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At long last my semester-long quest to finish my Mercy sculpture has been completed, and hot damn am I happy with how it turned out

I’ll probably be taking more pictures with a better background later, but for now enjoy this video turnaround, or check out more pictures under the cut!

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Request from the lovely @crystalbaby12 for a Jax x Reader based on the following prompt:

#78 - “I need you to be my girlfriend for about 5 minutes.”

Sorry I didn’t include both prompts that you originally asked for!!! Hope you still like it x

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A whistle catches your attention, Jax smiling widely at you from across the room. Getting up, you move over to him, eye brows raised in question.

“Last time I checked, I’m not a dog. My name will do if you need my attention.” He continues to grin as you eventually end up smiling, a common reaction when faced with the man you love.

“I always need your attention, darlin.” he flirts, the playful banter a daily occurrence for the two of you. Though you expect it’s harmless on his end, you can’t help but fall deeper and harder for him, him having no idea about your feelings.

“Doesn’t everyone?” you ask sarcastically, moving to stand beside him, the two of you watching as Gemma and some of the others set the table, a family dinner about to take place. You had of course been invited, Gemma loving you like her own, you and Jax being as close as can be since the two of you met each other four years ago.

“You know how you love me?” Your heart stops for a moment, until your mind catches up and realise he’s just talking platonically, your face flushing all the same. “I need you to do me a favour.”

“Is that so? What’s in it for me?” you question, lifting your bottle of beer to your lips, Jax watching you intently. He continues to smile at you, the look of pure adoration as clear as day to outsiders. But not to you.

“Can’t you just help me out of the goodness of your pretty, pretty heart? You wound me.“ He places his hand on his chest, faux offense on his face. Rolling your eyes, you nudge his body with your own, your skin tingling at the connection.

“What do you need?” You wait for him to respond, genuine curiosity on your face. You had no idea what he needed from you, but knowing Jax, it wouldn’t be simple.

“I need you to be my girlfriend for about five minutes.” The alcohol gets stuck in your throat at his request, an unattractive cough breaking out as you try to recompose yourself. Jax chuckles, shaking his head as he watches you with amusement, liking that he can catch you off guard after all this time.

“No way! I refuse to put myself through such torture.” you say, covering up for the fact that you’d actually love to be his girlfriend. Not just for five minutes, though. For a lot longer.

“You haven’t even heard my reasons yet!” he laughs, used to your stubborn behavior. He grabs your hand, his huge one covering your smaller one so perfectly, his skin warm and comforting as he leads you outside the back, the others not noticing as you slip away.

Once you’re outside, Jax pulls a cigarette from his pocket, offering you one in the process, you declining. “Those things’ll kill you, you know.”

“I’ve heard there’s quite a queue, they’ll have to get in line.” Jax jests, his lungs inhaling the nicotine before the smoke escapes from his lips, your fingers tightly gripping your bottle as you remind yourself to breathe.

“So, please entertain me. Why do you need me to fake date you? I’m sure you’re not short on potential candidates.” You hike yourself up onto the brick wall, your boots just about touching the floor.

“Straight to the point, as usual.” He takes a seat next to you, your thigh brushing his in such a delightful way. “My mom has invited some chick round, thinks we’d get on well.”

You feel like you’ve been punched in the gut, the thought of Jax with somebody else so painful even though you should be used to it by now, females seeming to be everywere he goes.

“You never know, you might like her. Your mom has good taste.” you encourage, trying to keep your expression as natural as possible, not wanting to let on how you really feel about this idea.

Jax shrugs, taking his last drag before throwing the stub to the floor, his eyes finding yours, you looking down from the intensity of his gaze. “Of course she has good taste. She’s been trying to hook us up for years.”

You smile into your lap, a red hot blush covering your cheeks as butterflies flutter in your stomach as Jax gauges your reaction.

“Is that so?” you challenge, the tension between the two of you rising as you look up at Jax, determined to hold his gaze as your faces stay only inches apart.

Jax hums in confirmation, his tongue running over his bottom lip. You break away, your eyes moving in front of you. His thigh moves from yours as he pushes himself off the wall, his body coming to stand in front of you as he pulls you up, you letting him.

“This is new.” you say as Jax pulls you closer to him, his hands resting on your back to keep you from moving away, not that you would. Nevertheless, you remain stiff, not wanting to make a move incase it’s too much.

Jax senses this, rolling his eyes dramatically, huffing as he leads your arms, placing them around his neck, his hands going back to where they were before as you’re pressed up against one another.

“Does that bother you?” he mumurs, the distance between you so small that even if he whispered, you’d hear it as clear as day. You shrug your shoulders shyly, your cheeks definitely a bright shade of red. “You’ve gotta get used to this if you wanna be convincing.”

You can’t control your change in moods as you realise Jax is only doing all of this so you’ll help him get rid of some chick, a sigh leaving your lips as you push at his chest, a confused expression on his face as he removes his grip from you, you stepping back to create distance.

“Is that all I’m useful for, hm? Helping you make excuses so your entourage backs off?” Jax goes to defend himself, you stopping him with your hand. “Save it, Jackson. Thanks for making it clear.”

“Making what clear? What are you talking about?” He grabs your wrist as you turn away, you snatching your arm back as if you’ve been burnt by his touch. He looks completely clueless as he studies you, you trying to compose yourself before you start blubbering in front of him.

“I’m talking about us!” you say, gesturing between the two of you. Sighing, you run your hand through your fringe, trying to think before you speak. “I get that I’m not enough for you, that all I’ll ever be is a friend. But really, asking me to be your girlfriend for five minutes before you drop me again? I’ll pass, thanks.”

“I didn’t think you’d mind! You’ve done it for me before-” Jax stops mid sentence, realisation hitting him in the face like a bus. You frown as he begins to smile, his tongue slipping out of his mouth slightly as he nods towards you. “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

You freeze for a moment, shock on your face, before you feign disgust. Scoffing, you cross your arms defensively. “You wish.”

