i just love those jeans

No seriously what THE FUCK is up with dans new found confidence I love this boy so much he is so pretty everyday I wake up to new beautiful Dan pictures I am actually crying I can’t believe Dan Howell himself just decided “wow I’m going to actually just RUIN everybody on this trip” he’s just so good I love him so much I would die for Dan he really sat down and painted his nails glitter wow I’m truly in love he’s just so pretty and confident god I wish that were me

First time // Dino

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Pairing: Dino  x Reader

Summary: It’s Dino’s 18th birthday, he’s finally adult.. ;) 

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2036


   You slowly turned in your warm bed,  slowly opening your eyes to see a stunning dino with his hair messed up that softly covered his eyes, you smiled to yourself as you looked slowly around the room seeing clothes thrown all around, you felt a sharp pain when you moved closer into dino’s strong warm arms, you could feel your naked body pressed up against his. You blushed when you looked up seeing his sleepy eyes staring into yours. You breathed in sharply looking back on the event that made dino’s birthday a magical one for both him and you.  

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Shadowhunters Appreciation Weeks - Week 7 (May 29-June 4)

Favorite Outfits: Alec Edition

Izzy / Magnus / Ladies

Link is hot, attractive and beautiful - that’s a given. Today he was all those things with so much intensity that I think I experienced a Link overload. So, I turned my eyes on the golden god called Rhett, and specifically his tummy.

I’m not usually in the habit of ogling attractive people, but I couldn’t help myself today. Rhett doesn’t have a six pack, but he’s just plain perfect, and he needs some extra love from me. I just love the way he looks with those low waisted jeans, and having some boob action going on works in his favour too.


but why are you a walking coke advertisement


Tony Goldwyn on Periscope for Vidiots Foundation 11.15.15

Lights, Camera, WHAT!?

“Wait, I’m just the cameraman, I can’t fill in for the missing porn star on this set, wait a second no you don’t understa-”
“You’re handsome and well, you’re here.” Crowley chuckled, already fumbling with the other’s pants. “You’ve been here every single time I was, too, love, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” And down with those jeans. “Now look at that. Someone doesn’t seem too hesitant now.”

“You don’t seem to understand that I can’t.” Dean was looking around, at his coworker, Chuck, who ran the other camera. Chuck just waved him on, but he couldn’t do this. This was insane. 

Okay, so down there he was interested. But he wasn’t a porn star. He wasn’t even an actor. All the words got jumbled up in his throat, and all that came out with his next protest was a strangled whine. 

Oh I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

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HOT OLDER BROTHER EREN YES. WHAT ABOUT FARLAN AS LEVI'S ADOPTED BROTHER (older or younger it doesn't matter as much) and Levi and Isabel just come to an agreement of " I'll help you get with my brother if you help me get with yours."

Ummm… JFC I am in LOVE. Farlan and Levi are adopted brothers?  Like the sexiest wingmen right thurrr slaying hearts all over the place.  i could write drabbles about the two of them for DAYS.

Did all my followers drink the smexy kool-aid or what??? You guys amaze me every day but today especially has been one filled with DILF Eren smut, Hot Older Brother teasers and IKEA love.


JFC I’ll say it again, I’ll shout it from the rooftops, I have TOP QUALITY followers and I am the luckiest bby in the whole world <33333

*hugs you all tightly*

MY SQUAD. My raptor squad. <3333


I thought I’d once again try out a different drawing style, and since a certain someone *cough*Elle*cough* has recently gotten me hooked on playing Pokemon again, I figured what better theme to experiment with than a JeanMarco!Pokemon AU :D I’m still working on ones for Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, and Connie, but I couldn’t resist posting Jean and Marco’s early because I just love those baes so much ;)

Anywho, I must admit I’m growing kinda fond of this style, so I’ll be experimenting more with it for a bit.