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Dating Dean Winchester would include:

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·         Gruff morning hedgehog hair

·         Running his hands all over you

·         Whispering sweet things in your ear

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why bobs burgers is possibly the purest show in the universe

- a good, loving family that does not despise each other, that sticks together, that bands together in the face of adversity 

- in cliche tv shows families only tell each other they love each other in the face of danger/at the climax. not here. they regularly tell each other that they care even if it’s not an outright “i love you” it’s just acts of compassion and love and its not made a huge deal. It’s a regular occurrence for them.

- however when they do show their love in climactic moving parts its so great its so so great

- honestly? no matter how much they act dont like it they’d drop everything for another family member. all of the belchers are ride or die. not just linda. all of them. 

- sometimes, things don’t work out how you want it to. Bob doesn’t get a good review, Gene doesn’t win the contest, Tina doesn’t get on the team, but it’s all okay. Bad things happen but there are good people around you and you’ll get through this it’s ok

- no matter what, they try their best. They’ll keep trying until the end even if the outcome isn’t what the want. And they accept their fate, but that’s not the same thing as giving up. 

- I think im crying? this family is so good and pure and they deserve everything? i cant

- im going to quit life and become a bobs burgers account

- anyway im not in a great place in life rn and this show has saved me a lot i think and i just want to give them the world

imagine being hoseok’s maid.

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  • good luck cleaning up all that sunshine dust.
  • hoseok is Old Money and has never worked a day in his life.
  • instead he’s very invested in charities and in the arts and never gets tired of attending balls and events of all sorts.
  • he also hosts a score of his own, so he has a large staff to help him around the house.
  • did i say house? i meant mANSIONS. plural.
  • the most social of all the socialites.
  • it’s no secret that jung hoseok lights up a room and his social affairs are always free of drama and scandal because he’s everyone’s unproblematic fave.
  • such a lovely employer too, he treats everyone fairly and often stops to have a short chat with his domestic helpers, i.e you.
  • everyone always wishing him a good morning/afternoon/evening/night when they pass him, because he’s very polite and often does the same.
  • and he remembers everyone’s birthdays and gives them all a decent bonus for the holidays he’s such a saint.
  • but he also makes The Absolute Worst puns all the fucking time and you’re all obligated to laugh with him rip
  • “you didn’t sweep that room with just a glance, did you?”
  • “haha no, sir.”
  • “another one fights the dust, i see.”
  • “haha yes, sir.”
  • “don’t make mária do the hoovering, she’s slovak.”
  • “haha okay, sir”
  • and if these genuinely crack you up then congratulations you’re already his favourite.
  • if not then you’re kinda really very cute anyway so he doesn’t mind.
  • and maybe one day he has an event to attend and you arrive late with his newly pressed tuxedo and he’s like ????? where were you
  • “sorry i’m late, sir. i over-swept.”
  • and hoseok fucking loses his shit.
  • good job you cleaned the floor earlier that day because he is fucking rolling on it.
  • now you’re definitely his favourite.
  • then he gives you a very straight face and asks “can you tie a bowtie?”
  • and you’re like “no ??????” because of course not how even
  • and he’s like “great! i’ll teach you!”
  • because he can do it just fine, he knows the technique, but he always messes it up on himself and it ends up looking sad and floppy.
  • so you spend about twenty minutes tying hoseok’s bowtie and cracking jokes until you master it, so that you can help him out in the future.
  • and because he really really really likes making you smile.
  • from then on he lets you practice regularly and you get very good at it and he’s like “ah, the student has defeated the master”
  • so you go “thank you, master.”
  • and oH BOY GOES RED AF
  • i mean it shouldn’t be a big deal you call him “sir” all day long but
  • young boys are addressed as “master” by the staff and he gets nostalgic and yet it’s oddly erotic and he’s so flustered help the poor man ????
  • nah you’re probably flustered too.
  • rip the both of you.
  • things are awkward after that.
  • he doesn’t want to make things awkward because he’s your employer and he doesn’t want to like accidentally harass you or anything.
  • but you know how he’s like really invested in the arts ???
  • and he attends every ballet production in the country at least three times.
  • and donates so much money to theatres and operas and dance institutes especially, so they make him a guest of honour at every opening.
  • and he was supposed to attend the season opening at the ballet with someone (there was no one lol) but they cancelled and now he has a plus one but no one to take with him.
  • and he knows you have a birthday coming up (in two months lol) and he’ll pay for the attire if you don’t have anything to wear but he would be honoured of possibly maybe you would want to be his date ???????
  • and rip jung hoseok ??? because  you look amazing in evening wear and will you ever let the poor boy live???? how is he supposed to take his eyes off you long enough to catch the performance omg ????
  • and on the way there in the limo you tie his bowtie and he tells you all about the production you’re seeing and the choreographer which he knows personally and the primary dancer park jimin who he also knows personally and
  • and honestly he’s so passionate and over the moon with joy and it’s a delight to listen to him talk about the thing he loves so much you fall in love with him like ten times on that one limo ride bless.
  • and after the show you’re like wow best date ever ????
  • and you admit to him it’s gonna be weird going back to work for him after all of this because he’s treated you like royalty and tomorrow you’re going back to folding his socks.
  • and he’s like “i mean, not,,,,,,,, necessarily?”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “you could just,,,,,,, marry me?”
  • and hAHA of coURSE he’s jOKING hahhhha a hah ah
  • but seriously no pressure or anything but he really likes you and would like to keep seeing you,,,,,,, in evening wear.
  • and if you want to keep working for him that’s cool too, but if you don’t then you don’t have to and if you wanna quit and sue him that’s fine he’ll settle out of court and give you a large severance package and he’ll write you the best references and
  • and you just gotta kiss him to shut him up.
  • and then you make out in the back of the limo.
  • imagine hoseok taking you to all the fancy events and showing you off.
  • showering you with gifts and pampering you, it’s A Lot ok.
  • and he’s the loveliest person on earth but he will punch anyone who dares suggest he’s “slumming it” with you no fucking way m8
  • and be warned if you’re attending a ball he’s gonna make you dance all fucking night but it’s okay because he’s a terrific dancer lucky u.
  • and if you want to travel he’ll take you anywhere you wanna go from lavish tropical resorts to the most remote mountain villages.
  • he just loves making you happy :’)
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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what is the positively hottest Larry smut you've read? If there are multiple fics that's fine too! Love, someone desperate for smoking hot smut x

Oh jeez, anon. That’s so hard because what’s hot to me might not be at all hot for you. Um..tell you what, I’ll give you a few I love and then if those don’t do it for you, come back and be a bit more specific about what you like (because I’ve read A LOT and quite a variety as well. LOL).

I’m going to assume you want more of a one shot or PWP, as opposed to a chaptered fic with great smut. So here are a variety of fics (in no particular order) that I find super hot:

Taste of a Poison Paradise by objectlesson ( @xabjectlessonsx on tumblr) 

I’ll Know My Name As It’s Called Again by pukeandcry (they don’t seem to be on tumblr)

got my eyes on you by @eleadore

The XXX Factor by @mediaville

feel you on my neck by Awriterwrites ( @a-writerwrites on tumblr)

down by sky_reid ( @captivekinqs on tumblr)

It’s My Pleasure To Introduce You by LoadedGunn ( @loaded-gunn on tumblr but I can’t tag them for some reason)

Another Day Gettin’ Into Trouble by whoknows ( @crazyupsetter on tumblr)

I think all of these authors have multiple fics I love, so it’s hard to choose just one from each, but LMK if any of these work for you! And, obviously, it’s not every great smut fic I could think of. 

If you like Larry along with someone else along for the ride, LMK. I have a few that I like. 😁

Edit: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered The Red Ribbon from Awriterwrites which is much smuttier than the one from her that I linked above (although I love that one for different reasons). I felt it my duty to update you. LOL!

A goodbye letter to my friends and followers.

Dear Everyone,

I am sad to say that I am resigning from the blog FatedFujoshis. As of today, the blog will no longer do scanlations and will be under new management. They will continue to pursue blcd videos since the girls want to continue/finish their projects. As for me, I am withdrawing from anything that has to do with the blog, meaning scans, videos, and overseeing the blog in action! I wanted to say a few thank you’s before I leave for good.

@sentimientoyaoi (Nikah), thank you for all your help. I don’t think we could have been able to put out great work like Katsura Komachi scans or others if it weren’t for them. They also introduced me to many players in the scanlation business, which open many doors for many things blog-related or friendship/contact wise. Yoru, I will miss your colored pages you did for us, you have amazing talent, always keep it up. (Nikah we’ll keep in touch :P)

@nijiniji-nikubou-scans, lol Nina, you are my lifesaver on so many levels lol. I think she oversaw all our projects, even including some blcd videos recently. Anytime I would hit rock bottom, you were there to help me getting the process done the way I wanted it. And thank you for letting me borrow your staff… I don’t think I abused you too much, Ash ;) ( But I won’t say goodbye to you guys, because we will remain friends on Facebook :P)

To @crappy-bl-scanlations Nagareboshi, my moon lighter translator, who will keep on helping my girls, I think I annoyed you soooo many times with Japanese proofing everything so we could put our best work forward. Thank you so much for putting up with my annoying million texts a day. Even though you made me redo a video 5 times and get mad, I knew it was for the best for the blog even if I was being snarky from being so analllll lol

To all the others, like @justpeachyicedtea The Anon, @fluffwords, @lustfulcat cat, Dhyzre, Fantaisy, (if I missed anyone else please don’t hate me ;P )  thank you for involving yourself with our group when we needed help on missing staff positions. I am overwhelmed with how everyone was ready to be hands on and help out with projects. Truly the yaoi community is very generous. So please don’t be hasty/nasty when projects are slow. All these groups take great pride in releasing awesome projects.

