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Okay hear me out but why are almost all of the DW companion’s parents either at least half dead or MIA

Because I’m all about representation so whERE ARE THE PARENTS

Like okay we’ll start with Rose (classic who would take way too long)
So Rose’s dad - dead, hit by a car
Jack - doesn’t really count he’s too old to have parents
Martha - both parents intact, well done RTD
Donna - God knows where her dad was, but we had Wilfred so all is good in the world - but still(!) no father
Amy - parents got eaten by a hole so she forgot about them, still MIA, eventually do come back
Rory - Brian Brian Brian Brian. Brian is the best I love Brian.
Clara - dead mother
Bill - dead mother, dad MIA

Do we, as watchers of the show, just like the vulnerability of loss, or do they just use it on the show as a plot point (Amy, Rose, kind of Clara, probably Bill at some point). But seriously the chances of the Doctor pretty much always finding someone who’s parent/s are gone is pretty slim. Like these companions are in their 20’s, not many people lose their parents when they’re that young. I get that a lot of people are from single parent homes but still.

Also can the companions have more siblings pls.

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Hey I'm really fcking pissed off right now (dumbass motherfcking boy...) can I have a super fluffy headcanon where the princes get in a fight with the girls (like the muses I showed you) and then he tries to make it up to her

Heya~ Damn girl, so sorry to hear that :( If you ever wanna talk, my ask box is always open ^ ^ (of course, such issues would be kept private) but sure! I hope this is fluffy enough for you, sorry if it’s not too great, just got back from my first day back at school and my brain is like, dead XD Oh yeah, quick heads up, I left Joshua’s blank because he wasn’t included in the file you shared with me (^ ^”)



Wilfred: “Why do you always do this?” you shouted, “It’s like you don’t even care anymore! Whenever I try to spend time with you, all you do is say ‘mhmm’ and ignore me! I’m not asking for much, Wilfred, just a simple ‘hello’ would be fine!” “…” he was speechless, bewildered at your sudden outburst. It had already been over a month since the two of you had had a decent lengthed conversation. You weren’t asking for much, just that he could put in a bit of effort as well. All of a sudden you felt like you were the only one trying. You had endured it at first but after you saw how friendly he was with a princess who was visiting you snapped. “I-I always try my best t-to visit and s-spend time with you but do you even care anymore?!?!” His deep blue orbs widened at your sudden suggestion as he stared helplessly at you, tears streaming down your now flushed cheeks. “Faun, I-” “No,” you whispered, cutting him off, “that’s enough.” and with that you flew from the room, racing down the corridors to find comfort in your own room as you buried your face in the pillows, sobbing so badly you couldn’t hear anything but your cries. You spent the rest of the day there and didn’t even notice that the sky had darkened. Feeling hunger pierce your stomach, you started to regret declining the several meals that Claude and other maids had attempted to offer you. Slowly, you lifted yourself from the bed and padded your way towards the kitchen. Seeing the clock close to midnight, you sighed, feeling somewhat empty. I suppose Wilfred’s asleep by now…or maybe he’s still working…was I maybe too hard on hi- No, you shook those thoughts out of your head as you remembered how much you had suffered in the past month and marched determinedly towards the kitchen.

When you arrived however, you were more than surprised to see that the light was on and you tiptoed cautiously to the open door. As you neared the entrance, an enticing smell tickled your nose and you breathed in appreciatively, mmm…it smells delicious…I suppose even Chef likes to get up to do some midnight cooking… Assuming as such you entered the room “Wow Chef! Something smells delicio-” but you stopped short, feeling your mouth hang open as you laid your hazel eyes on none other than your blonde haired boyfriend. “W-Wilfred?!” you cried, shocked at the sight of him, clothed in a baby blue apron, focusing very hard on the pot of food he had been cooking. “Faun!” he exclaimed as he immediately stepped in front of his dish, trying to block your view. “W-What are you doing he-” he began to ask, stopping himself. “No, I mean, I’m so sorry.” He stared sincerely at you as you felt yourself melting in his cool gaze, speechless. “I-I didn’t realise that I was making you feel like that” he continued, beginning to edge towards you carefully, “You must’ve been lonely right? I can’t believe I had the nerve to make you feel like that…but you have to know, the reason I never spoke when you were around wasn’t because I didn’t want to talk…I would’ve given anything to drop everything and take you out for a crepe or something but…these darned princely duties…and Claude..Faun, y-you have to know,” he spoke gently as he finally came to stand in front of you. You trembled, fighting back tears that threatened to return as you remembered the pain. Seeing the tears in your eyes, he pulled you close, resting his chin on your shoulder. “you- you have to know…the only reason that I never spoke when you entered was…it was because I knew that if I started, I’d never want to stop. Seeing you each time was the highlight of my day because, as long as you were there, in that office with me, everything got better: the skies seemed bluer, the birds sang happier songs…and the tedious work that I had to complete seemed like nothing. I’m sorry, all this time I was too busy enjoying your  company to realise how you were feeling….will you, will you forgive me?” You were silent, unable to catch your breath, so in a simple answer, you returned his hug, feeling a small smile find its way to your lips as you felt his body fully relax in relief.

As you opened your mouth to speak, a strange…slightly burning smell attacked your nose. “Is..something burning?” you asked and felt his whole form tense up. “My curry!” He exclaimed as he ran over to the big pot on the stove and hurriedly moved it away. “Phew,” he sighed, “I think I made it in time…” he looked up when he heard you giggling quietly and immediately felt the blood rush to his cheeks. “Wilfred…you cooked?” “U-um yeah…” he stuttered, refusing to meet your amused smile. “D-do you want some?” he asked, “huh?” “W-well you see, I-I originally made it as an apology dinner but…things didn’t seem to work out the first few times…” as he said this, you finally noticed the different pots surrounding you, scattering the floor and tabletops, filled with different curry failures - there must’ve been at least 10 altogether and it warmed your heart to see how hard he had worked to make this one special pot of curry. Savouring this sweet feeling you walked up to him and threw your arms around his neck. “Thank you Wilfred, I’m sure it tastes amazing”.

Joshua: “Aww look Joshua! It’s so cute!” He jumped back, almost falling over as you raised the milky white kitten to his face. “G-Get that thing away from me!” he shouted, the colour slowly draining from his face. “What are you saying? It’s so adorable! Can we keep him Joshua? Pleeeaaassee?” You pleaded, looking up at him with big eyes. “What?!” He yelled, regaining his posture, “don’t be ridiculous! There is no way I’m letting that- that monster into our home! Now stop being such a stupid woman and put it down!” He screamed, voice rising higher and higher as he shouted at you. His words pierced your heart as your expression changed from one of humour to one of shock and hurt. Gently, you placed the kitten back on the ground and started to walk away slowly. Joshua heaved a great sigh as he started after you. “____….wait…” “No,” you spoke quietly and turned around, glaring at him, “after all, I’m just a stupid woman” you seethed, anger dripping from you quiet words. His gaze hardened at your words. “Fine. Be like that then!” and he stormed off as you felt slow droplets fall from your eyes, filled with hurt and pain.

