions, kiss with too much teeth and lip biting
  • but thats okay
  • he just put you in place 
  • a rough but sensual lover like
  • slow but harsh thrusts, one of your legs on his shoulder his hands on your hips or holding the other leg wide open 
  • god help me
  • but he’s not calling it fucking he’s calling it love making
  • but tbh sometimes he would just fuck the shit out of you
  • and on other days there’s just lazy morning sex or slow passionate 
  • grunts and heavy panting 
  • when he cums he has this deep ass moan, his eyes shut slowly pushing in and out of you to extend your orgasms 
  • or his face nestled in your neck, deep moaning 
  • praises afterwards 
  • “I love you so much… you’re amazing baby” 

all in all 

  • it would be cute, full of fluff but also funny and a lot of humor 
  • when Do Kyungsoo loves, he loves with his whole heart and deeply
  • he wouldn’t say “I love you” that fast, this needs time 
  • but when he’s saying it, you could be sure that he’s 100% sure and honest
  • he would be a great boyfriend
  • and husband
  • and father 
  • let’s be real, this man is perfect for a family 
  • loves nothing more than you and the kids (or dogs if u don’t like kids) 
  • his precious little family 
  • probably sunday trips or the boys gathering together in your house 
  • because he can cook very well 
  • speaking of cooking
  • be prepared for breakfast in bed every weekend 
  • this man is a gift from above 
  • bless him 
steve harrington x reader • tell her a story

Summary: You’re going to study. Seriously. You’re going to study, no matter what Steve might have in mind.

Word Count: 1100+

Requested By: Anonymous -  Hey I love your stuffs, can you do another imagine with Steve that’s maybe something to do with studying that’s fluffy a lil bit smut but not smut ya know what I’m saying? Anyways, love your work, thank you: )

Warnings:  Fluff, language, very minor smut.

Notes: Honestly I hate writing kisses and smut scenes normally but this one was so fun to write!! So thanks to the anon for requesting it :) 


Studying with Steve around was almost impossible. You loved your boyfriend, honestly you did, but sometimes being around him just wasn’t good for your grades. He was - distracting. Being alone with him in your bedroom just didn’t exactly produce a good environment for studying. Or, well, for studying books.

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hello all! I posted my pocket camp ID on twitter and thought I’d share it here too~ let’s become friends! I’d love to give you kudos and help out with the quarry :D

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ayy!! ^0^ I really love your bnha and haikyuu art heck,, i was wondering if you had doodled the miya twins or suna before? (○v○)~☆ i goddamn love your style and I was a bit curious <33

Never Suna, but I have doodled the Miyas a while ago! Atsumu twice, Osamu once (all before we knew their official colors, actually :O) they’re in my Miya Atsumu tag :D

Anon said: Hey Fran! You’ve been in the krbk fandom for a while so I was wondering if you had any fic recs or if you knew where I could find some (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I feel like I went over everything already but technically it’s not possible so I’m looking for recommendations because I don’t know where to start! Thanks!

Sure do! I have one here, another pretty long one here, then another couple over here, this fic and this fic are short and beautiful and you should REALLY read them, this other one I’m not sure was in any of the lists I linked so here it is in case it’s not (btw it’s part of a collection, all of them gems, I suggest you read them all) also I was just looking for a good moment to rec this fic, please read it it made it between my top five bakushima favorites so fast

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100 Ways to Say “I Love You” | #22 | Park Jihoon

Originally posted by yoonwang

prompt: you find love in the small things.

note: this comes from a list that can be found here! once upon a time, i planned on writing these in order…i now laugh at that time.

“It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.”

You dusted off your hands and did a small, victorious brushing off of your shoulders as you dumped the last bits of clothes onto your bed. You just finished picking out some that you no longer saw yourself wearing and would give to family or charity.

Jihoon gave you an amused smile as you continued to sashay around your room proudly and he decided to sprinkle on your parade a bit, “You know, we aren’t done yet. We also have to pack these up.”

His words stopped your movements and you spun on your heels to glare at him. All amusement left his face as he gave you a nervous laugh, “But let’s have some fun first! Why don’t you relive old memories by trying some of this stuff on?” 

