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Favorite Sam & Dean moments per episode: 3x16 “No Rest for the Wicked”

You know if this doesn’t.. if this doesn’t go the way we want, I want you to know-..

No. No, no, no. No, you’re not gonna bust out the misty good-bye speech, okay? And if this is my last day on earth, I do not want it to be socially awkward. You know what I do want?

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#if you think that I will ever stop crying and marveling over this brilliant masterpiece of a scene #you’re wrong#the breathing in #the struggle on shaw’s face as she tries #TO EXPLAIN #to just let the words out#the almost-there smile that almost makes it to her face#multiple times #as she tries to convey the depth of her feelings##FOR ROOT#FOR HER SAFE PLACE#thAT LITTLE EXHALE IN THE LAST GIF #IM NOT fINE

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do you ever think about how when even was manic he said 'we're so going to get married' and then when he was depressed he said 'in another universe we're together for all eternity' and cry

I cry more about what that turned into actually??? They started off talking on such a grand scale, “man of my life” and “married” and “eternity”, and while that might be romantic… I feel like that didn’t serve Even particularly well? If you’re living life as a film, you might make the big gesture and let the curtain fall. If you’re living life thinking of all the parallel universes, you can comfort yourself that one of them is getting it ‘right’. What I really loved about season three was that it wasn’t too precious about anything, Isak and Even enjoyed all the talk about the infinite and du er mannen i mitt liv but it wasn’t what ended up actually meaning the most to them. 

What wound up being the most important thing was you and me and this bed and now. And then ‘move in with me because I want you and your dirty socks and your elbow next to mine on the kitchen table’. The everyday, every day. The “now” means more to me than any hypothetical forever and they’re giving everything they could right at this minute. That’s what gets me more than anything with them, seeing them take such good care of each other because they aren’t counting on anything else. Because life is


Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about Phillipa Soo in his Ars Nova Revolution speech. (x)

In honor of our Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton departure! I wish both of these wonderful people the absolute best!!!


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Top 7 Kenny McCormick moments

I normally post these lists on my other blog but posting here instead.

Happy Birthday, Kenny. In honor of his birthday here are my 7 favorite Kenny moments.

7. His letter from Hawaii to the guys 

I know this episode is celebrated by Kenny/Butters fans and that happens to be one of my NOTP, but I actually really enjoy this one. Kenny’s letter and Trey’s voice-over while the boys are reading it kills me.

6. Defeating Hell with the Holy PSP

Just Best Friends Forever in general I love. Kenny is the chosen one and saves the day, how can you not love it. Archangel Michael’s reaction to Kenny defeating the armies of Hell with the Holy PSP is great. Like oh come on show me it!, haha. Damn you Trey and Matt. Also at the end when he’s given a Keanu Reeves statue, Kenny’s blank reaction always has me wondering is he thinking “what the fuck is this?” or “hell yeah!”

5. Kenny as a sketch artist 

This whole episode is one of my favorites and I’d love to see more like these again. The boys being boys. The part that I enjoyed most by Kenny has to be him being the sketch artist. Plus Kyle’s “Dammit Kenny, that’s not what she said!” added so much. Oh can we appreciate Kenny’s handwriting being Comic Sans.

4. Real life Kenny in I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining 

Okay, so I know the actor they cast isn’t canon to how Kenny looks, and I’m pretty sure it’s been established that’s part of the joke. I fucking love the guy they cast regardless. His delivery on the lines are perfect. Kyle and Cartman doing their usual bickering and when Cartman demands Kenny say who’s fault it was for going zipling, “I dunno. I don’t really give a shit.” and later “fuck you, Cartman.” I think all the boys were cast well but Kenny’s my favorite.

3. Betraying Cartman and joining Stan’s side in Black Friday

I know a lot of people would’ve picked Kenny becoming a Japanese princess from the Black Friday trilogy and I almost did. However, I just really love this scene. Stan’s speech, taking out his sword and everyone chanting “to the Princess” and then revealing Princess Kenny. The camera slowly moves in and  ends on her rat screeching. Also, looking back maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked by the SOT twist, lol.

