i just love this so damn much


“…I’m doing more than fine.”

I’ve never made a gifset before so excuse the shittiness of it, but man, out of everything he said in that last video, this one spoke to me the most. We’re all doing fine. I could go in depth about how this community has changed me, and how much I love seeing what you guys make, and jesus christ, just how much positivity radiates from our little nook on tumblr, but I think the big thing is that I’m just so proud to associate myself with you guys. 

(i hope you guys don’t mind if I tag you, I just thought I would reach out to some of my favorite jims)
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you know… a huge part of me always gets so angry when i see taylor hate.. for obvious reasons. but another part of me just gets sad that these people will never truly know taylor the way we do??? like they can’t see that beautiful, amazing, selfless, funny, amazing human being that she truly is and it just like.. makes my skin crawl that she’s STILL painted in such a negative light. she doesn’t deserve it. i’m just so… so happy i made that decision to choose her for all these years, and i’m so proud that i never let go. i never once read into the bullshit because i knew it was just that, bullshit. but the more they hate, the more they leave us to love

SVT Performance unit reaction to their s/o being short

Once again, thank you for requesting! ^^ I’d love to hear how you liked these reactions~ 

i’m not that short myself (or at least i think i’m not) but i honestly love the thought so much it makes me squeal like a mad woman omg excuse me while i go die in a corner somewhere acnlflbdqlwb


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  • Would definitely tease them all the time because he’d be so soft god damn it
  • Would love teasing them by getting on his toes when they wanted to kiss him 
  • Would absolutely love hugging them from behind because his head would always rest of top of their head and it would be his favorite thing in the whole world


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  • Would be too soft to tease them in any way
  • Just… a giggly boyfriend Hoshi who is head over heels for them and their height
  • Would be really sweet and help them whenever they needed help and wouldn’t make a big deal about it, would just smile adoringly


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  • Would tease them in certain situations, like whenever they wouldn’t be able to reach something
  • BUT when they would want to kiss him, I think he would make himself shorter in some way 
  • Would love hugging them because he would find it so cute because they smol™


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  • I think he wouldn’t tease them too much 
  • Would be soft tho, giggling whenever they wouldn’t be able to reach something, his lips for example
  • Would always help them with a smile but wouldn’t tease them and would make sure to act in a way that wouldn’t make them feel insecure about their height


i really hope this doesn’t get lost in the sea of messages mark gets today (wasn’t really planning on writing one because i figured he wouldn’t see it anyway and no one really cares but oh well) because for once i want him to see how he affects me so much

mark, i’ve only been around since february but i can say with total confidence that you have completely transformed my life. i’m going through a lot of shit right now and seeing your crying thumbnail worried me so much.

but after actually sitting and watching that video and listening to you while crying nonstop i thought about how connected i feel to you and how much i’m grateful to have you in my life and even though i’m too far away to ever meet you i still adore you so much and i’m so proud of your journey and i have so much love for your constant ambition to do more.

seeing you strive to always do better and be better is so damn motivating. just hearing you say “you’re fine” made me feel a million times better on its own. the video, albeit painful, showed me that you’re somehow even more loving, kind and grateful than i knew you to be. it’s amazing and i love you so much.

my thoughts are kind of all over the place right now. things are so bad that i felt like i don’t even deserve to be watching your videos or be in this community. i feel so worthless and stupid and useless way too often and it keeps me away from interacting with the wonderful, talented and amazing friends i’ve made here. but you always bring me back. you lift me up. you save me. and i’m so goddamn grateful for that. nobody makes me so happy the way you do.

i wish i could just hug you or talk to you or interact with you but i’m all the way across the world in kuwait, a country in the middle east, where literally nobody goes. i wanna go to pax or vidcon or the yw tour and meet you someday but i know that i can’t and that sucks, i guess, but even still i feel like you’re my best friend. you’re always there for me, even if you can never truly know me.

anyway this got rambly and messy but tldr i love you and thank you for everything okay bye



You hear a strange buzzing sound.


Everything is black, is something wrong??

Alphys: “O-Okay, I think I-I fixed it that time. T-Try it now.”

Captain: “ Alright, here goes nothing.”


Captain: “ I swear if this damn thing isn’t-”

Alphys: “O-Oh! I think it’s working!” 