Honestly, that sounded like a pretty fun idea.

“Okay Wink Boy, you’re about to be blessed with the presence of a fashion star.”


You threw an old t-shirt at his face and told him to turn around, and he couldn’t help but laugh as he continued to cover his eyes with the shirt, even while he was turned the other way.

The two of you spent the next two hours laughing at your old clothes. You held up graphic tees that had atrocious sayings, cackling at their ridiculousness. You also wore your old elementary school uniform shirt proudly as a crop top.

“I’m dating a trendsetter, a fashionista. How could someone who dresses so well date a fashion terrorist like me?” Jihoon said in between laughs while he clutched his stomach.

“I know, right?”

He stopped laughing and threw the clothes you were originally wearing back at your face this time, “Hey, you’re supposed to defend me!” 

“I can’t defend you from yourself~”

After a few more laughs and a few twirls around the room, you changed back into clothes you were actually keeping. The two of you then started organizing your clothes into boxes for either your family or charity.

Eventually, you bent down to grab the family box, which was really heavy, but still a lot lighter than the charity box that Jihoon was carrying. But as you finally settled the box in your arms, he came up from underneath you with his own box and stacked the boxes on top of each other.

“Wait, your box is already heavy as is! My box is just giving you an extra hard time!”

“I’m okay!”

“But there are years’ worth of clothes in those giant boxes…”

“It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.”

He winked and you blinked. You also hid a chuckle as your boyfriend attempted to flex the arm facing you while struggling with the boxes. Jihoon continued to smirk at you while his legs shook with every step he took towards your stairs.

You were so close to cracking as he stood at the top of the stairs, no smirk in sight, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. It seemed like he took years with each step, and his arms would sway a bit, spilling a few articles of clothing every now and then.

You had tried so hard not to laugh, but you burst out in giggles when you saw him avoiding the pieces he dropped. You followed him down, only a step behind, and watched in case he slipped or something. But still, you continued to laugh as he struggled to prove his strength.

“Stop laughing!!!” His tough act disappeared as his voice went from confident to whiny. You could only imagine how his face looked at that moment.

As he finally reached the bottom of your stairs, you heard him sigh quietly in relief and stopped yourself from laughing again. You simply gathered the articles of clothing that he had dropped on his journey downstairs and stepped in front of him.

He was pouting and you smiled cutely at him. You poked his cheeks lightly and gave him a small peck on the lips. When you pulled away, you dropped the clothes into the top box that he was still holding. He looked at you adoringly - flustered, but still in awe of your kiss. You returned his look with a gaze just as loving,

“Thank you, my strong man.”

A Seat Made for A Queen

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x WoC Reader (f)

Word Count: idk I just wrote this on my phone lol

Warnings: Oral sex (f receiving), spanking, dirty talk, face sitting. I think that’s it.

Prompt: literally just smut for my best friend @thewinterstolemyheart

A/n: This has been in my notes for so long I finally had the nerve to finish it. There’s a bit of a cliff hanger so y’all want a part two, message me! If you want to be tagged in the future also message me. I’ll go back on my laptop and make it pretty for y’all later. Please like and reblog and comment (writers love that shit)!


Tags: @thewinterstolemyheart @getinmelanin011 @papi-chulo-bucky @sanjariti


“Come here baby,” Bucky coos, tapping his mouth as you grind on his pelvis. He stares at you with complete and utter lust, waiting for you to obey. You spread your legs wide to slowly move up his body until his head is in between your legs. James massages your ass and hums in approval.

“God I love your ass,” he groans.

“Thank you, I try to keep it perky for you,” you answer with a good jiggle of your butt. You gently rub your panty covered pussy on his stubbled jaw.

“Good! Keep it that way,” Bucky chuckles against my thighs. He kisses the insides of you thighs, making sure to ignore the spot that needs the most attention. “Fuck I love your skin doll,” he groans. “So soft and beautiful.” Bucky sighs against your warm brown skin, nipping at the toned skin.

