i just love when they banter

soreiya replied to your photoset “soreiya: These gifs are so relaxing that they make me want to take a…”

When I saw that scene, I was afraid that they wouldn’t play any part in the episode again. x___X On the bright side we got some soymilk or just plain milk. pfft *has no idea what he was drinking*

I would say we got both this week.  Sorey drinking milk, and we did have that lovely piece of banter - poor Sergei, I had to wonder if he thought Sorey was a little crazy just having half of a conversation with thin air (and bantering with thin air at that, lol).  I do wish we get more of Edna, especially her playful trickster side outside of the skits, because I’m a bit sad she’s all mopey Because Eizen when it felt like there was so much more to her in the game.  I find it rather sad (or would ironic be the better word?) that I thought the cast seemed a bit more like the characters I knew from the game in the skits than the actual episode, but alas, I guess it’s all Serious Business when it’s story time.

I did love how Sorey’s voice seemed to perk up a bit when he got to introduce Mikleo to Sergei.  I was starting to miss that with all the Serious Business going on.


I love how McCree is the only person in the game Hanzo is even relatively nice to. With McCree he’s all friendly banter and talking about how homesick he is and planning post-mission drink dates but when talking to ANYONE else he’s literally just 😠💪💣❌🔫🙄

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Hi Emily! I love your Slytherin cartoons so much! I was wondering if you ever thought of writing a fanfic centering on the background Slytherin? I love her personality (yours?) so much, I think it would be great to read a story about her.

I feel like a fanfic of Background Slytherin would be a Drarry slashfic, where Harry & Draco are getting down to it in some classroom (after some classic SCARED, POTTAH banter ofc) but they forgot to check if anyone was in there and Background Slytherin is just in the corner just trying not to breathe too loudly cos she should have left when it all kicked off and now if she tries to leave they would know she’d been there the whole time and it would be super awkward so she just stays and tries not to look, but I mean jaysus where else is she going to look it’s fricken DRARRY happening over there, and then Snape bursts in and is all like ?????????? but then he’s all like 😏😏😏😏😏 and then you’ve got a Snadrarry situation going on then idk maybe Dumbledore & McGonagall get in the mix and the whole time Background Slytherin is hyperventilating in the corner like Friggin Christ should I??? Shouldn’t I??? and it’d end on a cliff hanger

Ok yep you convinced me, I’ll make it

“Can I just know honestly,” she said, the words pained her to speak, but she couldn’t live another day without knowing. “Did any of it mean anything?”

“Did what mean anything?” He responded.

“The nights of endless conversations. The drunken kiss. The way you held me under the stars on the freezing cold November night. The playful banter from day to day–” She began to choke up. He just sat there, sullen, expressing almost no emotion.

“I know these are stupid questions. YOU love HER. Not me. I’m your best friend. And that’s it. But there’s just something about you that’s different than how Ive ever felt towards anyone else. It’s something so deep in my being it scares the living crap out of me. My heart skips to a different beat when I’m around you. My heart feels happy when I’m around you. The way you hold me feels more right than anything else I’ve ever felt. I may have been drunk off my ass that night but I was sober enough to know something about this is so incredibly right to me.”

She continued. “I just can’t sit around and watch you follow her around when she doesn’t even give you the time of day. I don’t get how you can have a connection so strong with her when I feel so tethered to you.”

“I’m so sorry–” he finally interjected.

“Sorry for what? I just don’t get it. How can a connection that feels so strong be one-sided?”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Poor thing, she is just so happy to see Supergirl. That huge smile as soon as she hears her and that little banter about the balcony not being an entrance when she is secretly (no so secretly) thrilled every time she gets a visit from Supergirl.

I love how she always thanks Supergirl for saving her. And is such a small detail but it shows that she doesn’t take Supergirl for granted, she doesn’t expect her to always be there, she doesn’t think it’s Supergirl’s responsibility to save her or her company, so she is grateful every time she does.

I also love how Lena is so open and welcoming towards Supergirl when she has lots of reasons to not be. I think we laud Kara for not judging Lena on her family’s actions, but Lena does just the same. Supergirl is Superman cousin, she is the cousin of the men that put her brother away, even if he deserved it, of the men that indirectly made the name Luthor be hated and distrusted by everyone.

