i just love this speech omg

Things I absolutely loved about ep 12

Because oh boi so many things happen…

  • Victor crying because Yuuri decides to leave (because he’s mad, I liked that he was so direct with his feelings for once)
  • Victor basically implying that it would make little sense to go back without Yuuri by his side
  • They managed to give us the feels for JJ…?!
  • Phichit’s dream, he’s a pure and precious angel I can’t even begin to say how pure he is. He just want people to enjoy themselves and love figure skating as he does
  • The whole Yuuri/Victor speech before the FS. The touches they give each other. How, this one time, Yuuri doesn’t crush under the pressure to impress Victor
  • When they press their hands together before Yuuri leaves for the ice and Victor’s hand lingers there, like he doesn’t want to let go
  • Yuuri nailing it. Being bloody amazing. Nailing the quad flip and making Victor cry because of it (I totally called this omg)
  • “I don’t want it to end here, Victor. I want to be in figure skating with you forever” “Look at the Victor who lives on inside of me”
  • How he literally express his feelings on the ice

*gross sobbing*

  • Yuuri breaking Victor’s WR (I KNEW ITTTT)
  • YURIO BEING THE MOST GRUMPY SUPPORTER OF YUURI LIKE KILL ME ALREADY He looked so upset when Victor said he was coming back, asking if Yuuri was retiring. You do play the grumpy teenager part very well my son bUT YOU CARE SO MUCH
  • Victor hugging Yuri… There’s a meaning there I still need to understand. Victor are you asking for help?
  • I can hear Georgi crying off-screen
  • Our son Yuri still fight purely fueled by anger lol the knowledge that Yuuri wants to retire pisses him off so much!
  • Yuri referring to Yuuri with his given name lol?
  • Lilia moved to tears is me and you and all of us do not lie
  • Yuuri decided to stay in competition because of Yuri I need a hug as always these cuties are better at expressing their feelings and emotions on the ice
  • Victor’s cute face, slightly scary pfft. And all that happens in hereeee (Victor wants to be a super-human and be a skater, a coach and a coreographer at the same time pfft OFC VICTOR WHY WOULD YOU WANT ANYTHING LESS)
  • They skated together I’m deceased I lost the ability to type, to think, I want to bring a copy of this to my grave. The duet version of this song is even more beautiful and they cut out the “sad” part of the lyrics and left all the gayness (aka it still uses masculine nouns and adjective aka it’s still a love song about two guyssss)

“Stammi vicino” *caresses Victor* “non te ne andare” T_____T *ugly sobbing*

  • You know how much I wanted to see this part? I’ll be more specific. In this part the lyrics say “Your hands, your legs. My hands, my legs” and I’ve been DYING to see how they would coreograph it for a couple and I WASN’T DISAPPOINTED IN THE LEAST.
  • “We call everything on the ice ‘love’ “ and these two idiots smile happily at each other
  • “See you NEXT LEVEL”

On a side note… Why is JJ 3rd??? Otabek should have been there!! T_T

Johnny Depp: *is nominated for People’s Choice Award*

Johnny Depp: guys pls i know u love me ok i don’t need to win pls don’t make me get up on stage pls u know how awkward i am omg i am begging u

Deppheads: *rubs hands together* Challenge accepted.

People’s Choice Awards: 

Johnny Depp:

Ultron is the worst evil toaster

I just saw the finale of AA season 3 and tbh ultron is too stupid of a villain to make me feel so broken inside.

They think making Tony essentially another JARVIS will make me feel better. Guess what, Avengers Assemble writers? It doesn’t. In fact, I think it’s implications make me sadder. 


and that speech with the separated hand-holding omg. how many fanfic tropes are these writers going to explore? I feel like they just browse forums and are like “kid-fic? sure. being extra and married? hell yes. separated by a glass wall and reaching for each others hands while proclaiming their undying love for each other? can’t forget that.”

@lady-pei give me strength to deal with this 

the big words on the bottom: Mika<3Yuu 

Yuu’s speech bubble: (he’s just blushing silently) 

Mika’s speech bubble: Yuu-chan I like you~ I like you~ You’re so cute~ I really like you~ 

The grey words around Mika’s speech bubble: nuzzles/snuggles

The huge red text behind Mika: Aaaahhh~~ Yuu-chan’s so cuteeeeEEEEeeeEE he’s seriously a seraph, angel my ANGEL MY SWEET HONEYYYYYYYY ufufufu Yuu-chan I really like you I love you I love (words blocked by Mika’s hair) I really like you let’s get married <– (im so amused omg mika XD)

Words on Mika’s cape: YUU-CHAN LOVE <3 

The words pointing to the cape: Ferid’s blood (i.e the word “LOVE” was written in Ferid’s blood)

