i just love videos with old people ok

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i 100% appreciate dan's work and the effort he puts into his stuff but let's get real for a second. ISG is getting old and he's running out of ideas. that's just a fact, it's obvious. ok it was a funny video sure but reading a bunch of random emails and coming up with a joke (always self-deprecating and not very original, let me just say) isn't a very hard thing to do. There are youtubers out there who post every! single! day! and have interesting and entertaining content, unlike dan.

i agree that isg isn’t the most original content but you gotta understand that the reason he makes them is that there are tons of people who genuinely love those videos. it’s the same thing with the sims, a lot of us active phandom members might be sick of it but that’s still their most popular gaming series overall, and so of course they’re gonna continue making them. the internet support group is very well received among the majority of his viewers, particularly in the youtube comments + the fact that he gets thousands of emails. and, really, is this any less original than the neverending q&a videos other youtubers make?

isg def isn’t my favourite dan content, but i don’t think it’s right to say he’s out of ideas (you’ve seen his list, he clearly isn’t). he uploads other stuff as well, it’s all ok, we can survive some isg once in awhile 

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1, 11, 24, 46, 102

1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say?

Good morning? I guess? What do people normally say when they wake up next to someone naked and its cool?

11. What do you drink in the morning?


24. Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?

Yes I have a List

46. Are you in a good mood right now?

Eh, I’m ok. Was doing a frustrating puzzle and also just been generally… not great lately

102. Name your favorite Kesha song:

I mean, I really really love Praying is so good but also like. I love the old Take It Off music video

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Ok but in all seriousness Calvin is getting more attractive by the week like every new facecam video he looks like he has changed like literally his facial features are changing every video and I'm so happy about that, not that I don't love his little 12 year old baby face but I love seeing his face change and get more attractive lol

just wait, bc people who have babyfaces growing-up, usually end up w/ the nicest cheekbones. he’s not just going to be hot, he’s going to be HOT.

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I turn 30 next year. I'm so use to being "20-something" and although I didn't think it would bug me at all, the closer it gets the worse I feel. I still feel like I'm 16 years old. People on tumblr are always like "why is anyone over 25 even still on tumblr?" and everyone is younger than me. I just want to watch cartoons and buy figurines and play video games. I thought I'd be ok but I feel so old. I feel too old for the kind of person I am and the things I like to do.

Hi love, this makes me think of this one Yoko Ono quote (this isn’t exact): “age is a concept, some people are young at 80 and some are old at 15” people will try to force ideas on you about what it means to be 30 but they don’t matter. It doesn’t have to mean anything. I’m sure there are so many other people out there that feel the same way as you. You’ll find those people eventually and you won’t feel so alone xx I hope this helps! There’s nothing wrong with you, keep feeling young the rest of your life xx

Mentions of Genevieve, Thomas and Shepherd at JIBCon5

❤ When Jared had Shepherd he realised he had a lot of cool things to teach he and Tom about being bros.

❤ Jared took Tom to the natural history museum in London because he was excited to see butterflies but was terrified of them.

❤ Jared: “Tom is two right now and he is getting scared of everything.”

❤ When Gen and Jared were dating after season 4 they spent 18 days travelling around Italy Jared: “Basically if you take a woman to Portofino and she doesn’t fall in love with you - you’ve failed.”

❤ Tom calls Jensen “Uncle Jensen.”

❤ Jared and Jensen say its tough to live away from family but it’s great to look back at the past 9 years of getting up & getting on with it.

❤ Tom is starting to get scared of things and he was scared of the butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London.

❤ Jared texted Jensen when in the UK to ask him to send a video to Tom because he kept asking about “Uncle Jensen.”

❤ Someone in the crowd shouted “I love Gen.” Jared: “I love Gen too.”

❤ Jared said they want to do cons after spn but just a couple because their kids will be in school.

❤ Misha “Do you know anyone who can’t ride a bike?” Jared “Tom and Shep!?”

❤ Gen about Jared’s shoulder “You are an 8 year old!”

❤ People are asking Jared how he is after hurting his arm. “My wife thinks I’m dumb. She knew that a long time ago” and “I’m ok, as long as I get to see Jensen’s smile.“

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Hey so i don't know if your post about Namjoon and him being problematic is old or not but i came across it and i just wanted to say thank you. I've been an army for almost 3 weeks now and i honestly love the boys i knew that them doing the kind of music they do would get a lot of heat for it. I am sad that Namjoon made those mistakes but i'm glad he's learning. I really wished that in AHL they would've teach the boys about racism and what it's ok and not. PART 1/2

Part 2/2. I’m not trying to excuse them because they did fuck up but i blame on the lack of education on the subject. Like i saw a video of girls talking about their experience meeting the grouo in LA and how they were teaching them the west side sign? Like i’m pretty sure that’s not ok. I really love the boys and i feel like they are genuinely good guys and the comments made were without malice. I just feel sad that they had to learn the hard way. I’m glad they’re learning. (sorry for the rant)

(Wow, I think this post is like…8 or 9 months old now? I’m glad its still useful and people are still reading it though ^^) 

Yeah, a lot of it is lack of education. No matter how fluent RM is in English, he wasn’t raised in America so he’s not going to know the ins and outs of the different connotations certain words have. It’s only natural to know these certain “hidden” meanings words have when you have been raised in America. 

Even so, I read this fanaccount literally….yesterday, and I think it’s more proof that Namjoon is a very dynamic person, who internalizes a lot of things and doesn’t always explain his thoughts…I think he’s a very self-reflective person, and people need to dig to actually understand him instead of taking him at face value. 

(BTW this girl definitely went to the fansign; she receipts all over her twitter)

Ok so I just listened to same old love and added with all these short videos and pictures of revival I can only say I’m so amazed…. This album obviously means a lot to Selena and we’ll finally get to know her side of the story with this. She’s not afraid of what people think about her anymore. She’s so confident and mature and fearless and this is such a big step in her career.. I’m so proud of my mom

Can we just talk about this

I have pretty much been wanting to say something from the moment I read the comments on the video for ‘now’. Im sick and tried of people saying they miss the old paramore and when this band used to be a rock band and calling paramore sell outs. I just wanna rant about it because this needs to stop.

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