You didn’t see each other again for the rest of the day. Joshua had promptly continued his princely duties after your outing and you sat in your room, switching from crying to sewing and back again. It was quite late already and you were lying under your covers, tears quietly streaming down your face when you heard a soft knock. “____?” It was Joshua. Still not ready to control yourself, you ignored him until the knocks became more insistent. “_-_____ please, o-open the door ack!” Hearing his desperation and sudden yell, you rushed to the door, expecting the worst and right before you was your purple haired prince, trembling in fear as he held the snowy white kitten from before up to you. “H-here,” he stuttered. “I-I’m sorry for calling you stupid…we can keep the kitten if you like it so much…” His words touched your heart as you smiled up at him. “Joshua…” “Now please!” he pleaded, desperate now, “t-take the wretched thing away from me!” you giggled as you took the animal away from him and snuggled against its soft fur. “Thank you Joshua,” you smiled as you plopped the kitten onto your bedroom floor and leant into his chest. Though you couldn’t see him, you knew that he was redder than a tomato as his strong arms wrapped around you. “…____?” “yes?” “Don’t you dare let that terrifying creature out of your room.” he spoke in fear as you giggled and nodded. “Ok.”

Roberto: ”I’ve had enough of this!” you screamed, throwing your hands in the air in fustration. “Oh come on Haya! It was just a little joke!” He chuckled, clearly laughing at you. However, this only infuriated you further. “A joke? A JOKE?! You humiliated me in front of everyone!” tears were beginning to form in your eyes now as you glared at him with your crystal blue eyes. “Oh come on dear! No one minded!” despite your obvious stress, he continued to laugh, finding the whole situation funnier and funnier by the second. “No one cared? Icared! And I’m pretty sure all the people laughing at me cared too!” “Now now, don’t be so paranoid! Now you’re just taking the fun out of it! Jeez, why do you always have to be such a killjoy?” His expression grew annoyed as he crossed his arms in a huff, only infuriating you further. “?! You know what? You’re right. I’m just a killjoy! But you don’t know how it feels! Ever since we’ve been made public all other people do is look down on me! ‘Why is he with her?’ ‘She doesn’t deserve him!’ ‘He could do so much better!’ but I just ignored them because I was certain, I was positive that you loved me!” Tears were streaming down your face now as you spoke. “But now. Now, I’m not so sure!” Your words made him inhale sharply as he stepped towards you cautiously. “What do you mean? ‘You’re not so sure?!’” Your lips began to tremble as you continued, “Y-You heard me Roberto! What do I even mean to you anymore? Am I just some toy for you to mess around with? A joke for you to make fun of? …Or just someone who’s conveniently so in love with you that you can ridicule me as much as you want without me leaving you?!?” He was dumbstruck. He knew you weren’t happy but…he never expected this. “Haya, I-” “No.” You whispered, holding your hand up to silence him “I’ve had enough.” And with that, you strode out of the room, slamming the door behind you as you ferociously wiped the tears from your cheeks. Watching you, speechless, the capacity of your words finally hit him. “What…”

You were running down the hall, straight to your room and immediately started packing your bags, tears still dripping from your deep blue orbs. As you exited your room and began walking away you felt a strong hand grip your wrist and turned to see a very flustered, very red-in-the-face prince, sweat wetting his brown hair and desperation shining in his puppy dog eyes. “Oh thank goodness,” he huffed in relief, “Y-You’re still here…” as he stood there, crouching and gasping for air, you finally regained your thoughts and tried to break free. “L-Let me go, Roberto!” Tears were threatening to leave your eyes again as you desperately tried to escape. Finally, you broke free again and tried to walk away. “N-NO W-WAIT! HAYA PLEASE!!!” he tried to run after you but doubled over coughing and crumpled to the ground. Seeing this, you cursed yourself for having such a soft heart and approached him carefully. “R-Roberto?! Are you okay?” As you bent down to check on him, he pulled you into a tight embrace, still gasping for air. “P-Please! Please don’t leave me! I-I love you so much…p-please! I-I don’t know what I would do without you!” You stayed there, speechless, feeling his arms grip you tighter and tighter, like he thought that if he dared let go, you would be gone from him forever. “Never. I-I never thought of you as a joke. I-I’m so sorry, I-I never noticed…I’m so stupid…how could I not see that you were suffering??” He pulled away to look at you now, his pleading eyes staring straight into yours. “You have to know. T-The only reason I never noticed what other people were saying…w-was because…I don’t notice anyone else when I’m with you…” He pulled you close again and whispered, “I love you Haya.” You sighed, acknowledging the fact that, no matter what, there was nothing you could do to ignore your burning love for him and wrapped your arms around him, returning his hug. Instantly, he relaxed, and fell to your lap, resting his head there. “R-Roberto?!” “Oh come on Haya! I’m exhausted from looking for you! J-Just let me sleep for a while ok?” He looked up and smiled at you mischievously as you sighed, relieved he was back to his normal self. “B-but! We’re in the middle of the hallway!” “…So?” And with that, he nestled into your lap and you let out a breath, giving into him and relaxing as you started to hear his deep breathing and stroked his hair, smiling down at your prince.

Keith: “Keith? Are you ok?” You approached him gently and quietly, not wanting to break his deep focus. “Hmm? Oh, yeah…just a little stressed…” He didn’t look up, keeping his head over the mountain of paperwork he was working on. “Oh? What’s wrong?” you questioned further, thinking nothing of it. “It’s nothing…” “But Keith…if something’s bothering you..I-I want to help…” “I SAID! IT’S NOTHING!!!” All of a sudden, he banged his fist on the table, standing up in rage as you cowered away in shock and fear. “ DAMN IT ESME! CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY?!?!” Fustration filled his eyes, but you continued to talk. “B-But that’s just it! I want to help Keith! Jeez!” He sighed,  hand clutching his forehead. “What ON EARTH could YOU possibly help with?! You’re just a stupid commoner!” You gasped, the fierceness of his words piercing your heart. He sighed, realising what he had said. “Look, Esme…I-” “No, it’s ok.” You backed away, reaching out for the door handle behind you. “It’s ok…I get it…you’re stressed…I just…I didn’t realise that in the end…I was still just a stupid commoner to you…” You gave him a brave smile and retreated, pulling the door open and exiting just in time to save him from seeing the tears that started to stream down your face almost immediately after closing the door. After you left, he stood there, staring blankly at the door, remembering the shocked look on your face, how you seemed like a deer caught in headlights. He remembered the undoubtable fear and hurt in your eyes and slammed his fist against the table once again and swiped his arm on the desk, scattering his papers everywhere. “DAMN IT!”

