i just love writing couples that are

Imagine you and Shawn going on a road trip down California. Starting in San Francisco, you’d drive to Santa Cruz, big sur, and other cities and towns along the coast. You and Shawn would stay in cute little motels and cabins, taking time to enjoy the view and each other. After getting to LA, you’d stay for a couple days and act like tourists in a city you’ve been to more times than you can remember. Shawn would take you away from the big city and down to the small beach towns close to San Diego. After spending too many days lounging around or walking hand in hand through the towns, you two would finally have to go back and deal with reality. But those days you spent alone together always bring back amazing memories involving the boy you wanna spend the rest of your life with.

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I just wanted to formally let you know you've ruined Matt for me. I'm re-reading your stuff and I am completely in love with that dorky, snarky little shit and I just realized that if in canon he turns out to be anything else than what you've made him to be I will actually be so incredibly disappointed.

Man, I feel you. I was lowkey pleased they didn’t stop to have, like, a flashback where Matt got more than a couple of lines of dialogue so I can continue to write him the way I want to. Next season miiight be a problem (*clings until September*)

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I know you probably get this all the time but when is Oculus going to get updated? I understand that it's entirely your own story but I'm just so enthralled by it. You truly have a talent at writing and I love your works.

It’s alright, and thank you a lot ! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it !

As luck would have it I’ve actually been obsessively working on the last chapter and epilogue over the last couple days. I’m hoping to have the last chapter up by Saturday, the epilogue shortly after?

Keep your eyes open for the hard copy give away I’ll be doing in a month or so, if that sounds interesting :P

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Rosy! I have a question about something you said a while ago about the S3 plotline and Lexa. I also had the same ?: why would they make Lexa betray Clarke if they wanted them to become a couple later on? It seems like S2 was setting up Bellarke and that Clexa was never the goal. but they decided to write Clexa as a couple in S3 once it was clear how much positive reception that was getting.

Okay. So that’s a question. Why present this “beautiful” romance if they were going to start it off with a betrayal.

I mean, if you want to say that they did that just because people liked it, you can, but I don’t think that’s really the case. 

There are lots of paths to take if you want to tell a good story, even if you want work with some specific themes like forgiveness, redemption, “love is a weakness,” the hero’s journey or what have you.

I personally don’t think the CL story was fan service. I think they were doing a kind of Odyssey story, where the hero was swept away in a romance on her journey, but eventually needed to return home. I saw an internal hero’s journey where Clarke confronted her demons and her shadow self in L, and falling in love with her was part of her forgiveness of HERSELF. 

There are multiple ways to tell a story and multiple themes for love stories. It’s not all about happily ever after and this story is most emphatically NOT about happily ever after, so the question is, not “is this endgame” but what story is this romance telling?

I didn’t like the CL romance for personal reasons, and I thought the pacing of season 3A was troublesome and went too dark, but I have come to an understanding of what happened in Polis that I am satisfied with in terms of storytelling. The Odyssey for Clarke’s narrative arc. The internal hero’s journey and shadow self for her character development. And L had her own story and that was the story of a tragic hero who fell from greatness due to her fatals flaws. 

It doesn’t seem to me to be a cheap story or fanservice, but it simply wasn’t the happily ever after fairy tale epic romance that people thought it was, because it was so pretty. But the problem is, if you interpret it through the lens of this beautiful epic romance, then it throws the rest of the story into doubt and the romance story itself seems thin and full of holes. 

For me, just logic wise, if one interpretation answers all the doubts and makes sense of all the story threads, and the other interpretation makes the story fall apart and seem weak, out of character and unsatisfying,then the accurate interpretation is the one that FITS the story being told. 

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Hey it's me the 4 part anon. Thanks for liking the idea so much. That part of the intro where Goku has that creepy smile when he's in Kaioken made me think they might be hinting he will turn evil or at least some sort of anti-hero. He almost looks insane which isn't very surprising. It can be argued of Goku even a feels love or any compassion for places other than Earth. People forget he had nothing to do saving when the namekians. Goku only wanted to fight. He also tends to neglect chi chi.

It was an interesting idea!! you could almost write a fanfiction about it xD and ahh I see. To be honest, I think he feels love towards all his friends and the earth (and especially towards Chichi) but he just may not be good at showing it sometimes. I love all the canon couples, so I really can’t complain xD

January told me that just because a new year starts doesn’t mean a new me has to start.

February showed me that I am worthy of being loved.

March exposed me and all my worries and insecurities, and made me stronger by beating me down.

April taught me that sometimes other people see parts of yourself better than you do, but they may not always see the dark parts.

May spread me so thinly that I felt as if I were a drop of rain trying to cover an entire sidewalk.

June set me up; sometimes people are terrible, terrible creatures, and they’re willing to twist things however they need to in order to get what they want.

July presented me with an opportunity to prove that moving on doesn’t mean letting go.

August allowed me to rebuild parts of myself I thought I had lost.

September erased me; once again I would be a blank slate, and that haunted me for days.

October held me up for the world to see; I was now a part of something bigger than myself, something bigger that could make a difference.

November terrified me, showed me that out of sight did not mean out of mind, told me I was still in love even though I tried so hard to let go.

December let me know that just because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean I have to as well.

“how did you know that it was over? that you should leave him?”, she asks her best friend.

“simple. i asked myself two questions: do i love him? and, does he make me happy?”


“yes, yes i love him. but no, he doesn’t make me happy. and just being in love with someone isn’t enough. if that someone can’t make you happy, all the love in the world can’t help you. you will just end up destroying yourself for someone who isn’t even worth it.”

—  e.s. // all the love in the world can’t help you.