She knows Superman would never offer the benefit of the doubt to her or her family and she has no reason to think Supergirl won’t do the same, but she still gives her a chance, she sees her as her own person, not an extension of Superman and that just shows the kind of person Lena is.

Wake Up

People loved my headcanon so much I figured I would write a short drabble over it ^^

Setting: Canon (Chapter 514)

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: “I thought I lost you again.”

“Why won’t you open your eyes?” She rhetorically asked, caressing his cheek with her hand. “Please Natsu, just open your eyes for us… for me.”

The rest in the room all watched the Celestial Mage with a saddened expression, they all felt the emotion radiating off of the blonde for the man who was on death’s doorstep. When Evergreen had told Brandish Lucy was head over heels for Natsu, it had just been playful banter… but seeing the way Lucy acted with the fire mage now…

It didn’t seem so far off from the truth.

“Natsu…” Happy said, tears overflowing his eyes. He wanted nothing more than his best friend to wake up. Happy has been with Natsu every step in his journey during this war, being there when the dragon slayer had found out hard to believe facts about himself.

Happy would do anything to make sure Natsu woke up and smiled again, and he knew that Lucy felt the same way. Which is why the two were both stark naked rubbing the unconscious boys body in hopes of warming up his cold body.

“He’s not warming up.” Lucy muttered as he rubbed her hands along the expanse of his chest. “He’s not even stirring.”

“You’ve only been at it for ten minutes girl.” The medic chasted. “You must keep going, or Natsu will die.”

“You said yourself Porlyusica, it would take a miracle to get him to wake up.” Brandish said as she looked sorrowfully at Lucy’s desperate attempts to wake Natsu up. “He’s going to die-”

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I love the what-Ignis-was-like-as-a-kid banter that happens when you accept and then when you complete this sidequest. Noctis’s deliberately vague reply is second only to the look Ignis gives him at the end. I also found it interesting that apparently Gladio and Ignis didn’t know each other as kids - which really makes wonder if Gladio was maybe in a boarding school type military academy until he took up the post as Noctis’s shield when he was a teenager. 

Also, please pardon my poor video editing skills. :)

1/? of a set I’m working on. :) 

LISTEN you guysss I’m a sucker for the “rude tsundere jerk with good intentions +  sweet sunshine girl who can curbstomp your ass” pairings and I stg I always end up shipping this dynamic no matter what. kacchako is my newest obsession so I had this crossover idea! first up is inukag! Classic banter between these two just brings back the best memories. I always loved Kagome’s selfish obsession with Inu’s ears and how he lowkey loved it but would always pitch a fit. <3 (i have a rival otp from this series that’s even edgier when it comes to this trope tho and i won’t tell so don’t guess lol)  I picture Uraraka and Bakugou having a similar situation. @ochakos-trashcan this is dedicated to you because you’re encouraging and awesome! 

More to come! So far i’ve sketched these two out as fuu/mugen, zuko/katara, soul/maka, and junkrat/mei. i’m sure there are more because I’m a simple girl and I’m weak to this shit. whenever I think of one of my past OTPs i’ll add it to the list for sure lol 

Happy New Year everyone! I’m off to a pajama party~ 

I love how they’re not even worried about Peridot escaping.

And I don’t know if that’s because they trust Steven or they know that she’s completely harmless now.

“Oh hush up!”

Pearl you adorable mom you.

I love her and Peridot’s banter, I want them to interact more.



The best part about this is that Steven doesn’t even see her as an enemy anymore. She’s just a shy friend who lives in his bathroom.


Writing Prompt #17 “Stop it! That tickles!”

requested by an adorable nonnie :) Hope you enjoy hun!

Rated M for smut and language

You roll over, panting loudly and trying to catch your breath. Fingers curling into the silk sheets beneath you and holding on for dear life. Your flesh was coated in sweat and you could already tell you would be sore tomorrow. Negan had a habit of doing that. Not that you complained.

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I love it when Phil’s parents come to see him, I always wonder what goes on… You can bet Phil greets them with huge hugs and then Dan hugs in that half heartedly way and then Phils mum is like, ‘call that a hug?!? come here and hug me again!’ and Dan just laughs.. then his Dad comes over and Dan goes to shake his hand but I always think he ruffles his hair bc Phil has told him how long he spends on making it look good.. but Dan just laughs and hugs him.