You ran down the hall, not quite sure where to go. You couldn’t go to your bedroom…what would you do if he found you there? So you decided to visit a very special friend. However, as you made your way through the garden to find her, you were suddenly pulled back violently and wrapped into a warm embrace from behind. Speechless, you stood there, trembling in his arms. “K-Keith…?” Silence. All you could hear, all there was, was silence. Neither of you said a thing as the wind whistled in your ears, the plants around you swaying to match its pace. Not a word was spoken, but, his grip around your waist showed no sign of loosening as the two of you stood there, almost frozen in place, the only thing showing signs of life were the countless tears that were still strolling down your face. “I’m sorry.” he whispered at last. His words were soft and gentle, very much unlike the harshness and intense way he had spoken to you before. “I didn’t mean what I said. I-I didn’t mean any of it…it’s just…I’ve been so stressed lately and…I took it out on you. I shouldn’t have done that. I-I’m so sorry…” You pulled away from him and turned around to see his bright red face, worry and caution in his eyes. “But that’s just it! You never rely on me Keith!” You grabbed his right hand in both of yours and looked up at him earnestly. “I WANT to support you! I WANT to hear your problems and help you through these things…I want to help you Keith…because…because I love you….” No sooner had you finished your sentence were you smashed against his chest as he pulled you into yet another tight embrace. “Thank you….Thank you Esme…” He sighed as he rested his chin on the top of your head. “I just keep on falling deeper and deeper in love with you don’t I….” he muttered. “Hmm? What was that?” You tried to look up but he held his chin there, refusing to let you see crimson face. “N-Nothing!” You giggled at the sight of your flustered boyfriend and hugged him back, relieved that all had been resolved quickly.

Glenn:  “Come on Glenn! It was just a bit of fun…” you laughed, seeing him blush brightly. “Fun?! How could you think such a thing is fun?! Dang it Mayumi! Why do you have to be so immature all the time?!” he yelled, crimson with fustration. At this you stopped laughing and looked at him seriously. “Immature?! Immature?!?! What are you talking about Glenn?! I have a bit of fun and suddenly I’m immature?! What happened to the good old days huh?! We used to have so much fun together! What’s your rush to grow up huh?!” He glared at you, disapproval in his eyes. “Don’t you dare pin this on me! Just because you refuse to grow up doesn’t mean I have to too! When will you realise that YOU. ARE. A. PRINCESS?!?! More importantly, you are MY princess and I don’t expect you to behave in such an inappropriate manner!” At this, you raised your eyebrows in shock and stared at him, fustration and disappointment filling your golden orbs. “What….” you spoke in a menacingly quiet voice, “so now I’m not good enough for you? Is that how it is Glenn?” he sighed, looking away in annoyance, “Come on, Mayumi, you know that’s not true…” “No, it’s ok, I understand now, I will never be good enough for the great Prince Glenn Casiraghi, after all, I’m just an immature commoner!” he turned back to look at you, fury shining in his stare, “Fine! Be that way! That’s right! That’s exactly how I feel! I am a PRINCE and I deserve a proper, mature PRINCESS! Not some stupid, immature GIRL like YOU!” His words were simply to spite you…but the moment he saw tears well up and start to roll down your pale cheeks, he realised the weight of the words that had left his mouth, and the depth that they carried. He felt regret fill his body from head to toe as reached out towards you. “Mayumi…” But you recoiled. You looked up bravely at him, hurt and pain shining through the tears that continued to fall and backed away slowly, trembling as you reached for the door handle. “That’s right.” You smiled bitterly, “you deserve a princess so…I guess I’ll be leaving then.” And with that you flew from the room, racing towards your bed for consolation where you continued to cry, feeling a spear stab your heart as his words echoed through your head.

*knock knock knock* “…” *knock knock knock* “…Mayumi…” Suddenly, you were woken to a timid knock at your door and as you opened your swollen orbs, you noticed that the sun had already gone down, leaving your bedroom in pitch black darkness. You stumbled towards the door, still not quite grasping the situation and were greeted by a strong embrace, almost suffocating you. “Thank goodness.” whispered a small voice. “Thank goodness you’re still here….if you had left…” “hmm?” you asked, having not heard his words. “W-what was that?” you tried to look up from where your head had been pressed against his chest. “O-oh nothing!” Glenn felt the blood rush to his cheeks as he desperately tried to cover up his words. “Oh.” you whispered, slightly disappointed. Abruptly, he pulled away and peered at your face, frowning at the red circles around your eyes and nose. “I’m such an asshole. How could I make you cry like this?” he muttered, “Even though I know how lucky I am to have you…” Having not heard any of this, you spoke out again. “…Glenn?” He stared into your eyes as he was pulled from his train of thought and pulled you close once again. “I’m sorry Mayumi.” you said nothing as you listened to his soft, gentle words. “I didn’t mean to be so insensitive…I just…I get so fustrated when I’m around you…” “What?!” you tried to pull away, positive that he was just messing with you…but his grip was strong and firm around your body. “I get fustrated because….whenever I’m around you…it’s like I’m a little kid again…like all the troubles that come with growing up just dissolve away and…every time I’m with you…I’m in danger of losing myself again…and becoming the immature kid that I’m not allowed to be…but it was wrong of me to take it out on you…I just…I never know how to act around you anymore…I want you to see me and think of a strong, manly boyfriend that can protect you…I want you to see me as a man…not some naive, immature little boy who can’t even protect a fly…I guess what I’m trying to say is that…I’m sorry and…I love you.” Silence. A deafening silence. He held his breath as he waited for your answer and tensed up as you pulled away. Looking into your eyes with a sincere gaze, he could feel his heart beating faster and faster, terrified of what you might say. “Thank you.” you whispered as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you too….which is why you should know…that no matter how you act…I’ll always love you.” You felt tears begin to prick your eyes once again…though these were not tears of pain, they were tears of joy.

Edward: “My flower, what is wrong?” You didn’t quite understand yourself as you marched around the room in anger. Never before had you felt such overwhelming anger…but why? “Why do you always treat me the same as other girls?” Your sudden outburst surprised even yourself. You didn’t even realise that you felt this way until it was put into words. He said nothing. Silenced by his surprise and confusion…so you continued. “You say you love me, and you call me your flower, your ‘dear’ but…don’t you just do the same to other girls??? There has never been a girl I’ve seen you meet where you do not call her a ‘beautiful, budding flower’ or talk to her whilst ending the sentence with ‘my dear’” you were shouting now, still unsure of how all this was happening and at some point, tears had started streaming down your face. The look on his face was unbearable so you bolted from the room, blushing from embarrassment as tears left trails on your cheeks….

