i just love those pants


And the Woods’ teens are back!! ♥

I wanted to give them all brand new looks for the new year! I gotta say I’m really liking all these looks. ♥♥♥

Ofc I may have went a little overboard on those pants on Devin but I just love them soooooo much!! 

Emery and Celeste are always adorable and cute. I went a little different route in a couple outfits for Emery just to test out some other looks, but I gotta say I love her third and fifth look the most~ ♥

Emery x Devin foreverrr~

wheres-your-rum  asked:

Hello and congrats on your milestone! :D Can I get a fic with Killian saying #15 but the British meaning of pants (in whatever scenario you feel comfortable writing)?

#15: I can’t take you seriously in those pants

Thanks so much for the request! OK, so the holiday music playing in my office got to my grinchy heart, but my mind was also a bit in the gutter… so this happened. It’s Christmas smuff! (Is that a thing?) Enjoy!

It had been weeks – weeks – since they’d had any form of alone time. Between the Thanksgiving preparations and then feast (yeah, Henry had convinced the entire ridiculous family to take part in the gluttonous and somewhat hypocritical tradition), followed by the weeks of Christmas decorating and shopping and, well, explaining to a whole gaggle of fairy tale characters what exactly Christmas was – well it didn’t leave them much opportunity for bedroom activities other than sleeping (passing out would be more accurate). 

It was jolly and festive and happy and entirely free of the hero/villain dichotomy the whole crew had been so consumed by for the past years, so it wasn’t as if Emma was complaining. Not at all. Time with her son, her parents, her brother, the rest of the stitched together family she didn’t have concise labels for – that time was absolutely irreplaceable. 

But so was her time with her pirate. And she hadn’t gotten to see nearly enough of that lean muscle, the wiry chest hair, the sweat dripping down his forehead as he rocked over her, his… 

“Love?” Killian quirked his eyebrow at her. Shit. She’d been staring. And at being caught, she started blushing. Blushing because her boyfriend – live-in boyfriend – had noticed her noticing him. 

(God, she needed to get laid.) 

The last guest was just closing the front door (good riddance) when Emma finally blinked herself back to awareness, Killian’s voice breaking through the fog. “See something you like?” He sauntered toward her (swaggered would be more accurate; he was the great Captain, after all), reaching his hands around her firm hips. 

“Always, babe,” she responded, rising up on her tiptoes and catching his lips in a fierce kiss. Slight as she might be, her badass Savior muscles were nothing to be messed with, and she had him against the wall of their hallway in an instant. 

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Block B Chicago Concert Recap

I’m so emotional right now. Block B was absolutely AMAZING tonight, and my friend and I had the privilege to enjoy it all from the orchestra pit! The concert lasted a little over 2 hours and it just FLEW BY.  Warning: this is a long post. Layout is highlights + recap of the concert + recap of each member.

The Set List

Oh my gosh, they covered practically all of their big tracks! (But, they notably did NOT sing Nillili Mambo, alas…)  I know I’m missing some, and the list is for sure out of order in the middle, but they sang Very Good, Freeze, Romantically, Unordinary Girl, Mental Breaker, Jackpot, Her, Tell Them, 11:30, Halo, Wanna B, Nice Day, Did it or Not, Action, and Be the Light. Also No Joke, Conduct Zero, Charlie Chaplin, and Zico’s Okey Dokey. Encore had Nalina, Very Good Rough Version, and Movie’s Over. 

The Outfits

The boys looked absolutely beautiful! Jailhouse stripes, then Zico/Kyung/PO in red and black urban outfits, then Bastarz in green camo, and then everyone in red and black variants. 

The Audience

My eardrums are still throbbing from the absolute madness that was the pit. Everyone there was clearly a hardcore fan and sang along to all the songs, cheering and waving and dancing. We were on our feet the entire time. It felt awesome to be able to let loose with my craziness amongst sisters who truly understand, lol. GO BBC!
When I was crossing the parking lot of the theater, I was right behind two tiny preteen girls with their dads and I was worried that I would be a grandma in the crowd, but there was a good mix of young adults, tweens, and even some couples who looked to be in their thirties. But the pit only had young women like me, so I was right at home, hehehe. 


My memory is already failing because I can’t remember all the songs they performed or the order, but here it goes…

As soon as the lights dimmed everyone went completely wild - I felt like a sound wall had hit me from behind and I actually had to cover my ears a few times because the screaming was so loud. An intro video played, and then the screen raised, revealing the boys in their jailhouse stripes standing in a row on a raised platform. They went down the stairs on either side of the platform to the main stage and we went wild because they were RIGHT THERE just feet from us and SO BEAUTIFUL. Jaehyo sat on a chair at the left side of the stage and a backup dancer in a black face mask danced his parts for the choreo. They performed Very Good and we were all pumping our arms and singing along. Especially during PO’s part where he invites the audience to sing “weng weng” and “taek taek” it was super loud. 

