i just love this song so very much

also one more thing.. it’s hard being a jin bias cus like.. we get no content :( we get very little screen time.. and one line per song.. and idk it just kind of sucks.. and he’s never at the center for choreo cus he isnt “the best dancer” and again no lines cus he isnt “the best singer” and idkkkkkk im so tired of jin being put last for everyone.. i love him so so so much and i wish he knew that all of us want more from him and want him to have more time to show his talent and hard work.. but bighit doesn’t let him and it’s so saddening and disheartening.. of course ill keep pushing for more jin but believe me i am so worn out 

I’ve drawn @thatsthat24 many times so I thought it was time to paint him!! He’s just so beautiful, I can’t stop turning him into art, I mean he already is art but you know what I mean. I’m very pleased with how this turned out. His musical and this song in particular are very special to me. Meeting him and seeing his show was one of the best days I’ve ever had! The writing is sloppy, but I think that’s the beauty of it. Anyway, Thomas, if you’re reading this, I love you and miss you SO MUCH!! And I hope I get another chance to give you the art I made for you someday!!!

Some little things about Billie Joe Armstrong

-(inspired by this post)

-he’s very soft spoken, articulate and thoughtful when he is speaking one-on-one with someone

-if you give him your art he will tell you how much he loves it and be sincere and overly compliment you, and he will probably hold on to it for while

-his favorite Green Day song is Holiday because he loves playing it live

-his everyday clothing is usually a flannel or old t-shirt, with black skinny jeans and converse as you’d expect.  When he’s not on tour he lets his stubble grow out more.  Sometimes he even wears shorts.

-he is a completely different person onstage verses offstage

-ever since becoming sober, he drinks a lot of coffee and soda instead

-if you meet him you can see he is aging with the wrinkles around his eyes and smile lines around his face and bits of grey hair, but it doesn’t matter because time passes by and no one is immune to age, he is still the inspirational man he always has been who will never stop writing powerful music and performing like every show is his last

-he tries to personalize every signature he writes, whether it is adding explanation marks, writing a phrase from your conversation, the year, or asking your name and writing that down

-he also likes to draw on things some people have him sign

-he tries his best to befriend his fans but can get very nervous and shy if there are a lot of them around at once and he has to talk to a lot of people

-he seems to be a classic introvert, if you talk to him from outside of his social group and “rock star” life

-he is a lot smaller than you’d expect- not only short but just tiny, man

Jams You Shouldn’t Forget

Just a few jams I forget exist for a while then come across on Youtube and have hardcore dance parties to. Ya know, the usual. Because they’re ridiculously good songs (w/ links)

Just some of my favorites. Feel free to add more ^^


This is a song that is most likely very special to any Shawol’s heart, including mine. So much so, that I just couldn’t rest until I was able to play it on my harp! I hope you all enjoy my humble homage to the most wonderful group of beings ever to grace the surface of this earth with their presence! 

A special thanks to @sxhuns for helping me film! ^_^

You can download the audio here if you’d like!

Swings instagram:

Why do I like this kid so much

He’s very straight forward, and sometimes he’s a little irritating, even when meeting someone new, he will just put on his earphones and listen to music, he might be a little naive but I feel like he’s always staying beside silently looking at everything objectively, or you can say positively, without having any bad thoughts. He’s more of a soul person than a brain person. When I’m having a hard time, he’ll always just come over without saying anything then lie on the sofa and sleep. Once he wakes up he’ll say “I’m going now” and he’ll just leave. All my younger brothers are just like typical guys so we never do kisses to each other but you know what? I do it everyday to this kid that’s gonna turn 27 soon kekekeke I think I might be the biggest giri fan. Let’s all love our dog-cat Giriboy more.

@giriboy91 idiot beggar-boy

  • Sapphire: Ruby, why did we just unfuse?
  • Ruby: Sapphire! I have a very important confession to make!
  • Sapphire: You like to steal my dresses and wear them while nobody is looking. You do not have to tell me, I already know.
  • Ruby: What? N-no! That's not it!
  • Sapphire: Then what could it be?
  • Ruby: Sapphire, you see, there are no proper words in the dictionary that can describe how much I love you, so I took the matter of finding a song that could help me find the words.
  • Sapphire: Oh, I believe I know where this is going...
  • (Ruby presses play button on boombox and holds it up in the air)
  • Sapphire: Oh my goodness. Never change, Ruby.