Art by: ぽ ん
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Translated by: Adelfe 

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have you seen rogue one? i recently saw it and god i hated that jyn chick and her white feminist apathy soo much in rogue one. why would anyone ship that flop with cassian, what has cassian done to deserve this fate? that -not all of us have the luxury of avoiding politics- was such a hardcore speech by cassian, god. i loved him. him, bodhi and chirrut were my ultimate favs. obligatory, diego luna and riz ahmed are gorgeous etc

i have!!!! i watched it back in december and i’ve been a mess ever since, i’m just waiting for it to leak already fjkkfjd. but you are me. jyn was easily the least interesting character in the whole movie even if she was supposed to be the most “important” (lies). cassian DRAGGED her omg, my heart during that scene??? i’ll never forget it. i love them all so much honestly, what an excellent movie


Angelina winning a KCA as “favourite villain” for Maleficent {2015 }

I love to sing and write songs so I hope one day when I’m at the grammys or something I can give out an amazing speech all about how Taylor has encouraged me to never give up when it came to music. And she will just be sitting there with all the other celebs and then I’ll come off the stage crying and she’ll talk and omg I just dream about impossible things.


“I’ve always believed that the real measure of celebrity success was not just how famous he becomes but what he does with that fame and fortune. Especially in today’s technological and media advanced society, the attention and fortune showered on an individual celebrity is often times immensely disproportionate to his or her achievements. 

Today a person can literally become a celebrity over night throughout the entire world, and that kind of attention can be difficult for an individual to handle. But I have also learned that such fame can also be an enormous effective medium to focus attention and mobilize resources for a worthy cause. I have been blessed with so much and have an opportunity to do what few other can. But I believe it is more than just an opportunity, but a duty. I feel to reap and enjoy the fruits of my talents for myself would be selfish, irresponsible and unconscionable. In these days of such abundance and advancement-and what we can do- it pains me to think that we do so little for our children. 

In some ways I feel undeserving to receive an award for something that is my duty. I accept this award as a gesture of encouraging, from the people of India and the commission, to do more for manking. I love you very much.” 
-Michael Jackson

based on a request from the-dreams-i-would-dare(:


2x09 / 3x23

‘You’re no longer either of those men’you are a superhero, you’re Green Arrow.

Okay I said I was gonna do my rant tomorrow, but I lied. Tonight! Frickin, this fanfiction man! Yesterday I started it at 9:30 PM and couldn’t stop reading until 2:10AM omg! I’m a major fanfiction critic and so this gets a 10/10 would read again! (Which I’m currently doing)

This story literally gave me anxiety attacks (In a good way.) I felt like I was going through life experiences all over again, like wow! So that’s great and all right? WELL NO! Frickin cliffhanger of all cliffhangers and I’m dying because of it. @ladydarkina write with God speed, love from an obsessed fan :>

By the way, just a little speech about this fanart: I loved this part, smiled like a dork actually. The bottom is a reference to Bollywood movie called “Kal Ho Na Ho.” so if you get it ;) what a wonderful human being you are!

Never written one of these before because I’ve never had this many followers??! First before I get into any of these names and the long winded messages to you lovely people. I just want to say I am thankful to you all, for taking the time to follow me here. Eleven is just so cute and I enjoy that you all have taken a liking to her also. c: I feel like I’m making a speech right now!! I’m having an award here. Jsyk I like to ramble, probably going to have a bit of it in here. I’m also writing this on no sleep, cue rambling, sleeping Mina. Oh yeah, I’m Mina! If none of you knew. There. Let’s get into the read more before I start chatting more. (and please take this crappy graphic, idek what it is?? it’s something i cooked up!!??)

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the lovely eupheme-butterfly requested a dionysian televangelist speech after i made this post and as a writer i just couldn’t resist

Good evening, good evening, my fellow Bacchante brethren. I am so, so glad to see y’all here and to be with y’all this fine evening. The sounds of nature surround us, and I personally am feeling the love of our dear marsh-born Dionysos this evening. Now, y’all, I live in the middle of a very large wetland in Ohio. I know what y’all must be thinkin’ to yourselves, “Cami, you live in rural Ohio. Dionysos is Greek, how can that work? How can a Greek god be your god?” 

Friends, I am ever so glad to answer this question. Y’see, there’s something called local cultus. It basically means that the gods transcend location. They transcend time, even. So, the wetlands that cover Ohio, the thick forests, they can all be holy spaces for Him. I have walked across docks and seen hundreds upon thousands of flowers in these swamps where I live, I have ridden my bike and felt Him in the morning glory vines growing on the trees. He is a wild god, and this is a wild place.

