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11 facts:

I was tagged by @oldpalegoth and @a-slightcatchoflightning to post 11 facts about myself.

1. I love writing. I get my inspiration from just about anywhere through anything. I once wrote a dyfty fanfiction inspired by my bother looking up words in a dictionary to insult we with.

2. I hate phone calls, phone conversations, picking up the phone, hearing it ring, feeling it vibrate, it just sends me into mass panic. I only talk to Eli over the phone.

3. I have an obsession with Dr Pepper. As in the canned/bottled fizzy drink. I even based an OC on it. (Doctor Julian ‘Jules’ Pepper)

4. I can probably pick out any instrumental music used in adverts because I listen to them all the time. I recognise several musical pieces from movies and TV shows.

5. Skillet is my favourite band. They saved my life and made my life, and i can share them with my soulmate, Eli, who loves them as much as I do. I can only dream to see them live one day.

6. My first female crush was Avril Lavigne. (Well it was Kate Mulgrew but it was Avril who made me think ‘whoop I could be gay’)

7. I started watching Star Trek Voyager from age 9ish and it made my life. I loved it so much, and it made me feel really clever because i learned the terminology and yeah.

8. I love Eli with all the love I have to give (which is considerably less due to my trust issues but I’m trying and they know it) and I hope one day I can get over the shit and show them just how much I love them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated.

9. I sorta adopted @oldpalegoth as my Nan, @avoidantiaindean as my child? (for lack of a better word) and @the-curious-paracosm as my little sibling. (I’m willing to adopt anyone rn bc everyones being treated like shit and I wanna protect them.

10. I can’t keep presents I bought for people secret. I always end up telling them what it is bc I’m so excited to give it to them.

11. I cry at Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar movies. Okay, most movies. All movies.

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wow straights don’t know how lucky they are. they are literally represented everywhere. u listen to a song on the radio ??? s t raight. u watch a tv show ??? 3 wild straight couples appear. u watch a movie ??? there is always a straight love plot squeezed into the story. u read a book ??? hello™ there are the straights again. like they don’t even have to search for things ??? while i need to graduate lesbian detective school to be freakin able to find one decent piece of lesbian fiction that i haven’t read 39290480939 times already because there are literally no alternatives ??? straights just need to open any book in the bookstore and there is already a straight romance flourishing on page one. imagine what that must feel like ?? can’t relate

As I was re-watching one piece film z I remembered why Brook is one of the most beautiful Strawhat members:

he’s protecting his captain from the rain, but he’s so tall and the umbrella wouldn’t reach Luffy, so he BENDS DOWN IN ORDER TO COVER HIM.



He’s already dead tho… yohoho

And then they just walk off like that, with Brook holding up the umbrella for the future pirate king like nothing, because he’s such a wonderful skeleton and HE CARES FOR HIS CAPTAIN HEALTH, GOSH NO DROP WOULD DARE TOUCH HIS CAPTAIN’S FAIR SKIN FIGHT HIM !!!!



there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

Im not here to save you,
only you can save yourself.
i know you can, because i was like you
im here to show you that is possible

Let me show you things get better
im here to love and support you all the way
help you carry the weight of your pain
remind you all the things you are

Im not here to save you,
even though i want to, so i’ll just
silence your demons and soothe your soul
hold your pieces while you put them back together

And i do it because i want to
you are not a burden or a liability
we have the same scars on different places
and i will help you heal them

Im not here to save you
only you can save yourself
im just here to show you that
you are worth saving

—  multiversalwolf 
When size matters

A lil ref sketch to show u fullbody based Otabek design and the difference of highness. I draw without wings for better view.
Look at yourself. Little piece of shit

But can you imagine something…bigger..




is the Season-bringer - the world where they all live, 4 times in the year he brings cold n warm winds in their places.

