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Writers love reviews

I know it’s been said, like, a thousand times, but I love reviews. If I’m feeling upset or frustrated or I’ve gotten to that point where my writing just plain sucks to my eyes, I’ll go through reviews of my stories. It really helps to motivate me when I can’t find anything that interests me to write about it, or when I’m facing a huge story that I need to write. 

Writers will hold your reviews close to themselves and never let them go. 

FFXV Pairings Discourse (Spoilers)

Okay, so this has basically been bothering me for a while, but Luna and Noctis just do not make sense as a couple to me. I want to like them together because their love story has strong potential to be beautiful, but their chemistry is just so flat… Neither one seems super enthusiastic about marrying the other. Even in the scene where Luna is talking to Gentiana about marrying Noctis, Luna doesn’t show any enthusiasm (even though she says she’s excited).

Now, I’m not really a fan of going against the canon, but Noctis and Prompto actually have more chemistry as a couple. Noctis is not a very emotional guy. He’s pretty laid back and a bit closed off to his grief, but when Prompto disappears, he is FURIOUS. He shows a depth of emotion that he usually doesn’t display. Naturally, it could be because he was tricked and feels blame, or because there’s still a chance Prompto is alive, or maybe even I’m projecting my own emotion towards the event onto Noctis because I grew to love Prompto as a player. But to me, it shows how meaningful Prompto is in Noctis’s life.

To me, the relationship between Noctis and Luna is driven by duty rather than romantic love. That’s not to say they don’t care for each other and love each other platonically, but I just can’t quite see the chemistry between them. I’d love to know your thoughts, though! I’m interested to know if this is just my rotten brain wanting to ship Noctis and Prompto, or if the canon romance seemed lacking to you as well.

(Note that I haven’t seen Kingsglaive yet, so my opinion might change once I stop being so lazy and actually watch it. Or maybe it’ll just affirm my suspicion that Lunyx is a more viable pairing.)

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Hi I just wanted to say that I love your comics this au its so cute (? Idk how to explain it, this just makes me really happy the story is so sweet and relaxing but real and i love it, also I was wondering if the story had canon ships? Or it was just like bro kind of thing? Haha sorry if I bother you, just to know what kind of story is or where its going

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoy this au :’) As far as canon ships go, it will eventually! I have 3-4 in mind I really want to happen. But not for a long time. I plan for everyone to bro and gay it out with each other as long as I’m able insert maniacal laugh

@ichise Oh let me clarify I’ve played Bloodborne and loved it, one of the best games I’ve played on PS4 so far or just in general. I also beat Dark Souls 3 and am about halfway through Dark Souls 1 and I really just don’t have as much interest in the story or even the gameplay. Fighting universal entropy is hardly a motivation to keep going in a world where you’re just going to die anyway, so the “fighting your way out of a fever nightmare but is it really a nightmare or is it real” themes of Bloodborne along with the perfectly done horror elements was all just love for me it spooked my shit. I don’t dislike the Dark Souls games, and I can appreciate the care that Miyazaki puts in them as much as he did Bloodborne but I’ve just never gotten into them as much.

Demon’s Souls is on sale right now on PS3 and I’ll probably grab it and see how it sits with me. In the end I also prefer the kind of aggressive playstyle that Bloodborne and Nioh allow for rather than the constant shielding and wimpy attacks you gotta use in Souls. I understand it’s a bigger challenge but it’s also. Fuckin boring m8

Do you ever just have a sudden rush of love for books? Like, you love to read in general but you have a very intense moment, similar to an epiphany, where you are just so happy that books are a thing. That you can go from reading a book about a blonde sassy detective to reading about time travel, or go from reading historical fiction to reading about superheroes. It’s just amazing, I’m so glad I get to experience so many stories and lives. That I’m not just confined to my own existence, and that I can lose and yet find myself in books and words. 

The most fascinating part of rebelcaptain for me is that it’s an uncompleted story. It’s a story of what could’ve been. The reason we didn’t see a kiss between the two, in my opinion, is because they weren’t allowed to get to that point in their relationship with one another. The hug solidifies that there were true feelings between them. The way Jyn smiles, the way Cassian brings his face in closer to her shoulder. They loved each other, but their story was ended before it could begin.

I think the elevator was where they realized how real their feelings were. Those looks, that closeness. That’s more than just friendship. Jyn wasn’t going to let Cassian die alone and Cassian, though wounded, found his way back to Jyn because he was serious when he told her welcome home. He would be the home she never had. The person who’d stick by her through it all, even until death.

Even when Jyn is unnecessary to the mission, Cassian always goes back for her. He always tries to take care of her. Jyn has been without a true purpose for so long and Cassian’s had a set purpose since he’s been six years old. Both see something in the other that they long for and through their mission they find each other in a way they, at least I think, don’t necessarily expect to. Their love is subtle and slow and it builds up.

The reason I love rebelcaptain is because it’s a not quite and that’s how life is a lot of the time. They had a beginning, but because of their circumstances they received no ending and in a way that almost immortalizes their bond. The way we saw things falter for Han and Leia we never have to see for Jyn and Cassian. It’s bittersweet. They get this image of each other as their last moment, their success in reaching their goal, but their love never got to be complete. They never got to kiss because the story wasn’t over yet. It got cut short because that’s what sacrifice is. Sometimes you have to let go of what you love most for the best of all.

Between Wayhaught and Sanvers it’s become so clear that I am done, so very done, with tempest and angst. I am done with epic level drama. I am done with star crossed lovers and twilight. I am done with pain and pining. I am done with love as a fucking battlefield leaving scars or maiming.

To be fair I might never truly have been into any of that shit, but that was all I was handed. Because love between women is supposed to hurt, according to the narrative we’ve grown up with.

But now, now that we’re getting pairings like these, how could I go back?

Give me caring women in love with each other. Give me gentle development and fluff. Give me a love story where love is not replaced by the flash of passion, but is just another aspect of it. Give me a love story that is not second-degree chemical burns, but instead is that nice electric blanket and a cup of tea. Give me gentle, give me caring, give me intimacy.

Give me more of this please.

angel dumott schunard walked up to a perfect stranger, asked him “oh my god you okay honey?” took him home, dressed his wounds, gave him food and let him stay with her for the night, the next morning he brought her to meet his friends who were like family to him (the trust!!) and she invited them both to life support (“on christmas?” “some people don’t have anywhere else to go today” like if u cry everytime) and as they were leaving did a little dance to cheer up roger, someone she literally just met, because she didn’t want to see him sad, her friendship with mimi and mimi’s story about how she always helped those in need, i can’t remember where i was going with this but i literally love angel with my whole entire being and want to let everyone know she deserves everything that is good in the world

Forever and Ever- Klaus Mikaelson

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Request// I’d like to request a Klaus x reader where he turns the reader because they’re in love and they sleep together and it’s her first time and fluff please

*I’ve separated the smut from everything else with an ‘x’ so you can still read it even if you don’t wanna go through the naught parts! So sorry to the anon who sent this to me. I started it but then got distracted by the Derek week that just ended. Just know that I really really love getting requests from you guys! Please keep asking for stories and I’ll keep trying to write them to the best of my capabilities*

To most, Klaus had been the monster that scared small children and the myth that lurked in the shadows. The only that wrong with their assumptions was that he wasn’t a myth at all. He had been alive and well for centuries and how somehow ended up with you. You had met a year earlier at a ball in New Orleans and ever since, you had been captivated by one another. Klaus once thought of it as a hex by a vengeful witch but you had thought of it as fate.

You and Klaus were polar opposites. Where he craved vengeance, you pushed for peace and when he demanded blood to rain through the streets, you were the only light that could bring him back from his darkest hours. You were his Persephone and he was your Hades.

“Tell me another story, Klaus,” you whispered into his ear as your laid against him.

“What do you want to hear about this time?” His body moved closer towards you as your fingers wandered through his hair.

“I want to hear about life in the 1920s.”

“The Roaring 20s, eh?” You could feel a low chuckle run through his stomach.

“That’s what they call it, nowadays.”

“I was a different back then, love,” he said quietly. “If you think that I’m dangerous now,you couldn’t bare to see me decades ago.”

“Well, then,” You turned his face to look towards you and gave him a friendly smile. “How about just the good parts?”

He swallowed and took a moment to think before answering. “There was no other decade like the 20s. The first World War had just ended and the cities were exhilarating, always stirring with life. Alcohol had been abolished in 1920, but if you knew the right people, you could still get your hands on it.

“What really made the decade so exciting was the clubbing. That’s when people really came to life. Big bands played for hours on end and flappers danced the night away. Somedays, I wish I could go back to those moments.”

“I wish I had the chance to experience the 20s.”

“You still have decades upon decades to experience, Y/N. Don’t get caught up in the past, especially if it’s not your own.” He smiled down at you as he teased you.

You try to smile back, but the enthusiasm wouldn’t stick. “That’s the thing Klaus..”

“What is it, love?”

“I… I want to spend years with you.”

He looked worried, knowing your words ran deeper than he could see. “And it would be my honor to spend the years with you.”