You lay on your bed, rewinding the conversation through your head and silently hating yourself for taking your fustration out on the one you loved. You were so deep in thought that you hadn’t noticed the quiet knocking that had begun to resound through the room. By the time you realised, the knocking had grown quite loud and frantic and so you opened the door to reveal…Edward. Your silver-haired prince was down on one knee, presenting a beautiful bouquet: there was a ring of delicate orange blossoms, giving off a refreshing and fruity fragrance and in the centre, was a single hydrangea. You stood there, speechless at the beautiful arrangement as he got up from his kneeling position. “Eternal love” he said in a gentle, soothing voice, “The orange blossoms symbolise eternal love - they show how my love for  you will never burn out…” he gazed down at the flowers in his hand. “And the hydrangea?” Looking up, he smiled sweetly at you, “Serenity,” you gasped at the meaningful way he spoke and found a smile creep to your lips. “These flowers show my everlasting love, and how it will only be for my Serenity.” He held the bouquet out to you and as you accepted, he pulled you close, careful not to crush the flowers. “You must remember Serenity, that even though all those other girls are blooming flowers, in the field, only YOU can catch my eye.


Ugh, FINALLY! I’m sooo sorry it took so long! It’s coz I had loads of homework, because last week was the first week back and I was just getting back into it. I originally wanted to get it up at the weekend but I had that stupid Duke of Edinburgh expidition -.- I suck ass.

Anyway, now I guess it could be considered like a prezzie! Congrats on your blog’s birthday!!! ^ ^ anyway, hope you enjoyed it! Stay beautiful~


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Hello! I'm a HUGE fan of your writing. I was wondering how the BMP1 butlers would react if their princes asked them to buy sex toys for MC?

Ok, I may be doing a few too many Gif reactions but OMG I really wanted to do this one as a gif reaction :) this request made me laugh a little too much :D Didn’t include Zain for…well I hope obvious reasons, he’s Lord Michaels butler haha


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Sex toy. Why was he asking for one of them? And why was it for her? Claude wasn’t exactly confused, just, very suspicious. It was his job to do as Prince Wilfred asked him but, still, he would be silently judging them.


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Edward had actually asked for that? Really? He asked him? He knew Edward and his love did things behind closed doors, but did he had to include Louis like this? He never felt so awkward doing a job before.


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NOPE! Nope, Luke was so not doing this job. As soon as Keith had asked him and said the words ‘Sex Toys’ Luke ran, literally ran, he knew he’d be in trouble since Keith was shouting after him. But Luke was so done.


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Finally! Joshua and his love were getting experimental, and Jan was going to do his up most best to find the right toys for them to try out as first timers. It was his duty and he would do it well!


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Alberto knew Roberto pushed him to his very limits, but this request was on a whole new level. He simply agreed, but deep down he knew he would have to have a few drinks before he entered the shop.


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Yu kept his professional head on when Glenn requested the sex toys, and he happily agreed to help, but as soon as he had left the room, he smirked to himself. Glenn was growing up, quickly.


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Another day serving Yakov, another day with a strange request. Even though this one was more…strange than the others, Sergei just nodded, and sighed as he left the room, off to find a sex shop to fit Yakov’s taste.

Hello, hello! AAAH I couldn’t hold back so I finally went ahead and bought his gorgeous prince! Let’s just jump right in because I am so darn excited to talk about his route! 

This review is for the absolutely gorgeous prince, Yakov Chernenkov’s Main Route! This route contains much fangirling and minimal spoilers, but I promise they won’t ruin the route! Thank you so so much for reading! ヽ(・ω・ゞ) 


GUY: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Marry me)
MC: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
PLOT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
FEELS: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


DAMN YOU VOLTAGE, when I think I found my one true love you just throw another one at me. I thought that my love for Wilfred and the other princes could never be pushed away by someone else, but oh my goodness, I love Yakov. I love him. I am actually IN LOVE WITH HIM. 

I thought his grandkid Ivan’s route was fantastic, but nope, sorry Ivan, your grandpa beat you to the punch. I really thought that Yakov would have a similar personality to Ivan but they’re actually very different. And it is that exact difference that I just adored. 

Ivan is a pretty cool and awesome guy. Just like his granddad he excels at war strategy and being a commander in leading forces and all that jazz. They both are passionate about their country and love their people. But Ivan literally puts his country ahead of himself and nothing else can come between that. 

Yakov is a little more different in the way that despite him wanting the best for his country and being just as passionate, he knows that when he wants something, he can’t let go of it. 

I JUST. OH GOD. It was so good. SO GOOD. ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯) 

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Be My Princess: Prince Academy AU

Be My Princess: Prince Academy AU

You are a new student in this prestigious school on a scholarship.

Whose route will you choose?



It is a beautiful day… the day where dreams come true and people are going to love each other.

Oh, who am I kidding?” I sighed to myself once again. The light shining into my room is so bright that it is almost mocking at my plight. I stood up immediately to close the curtains, wallowing in self-pity yet again.

I had graduated from college several months ago, and I have been waiting for my acceptance letter, my patience beginning to wane. Over the time, the only letters that I have received were kind rejection letters.

There is also the fact that I couldn’t find any holiday work and not to mention that I don’t have a boyfriend, or even many friends at that matter.

I am barely hoping anymore.


“Honey! Another letter is here!” My mum yelled from the doorway, her voice reverberating throughout the whole house and snapping me out of my reverie.

Upon hearing her voice, I jumped out of my bed at once, my heart pumping with adrenaline despite my brain telling me to give up.

“This one time, please.” I muttered all the way, practically sliding down the stairs and somersaulting to the living room.

Over the time, I have indeed become anxious and even disheartened. However, another spark of hope has ignited in my heart today again, surprisingly.

I will probably never give up until all the universities in the world reject me. Well, to be frank, there aren’t many universities to even begin with in the first place.

I hurried over to the dining table, digging through the neat pile of parcels and letters before settling on the one with my name printed on it.

My eyes widened at the sight of this glossy envelope, it was emblazoned with the insignia of Nobel Michel University.

My hands are shaking as I fumble clumsily at the glued mouth before roughly ripping it open. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before reading it out loud.

“Congratulations, you have been selected for admission in the University of Nobel Michel…. You are also eligible and have been henceforth signed up for the scholarship program… We look forward to see you in our campus… Attached are the arrangements for your class schedule and the address of your dormitory…. If you have any enquiries… - MUM!”