“Wait a second,” you say before standing over him, quickly removing your panties. “Much better,” you say, placing your legs around his head once again. Bucky lowers you to his mouth, his breath hot on your slick pussy. He blows softly against your clit making you shudder. It takes everything in you not to lower yourself completely.

“Bucky,” you whine. No one likes to be teased but apparently James hasn’t learned that yet.

“Aw does my sweet girl want my tongue? Do you want me to lick you until you cry out?” You huff out of frustration-he wants you to answer him and you hate indulging him. Nodding furiously, you buck your hips forward but Bucky’s metal arm is a formidable challenge.

“Tsk tsk,” he tuts between kisses on your thighs. “I want you to use your words.” Sucking in a deep breath, you swallow your pride and say what he wants to hear.

“Yes Bucky, I want you to lick me until I make a mess all over your face.” Bucky’s eyes go dark, pupils filled with lust and a dark promise.

“That’s more like it doll,” he purrs before driving your wet pussy into his mouth. You throw your head back, hands gripping onto the headboard for purchase. Bucky leisurely swirls his tongue around your clit before dipping into your leaky hole. His moans are loud as he licks into you as if you’d run away.

Your hips have taken on a life of their own so much so Bucky uses his metal arm to hold you in place.

“Fuck Buck, right fucking there just like that please,” you pant as he brings attention back to your clit. Bucky gives the sensitive bundle of nerves a hard lick before sucking on it. His other hand travels up your stomach and up your chest where he grabs your breast, kneading it roughly.

“Baby, I’m gonna come. Fuck, you’re gonna make me come,” you warn. The coil in the pit of your stomach is reaching its end. You find yourself chasing after your impending orgasm, leaving your nearly breathless. Looking down at Bucky, your bleary gaze is met with an intensity and determination you’ve never seen on him before. He’s determined to make you fall about and the thought alone sends you spiraling.

“Bucky!” His name spills out of you mouth as a harsh cry, your moans loud and unabashed with please as Bucky continues his assault on your oversensitive sex. Your hands find there way into his black locks, guiding his head deeper into your cunt. Bucky gives your ass a good slap in response, the pain starting the wave of your second orgasm.

You finally find your breath, Bucky’s tongue lazily lapping up your juices as if he could lick you clean. You gingerly make your way off his face and fall back on the bed, your legs at the head of the bed. Bucky wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and sits up. He takes your legs into his lap, massaging your calves.

“You did so well for me baby girl,” he praises. You glow under his praise, covering your face in embarrassment.

“Got a lil carried away there,” you mumble from between your hands.

“Nah, that was incredibly sexy sweetheart. You taste amazing, I could eat you for hours.” You groan at the thought of Bucky’s skilled tongue between your thighs for hours. Just the thought makes you want to pass out.

“I just might have to take you up on that James.”

“I’d be more than happy to doll. Plus,” Bucky grabs your hands, pulling you up gently and sitting you down in his lap. He nuzzles your neck and cuddles you close.

“I think my face is a great throne for my girl,” Bucky says smugly. You slap him gently.

“You are so foolish, James. I cannot deal with you sometimes.”

“Oh you love me,” he chuckles planting a wet kiss on your cheek. You roll your eyes and giggle.

“Yes I do. Now, on to part two of our little escapade.” Bucky growls and bites at your neck.

“Yes Ma’am.”

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Slow dancing with H in your room, your head on his chest, while he sings/hums in your ear.

Oh my GOD like maybe you’re just sitting on your bed hanging out and listening to music. And maybe Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis comes on and you say, “Oh my god I love this song!”

And that gives Harry an idea.

He stands up and holds his hand out for you to take. You eye it, and then look at him. He just grins. “C’mon then.”

You take his hand slowly and he pulls you to your feet. He instantly pulls you close so that your head is against your chest, and he begins swaying.

You relax against him with a smile. “I love this song, too,” he says softly. You can feel his chest vibrate with his words.

It’s quiet for a bit longer while you just sway and turn, and it’s so intimate that you could cry. You’re about to tell him you love him, when he starts singing, low and slow, with his lips pressed into your hair.

