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Please tell me Keith and Lance AT LEAST got some bonding moments during Lance's at home stay after the accident. We need some fluff for aftercare here ;u;

[The Voltron Family] Lance’s Accident: The Road to Recovery (1, 2)

So Lance was staying home to recover from his injuries and burns for a month or so, and his Daddy Keith was working at home to take care of him. He actually felt bad cause he even needed help to take a bath, walk to the bathroom and eat. His Dad didn’t deserve this. 

Lance: *mumbles while taking a bath in a tub* I’m sorry, Daddy Keith.
Keith: *sighs* *scrubs Lance’s back* I told you, Lance, it’s fine. I don’t suppose you can cook and clean yourself when most of your body are full of burns?
Lance: *frowns* Yeah, but still. 
Keith: Your Daddy Shiro can’t exactly work from home. Besides, I can just relax at home while I write my book. No big deal. Now close your eyes, I’m gonna turn on the shower now. 

As soon as Lance was done, his Dad had to dress him up with fresh new pyjamas and comb his hair. He went back to bed all tucked in like a baby.

Keith: *hands on hips* So! Lunch. What do you want to eat, buddy?
Lance: Fish and chips? Maybe a little lasagna and pizza on the side? *smiles*
Keith: *frowns* You have quite an appetite. Not sure about the pizza but fish and chips with a little lasagna are doable. Be back, sweetheart. *kisses Lance’s forehead*
Lance: Thanks, Daddy Keith. *preens* 

When Keith went downstairs, his phone rang and it was Shiro.

Shiro: Hey, baby. How’s Lance?
Keith: He’s fine. Though he wouldn’t stop apologizing to me, which is ridiculous because I’m not the one who’s injured. *sighs* I’m preparing our lunch now actually. *enters the kitchen and starts his preparation* How’s work?
Shiro: Same as usual. Saving one brain at a time. *snickers*
Keith: *snorts* Oh my god. You are such a nerd. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: You love meeeeeeeeee~ *sing songs*
Keith: I do, unfortunately. Anyway, I gotta go be Master Chef now.
Shiro: Alright, I’ll leave you to it. See you later, darling. Love you!
Keith: Love you, too, nerd. *chuckles*
Shiro: Tell Lance I love him, too and he needs to drink his meds.
Keith: I will. Now get off the phone, Takashi. *smiles*

Keith headed back to Lance’s room carrying the food he prepared. He placed the tray on the beside table and Lance was a bit shocked to know he’d be eating in bed. Keith just grinned at him. He went out and came back with his laptop.

Keith: Scoot over.
Lance: *gasp* What are we— *gives space for his Dad*
Keith: *sits on the bed beside Lance* We’re gonna watch some Netflix while we eat lunch. I haven’t started on Stranger Things yet, so I thought we could go with that. Also, your Daddy Shiro called and said he loves you.

So the father and son watched the series while eating lunch. Lance would get scared at some parts and he’d scoot closer to his Daddy Keith that they ended up cuddling just like when he was a child.

Lance: Oh my god. *covers eyes* Why are we even—
Keith: Hush it, Lance. You’re missing the good part.
Lance: Daddy Keith, let’s just go back to Sailor Moon.
Keith: Don’t be such a chicken, Lance. Man up! And we’ve watched Sailor Moon 20 times now since you were a kid. Time for you to move on.
Lance: I can’t! Usagi is my one true love! One just not move on.
Keith: *laughs* Oh my god.

Shiro came home with the kids around 7 in the evening because they needed to buy some school supplies for Pidge and Hunk’s projects. They were a bit surprised that the house was so quiet so they all went upstairs to Lance’s room. Inside they saw Keith and Lance fast asleep. Lance was sleeping by Keith’s shoulder and Shiro could see that Keith was running his fingers through their son’s hair before falling asleep. Keith’s laptop was on top of the pillow, Stranger Things still playing.

Shiro: *smiles and turns to Pidge and Hunk* Why don’t we go prepare dinner now and let’s just call your Dad and brother when it’s ready?
Pidge and Hunk: *giggles and nods*
Shiro: *closes the door* So, what do you guys want for dinner?
Hunk: Homemade pizza?
Pidge: We haven’t had that in weeks, Daddy Shiro!
Shiro: *chuckles* Homemade pizza it is.


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

It’s great how they just hold on this for several seconds. This moment where Rei has basically told Usagi “I have to do this alone because you’ll need to keep fighting when I’m gone.” Where Rei knows she’s going to die, and Usagi also knows Rei is going to die, and they just have this one moment of completely unfiltered truth between them. Rei holding Usagi’s hand and looking at her, not just with sadness and love, though definitely those things. But with TRUST.

That’s what gets me most here. That’s what this moment is. It’s Rei saying “I’m about to give every last thing I have to give because I know that you can do this.”

And Usagi feeling that, truly BELIEVING it for maybe the first time. Usagi trusted Rei just a few episodes ago with the most powerful thing in the entire universe, with literally her heart. Rei doesn’t have a millennium-old super powerful crystalline representation to give in return (not for a couple seasons, anyway), but she DOES have herself. It’s her turn to put her trust right back in Usagi.

I love that the camera holds on this moment. Just this, so we have to take those few extra seconds to exist here, just as Usagi and Rei do, clinging to each other and giving each other everything, because that’s how much they believe.

First I HAVE to talk about how Minako is positioned versus everyone else.

She has – or again, more accurate to say Usagi’s brain has – put Minako on Usagi’s level. Usagi’s on the ground, so Minako’s going to get down on ground level too. It’s an equalizing gesture that nobody else has, and it’s significant in that.

(EVERYTHING is significant. I mean I could sit here for another few hours talking about clothing choices to the order they’re lined up and the way they’re standing. EVERYTHING is created by Usagi’s subconscious, so every last detail is worth examining. But I’m already like an hour on this, so I may come back to it later. Someone feel free to shoot me an Ask on it to make sure.)

To Usagi, Minako is a constant shared presence, her partner in crime. Whether it’s being late for school, or trying to wheedle someone into sharing their homework, or an elaborate spy mission on someone new and cute, Usagi and Minako are in it together.

This “plan” had Usagi excluded by necessity, but Minako’s body language is further assurance that it wasn’t personal. Usagi and Minako are still brain twins, and they’ve lost none of that connection they share.

Which is beautifully complimented by the fact that Minako is totally taking the piss out of Usagi. Again, I think my translation is a bit rough, and this’ll all make a bit more sense when we have the rest of the conversation in a second. Basically though, this is Minako playing on Mako’s assurance by like “Yeah, well you’re KIND of trouble.” But noting, again, that Minako’s situated at Usagi’s level, so silently adding “AND I AM TOO.”

It’s interesting how Rei and Minako balance out against Mako and Ami. Mako and Ami provide the easily digested straightforward love, meanwhile Rei and Minako have the more complicated layers that add the weight and ground everything. Usagi’s presented all four of them in all the ways that make them who they are, because that’s exactly how she needs them.

I think that’s what kills me most about this scene. Usagi’s love for her girls is poured into every last detail. Part of what makes this so convincing to Usagi is in the many ways they’re so alive to her, and that makes the loss she’s feeling for them that much more devastating.

  • What she says: im fine
  • What she means: mamoru chiba is severely under-appreciated and does not deserve all the hate he gets. People only ever look at anime mamoru and forget about mamoru in the manga and crystal. Everyone complains about him being useless and that makes me truly sad because he is so much more than what people give him credit for, plus he's already worried that he is in the first place which isn't even true. He's also so supportive of usagi and I just really love mamoru chiba.

First of all, I enjoy Minako’s method of handling this. Someone knowing your name, knowing where to find you, specifically targeting you with plans to kill you to death? Some people might consider that a stressful situation and treat the “you” in question with delicate care.

Minako’s like IT COULD HAPPEN ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME WE CAN’T POSSIBLY PREDICT ANYTHING BUT THAT IT’S TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN, with her little clenched fist and and her complete lack of tact.

Which of course only gets worse.

And the whirlwind that is Minako scoops Rei up too because it’s not like Rei isn’t on hyper alert right now anyway and requires encouragement.


I love that Rei and Minako were probably THE WORST POSSIBLE CHOICES to begin this. This should’ve been been calm, reasonable Ami, or strong, comforting Mako. My screaming demands that I be allowed this aside (ALL STILL TRUE), this has to be a shock for Usagi. I was just talking last night about how a key difference between Usagi’s Senshi and Kakyuu’s Starlights (thus far at least) is how our girls are friends while the others have a palpable divide between them.

And now here she is with her girls treating her different from them, alongside the forceful implication that they’ll protect her at their own expense? (Because THAT’S what Usagi needs right now, to be reminded of more people leaving her.) I don’t see any way Usagi isn’t going to chafe at all this.

I”m getting a bit ahead of myself, but it highlights why I think Ami and Mako would have been the better choices to start all this. They’d have a much better chance of easing Usagi into this.


And of COURSE it’s Rei and Minako. Of fucking course it is, it couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

Like Minako isn’t going to kick this plan off. It’s probably 80% HER plan. More importantly though, for all her huge goals and big dreams, Minako is a Senshi first. There is a CLEAR and DIRECT threat to Usagi, more so than there ever has been before. This is precisely what Minako is all about, and at Usagi’s side is exactly where Minako needs to be.

And let’s take a second to appreciate that Minako is there, completely on-time, FOR SCHOOL. FOR SCHOOL PEOPLE. If anyone ever dared question Minako’s devotion, let them recall this moment. MINAKO WAS UP AND DRESSED AND READY FOR SCHOOL IN ENOUGH TIME TO BE AT USAGI’S HOUSE AND GET THEM ALL THERE BEFORE THE BELL

As for Rei, is this even a question? Usagi’s life is in danger, where the hell else is Rei going to be? Keeping Usagi out of trouble has been Rei’s life mission since they met. We know how seriously she takes Usagi’s well being for shit like keeping her fucking shoelaces tied. This is the bad guy specifically saying I AM COMING FOR YOU USAGI TSUKINO. I’m frankly surprised she wasn’t in Haruka and Michiru’s backseat.

There is nowhere else Rei is going to be but standing next to Usagi, ready for anything and everything the bad guys are going to try and throw at her. And if Usagi’s going to put up a fight, as Rei well knows she will, well who better to not give a shit and make her do it anyway?

It HAD to be Rei and Minako, and the fact that it had to be is also why I think it was completely the wrong decision, and I LOVE that.

Then there’s Rei and Minako flinging their accusations on LITERALLY EVERYBODY THEY SEE, and that’s so fantastic because you know they aren’t making any of that shit up. They are literally seeing an enemy EVERYWHERE, and again that’s so perfect for the two of them. Rei suspicious of everyone, Minako not taking anything at face value.

And they’re feeding on each other and it’s going to keep building and it’s all because they just love Usagi SO FUCKING MUCH and I’m basically going to explode.


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What's your take on why the fandom seems to have such a problem with Mamoru? I know a lot of it is just par for the course for such a feminist and LGBTQ series and the 90's anime didn't really do much for his portrayal but idk, it seems even with the manga version the fandom is cold to him when really he's actually SUCH a great character for such a feminist series like SM? Like he's so self-loathing and unmacho and he states himself that his ENTIRE being exists just for Usagi what's not to love?

Oh, I think there’s a lot of reasons, and the 90s anime accounts for most of them.

Consider: the majority of the Sailor Moon fandom was introduced to the series not only through the 90s anime, but through the Dic/Cloverway dub of said anime. Among other things, this meant that for a lot of us, the most familiar part of the series was seasons 1 and 2. Think about what that entails for Mamoru’s character:

  • Spends half of the first season being antagonistic towards Usagi (and sometimes Darien was an even bigger jerk than Mamoru)
  • The unfortunate Rei-Mamoru dating episodes
  • Gets brainwashed and evil
  • Memory wipe!
  • Seems to not like Usagi at all when memory is wiped?
  • Break-up arc

Altogether, he spends more time being a problem than not in these seasons, and I think by the time most of the fandom had the opportunity to explore other canons, the bad taste left by all of this kind of overshadowed his character. It didn’t matter how differently the manga portrayed him, or how he was totally there for Usagi throughout the rest of the anime. Fans saw themselves in Usagi, and they felt like Mamoru did her wrong in the most formative period of fandom, and for a lot of people he’s never really come back from that.

I would also like to note that while some may be less inclined to like him just because he’s a guy in a feminist-leaning fandom, back in the 90s and early 00s, I’d argue that people bashed Mamoru for the opposite reason. The most common complaints I heard about him were that he’s “useless,” “weak,” “not cool or badass.” People wanted Mamoru to be more macho, more tough, more of an action hero. The fact that he wore formalwear instead of armor, the fact that his weapon wasn’t very offensive or that Usagi had to be the one to rescue him were reasons to hate and dismiss him. In other words, people wanted him to be more like the male power fantasies that already exist all over the place in media, which isn’t really very feminist at all.

And honestly, even as a fan of him it took me a while to unpack that too. I used to try to defend Mamoru by saying “no but he secretly is really cool and powerful!” But nah man, I had it the wrong way around. He’s amazing because he’s not a macho action hero. He takes the support role, both in and out of combat, and I love that. 

I feel like if the Sailor Moon fandom weren’t so full of baggage and old fans like me, if the manga were discovered fresh today with the feminist analysis that I see in some newer fandoms, Mamoru probably wouldn’t be dismissed quite so much. Or he still would be, and I’d still be defending him, but whatevs. You think he’s great, and I think he’s great, so what else matters?






I’m sure this comes as a tremendous shock, and I’m sorry to have delivered it in such a surreptitious manner. I thought it best to try and ease my secret out there and not alarm anyone with this unforeseen news. I know you never expected to hear this from me. I can only hope it hasn’t changed your opinion of me too drastically. But it’s true, and I can’t keep it to myself any longer.











My Sailor Moon and (1) Pokemon merch I’ll have at Anime Expo!

One of my favorite couples in animation is Uranus and Neptune! Sadly, I started watching Sailor Moon with the english dub so they were jokingly referred to as cousins…how dare!! I wanted to make a little charm to relive my childhood heh heh also I just really love Usagi and how she loves to eat because, SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will also have lanyards this year! I’M EXCITED!! I will have a Sailor V lanyard and one of the Eeveelutions from Pokemon! 

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