I couldn’t believe what I have just read, even after pinching my own cheeks in an attempt to wake myself up.

After making my whole family check and scrutinize the admission letter for me, I have finally found myself accepted into the most prestigious school in the world.

There is actually hope in this world…


My family had sent me to the Oriens airport, where I will be boarding a private jet to the school. The world of riches is inevitably different from my world, but a private transport is way too much of a luxury.

But, nonetheless, I am determined to take this chance to earn my right in the society. I am going to work hard, hone my talents and expand my knowledge bank.

I am going to be somebody.

That is my thought as I stepped into a completely different dimension.


It is the first day of class. I had arrived beforehand to familiarize myself with the school compound naturally and the summer break has finally ended.

There is only one word to describe the school, huge.

An old medieval castle was restored and refurbished into the current school that it is now, headed and owned by Nobel Michel, a wealthy old man with bloodline of historic royalty.

There is a student dormitory, which is located behind the main school compound. There are two buildings, separated by the two genders, facing each other. An exotic garden of different plants lied in between as a boundary.

There are also facilities that catered to the students’ needs for extra curriculum activities. There is a sports hub, with an indoor sports hall and a swimming complex, that is located at the right wing of the school and is directly situated beside the men’s student dorm.

There are five floors in the main school building, four levels for the different years of the university education. The freshman takes the second level; sophomore takes the third and so on. The first level is the school’s cafeteria; serving delicacies from the six different kingdoms and the food are famed to be at world-class restaurants’ level.

The school is beyond prestigious, simply famed for their facilities and amenities. The education it had offered is prominent as well.

Nobel Michel University has prided itself in its classroom teaching, where it still continues the teaching method on a small group basis. The teachers are all recruited based on their excellent background, many of them with worthy qualifications.

However all of these luxuries don’t come for naught, it has a strict education system. If, however, a student is to be found breaking any of its rules, the student will be expelled and subsequently fined a hefty sum.

I couldn’t help but shiver at that thought, considering that I am on a scholarship. I know that if I couldn’t achieve the appointed grades, I will be liable to the punishment as well.


The first bell has ringed and I hurriedly head to the classroom.

It is the first day of school and I have taken more time to ensure that I looked immaculate for my first impression.

The hallways are like labyrinth, it has taken me a while to navigate to my classroom on the corner of the second level.

My black loafers clunked against the polished marble floor as I marched speedily to the classroom. It has appeared that running in the hallway is prohibited and all students are supposed to uphold themselves regally.

After what seems like an eternity, I finally entered the class at the exact time the first bell rang.

I opened the door, my face probably flushed from all that speed walking.

Oh well, at least I am punctual.


Luckily, my homeroom teacher hasn’t arrived yet, although most of the students have already been seated.

My eyes roamed around the spacious room, glancing at the few empty seats scattered around.

There are only six empty seats, located beside six different attractive-looking men.


There is a violet-haired man, looking stern and fierce as he stares at the clock, frowning at the time.

There is a blonde man, looking engrossed in his book, his features scrunched in concentration.

There is a brunette, he is gazing lazily outside of the windows, looking bored before the class has even begin.

There is another brown-haired man, who was already engaged in a conversation with a few others.

There is a man with emerald eyes, tapping his fingers on the table, looking annoyed.

There is a silver haired man, who seems to be writing poetry in his book, his handwriting beautiful and cursive.


Choose who do you want to sit with:

[Joshua Lieben]

[Wilfred Spencer]

[Glenn Casiraghi]

[Roberto Buttons]

[Keith Alford]

[Edward Levaincos]



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A/N- I got two of these requested; sorry if it’s the same person that sent both and thought I forgot or something…  I have bad time management skills if you have not realized yet.

I do not know how good this will come out, I hope it’s you guys like it ^_^



Edward- “Please Louis, may you leave us alone for a few minutes so I can talk to Mc alone?” Edward asked his butler who nodded his head and left the room.  Edward closed the door and turned toward me as I continued to pack my bags.  “Please my lovely rose goddess,” Edward began, “please stay.  Let us talk this out.  I do not know what I will do without my princess around; I need you here by my side.”

“It-it is too late” I said, “I am heading home today; it is not like I want to go but–umm… you know what happened.”  I kept my eyes glued to my task; I knew if I turned toward him I would break down.  I heard Edward’s footsteps approach me and his hand on my shoulder.  “Ed–” I began but was cut off by a pain in my shoulder as he forced me to look at him.  “Ow,” I nearly screamed in shock.  This was the first time Edward had ever touched me like that.

“Stay,” Edward said and my eyes widened as I stared into his eyes.  I never seen Edward look that angry before; his eyes did not look purple anymore, they looked black.  “I need you Mc,” Edward whispered as he stepped toward me.  Without thinking I took a couple steps back anxiously.  I had the sudden urge to yell for help, but what would I say; I doubt anyone believe me if I said that Edward was scaring me.  Who would?  It is angelic Edward we are talking about.

“Edward, can you leave me alone so I can finish packing?” I asked.

“I can’t leave you, you are my beautiful rose,” Edward responded as he put his hand in his pocket and walked closer toward me, “I told you I will never leave you, so I can’t let you leave without me.”  That is when I saw Edward pull something out of his pocket, it was a syringe.

Wilfred-  “Stay,” Wilfred said and I jumped.  I turned around to see Wilfred standing at the door entrance staring at me with warm eyes.

I turned away and said, “I am leaving, it is too late to try to stop me.  You should have thought that before.”  Wilfred walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and whispered something incoherent in my ear. “Wilfred, can you please get away from me,” I said with an annoyed turn, “I can’t pack if you are holding to me.”

Wilfred tightened his grip and said, “never, I told you once before that I will never let you go.  You belong to me.”  Wilfred buried his face in my neck as I grabbed his arms and tried to pull them off of me.

“Let go of me Wilfred,” I nearly yelled but he just tightened his grip even more, “stop you’re hurting me.”  After a few seconds Wilfred loosened his grip enough so I could turn around and push him away from me.

“Hurting you?” Wilfred muttered, “do you know how much you are hurting me by leaving?”

My eyes widened as I tried to walk backwards, “you were the one that cheated on me.  Don’t act like it is my fault.”  Wilfred ignored my words as he pushed me back onto the bed and hovered above me.

“I love you Mc, why can’t you understand?  It was an accident,” Wilfred said, “and if I can’t have you then no one can because no one will ever be able to love you as much as I do.”

“Wilfred–” I began but he striked me against my face.  I had a metal taste in my mouth as I stared at him in shock; he pulled something out of his pocket.  I blinked my eyes in disbelief, it was a gun.