And then you can’t help it. Your eyes are welling with tears and you pull him even closer, giving him a squeeze. He kisses your head mid verse before continuing to sing along all the way to the end of the song.

After last ILITW chapter...

- Britney, don’t you even dare to hurt Lily because she’s such a precious baby and you’ll be dead meat (high five to MC for that line). Literally, you know.

- I didn’t want to spend diamonds on Lily’s scene but damn, it was worthy it 😭

- Love the Noah scene: he MUST enroll to the culinary school and open that diner one day.

- Stacy worries me a little bit, though…

- Andy confirmed to be one of the most adorable human being in the world 👍🏻

-First kiss with or LI? YAY, Ava I’m yours 😘

- It was nice to see MC and the other characters in a “non-creepy” (well, mostly) context, being just friends at a party…and MC is officially a dork, but a cute one 😂

- So we got to get a glimpse of Mr Red. I don’t know, it (it?) seems so lonely, you can almost pity it…BUT it sends me vibes of creepy psycho AND bloody serial killer 😁

- Cody final…well scene? Sends shivers through my spine! Sure, he was a total bully asshole BUT THIS IS CRAZY 😱

PIXAL!!!!!! 💜♥️🖤

I guess I improved a bit? Anyway, here’s another artwork, just like I promised! This one was much faster because, I dunno, I was highly motivated and eager to draw this I guess?? Anyway I love her!! 💜💜💜

Fun fact : This artwork was actually supposed to be Movie! Nya when I started. I started with her hair and then tried but failed to draw her face but because I wanted to draw SOMETHING so I thought I’d draw Pixal because, like, their hair is nearly the same and I’ve been rewatching Ninjago and am currently on the Rebooted season. Anyways, I started drawing Pixal’s face and since she turned out so well, I completed her !! (I’ve also included a hair tie because I REFUSE to have a character with their hair tied up without a visible hair tie. Like NO. I’m weird that way 🙃).

Tagging @ninjagoforever @deadpotatowithextracheese @inline-vandal @ittybittypearlygirly @garmacondrai ( I honestly don’t remember who I meant to tag I’m sorry y'all 😣)

I’ll be making more soon!! @everybody Thanks for the support!! ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘

Last thing : Please leave feedback! Tags, likes, comments, asks (even anon), subs, personal chat, wherever! You’re replies give me life! Hope you guys like this!!

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Drabble where someone is teasing Zarya's tiny s/o, but before she can step in, the s/o punches the guy square in the jaw. I love your writing, by the way! Give Harvey some attention for me, please 😍

Lmao, he’s with sister at moment but I will in the morning.

Her muscles twitched as she saw someone step too close to you, teasing smile on his face as you just looked a bit awkwardly. From what she could hear some of his words were unintentionally rude.

She stood up, about to waltz over there to scold the man. There were still limits to what people should put up with. People need to respect others despite everything.

Except you did it before she could, hand whipping out and connecting with their face with a sick crunch. Your eyebrows scrunched together as you scolded them, letting them know they crossed a line.

Zarya gave a smile at you, large hand resting on her hip as she respected your space. You smiled up at her, walking forward with a motion as the two of you went for food.

Oh my god,, anon with the Heathers todobaku au.. I just finished watching the movie and oh wow. I have a myriad of questions but my main one is What the fuck were people in the 80s on??? Holy shit. I’m interested in how this movie would play with todobaku but for that you’d have to come tell me lmao

But the main take away from that for me was realizing that Winona Ryder has been killing it since the motherfucking eighties and smoking camel cigs since the beginning of time

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Omg can we please talk about telling Harry you're expecting baby number 2 😭 maybe while he's snuggling with your first baby right after he's home from tour. I just saw Chrissy teigen and John legend are having another baby and it put me in the feels lol. Such a FLUFFY ass concept (ps I hope you feel better!!! I just got over having a cold and it was not fun! hope you feel better in time for the holiday :) )


So maybe you’ve had family photos planned for the week after Harry gets back from tour. And the whole morning getting ready for the pictures is a bit chaotic of course, just because you want everything to be absolutely perfect. And you’re nervous because you have a huge announcement planned.