“Don’t try and lie to me, don’t forget I know you better than anyone.” You curse under your breath as you realise you’ve stepped in a big pile of metaphorical dog shit, and you’re unable to see a way out of it. “You like me.”

“Obviously. You’re my best friend.” you say, trying to remain casual. Jax slowly moves closer to you, you moving backwards until you come into contact with the side of the house, the brick firm against your back. Jax continues to move as you stand, trapped, your palms sweaty due to your nerves.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” he teases, his hands being placed either side of your head as he boxes you in, his face hovering just above yours. “You like me, like me.

“What are you, twelve?” You keep your eyes focused on his, your anxiety almost getting the better of you. Your stomach flips when you see his gaze flick to your lips, you swallowing nervously.

He moves even closer to you, your eyes fluttering closed as he brushes his nose against yours, his breath fanning onto your lips. “I don’t hear any denial.”

“Just kiss me if you’re going to, you idiot.” You open your eyes quick enough to catch Jax with slight shock on his face, before you close them again at the feel of his lips upon yours. You grip his shirt in your fist as you enjoy the moment you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Jax sucks on your bottom lip teasingly, a moan erupting from inside of you. You’re embarrassed for a moment, that is until Jax moans in response, his hands sliding to your ass as he squeezes, lifting you up and pushing you against the brick.

“Guys-” Chibs’ voice interrupts the two of you, his sentence cut short as he sees how you’re occupied. He smirks, you red faced as Jax remains calm and collected. “Gemma is looking for you. No rush, though, take your time.”

He winks at the two of you before disappearing back inside, Jax still holding you as you wiggle to get down. Chuckling, Jax complies with your request, placing you carefully back on the floor. “Continue this later?”

You hum, slipping your fingers up his shirt, his skin warm as he flexes under your touch. Leaning up, you move to his ear, your hand drifting to the waistband of his boxers.

“We’ll see.” With that, you separate from him quickly, slipping back inside with a parting wink.

A/N - Longer than usual but I hope you guys liked it anyway! Xxx

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you (part 3)


Part 2 :  http://nightgirl250.tumblr.com/post/154484517050/imagine-being-hope-mikaelsons-twin-and-kol

Part 1 : http://nightgirl250.tumblr.com/post/153920428680/imagine-being-hope-mikaelsons-twin-and-kol?is_related_post=1

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Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus, Young!Reader x Uncle!Elijah

I took a deep breath as the cold air pricked my skin. * why is it so fucking cold *. I pull my jacket closer to my body as the wind blows down the school hallway. “Hurry up Y/n,” my friends Jason and Kara say waiting for me at the gym door. We were heading to the gym since we have to go talk to our gym coach about the pacer test along with meet Hope. ^ Whoopee!^

“Slow down guys remember crouches,” I say tilting my head to the crutches in my hands. “Sorry Black Canary,” says Jason using my nicknames while scratching the back of his head as I finally catch up with them. “It’s fine to let’s just go before lunch ends I am hungry,” I said as we head into the gym when I remembered my plan. I still need to give Jason and Kara the goodbye letters. *Oh yeah soon I won’t see them for as long as they think we will. At least now I won’t be able to bother them anymore. Jason won’t have to wait for me at the end of the street so we could talk. And he could go out with Hope like he wanted to. Kara would have less competition when it comes to ballet tryouts. I am doing them a solid they don’t need to baby me anymore. No one will not even myself* I thought. *The voices will stop no more looking at the knife, in lust. Or wanting to kill someone, along with dreams of torture*. ^Yeah honey like we said your end is the end^. I felt like screaming as the Voice poisonous sound rings through me.

“Hey are you ok, ” asks Kara. “Yeah don’t worry about it I am just thinking about something,”.^More like hearing something, but don’t worry it will end soon just remember the goodbye^.

“Hey if you guys don’t see me for a while, remember that I love you guys ok, “I said not looking at them to see their faces.

“What do you mean are you going somewhere ?” Said Kara frantic, she was always caring for me but if you annoy her too long she will fight you in a heartbeat. “No nothing major just you know visiting some family for a while, ” I said as Jason goes to talk to out gym coach for us while we talk. ^family on the other side^

“But why all your family lives in New Orleans?”She asked. “No not all of them I have am Aunt who lives in Maryland,”I lie.^Ooohh lying you your best friend when you know it’s your last time to see her how pityful^

“How long is a while? Wait are you sure cause Hop–”

“Look it doesn’t matter what Hope says or doesn’t I am nor Hope nor will I ever be.  I am just going away for some time and to answer your how long question. I am not sure but I will come back ok?” I lie. *Thou I hate lying to them it is necessary for their own good. She doesn’t need to know, I am just a burden her parents don’t even like me as they prefer Hope. Once again Hope wins The Voices in my head win. But soon it won’t matter I am ending this soon maybe in the next life I will be happier. *

“Plus I am going cause of family issues something happened with Hope and they think it’s best I go away for a while. just for two weeks,“ I said then took out her letter. ” Here in two days open this letter if I don’t tell you everything that’s going on OK? But you gotta promise me that you won’t tell Jason, I will tell him later on in the day okay.“ She nodded. I wanted to tell her more. Tell her everything but I knew if I did then she would try to convince me not too which wouldn’t help anyone.

“Hey,” said Jason poking my cheek and breaking me from my thoughts. “Huh,” I turn to face then but both of then have confusion written on their face.“Sorry just thinking of when we are going for the trip,” I said acting excited.