To my staff, thank you for helping grow the blog’s content, if it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t think we would’ve had so much content to share. Starting this blog with you guys was a lot of fun, I won’t miss the mentoring at lolol. Keep helping each other and keep going, the Yaoi community needs to hear more perverted moans lol! It was a pleasure to work with you all.

And as for the followers to, don’t be sad, more videos will be on there way, just without my editing! Love you all thank you for following me and the blog, it was a fun ride. -Katsumi xox

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ok but is it ok to request Dom!RFA+Saeran to MC (No V because he's precious ;~;)

yES I personally find everyone 1278621 times hotter if they’re dominant so yesyesyes (This is NSFW!) Yoosung’s turned out pretty long but dom!Yoosung is something I truly believe with my whole heart and need the world to know


  • Everyone says that he is totally a sub but I do honestly imagine him being dominant 
  • Sure, he would act all shy and flustered in the beginning because he is inexperienced, but would warm up fairly fast when he saw you responding positive to everything he did
  • Would do anything to make you whimper and moan
  • The first time you made out heavily on the couch and you took the next step and sat in his lap, he squeeled suprised but recovered quickly by grabbing your butt
  • He started kissing and sucking your neck and you could feel his growing boner against your thigh, making you moan
  • A soon as he started muttering all the filthy things he wanted to do to you in your ear, you realized that you had totally misjudged him
  • He wasn’t always flustered because he was shy, but because he wanted to ravish you and had to hold himself back
  • Loved to pin you down against the bed or couch, as it made him feel taller and more manly to look down at you
  • His usually cheerful and innocent voice would always go deep with lust when he was horny and it was the hottest thing ever
  • In the middle of LOLOL matches, it wasn’t rare for him to order you to blow him or get youself ready in bed for him (he always made sure you were in the mood though, consent is key)
  • Will definitely get turned on by you wearing his hoodie, as it confirmed that you’re his


  • Despite usually being a gentleman, he can only hold back The Beast™ for so long
  • Even when you were making love instead of him fucking you senseless, he made sure that you knew who was in charge
  • “Princess, I’m the man, it’s just fair that I do all the work”
  • Unless he was tired after a long day and ordered you to ride him
  • Loves to make you whimper and beg for him by teasing you
  • Tell him how much you enjoy him inside of you and he will lose it
  • Always touching you when you’re out in public to remind you that you belong to him
  • Likes to pick you up and carry you to the closest place he can fuck you


  • Because Jumin always bossed her around, she loved finally being in control over you
  • Has quite a few toys for revealing herself of the stress Jumin always puts her under
  • Which she liked to use on you, sometimes she would make you have a vibrator in your panties all day that she would turn on at random times
  • Totally a pillow princess, telling you exactly how to please her not that you minded
  • A master with her tongue, will eat you out untill you practically scream her name
  • Sometimes, if it was quiet in the café, she would drag you to the kitchen and push you against the counter, kissing your neck


  • Are you actually kidding me I’ve never heard of anyone this dominant in my life
  • He was really confused about you jokingly calling him daddy ”I am not your father, MC”, but he definitely has a sir and/or master kink
  • You were his kitten, he was your master
  • Would always buy you expensive lingerine, then order you to try it on while he was watching hungrily and touching himself
  • Liked to tie you up with silk ribbons or his tie
  • Sometimes he made you go without underwear to his business meetings so he could punish you when you got home
  • Liked to call you into his office, bend you over his desk and fuck you after making you beg for his cock
  • Bonus points if you wore a tight/short dress or skirt for easy access and the risk of anyone seeing that you didn’t have underwear on


  • His constant teasing wasn’t just innocent and fun, he often said dirty things just to get you riled up when he was busy with work 
  • Had another camera installed in your room, so if he was too busy he would just call you and instruct you to play with yourself while he watched with one hand on his keyboard and the other stroking himself
  • Liked to overstimulate you by continuing to fuck you after you’ve cummed
  • Is a confirmed sadist so you’re probably gonna get bitten (if you’re into that)
  • He’s a switch so he would sometimes prefer you being dominant, but most of the time he was the one on top
  • Roleplay sex! Often revolving around something like cop/prisoner or teacher/student
  • Like Yoosung, will probably cum in his pants if you wear his hooddie


  • Doesn’t like to be the bottom as it made him feel vulnerable, he prefered being the one who gave orders
  • Be prepared to always feel owned by being covered in hickeys
  • Always pushing you against the nearest surface and kissing every part of your skin he can reach
  • No hand cuffs as it gives him bad memories, he likes being the one who held you down
  • Probably growling in your ear every time you have sex and ordering you to say who you belongs to


anonymous asked:

I guess requests are open now??? What would the RFA member's reaction to MC eating some kind of candy or food that gets them sexually frustrated or amused? (I'm sorry for this gaahh)

Author’s note: Don’t be sorry, I LOVED WRITING THIS!!! ps: this was asked awhile ago


  • “That was soooo much fun!!!!”
  • Yoosung’s college was hosting a carnival and after days of begging him he finally brought you
  • After your fourth time on the Ferris Wheel, you felt your stomach growl
  • Yooosunggg, can we get something to eat?”
  • He peaked his head over the giant teddy bear he won for you
  • “Sure! I think I saw a food stand around here somewhere…”
  • “I want cotton candy.”
  • “O-Okay! But you know that isn’t the best-”
  • “I know,” you glared at him, “it’s ‘not the best food choice for you.’” 
  • I mean, he eats junk food all the time, why he is lecturing you??
  • He sighed, I guess there’s no way of talking her out of it
  • When you finally found a vendor, you rushed up to him and told Yoosung to find the two of you a seat
  • He found a picnic table and set the bear down next to him
  • You bought the sweet treat and sat across from your boyfriend
  • “Do you want some?”
  • Yoosung shook his head, “Nah, I’m good.”
  • “More for me!”
  • You ripped off a piece of the fluffy candy and placed it on your tongue, letting it melt
  • “Mmm, that’s so good.”
  • Yoosung was mesmerized
  • He watched as you continued to eat, taking a piece, placing it on your tongue, and letting it melt
  • Every so often you would let out a satisfied groan
  • I mean, how good IS that cotton candy??
  • Yoosung felt his face heat up as he watched you suck the sticky residue off of your fingers
  • When you finished, you licked your lips, trying to get the last of the stubborn sugar
  • You got up and stretched, “Ready to go?”
  • He continued to stare at you
  • “…Yoosung?”
  • “A-Ah, sorry! Let’s go.”
  • He stood up and gave you an embarrassed smile
  • “What do you want to do next?”
  • You were about to answer, when you noticed something
  • “Yoosung?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • You smirked and walked toward him, stopping right in front of him
  • “Looks like someone got a little… excited,” you whispered.
  • He looked down and gasped
  • Quickly, he grabbed the bear he had won and placed it in front of him
  • He looked back up at you, face BRIGHT red
  • “I-I’m sorry, it’s just-”
  • You put a finger to his lips, “I think I know what I want to ride next.”
  • He almost passed out then and there
  • You reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys
  • He’s basically dead at this point
  • “Let’s go home.”


  • He laughed when he saw you walking back from the buffet table it was “just for cast,” but Zen had smooth talked the director into letting you have some
  • You had a MOUNTAIN of strawberries (with the tops cut off) piled onto a tiny plate and one stuffed in your mouth
  • You set the plate down on the table and sat across from your boyfriend
  • “Why’re yew laughng,” you attempted to speak mid-chew
  • Zen covered his mouth, a smile still evident on his face
  • “You’re just…”
  • You raised an eyebrow, “Just what?”
  • “SO cute!!” he leaned forward and kissed your forehead
  • You swallowed the rest of the strawberry and glared at him
  • “Zen, you know I hate being called that!”
  • He rested his head on his chin, “But its trueeee!!!”
  • Sighing, you looked back down at the plate of strawberries on the table
  • That gives me an idea…
  • You picked up another strawberry and bit off the tip, letting your lips linger around it
  • “Mmm,” you closed your eyes, “this strawberry is amazing!”
  • You leaned forward slightly, pressing your upper body against the table, “You should try it, babe.”
  • Before he could say anything, you gently forced the berry into his mouth
  • He reluctantly bit it, maintaining eye contact with you the entire time
  • You retracted your arm and smiled, “Wasn’t that good?”
  • Zen looked around to make sure no one was staring
  • “MC, what are you doing?”
  • You furrowed your brows and tilted your head, “Me? I’m just trying to share some food with boyfriend, simple as that!!”
  • He gave you a suspicious look and shrugged, “If you insist!!”
  • Zen reached out for another strawberry
  • “Oh no you don’t!!”
  • You smacked his hand away from the plate
  • He cradled his hand and looked up at you
  • “What the hell?”
  • “Only I’m allowed to give you one.”
  • He smirked, “Someone’s feeling a little… controlling.”
  • I’d rather you say I was-“
  • You leaned over the table and got close to his face
  • “-dominating.”
  • Zen gulped, a light blush quickly spreading across his face
  • He clenched his fist, “MC, you know I can’t control the beast when you act like this…”
  • Without moving away from his face, you reached for another strawberry
  • “Open up!”
  • You placed one part of the strawberry in your mouth and closed the gap between your lips and his
  • He took the bait, taking the strawberry out of your mouth and eating it
  • You leaned away and looked at your boyfriend
  • You had to bite your lip to keep from laughing
  • His eyes were filled with pure lust, and his cheeks were flushed
  • “C-Come with me.”
  • He stood up and held out his hand
  • “And bring the strawberries,” he looked down at the table
  • You happily obliged as he lead you to his dressing room
  • Before entering, you stopped and turned to him
  • “Not so cute now, am I?”
  • He stared at you for a second before kissing you, leading you into the room and closing the door behind you