2. Mysterion 

I’m not picking a particular Mysterion moment like I did with Princess Kenny because I can’t. Princess Kenny is Kenny having fun with make believe and dressing up but with Mysterion we really get to explore his character further than before. Mysterion is Kenny. Kenny is Mysterion. We learn more about his experience with death and that his feelings towards it. Later, we see he still keeps the mask on for Karen and is her guardian angel. I can’t even begin to think of a top moment for Mysterion. This was going to be my top pick for Kenny until I remember what is now my first choice…

1. Kenny giving Karen the doll

God, my heart. I can’t handle how much I love this. Both Kenny and Kyle’s love for their siblings are just another part of South Park I love. My friends and I have argued who is the better older brother and I believe it’s impossible to pick. I remember watching this episode and thinking “not bad…but meh…” and then the ending came and I lost it. My heart melted into a thousand pieces. Thinking back to the earlier episodes and all the shit Kenny would do for a dollar and he finally makes some money and uses it to buy his little sister a doll.

Happy Birthday Kenny!


@reasonablywittyatbest had the idea that in Dishonored 2 The Outsider is super sweet to Emily and a massive dick to Corvo but then: what if he’s really nice to Emily and just Regular-Flavor Cryptic Bullshit with Corvo.

Junkrat, Roadhog, and the Unluckiest Documentarian (Fem!Reader)

(Two brief warnings:
-My first attempt at anything like this.
-I basically closed my eyes and threw a dart at a list of Australian “slang” for Junkrat because I think that’s how he would have wanted it.)

He was dead and it was your fault. Sneaking past the border, hiring those two as your tour guides, even the documentary itself—all your idea. Your legs gave out and you hit the floor with a thud. You didn’t feel the blood seeping into your clothes; didn’t hear the uneven footsteps tapping across the gnarled wood floor behind you. But the voice was impossible to ignore.

“Oi, found ‘er! We’re in the shack. Looks like someone was havin’ a poke around.”

He sing-songed the last part to you as he crept closer and rested a heavy metal hand on your shoulder. You tried to whip around to look at him but it felt sluggish, as if you were in a dream. God, you wished this was a dream. He glanced past you at the body before giving you a sheepish grin.

“I know what it looks like, but no worries! It was a mercy killing. Dipstick got himself caught inna trap hiking back to town last night. Sliced an artery. So I had Roadie end it nice and painless for him rather than bleed out slow. Was tryin’ to think of a good way to tell ya so you wouldn’t get upset.” He giggled. “Guess it didn’t work out.”

You turned back to stare at your cameraman’s body. Someone had bashed his head in until it was unrecognizable. Only the logo on his shirt identified him, or at least the parts that were still legible under the chunks of brain matter clinging to it. His arms and legs jutted awkwardly from their sockets and twisted in ways they were never meant to. Even some of his fingers had been bent until they lay flat against the back of his hand. Where was the mercy in that?

“Find them?” The floor protested under his weight as Roadhog called from the doorway.

“Yup! Give us a hand an’ help get her back to the trailer. S'like she never saw a dead body before.” He jerked a thumb at it. “Speaking of, should prob'ly drag that off somewheres before sundown. Unless ya want dingos and the like showin’ up at the front door. Again.”

“I told you—” He took a labored breath. “—to do it earlier.”

“I forgot! She asked me what I was doin’ and I got a little carried away showing off me inventions. You know how excited I get. Sides, you shoulda done it. You’re the muscle. Hard labour is your job, I do all the thinkin’ and lookin’ pretty.”

They bickered lovingly as if nothing was wrong. As if the corpse in front of you was just another pile of trash and not someone you’d talked to less than twelve hours ago. The wind rushed out of you and you slumped down further, not even fighting the massive hands that wrapped around your torso and lifted you in the air. Roadhog turned you away from the body and toward the door, but you could still picture it; every detail burned into your retinas until you could see it with your eyes closed.

“Well, so what if he carked it?” Junkrat scuttled backwards out the door so he could face the two of you as he chattered. “Good riddance, the Vic bastard. I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but his camera work was rubbish anyways. Made Roadie look fat.”

“I am fat.”

