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oh my gosh vince you have dogs?? i NEED more vince dog content now

yes!! i do!!! i love my dogs so very much!

i have two dogs! my big dog is named rhymer, my stepdad named him, it’s a boring name and we only use it when he is in trouble!! his good boy name is gubby or booby, he is a very smart boy! he a weimareiner, and he is also very pretty! he has very bad seperation anxiety and is very anxious overall, he is scared of new people! we adopted him from one of those terrible ‘mall puppy stores’ because we saw him there and just could not leave him there : (!!!! i wish we could have taken all the dogs home and given them a good place to live! and that’s how my family impulse bought a dog. he is so sweet and i love him so much! he sleeps on my legs every night even though i have a queen bed and i leave him a whole side for himself.

my small puppy is named mitzi! she weighs 3 pounds, and she is a mini yorkshire terrier! she requires a lot of care and attention because she is so small! it’s very funny to see her playing with gubby because he is so big! he gets along with her very well though, and does not mind at all how often she jumps all over him! they are good friends and like to play together! mitzi wants to be like gubby a lot! she used to wear little sweaters but she doesn’t anymore because gubby is always naked and she wants to be like him! sometimes she will get sad because my mom has gone on a trip and she will stop eating, so i set up gubby’s food next to her play pen (she sleeps and eats in a playpen because she is so tiny it would be easy for her to get hurt running around without someone to watch her!) and she feels more comfortable eating when he is eating to!

here is a picture i drew of me and my dogs!

OH. - An inspired Ladrien fic because I am ship deprived

I’m sorry but I had to write this even though there’s already a post AND A COMIC. –> X
It was a blast and it took me like 20 minutes while being distracted by other things. 


Marinette yawned. She was spending way too much time in the suit.

Fighting akumas was necessary. Visiting Adrien nearly every night as Ladybug was not.

But when else was she supposed to see her boyfriend if he couldn’t know she was Marinette? They would go hang out on top of buildings, kiss at the eiffel tower, and she’d wear something over her uniform so all that would give her away was the mask, keeping her head down low. The dark was a wonderful place to hide, and anyways, Paris was so beautiful at night.

But maybe they’d stayed up too late last night.

Just… just a little bit.

Okay, so she couldn’t really feel her feet, and she’d just walked into the classroom door, she was so exhausted from the night before.

Who knew playing video games till two and then tag in the deserted park till they both went home (after what was definitely not a mini makeout session- pfft- what???) could wear you out so much….

“I’m an idiot…Why do I do this to myself” Marinette sighed quietly.

But gee, it had been fun.

That was one of the best nights she’d had with Adrien yet.

If she’d thought she was in love with him before, this was a whole knew level. He was so much more than she’d ever thought. He was funny, made stupid jokes that cracked her up, and she could practically taste the overpowering feeling of devotion he had for her whenever they were together.

Marinette walked across the classroom, yawning and smiling when she saw Adrien with dark circles under his half closed and sleep filled eyes, obviously beginning to drift off into sleep right then and there.

“Good morning Adrien.” she said, touching his cheek and bringing him up to kiss her.

They met and it was probably one of the most perfect kisses she’d had with him, and it probably would have been better if she wasn’t so sleep deprived. He mumbled a little, kissing her back, and then she broke away, letting her hand drop as she turned to get to her seat.

Alya was staring at her with the widest eyes Marinette had ever seen.

“What?” Marinette asked, yawning, and she raised her eyes at Nino who had just leaned over with an equally shocked expression.

Adrien suddenly fell out of his chair.

Marinette sucked in a gasp.


Back- up..... what? Part 6

A/N: And here is the final part of the mini series (unless i get a lightning bolt idea etc). I would like to that an anon for the idea for this final part. Enjoy and let me know what you think :)

1.5 years later


“ARGH this is like pure hell!” Taylor called out the bathroom door to me, while I sat on their huge bed watching Scooby Doo with my main little man Theo.

“I know hun…. But it’s not good in the great grand scheme of things.” I tried to make her feel better.

“Is momma sick?” Theo asked me, looking at me with his angelic little blue eyes, his brow crinkled in concern just like his father.

“Her tummy is getting angry at her.” I told him, running my fingers through his hair as he lay his head in my lap.

It was almost noon and we were supposed to be going out for lunch as I was in LA for the first time in quite a while and hadn’t seen Taylor or Theo (or Adam) for over 2 months. Unfortunately, the mention of food made Taylor turn a shade of green and spend the next 20 minutes hugging the toilet bowl while I distracted Theo.

“We need to call daddy. Daddy will make mommy feel better.” Theo said, sitting up all of the sudden and clambering off the bed. He went up to Taylor’s purse on the floor, where she had dropped it when she ran to the bathroom, and pulled out her phone.

“Bumblebee, your daddy is away right now, remember? We don’t want to worry him. How about we have a dance party?” I suggest. For a 2-and-a-half-year-old, he was very smart and very caring.

“Dance! Dance! Dance!” He squealed, running around me in circles as I tried to put some music on.

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Main Challenge #1 - Dollar Store Couture

For their first main challenge, our 14 crafty queens were tasked with creating a complete head to toe outfit out of unconventional materials using their mini-challenge accessories as inspiration! Our guest judge this week is Amanda Westbrook! Let’s see how our girls did!

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Niall Horan knows a lot of things. He knows that his band’s hiatus is going to be a lot longer than they promised it would be, he knows that his fingers are probably going to be calloused for life from playing guitar, and he knows that he loves Grace Thornton, probably a whole lot more than he should.

There’s one thing he doesn’t know, though: Grace Thornton breaks hearts. Niall Horan, on the other hand, wouldn’t dare. (Or maybe just not to her.)

A story about Irish pubs, tattoos, and how sometimes memories can be stronger than feelings.

A reunion mini fic coming soon to 1dff and tumblr