Hi! I got an anonymous ask asking to share photos of my bullet journal set up! I tried about 5 times to get pictures that were in the same spot and the same lighting but damn it is difficult. I ended up shooting these going page by page so hopefully that is okay! I’ll list the pages I included since I missed a couple out because they’re just headers at the moment and I’ll put in brackets ones that I’ll add when my semester starts:

  • 2017 overview
  • 2017 objectives (personal/health/social/academic/blog/career) + bullet journal key/legend
  • blog post ideas (this blog and my main @styleselection #shamelessselfpromo)
  • printable ideas
  • motivational quotes
  • movies/tv shows to watch
  • books to read
  • expenses (more like ‘treat yo self items’)
  • wishlist
  • january overview/month breakdown
  • weekly spread (monday 01 jan-today)
  • (semester timetable - my classes, teachers, lecture + tutorial times)
  • (grade tracker)
  • (assignment date checklist)
  • (readings checklist)

At the back of the bullet journal, I have lined paper for note-taking or jotting random things down. I love having space to write important information so that will be useful. Plus I have to specifically get my English relatives to ship me the grid paper so I don’t want to waste it for random notes! At the very end I’ve got to-do list pages where I can note down things for assignments or for over the weekend. Also the little grey thing in the left corner of the second photo, it a task pad which slots into the discs and just gives you another space for writing down bits and bobs when you need to be quick! 

Hope this is useful. I’m happy to do a more in-depth post or a review of the notebook system, if anyone is interested. Just let know in a message or reply! x


What I really love about Feyre and Rhys’s love story is that it wasn’t a cheap shot. It wasn’t a “choose who you love more” love triangle.

Even right down to their first meeting was intentional and had a story behind it. It wasn’t a “Oh yes, I met you by chance and now I’m in love you” love story.

Rhys has loved Feyre for 3 years, even if she didn’t return the feelings at first. They got to actually know each other and become friends before mating. Rhys gave Feyre the safety and peace she needed to heal before they were officially together.

Feysand is honestly just the most awesome YA power couple that I’ve had the pleasure of reading about. There was always an explanation behind every one of their stories. Sarah didn’t write it as “I am the author, so what I say goes.” No, she actually explained their relationship and made it believable with back stories and character development.

I just love it so much.


Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 

Hinata is really, really good at remembering birthdays.

He’s not so good at remembering much, honestly, but he knows all the birthdays of all the people that matter: his mum, Natsu, Izumi and Kouji, every character in his favourite tv show, Sugawara and Daichi, Nishinoya and Tanaka…it’s a very, impossibly long list.

So it’s…odd, embarrassing, really, that at no point on that very, impossibly long list, does it remind him that Kageyama’s birthday is on the twenty second of December, or that the twenty second of December is today.

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This show literally did what EVERYONE wants the media to do with an lgbt relationship which is DEPICT IT AS A NATURAL THING. Instead of doing what EVERY show has done when writing a gay relationship which is being like “LOOK AT THE GAY COUPLE BEING GAY THEY ARE G A Y” and defining the relationship according to that, Yuri on Ice didn’t NEED to outright say “These men are in love” because it was so?? obvious?? I just. Please don’t discredit the first half of this show as “queerbaiting” when it was literally just the most beautifully natural and healthy development of a queer relationship we’ve ever witnessed in anime. Viktuuri has always been canon. This kiss just reaffirmed it in a really blunt way.

One day, I’m going to be a wife and a mother. I will come home from work to my own little family. I will wake up and fall asleep next to the person I love. We will be the ones that help teach our children to walk, talk, ride a bike, and be a good person. How incredible is that to think about? That “one day” isn’t just an idea, but that it’s actually going to happen?

Good day to all!!!
Wanted to start with that seemed COMPLETELY unrealistic a few weeks ago!!!! What I’m saying? THAT YOU HAVE 2000 READERS!!!!!!! It’s possible at all???? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I’m in shock!!! Which again confirms what you are - JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Make me believe in myself, and in spite of some problems that have formed me a couple of days ago…
Ahaha, you write such lovely messages that I have not stopped loving you even for a second!!!
appreciate it!!! Love yourself!!!
And I will love YOU!!!
Hug through the screen EVERYONE!!!

i just finished binge-watching a series of unfortunate events and im???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- highlights how abuse can take different forms but its still abuse & makes it very clear exactly how not okay it is
- shows how a lot of times, not being abusive doesnt equal being a good guardian
- klaus baudelaire saying “plenty of boys enjoy playing with dolls”
- canon gay couple
- crossdressing with no transphobic jokes
- casual remarks about gender equality
- honestly its just a damn good show??? the writing?? the cinematography??? the actors???? i love it. so much. 

I started to wonder if what we felt for each other was more than both of us thought. It wasn’t like or even love. It was just… more. More than anything I had felt.  More than words could describe. More than both of us knew. I felt something more for him and he felt something more for me and for now, more was enough.
—  excerpts from a book im writing #5 
Some angsty prompts for your OTP

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and your OTP.  And not all couples are going to be happy.  So here are some angsty dialogue prompts, to help break a heart are two.

  • “You said forever!”
  • “We seemed to just always come up a little short.”
  • “Was loving me a joke?”
  • “I still love you, even after all that has happened.”
  • “Seven fucking years, and that’s all you have to say!”
  • “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?”
  • “You’re not supposed to catch feelings for a bet.”
  • “Just this once, please stay.”
  • “I only ever wanted to hear that you loved me.  Was I asking to much?”
  • “I love you, but I have to go.”
  • “I hate you so much.”
  • “I can’t love you the way you want.”
  • “You were and still are my everything.”
There you go, leaving spots on my neck and thoughts in people’s heads. You make me wonder. Am I just an object you use and leave behind? We aren’t like normal couples but oh, how I wish we were.
—  Lifewritten