Can you just fucking imagine that one day he`s killing, and in other day he`s bringing, for example, THE WINDS OF LOVELY SPRING, how sweet <3 And then the beautiful flowers becomes falling, and corpses falling and…oh wait, ghm HAHAH



upd: Okay, don`t mind the people size, cuz there is NO people race in this world

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Can I be honest here? When I first saw this scene, I was honestly worried for a second that All Might would be a untouchable, a bit arrogant and overly confident guy. Just for a split-second, I thought “Oh no, he’s gonna be one of those untouchable hero-idols again who will only show up in the story whenever there’s a really big fight that the protagonist can’t handle”.

Why I thought that – perhaps because I felt something about his behavior was faked. Perhaps because he just picked up the nearest piece of paper he could find and wrote down his autograph without even being asked for it, probably thinking that everyone would love to have his autograph, anyway.

But gosh, was I wrong. In the mere span of a few minutes, all those worries were shut down.

Untouchable? Invincible? No. All Might is shown to be bleeding and hiding behind a strong façade only a bit later.

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Him not showing up in the series apart from important fights? Ha! Since the manga started, All Might has been at Izuku’s side as often as possible. I even miss him when he isn’t there, because I’m just so used to him being close to Izuku (even if it’s just watching from around the corner like a worried dad)


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And then, when I rewatched BNHA, I noticed this little scene here:

All Might didn’t just pick the notebook up and write his autograph into it. He really read it first. The book had fallen open during the fight with slime guy, if I remember correctly. He probably caught sight of the sketches of heroes Izuku had done and took a look into it.

He noticed how detailed Izuku’s notes where. He took into consideration how much time the boy had spent gathering all those information about the heroes, and how much love had went into each detail. Knowing Izuku, that fanboy probably even wrote down his thoughts near the notes, little bits and pieces of excited rambling and theories.

All Might didn’t write his autograph into the notebook because he egoistically assumed that it would be what the boy wanted.

He wrote the autograph into the notebook because, after seeing Izuku’s addiction to heroes, his love for everything concerning it, he knew how much this autograph would mean for the boy.

Well done, Horikoshi. You managed to literally pulverize all the clichés concerning shounen-mentors and designed one of the most lovable, dorkiest yet most awesome characters I’ve ever seen. Not to mention what a heartwarming relationship between mentor and student was created here.

Also, what kind of dorky autograph is this, you drew your own eyebrows and eye-shadows under it you utter DORK

Yuri Plisetsky and a Lesson on Emotional Range

As someone from the social sciences, I just love, love, LOVE Yuri Plisetsky. He is a precious emotional goldmine. If there is one character I would like to narrate my life, it’ll be Yurio, because you KNOW he’ll come up with out of this world creative ways to tell you how you are the piece of shit who matters and deserves to be happy in life.

Here are the conflicting (but perfectly healthy) and beautiful smorgasbord of emotions I imagine this precious boy has for certain characters of the show.

Yuuri “Katsudon Piggy” Katsuki

Same name, interesting | good step sequence, I want to see him do a perfect skate | WEAKEST PERSON I KNOW FUCK | want to beat him | shit want to beat him in everything | can’t take him losing to others | PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST | gay disgusting Russian-hero-stealing fuck | fuck this guy | sorta fond of him | talk about him to Grandpa all the time

Viktor Nikiforov

Role model | person I admire the most | but I have had it up to HERE that he wins all the time | he even got Katsuki wtf is nothing sacred | isn’t he old enough to die yet JUST FUCKING DIE ALREADY | but thanks for the record-breaking choreography, I guess | will surpass him someday

Otabek Altin

Most okay guy I met | appreciates how great I am, which is pretty cool | can be trusted | will cheer for him, I want him to beat everyone else | still want to beat him in competition, though | and he better want to beat me, too

BONUS: Mila Babicheva

Slut | sister I never had

Lol, who/what did I miss?


Ok honestly?  It was at this moment that my heart shattered into a million pieces.  I know he’s obviously always breaking the 4th wall but he never really lets the others know about that, he tends to just brush it off when it happens.  But seeing this killed me.  He programed that door.  He used the “broken door” to let you, the player, know that he loves you.  Not just the avatar representing you, but the real you on the other side of the screen.

I’m also convinced that the screen went black like that to show your reflection and reinforce that they are in fact talking about the real you.

I’m gonna go drown in feels now.

My fave shipping tropes:

- coffee shop aus
- ‘we hate each other but have to work together and there’s a fuckton of sexual tension’
- comfortable married life bc all my otps are angsty and I want my bbys to be happy
- super duper in love but they think the other just wants to be friends so they pine
- one is sick so the other cuddles them and takes care of them
- person a being rlly insecure so b is determined to show a how much they are loved
- meeting the parents!
- A is pregnant and B is just! So! Happy!
- A using rlly cheesy pick up lines when they see B at their job and B rolls their eyes but secretly adores it

Please reblog and recommend fics/drabbles/fanart/headcanons with any of these, in any of my ships in the tag!💙

To the person who loves me next

It’s gonna be hard, like really hard. I’ve got crazy mood swings, I’m an emotional wreak but extremely unattached at the same time. I’ll probably come off as an asshole, I’ll distance myself when I feel my guard going down. It’s a habit at this point. Some days I might be super clingy and needy and other days I’ll hardly show emotions. I’ve been crushed so many times that I have a hard time with feelings. I’ve just got a lot of broken pieces and don’t want to shatter the ones I’ve tried to put back together, I also don’t wanna cut you with them. But I don’t need someone to “fix” me, I just need someone to stand by me while I heal myself. I want someone to support, challenge and genuinely care about me. I don’t have much to offer, but I can treat you with respect and love you fully.


This Is Us: 1x09 vs 1x15 - Jack reassuring Randall

I never could understand why there are people out there that just want to tear someone else down. I have always believed, even when doing art professionally that it should be fun or to learn. What many people don’t see behind the polish and finish of a piece of work is the many hours, years honing their skills to get to this point. Art is never about just the vanity of showing off, it’s sharing what we’ve learned and to express the story we want to tell without the words that are hard to find. All artists put in this time and effort for the love of the craft and wish to share it in hopes that others might find some joy in it.

No one should ever fault you for work that you love doing, fanart or not. creativity is not filled out by a checklist of what others find acceptable. You do cause you enjoy, you create cause it gives you a sense of accomplishment. And NEVER tell someone they shouldn’t create.



“Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, Joe White will have as his guest on this provocative hour of conversation, an American Nazi. A man who has claimed to have spent last weekend in a flying saucer, and a young lady whose remarkably successful first novel has created a storm of controversy.”

I think my favorite thing about the oa is the friendship between 5 very different people. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones where they were all eating lunch together, bba hanging around doing her lunch monitor duty. I love how their group are the only people that call her OA (and the therapist but thats for a different reason) i just love seeing the development of these characters, helping eachother out, hanging out. I just love seeing an example like this of how circumstance can bring the most unlikely people together. How families can be made from pieces that shouldn’t seem like they fit together, but they do. I like seeing how the friendship affects the individuals. Idk I’m rambling but i just really love this show

“Tina & Louise” Been a huge Bob’s Burgers fan for years now, but I don’t know why I just now got the idea to combine it with the iconic 90s movie “Thelma & Louise” (which I also love). I’m not sure how well known that movie is nowadays, but it’s great and definitely worth checking out. Either way at least I finally got the inspiration to do a tribute piece for one of my favorite shows of all time!

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Hey! I read Good Fences Make Good Neighbors bcuz I can't resist McHanzo and!!! It was so good! Could you recommend any other good McHanzo fics/pieces?


Popcorn Redemption is a BIG OL GOOD FIC PLEASE READ IT its def at the top 2 for my favorite mchanzo fics along with Good Fences

To Build a Home series is ALL GOOD, looking forward to updates on the most recent fic there

Green Glitter and Lonely Nights is actually pretty good to me, but its also pretty NSFW so be warned

Lost in Translation recently finished and its good and funny and all around solid

The Familiar of Hanzo if u like magic and high school aus this is perfect and diabetes sweet