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#if you think that I will ever stop crying and marveling over this brilliant masterpiece of a scene #you’re wrong#the breathing in #the struggle on shaw’s face as she tries #TO EXPLAIN #to just let the words out#the almost-there smile that almost makes it to her face#multiple times #as she tries to convey the depth of her feelings##FOR ROOT#FOR HER SAFE PLACE#thAT LITTLE EXHALE IN THE LAST GIF #IM NOT fINE


“ This actor is already much loved, but with this performance has achieved the status of the very best among us actors. And that’s why this year’s Evening Standard Natasha Richardson Best Actress Award goes to Billie Piper for Yerma. ”



“But that is not the power of Bruce Springsteen. It is that whenever I see Bruce Springsteen do anything, he empties the tank – every time. And the beautiful thing about this man is he empties that tank for his family, he empties that tank for his art, he empties that tank for his audience, and he empties it for his country. And we, on the receiving end of that beautiful gift, are ourselves rejuvenated, if not redeemed and I thank you.”
Jon Stewart - Kennedy Center Honors Bruce Springsteen

As much as I love angsty and sad headcanons for Jason that involve him smoking and drinking, how about more interesting headcanons such as:

  • Jason constantly spending any money he has left on Neapolitan ice cream. He gets at least 4 pints of it and both Roy and Kori are constantly angry at him because he eats all of it AND makes himself sick.
  • Jason taking online classes for college. He ends up becoming an English major with a minor in journalism. He likes Shakespeare. Not even ironically, he adores Shakespeare. He can quote any book off the top of his head. While he’s not a Romeo And Juliet fan, he’s a huge fan of The Tempest, Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing. 

  • As a follow up to that, when Riddler decides to do a Shakespeare themed Riddle, Jason solves it within the first 10 minutes. Bruce isn’t exactly shocked he always knew Jason was a smart kid, but really? 10 minutes?

  • Whenever Jason is at his absolute lowest point and can’t sleep, he always pulls out one of the many books he has tucked away and reads them until dawn. His favorite book will always and forever be Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. 

  • Even though Jason never really celebrates his birthday, the second Kori and Roy attempt to make a cake for him he jumps up to help them make a Tres Leches Cake. Surprise! He’s actually a phenomenal baker. That’s the moment Roy Harper and Koriand’r fell in love.

  • Damian and Jason aren’t super close close. He’s not close with Steph either. However, Jason wakes up to both Damian and Steph punching the shit out of him on the day of his birthday in order to celebrate. He was too delirious to fight back and ended up hitting Damian with his lamp. They spent the better half of the morning in the hospital with Bruce scolding them. All in all, it’s the best wake-up call Jason has had in a very long time. It made him feel like he was part of the family again.

“This is a place where you can be who you wanna be, be free, make friends and enjoy music”
- Camila Cabello

coquel-iicot  asked:

some poly hamilsquad with a reader who has a speech impediment ( trouble making certain sounds, saying certain words, etc etc.),,? i have a speech impediment and i just ! love your hcs so much !!

boss’ memo : aaaa thank you !! ‘m a lil nervous ‘cause i don’t have a speech impediment, so please let me know if i did this correctly !

  • i hope you’re okay with having alex’s full attention on you, because he thinks every thing that you’ve got to say is important and deserves to be heard,, (he’s right, of course)
    • he’s always excited?? to hear you talk because you’ve got such a brilliant mind and he’s going to fight anyone who says otherwise !!
    • he’s aware that you might be a bit self-conscious about talking, so if you dislike being put on the spot, let him know ahead of time so he can tell them off,,
      • in general just let ‘em know what you’re okay with and not okay with! he likes to tease and make fun, sure, but please don’t be afraid–he’d never make fun of something you’re not in control of! (a page he’s taken out of john’s book, actually!)
  • john’s really patient whenever you talk, and please don’t worry–he doesn’t think you or your voice is annoying!! (actually, s’one of the most beautiful things he’s ever heard, and no he isn’t saying that just because he adores you) he wants to listen to what you have to say, never mind how you say it!
    • he’ll actually fight someone who interrupts you / talks over you–they’re not allowed to do that!!
    • he doesn’t know much when it comes to speech impediments, and while it’s obviously not your job to teach him ‘bout ‘em, expect him to ask you lots of questions out of genuine curiosity!!
      • though, let him know if he ever makes you uncomfortable with his questioning–after all, he’s asking so that he can make you more comfortable, and to do otherwise would defeat the purpose!
  • hercules might accidentally finish your sentences,, (though he does this with everyone, let him know it bugs you–it’s okay!!) if you’re shy, he won’t make you talk, but whenever you do, you can see his eyes light up,, even for the little things, like ordering food or answering a question make him proud!!
    • pray (or don’t) for anyone who tries to imitate or make fun of how you speak because herc’s going to do that specific thing where he takes a step and is suddenly in their face, glaring down at them with a, “run that by me again.”
      • once he’s aware that this is a problem, he’s going to be p good at picking up on it! nothing really shuts a person down like hercules mulligan (a generally positive person known for laughing loudly at pretty much anything) giving them a look and flatly stating, “that’s not funny.”
    • he’s also a big fan of just listening to you speak,, it’s often that you’ll find him with his head on your lap as one of you talks to the other!!
  • if you’re comfortable, laf would like you to sing to him ? just because he can be a bit intimidating doesn’t mean that he’s not listening–it might not always look like he is, but he is!! and out of the boys, he’s the most familiar when it comes to speech impediments and what it feels like to be unable to convey how you feel in a way you’d prefer,,
    • if you ever feel self-conscious, there’s something comforting about the way lafayette will say, “clearly they weren’t worthy of listening to your gorgeous voice anyway.”
      • as always, he’s on your side and cheering you on for anything you want to do–and no, your speech impediment doesn’t mean you can or can’t do it!! he has confidence in you! you can do it!
    • he’s really casual and won’t really make any accommodations or treat you any differently (not that the others really do, but you honestly can’t tell the difference with him) unless you’d like him to
  • in general, the boys will go off of what you want!! ‘cause everyone’s case is different, and they want to make sure you can feel safe and that you can talk freely around them !! they love you and your voice deserves to be heard just as much as theirs do!
My brother and 12x12

So… since my brother watched First Blood (12x09) he is convinced Dean and Cad are in love ( I made another post about that)…. so since then he’s been watching supernatural with me only because he wants to proof he’s right. So this episode went something like this

*Cas gets stabbed, is not healing and Mary takes him yo the barn*
Him: Dean’s going to have a coronary when he finds out
*Dean and Sam arrive at the barn*
Him: oh boy…. he’s going in overprotective mother hen mode
Me, a destiel shipper who loves to rile him up: Dean is always overprotective
Him: *gives me the stink eye* you know what I mean
*Cas says he’s dying*
Him: wait… he can’t die…. he’s one of the main characters…. they can’t kill him right?!
Me: 😌
Him: fuck
*Cas: I love you, and rest of the speech*
Me: he said all of you
Him: are you blind!! He said I love you to Dean and then he said all of them looking at Sam and Mary
Me: You sure you’re not reading to much into it?
Him: no, I have to working eyes and more than half a brain
Me: Jeez ok, I’m with ya
*Dean: let’s go home*
Him: *Gets up* They’re in love and I don’t need more proof that that *Leaves the room*

My brother is officially a shipper and I don’t know what I did to deserve something this great 😂


ILYSM! Seriously, you are awesome! 

I’m kinda busy these days and I’m personally a mess always, so I just saw that we hit another milestone (8k, people! wtf?) How did this happen!?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I don’t even know what to say, I’m speechless… I’m so grateful for every single one of you guys, thank you! 

This moment I’m feeling really bad about not being a better person/blogger and failing so hard to be active here lately, it’s been a week (probably longer) at least that there is a permanent “studyblr post” on my to-do list daily… I’m bad at time management, gosh! I’m getting my shit together and hopefully will be back on track soon (give me a week, maybe?). 

So, I’d like to THANK YOU ALL again and just remind you guys of how much I love you (it’s a hell lot, trust me)! 

If you have any suggestions of how we can celebrate this together, please let me know! Any ideas, anyone?


I love this speech. She’s funny. She’s herself. She has chill. She is making people laugh. She is roasting her co-worker like a boss she is. You can feel that everyone in the room admires and loves her. 

That’s Hillary. A person who is funny. A person who knows her co-workers on a personal level. Who knows their pet-peeves. Who knows what their favorite team is.

That’s Hillary. 

I could not love her more. You could have had this cool cinnamon roll as president, America. You fucked up. You’d rather have a sexist, homophobic narcissist/bigot/opportunist as the head of state than a woman who is all what I’ve just described and so much more.


I just loved Tracee Ellis Ross’ acceptance speech at the Golden Globes 2017.

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