Motionless In White – “Eternally Yours”


Blow the bridge to the past / wipe the fingerprints
Melt your heart encased in wax / steal it with a kiss

Our fate engraved / scar enslaved / as we mutually destruct
Repose, my love, i’ve sinned enough for the both of us

In the name of love…..

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I feed like you taught me and selflessly swallow
We coalesce in darkness, so selfishly hollow
Examine the wreckage / writhing in tempo
Invisible anguish casting a shadow

and in the name of love…

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

As we rest in pieces, though I know not your name /
I would suffer forever to absolve all your pain

And in the name of love

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I’m ready to bleed to make amends
And sleep in this dirt we call our bed
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To fall and rewrite the bitter end
Eternally yours

I’m more than willing to rot in hell with you.

Fall To Winter

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Maybe Bucky is just starting believe he’s very much loved despite everything he’s done.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
3,765 words

Notes: After 4867396 years, here it goes! I’m so sorry for my lack of content lately but  writer’s block is giving me a hard time, so…I’ve got some requests on my askbox though and I’m already working on them! This isn’t my best and the ending is meh but I hope y’all enjoy it! The songs that inspired me this time are Someone Like You by Mayer Hawthorne and Tomorrow Never by Villeneuve, by the way. Last but most definitely not least, I wanna thank my VIP ho aka @pimpdaddysebastian for keeping up with my sorry ass during this. I love you bij! <3 Happy readiiing!

You can tell it’s late by the lightness coming through the curtains but the cold weather doesn’t make you feel any better about waking up.

Having stayed up until late in the night before with Stark’s halloween party, you’re pretty sure it’s already past midday and though you’re not feeling just 100% yet, feeling Bucky’s warmness beside you completely makes up for it.

His face still has some traces of the vampire make-up you insisted on doing to match his costume, hair is splayed all over the pillow and his body in full display, much to your delight. His torso covered with the glitter of your body lotion and the pair black boxers are making a contrast to the white blankets, tangled messily around his legs.

You can’t help but smile dumbly at the sight because you’re so in love with this guy that is nearly unreal.

The course of your relationship isn’t the best or even normal, but you’re adamant you’d easily go through the whole ordeal once again if it meant he’d be safe, recovered and with you.

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Always love and respect KNJ

Okay I know I’m late but I have to talk about this. Namjoon is so strong for sharing his feelings with Always just as much as he did with Reflection, saying how he wished he was dead and life is a coffee he never ordered. I never thought this genre of music would drag me in so deep yet his lyrics are so meaningful and makes me love him even more. We can relate to him a lot more on a personal level with how he expresses his true feelings and that is very special.

Namjoon is very talented with pretty much anything, the way he contributed to the Wings album also, helping each member with their songs after knowing them and being able to tell their story after so many years. I respect him a lot. Doing all this on top of having the responsibility to lead BTS shows that he is a very hard working human being who deserves a lot of respect, love and appreciation. 

His ever growing love and support for his members, fans, friends and family. 

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His determination.

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His talent.

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Kim Namjoon everybody

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Always love and respect KNJ~

Boy In Lust (Sanha Smut)

Summary: You didn’t think you would ever be able to listen to BTS the same way again. Let alone look at the practice room mirror ever again without blushing. Smut. 

(A/N: so I happened upon the videos of Astro dancing to BTS and just about died. and I don’t know why they ever wasted these boys on a cutesie concept. (although I love the song Breathless so much I am very thankful for it). but anyway this was just supposed to be a quick, 2 second blurb, and it turned into four hours of my life absorbed in Sanha feels that I don’t even want to get back. so think of this as an early Christmas present for you all. warnings: excessive tropes, Sanha like you’ve never seen him before - in the best way ;), ice play?? wall sex, mirror sex, unprotected sex (don’t be like these idiots and always wear a condom, Mama said so) smut, minor smut, dirty talk, lots of swearing. um??? i don’t know. good stuff. I hope you all enjoy. -Tanisha<3)

It was a perfectly innocent gesture. 