Glenn-  “Why isn’t he answering his phone?” I wondered as I called Yu.  Yu told me to call him whenever I was done packing for the move.  To my surprise I have yet to see Glenn today either.  The only person I saw was Alan who was delivering a last message from Glenn asking me to stay with him; this was the first time Glenn asked someone else to deliver the message.  He has been trying to get me to stay since I said I was leaving to go home.

I shook the thought from my mind as I went back to focusing on my original task and looked down at my phone.  Where could he be?  Was he doing his butler duties?  I walked out of my room into the silent corridor and began to search for the missing butler.  I tried to call his phone multiple times and finally heard its low ringing.  I followed it toward Glenn’s office; so, it was official duties then?  But wait… why is he not answering the phone?  The only reason he would ignore the calls if it was a meeting, something that he said was not happening today.

I put my ear to Glenn’s office door and heard no noises.  I put my hand on the door handle and turned it, locked.  I knocked on the door and heard Glenn’s voice cursing something.

“Who is there?” Glenn called and I hesitated to respond.  The tone of his voice made me anxious; I was tempted to stay quiet and walk away.  I could not hide forever though, and I really wanted to leave today.  If I waited too long it would be too late and then I would end up staying the night.

“Glenn, is Yu in there?” I called through the door and I heard the sound of something falling.

“Wait a minute,” Glenn called.  I waited in front of the door for a few minutes until the door was finally unlocked.  What took him so long?  Glenn opened the door and said, “he will be here in a few minutes.  Why won’t you come in?”  I agreed nervously as I followed him inside the room.

My eyes widened as I looked around, “what happened in here?”  The usual neat room was a complete mess.  Glenn turned toward me smiling, a smile that made a shiver go down my spine, and I gave me an urge to run out the room screaming.

“Umm… I was searching for something,” Glenn said as he walked toward me, “are you still going to leave today?  Why not stay?”  I tried to leave the room but Glenn ran over and locked the door before I could reach it.

“I am going to go get Yu,” I stated as Glenn walked closer.

“He is here though,” Glenn said.  I looked at him confused and turned my attention to the room.  There were only two people in the room– Glenn and me.

“Wha–” I began to ask until I saw the fresh dark red stain on the ground.  I turned toward Glenn to see him taking out a stained knife from his pocket and I backed away from him.

“I could not let him take you away from me, he does not love you like I do,” Glenn said blocking the exit, “you belong to me Mc, only me.”

Roberto-  “Don’t go Mc!” Roberto yelled as he burst through my bedroom door and latched onto me.

Alberto followed him yelling, “your highness, be more professional.  I understand you do not want Mc to leave, nobody does, but this is not the way to act.”  I tried to shake Roberto off of me but his grip was too tight.  Part of me felt bad for leaving Roberto like this; I know it was not his fault, but I really had to leave.  I needed some time apart from him.

“Can I at least have some time alone with her Alberto?” Roberto asked his butler as he kept his face pressed against my shoulder.  Alberto groaned but still allowed it as he left the room and closed the door.  Roberto looked up from my shoulder and stared at my filled suitcase.  “Do you have to leave?” Roberto whispered into my ear.

“I am sorry Roberto,” I replied, “it is not like this is goodbye forever.  We might see each other again in the future.”  Roberto sighed, he did not believe me; to be honest I would not believe myself either.

“Please stay,” Roberto said as he let go of me, “I need you to stay.  I do not know what I will do without you.”

“Roberto, I nee–” I began as I turned toward him and stopped when I saw his expression.  Something seemed off.  “Roberto, are you okay?  Something seems off,” I asked.  He avoided my gaze and looked away from me.

“You really do not plan on ever coming back, do you?” Roberto asked and I sighed as I looked down, “it was not like I did this all on purpose.  I love you Mc, nobody will ever love you as much as I do.”

“R-r-roberto” I said in a bit of a shock.

“You can’t leave, please,” Roberto said as he cupped my face and forced me to look him in the eyes, “you can’t leave Mc.”  I gulped nervously as I looked into his eyes.  I felt terror intrude my soul as he let go of my face and reached into his pocket.

Keith-  “Wait, Luke leave us alone for a few minutes,” Keith said to his butler.  Luke opened his mouth to say something against Keith’s orders but shut it and left the room with my bags to avoid getting into any trouble.  Keith watched as his butler shut the door and turned toward me with a bright smile on his face.  I sighed as I looked around the now empty room; it looked bigger now that all my stuff was out of it.  Keith walked toward me and cupped my face in his hands with a sad smile on his face.  “Do not leave please, please forgive me,” Keith muttered, “I know it might be a little too late–”

“It is too late,” I cut him off, “I am already packed.”

“You can always unpack your bags,” Keith said as he lowered his head closer to mine, “I need you to stay.”  I raised my hands and pushed him away from me.  Keith’s eyes widened as he gazed at me.

“No, I am leaving you asshat,” I said as I went to walk around him.  Keith stretched his arm out and stopped me from walking any further.  I turned toward him and noticed something off in his expression; it seemed sinister.

“Stay,” Keith said staring at me.


Keith smiled, “that was not a question, you have no choice in the matter.  You are going to stay with me even if you do not want to.”

“Keith–” I began to yell but stopped once I saw him dig something out of his pocket and pull it out.  It was shiny.  I stepped away from him as he raised the small dagger.

“No one ever says no to me,” Keith stated as he took a step closer to me, “so, I always get everything that I want.”

Joshua- ‘Can we talk before you leave?  Meet me in my office.’  I reread the text before looking up at Joshua’s office door.  This would be the first time we will be alone since before he cheated, and it will be the last time we probably will ever see each other in person.  I knocked on the door and Jan quickly opened it.

“Come in Miss,” he said with a smile.  I walked in the room to see Joshua pouring cups of tea for the two of us with a sad expression.

“You are excused Jan,” Joshua said and the butler bowed before exiting the room.  The door closed and the room became completely silent.  “Sit down,” Joshua said gesturing toward the empty chair across from him.

“What did you want to talk about,” I asked as I walked over and sat down.

“Do you want some tea?” Joshua asked and I picked up the cup, “I just wanted to see you before you go.  Are you completely sure you want to?”  I nodded my head as I took a sip of the tea; it tasted sweeter than usual.  “Well, if that makes you happy,” Joshua said as he looked down at his cup of tea.

“I’m sorry Joshua,” I said as I looked down at my own cup and took a long sip.  The sweetness tasted both addictive and made me feel nauseas at once.  “What is in the tea?” I asked curiously as my eyelids began to feel heavy.  I began to have trouble focusing on Joshua and felt my body begin to relax into the couch.