“Are you sure?” said Kara death staring me in the eyes and poking my chest. “Yes, Kara I am 100% sure now stop poking me,” I said moving away from her so she nor Jason can poke me. Jason frowns while Kara fake cries. “Oh hey guys,” said Hope as she joins us. We haven’t talked ever since she came into my room last week, which I am grateful for but sadly she decided to hang out with Kara, and Jason. I don’t get how someone can be so fake. She acts like we never had a problem with each other in the first place.*^I do it’s just like how you’re being fake about killing yourself^ Ignoring the voice to best I can I focus on what it in front of me. Jason and Kara are laughing at some joke Hope said. *Jason, kara I am going to miss you two so much but this is for your own good you guys can’t be doing this to you guys, pulling you into my life no point punishing you guys for my sins and mistakes.* I thought.^Yet here you are still in their lives hurry up ^ 

“Yeah I  just a lot on my mind,” I said leaning onto him. Jason, Kara and I always had this kind of relationship. Always caring and supporting each other.  *It doesn’t matter now does it. It’s too later be thinking about that, not like things will get better or something.* I thought as we were about to enter the cafeteria when Kara was called for early dismissal.^finally your thinking like me so why don’t you finish it ^ I felt like another person was in the room whispering this in my ears, but guess what I am falling for it.

I pull Kara in for a hug, not a side hug like I normally do but a full one. I take in her scent as she wraps her arms around me. She smells like strawberries and banana. I felt happy in her arms as her body heat radiates onto me.I felt at peace, nothing could make me mad, or want to cry, the bad thoughts went away. I was at peace and happy, but like all good stuff, it must come to an end  "See you tomorrow,“ she said as we let go then ran off. I felt tears prick my eyes. “Come Canary time food,” Jason puts his arm around me as we went over to the lunch line.^Yeah get your last meal before you pass^ said Voice, might as well give it a name since it will with me till my end.

——————————-Time skip bros end of the school day ———————

I took a deep breath as I walk over to the outside bench with Jason, my crush, behind me. “Hey, are you OK?” He said as he places our stuff down and takes a seat. “ Yeah Just haven’t been getting the best sleep,” I sorta lie.^liar liar death on fire ^

The truth is that I try not to sleep at all and use coffee creamer to stay up planning my end and writing my goodbye letters. Half of my goodbyes are finished. And I already choose the outfit I am going to wear. Just cause I am going to die doesn’t mean I cannot be happy as I do it. But mostly it’s because at night I have nightmares and I wake up screaming which annoys the living hell out of everyone at home, one way to not annoy them is to not sleep ya know.

“So when do you want me to come over for Ms.Greene’s. Project ?”

“Oh right about that—”. ^You can’t cause I am going to kill myself ^ I shake my head trying to get those word out of my head.

“Let me guess I can’t cause of family issues and you cannot come to my house cause Your not allowed out the house for reasons your not telling me,” he said. I felt guilty for leaving him hanging so much lately. We have been best friends since pre-k. We used to play with the building blocks as Marcel would take us to the playground. I sigh as Jason rubs the back of his neck.”What is up with you ever since Kara and I have been hanging out with Hope and you got your leg hurt you have just been so distant

“Look Jason I know I normally tell you everything but honestly. I think I just need some space,” I said. I grew cold with every word I said to him. I am not sure if it was because of the cold but I knew it was most likely for the best. ^You’re going to die soon don’t make it harder for us ^ said Voice in my head.

“So are you still gonna come to my basketball game today after school right?” His eyes lighted. I  wanted to yes so I can see crush the  other team.“ No, I won’t I got to head to the Quarter house,” I said to him. His smile disappears from his face.

“B-but you always come to them so we can have Ice cream,” I take a deep breath .*I wish we could do that forever * I thought as I took his hand in mine  "Look Jason I know we always do that but I can’t this time —“

“Ahh  Y/n there you are.  ” I said Uncle Elijah and Hope. I quickly let go of Jason’s hand and put my hands on my crutches. * shoot I forgot Uncle Elijah was picking me and Hoe I mean Hope up* I thought as Jason picks up his books. I opened my mouth to talk him but he was already walking away. “I will finish Ms.Greene’s  project on my own. let you have some Space,” he spat out the words like daggers then disappeared in the distance between us.

I place my stuff in my backpack, slipped it on and went to Uncle Elijah and Hope beginning our trek to the house.

I pull out my iPod and headphones and start listening to ‘work out’ by j cole. He is one of Jason and I favorite singers. We walked together for thirty-five minutes before Uncle Elijah actually talks to me. Hope is on Uncle Elijah back since she got tired ten minutes ago from walking.

*honestly Uncle Elijah the Little shit can walk on her own  * I thought and continued walking thinking about Jason and I’s relationship if still even have one after today. ^what is there to think about it’s over and you ruined it ^ I felt my heart churn at her voice. *shut it voice*


It’s been two hours since we got home and so far, it’s just been Mom and sperm donner yelling at each other about something that is most likely about Hope or some ‘new enemy ’. I sigh as hear another vase slams my door again. *Uncle Elijah going to yell * I thought. At first, when they occurred I was scared out of my mind, but now I am used to it it doesn’t matter.

^Honestly, what is there for me to worry about. I am not gonna be here in the future so I am fine Right? Why don’t you just pick up a knife and slit your throat no one will notice your dead until the deed is done^. I hugged my pillow closer to my chest and pushed the hollow feeling into the back of my mind. I found these thoughts popping up in my head more often lately. Maybe it was bound to happen you know. ^So what are you gonna go^ said the voice.  

I get off of my bed and walk over to my closet, get into my good bye clothes (https://www.polyvore.com/my_good_bye/set?id=215314515), my wonder woman hat on top. I grab my birthday money and Uncle Elijah old phone which he let me have, doesn’t have a sim card but it still works, and the directions to place. I grab the rest of the letters I need to give and put them in my backpack. “Now the major problem getting out of this house,” I said until it finally hit me.

 I took off all of my bed sheets, which were a lot by the way, off from the bed then threw them out the window. I placed them in a way that they fall one on top of another. I took the pillow cases off of my pillows and threw them down as well. I tossed out my crutches. *I Hope I survive * I thought as I balance standing on the edge of the window. I pull the pillows to my chest and do the leap of faith from assassin’s creed, but it was kinda hard to do with my hurt leg. I groan as I hit the ground even though I made a pile it still hurt. I grabbed my crutches and struggled to get off of the blankets. Once that was over, head straight for Rousseau (Marcel and Cami’s bar). By the time I got there Cami’s shift was hadn’t begun yet thankfully. The room was full of people. I was about to take a seat when ” Y/n what are you doing here,“ said Marcel after I nearly have a heart attack. Thou would kill me it’s not the way I want to go.