  • POP
  • “That was really nice of Jumin to give us that gift basket!”
  • POP
  • “Uh-huh…”
  • POP
  • “Of course, he doesn’t really like sweets, so I guess it wasn’t really out of the goodness of his heart.”
  • POP
  • “Y-Yeah.”
  • POP
  • “Jaehee, are you okay?”
  • She gave you a silent nod, her eyes never leaving your lips
  • Jaehee watched you put the lollipop into your mouth and pop it back out
  • Your tongue continued swirling around the candy, making little wet sounds as you went on
  • She took a big breath, trying to calm herself
  • Jaehee rubbed her slightly sweaty hands on her pants and stood up
  • “I-I’ll be right back.”
  • You looked at your flustered girlfriend, slightly confused
  • Before she could leave, you grabbed her wrist, pulling her close to you
  • You placed a hand on her forehead
  • “You feel kinda warm, and your cheeks are flushed. Are you sick?”
  • Jaehee bit her lip, “N-no, it’s not that.”
  • When you leaned in closer, your hand brushed her inner thigh
  • Jaehee sucked in a sharp breath and looked away, her glasses slightly fogging up
  • “MC, be careful.”
  • You smirked
  • Now I get it.
  • You turned her face toward you and leaned in
  • “Let’s take a trip back to the bedroom.”
  • Jaehee stared at you before closing the gap, pressing her slips lightly against yours
  • When you pulled back, she smiled
  • Taste just like candy.


  • The RFA was holding their daily meeting, and Jaehee was updating everyone on the current status of the party
  • But Jumin wasn’t listening to A WORD she was saying
  • His attention was focused purely on you
  • He thought back to this morning, when this whole situation began

When you woke up, you heard your alarm clock going off. Confused and still half asleep, you rolled over to look at it.


You shot up, disturbing your sleeping boyfriend.

“MC, stop moving.”

“Jumin it’s almost 8 o’clock… we’re going to be-”

He was out of bed before you could finish.

“Get dressed and grab something you can eat on the go. I won’t have time to make pancakes this morning.”

You nodded, heading to your closet and grabbing the first shirt you could find.

  • He sighed
  • Of course you had to choose a banana…
  • Completely unaware of Jumin’s heavy stare, you continued eating your breakfast, taking dainty little bites every couple of seconds
  • Jumin clenched his jaw, trying to calm himself
  • As you were finishing it up, he watched as you shoved the rest of it into your mouth
  • Shit.
  • He stood up and cleared his throat
  • “MC, I have an idea for a guest that I must discuss with you.”
  • Jaehee sighed, “Can’t it wait until after the meeting?”
  • Jumin glared at his assistant
  • “No.”
  • He quickly left the room, MC on his heels
  • “What’s the name of-”
  • As soon as the door closed, Jumin pushed you against the wall and grabbed your chin
  • Desperately, he pressed his lips to yours
  • After pulling away, he looked into your eyes
  • “I need you. Now.”
  • He dragged you away from the conference room and down the hall
  • When he walked into the office he let go of your wrist
  • “W-what the hell, Jumin?”
  • He locked the door and walked toward you, his eyes never leaving your lips
  • Before you knew it, you were backed up against his desk
  • “Jumin-”
  • In one quick motion he lifted you up and placed you on his desk
  • He began kissing your neck
  • “I love you,” his kissed down your jawline, “so damn much.”
  • Needless to say, the two of you never got back to that meeting


  • “Saeran is gonna be sooo jealous!”
  • You and Seven had decided to take a little detour on your ride home from work by stopping to get some ice cream
  • Of course, you didn’t think about Saeran until AFTER you ordered
  • “Hold this, I have an idea,” you handed Seven your ice cream cone
  • You pulled away from the drive thru, “I’ll just park outside the house and we’ll eat it in the car! That way we’ll finish it before Saeran even knows!
  • Seven smiled, “It’ll be our little secret.”
  • You drove back to your home and pulled into the driveway
  • When you parked the car he handed you back your ice cream
  • “Bon appetite, my sweet,” he winked
  • Quickly, you grabbed your ice cream cone and got to work
  • Seven focused on his cone, basically INHALING it
  • 2 minutes later, he was done
  • “That was amazing,” he said, wiping his fingers
  • He looked back over to you
  • WHAT?? You’ve barely made a dent!!”
  • You shrugged and gave him a look, “I like to actually taste my food before swallowing it.”
  • He sighed as you went back to eating your cold treat
  • Seven watched as you dragged your tongue around the rim of the cone
  • He bit his lip to hold back a moan
  • As you continued to lap away at your ice cream, Seven felt his core heat up
  • He followed each movement of your mouth as you continued to lick, letting imagination take control
  • “Damn,” you sighed, “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish.”
  • You looked over at your husband, “Do you want the rest?”
  • He stared blankly at you, still biting his lip
  • “Seven?”
  • He shook his head, zoning back in, “…Hmm?”
  • You held up your ice cream, “Do you want this??”
  • “Sure.”
  • He reached for the cone and took it too quick, causing some of the ice cream to fall on his pants
  • “Shit, sorry-”
  • “Don’t worry about it,” you interrupted, grabbing a napkin out of the bag
  • You began wiping the melted dessert off of his pants
  • “You don’t have to-aHH!”
  • Seven’s hips thrust forward as you wiped the napkin across his crotch area
  • Smirking, you looked up at him
  • “Hmm, I might need to check if any seeped through to your underwear,” you leaned forward, messing with his zipper
  • “MC,” he hissed under his breath, “don’t be such a tease!”
  • Before you could take it any further, you heard someone clear their throat
  • You leaped back, hitting your head on the car door
  • “SAERAN??”
  • Seven’s twin stood in front of the car with his arms crossed
  • “H-how long have you been standing there?”
  • He remained silent, ignoring his brother’s question
  • After a couple of seconds he sighed
  • “Next time… you better get me some damn ice cream.”
  • With that, turned around and walked back toward the house, leaving Seven and MC both bright red messes
Love Bites

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(Changkyun smut. Biting/hickey fetish with soft hints of DD/LG kink) 

In the misty, rainy morning, you were awoken by a warm manly hand running up your bare thigh, making your body tingle from your scalp to your toes. Your tired eyes met Changkyun’s brooding, sensual gaze. You knew that look. Surprising him, you giggled. Changkyun smirked at you, his hand travelling further up your body. 

“What’s so funny baby?” 

He asked in a deep, erotic tone. 

“You. I know what you want.” 

You uttered, running your hands through his honey coloured bed hair. Changkyun closed his eyes, soaking in the feeling of your touch. He hummed in pleasure before replying: 

“And what do I want?” 

The man loved to make you talk but you weren’t afraid to say taboo things anymore. You’d been together for almost two years and within that time, he’d played with you to the point where you’d lost all embarrassment. 

“Me. Sex. But it might be a little too early Changkyun.” 

You said with a grin, knowing that wouldn’t change your horny boyfriends mind. 

His hands finally met your breasts and you gasped at the pleasure, the excited feeling spreading between your legs and building your arousal. 

“Baby girl. You know there’s no such thing as too early when it comes to fucking.” 

His choice of words made you giggle even though his finger and thumb had begun to play with your hardening nipples. 

“Oh, we’re fucking this morning are we?” 

You questioned, trying to fight the moans you wanted to let out. Changkyun’s mouth moved to your neck, kissing the sensitive skin before pulling gently on your ear lobe. You couldn’t help it that time, letting out a frustrated groan. 

“We are right now. I want to kiss you and bite you all over so every mother fucker that lays eyes on you knows you’re mine. My sweet, sexy baby girl.” 

He started with nibbling your neck, something he knew would get you in the mood. You couldn’t resist leaning your head to the side so he had better access while you ran your fingertips up his muscular back. As Changkyun tugged on the skin of your neck and collar bone, you could feel the bruises coming to the surface. This wasn’t the first time he’d explored his fetish, his desire to mark you and even though it was a pain to hide, you had to admit you liked it.


You hissed. Changkyun bit around the skin of your nipples, forming red circles on your breasts. Within seconds, he eased the pain by sucking your buds in to his mouth, the warmth made you forget about trail of bruises your boyfriend was leaving behind. He was so good with his tongue, licking your nipples with long, slow strokes and then fast, light cat flicks. You squirmed under his body, whimpering as he pulled on your nipples with his teeth, stretching them and making them blush. By this point, all tiredness had faded. You were so awake, aware of his mouth travelling south, pinching and tugging at the soft skin of your stomach. Though it hurt, your arousal stirred within you, knowing Changkyun was coming to do what he does best. By the time he was between your parted thighs, you were practically begging for some sort of release. The devilish grin on his face was driving you crazy. Your clit was pulsing, aching and crying to be touched and oh boy, did he know what he did to you. 