Joshua turned to me with a curious expression, “I didn’t know it would affect you that quickly.”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused as I placed the tea on table and went to stand up.  I quickly fell back down onto the couch as exhaustion washed over my body.

“I couldn’t let you leave, Mc,” Joshua said as he stood up and walked over and sat beside me.  He put a hand on my cheek and I tried to move away; I was too exhausted to get away from him.  “I need you to be with me, I can’t let you go and end up some other guy,” Joshua elaborated, “no one else deserves your love.”  I wanted to yell for help, I knew Jan had to be close by, but I could not even whisper.  How much of whatever drug did he put into the drink.  I am so tired.  My eyelids slowly began to close as I watched him lean toward the table for something.  Everything went dark.

kristisnuffaluffakiss  asked:

I know you said that you're swamped with a lot of headcanon asks so I definitely don't mind you putting this one on hold until the other ones are finished but I was just wondering what kind of bedtime stories or nightly rituals would suit the BMP guys do to get their son or daughter to go to sleep? Just as a side night I love reading what you write with the headcanons that you get! Thanks for working hard so that we (your followers) get to read awesome stuff! :)

Awwww! >///< Thank you so much! I do like answering them and I’m glad people send me things so the feeling is mutual!

Okay! Here we go!

Wilfred: I think Wilfred would read fables and animal stories to his little one. Fairytales might be included, but very rarely. As the child gets older, he might even start reading mystery novels to him/her. The child would sleep with a bunny (provided by mommy to give irony to the hatred of carrots). Said bunny would also be used to play with to get the child to go to sleep. I can see Wilfred and the MC singing lullabies to the baby too; his voice is super soft and calm after all.

Keith: LIONS. EVERYWHERE. Lion blanket, lion plushie, lion pjs. There would be a little basketball hoop and basketball, on the side of crib, even though the MC has pointed out numerous times that the baby/toddler can’t shoot a basket, Keith doesn’t care. He pretends to slam dunk the ball in the hoop, making the baby laugh a lot. Not really helpful in trying to make him/her sleep. MC and Keith would read hero stories to their child. Whatever stories they read, they are focused on strength and being comfortable with who you are. I think Keith would even go so far as to act them out while the MC is reading. It’s a well rounded act for the Alford family.

Roberto: Roberto and the MC would read lots of fairy tales, I think; Lots of happy and positive stories. I can see Roberto acting them out too or making voices for the different characters. If not reading, Roberto would make funny faces. MC and Roberto would sing lullabies too. They’d take turns rocking baby to sleep. Roberto would want to hold the child’s hand as he/she fell asleep and he’s tickling the baby’s tummy or stroking his/her head. He loves watching his child. Even after the child is asleep, Roberto would just want to watch him/her. MC would have to drag him away.

Glenn: Now, I think Glenn and MC would get Alan involved in helping out with bedtime for their baby on occasion. When Alan helps, they read superhero stories and lots of magical tales. Glenn would favor books with common sense and realistic situations, but Alan and the MC are like, “Lol no.” They want the baby to have an imagination and have access to creativity. Fairy tales might be involved, but again, very rarely. There might be some futuristic/technology related stories in there since that’s what Oriens specializes in. MC would sing their baby to sleep and Glenn would just watch in awe. There would definitely be a sunflower theme in the room. Like a sunflower mobile that spins and plays music and lights up =w=

Joshua: Joshua would try and read novels. Like, super thick tomes of vast knowledge, but MC and Jan would just be like, “….what.” MC would read normal child stories to the baby. Probably some fairy tales, but mostly fables, stories that teach lessons. Joshua would try and use some tried and true way of putting the baby to sleep from the books and manuals he reads, but eventually abandons them as MC rocks the baby to sleep or sings lullabies. The lullabies put Joshua to sleep too. When Joshua’s on baby duty, he rambles until the baby is put to sleep by the sound of his voice. When this happens for the first time, Joshua is super shocked, but then he has to try and contain his pride and joy because he was able to do this all by himself. It’s the little things.

Edward: It’s like a shoujo manga, baby style. Roses, everywhere in the room in the form of blankets, wallpaper, crib, mobile - anything. Fairy tales and romance comics are the only acceptable reading materials. I can also see Edward singing the baby to sleep since he has a quiet voice. I don’t the MC and Edward would have a hard time putting their baby to sleep since said baby is the spawn of the two most mild mannered, quiet, and sweet people you’ll ever meet. It’s not really necessary, but they want to do it because they want to spend more time with their baby.


I hope you enjoyed this and I’m sorry it took so long to answer! Thanks for asking and thank you for the compliment!



anonymous asked:

When MC breaks up/divorces the 6 princes!

……………;A; Do I have to do this? I honestly can’t even imagine the circumstances that would lead this happening! I mean, the princes and the MC are made for each other so I find it…. really hard to imagine this.

I’ll still answer this just the same. I’ll just need some time to nurse my broken heart (yes I do get this emotionally involved when it comes to things I love) after. 

I think one of the few things that would be universal for the princes would be that they have something of MC on their person at all times, just to remember her by.


Wilfred: He would be emotionally damaged. I might even go so far as to say permanently. Everyone always said that before the MC, Wilfred came off as cold, emotionless, and unwelcoming. After the breakup/divorce, this quality would come back in full force. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilfred completely shut off his emotions and ability to feel permanently. His eyes would always be hard and cold - with just a slight glimmer of grief and wistfulness. Everything in his life would be seen as a duty and a necessity. His marriage to another woman (because, for all of the princes, they need to get married to continue the line of succession) would be loveless. He would only copulate with her to produce an heir. Once that happens, he never does it again. If it becomes necessary for the heir to have siblings, then he’ll copulate with his queen. He would have a hard time loving his children, seeing them as more victims to the Spencer family’s way of life. He wants to tell them stories of the only woman he ever loved, but then the pain would rush through him all over again and the words would be choked off. He would never truly smile again.

Keith: He’d be pissed. He would make threats and refuse to allow her to leave, but once it happens, all of his fighting will would drain out. The pain would be intense and he’d release his pain by trashing things. I can see him destroying her room, breaking her workplace apart, trying to erase everything of her that remains in the manse after she leaves. Only when the rage finally subsides does he immediately regret everything he did and simply cry. He’d find one small thing of hers and clutch it close, wondering why she left him. He’d always have it on his person and, when he thinks no one is looking, he’ll take it out and just stare at it. To mask his pain, he’ll become more arrogant. He’ll belittle her and demean her in public, then, when he’s alone, feel awful for saying all those things. Assuming he had an active sex life before the MC, he would spiral into a long line of affairs, using sex as a way of trying to forget her. Again, he’d immediately regret it afterwards, thinking he’s betrayed her, then remembering she’s not his anymore. It would just be an endless cycle of desperation and regret. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an alcoholic. He’d begrudge his wife for not being MC. He’d tell his son not to make exceptions for anyone, not to trust anyone, and to never give out his heart so freely. He’d tell him love is a lie and it leads to nothing but unhappiness. His son notices though. He notices the times when his father takes out something from his suit pocket and stares at it, the harshness in his features melting away to grief and agony. He notices how his father kisses the object with a careful tenderness and whispers a woman’s name. His son would learn of the MC from Cathy or Luke and only then learn why his father is the way he is. So, in the end, Keith would be extra harsh in public eye and only suffers in private.