 “Oh hey Marcel, how are you?” I said giving him a fake smile but I knew he wasn’t falling for it.“Nice try Y/n ” he said as we take a seat at a nearby table. “So mind telling me what you are doing here?” “I wanted to give this to you,” I said taking out the letters for him and Cami. “They are thank you letters for you and Cami. I wasn’t able to give Jason his either so can you give it to him? ,” I place them onto the table and slide it over to him. “I was hoping to see both of you here. but since Cami isn’t here can you please give this to her?” I query.

 He nods his head and takes the letters. I fight the tears and smile that threaten to break my heartless facade, but I couldn’t help but smirk at knowing those who I truly care about knowing how I feel about them. But as soon as it came it went.“So mind telling me what you are doing giving this to me,” he asked. *Oh Uncle Marcel even thou I didn’t say it a lot to you ‘I love you ’ you may not be blood but you are no water* I thought as I give him a smile. “No Uncle Marcel just a simple thank you letter were supposed to write and deliver one to those who you love,” I said getting up from the table and left Rousseau, leaving Marcel alone looking at the letters.

 _________________________time skip arrival death place_______________

“Finally” passing the entrance of the local indoor pool. No one was here other than me. I passed the locker area and went to the pool. *Huh the little shit is about to do it finally. Thought you were gonna plague the world some more. I don’t see why you are here still you made it this far let’s do it shall we* I wanted to fight the voice but I knew it was no choice. The reason I chose the pool was because of it the one place that no one would look for me. 

When I was young Jason and I would come here with Cassandra Winchester sometimes we all would just play on the not deep side of the pool, but we stopped once she left for a mission and never came back. I highly doubt Jason even remembers this place. No one else knows about this place since I never told anyone about it. The light from the water light up the entire room so it wasn’t dark. I didn’t take off my shoes or jewelry since they all had meant something to me. I walk over to the deep side of the pool that was 7ft. “Goodbye life,” I said then dropped into the water. 

The cold temperature pricked my skin but I didn’t let it bother me as I sank to the bottom. My vision was blurry but I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the water or lack of oxygen. I felt my body slowly sink close to the pools floor*Finally this is it. You free now you don’t have to burden others with your presence.* I thought as black spots blur my vision. I suddenly felt more tired than usual. *maybe a good rest* I slowly close my eyes and release the all the air in my lungs as darkness kills me.

_________Third POV at home_______________time past____________ _____________________________________________________________

No one notices how Y/n has jumped from her bedroom window over Klaus’s screaming. Kol rolls his eyes as his brother talks about how high and mighty he now that he is a hybrid. “Dear Brother Niklaus might you please stop screaming before Hope wakes up,” said Elijah Pouring himself a drink of whiskey. “Klaus opens his mouth to say more but nothing comes out. He storms out of the house slamming the door in his rage making Hope stir in her sleep. “Well that was dramatic,” said Hayley walking into the living room with a tea in her hand. “Has anyone ever told you that is how this family works,” said Cami sitting down next to her. “Cami doesn’t your shift start soon,” said Elijah, Cami chokes on her drink then runs out the room to get to work.

 “Mommmmyyyy!!!!!!” Screamed Hope, the Originals immediately run to her side. She was inside her sister’s room with a letter in her hand. Tears ran down her cheeks as Hayley comforts her child. “Hope what’s wrong?“Said, Elijah, while taking the letter out of her hands. He nearly passes out from what he reads.“There is one in everyone’s room” Hope stuttered holding onto her mother. Elijah hands the letter to Kol, who just stared dead at the letter noticing Y/n’s handwriting, Elijah walks out the room and quickly collects all the other letters.

 “Hope what happened?” said Kol trying not to be angry after reading Hope’s letter.

“Y/n is committing suicide,” she said.

 Everyone froze upon hearing this. That one of their loved ones was willing to take their own life and no one knew why or how she would scream in her pillow at night or how she tried not to sleep til the point she naturally has insomnia. “Why would she do that?” Asked Freya. 

“Why wouldn’t she, you always favor Hope more than her. You didn’t even notice that she was kidnapped,” said Kol glaring at him family “Brother do we—” “STOP BLOODY LYING. DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER HER MIDDLE NAME OR THE LAST TIME YOU LET HER CHOOSE FOR HER BIRTHDAY,” screamed Kol. “You ignore her cause she is human. Cause she isn’t as powerful as Hope. Yet you forget that you were once the same as her but at least we had someone who noticed and cared at least we had each other,” said Kol. “Rebekah,” he said pointing to her “ you have been begging for a human in this family and when we finally have one you ignore the girl”. Rebekah opens her mouth but no words come out. 

“Aaahh and the mother,” he said turning to Hayley. “You wondered about how you treated both of them so badly, but guess what you did even worse you only cared for one,” he spats. Hayley glares at Kol but knows deep down is words are completely right. She never once thought about what Y/n would want to do for her birthday or how she would drink coffee in the morning. “You people may not care for her but I do and I won’t let you people be the reason of her death,” said Kol, storming out the house. Everyone one froze upon hearing these words. The thought of Y/n finally ringing in their heads. Hope dries her her eyes and pulls her mom into a hug. 

The despair was too great that you could cut it with a knife. “I will begin a locator spell,” Freya walks out the door with Y/n’s necklace to begin the spell. Rebekah follows silently out of the house. “Elijah w–"Hayley opens her mouth to ask him a question when she already knows the answer. ‘Was Y/n ever treated like Hope’. They all knew the answer is ‘No’. “ Hope honey its time for bed, ” said Hayley.“ Uncle Elijah will look for Y/n and by tomorrow we will have her back I promise she will be back alive,” Hayley pulls hee daughter in for a hug, Elijah leaves the room but not after placing all the remaining letters on Y/n’s desk before leaving. Hope nods her head and gets ready for bed by herself for the first time in her life. Her mother asked if she needed help, but she denied it and continued on her own. "Mommy you should go find Y/n I will be fine,” Hayley nods and follows her request and leaves the house.