“In fact,” you pulled him closer, bringing his forehead to yours. “I would love to spend eternity to you.”


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i have little moments. moments where everything just makes sense. like a fog has been lifted from my eyes and it’s clear. it happens when i laugh with the people i love. it happens when i see a sunrise and im barely awake. it happens when my parents stare at one another like they’ve found their home. it happens when my grandmother tells me stories of when she was my age. it happens when i go to the beach late at night and feel the cold sand between my toes. it happens when that one song fills my headphones and it’s like my soul is dancing. it happens when it snows outside and the world is cold, but i am so warm bundled in blankets. it happened when i fell in love…and when i finally fell out. it happens when my niece holds my hand so tightly and looks up at me with the purest smile. or when my dog snuggles closer to me when i pet him. sometimes it’s even late a night when i see the moon and remember there are so many things out there and that i am only as big as i make myself feel. it’s these little moments when i realize i am where i need to be. it’s these moments that make me see i am a living breathing being. that’s i exist in a world where even though so many bad things happen…i like to think the good out ways the bad. i like to believe these moments are why i am what i am. it’s the little moments that make you see the beauty you’ve forgotten existed.

When things hit the fan I need to go. I have a distinct need to drive until I no longer know where I am and I need to just stare at the stars in the sky to remind me what I’m composed of and remind me that I have a bigger purpose and it’ll all be alright.

For the first time I cannot just leave and I swear the walls I’m surrounded by are suffocating me and I can’t breathe. I need to go but I’m being forced to stay and I can’t find the stars here and I’m starting to think it won’t all be alright.

  • Me meeting someone new: I don't know who you are, or where you come from, bUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING-
  • Every friend around: oh no
  • Me: *deep breath*
  • Friend: here we go
  • Me: Deaf Spring Awakening is so fucking good and waitress' set should've won a tony and heathers needs to go on Broadway and tuck everlasting needs more love and I need to just hold onto every single cast member of Hamilton forever and keep them safe and warm and also another thing is that the Tonys were good this year but Hamilton won too much stuff and American psychos lighting is so fucking good and the color purple is so damn beautiful and Wicked is just a classic and oh god west side story is better than Romeo and Juliet and les mis is just so tragic and-
Thats the moment I realised, I loved you. Nothing else made sense but that thought, and all I wanted to do in that moment was to be with you and kiss you. Only moments after that everything came tumbling back where it was supposed to. You were never going to love me and I knew that, you knew that, everyone knew that. From the bottom of my heart I then figured out I would never love someone the way I love you, but you may just continue life just fine.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1121 // @drowningintheoxygen
Wolfsbane: part two. [Smut]

A;N: So, this originally was a request by the lovely @montanagirlatheart and with her permission I decided to continue on the story. Hopefully you guys like it! 

Pairing: Scott Mcall x Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content. 

Word count: .4,857 

Listen to me.

part one. 

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I’m so tired of always being sad. I just want to be happy and do stupid stuff. I want to stay up late laughing till my stomach hurts. I want to forget about him, even if it’s just for the night.“ With that she winked at her friend and opened the door where the loud music was coming from. Walking in with a smile, she let go.
—  (letting go)

Wallah, he is mine! Wallah, she is mine! 

Wearing all these couple shirts, traveling to all these tourist spots,taking all these selfies then posting it up on all your on social media accounts, captioning it “Having a blast with the wifey.” or such.

Hey brother! Are you happy that thousands of nonMahram are feasting over the beauty of your wife online!?

How about you sister, still haven’t had enough of posting pictures with your hubby?Talking and sharing so much about how he loves you and cares for you and all these fairy tale like stories?

Sister! You are one fine jealous woman, yet you post on your instagram photos of your hubby every single day and you get angry with him when hundreds of sisters go and follow his page as a result of that?

So I guess, it is about time that I answer you with Wallah, where is your ghirah?

No offense, but “most” of the things I have seen online is just indescribably alarming and for some reasons inappropriate.

I have seen a lot of single sisters that at the time when they finally get married, so many photos of them flood their accounts, and same way happens to the brothers - making it as if marriage is just a thing to show off on the internet nowadays.

My dear, keep your “you’re just bitter ‘coz you are not married” comments on your pocket, because this isn’t about that! 

I need you all to take a time and reflect from this, whether you are married or not or getting engaged or whatever your civil status is! Ghirah applies to it, not only to married couples!

There are  a lot of ghirah related excerpts from the lives of the Sahabah RA, but today I will narrate two.

The Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam said: “Whilst I was sleeping, I saw myself in Paradise, and there was a woman doing wudhu beside a palace. I said, ‘Whose is this palace?’ They said, ‘(It is) ‘Umar’s.’ Then I remembered your protective jealousy so I turned away.”