Junkrat looked appalled. “Pleasantly plump’s what you are. Jus’ more to love. And whatshisname was a real dickhead, wasn’t he? Heard him call me a bogan once when he thought I wasn’t listening. Bogan! I mean I’ve been called an ocker and a hoon and a bastard and a drongo and a wanker and a yobbo and a monster and a worthless son, but a bogan? Well, that’s where I draw the line! Shoulda wrung his scrawny neck then.” He strangled the air in front of him only to drop his hands and look chastised at a grunt from Roadhog. He gave one of your dangling legs a sympathetic pat.
“May he rest in peace, the unlucky bugger.
But you, you ain’t had nothing but kind words for us! Well, ‘cept when I put that Huntsman in your tent. But seeing you crying over a spider what couldn’t have been more than four kilos was too much! Roadie spent the whole night talking 'bout how cute it was.”

Roadhog stiffened. “Shut up.”

He shut up. For a few seconds.

“Ahh, this is great ain’t it? Ya know, I knew I was gonna like ya from the beginning. You kept calling me 'Mr. Junkrat’ and shaking my hand and all that when we first met. Hell, Roadie don’t even call me 'Mister’ and I’m his boss! And I can’t tell you the last time someone actually listened to me talk all the way through. They usually tune out somewhere in the middle, but you kept askin’ questions and nodding your head during those interview thingos. A real catch, shoulda done this weeks ago.”


“Er, 'this’ being spendin’ more time together. Not anything to do with that poor bastard in the shed. Still, ya may have lost a mate, but you got us now! Traded in a bloke who was up himself for two handsome, down-to-earth fellas like ourselves.”

When you reached the trailer he dashed to get inside before Roadhog squeezed through the doorway with a grunt. While Junkrat paced in excitement, straightening and unstraightening the scrap and junk clustered on every surface, you were set carefully on a scorched sofa. You stared listless at your feet as they moved around and mumbled amongst themselves. Everything felt numb, you didn’t even flinch when Junkrat suddenly popped into view.

“Here’s a doona for ya. When you go into shock you start feeling all chilly. Lost enough bits to know that firsthand.”

He clambered onto the couch with a threadbare blanket unearthed from one of the junk piles. His hands fidgeted as he tucked it around you, poking and prodding until you were wrapped so tight you couldn’t move your arms. Only when he was satisfied did he flop onto the cushion beside you with a grin.

“There we are. Oi Roadie, help me warm her up wouldya?”

His weight sent the other side of the couch surging into the air when he sat. Gravity forced the three of you closer until you were sandwiched between them, and the smell of sweat and soot and blood that clung to them was so strong you wanted to retch. You started crying instead, the tears that had threatened to spill in the shack speeding freely down your face. Junkrat panicked.

“Hey, hey, none of that! C'mon, you’re gonna make Roadie cry. He’s sensitive like that. An’ if the both of you are cryin’ I’m prob'ly gonna start too. Nobody wants that.” He jiggled his leg as he pleaded. When you just sobbed harder the smile dropped and he yanked on the tufts of hair he had left. “Shit, we’re supposed to be havin’ fun now that the dipstick’s outta the picture! Can’t have fun when you’re all sooky. Roadie, do something.”

“Like what?”

“I dunno! I’m no good in these situations. You’re the thoughtful one, you fix it.”

“…There, there.”

His massive hand enveloped your head as he pet you. Junkrat joined in after a few seconds of hesitation, clumsily running his hand across your back in jerky strokes. Each sob clawed its way up from deep inside you and forced out a fresh wave of hot, stinging tears that made your breath catch.

“Erm, there, there. No worries. You’ll see, now that he’s not in the way we’ll have heaps of fun. You can move into the trailer! S'nice and warm at night if we all huddle together. Roadie’s a hell of a space heater. Great pillow too. An’ he says I’m like a white noise machine, whatever that is.” He slung an arm across your shoulders and squeezed. “We’ll become best mates before ya know it! From there, we’ll see how we end up. What happens in me trailer stays in the trailer.”


“When you’re ready! If the mood’s right.” His crooked grin stretched a little too wide. “Ya know, like after a big heist when everyone’s keyed up. Or as a distraction to get your mind off something like your mate dyin’ a horrible, painful death. Which is deffo not what happened to whatshisface, jus’ putting that out there. But if you’re needing a distraction right now a good root is great—”

Roadhog let out a sigh and covered Junkrat’s mouth. They were meant to soothe you, but the muffled words coming from his mask made your stomach drop.

“Take your time. We aren’t going anywhere. After all, we’re all you have now.”