Yoonseok au where Yoongi aka Agust D is a famous rapper who is smitten with Hoseok, a waiter at a cafe 11/?

Ooo I wonder how Yoongi and Jungkook know each other?? Hahahahaa I love angst and secrets. 😇


WELL! The amazingly talented @outlandishchridhe saw a quilt pattern and decided to make me a wee giftie. She made me pick out a few different options of sets of colors, and wouldn’t even tell me what she picked! Rude, right!? (I LOVE YOU ISH!)

Anyway, she teased me endlessly about what it looked like and all sorts of torture. But. IT’S CATS!!! AND ISN’T IT PRETTY!?

I put it on my bed and Wes was the first one to jump up there. And he laid down just like that. (I think he was posing for you @widchadidcha) Ish even made me record a video of myself opening the box so she could get my super squeaky voice. I’m so blown away that she would take the time and make me something so beautiful. I’m glad we’re friends, Ish! My life would be much duller without you in it!!

“After we broke up. I was waiting to receive midnight messages or even a 1-second missed call but it was disheartening that I didn’t hear anything from you. It’s really torturing me when I was the one who leaves but it seemed like you live your life just fine even without me.

I thought to myself, every single night,
“Did I mean nothing to him?”
“Did he even care?”
“Did he even love me?”“
She said while their eyes were glued to each other’s gaze.

"It would be more easy for me to move forward if you just tell me that you don’t love me anymore or you never loved me, at least I do have a reason to move on or to at least ease the pain.” She continued and still staring at him while her tears are about to fall.

He stares at her for awhile and lit up a cigarette then put it in his mouth without saying a word.

—  L., Excerpt; This is how we end
falling for you (reddie)

summary: the winter formal is coming around, and everyone is scrambling to find dates. eddie is hoping that maybe the signs richie’s been giving him means that richie will ask him, but is disappointed when he learns that richie has accepted another date.

pairing: reddie

word count: 2.9k

warnings: none

a/n: this is my first reddie writing and one shot (it’s fuckin’ long im sorry, i probs should’ve broke it up in parts), so i hope it’s not too horrible. i haven’t read the book yet, only seen the movie/tv series, so i don’t know all of the nuances yet! i’ll do my best <3 feedback and comments/likes are appreciated and welcomed! oh also. the losers are around 16/17, taking place in modern times. some things might be different but i hope you welcome it

OH. song of the one shot is fallingforyou by the 1975. i listened to it while writing so maybe i’ll get you in the right mood

“gaaaay!” the losers looked over towards the end of their cafeteria table, not one of them surprised to see the person behind the call was none other than richie tozier.

despite richie being the only one to not have the same lunch period as them, he still managed to get out of history to come and bother the gang.

“beep. beep. richie.” stan pronounced each word with a hard pause, a slight glare finding his features as he gripped his boyfriend, bill’s, hand tighter.

“i’m just joking around. don’t get your damn panties in a twist, staniel..” the trashmouth grinned, taking a seat in the spot that he normally sat in - right next to eddie. “besides, everyone knows i ship stenbrough so hard.” a lanky arm was tossed around eddie’s shoulders, one which he shrugged off just as quickly in protest of his behavior.

everyone was used to richie’s antics, and ignored them for the most part. though, that hardly ever stopped tozier from continuing them. “mike, have you found a date to the winter formal yet?” beverly questioned across the table, leaning into ben’s side as his eyes glossed over homework reading instead of focusing on the lunch in front of him.

ahh. winter formal. in a small town like derry, maine, a school dance was something highly anticipated. buzz generally began weeks before.

“i’m stuck between rosie and taylor. you guys think they’d be down for a threeway date?”

as it was now, bill and stan, and ben and bev were supppsed to be attending the dance as couples, respectively. the only three without dates was richie, eddie, and mike.

the dance was only a week out, and eddie found himself shifting uncomfortably at the talk of the dance. he wasn’t sure that he would attend, but a huge part of him was hoping that he would be forced to go if a certain someone asked him to be their date.

“sure they would! who wouldn’t want some mclovin from you, mike? be careful, though. having two love interests can get preeeetty messy. eds and his mom would know.”

a frown crossed eddie’s face as he shoved richie’s shoulder gently. “beep beep richie! and don’t call me that! y’know i hate it when you call me that.” the frown on eddie’s face didn’t quite match the now hammering of his heart after registering that richie had identified him as a love interest. maybe eddie was reading too much into his joking. maybe richie’s increased flirting and touches was just him trying to be more annoying than usual.

“are you and eddie p-planning on g-g-going to the dance?” bill questioned, shooting a knowing look in both richie and eddie’s direction, causing eddie’s cheeks to lightly flush a pink while averting his gaze down onto his untouched food.

richie turned his attention on eddie, a small smile finding his lips as he stared at the pretty, small, teenage boy. it had taken him a few days to decide whether he wanted to go big with his formal date invitation to eddie or not.

it would have been his first time asking eddie out.

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I Dare You

Don’t think about how Sam Cortland would look in his skin tight black suit. Don’t think of how it would hug all of his features perfectly. 

Don’t think about Sam Cortland shirtless and sweaty in the training room. Don’t think about his agile body performing perfect backflips. 

Don’t think about Sam Cortland’s strong arms winding around Celaena’s waist as he pulls her tightly to him while they kiss. Don’t think of his large, calloused, scarred hands roaming her body, memorizing her. 

Don’t think about how the last words we read Sam Cortland say is ‘I love you’ to Celaena and she doesn’t say it back. Don’t think about how he accepted that and just hoped that one day she might reciprocate his feelings, but now will never know.

Don’t think about Sam Cortland’s gloriously built and beautiful body severed and shredded and burned and sliced. Don’t think about his eyes missing from his head. 