“Hmm, I don’t think this part was meant for biting.” 

He said seductively, his fingers brushing up your wet slit with a ghostly light touch. You gasped. 

“I think it was made for lot’s of kissing and licking, don’t you think baby?” 

This time his thumb began to rub your sensitive clit in slow,small circles as his dark eyes watched your hands grip your bed sheets. You nodded your head eagerly, wanting so much to feel his tongue between your folds. Practically hearing your heart thump, you watched his attractive face move down and as soon as you felt his talented tongue lick your pussy, your legs began to tremble. 

“Oh, right there.” 

You panted, your hands finding his silky hair and tugging at it. Changkyun grinned, tasting every part of your womanhood, from your hidden pearl to your tight entrance. Your mouth formed an ‘o’ as you closed your eyes, lolling your head back on the pillows. You couldn’t help but buck your hips to meet Changkyun’s tongue, he even had to grab your hips to keep you still. Your pussy was so responsive to Changkyun’s touch; you were completely under his control, the way he liked it to be. Slowly, he inserted a finger inside you, triggering the burning desire to cum. Yes, he’d barely even started but something about how sexy, adventurous and determined to please he was made everything he did 100x more erotic. With another one of his fingers inside you, he curled them upwards and teased your G-spot while he gently sucked on your clitoris, a deadly combination that could only end in a huge…

“Fuck! Fuck don’t stop I’m cumming! Changkyun I…”

The orgasm rocked your body, your legs shaking violently, your palms coated with sweat along with your rapid heart beat. You laid limp on the bed, desperately trying to catch your breath while Changkyun licked up the droplets of cum that trickled down your butt cheeks. Damn, did he look pleased with himself. You wanted to kiss that grin right off his sex god face.

Changkyun’s manhood was hard to fit in your mouth, girthy and rock solid. Somehow, no matter how much you practised, you could never fit all of his length inside your mouth. Never the less, he loved the way you sucked his cock. He couldn’t take his alluring eyes off you, his arms folded behind his head, making the most sexy noises you’d ever heard. Changkyun’s deep groans made it painfully hard to calm your urges; you wanted to pounce on him and ride him until your legs became numb but it was time for his treat. You took him as far as you could go before his cock hit the back of your throat. Changkyun held your head, helping you bob your mouth up and down on his cock. By the sounds that were coming from him, he was one happy guy. 

“Yes baby. You suck my cock so good.”  

He moaned in his deep, lust filled voice.  Being the gentleman he was, he held your hair out the way, needing to see your tongue swirl around his swollen tip, pre cum dribbling down his shaft. As you sucked him and tasted him, you felt like a princess with the way he was telling you how pretty you looked. 

“Jesus christ you look beautiful. Get on your fucking hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you hard and cum in your pretty pussy okay?” 

Your pussy dripped at his dirty talk, excited to feel him fill you to the brim. You knew what he said was no joke. Ready to be taken, you presented yourself to him, arse in the air like a good girl. 

“Yes Changkyun. Please. Fuck me.”

His teeth sunk in to the flesh of your back as he entered you, making you wince in pain. You could feel your back pulse and throb, Changkyun wanted to leave hickeys anywhere that he could; the man was obsessed with making you his. Soon enough, the pain faded away with the hard, dominant thrusts of Changkyun’s cock inside you, building immense pleasure. At first, it was a struggle for him to fit inside you but once your pussy adjusted to his size, Changkyun couldn’t stop himself and you brought yourself back against him, using his cock to fuck yourself. It felt so amazing, other worldly; Changkyun loved to watch your backside jiggle as you moved. He’d bring his hand down on your cheek with a harsh slap that only made you squeal with delight, feeling naughty and vivacious.

“That’s right Princess. Ride my cock just like that. How lucky am I? You’re all mine.” 

Changkyun groaned, taking hold of your hips bringing you back against his cock harder, penetrating you so deeply that it almost hurt. You hoped the neighbours were already at work as you couldn’t silence yourself, the moans and whimpers you made told Changkyun just how much you were enjoying yourself and that was what he lived for, to serve his Queen. Your boyfriend leaned over your back as he fucked you, his lips resting beside your ear. His grunts and groans made your ear tingle and your pussy convulse around him. How can one man be so irresistible? Once more, Changkyun wrapped his lips around your neck, biting and sucking simultaneously to leave big purple marks on your smooth skin. You whined, your walls clenching, your core heating up with the desperate need to orgasm but no, master was having none of that, not yet. 

Changkyun picked you up and carried you to your dressing room. At first, you were confused as to why he was doing it but then suddenly, you got a flash of what was running through the creative man’s mind. 

“Try your best to stay up Princess.” 

He uttered before letting you down on your feet, in front of your huge wall length mirror. Changkyun nudged you forward, making you place your hands on the mirror to stay upright. You knew his motive. He wanted you to look at every single mark on your body. You were gobsmacked. How did you not realise how covered with love bites you were? Changkyun grinned, seeing your surprise in the reflection of the mirror. 

“Poor baby. I’ve gotten a bit carried away haven’t I?” 

Before you could reply, Changkyun lined his cock up with your entrance and shoved himself back inside you. Your hands dropped down the wall as you squealed, leaving finger smudges down the mirror. It was hard to hold yourself up while Changkyun was fucking you so hard, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close.  You felt dominated, owned, yet so close with him. When the two of you came together, no matter what you did, no matter how kinky or vanilla it was, you felt safe and protected. Seeing his eyes roll back and his lips part in ecstasy, that familiar desire came back with revenge. This time, Changkyun welcomed it, encouraging you to cum as his fingers travelled down your patterned body and finding your extremely sensitive bud. Within seconds, you were practically screaming, begging for his permission to cum. 

“It’s okay baby girl. I’m close too. Cum on my cock, show me how good I feel inside you.” 

His relentless, powerful thrusts mixed with him playing with your clit sent you far, far over the edge, almost passing out as your second orgasm ruled your body. It was like a dream, hearing him grunting and crying your name as his own orgasm hit. You felt that warmth flood your body. The next thing you knew, you were back in bed, curled up next to him with his strong arms cradling you. 

“Hey sleeping beauty. You passed out for a while there.” 

You raised your eyebrow before checking the clock on your bedside table. It read 11.30 am. Changkyun knew he might have gone too hard for your tired body to take so he held you sweetly, watching his baby girl sleep. He thought you were the cutest, most beautiful girl in the world.

“Well I finally got a lie in.” 

You joked, making him chuckle, his dark chocolate eyes gazing at you in awe. Your body felt sore but it was all worth it. The love bites would fade but the magic chemistry between the two of you would last forever. 

Here you go, babe!

I hope this was okay! I really liked the request, but I’m not sure if I like how it came out of my head…. #writerproblems


Kim Seokjin

He was hesitant to bring it up. He didn’t want to force anything on you and he knew you worked tomorrow, but he didn’t want you to have to walk home alone in the dark. “Do you want to stay the night?” He asked. You had just slipped your shoes on and seemed to be stalling, not wanting to walk out into the night air. You both stared at each other for a moment. Trying to read each other, though you both wanted the same thing. “If that’s okay with you.” Jin nodded, probably a bit to eagerly.

He threw a spare pillow and blanket onto the couch for himself, flipping the main light off. After struggling for a bit, trying to turn the water on, he now heard the bathroom door opening, signaling you were done. “Find everything okay?” He asked. He could hear your feet padding down the hall and turned towards you, smiling at the look of you in a pair of his sweats and a tshirt. “Thanks for letting me spend the night.” “Anytime. You can just sleep in my bed tonight. It’s all clean.” The way you stared at him made his heart thump in his chest. He felt almost giddy. You moved over to the couch and sat down flat out refusing to claim his bed for the night. He wasn’t going to argue with you anymore, but he wasn’t going to cave either. He slid down onto the couch with you and let you slouch into him, pulling your legs up under you. The room was quite, your breathing deep and soothing. He could smell his shampoo in your hair, the mix of his own smell, with the remaining sent of your own making him smile. he’d press his lips to the top of your head and whisper an, “I love you.”

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Kim Namjoon

You had been waiting for him to get home from practice and it ended up being much later than the two of you had anticipated. You had school early the next morning and you knew, at this rate, you wouldn’t make it home and have enough time to shower. So you just decided to do it at Namjoon’s place. He wouldn’t mind and if you were going to stay here till he got back in needed to be done.

 You’d shower quick and figured you could just throw one of his shirts on when you were done. Problem was, you heard him calling your name while you toweled off. “Y/N?” He was in the adjoining room. You slid across the tiles, placing your hand on the doorknob before he could open in. “Sorry. It was getting late and I had to shower.” You peeked your head out the crack in the door, cheeks burning as you gripped the towel to your chest. He just stared at your dripping wet hair for a moment, his own cheeks turning a slight shade of pink before he moved to his dresser, getting out a shirt for you. He’d leave you in peace to get yourself dressed, but when you’d step out he’d pull you towards him, kissing your temple, taking in your fresh scent. “You smell nice.” He’d mumble, arms snaking around your waist. “Why don’t you just spend the night?”

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Min Yoongi

You were falling asleep against his shoulder, making it harder for him to type at his laptop. A movie was playing quietly in the background, holding neither of your attentions. Small snoring sounds came from your nose, though you’d always insist you didn’t snore. Yoongi found his attention wasn’t on his work anymore. His eyes were locked on your sleepy form.

Something sounded through the speakers of the tv, he jumped and your head flew off his arm. You looked confused and disheveled, running your hand through your hair. Not fully awake. He didn’t speak, hoping you’d give in to your dropping eyes and fall asleep against his arm again. “Oh, I’ve got to get home.” You’d say, pushing yourself up. “No.” He’d reply, catching your swaying arm. “Stay here.” You’d stare at him for a moment, blinking away the sleep. “I can’t. I have an interview early tomorrow. I haven’t even showered.” He’d push his laptop off his lap and stand up, leading you towards the bathroom. You’d receive a towel from him and the water would be on before you had another chance to protest.

 For someone you hadn’t wanted to go in the first place, you were sure taking a long time in the bathroom. He contemplated checking on you but then the doorknob turned and you stepped out. “Okay. Now home.” You’d say, waving your arms towards the door. He’d shake his head and pat the bed next to him. You hardly protested and crawled in next to him. You’d rest your head on his chest and he’d wrap his arms over your shoulder. “I smell better now.” You’d whisper. That’s when he’d notice it and he’d smile, liking the sent of him on you.

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Jung Hoseok

It started off as him showing you a new dance he was learning. He was quite proud of it and insisted that you learn with him. Him actually teaching you only lasted a couple of minutes. You two were soon swinging each other around his living room, table and chair pushed out of the way. You dropped to the floor, panting and sweating, laughing as he stumbled back onto the couch. 

“You’re a pro.” He’d say, trying to catch his breath. You’d both sit in silence for a bit, the only sound being your heavy breathing as you cooled down. “Oh gosh. It’s late. I need to get home.” You’d say, pushing yourself up from the floor. You two were having so much fun, neither of you noticed as the clock crept past one. Hoseok glanced at his phone, eyes bugging out as he noticed the time. He seemed to contemplate something for a moment before pushing himself up. “Just spend the night.” He’d say with a shrug. “I have to get home. I smell.” He’d laugh and nudge you to his bathroom. “Go shower. It’s late and I don’t want you walking home tonight.” You’d give in and he’d supply you with some clean clothing.

Hoseok would be lying in bed, eyes closing on him, the sound of the shower lulling him to sleep. He never heard you come out. He felt the bed dip next to him and he turned, wrapping himself in your warmth. It wasn’t your usual smell that enveloped him. But as he settled against your chest, pressing a kiss to your collar bone, he found himself enjoying your scent mixed with his own. “I love you so much.” He’d murmur before falling asleep.

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Park Jimin

You two had just finished working out. Well, he just finished working out. He had gotten you to hop onto the treadmill at the very end, but it didn’t last very long. You had both returned to his place, both a little hungry and both very sweaty. It was late already, you two had gotten a late start and by the time you had dragged yourself back, the sun had set and Jimin, your ride, seemed a bit tired as he made some food in the kitchen.

“I should just call a taxi. You look exhausted.” He’d turn to you, lip jutting out into a pout. “I don’t want you to go.” He’d reply, moving over to wrap his arms around you. You’d try to pull away, whining about being smelly but he’d just laugh at you. “How about,” He’d start, glancing down, feeling a bit shy to bring the topic up. “You spend the night here? We can watch a movie and then I can bring you home in the morning?” You’d agree but insist on a shower, leaving him to start a movie up while you cleaned up.

You moved out into the living room, feeling refreshed but tired as the day came to an end. You’d settle on the couch by him, wrapping an arm around his waist. He’d run his fingers through your hair, noticing the smell of his body wash on you as he bent over to kiss your cheek. “Ah, Jagiya. You smell amazing.” He’d say, enjoying his scent on you for the rest of the night.

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Kim Taehyung

You were in your car, in Taehyung’s driveway. He was standing in the doorway, arm raised, waving goodbye. The rain was pelting down at the car, making it hard for you to see him. You stuck your keys into the ignition and turned, waiting to hear the car purr to life, but it didn’t happen. It made this horrible whirling sound and stopped. You tried again, but the same thing happened.  With a sigh, you pulled your keys back out and opened your door. “What’s wrong?” Tae called from the house. You shrugged and popped the hood, shivering as the cold rain seeped down your shirt. You weren’t quite sure if the problem would be coming from there, but checking was your best bet. “Y/N! Come inside.” He yelled and you slammed the hood down, grabbing your bag before locking the car back up. You stood dripping in his hallway as he threw a towel over you. “I guess its a sign. Lets get you in the shower and we’ll figure it out in the morning.”

You collapsed on the couch next to him, ready to complain about your stupid, piece of junk car, when he’d press his nose to your neck. “Ahh, you smell so good, Jagi.” He’d say, causing you to chuckle. “I smell like you.” He’d pull away a bit. “But it smell so much better on you.” Up until you both fell asleep, he’d be sniffing you constantly.

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Jeon Jungkook

It was late. You two had been playing games in his room. You were proud of yourself for actually beating him a couple of times, but as it got later, and the day started to catch up to you, you found yourself leaning against Jungkook. Remote clutched feebly in your hands as he beat you again. “I give up.” You murmur, rubbing your face into his sweatshirt. “You have me at an unfair advantage.” He’d chuckle, leaving the game at the character selection screen as he stretched. “What time is it?” He’d ask, answering his own question as he checked his phone. “Late.” You’d reply. He sat in silence for a while, seeming to contemplate something. He’d wrap his arms around you and fall back onto the bed. “How about you just stay here tonight?”  He’d ask, trying to seem chill about it, but you could here the strain in his voice. “I’m okay going home, I don’t want to impose.” His voice wasn’t quite as shaky this time. “No. Stay.”

He had showered first, offering you one as an afterthought. He paced around the room, overthinking every little thing he could as he waited for you. All his thoughts went down the drain as you stumbled out of the bathroom, giving him a smile before moving over towards the bed. “Goodnight.” You’d say as you pulled the covers up. He’d just stare at you, causing you to blush a bit. He noticed the smell of his shampoo on you and was embarrassed to admit just how much he liked it on you. “Is this too weird?” You’d asked and he’d just shake his head, finally crawling into bed with you, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

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I may have gotten a little carried away with this. I’m sorry it took so long to get up, I’ve been very busy lately. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!


Okay so… real talk here, guys. As you can see, the Mass Effect team shared this fanart I did of Liam Kosta not so long ago on IG and Twitter. They sent me a message through this platform, asking me if they could share it (which was great), and they were nice and polite to give me credit for it, and even put links to my Tumblr. I was very happy because I’ve been a *huge* BioWare fan for years.

But when I enter to read the comments, I find this: a lot of people using my fanart as an excuse to be mean towards both, the team, and my own drawings. How, you ask? I started receiving messages on my social media telling me that I should stop drawing because the game was terrible, that the thing wasn’t good at all, that Liam is an asshole and therefore I am an asshole…. it just went out of control. This didn’t piss me off. It made me upset; it made me sad. Because I did something out of fun that I enjoyed, which is drawing and playing a videogame, but apparently a harmless fanart was WAY too insulting to others who not only ignored how important it is for us artists to be recognised in some way but started attacking me on private media as if I had any kind of ill-spirited mean towards others.

As an artist and someone who would love to become a Concept Artist one day, I’m used to criticism when I work at college, and when it’s well intended, I take it in as a chance to improve something. But this… this isn’t even remotedly close to that. Not only these so-called die-hard fans use my artwork as an excuse to attack someone else: they do it from the anonymous state that is the Internet, calling me awful names and then ignoring the patience and love I put into the things I do. Pretty much what everyone else does when it comes to audiovisual, interactive, or purely visual or musical artwork. We do things we enjoy. Seeing my artwork used as a weapon of sorts to attack someone else… That is beyond mean and rude to someone who actually loved Andromeda who was humbled by getting a message from such nice people. You can have an opinion on the game, that’s alright… but don’t be rude about it, and don’t attack people online just because they like something others didn’t like. As you can see I put my side of the story on Instagram, because I’m used to turn negativity into positivity by trying to see the bright side of things. Hopefully, that clarifies that I do not shy away from this kind of content, either.

I thank the few who called out on people’s rudeness, and I’m still happy about seeing my artwork shared by people whose work I’ve been following for a long time and that I support wholeheartedly; hell, I’m thrilled about Dragon Age 4 and everything. As for the rest who can only hate and hide behind a screen… well, that’s Art, baby, for those who struggle in an environment where artistic things still go through bad vibes.

We do what we love and we take pride on it and we enjoy the ride while at it. BioWare is awesome. Just like when we love a videogame so much it brings us joy and fun.

tangled ribbons, ch14: encore

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(Why We’re Here explanation on ao3) this chapter adds nothing new to the plot. it makes a few clarifications to ch13 but the plot of this story is finished. if you don’t want to read it, nothing will change (takes place a few months after ch13 btw)

also? it’s tangled ribbons’ one year anniversary. thank you to everyone who stuck with it and was so incredibly supportive

so here we are. back again for one finally hurrah, one final encore, and one final bow

i hope you enjoy

encore (n.) - french, a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience

Adrien squeezes his way through all the parents and loved ones and dancers covered in makeup and sweat. He hadn’t actually expected Nathalie to stay longer than expected so this is—

He doesn’t want to keep Nathalie waiting.