Captain: “About time, I thought we were gonna have to put in for a new monitor. Thanks Alphys.”

Alphys: “N-No problem, just g-give me a call i-if it messes up a-again.”

((Mod Jess: TA-DA!!!!!!! **Whoop, fanfare going everywhere!!!** HE’S HERE!! YOU CAN FINALLY SEE MY BITTER BABY BOY!!! @nighttimepixels BROUGHT HIM TO LIFE I AM SOOOO EXCITED I HAVEN’T STOPPED SMILING YET!!! HAHAHAHA!))

((*Ahem* hoo okay, I’m good. So, what do you guys think? <3))

Two of my fave things so far on the punisher are whenever someone looks at frank in his beanie and hoodie and assumes they can actually threaten him and live to tell about it

And frank yelling at David about not puking everywhere because of the dead bodies

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I personally just didn’t think there was enough interactions between the two of them. Maybe I would have shipped it then, maybe not. The idea of loud fun Lup and quiet introverted Lucretia is very cute, but we already get that dynamic with Blupjeans. I don’t hate it, but I’d give it a pass. 

That being said, can you imagine how much worse the memory erasing would have been for Lucretia if she and Lup were in love? And how much more complicated the whole Taako hating Lucretia situation would be. Like damn this ship opens doors for so much angst and I don’t have this URL for nothing. Love me some emotional pain. 

And after Lucretia grows and changes from her year alone, she and Lup don’t have as much of the opposites attract thing going, but after Lup spends so much time in the umbrella, they would understand each other’s loneliness so well. 

As I typed out my feelings on this, I realized I liked the ship much more than I first thought. 

Final verdict: If Blupjeans wasn’t an option this would be my OTP.

You heard the entire arena screaming?

That was BTS, our bulletproof boys. Who have worked so hard for all these years, we’ve watched them grow and blossom like the beautiful sunflowers they are. The most inspiring and talented group of humble, funny, sweet, kind and hardworking boys that we all have learned to love and keep close to our hearts because they inspired us, taught us to love ourselves and believe in our dreams despite anyone who tells us different, they have come this far by doing just that, by following their dreams and working hard. They have fought so much to come all this way and they deserve it! All the love and support we have gave them, they always give it back to us. The best seven boys I’ve ever have grown to love in my life. Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook.

BTS just made history guys, everyone will remember their name. I’m so damn proud of them, I hope they rest well after this amazing performance they blessed us with. We love you bangtan.

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Ok I just read your post about the bullshit you had to experience in school because of your disability and honestly??? You're my freaking hero. You're a damn legend and the fact that you're still standing tall and proud after all that is just so inspiring and amazing I love you

Omg you’re sweet. Thanks so much. This post is going to turn into a PSA LOL

It’s funny because it still happens every damn day. Like I can always name at least one instance of someone being a prick to me over my disability, and all you can really do is make a decision.

Which is more important to you? You, or how they see you? I’m not asking people to like me. I’m asking them not to be giant fucking dicks. They don’t have to like me to help me, to show they have character. I’m asking them to have integrity, and when you put someone in that kind of situation, frame it like that for them? They will almost always either do the thing or give you a clear picture of them (which really helps you to keep your confidence).

Let me see if I can explain it in a way that makes sense.

Often when dealing with a physical impairment, particularly one that other people don’t notice, is that you will get bullshit. You often have to find ways of building yourself up, prevent yourself from internalize the bullshit. So there are usually two ways of doing this, either you learn how to effectively handle people and frustration and build mantras that sort of get you to remember that you are not lesser than anyone, or you get angry.

Anger is effective, and plenty of disabled people use it, but it backfires, because while it makes fighting easier, you very quickly build yourself into a kind of prison you can’t get out of.

So you have to learn how to turn every situation into a learning experience for them and you. you have to become a more effective communicator, you have to make up little quick fire speeches about your condition so that people can be managed. You have to learn how to ask for things, when to get forceful, when to get out the attitude. How to remind yourself that you are a person, and that your disability is also turning you into someone who is strong, independent, capable, communicative, knowledgeable. Your disability is giving you the tools you need to be an amazing person. And when you, this amazing person, confront an asshole, it’s important to keep that perspective.