Don’t think about how Sam Cortland died at a younger age than his mother. Don’t think about how he died while trying to secure a new life with the woman he so desperately loved. 

Don’t think about Sam Cortland. I dare you.

You know, I don’t think Albus Potter gets enough credit nor love from fans.
The only time fans really talk about Albus is when he is with Scorpius, but not him individually.

I have heard some complaints from fans saying that in the DH or TCC, Albus is pretty much just “emo” or
“rude”, or “selfish”, and in TCC’s case: “stupid”; because of the decisions he makes.

Yes, Albus can be selfish. Yes, Albus can be rude. Yes, Albus can make stupid decisions. And yes, Albus can be negative and gloomy, but there’s more to him than that.

First off, Albus actually has a reason to constantly feel grumpy, introverted, and rude. Nearly the whole school mocks him daily just because of his family name and what house he was sorted into. Even his own cousin wants nothing to do with him! So, you can’t blame him for feeling the way he does. Oh, and he’s a teenager! of course he is going to feel that everyone and everything is against him. Harry sure did when he was his son’s age.

Yes the whole ordeal with the time turner was a dumb call, but all Albus wanted was acceptance and to prove to people that he was as good — or even better — than his father by fixing his mistakes. Sure it was the wrong call and motivation, but he felt like he had no other choice, although he did. All he needed was a certain best friend to snap him out of it.

Albus’ best traits do come from his moments with Scorpius — which is about 98% of the play — it takes too long to say it all together, so I’ll just put the traits and moments like this:

-He befriends Scorpius despite his surname and the rumours that were said about him. No matter what Rose said, even though they were apparently very close.

-He is not afraid to show his emotions by crying and hugging and so forth.

-He assures Scorpius that he will be at his mother’s funeral without hesitation.

-He is shown to be happier around Scorpius no matter what.

-He is willing to take Delphi’s torture, and is absolutely horrified and even sobbing when Scorpius gets tortured instead.

These moments show that Albus is a great friend, as well as a good-hearted person. He is loyal, caring, determined, brave, honest, and emotional.

I am sure there already quite a few people who agree with me, but while Scorpius gets all the love (even though it is well deserved), and I see reviews stating what a bad or annoying character Albus was, I just felt like I should post about my thoughts to support his character. Besides, right from the beginning I find myself strongly relating to him.

detvardet  asked:

hey ITS ME AGAIN SOZ BUT I DISNT ASK AND DISCUSS ONE THING AND JO IS AMAZING TO TALK TO. so what do you think happened in the evening? that was the scene i just realized would be perfect for the end. idk, id love to see at least one more malec talk. imagine them curled up by the fire, or maybe on the balcony, alec resting his head on Magnus' lap and them just.. talking? (and cuddling heheheheheheheh) about the crazy stuff that happened that day. it'd definitely be adorable wouldnt it

NITSA YOU’RE THE BEST OKAY??! That’s totally perfect and I can think of how it goes(in a hundred and one cheesy and sappy ways because I’m me, okay).

So we leave off from here, your previous ask!

By the time they step out of portal into Magnus’ loft, the sun was casting a warm golden glow over the interior of the apartment. Magnus hums and steps toward the side table, hand instinctively reaching out for the scotch when he’s tugged by strong arms around his middle and he stumbles back into Alec. He worries for a moment that the force with which he hit Alec would bring them both to the ground, but Alec stood rooted and he relaxes as he feels a warmth spread from where his back was in contact with Alec’s chest. Magnus felt Alec snake his arms tighter around his ribcage and feels him nosing at his neck, letting loose a shaky breath that sent a jolt through Magnus’ body. 

“What’s wrong?” Magnus placed a comforting hand lightly on Alec’s, which were clasped around him. After a long beat, he felt more than heard the light whisper against his shoulder, “I thought…I thought I lost you.” All Magnus could think of was same here, darling, same here, instead, he slowly laces his fingers with Alec’s and turns around. He looks up into teary eyes, and tries not to focus on how beautiful those hazel eyes shone under the dipping sun, tries not to remember how they almost lost their light that night, tries not to imagine a future without their owner. He forces a smile, feeling a tinge of sourness fight its way up to his own eyes, as he breathes more than says, “We’re here, Alexander. That’s all that matters.” Magnus gently swipes Alec’s moist cheek with the thumb of his free hand, before closing his eyes as Alec bows slightly, forehead leaning on his and they just breathe, like how they did outside the Institute. The only difference now, is that in the quiet loft, they could hear each other’s heart beating steadily, almost loud enough to drown their fears as they echo off the walls of the apartment.

They didn’t know how long they stood there, but the glow from the sky had turned a light indigo when they separated and they stripped each other slowly, almost solely by touch, as all that they could see were faint outlines of each other, lit by the last sliver of the setting sun. There wasn’t any talking, there wasn’t a need to, at least not yet, as they took a warm shower together. Hands glide over soaped bodies, trying to commit every dip of muscle, every edge of bone and every drip of warmth seeping through fingertips to memory. 

Magnus snaps his fingers and the fireplace lit up, soft crackling sounding through the loft as sparks turn to slow flames. He holds out a towel with open arms from where he’s seated on the couch towards Alec, who was tying his bathrobe as he padded across the mahogany floor. Alec looks up and flashes a soft smile as he settles between Magnus’ legs that were elegantly spread along the couch, and lets Magnus dry his hair. It was a comfortable silence and Magnus let the wet towel slip off onto the floor as he feels Alec leaning back towards him, settling his head on his shoulder. Magnus slips one arm around Alec and the other hand through Alec’s slightly damp hair, and Alec tilts his head up to drop a kiss on his jaw, before he whispers, “I love you,” and Magnus is once again, lost for words as he looks into honest, open eyes.

“I love you too.” Magnus continues running his fingers through Alec’s hair, and they fall asleep, warm and safe in each other’s arms. There were more things to be said, but they could always wait till tomorrow. 