Pick up coffee from the little shop on the corner on your way. It was along your way anyway, so it was no trouble at all, and it would be a nice treat for him anyway, for all of them. He had asked you to bring him a clean change of clothes because he had accidentally fallen asleep on the couch at the studio. Now it was afternoon the next day and yes, you were proud of him for working so hard, but quite appalled at him for not taking care of himself.

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WELL GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!




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Cold Coffee

Young Sirius Black x Reader
 “if you do young sirius imagines, i would very much like to request a very sassy ravenclaw reader who is very cool and listens to muggle music and manages to still be the top of the class that sirius just drools over and is so in love with please “ by anon
Words: 2158
Notes: I loved writing this, also I thought Ed Sheeran’s song would fit so much on this and added a little bit to the plot, hope you enjoy it!

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Sirius went to the great hall with his head buzzing. The sound of conversation and laughs during breakfast making his head ache even more. James and Remus looked at him holding laughs, but his eyes looked at his friends like he could murder any of them if they said something. His bad mood getting bigger as long as his hangover makes him more awful.

He sat on the Gryffindor table and ate silently, his eyes focusing nowhere but his plate full of food. James had a smirk on his face, on last night party he had, finally, convinced Lily Evans to go out on a date with him. Remus was still holding his laugh due to Sirius’ state and Peter was very occupied eating his food like he never had ate in his life.

“I know you don’t want to hear it but…” Remus’ voice reached Sirius, he looked at his friend in an attempt to stop him of talking. It only increased his headache.

“Please, don’t.” His voice sounded crispy and raspy and his throat felt weak with him trying to talk.

“I told you not to drink that much.” James finished Moony’s sentence and the two of them laughed while Sirius placed his head into his hands and tried to feel better.

“Oh, look who’s here.” Y/N’s voice reached Sirius and, although he loved hearing your voice, he just wanted to be left alone. “Darling…” Your lips played with one of the nicknames he had given to you, almost tasting it. “You look awful.”

She’s like cold coffee in the morning
I’m drunk off last night’s whiskey and coke

“Thanks, Y/N. I know that. Why don’t you just leave your comments and go away?” He looked to your eyes, the sassiness he loved on you, making him annoyed.

“Someone’s so bitchy today. Are you on your PMS, darling?” You blinked her eyes like a sweet doll but her teasing words tasting like sore in his mouth.

“Why don’t you go back to your ravenclaw friends to babble how much smarter than me you are?” Remus and James looked very pleased by how the conversation was going, even Peter was paying attention now.

“Oh.” You put your hand into your chest, pretending to be hurt. “It’s not the fact that I am ravenclaw that makes me smarter than you. It’s, actually, you. And your stupid attitudes.” You licked your lips for a moment, your eyes shining with how he was getting involved on your teasing. “By the way, nice show last night.” You laughed, his friends accompanied with you, only to stop when they saw Sirius’ dead look. “Have a lovely day, darling.” You winked at him and went away.

“Can you believe her?” Sirius shouted to his friends while they were walking to his class.

“Yes but you love it and you love her.” Sirius looked at Remus like he went insane. “Don’t look at me like that, you love how she doesn’t care about anyone and how funny and teasing she is. Also, she is very beautiful.”

“And by beautiful, you mean hot.” James smirked and Remus rolled his eyes. “Ouch.” He sighed in pain after Sirius kicked his arm. “Don’t need that, mate, Y/N is all yours.”

They laughed and each one sat on their spot for the class to begin. Sirius might have slept through half of it and woke up with Peter’s patting on his shoulder, motioning him to wake up. He’s headache now was tolerable and he could kind of pay attention, but not that much. Until he heard your voice, answering correctly about something the teacher asked. He rolled his eyes while tried to cover his smile.

She’ll make me shiver without warning
And make me laugh as if I’m in on the joke

He could only thought about you and, each time he heard your voice speaking, he would shiver involuntary. The sound of it producing faster beats to his heart and goosebumps down his spine. When you laughed to something or over something someone had said, he would had to hold himself to not let him laugh with you, your laughter so attempting him to enjoy her.

The rest of the day was really fine to Sirius. Of course, moony and prongs would tease him constantly, principally, because of his little show over the hufflepuff’s party, his hangover and Y/N. He was feeling much better now and was walking through the castle when he heard a sob.

He stopped on his tracks and listened to know where the sound was coming off, he came closer to the door from where the sobs were heard. He put his ear on it, carefully, wanting to hear it better until the person who was inside of it, unlocked the door and he fell right in front of it, making the person let a small, but sad, laugh come out of its mouth. He stopped when he heard the sound, he knew it.

“What were you doing, Black?” Your voice was angry but there was a hint of sadness, making Sirius want to punch whoever did this to you.

“What happened?” He asked after getting himself up and looking carefully to your face. Your beautiful eyes were red, your eyelashes filled with tears that were rolling down to your pink cheeks.

“It’s none of your business, Sirius.” You tried to clean your face and walk away but he stopped you, put your body on his shoulder and headed with you to Gryffindor’s commom room. Your attempts to make him put yourself on the ground being useless.

“Now…” He spoke after leaving you on the couch of Gryffindor, the warmth of the fireplace invading both of you. “Can you please tell me what’s wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong.” You looked to anywhere but his face, he kneeled in front of you and he let his hand stay on your knees.

“Do you want me to believe that you are fine after finding you crying late in the night? You can say that I’m dumb but I’m not.” He laughed and you looked angry at his eyes.

“Like you would care.” His features concerned, did you really think he didn’t care about you?

“I do, Y/N. I really do.” You searched for lies, playful tone or anything that showed he was just joking with you. But his eyes only showed you compassion, love and worry.

“I got an A on an exam…” He looked at you, his eyebrows showing he didn’t understand what was the matter. “It can be a normal and, actually, a pretty good grade to you, Black, but it’s not for me. I’m a bloody ravenclaw. My parents will kill me.” You started crying again and Sirius didn’t know what to do.

He sat behind you and, carefully, led your body to lay on his chest. His hands caressed your hair gently and, slowly, you felt the urge of crying going away. His touch being very pleasant and noticeable to you now that you were more calm.

“You are right, it’s normal to me.” He spoke to you, his voice seeming sweet for the first time. “But it’s not like you failed and, if you are not happy with it, make sure to get a better grade next time.” You looked at him and he smiled gently to you. “And you are going to and you know why? Because you’re a bloody ravenclaw!” He exclaimed happily, making you laugh shyly. “See? There it is the smile I love, sweetheart.”

“This one is new…” You spoke, talking about the new nickname he gave to you. “I enjoy this one.” He smiled and you let your head fall on his chest again, letting yourself provide of his warmth and loving touches one more time…

When Sirius woke up, there were sun light hitting his face and you were asleep on his arms. He smiled widely, never on his wildest dreams this could ever happen. He took you gently on his arms and took you to his dorm. The guys looked at him wondering what happened as he pulled your sleeping body on his bed.

“Long story. Tell you later, could you now leave?” The boys looked at each other and then nodded in agreement. “Oh, wait…”

I’ll wake with coffee in the morning
But she prefers two lumps of sugar and tea
Outside the day is up and calling
But I don’t have to be so, please go back to sleep

When your eyes opened, you were  in a dorm you never saw. You looked to your side and saw Sirius smiling at you. You thought for a second and remembered what happened last night and, shyly, smiled at him.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” He took a strand of your hair of your face and you felt your cheeks blush. Why was Sirius Black causing this to you? “Do you want some tea?”

“Good morning, Sirius.” You sat up while he handed you your tea. “With…”

“Two lumps of sugar.” He spoke at the same time as you and now was his time to blush.

“How do you know that?” You furrowed your eyebrows and took a sip of the tea he had just handed you

“I’m good observer.” He winked at you, while he took a sip of his black coffee. You smiled widely and couldn’t stop yourself from teasing.

“Does this mean that Sirius Black, the heartbreaker Sirius Black, observes this mortal ravenclaw?” You put your hand on your chest and made a surprise face, making him laugh.


“What a pleasure.”

“Not more than your presence.” You stopped laughing at his last phrase. Looking deep at his eyes who were now staring you too.

“What’s going on, Black? Why you were so nice and gentle with me tonight and why are you being cheesy and romantic now?”

“You don’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that!” You exclaimed and put your empty mug of tea on his bed table. “I just want to know what’s going on.”

“For someone that is so smart, you are very oblivious.” He laughed painfully.

Cause I love the way you wake me up
For goodness sake will my love not be enough?

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I fancy you, Y/N. For a long time now.” He reached his hair while standing up and walking through the dorm.

“You do?” You asked, still in disbelief.

“Bloody hell, of course I do. Can you now just go away so I can feel the rejection for the only girl I really liked?”


“Please, Y/N.”


“Go away.”

“Sirius, can you please stop being a cry baby and shut up for two minutes?” You shouted while grabbed his wrist, making him look at you with shut eyes and mouth. “Great. Why do you think I would reject you?”

“Because you tease me, constantly and…”

“And I am the one oblivious? I thought it was pretty sure that this was the way we showed that we liked each other, you dork.” You smirked and he smiled, loving to see you so close and so beautiful.

Tell me if I know, tell me if I do
Tell me how to fall in love the way you want me to

“Do you mean it? Do you really like this? I mean, how we are with each other?” You rolled your eyes and moved closer to him.

“Of course I do, darling.” He laughed at the way you said darling and you smiled. “Could now ask me out or it’s going to take too much?”

“Y/N…” His voice spoke your name with such love and devotion that made your heart beat faster. “Sweetheart, would you go to Hogsmeade with me next week?” You put your finger on your cheek, pretending to be thinking.

“Well, I’m going to think on your case.” You moved closer and kissed his cheek. “See you on the great hall in five minutes, Black.”

He stood there for a minute, not understanding what was happening but decided to follow what you said. Sitting on the Gryffindor table, with the marauders all looking at him with questioning eyes. He searched for your face and stood frozen when he felt a warm breath on his neck.

“Yes, Black, I’d love to.” You smiled when he turned to look at you and headed to the ravenclaw table, while he had the goofiest smile on his face.

“What the hell was that?” James asked and Sirius, proudly, told them everything. His smile getting bigger at each word.

“Can you believe her?” He spoke at the end, all of the boys looking with smiles on their faces.

“Pads, you are so in love with her.” And for the first time, Sirius Black was not afraid of this statement.

Tell me if I’m wrong, tell me if I’m right
Tell me if you need a loving hand
To help you fall asleep tonight


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )

i was so sleep deprived that my mom walked in on me crying while packing for school and she was like “what’s wrong??” and i was like “i just…..love elton john so much…….rocket man is such a beautiful song….” and she made me a cup of coffee and told me to get it together

I hate you, Hector. I hate you so much and I hope you have babies soon that you love very much. Then I will steal them and feed them to sharks and you’ll be so heartbroken that you’ll never want to have any more kids and you’ll just hide out in a dark room all day wondering how someone could feed another person’s babies to sharks
—  Achilles

I had a talk with @lostcauses-noregrets about “what if IKEA sold body pillows and Levi saw them while searching for lost princess Erwin?” and then this happened :D

Levi will miss Erwin very much and is often unable to sleep when he’s away for work so he will call pretty late just to hear Erwin’s voice. They will talk, Erwin will sing songs for Levi til he’s finally able to sleep. And even though Erwin loves it when Levi is that affectionate he can’t hold back with teasing him a bit <3 And a Dånchø-Bodypillow might actually help ;) They are so dorky and I love it.

The IKEA diaries

namjoon was so shameless and goofy that entire vlive. its so heartwarming knowing he’s so comfortable and confident when hes alone in front of the camera now, screeching along to songs and dancing like the dorky noodle he is. he hasnt been doing solo vlives for very long but hes already gotten used to just talking to and with us. im so glad he’s willing to just be a normal 20 something loser with us watching TT

The Man with the Child in his Eyes

So, unfortunately I’ve been a bit blocked on my other writing, but somehow this one just worked for me.  Apologies for those waiting for chapters for my other stories. 

The title (and much inspiration) is from the Kate Bush song of the same name, you can check it out here.