You’re all dressed in your cute matching family clothes, and your daughter is being IMPOSSIBLY adorable the whole time. The photographer captures so many beautiful moments— the three of you smiling together, you and Harry sharing a kiss, the candid moment after Harry told a joke that made your daughter let out the loudest belly laugh you’d ever heard. There are a few pictures of just you and your daughter smiling and making silly faces, and Harry watches his girls fondly.

After the bit with just you and your daughter is over, she giggles and runs over to him. “We take pictures now!” She says, tugging him out towards the designated picture spot. “Come on daddy!”

Harry looks at you and you beam. The love he and your little princess share is beyond words. You’d always known he’d be the perfect daddy to her, even since before she was born. Which is what makes you so excited to share this news that you’re about to share with him.

The photographer gets a few adorable shots of Harry and your daughter, some sweet, some silly, all beautiful. And this is when your plan goes into action.

“Okay,” You say from your spot beside the photographer. “Snuggle up real close. Baby, give daddy a big smooch on his cheek.”

She does what she’s told and the picture is adorable. You’re getting nervous.

“Say cheese!”

Harry and your daughter both beam at the camera and do what you say. “Cheeeeeeese!”

“Now saaayyyyy stinky cheese!”

Your daughter giggles loudly. “Mooooommmyyyy,” she groans. “That’s not what you say!”

“It’s not?” Harry asks. “I think it is!” He turns to the camera and smiles. “Stinky cheese!” Your daughter giggles her head off at that, and the photographer snaps the most beautiful photo.

“Okay,” You say, “now lets do one more of you and daddy, okay? Stand however you want.”

Of course your daughter strikes a princess pose that makes Harry chuckle, before mocking the pose. You laugh at how silly he looks, but you’d honestly expected nothing less. “Okay guys!” You take a deep breath, trying to appear as calm as possible. “Now saaaay.. ‘Mommy’s having another baby!’”

It takes Harry a minute to register the words he’s saying, but he stops mid sentence. “She’s WHAT?!”

Click. The photographer gets the moment on camera and continues to take a few more photos of the following moments— you with tears in your eyes walking up to Harry. Your daughter gasping and shouting “WHAAAAAT?!” while jumping up and down. Harry covering his eyes with his hand because he’s sobbing. You and Harry hugging and sharing a kiss while your little girl jumps around you.

And of course the pictures are all lovely. That night when you’re home looking at the previews online, Harry cries once again.

“Can’t believe it,” he says, shaking his head. “Really can’t.”

“Are you happy?” You ask, biting at your lip.

He leans in to kiss you. “Beyond happy.”

“Daddyyyy,” your little girl pipes up from her spot on his other side. “Don’t cry!”

“Can’t help it!” he says, reaching over to scoop her up and plop her in his lap. “Daddy’s very excited.”

“I’m essited too!” She says. “Gonna be a big sister!”

He grins, poking at her tummy. “The best big sister ever. Baby is gonna be very lucky to have you!”

Her little face turns serious then. “But… *I’m* still gonna be your princess, right daddy?”

He kisses all over her face until she squeals. “Of COURSE, my little big. Nothing is going to change that.”

She giggles. “And me and mommy…. still your girls?”

He grins, turning to you and kissing your lips. “Always my girls.”

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Wow, new icon. Cool. Did you change it because to many people were asking you what it was?

Nah. Reverse Medusa will return like she always does. I just change my icon sometimes because I’m a person that needs change in their life to function. I change up my soaps, my clothing styles, my tumblr icons, etc.

Back in June for my birthday week I treated myself to a Princey selfie icon, which I loved.

And yeah that was fun.

Then in August I changed it up again with the image of Marco the Beanie taking over Thomas’ mind on snapchat.

#SubmitToTheBeanie  #RIPmarco

Then a little bit ago I used this pic;

Which just has a really calm energy around it. It’s like a light grey or green. I still love it and it’ll probably show up again at some point.

But yeah, Reverse Medusa always shows up again eventually. Brain will probably only be here for a few days or a couple weeks at most. I just needed a change-up and Reverse Medusa needed a vacation. She will return.