I always imagine the banter includes a very unsubtle hint about them getting married and Phil rolling his eyes in that embarrassed way and Dan saying ‘well we would if he wasn’t so, marriage is just a piece of paper person..!’ 

oh to be a fly on the wall…

Arranged (Part I): Young!Sirius Black x Reader

Masterlist // Part 2

Request: Hey! I really love your imagines! You are a great writer. I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Sirius’ mother made an arranged marriage for him and he wasn’t going but when he learned that the girl will die if he didn’t he went but he likes her. I am terrible at requesting. I just hope you got the main idea. Thanks :-)

Warnings: Brief mentions of death and drugs

I actually really enjoyed writing this one

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Sirius rolls his eyes at his mother's’ continued instructions, her bantering and annoying voice.

“Sirius Orion Black, you better be on your best behavior.” She hisses, as they come to a stop outside the door of the towering building.

 It had been a solid two days since Sirius had come back from Hogwarts for summer vacation, and the moment his mother had spotted him at the train station she had told him to prepare himself for his arranged marriage. Not now, of course, but  after the two graduated Hogwarts. He had protested, yelled, and done everything in his power to say no. Not only did he not want to get married to some girl he didn’t know, but he didn’t want to do the one girl commitment thing either. It just wasn’t his deal. The only thing he knew about the girl was that she was Slytherin.

 “Why can’t it be Regulus?” He grumbles, swatting his mum’s hand away from his hair. 

“Because, Regulus is doing more important things at the moment.” His mother beams proudly. 

Sirius rolls his eyes in annoyance, by important things, his mother meant serving his purpose to the Dark Lord.

The door opens and a butler greets the two, ushering them into the house and into the grand foyer. Sirius greets the parents, sharing the necessary pleasantries and glancing around the room. It was dark, furniture black and elegant, white marbles floors and a huge staircase leading upstairs. 

And that’s when he sees her, emerging at the top of her stairs. She has y/h/c hair, long and curled.  She’s wearing a black dress, one that lands just above her knees, accompanied by a pair of black heels to match. What catches Sirius’ attention the most though, is her eyes. They’re the most vibrant  y/e/c  he had ever seen, scanning the room as she descends the stairs. 

“Ah, there she is, Y/N, come say hi.” Her father says standing up.

 She smiles meekly, wringing her hands for a moment before letting them fall to her side as she approaches his mother, who throws her arms around the small girl, engulfing her and causing her eyes to widen in shock, but pat her back nonetheless. 

Sirius watches her carefully, as his mother pulls back and pinches her cheeks in her meaty hands. If the girl was uncomfortable, she certainly didn’t show it. A small smile on her face as she blushes, eyes downcast. She really was quite beautiful, now that Sirius had gotten a good look at her. 

“Y/N, this is Sirius.” Her mother coaxes, pushing her towards him. Y/N squeaks slightly, frowning at her mother, before turning to greet him. Sirius nods at her, at a loss of words. She blinks at him, her eyebrows furrowing together for the briefest of seconds, before she bites her lip. “Hello.” Her voice is soft, melodic, almost like a piano note.  His own dark brown eyes pour into hers, searching the endless depths of color. The parents start laughing loudly around the pair, causing Y/N to break her gaze from Sirius’ and stare down at her shoes, shuffling them together and back out nervously.

 “How about you two get to know each other?” Her father suggests. 

“Father.” Y/N pleads, shaking her head slightly. 

Her father’s nostrils flare, glaring at her, ‘You’ll do as I say.” He growls bluntly. Sirius watches between them as the girl backs down, and nods slightly. 

“Go on Sirius, and be a gentlemen.” His mother hisses, pushing him after the girl as she walks down the hall.

He follows her into a room down the hallway, and she leaves the door slightly ajar before turning around at staring at him. He looks back at her, and she pushes herself off the door, before moving to the far corner of the room. He watches after her in awe, as she pulls out a book from a huge stack, and flips open the cover. She’s graceful, her every move nimble and effortless. She pulls out a joint, slamming the book shut with a quick clap, before she reaches into her pocket to pull out her wand. 

“Incendio.” She murmurs, lighting the tip and taking a long drag, her eyes closing in pleasure. Sirius watched her in awe, who the hell was this girl? 