‘Umar wept and said, “Would I feel protective jealousy towards you, O’ Messenger of Allah?’”

Al Mugheerah Ibn Shub’ah RA narrated that Sa’d Ibn ‘Ubaadah RA said, "If I saw a man with my wife I would strike him with the sharp edge of my sword.“ His statement was told to the Messenger of Allah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalaam and he said, "Are you amazed at the ghirah of Sa’d? For indeed, I have more ghirah than him and Allah is more ghirah  than me." 


Why did I choose these two? Because these two great men are known for their well established ghirah over their womenfolk. 

Look at ‘Umar, look at how he has established his ghirah that even the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam was greatly impacted by it, that he would turn away from situations like that because he knows well of the ghirah of ‘Umar.

And how about Sa’d, such ghirah that when the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam heard about his statement, he got amazed and was able to mention and compare the ghirah of Allah over him and over Sa’d’s. 


There is no harm in establishing yourself amongst your companions and family. There is no harm when you give them the impression that there are limits that have been set and there are things that you wish not to share and discuss with them. 

Establish the ghirah. Let them feel it. Once you have done it, see how it makes life easier. Less idle talks, more time for spending time with family and worshipping Allah.

I know, and I do not prevent you in any way showing appreciation to your spouses online. Indeed, it’s good to write how you appreciate your spouse and all that, but for a reason or two social media is not the right place to do it. Yes, you can do and write it every now and then but do not overdo it.

You have your humble abode, your life behind this computer screen to show and make your spouse how much you appreciate all the things that he/she does for you every single day. Do it there. Make him/her feel more special each passing day. Share the moment together, do not spoil it by inviting the whole world to it.

I know, ghirah isn’t only applied to married couples, but even to your family or Muslim brothers and sisters, you can call their attention and privately advice when you see them doing inappropriate acts towards the opposite sex. 

And ghirah as well pertains to yourself, let me end this by reminding you of what Ibn Al Qayyim Rahimahullah said:

"The foundation of the Religion is Ghirah, and the one without Ghirah is one without Religion, for Ghirah protects the heart and enlivens the limbs, and shields one from evil and lewdness, and lack of Ghirah kills the heart so that the limbs die, so that there remains not even shielding from [the minor things].

And the example of Ghirah in the heart is the example of the strength that shields one from sickness and fights it off, so if the strength leaves, he will be faced with the sickness, and will not find anything to protect himself from it, so it will establish itself [within him] and destroy him.” 


And we pray that Allah makes it easy for us to establish ghirah within ourselves. Amin.



Stories were taken from

• Muslim, hadith no. 2395
• Muslim Ahl As Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah wa As Sahabah, 1/245
• Sahih Al Bukhari, hadith no. 6846
• Saying of Ibn Al Qayyim,  Ad-Daa’ Wad-Dawaa’

Single Parent AU - Harry Styles.

Asher meets you and doesn’t like you since his mummy left him and he thinks you’ll do the same after you break his daddy’s heart and take all the attention. But then he realises how awesome you actually are?

Here we have an 8.6k Christmas-themed story for the Single Parent AU. Thank you so much for being so patient with me - it means a lot that you’ve waited so patiently for so long for this. I’m also so thrilled that so many of you are enjoying it and loving it and are eager to read new parts; I’ve never had so much positive feedback on an AU story before, haha.

I apologise that some parts are rough and rusty - especially the ending! - so bear with me, haha.

Feedback would be absolutely incredible, so, let me know just what you think of this. And don’t forget to shoot me a message on what you want to see in the next part of the series. Where should I go next?

Enjoy! xx

Part One.  Part Two.  Part Three.  Part Four.  Part Five.

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Meanwhile, Molly

(Or: More Things That People Think Make Sherlock Canonically Straight But They Really Really Don’t)

Allow me to address one more incredibly beautiful part of Sherlock (and then I’ll stop overusing the word “beautiful”, sorry, I just loved series four): Let’s talk about what is the point of Molly Hooper.

I’ve always sympathised with Molly, but I admit that from a literary point of view, I didn’t quite get her. If she was a love interest for Sherlock, why would the story not revolve more around her? But if she wasn’t a love interest, where was her character going? Why was she there in the first place? It didn’t feel Moffat-y sound. (And yes, I just made that expression up.) 

But looking back on all four series, the intention of Molly’s character actually becomes pretty clear. In a nutshell: At any given moment of the show, Molly is an indicator of John Watson’s feelings towards Sherlock. (No really, let me show you.) 

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