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Hey :) idk if this is weird but do you know of anything connecting johnlockers and Sherlock nerds via their country/area? I literally just moved to the other side of the world and it would be amazing :3 (I live in NZ now so if anyone reading this is kiwi pls comment? I promise I'm not a creep :D)

Hi Lovely!!

Not creepy at all! I know there was a “johnlocker map” put together a long time ago, though I have no idea if that’s still happening. BUT I DO know a Kiwis, as they’re always in my watchalong on Saturdays (or Sunday 5:00am for them hahah)! @tali-zora probably knows more kiwis than I do, so they might be able to help you out. Otherwise, all I can suggest is making a “I Moved to NZ! Looking for Some Johnlockers!” kind of post and see if people will help boost it for you :D Good luck! :D 

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Ok I don't know how to switch to my actual blog to leave an ask but it's (stan-theman-uris) so I promise I'm not a creepy random blog askin you this. What Queen songs remind you of each loser?

(I love this question!) 

-Ok for Beverly I’m going with ‘I Want To Break Free’. This song is actually from the male perspective of the women’s liberation movement. I chose it because this is exactly what Bev wants to do. She wants to get out and not just conform to what whats believed to be whats right for her.  

-For Richie I’m choosing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ because Richie is always having a good time. When he’s on a roll, he’s on a roll. And he uses this method to deal with the dark situation the losers are all in. So don’t stop him now cause he’s having a good time. 

-For Ben I’m picking ‘You’re My Best Friend’ because Ben has always treasured his friends and has spent time alone. So friendship means the world to him. Plus the song is happier sounding tune, perfect for him. 

-Bill I think ‘We Are The Champions’ but not quite so literally. If that makes sense? Just for the fact that he’s thought to be the leader and when the Losers club comes out on top, He, as well as the others, feels triumphant. 

-Eddie I think I’m going with ‘Somebody To Love’. It helps that this song is softer and a gospel style. It reminds me of Eddie because I think he thrives on love, be it romantic or platonic. He craves love because sometimes he feels neglected at home. 

-For Stan I’d say ‘Save Me’ but again not so literally. The song is about a relationship with a friend that ended. And it just reminds me of Stan because of lines like "Save me, I can’t face this life alone”. it makes me think about how Stan feels like he can’t handle the situation without the others and how he can’t go through it again in adulthood. 

-And Mike was hard for me but I’m going with ‘The Show Must Go On’ because Mike is the one who knows that he’s got to bring the seven back together and defeat IT again. He knows it;s going to be hard but he does it anyway. 

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I would just like to say I love your blog so much that I said yes to notify me when you post (I'm not creepy I promise). When I don't feel like shy anon anymore, we can go have fun in Vietnam hehe. P.s. I give you permission to post a Yuzu gif too

Yikes, now you’re making me self-conscious about the borderline spamming behavior I’ve been engaging in for the entirety of this week :)) Really, don’t be shy though, I probably won’t be back in Vietnam for a while but anytime you want to talk just drop me a message. According to some people I’ve been talking to on Tumblr I’m pretty okay to talk with, though in private chats I usually turn out to be way more sarcastic, way way saltier and bitchier than they expect :))

Now since I have your permission, here’s a random gif of chibi Yuzu making silly faces, guest starring Nanami sensei with her usual mix of exasperation and fondness for her 17-year-old student:


In honor of Peter Davison’s birthday, I present: every drawing that I’ve done of the Fifth Doctor in the past year; I may have a bit of a problem.