Roberto: Oh Robbie. I…I can’t think about this without wanting to cry. He wouldn’t just be emotionally broken like Wilfred. He would be broken, period. He put so much love, trust, and hope in the MC and to just have that all disappear in one moment would leave him breathless. He literally bared his soul to her - trusted her with every insecurity, every fear he had and she leaves him. He would never smile again, because he doesn’t want to try. He wouldn’t love his wife. I think the only exception he’d make is his children. He’d try to love his children, for their sake. He’d think of his mother and try to mimic her kindness for them. Everything else would ring hollow in his life. Alberto would be genuinely concerned for him because Roberto would never goof off, try to shirk his duties, or make fun of him again. He wouldn’t give his mother’s necklace to his wife. He’d keep it locked away in his mother’s room forever. I know this is going a bit far, but, honestly, I think Roberto would kill himself. I truly think he would. The depression would just be too much for him. Remembering her wouldn’t be enough. He needs her too much to just let her become a memory. But the pain of knowing she won’t be his is overwhelming as well and that would drive him to kill himself. Again, I know it would be a little extreme, but… Roberto needed the MC. He needed her for so many reasons and after she leaves him, there’s no one else who can fill that void, not even his own children. 

Glenn: It’s pretty obvious, but he’d be devastated. It’d be like what he felt when he realized the MC didn’t remember him, but a trillion times worse. His insecurities would completely swallow him up and he’d spend the rest of his life with a chip on his shoulder - trying to prove to everyone that he’s not a pushover or weak. He’d always question himself on what happened. He wouldn’t find anything wrong with her - he’d think it was something he said or did. He’d run the scene of her leaving him/telling him she was leaving him over and over again, trying to find a way that could’ve had it end differently. His determination to show that his age doesn’t define his qualities would be twisted and overshadow his actions. He might even make a few mistakes that he can’t quite recover from. He’d be vehemently opposed to marrying (another woman, if MC divorced him) at first, but once he realizes it’s for the sake of the family, he’ll do it. Like Wilfred, he’ll only have relations with her for producing an heir and nothing else. He’ll always be comparing his wife to the MC and his children to what they might have been like if they had come from him and the MC. His sadness over the years would transform into bitterness. He’d try his hardest to be happy for Alan’s sake, but once Alan grows up, he doesn’t try as much anymore. He had begun to open up with the MC around, but now that she’s gone, he’s closed up as tight as a drum and he won’t ever open himself up again. When his children ask, he’ll speak of MC as the greatest regret of his life and try not to cry. He might even entertain the thought that if he had just given up his title, she might have stayed with him. But in the end, he’ll never know and so he doesn’t dwell on it too much.

Joshua: Like Keith, he’d threaten and be in disbelief. Once MC is gone, his first reaction would be overwhelming bitterness. He’ll say things like, “I never should have broken the rules for that woman.” or, “That’s what I get to for dating/marrying a commoner.” and other variations of the like. As time goes on, the bitterness fades to only a dull ache. It doesn’t completely go away. After her departure, Joshua becomes more attached to the rules than ever. He never breaks another one again. He becomes even more unapproachable. His eyes are hard and dark, with no sign that happiness once dwelled within them. Like Keith, I can also see him becoming an alcoholic. He wouldn’t be an obvious one though. He’d drink heavily in private, when he thinks no one is around. He’d be torn between being glad that his wife is so demure and listens to everything his says, and resenting her for not challenging him, like the MC used to do. He’d never eat rice balls again, but he’d wish he had them one last time before she left. I think he might even go so far as to never visit Oriens, in fear of being surrounded by her culture and everything would remind him of her. Instead, he would send a representative (Jan, probably) to Oriens. With his children, he uses the MC as way of showing them that disobeying the rules leads to nothing but misery. He doesn’t know, however, that his children see the brief glimmers of happiness and sparks of love in his eyes when he talks about her, or the way his voice goes soft and quiet when he speaks of her. They know she was special to him and they don’t dare say anything to let him know, for fear of seeing his happiness fade away for good.

Edward: He’d suffer in private. Outwardly, it would seem like nothing was wrong. He’d still be all smiles and shrug and chuckle when people ask him why it didn’t work out. It’s a tad extreme, but I can see him giving up rose tea entirely, like he did in the Non-GREE main route. At the same time, I think he would also seclude himself away in the rose garden more than ever. Only then does his mask fall away and he cries alone. He tries to be kind and loving to his wife, but he just can’t do it. He can’t help but compare her to MC. He’d tell his children about MC in the form of fairytales. He’d never name her, but she would be the princess or fairy that the prince falls in love with and stays with happily ever after. After they’re a little more grown, his child or children might ask if this princess/fairy was inspired by a real person and Edward would try his hardest not to let his surprise show. He’d fib his way out of the question, but his children would still be able to tell he’s lying. Louis would be the one to let it slip to Edward’s child/children about MC and end up telling them everything. In the end, Edward’s idealized view of life is shattered and he feels jaded. He doesn’t see the world through (ironically) rose colored glasses. He’d never blame the MC and he’d quickly squash any kind of resentment that might arise when he thinks about her. In his own way, he’d pine for her, but knows that nothing will happen, so he doesn’t let himself completely indulge in it.


That was an evil ask, anon! I hope this wasn’t too depressing. Now I’m going to go weep and try to think happy thoughts.


Be My Princess - [Wedding Route Party Win] Jpn GREE

「I want to tell you again and again… I love you」- Wilfred A. Spencer

「I’ll give you a lifetime of happiness, if you take this hand」- Keith Alford

「Always be together forever…?」- Roberto Button

「I love you…because it is you」- Glenn J. Casiraghi

「Just remember this much… I love you」- Joshua Lieben

「Be by my side…forever…」- Edward Levaincois

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I love this episode. The Doctor and Donna just have so much banter from the second they see each other, I just love their friendship. Donna is the best. 

Also Rose’s cameo still shocks me every time (feels).

Also, Adipose are so cute. I want one.