Plagg gives him a small salute as he finally gets through the crowd and backstage. Adrien would ask how Nathalie was even allowed backstage, but restrictions like those don’t seem to exist for her. She’s always able to get backstage if she needs to.

“She’s in your dressing room,” Tikki says without being prompted. “She hasn’t been there long, don’t worry.” She ruffles Adrien’s hair as he passes.

Adrien bats her hand away and smooths his hair back down, knowing that whatever gel is left in it has probably left it looking like a particularly inventive hairstyle. He shoots Tikki a grateful smile. “Thanks.”

“Break a leg,” Plagg teases as Adrien turns down the hall.

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anonymous asked:

Can you describe riding one of the twins please? Either one is fine.

Oh my gosh, this is the hottest ask I’ve ever gotten. I’m going to split the two as I think it’d be different for the both of them.

With Ethan I feel like even if you were topping him, he’d still want to have dominance over you. I can just read that in the intensity of his gaze that he’s so dom IT’S NOT EVEN UP FOR DEBATE. Him grabbing your hips and pushing you down so hard on him that you can feel it literally hit your stomach. Reaching up your back to grab the end of your hair, pulling your head all the way back and assaulting your neck and collar with bites. He would feed off of the little noises you’d make, your clit hitting his pubic bone every time you push down. ‘Make yourself cum on me, baby. You better cum so hard around me.’ He would talk SO dirty and that would be half the fun. Leaning in to kiss your lips roughly, biting your bottom lip as he pushes you down as hard as you can go, your legs shaking as you fall into his chest when your orgasm busts through you so intense that it grips him so tight just the way he likes. HE WOULD LOOK AT YOU SO INTENSELY IT WOULD SEEM LIKE HE SEES YOUR SOUL. You’d know he was no where near finished, and he’d have his way with you. You wouldn’t even have time to think before he’d grip your hips and start thrusting up, doing all the work then because he’d know how to make you cum faster than you can do yourself. I think he would never admit how much he would be in love with it.

Grayson seems much more sensual to me, but that doesn’t mean he’s not dom as well. He just comes off a little bit different, there’s a difference in roughness in being extremely rough dom and then being sensual dom. I don’t think he would care to literally almost beg you to ride him just so he can get off just by watching your reaction. I just know he’d reach up to run his finger over your bottom lip as you tease him slowly but intentionally. His fingers would start from your shoulders and glide all the way down your back, making your back arch, ending just below your ass to help you pull up and down on him. When he’s driven you almost insane, one hand would come between you two, his thumb rubbing circles over your clit so deliciously it’d make your hips buck. He would be ALL about praising you to get there, “you’re so close baby, just cum for me already.” AND THE SOUNDS HE WOULD MAKE !!! You’d cum so hard you’d arch into him as he’d give feather light kisses to your jaw. He’d stay in that position all night just to watch you cum over and over again, not worried about when he would. Because sure, he gets off by sex, but with you he gets off by how many times he gets to watch and feel you do. I wish somebody would fight me on that, I really do.

Thank you for asking me this, because I need more of these kind of asks in my life!!

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What are the components of a good romance story?

Ooh, romance. The old love love.

There’s quite a few components to a good romance. 


First of all, do these characters actually work together? This is the first thing that people often talk about when looking at romance. You can write beautiful, romantic scenes, but if they are forced, it doesn’t matter.

What makes characters compatible? Chemistry. Oftentimes characters that are meant to be will show the ways in which they “click” from the start of their relationship. They work well as a team, or see something in each other that others don’t. Characters something essential that is in common, be it fundamental beliefs or similar backgrounds, but as far as personality, opposites often attract- if you have a stoick, unemotional character, the best match may actually be a character that draws out their emotional side a little more- characters should round each other out and be a positive influence on one another.

An essential part of this is making sure that both characters are developed. If you have one who is Really Cool and Well Thought Out and another that has Maybe Two Traits, the Really Cool one will always take center stage or always outshine their partner. That’s not good chemistry, that’s a Focused Character and their Accessory Lover. 


Somewhat related to that above: your readers are not going to care about the romance if they don’t like the characters, or even if they don’t like one character. Actually, they tend to avidly root against it. The best way to prevent that result is to make sure that both characters involved are well-developed with equal flaws and strengths. Again, if you have one star that shines brighter than the other, it’ll throw things off by a lot. If they like the characters, they will like for them to be happy together. If they like one a lot better, they’ll constantly complain about how they “deserve better” than the other.

Of course not everyone is going to like a character. People have different tastes in characters and that’s okay. What I’m saying here is mostly to make sure that your characters are on a sort of equal footing of likable traits.

Actual Plot:

This has more to do with the writing than the characters. In the best romances, the story isn’t just a romance, but rather, a relationship that develops around the circumstances of their lives and settings. Honestly, if every scene is either “they are together” or “they are not currently together but they are thinking about each other”, it gets boring. Like with any other story, a romance needs conflict. This conflict can vary depending on the rest of the setting and premise, but relationships are tested by the struggles they endure, and if they are meant to be, they will ultimately grow stronger- and any story that lacks conflict isn’t really much of a story at all.

Basically, remember that these characters haves lives outside of each other.

Also, check growth/influence and remember that romances have arcs!

Other Characters:

Yes, the romance is really fun to write, and it’s tempting to spend all your time on your lovey dovey characters, but you should be careful not to forego everything else for them. Every character has importance and influence within the story, or else they shouldn’t be there at all, and that applies to romances too. 


(Also mentioned in Compatibility) When characters spend time together, they have influence over each other. In a successful relationship, this is a positive influence- consider the example of the stoic character and the emotional character. The emotional character will bring out the more sensitive side of the stoic character, and the stoic character may bring out strength in the emotional one. That’s positive! And if you have a tragic romance, you might have characters that bring out negative traits in each other, like jealousy or infatuation. 

(Like characters and stories, romances can have arcs as well, negative and positive)


Realism is not referring to fiction-versus-nonfiction. I’m talking about realism in the context of relationship growth. Again, writing romances is fun, and writers often get ahead of themselves, and that often results in the relationship ending up either Too Dreamy or Too Tragic.

Too Dreamy: Everything is perfect. They work well together, and when others cause problems, they rise above. They never waver or question because they are Just So In Love.

Too Tragic: These are the Angst stories, where the poor couple can’t seem to catch a break whatsoever. One is always hurt or dealing with something. Yes, conflict is good, but riding the angst train can be a journey with out end sometimes, and it’s very easy to end up making situations happen just because they sound sad, not because they’re actually good for the story. 


As much as I may love a couple together, it can be easily ruined by poor pacing. The romance in itself should be an arc long before it reaches fruition. Start slow. Let them get to know each other. Build from the ground up. Love is beautiful and flowering and you can find the best parts of every stage without skipping straight to the kissy kissy stuff. 

The best thing that you can do for pacing is to learn to show and not tell in their relationship. Start with scenes that show how they interact, that outline their chemistry and the way they work together. This is how they show that their influences on each other can really work out into something wonderful. This kindles the hope in the readers, the idea that hey, I want these two characters to be happy together. Bonding, breakdowns, conversations, sacrifices.

The pursuit is a tense and moving arc of it’s own, and the romance is a satisfying end to that arc that begins a new chapter, but be sure to fully take advantage of every part of the journey for the full affect of the story.


… Of the relationship, not just the characters. When a relationship develops, it takes on a uniqueness of its own. Think of any significant relationship, romantic or otherwise. Think of the inside jokes, the messages communicated through glances, the memories they share together. All these things give the relationship a character of their own. If your characters’ relationship doesn’t have characteristics that set it apart from other relationships, it might need a little more development.

Romances are complicated, and there is a lot more to be said, but for now, I’m wrapping this up. Hope this helps!


MysMe’s Jumin Han is one of the best things on this planet. Here are a few reasons why:

- He has a cat. Her name is Elizabeth 3rd. And he would do everything for her.
- He’s coded to be super autistic (not at the beginning though, in my opinion, but later on). For example, he has a weird sense of humor and people mistake his intentions a lot and aren’t able to recognize his way of being kind.
- His voice.
- He thinks every living being, mainly animals and people, should be given almost equal rights and that even plants deserve more rights. (tbh I almost cried when he said that.)
- He’s been hurt a lot and feels like only his cat understands him.
- He tries to bury his problems with either work, money or bad decisions (he stole an expensive car after drinking vodka and went for a ride even though he can’t drive)
- He loves his friends. Too much. (for example parts of Zen’s route and Jumin’s entire route)
- He’s doing his best.

Just… Jumin Han is such a good character and I’m so glad that he exists.

cr: ch0sshi

(caption under the photo: Sooyoung is known as the member who knows the best places to eat. “I’m the type of person who has to take the members when I find out about a good, tasty place.” Sooyoung has the utmost love and friendship for her members.)

-Girls’ Generation’s 10 years of friendship according to Sooyoung

Even when we go to overseas concerts now, we gather in one room and chat.
Most of the members have shared a third of their lives together.

Sunday morning, August 5, 2007. Inside a 45- seat bus heading to the SBS Open Hall in Deungchon-dong, Seoul. It was the ride to their first stage on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ following the release of their debut single 'Into the New World’. Inside the silent bus, the members couldn’t look at each other. Because they thought they’d cry if their eyes met. In order to avoid making eye contact, they looked outside, but they couldn’t see properly. At the time, the outside of the bus was wrapped with Girls’ Generation’s photo. While looking out at a scene they couldn’t see, the members tried their best to hold back their tears. And they got up on their first stage. Girls’ Generation held back their tears and completed their stage. While returning to the waiting room, the members started crying, one by one. Their parents, who came to congratulate them on their first stage, cried with them. The tears were hotter than any shed during their time as trainees, at the shortest 3 years and longest for 7. The girls returned to their dorm and cried again. We met Sooyoung at the SM Entertainment company building on the 21st, and she reminiscenced. She said, “I remember looking out a window you couldn’t see out of, sniffling. It was a stage that we went on after practicing our kick for 1 year,” and smiled. The kick Sooyoung is talking about is a point in the choreography for 'Into the New World’.

“The secret to our 10 years is friendship and being considerate/respectful, beyond the members.”

What might be the secret behind being able to maintain the group for 10 years?

“It’s the closeness between the members. We’ve been able to come a long way because we aren’t simply connected through work, but meet as friends. Just because one person is older, they don’t try to control another member. I think we’ve been able to come this far by being respectful, considerate, and yield to one another regarding what each other might like or dislike.”

If it’s been 10 years, don’t you end up not meeting as often?

“We still have a lot of things to talk about. Being together for 10 years is really an amazing thing. Most of the members have shared a third of their lives together. Half of my life that I’ve lived so far has been spent under my current company (SM Entertainment). It’s to the point where I don’t have friends my age other than my members. We talk about everything from our worries, work, and family. The members are all those kinds of friends.”

I heard during your early debut days, you had time to talk everyday.

“We had a '5-minute talk’ time for a while. Everyday, we would have mandatory talks together. While ending our day, we would talk about things like what was sad, things we should pay attention to and improve on. (After leaving the dorm) Everyone got their own space, or started living with family, and we haven’t been able to do that, but we did for a while. Even when we go to overseas concerts now, we gather in one room and chat.”

Do you talk about dating or works (dramas, etc.)?

“We talk about the littlest things like 'What should I wear tomorrow?’, as well as work advice like, 'Do more of this in the future’. Because we are hearing about a different female celebrity who has also been doing this for 10 years, it works as a stimulant and challenges us.”

Is it an obligation going to support another member when they do something different?

“I think the most important thing to the members isn’t money, but time. Not too long ago, I felt sorry asking my members to come to a benefit concert. Because they have to use that precious time. But Tiffany took the time out herself and came, already assuming 'she’s probably not asking because she feels sorry’. And she even performed. I also go and support the members when they release a solo album or film a drama. That’s the biggest and most valuable present to one another.”

“10th anniversary album, the best event we’ve anticipated since last year.”

Following the release of their 5th official album, 'Lion Heart’, in August 2015, Girls’ Generation has been doing individual activities. This year, in particular, Yuri took on her first lead role in the SBS drama 'Defendant’, and Seohyun will be starring in the MBC weekend drama 'Bad Thief, Good Thief’ starting in May. Yoona enjoyed the success of her first film 'Confidential Assignment’, which released in January. Sooyoung started acting early on in November 2011 through the daily sitcom, 'Unstoppable Marriage’.

Yuri and Seohyun seem to be rising as actors.

“For her role in 'Defendant’, Yuri studied a lot about the occupation of a lawyer. She worried a lot about her Girls’ Generation image overlapping with her character. But as the episodes went on, she seemed to adapt to the character. As a friend, I feel like she overcame it well, so I was proud. Seohyun has good emotions. She always surprises me. I worry if she will be able to do something well, and she does. She’s the youngest sibling that does everything well without us having to worry.”

Of the 20 years of Korean girl groups, Girls’ Generation takes up 10 years. The pride you have must be great.

“Until 2 years ago (promoting as a group), I didn’t realize how much meaning the work I’ve done so far had. I think I didn’t understand how difficult and big of a deal it was winning a daesang, going on overseas tours, and doing other things as a girl group. I was busy just doing what was in front of me, and getting on stage. Doing individual activities made me think how the things I do as Girls’ Generation is the most valuable thing I can do. I’ve received love that exceeds my abilities. I was able to ride the ship called Girls’ Generation because it was with all 8 of us.”

I feel like you would have felt the most empty(?I think) when your debut colleagues Wonder Girls broke up.

“I really admired seeing Wonder Girls transform into a band. If someone told us to attempt a change like that after putting on performances for 10 years, I wonder if we could have done it. I was curious about their transformation, so I looked up all of their interviews. Wonder Girls were a good stimulant, and we were a good driving force to one another. (Their breaking up) made me sad as a fan, but I’m still supporting them as colleagues. Because we can still listen to their music.”

I heard your 10th anniversary album releases in the summer.

“We are going to do (a 10th anniversary album), it’s matter of fact, and all the members showed a desire for it since last year. It’s the biggest event the members have been anticipating.”

“Hope to be remembered as the byword for Girls’ Generation forever.”

'Into the New World’ was sung by Ewha Women’s University students to unite them during a rally. It also rang out during the candlelight protests, pressing the impeachment of Park Geun-hye. Girls’ Generation was like a language amongst those in their 20s who enjoyed idol culture. The language of the heart that makes you feel united through music.

What meaning does 'Into the New World’ hold for Girls’ Generation?

“I think it’s a classic amongst girl group debut songs. Haha. The thing idols have to keep up to appeal to the masses is self-confidence. Having a song that people of different generations can sing together is something worth being happy about.”

According to Yomiuri in Japan, TWICE is being focused on as 'the K-pop group to succeed Girls’ Generation’.

“I’m proud that they’re being introduced as a group 'to succeed Girls’ Generation’. During our generation, every rookie was called 'the 2nd BoA’. Now, 'the 2nd Soshi’ is going to be coming out.”

How does it feel seeing girl group juniors nowadays?

“They’re really pretty and do well. Our girl groups don’t show their personal emotions. Because we always have to smile/laugh. How can you be happy every day; I want to applaud them for maintaining a smiling face all the time.”

What’s Girls’ Generation’s strength?

“We try to take after each other’s good points. If one person works hard, the others do as well. If one person does a good deed, it influences the others. Another strength is that we greet people well. More than anything, we didn’t succeed at once, so we don’t forget our 'hungry mindset’. We also know how precious popularity is.”

What’s a good way for Girls’ Generation to be remembered?

“I hope we will be the 'byword’ for girl groups forever.”

If you had to pick a crisis during Girls’ Generations 10 years, it would have to be Jessica’s leave from the group. I think that might be what made Girls’ Generation become stronger. Sooyoung recited a well-known line from a popular drama.

“I liked everyday we spent together. Because the days were good, because the days were not good, because the days were just enough…”

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Hello, this may sound silly but i'm currently enrolled to attend Art Center next year but, upon consideration (also the fact i have no money that i've had to push my acceptance by a YEAR) and your own information, i'm thinking of dropping the school altogether and going to a cheaper option (LCAD being a better option in my option) so i was wondering if i'm being rash in this idea? I know ArtCenter has a lot of name recognition, internship, and career help, but is that worth going into dept for?

i get a lot of asks from people who ask me if they should go to art school and my answer is always just “hell no no”, so i think i will make this my master Don’t Go to Art School post.

ok here’s the bottom line: just don’t go to art school. don’t go!! don’t go to any accredited art school!! unless you have a full ride scholarship or close to it, don’t go!! literally every working professional i have met since graduating a year ago has agreed with me. we love to get together and bitch about how art school is a waste of time and money.

an education at art center will cost you about $200,000 in tuition alone. lcad isn’t much better and runs about $120,000. during my time at art center, i had a scholarship and help from my parents and i still owe $30,000 in student loans.

and honestly art center didn’t help me get the job i have today. literally all it did for me was introduce me to talented and friendly people who are willing to extend a hand to help each other out in the field. but making friends shouldn’t have to cost you $200,000 lmaooooooo.

here’s my super simple guide to getting a job in animation:

1. move to L.A. this is non-negotiable. all the studios are here. i’ve had uber drivers that have studio hookups and i’ve been offered jobs just sitting in a cafe in burbank and drawing. just existing in the epicenter of animation is an advantage.

2. welcome to L.A! it’s really hot here but i hope you enjoy it. now that you’re here, let’s not go to art school.

3. here are some much cheaper options:





https://www.facebook.com/WillB.Weston?fref=ts (one of my old teachers from art center teaches a ton of workshops and classes all around town

and if you absolutely insist on going to some kind of 4 year college-like thing, try http://laafa.org/. it is about a quarter of the cost of art center, which is still pretty steep imo, but is just as good.

4. i’m even going to give you a cheat guide on what you should study (all of this you can find online for free btw!! just google it!! damn just try pinterest even!! or buy a book!!), based on what i studied at art center. design, composition, perspective, anatomy, color theory, costume design, light logic, visual storytelling, character design, character acting, storyboarding, prop design, background design, environment painting, style development. there ya go that’s all you need to know.

5. lock yourself in a studio apartment for 4 years and practice all the above everyday.

6. study the work of artists working in the field that you admire. do what they do, then put your own heart into it. make work relevant to the industry today. know what your goal is. like literally, having access to soooo much artwork from working professionals on a daily basis is almost like cheating.

7. http://centerstagegallery.com/csg/csg-sketch-group/ and http://www.thedrawingclub.com/ go here and draw when you have free time. make friends with other artists. join a plein air painting club, or do a workshop, or ask for a mentorship. talk to people in the field!! make friends!!

8. make really good work and put it online. everywhere. share it!! have a website! contact recruiters! contact studios you like and ask them when they have internships open!

9. go to CTN every year and bring your portfolio. sign up for portfolio reviews. bring cards with you. ask the recruiters about internships.

10. congrats u now have a pretty good chance of getting a career in animation and u didn’t spend $200,000 for it.

i may sound bitter and jaded about art school (and maybe i am……..a little…….) but honestly i’m way more excited because after a year of working in the industry and meeting people who either didn’t go to art school or went to shitty no-name schools, i am super passionate about the fact that we live in a day and age where anyone who’s willing to put the work in and discipline themselves can develop the skills to become a professional artist without going to school. art is for everyone!! not just people who can afford school! art is fun! and great! and i want everyone who is passionate about it to succeed and not let the obstacle of $$$$$ stonewall them out of a career they’ll love!

don’t go to art school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bittersamgirlclub TOP 5 PROMPT #11: TOP 5 SAM-PRAISE MOMENTS 

Making this made me feel all warm and squishy inside, there are many other little moments I could have chosen and that makes me very happy. Sometimes it feels like Sam is so underappreciated, both in fandom and in universe, so to focus on all those moments where characters talk or feel about Sam the same way we do is just wonderful.

These are not necessarily in any order, although those first two are pretty much interchangeably in first place.

  1. Marie - Fan Fiction - I just love how with three words Marie manages to sum up so much of what we all adore about Sam, those core facets of his being that make Sam so beautiful. But what I love even more is “there’s nothing he can’t do”. There’s something so powerful about that, and it’s so true on so many levels. The way in which Sam has defied destiny and other’s expectations for him, time and again. Working his way to a full ride to Stanford. Building himself a new life, not once, but twice from the ground up. Overcoming the devil. How could anyone not believe that Sam is capable of anything after reading about that! The other thing I love about Marie is that, although she exists in universe, she gives us an out of universe perspective on Sam, in that sense I find her, and her praise of Sam to be very relatable, it feels as if I am being voiced directly through the show. Of course the fact that Sam did not hear this praise saddens me, but I think it is incredibly important that Dean did hear it, to be reminded of all those things that deep down he knows, and loves about his brother.
  2. Jess - Pilot - I think its no secret how much I adore Sam/Jess and their relationship. Of course we only get tiny slivers of their life together, these fleeting moments, but ones like this especially I think illuminate their relationship perfectly. In this scene, Jess makes absolutely sure that Sam knows how proud of him she is, bringing up his LSAT score, praising how amazing it is, making sure he knows she’s serious when she says she’s proud, that she wasn’t just kidding around, that she really means its and that she believes in him. I think Jess was painfully aware of how little, if ever, Sam had been exposed to the concept of someone being proud of him and that intentionally worked to rectify that at every available opportunity (I might have written a little ficlet about this *cough*shamelessplug*cough*). We hear in ‘Phantom Traveller’ that apparently John expressed his pride in Sam to others, but clearly withheld it from Sam himself, the fact that Jess goes out of her way to ensure that Sam knows how she feels is just SO important.
  3. Mr Wyatt - After School Special - This episode in general is just EVERYTHING to me, but this moment in particular is incredibly special and I think actually instrumental in shaping Sam. I think its quite likely given Sam’s reaction to thinking the Mr Wyatt was going to fail him, that prior to this scene Sam was actually rather apathetic about school, moving from place to place, never being able to make real connections, he probably loved learning and studying but was unable to find reasons to really care about doing well when in a few days he’d be off to the next school anyway, when he saw nothing in his future but more of what his entire life had been, death and danger and loneliness. Mr Wyatt not only praised Sam’s academic abilities, but more importantly he allowed Sam to believe that there could be something beyond his current life, that he was capable of escaping that, of building something of his own.
  4. Dean - Scarecrow - I love, love, love this moment! Firstly, I’m pretty certain that this is the first time Sam has heard the words “I’m proud of you” from anyone other than Jess, look at his reaction, he’s completely at a loss for what to do or say and just taken aback entirely. What’s also important here is what Dean is praising Sam for. Dean is saying that he’s proud of Sam for the very things that go Sam disowned and dissociated from his family, for things that Dean in the past (and sadly will again in the future) had criticised Sam for. Standing up to John and forging his own way were actions that Sam had been led to believe time after time were deep and terrible betrayals and things that he should feel ashamed of, that Dean in this moment acknowledges that they are in fact great strengths and worthy of admiration is just so incredibly important.
  5. Sarah - Clip Show - I actually think this one is a little odd, because I think what Sarah is picking up on here is Sam’s determination to finish the trails and to 'right’ all the perceived wrongs he was done, to make up for all the ways he believes he’s let Dean down, and I can’t really feel that that is a positive thing. On the other hand, Sarah a) doesn’t know the context of what she’s seeing, she’s genuinely trying to and say something good about Sam b) at this point in the season people who bolster Sam in anyway, especially to his face, are so few and far between that anything along those lines is like manna in the desert….

sunflowerchester — I finally finished it! hahah…

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Can you rec your favorite Voltron fics?

you got it!! (though im slowly running out of things to rec, so ill just keep this to like 5-7 fics)

This House Unfinished by boyghosts

Summary: “Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.
WC: 30776
General Notes: just, i still cant get over this fic. its just so good, its long and the development it has is amazing. beautifully written. just fmu 10/10

Just Static by Jessadilla/wobblyarms

Summary: –Static—-
-iro, Hunk, Kei—, nybody? I’m—-
–I’m sorry guys. This is all my–
—I found my coordinates. They’re–
-guys. I hear something—
-end transmission-Alone on a hostile planet, transmissions aren’t getting through. How did it come to this?
WC: 84141 (16/16)
General Notes: ive rec’d this before and ill rec it again. seriosuly just read it. you really cant go wrong with it and i just love it so much. made me cry. that good. 100/10

What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me

Summary: The compromised wormhole was ripping apart at the seams, sending everyone spiraling away in completely different directions. Lance could feel himself being pulled and bent in ways he was definitely not supposed to be.–Stitching the team back together after everyone is separated is difficult, and for one Paladin rescue wouldn’t be coming for a very long time.
WC: 55773 (12/12)
General Notes: so this fic holds a special place in my heart because its THE fic that got me into this vld hell that im in. and the artwork is absolutely amazing. 20/10

Shut Up and Dance With Me by wittyy_name

Summary: Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn.
WC:118875 (8/?)
General Notes: this one just keeps going and going and going, and it keeps giving too, like omg. my face hurts like almost every time i finish and update and i love it too bits. it successfully pulled me deeper into the fandom. 100/10

On Thin Ice by Minadora

Summary: Once upon a time, two Canadian nerds decided to start a figure skating au about their two space sons and their wonderful misfit friends. Ten pages of headcanons later we finally put electronic pen to electronic paper and created this monstrosity.
This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater.Enjoy the ride because it’s only just started.
WC: 149983 (9/?)
General Notes: Like if i wasnt already deep into this fandom, this sealed the deal. like holy hell, Mina does a wonderful job with this fic and its so fucking long like holy- and just i love it so much. I cant express how much i love this fic. 100/10

Watercast by Fishwrites

Summary: Shiro has been a Galra prisoner for over a year; with his flight feathers clipped and unable to fly. Desperate to escape, he jumps overboard while being transported to the capitol on a Galran ship. Lance is a merman who saves him from drowning. Keith thinks Shiro is about to become mermaid dinner. Hunk just wants Lance to stop going to the surface all the time, dammit!(AU where Avians (winged folk), Galra, humans and merfolk cohabit earth. Shiro and Keith are avian soldiers, Lance is the youngest son of a Queen, Hunk is also a merman and Pidge is still looking for her family.)
WC: 61956 (7/?)
General Notes: Im just so in love with this universe, its amazing. the character interactions are great, and i really love how Fish has incorporated cultural differences into their universe. its amazing. 11/10

Smile For The Stars by maIikcutie

Summary: Though he’s been dealt many bad cards, Lance isn’t sure he can handle this one: winding up stranded, a million lightyears away from home, with only Keith to keep him company.The universe is cruel.
WC: 72921 (9/9)
General Notes: this is a tear jerker. like if i need some good angst, this is one of the ones i come back to. just, heed the warnings, cuz it sneaks up on you. 10/10

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Can you guys just appreciate this old man for a second? His name is Desi, and he is 27 (which is old for a horse). He is such a good boy, and defiantly does not show his age. He acts like he is about 10 or so, and loves to work. I do not think he will live to many more years, so can we just give him some love while he is still here? Sorry that this isn’t Solangelo, but this is important to me (your trusty Admin).

Please just like this if you can, I understand if not. He means so much to me, and he is a blast to ride. Horse lovers will understand. And, if any of you have any horse stories, please send them to me in the messages or asks. I will post them or read them and respond. Have a great day guys! (And that’s me riding him as well).

Admin out.