Speaking of wild, of the country. If you’ve never had the pleasure of going to the country at night, you should treat yourself and do that. The dark is truly dark. A new moon reminds you of why men have feared the night. I feel Him especially in these times, when shadows are all around and I feel small. He wanders through the night with me, in my heart. I carry Him always, my friends.

If you don’t live in the country, never fear, you can also carry Him with you. And no, I don’t just mean in a flask. 

Dionysos can be a burning in your chest better than liquor. Let yourself be free, for He is the god of broken chains and barriers. Dance for Him, feel no shame as you strip yourself bare to His gaze. He will love you for it, surely. 

Touching back on local cultus for a minute, if you have a community theatre anywhere near you then I urge you to walk in the front door and just observe the place. Dionysos is the god of staged stories and the people who tell them. Find a play that looks interesting, go to it, and dedicate the night to Him. Maybe even pour libations outside the building.

Libations are a great, great way to get closer to the Theoi. Alcohol is a popular offering, and Dionysos is the god of wine as we all well know. However, don’t feel discouraged if wine and alcohol aren’t for you. He is the god of ripe fruit, and the juices of those fruit please Him just a greatly. Mix them with honey and you have yourself a fine offering for a beautiful god.

I myself am a fan of alcohol and do imbibe, and I’m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone here that when I partake I feel especially loving and awed by Him. The joy that comes when I don’t push myself too far, when I enjoy but I don’t binge and make myself sick, is a gift of His favor. Remember, brethren, three bowls of wine. Any more and you’ve gone too far. It may sound strange for a god that many associate with excess to put up limits (even if three bowls is a rather large limit). But this is evidence of the way He cares. 

He is the god of joy and revelry. Our happiness means so much to Him. Dionysos wants us to flourish the way well-tended grapes flourish on the vine. We are precious to Him, and all He wants is for us to be the best versions of ourselves possible. 

Before I sign off, y’all, I just have to say once again that Dionysos is so important, so loving, and so deserving of our worship. 

Burn some sandalwood, tell Him you love Him, and let Him fill you with joy.


  • “so god gets…….annoyed…” idk i like this amara 
  • “he has relatives!?” i really love this dialogue 
  • SHIIIIT I NEED A WHOLE VIDEO COLLECTION OF THESE SHOTS OF LUCIFER. could someone do that??? i can barter 
  • chuck has so much ‘splainin to do 
  • also, the angel who’s giving a speech sounds like an airline commercial
  • Rowena’s oh-it’s-lucifer squeak and AMARA’S ANGRY SCREAMING I LOVE THAT 
  • “hotdog?” “yeah” proof dean can be pulled out of amara’s trance by weenies
  • [says “oh my god” through my bloody gauze-filled mouth] i have missed this bag of archangel dicks more than i even realize 
  • they gonna let him ooooouuuttttt–WILL LUCI DO 50/50 WITH SAM LIKE GADREEL?? 

i wasn’t able to watch the preview bUT!!! AAAAAAA!! NOT ANOTHER HELLATUS I NEED MORE


you know whats fucking adorable, when luke closes his eyes really tight when he sings because hes so into it. hes so inlove with his job and that makes me fall even more inlove with him and jesus i realky jUST WANNA FRICK HIM!!! my favorite thing about him is when they preform disconnected live he gives his little speech about everyone just putting away there phones and enjoying the music because thats what the whole song is about and i feel that he has such a personal connection to that song and omg just look at his face how can you not love him

Taylor planning the tour like
  • Taylor: k i'll kill them
  • Taylor: I'll just kill them like three times a day
  • Taylor: So i'll have an increidible cat walk.
  • Taylor: I'll sing every song in the album
  • Taylor: And i'll stick bracelets to every chair which will light up to the beat of the songs.
  • Taylor: Omg i'll sing a Wildest Dreams/Enchanted mashup. Yhea that'll do.
  • Taylor: And i'll just have amazing special guests cause why not.
  • Taylor: Maybe even recognize fans in the middle of concerts
  • Taylor: Oh and let me just write an incredible speech before clean that will make them all drown in their own tears.
  • Taylor: And i'll mention i love Scotish people in Scotland cause why not.
  • Taylor: And my mom will pick fans for loft 89'
  • Taylor: And why not Kevin.
  • Taylor: I'll bring all my supermodel squad to Hyde Park also.
  • Taylor: Yhea thats good. They'll be dead after that. Good.
  • me: i can't believe that there are people in this world who don't love cats
  • str8 person: omg sick of tumblr SJWs calling people homophobes just because they have opinions...there's a difference between not supporting something and being bigoted...freedom of speech...