Then my jaw dropped because they performed Freeze! And then another song… possibly Did It or Not? or Halo? but I can’t recall which because I got too worked up to remember to take notes ;_; 

After a break with a short video, the screen started playing a rose petal motif, then raised to reveal the boys sitting on the platform holding red roses. They sang Romantically and then came down to the main stage and sang Unordinary Girl and threw the roses into the audience. Taeil was the last to go, right as the song ended, and he tried to throw his rose to these girls in the front row… then the song ended and the lights went out. When they came back on, we started cry-laughing because he messed up his throw - the rose didn’t even make it off the stage and was out of reach of the girls. BABY THIS IS WHY YOU ARE MY ULTIMATE BIAS, NEVER CHANGE.

There was another break and then there was a subgroup set. First, Zico, Kyung and PO came out to perform No Joke in red/black outfits. PO was wearing his shiny leather pants and MAN HIS LEGS LOOKED SO DELICIOUS. Then Bastarz came out in green camo outfits (I guess PO just changed his jacked) to perform Conduct Zero and Charlie Chaplin. A lot of fans in the pit knew the choreo and danced along, swinging their arms. I really like the vocals in Bastarz because it’s really easy to tell who’s singing - PO’s husky voice, Ukwon’s more nasally sound and B-Bomb’s smoothness… Swoon.

At this point I was sort of hoping Taeil would come out and sing a solo, but it was Zico singing Okey Dokey! He completely killed it and really knew how to work the crowd, getting everyone to shout “yes, okey dokey yo!” What a prince.

Throughout the concert, the boys addressed the crowed completely in English, with every member saying a few sentences. Most if it was fluffy talk about how they were super excited to be in Chicago, are Chicago BBCs having fun, etc. but it was so adorable and definitely made it feel more personal than speaking through a translator or just a single member. And I loved how the boys made sure the audience knew the choruses to the audience-sings-chorus songs by walking everyone through the lyrics before performing the song. They also did this for Halo and it was SO EPIC. 

Undoubtedly the most widely recognized songs they played were Her and Jackpot, which were performed back to back. During Her, everyone in the pit was doing the arm pump dance and singing along, it was so fun. Mental Breaker was also absolutely amazing. Literally the entire theater bellowed out Taeil’s chorus. They performed so many of my old favorites, like Wanna B and Tell Them and Mental Breaker, they really spoiled us!!!

There was also a short video featuring Ukwon teaching dance moves… like a downward wave, tracing hearts in the air, and wiggling side to side, LOL. It was so random and adorable but we all did the moves - I heard several people joking that this is exactly the threshold of their dance capabilities, hahaha. 

Then too soon, Zico announced that it was time for their last song. I was actually shocked because the time literally flew by. Be the Light started playing and I got hit with the feels YET AGAIN. It was so perfect, Zico and Kyung killed their rap trade-off, PO had the ladies swooning with his part, and of course Taeil’s high note.   Then the members went back to the platform and the screen descended over them. We all waved and shouted and then the lights went out, leaving the message “I will be back” on the screen. Knowing there would be an encore, the audience continuously cheered and chanted “Block B.” Sure enough, a few minutes later, a picture of the terminator appeared on screen next to the words “I will be back” which got a lot of laughs. There was a short video montage featuring quotes from various movie characters like the Joker.

Then Block B came back and performed Nalina and Very Good rough version, which rocked so hard and brought the house down. They said goodbye again, and a movie-credits style video and more pre-recorded footage of the boys played. Then, Block B came out one last time to perform Movie’s Over to wrap up the concert. It was so fitting with the movie theme and when the confetti started falling, I legit got tears in my eyes because it was just so goddamn beautiful. The boys threw water on the crowd and the towels they had been using to wipe their sweat, and even empty water bottles.And yes I did save some confetti in my pocket LOL. Such a perfect concert.

Zico: What a leader - CHARISMATIC AS FUCK. Zico’s english has improved a LOT, he spoke probably the most of all the members and I could understand all of it! His raps were SO FAST and aggressive, his rapport with the crowd so strong, especially since most people seemed to have Zico as their bias. His standout moment was definitely Okey Dokey where he totally owned the stage by himself. And later when he threw water on the crowd, some landed on me, so Hallelujah I’ve been Zico-Baptized! <3 

Kyung: Damn, Kyung is looking more handsome with each public appearance. He was such a gentleman, always walking around and making eye contact with as many fans as he could. And he did his shoulder dance(!!!) near the end of Her when the other members are in a circle around him. Thank you, oppa. 