Also very much inspired by the lovely manip made by @seastarved for her prompt challenge number 3 which is here.  Chinx - I hope you enjoy this, sweetheart!

A life spent studying magic has left Princess Emma no closer to understanding the role she’d been given at birth, that of the Saviour.  Frustrated, she discovers a mirror in a forgotten corner of the castle and, trapped within it, a man long thought dead.

Killian Jones had run foul of the Evil Queen, trapped by a magic that hadn’t perished with her. Now, thanks to a curious princess, he has a chance at freedom again.  

But for Emma to free him, she’s willing to pay a terrible price, one that might take away all their chances of a happy ending forever.  Will she truly be the Saviour she’s destined to be, or is she fated to simply be the Dark One’s puppet?

Rating: General

Read on AO3 or FFnet

Emma had always known that there were rooms in the castle that you weren’t supposed to go into. Dark spaces, guarded by heavy doors at the top of twisty sets of stairs. Rooms that still reeked of the Evil Queen’s magic no matter how many cleansing spells the fairies had performed.

But Emma was reckless and bold and, well, Emma was hiding from the Blue Fairy in a place she knew her teacher would never willingly fly into.

It was not that Emma disliked the fairy herself but she found the endless magic lessons taxing. Emma had magic, had always had magic, but it was unpredictable and often did not work at all. Unlike her mother Snow White, who was filled with enough hope to galvanise an entire country behind her crusade to rid the land of the Evil Queen, or her father, whose courage knew no limits, Emma’s gift was muted and often seemed to have little or no benefit.

And yet that did not stop her mother’s, somewhat tireless, belief that all Emma needed was more practice, more focus, more time. More of everything that simply drove Emma here, to this dark and dusty room in a dank corner of the castle.

She drifted around, looking for something that might amuse her. Most of the contents of the room were covered in a fine layer of dust and none of them were particularly exciting. A chest that contained nothing but a ship in the bottle with cracked glass, a broken candelabra and an unflattering portrait of a long-dead ancestor were all examined by Emma, but none held her interest.

The last thing in the room was covered by a dust sheet and, holding her breath, Emma pulled it off onto the floor, expecting to uncover some ugly hunk of furniture banished to this corner of the castle. Instead she found a large mirror, cleaner than she would have expected, with a handsome dark-wood frame.

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This is based off a session of headcannoning (That’s not a word, but it should be) with @nayavelazquez. It’s ridiculous and not that well written tbh, but I hope you like it, love. I know I promised this to you months ago and look! I finally wrote it! Again I wish you a very happy birthday <3
This is basically just Solangelo fighting over Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics because nobody can convince me they do not have midnight dance parties and Bohemian rhapsody is the best song to do that to so. Enjoy!

Anyway the wind blows

No, William.’

Yes, Nico.’

‘You weren’t even alive when that song was popular!’

‘As if you were listening to music then?’

‘It was a casino. There was a radio. They played music, thank you very much.’

Will Solace and Nico di Angelo’s voices were filling the quiet that normally engulfed Camp Half-Blood at night. They were probably the only ones awake and had been for a while. At three in the morning, everyone was in bed and if it was known that Will Solace was in the Habes cabin at this hour, it probably wouldn’t end well. Not only did the rule that no two campers of opposite gender were allowed to be alone change so that Nico and Will weren’t allowed either, (Not that that rule was taken seriously; it was probably the one rule that got broken the most.) more important was the fact that it was at night. Two teenage, hormonal boys alone with their boyfriend at night? Some shocking, inappropriate things were bound to happen!

Well… a lot of things did happen, but maybe not necessarily what you’d expect. The two boys had been engaged in an intense lip-sync battle, that quickly escalated to them simply singing at the top of their lungs and dancing around the cabin; the one dance move more ridiculous than the previous one.

Will had an old mp-3 that didn’t give off any signals to monsters and he had every single popular song on it. From All you need is love to Baby to I can’t help falling in love to High School Musical to Money, Money, Money to Bohemian Rhapsody. Nico, surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, knew most of the older ones. Will saw it as his personal duty to educate Nico on modern pop culture and he took that very seriously.

At the moment the music was drowned out by their arguing, though. When Bohemian Rhapsody had come on, everything had gone downhill.

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