She opens her eyes, and sees him staring. “Oh, sorry. How rude of me. Would you like some?” She asks, offering the joint to him.

 Sirius hesitates, since when did he hesitate at a joint? What was this girl doing to him? 

“It’ll make this less awkward.” She chuckles tilting her head at him. 

He nods, taking it from her and taking his own drag. 

She was mysterious, and he was intrigued. She leads him to a set of couches in the opposite corner, kicking off her heels as she sinks down. She winces, rubbing her feet for a brief moment before tucking them to her side. Sirius takes a seat across from her, joint still in hand. 

“I didn’t want this.” She speaks bluntly, twirling a piece of hair around her finger. Sirius looks at her in shock, how can she, a Slytherin, be so.. Calm, so collected?

 “I know you didn’t either.” She adds, looking down at her palms.

 “It was a bit of a shock, yes.” Sirius say. She smiles at this, looking up at him. 

“So you do speak. I was beginning to thing you left your voice back at Hogwarts.” She teases. Sirius laughs at this, a good honest laugh.

 “Can I have that now?” She asks, leaning forward.

 He nods, handing her the joint. “How did you get roped into this?” Sirius asks, leaning back into the couch.

 Y/N blinks, twirling the joint between her fingers as she contemplates an appropriate answer. She licks her lips slightly, before speaking, “My life depends on it.” 

Sirius laughs at this, grinning at her crude sense of humor, until he notices that she is dead serious. 

“W-what?” He croaks out.

 Y/N concentrates on the lit tip of her joint, her voice as hard as the marble floors beneath them, “If you don’t say yes, he’ll kill me.” She whispers.

 “Your father? I highly doubt that, Y/N.” Sirius says, hoping she’s being dramatic. Y/N chuckles at this, dry and hollow. 

“No, not him. I could handle him. Voldemort.” She says bravely.

 Sirius can’t help but let his jaw drop, he hadn’t heard anyone use his actual name accept for his friend group. “Why?” He asks after he’s collected himself. 

“Why does he do anything?” Y/N counters, finally meeting his gaze.

 Sirius looks at her, confused. 

She sighs, shaking her head and taking a long drag. “My father didn’t carry out his last task as asked. Didn’t kill the bloke. This is his punishment. My punishment.” She supplies, eyes closed as the high begins to set in.

 Sirius feels his heart sink, and his veins course with anger a moment later. “No.” 

“You don’t have to do this, Sirius. I can handle death, from what I’ve seen it’s quite quick. Bang of green light, and it’s over.” Y/N speaks after a moment, her brave voice laced with exuberant anxiety.

 “Stop it.” He growls, getting up and sitting next to her.

“Look at me.” Sirius demands, watching her face with concern. 

 Y/N opens her eyes in shock, watching him carefully. 

“I won’t let anything happen to you. Alright?” Sirius mutters, staring into her eyes as he reaches over and grips her joint free hand.

She stares at him in shock, wondering if the high is really hitting her now. “Why would you do that? Forgive me, but you don’t seem like the marriage type.”

“ Listen, sweetheart, you know nothing about me. I don’t care if it’s arranged. I’m not letting you die.” Sirius hushes, shaking his head at her.

She smirks slightly at him, her eyes lighting up once more. “Well, sweetheart, I suppose we should get to know each other than.” 

Have you ever felt yourself slowly fall for someone? I mean it starts out with friendship it always does. But then it starts to bloom into something more. At first you guys only did pointless banter and small talk, but slowly it progressed into long conversations about your past, and what you want for the future. They became more deep and meaningful. And when you’re with them, that’s probably the highlight of your day, just sitting next to them in silence makes you happy. That’s when it hits you, you realize, that you might like them more than a friend, because you can’t get rid of this knot in your heart that you feel with them. I mean now, every touch, every hug, becomes so precious to you, because you finally understand what’s happening to you, you’re falling for them.
—  I think I’m falling for you (via young-wildandfresh)
Dating James Potter Would Include:

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  • His persistence about everything
  • His ability to turn everything into a pun
  • “C’mon deer”
  • “James I will kill you, don’t test me”
  • The way he likes to show you off 
  • He treats you like a queen
  • The way he always seems to know what to do when you’re feelings stressed or sad
  • The witty banter that goes one between you two
  • “God that shirt is gastly”
  • “Oh really? I picked it up to match yours”
  • “Picked it up from where? The bin outside?”
  • That little smirk he does 
  • He knows it drives you insane, so he purposely does it to get out of trouble
  • On the other hand your puppy dog eyes can get you out of anything
  • He hasn’t met a rule he wasn’t willing to break for you
  • “Jamy I can’t sleep, can I just stay in here tonight?”
  • “Course love”
  • The precious moments away from the prying eyes of the others boys
  • He’s really just a big softie 
  • The way he pulls you closer when he thinks you’re in danger
  • The way you start to worry when he shows up later
  • Loving the way he always takes care of Remus
  • His parents adore you
  • The whole school hates that you’re a couple
  • Constant PDA
  • Love, dear, sweetheart, beautiful, you name it he has probably called you it at some point
  • He’s always coming up with new nicknames for you
  • His bravery

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Ooh please do a top 10 krizi gifs! When you get a chance :)

DON’T. ASK. ME. TWICE. AGSAJHDGSJHA. Again I feel this is going to be 150% unfair bc there’s just so many and amazing!!! ♥♥♥

1. This hug, from which I have like THREE DIFFERENT ANGLES

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2. All the hotline bling moments (normally followed by a head kiss)

Originally posted by awesomecatcat

3.THIS (And all their warm-up interactions)

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4. The whole press conference banter.

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5. This goal celebration was quite epic too.

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6. This whole sequence. (Click on the gif)

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7. When Antoine missed a penalty and Koke was there to comfort him.

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8. Whenever they talk about the other on interviews (x and x)

9. Have I already mentioned kisses?

10. And all the small cute gentle moments between them <3333

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When They Tease You And You Start Crying (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

*Don’t own gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: It would most likely be about something he doesn’t care about or think is a big deal (like your glasses or some shit, something he actually adores) and he wouldn’t mean any harm by it at all. He would think you two were just having some fun friendly banter and would be really caught off guard when you’d start crying. He’d feel sooo bad and apologize immediately because making you cry was the last thing he’d ever wanna do

YOONGI: I feel like since he’s not much of a joker normally, he’s teasing could get a bit mean without his meaning to (which would be why he wouldn’t tease you hardly ever) His words would cut a bit too deep than he had realized and  he wouldn’t expect your reaction at all. He would completely change direction completely and be extra buttery and sweet to you

HOSEOK: He would’ve been picking on everyone that day so you were not spared in the least. It would all be in good fun for him of course, but you would take it a little harder than the others since what he was teasing you about was something you had been feeling insecure about lately (but like, how would he even know). You’d probably leave the room before you start crying and he’d foolow you because he’d tell something was wrong. When you told him why you were so upset, he’d feel guilty af and apologize a million times

SEOKJIN: Honestly, I feel like he wouldn’t even have been teasing, but might of made an off-hand comment in a light tone that would hit you the wrong way. He wouldn’t notice how quiet you had gotten until he heard you sniffle a little causing his cheerful mood to do a 180. He’d apologize immediately, even though he’s not quite sure what he did

JIMIN: You would of been having a bad day already (apparently, it’s your job to fix your managers mistakes) so when you’d come home to a hyper boyfriend and a house full of annoyingly rambunctious members (Suga would be sitting quietly in a corner, minding his own business and behaving well, what a perfect son) your nerves would already be pretty frazzled. When he’d make a dig at something relatively small (’I think you did that wrong…’) you would snap at him so hard and fast, you’d think the other boys had died and become ghosts by how fast they disappeared. After cooling down, you both would apologize to each other

TAEHYUNG: Oh Tae, I feel like even though he looks kinda like Baekhyun, he wouldn’t have the same amazing sense to know when the jokes over. You’d both be having a good time, picking on each other for laughs when he’d step over the line and go a little too far with what he was saying. He’d realize the mistake he made a second later, but it would already be too late. He’d spend the rest of the day trying to make it up to you

JUNGKOOK: This little boy wouldn’t know how to filter himself at times when he was ‘not being an idol’, so he’d prob say something rude without meaning to. When he would, you would understandably get upset. Instead of ignoring him or walking away, you would tell him exactly why he was upsetting you so that he could learn and not do it again in the future. He’d listen to you so diligently and would definitely never make the mistake again