They’re not stooping to your level to do you a favor. You’re on a level so high above them you’re asking them to climb, and that’s not something everyone can do. I mean they can’t help it if they’re just weak or stupid. A person could even say that these normal people are “handicapped”. Being a giant dick is easier.

Every time you hit a wall, every time someone bullies, mocks, or refuses to help you, you need to be able to remove yourself and flip the perspective. That asshole who told you you were lazy…they just showed you what kind of person they are. That person who made fun of you…their psychology is feeble. That bastard who thinks you need to be educated about your own condition, who has a list of things you should eat and exercises you should do to cure yourself…they’ve just handed you everything you need to tell them off.

Confidence isn’t hard so long as:

1. You know your condition inside and out (do your research about your body and be proactive.) if your condition is idiopathic (like mine) then know everything that you can about potential causes

2. You learn how to say no. Don’t say “if you don’t mind” or similar ways of avoiding questions. Don’t let them think they are allowed to control the conversation. Say simply and firmly “I would rather not talk about my condition to you Can you please just compensate in this way?” For example, I paid for a walking tour of Italy. I went. I told the tour guide that I have a visual impairment. It doesn’t need to be addressed except that you can’t just walk away without saying something. If you move the tour on, please be sure you still have me when you arrive at the next destination. She wanted me to tell her everything. I simply said “I spend a lot of my day explaining my condition to complete strangers who think they’re entitled to know about my body. I’d prefer not to talk about it in this kind of setting.” And she and the group immediately felt as if they were being the invasive assholes they were actually being. They apologized and no one asked me a single fucking thing about it for the next week, except to ask me if I needed help with anything. I was absolutely friendly and civil, and no one behaved toward me as if my bid for autonomy was offensive to them.

3. You learn how to think about yourself and your “disability”. Remember that you may have a few limitations, but what you gain from those, in terms of knowledge, integrity, character, are invaluable. So no matter how frustrating it is to not be able to do the things you want, keep thinking of this as a chance for you to be better. It’s not a test. There’s no one who is grading this, and sometimes you’ll fuck up. It’s a process. You have to see it that way. A lot of people will think that by saying this, I’m somehow giving thought tools like, how to trick yourself into believing you’re valid. No. You are valid, but your mind isn’t letting you believe it because your mind is being attacked from a million sides and is firing back with all the stress hormones you can imagine.

I agreed to be a test subject for a group of grad students. They were measuring the responses to stress of disabled people. Disabled people, on any given day, produce way more stress hormones than a normal person. Makes us more prone to secondary illness, fatigue, cancer, chronic pain (because it is cyclical and once started cannot be stopped. Stress hormones trigger it). In one of my posts I talked about how having a disability isn’t just the actual impairment, but also the other shit that comes with it like PTSD and stress management. When under that kind of stress chronically, it can be impossible to see yourself clearly. It can even lead to clinical depression. You need to find ways to convince yourself NOT OF LIES, but of the truth.

You are not lesser. You are different. This difference makes it difficult to deal with the world of the other people, but it makes you better at seeing facets they cannot. Find ways to convince yourself of that truth, and the stress will dissipate. It will be managed more effectively.

4. You know how to navigate. If you have a mobility issue, learn those elevators. If you have a difficulty with navigating, research and find the strategies that work for others. Should you have to learn clever ways to hack the world? No. But are you worse for learning them? No. When I was in college, I did a year abroad. My mom was fucking white knuckling her life right, because if I kept being independent, I’d either get hurt or I wouldn’t need her anymore. But like, when I got there, I realized they’d segregated the disabled people in dorms where they were like, clumped together. I had a few hall-mates who were blind. I mean one had only light/shadow, one had no eyes. I was partially sighted so I had a foot in each world.

Who do you think the fully blind kids wanted guiding them around school or shopping? It wasn’t a fully sighted person. It was me. Why? Because I knew exactly how to give auditory clues, how to lead them, how to get around. If I couldn’t see something, I’d ask for help, and they knew I could do that too. I learned a ton about my own thinking of my disability in that time. I was amazed by how capable they were with so much more extensive blindness. I learned that I was really throwing myself a pity party, not learning how to think. They taught me how to see past that stress and just build my strengths. How to feel no depression whatsoever about learning extra information to keep myself safe. I’d do it for them in a heartbeat, so why couldn’t I do it for me?

It was an emotional barricade. It prevented me from traveling and doing things because of fear. So I broke it down and rethought it and memorized those step counts, those elevator maps, those short cuts, those tricks. I just fucking did it. And I felt better about my capabilities than ever before.

5. You learn to feel comfortable defending yourself. I don’t mean necessarily physically (but that’s also a good idea). I mean verbally. You need to feel justified in speaking up. That can be the most difficult thing, because many people with chronic illness or disability feel a sense of shame or responsibility for their condition. You may have some measure of responsibility, but you’re not asking people to forgive you your sins. You’re asking them to not be giant dicks, remember? So you were driving the car that got in the crash that put you in that chair. So fucking what? That fact HAS NO BEARING upon how people should behave. I mean really. No matter how or why or what is “wrong” with your body, this doesn’t excuse people from being giant fucking dicks! This is about how they behave toward someone who is disabled whom they SONT KNOW! They don’t get to be an asshole. They don’t get to pass a value judgment on your body.

You are your only advocate. You’re the one who knows it best. You need to be able to call bullshit and stand up to bullies.

I told the story about the guy whose dog attacked my friend’s guide dog. And that even though he was a full grown man, and those people around us were strangers, I called them out. That was easy to do, because I was defending my friend, but you have to be willing to do that for your own disability too, like the time the guy got in my face and got physical with me over my guide dog.

Take a self defense class if only to learn how to scream and punch. Get your voice out. Practice that until you feel no more embarrassment. Then refine that voice to match your own self-advocacy.

Anyway, sorry that turned into a lecture! I didn’t mean it to, it’s just that I want people to feel confident being what they are.

Thanks for the shout out.

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lia ;A; im sad.. so many people want shiro to be like super responsible and taking care of the ''kids'' and #spaced4d, which is funny and yes i'm sure he's fully embraced wine mom culture at age 25 but at some point it all starts stressing me out like... pls can we Not give shiro any more responsabilities... can we let him live... he hasn't had a moment to rest since he was fucken abducted im crying i love him so much and these people dont show him som dam respect. fuck. fukc. i love my husband

shiro’s a damn good leader and i’m sure he feels responsible for all the paladins as their leader but putting the pressure of parenting a 14 year old, two 17 year olds, and an 18 year old as they fight an intergalactic war is fucking ridiculous? god. just let him rest. Please. 

Okay so this just happened… I honestly don’t know what to say! I’ve gained like 100 followers over the last couple of days I’m shook!

Thank you to everyone who chills out on my blog and reads the dribble that I have the audacity to call fanfiction… you’re all queens and I love you so freaking much!

Especially thanks to @hufflepuff-and-feminist @allthingsbughead for being there almost from the start, I love you two so damn much❤️

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looking at a wip and

on one hand, i still love the concept and feel like if it’s been written, it’s been written, and rewriting it would be a lot of work when i already have so much down

on the other, i was barely-coherent to straight-up incoherent when i wrote it and it shows

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I got into bts after watching a reaction video to kpop. I was already semi-into exo but i was heart broken when my bias Luhan left. I watched the video and saw bts. I was like, "oh damn who are they?" And everything just sort of went from there. They filled in that hole in my heart from Luhan leaving. My ult is Yoongi. I was always interested in him but it really started from when he released his mix tape. Just hearing his story really pulled me in. I love him with all my heart and soul now ♡.

Yoongi is so complex I love him so much. Everything about him is …breathtaking. His voice, how he raps with such passion, the way he views life. Min Yoongi is a beautiful mess

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So I realised I was Ace quite a few years ago now, and have been pretty much fine with it since. But the other day I was watching a film with Dave Franco in (who I’ve always found aesthetically attractive), he looked at his love interest, and I immediately thought ‘damn if he looked at ME like that I would totally sleep with him’. And then I sorta realised what I’d just thought and it weirded me out. I’ve literally never thought that about anyone. Is there any explanation for this??

There probably is. Maybe look into lithsexual, aceflux, and autochorosexualism.  Or gray-asexual is a really broad umbrella term too, if you want to use that. You’re always allowed to use an umbrella term and not specify further if that’s what you want or are comfortable with.

-Lt General Lyn