Withering Away Innocence (Part 1)

Originally posted by suirisblack

Pairing: Hvitserk X Reader

Word Count: 3100

Warnings: (Explicit) being so innocent about sex it’s hilarious, yet oddly erotic when teaching it

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4-

While he always thought his marriage would be filled with love making and wild hedonism shared with a beautiful woman, you seem more inclined to run away from him then scoot even an inch closer. You’re forced to confess, you’ve grown up very sheltered.

Gods you looked like a child. Hvitserk sighed into the chalice as he downed it. In the bed you had hiked up the blanket up to your nose, watching him like he was suppose to nurture you from a nightmare, the nightmare of marrying him. It stung, not going back to Margrethe stung, why did he ever agree to this.

Coming back to the bed he decided he was feeling too sore to have any pleasure with you, setting down the drink on the nightstand and putting his back to you.

“So… are we not going to make love?”

Trying not to shake his head at how mousy you sounded he answered. “No.”

A hard and slow sigh fell from you, and then another…and then another. Glancing back your face was no longer frightful and anticipating, your hand rubbing your forehead as you relaxed.

“That relieved?” You didn’t seem to notice the bite in his tone.

“Yes very.” You were quick to correct, a genuine enough concern for his feelings. “Oh! No offense on you! It’s just,” you sighed again, frustrated this time, and sat up adjusting the blanket to cover your modesty. “I should confess. I don’t know what men and women do when they lay with one another.”

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Meant to Be - Part Eight: Silence

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 2485

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks

Dedicated to: @falling-open, @jamiltonhivemind, and @sovroski for drawing me tHE BEST ART PLEASE YOU ARE ALL AMAZING 

also @mymintispeeling for adding tags that literally make me laugh out loud (ex. #we’re reaching new tips of the yikesberg)

A/N: this is a lot… i feel like it’s badly organized aaah, but enjoy anyway <3

“You can’t be in here.”

“He was just trying to work on his art project.”

“School’s over, boys. Pack up your things and leave.”

“He can’t! He passed out.”

“That’s not my problem. We could have a lawsuit on our hands if the board found out one of you got hurt when the school’s supposed to be closed.”

“With all due respect, sir, that’s not my problem.”

John’s eyes cracked open slightly. His mouth felt dry. His head was pounding. He blinked twice to clear his vision, and tried to take in his surroundings. He was staring at a pair of loafer-clad feet. He was very close to the floor, but his head felt cushioned. He rolled his head to look up, and found himself staring at Aaron’s chin, set forward defiantly. He realized then that his head was nestled into the boy’s lap.

Aaron looked down when John shifted his head, and his eyes brightened. “John, you’re awake! Are you okay?”

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anonymous asked:

Reactions to their s/o saying she feels bad about them having to spend money on her please

Shu:  So would you rather not have me give you any more gifts then?  Fine I won’t pay for any gifts or dates.  It’s all on you.  What’s with your face?  That’s what you wanted right?  Haha you can stop pouting now I was just playing with you…don’t feel bad I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t a hassle.

Reiji: You don’t like me spending money on you? Well excuse me for playing the role of a gentleman. Feel free to buy all this stuff yourself, since you prefer me not being polite. No? That’s what I thought. Now let me do this, it’s my choice. And I expect a “thank you” as well.

Ayato:  Why are you so worried about it?  Don’t you see the huge ass mansion Ore-Sama lives in?  I have enough money to buy myself a yacht and a penthouse but I decide to spend it on you.  Instead of complainin’, feel grateful!!!!!

Kanato: Instead of complaining, why don’t you just accept my gift like a good dolly would. I’m doing it because I love you, and I expect the same from you *kisses her cheek* Good, now take the damn gift!!

Laito:  Oh you’re right Bitch-chan~ Why should the man who’s a lot more rich pay for the dates?  That’s simply terrible and torturous!!! Fufu~ I’m just being sarcastic Bitch-chan I don’t mind spoiling you at all!  It’s cute that you’re so concerned though nfu~

Subaru: Why don’t you like it? I’m doing it cause I wanna… And it’s not like money is a problem for me. Just don’t worry about it, okay? Let me do this… I wanna make you happy. I just wanna be a good boyfriend. 

Ruki:  Hmm? It’s not a problem Livestock.  Who do you think pays for all their brothers’ things. I have more than enough money to indulge you.   I have no problem with it unless you have bad behavior.  But since you’ve been such an obeident Livestock for the past while, I don’t mind spending on you.

Kou: M-neko-chan. don’t worry about it. Not meaning to brag, but my career results in a lotta money for me. So whatever you want, it’s yours, whatever makes my little kitten happy! Just make sure you pay me back later, if you know what I mean *winks*

Yuma:  Hahaha you think this is my money?? Honestly Sow I just get a huge ass allowance from both Ruki and Karlheinz so it’s technically their hard earned money. But even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t mind paying for you. Just be lucky I love you dork.

Azusa: Hm? No really…its no big deal….I promise…I just want you happy….but if spending money on you doesn’t make you happy…I won’t do it…whatever you want *kisses her cheek* but I wanna…buy you this necklace at least.

Love Poem

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In which you’re in love with your best friend Harry, and he reads a poem you never meant for him to find

Your best friend, Harry, calls you one afternoon, “Hello, Y/N, can we do our movie night tomorrow night instead of tonight?”

“I guess so, why?”

“I’ve got a date tonight, and I’m gonna spend the night over there.”

Your heart drops. All you wanted was to spend time with Harry, and he’s going off with another girl. “Okay, that’s alright,” you finally answer.

“Thank you, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

You’re the first to hang up, and you spend the next few hours feeling down about Harry being on yet another date with someone other than you.

You’ve had feelings for Harry for years now, always hiding them in fear of ruining your friendship, but now you’ve hit your breaking point. You know Harry doesn’t feel the same about you, but you can’t keep having your heart broken, so you write a poem, a love letter of sorts, telling Harry how you feel and saying goodbye.

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Bucky x Reader


Summary: They were both emotionally scarred, and he knew not to take it personally. Based off of Strangers by Halsey featuring Lauren Jauregui.


Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing probably.


Word Count: 2.3k

Originally posted by seabasschino

I knew from the moment that I kissed her that everything changed between us. I liked her–alot. She just drew me in. The mysteriousness surrounding her captivated me. In a way, she reminded me of myself. She was quiet and cold, brushing off any sign of affection from anyone. I knew not to take it personally, I was the same way when I first arrived. HYDRA had us conditioned that we were incapable of love and affection. We were tortured until we became the monster that they wanted us to be. We were deprived of kindness and compassion, something that naturally comes easy to the Avengers. Now, months into her arrival, I had made the irreversible mistake of kissing her when she got shot during one of our missions.

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“In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood like a hundred golden urns pouring out of the sun” (x)


Seth Rollins/OC: You and Seth and the aftermath of the nightmare. A look back at your relationship, that isn’t quite as over as you two thought. Fluff. Part 2 of Nightmare.

Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00 @the-geekgoddes @phenominalstyles @that-lolachick @panic-angel3314 @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @missdibiase @heelturn-timesten

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What A Difference A Few Hours Makes

The pictures above were all taken on Tuesday. I was feeling great after recently seeing my girlfriends on Sunday and having a blast at a friend’s going away party. My work was going well and I was also looking forward to spending time in the evening with some friends. We went out to Mod Pizza and I had my favorite gluten free and dairy free pizza. Then, we all saw Ingrid Goes West starring Aubrey Plaza (I freaking love her). I was wearing a dress I had been meaning to wear for a long time and I felt very confident in it. 

Move ahead to much later in the evening and I am unable to sleep and bawling my eyes out into nearly a full box of tissues. What was wrong? Well, it all has to do with stress building up that I had not really had a chance to process. 

I spent part of the same afternoon walking the halls at the office in that wonderful dress while trying to talk with the surgeon’s office regarding my surgery. There were people walking by every now and then and I was trying to be discreet about what they were hearing.. eventually I did find a conference room to sort something out with the Surgeon’s office staff. It is was so stressful. If I wasn’t asking the right questions.. they would have royally screwed something up. Thankfully I cleared up the issue and things are back on track. I just wanted to cry right then and there, but of course it was the middle of the work afternoon so I just put on a brave face and went about my day. The dinner and movie were great and I felt a lot better. I came home though to some paperwork I had to fill out for my surgery date to be set in stone. It was a very detailed list of risks, possible permanent damage and of course possible death that I needed to initial and sign to cover the surgeon’s butt in case of a bad outcome. 

It is terrifying. It is not the first time I have been over this list of risks. This has all been carefully considered and discussed multiple times with professional consultation. It was simply time to let the stress of it all out. I am scared. I am horribly scared. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life and I am in a matter of a few short months going to subject myself to something that could alter my life in horrible ways.. and yet.. there is simply no possible way that I will be turning away from this decision. That is why I was crying so hard.. the fact that for me there really is no choice. Knowing that so definitively and with so much conviction just brought back years upon years of pain as I reminded myself why I KNOW this is what I must do. 

As I was weeping, I was crying for my kids in the unlikely event that I am no longer here in 3 months due to possible complications from the surgery. I was crying for all that my kids had been through as a result of a divorce I did not want. I was crying for all that I had been through in the past 4 years. I was crying for all of you out there that have faced this same thing or actually HOPE to get to this point someday. I was crying because I knew that on Thursday (now tomorrow) that I need to go for yet another 4 hour electrolysis appointment for surgery prep. This is a repeat appointment and the last one subjected me to 22 shots in my groin area, all so that the electrolysis could proceed quickly and painlessly. That alone is amazingly scary and difficult to prepare for, yet I will get in my car tomorrow and drive myself there and then drive myself home to care for myself when it is complete. 

I am tired. My eyes are still puffy a day later and I want to only rest. I want to curl up next to someone that loves me and just makes all of the pain and stress go away, but I am facing this mostly on my own. Friends and family can try to understand and offer sympathy, but only you out there.. my transgender friends know what this truly feels like.. the voluntary walk toward certain pain and certain torture all for the hope of finally being free to be who we are in mind and fully in body(well as near as we can get). 

So.. please forgive me as I take this moment to share my pain, stress, and my fear, as I let the what-ifs take me out of commission for a brief period. However, I plan to continue to show you all how this pain, this battle, is so worth fighting.. and how the fear can be conquered and the pain can be minimized into non-existence.

I will be okay. I am Ariana Danielle Wojcik and soon my body will finally more properly house my soul. 


p.s. please continue to distribute my earlier post about raising money to help cover the cost of my surgery.. here is the link.. 


Soukoku Fluff One-shot Fic Rec List

First things first, I am probably not in any position to make recommendations; I’m just a Soukoku fluff devotee who has dedicated my whole fandom life to hunting down every single one of them.

I try my best not to read angst (bc I don’t need it; my real life is already too angsty lol) but because this is Soukoku, it’s hard to avoid angst completely. Also, I’m not really into smut, unless it’s woven into a good storyline, or sometimes I just read them because there’s no more fluff :(((((( 

BUT Soukoku fluff is my life because these two just deserve all the happiness you know?? So I just want to share my love for these particular fics and the overflowing happiness they have brought me. So here, here kill yourself with fluff (take note that this isn’t in any particular order).

But first here’s the fluffiest official art for you:

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Happy birthday to the greatest and loveliest author on our fandom @wildrhov

I am sure somewhere in this world it’s still the 12th so I am not late I hope for once but even if i am it’s never too late to wish the person who released the best chapter of FMBM today ( note : that said chapter had the deepest secret I had been waiting for since chapter 1 and I wasn’t expecting what happened)

but enough of that BECAUSE today is a special day and sooo i hope that it will be as special as it should be full of love , happiness along with the rest of the days of this year ( we will talk about next year’s happiness with next year’s fanart )  i hope everyone will keep enjoying all the gratsu goodness you still have in store for us and thank you for being a great part of this fandom and one of my best followers and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY~