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When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.

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Do you think Tyrion ever loved Cersei as a sister ?

In Tyrion’s own words, he never liked Cersei. But it’s probably more complicated than that—it’s not like he was born with hating his sister in his dna. This is going to be mostly headcanon but imagine:

  • little Tyrion, so starved for love that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to win his affection and in some cases his undivided adoration (case in point: Jaime)
  • young Cersei, looking every bit like the brother Tyrion loved so much
  • young Jaime, Tyrion’s favourite person in the world, having this beautiful complicity with their sister, loving her, being loved in return

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What characters do you think will die before the end?

MOST of them.

I think only one Stark will survive…I’m leaning toward Sansa. Book wise…I always thought it would be Rickon, but I’m not sure where his storyline is going to go at this point. Jon, Arya, and Bran I definitely don’t see them making it through the entire final two seasons.

I think Cersei and Tyrion will die…Jaime MIGHT but I personally want him to live.

Dany is gone, Jorah is gone, Tormund and Davos and Melisandre…I just feel like A LOT of the characters we’ve come to love are going to be dead by the final episode of season 8.

So how come ive never seen anyone mention how Sadie like clearly has dwarfism. It would explain why shes shorter than everyone else her age, to the point where an 8* year old can fit into her dress.

And i know its just a cartoon and a lot of the gems are short and it could be a choice of style but the gems aren’t human, she is. Not to mention she’s way shorter than her mother despite being almost an adult. 

I mean it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change anything about the story but like how much representation do little people have where their condition isn’t used as a novelty or joke? Idk think its a cool addition

@poorquentyn​ – who is an inspiration to me when it comes to ASOIAF – uses the term “existential victory” a lot and I think it’s a valuable lens with which to examine ASOIAF, so I just wanted to write down some untagged, disjointed, and probably incoherent ramblings inspired by PQ’s brilliant blog.

For example, I’m totally in agreement with PQ about how R+L=J will be devastating to Jon [x] [x] [x], and how Jon’s going to have to spend the next books grappling with being The Fantasy Hero of Prophecy, until he finally decides to save the world because he wants to, and not because he’s a part of Rhaegar’s War for the Dawn survivalist checklist. 

And I think this post painted Dany’s choices very vividly in my mind, that Daenerys will actually be capable of having a child, and the continuation of the Targaryen dynasty will be the low-hanging fruit with which GRRM tempts her. I’ve been saying for years that Dany is going to die, but requiring her to sacrifice herself would mean so much more if she has the opportunity not to be the last (legitimate) Targaryen … and she willingly gives that up and sacrifices herself to save the world, to save all the world’s children.

And Tyrion – my child, my fav, GRRM’s fav, the reason I opened this post:

It all goes back and back, Tyrion thought, to our mothers and fathers and theirs before them. We are puppets dancing on the strings of those who came before us 

^^It’s this Our Heroes have to overcome, the thread that unifies their individual “existential victories,” I think. Jon has to realize that he isn’t Rhaegar’s pawn of prophecy, dancing to Rhaegar’s tune, and Dany has to let go of the dynasty her ancestors worked so hard to build, and Tyrion, Tyrion, Tyrion … “Even from the grave, Lord Tywin’s dead hand moves us all.” 

Tyrion’s story is not Jon’s; it’s the inverse of Jon’s. Jon’s secret father will wreck him, as much as Tyrion’s own father has nearly destroyed him. Tyrion’s father – his real biological father, Tywin Lannister – is the obstacle Tyrion must overcome. “If I had not loosed, he would have seen my threats were empty.” Throughout the books, Tyrion has modeled himself after Tywin: “He reached for his father’s voice, and found it.” And he continues to do this in ADWD, vowing vengeance that would almost make Tywin proud if it weren’t directed at House Lannister. Tyrion will have to choose between the War for the Dawn – the selfless war, the thankless war, the war for humanity – and his own personal war against House Lannister. 

Vengeance is easy. Tywin’s mantle is an easy one to pick up and cloak oneself in. Vengeance is the poisoned apple proffered to Tyrion, complete with fiery dragon and knowledge of Casterly Rock’s drainage system, and Tyrion has to reject it, just as Dany will have to reject a Targaryen legacy. 

I’m just so eager for Tyrion’s “existential victory,” for Tyrion to cast off Tywin’s legacy, to find his way out from Tywin’s long, black shadow that hangs over ADWD, and what better place to do that than beyond the curtain of blinding light at the end of the world?