Jaehyo: Poor Jaehyo was still recovering from his knee surgery so he was sitting off to the side singing and doing the arm choreography. There was no underwear throwing like in SF, possibly because of some really grumpy-looking security guards at the foot of the stage. But whenever he sang a line we waved at him to give him some love in the corner! For the non-choreo songs, Jaehyo would get up and walk around with the other members. His legs looked really thin, he seems like he lost some weight? Jaehyo, you are handsome regardless of your weight, you beautiful man!

B-Bomb: I was surprised to find my eyes repeatedly drawn to Minhyuk! He may be an understated member of the group, but man does he have a stage presence. He is sooooo attractive in person, all lithe and slender and his dance moves were on POINT - those hips don’t lie. Smooth and subtle and fitted blazers, UGHGHG. And his suspenders in the jailhouse outfit - YESSS. Minhyuk, I don’t care how much plastic surgery you had, it was worth it to have the perfection that is your face now. THANKS. And his voice!! It’s so subtle and smooth but he sounds GREAT live - I’m sure he rose on a lot of peoples’ bias lists after tonight!!!

P.O: OMG, Jihoon is such an adorable little butterfly trapped in a huge smexy body. When he commented that “time is flying” he started fluttering his arms like a bird and rammed Jaehyo on his left and then Taeil on his right. He bumped Taeil so hard the poor tiny man smashed into Kyung on his other side, earning a finger wag from Jaehyo. SOOO CUTE. And I am completely in love with his fluffy platinum hair + emo glasses look. But contrast all that with his inherent smexiness and UGH. Whenever he opened his mouth everyone went crazy because THAT DEEP HUSKY VOICE IS JUST UGH. And shitttt I love those leather pants on those thighs… I couldn’t help it, I kept looking at his dick whenever he was in front of me. :)

U-Kwon: He danced so energetically! At one point he even spun so hard that he bumped into the speakers at the very front of the stage. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him during Conduct Zero where he has the best choreo feature ever. Even though his hair started out slicked back, before long it was hanging in his eyes because he danced so hard. XD Despite this, he was adorably bashful during the talking parts, such a cutie pie. 


TAEIL: MY ULTIMATE BIAS… I can die in heaven after tonight. I love seeing his beautiful little face without a hat… UGH THANK YOU TAEIL. He doesn’t have a big stage personality like Zico or Kyung, but he was so sweet and earnest, with his adorable accented english and killer vocals. His high line near the end of Did It or Not? literally stopped my breath. And in the end-credit video, Taeil was credited second, right after Zico. So proud of you, baby hyung :’))) 

Then contrast that with his physical DERPINESS… his passable dancing (like his half-assed knee bends in Her, LOL)… the botched rose toss that basically landed at his feet… please marry me you perfectly imperfect angel. 

Near the end of the concert, Taeil looked right at me and I quickly made a heart sign with my hands… he broke into a smile and nodded, and held my gaze for several seconds. UGHDSHSGH THAT MOMENT LITERALLY MADE MY NIGHT, I AM STILL GIDDY. 


So, uh, this is mostly a rhetorical question, but: What’s up with making arguments about Mary based on the idea that she “kept her assassin gear”?

Because… what assassin gear? Those are just black clothes.

She’s got a black hat, turtleneck, boots, and gloves that you might find in the wardrobe of any random person.

The pants look like some kind of tactical / cargo pants, which are a less common fashion choice, but certainly not unheard of. And standard wear for a number of non-murder-based jobs and activities.

The closest thing to specialized gear she has is a tactical vest, but those aren’t exactly hard to get. People wear them for paintball.

Maybe people are just assuming she has a bunch of James Bond gadgets in her pockets or something? Because otherwise I have no flipping idea what this is about. Like, maybe she kept her old stuff, maybe she didn’t. But who cares when you could literally have Amazon ship all of this stuff to you overnight? There’s no real evidence about her character or motivations down this path.

And yes, she also has a gun, but that’s not the point being made in the arguments I’m referring to. (Plus I’m pretty sure Amazon ships guns to the UK overnight in Sherlock-land anyway, considering how easily characters get them in this show.)

Maul Donna is a Material Ghoul!
I have a interesting story about this drawing. I was trying to make an Adore Delano fanart but her mouth was SO Madonna that I gave up and turned her in 80’s Madonna. I love those just-wake-up hair and lingeries above skirts, pants and everything.
While I was doing her, I was thinking about her life in Monster High. She would definetly try to take Cleo’s title of most popular and maybe she will get along with Toralei for that. But Operetta would be her best ghoulfriend and wouldn’t believe in her bad behaviour with other monsters. Rebels sometimes are not accepted in groups and Oppy would think Maul Donna is a misunderstood rebel like her.

Donna is also the daughter of El Capeta (hahahaha) and he is the owner of all the Maul where the ghouls go shopping. She’s rich and as a good villain jealous of the killing style of Monster High. She’ll try to bought everything before the ghouls. However, she doesn’t know that with Clawdeen, Jinafire and Skelita in the team the ghouls will always have goregerous outfits.