i just love this selca a lot

dating taetae would include:

[gender neutral] ☼

  ∙ creeping up and hugging you from behind 

  ∙ teasing

  ∙ i feel like tae would enjoy pda + making sure everyone knew you were his 

  ∙ hand holding

  ∙ your parents loving him 

  ∙ lip syncing your favourite songs together 

  ∙ annoying guk with your fluffiness 

  ∙ pinkie swears 

  ∙ sharing sweaters !!! 

 ∙ he’d enjoy playing with your hair “its so soft baby” 

∙ pet names - princess//prince//angel//cutie//sweetie//kitten

∙ he’d love to take pictures of you when you weren’t looking; he just finds you too beautiful so he loves to capture it within a picture 

∙ he adores your smile 

∙ speaking of your future together 

∙ i think taetae would encourage you endlessly. you want to eat the biggest hotdog in the world? he’d believe in you and your dream 

∙ he’s serious when its neccessary 

∙ when your upset he’d snuggle into you to break through the tears 

∙ dorky snapchats !!! 

∙ skinship 

∙ shy kisses 

∙ dom! tae 

∙ eYe smiLES

∙ i think jimin would third wheel you two a lot when he’s not with guk 

∙ jealous! tae

∙ puns you later find out were stolen from jin 

∙ “please, i’ll walk the puppy baby, just please?” 

∙ arguments over the stupidest stuff but he’d always crack and hug you to say sorry 

∙ no matter what, he’d always find a way to make you happy 

∙ hickeys 

∙ tae would sit you on his lap at any given opportunity honestly 

∙ drunk!tae would lead to him giggling about how much he loves you 

∙ selcas//pictures 

∙ taes bad attempt at sexting “are you wearing clothes? man, i love your clothes” 

∙ your dates would either include movies or food. or both 

∙ he’d make you stand on his feet when you dance together so he can lead 

∙ tol or smol, he thinks you are breathtaking 

∙ your weight doesn’t matter to him. he adores all of you 

∙ he’d be a blushing mess whenever you touched him 

∙ “i hate you” “i love you too” 

∙ he’d send you selcas of him imitating your pictures 

∙ taetae would make the cutest boyfriend !!!! 

a/n : thanks for reading!! i hope this is okay, tae is my bias so i wanted to do his first but if anyone wants me to, ill do others!!! [slight jikook mention]

NCT When You’re Sick

Requested by: anonymous (thanks for the hilarious request 😂 it was so difficult to write this without asking myself “wtf am i doing”) 

Submission: “Heyyy do you take requests??If yes, could you do a nct (127+Ten) reaction to you being sick asking them to leave but they stay and then… you accidently fart for a bit?? Because you know, no one can let it stay inside forever, especially when he’s sick😂😂 Sorry if it’s too childish😅😅 thank you for reading this😍😚”

Genre: fluff?? idek honestly lmao

Enjoy!!! early ps: im so sorry if this is a bit too awkward to read i tried ;000 but i hope you like it @anon!!!

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reminders as to why we love kim taehyung
  • “Yo, Jay-Z”
  • “Yo, Kanye West”
  • “Yo, Jimin.. So much height difference.“
  • JM: “Beach?” TH: “Bitch?” “..Beach?” “Bitch?”
  • TH: “Pasta?” JM: “Festa”
  • He rapped “Cypher: Killer” to the rap line while they were sleeping
  • Probably a bigger fan of the rap line than you are.
  • The elephant he can create with the two moles on his arms
  • Trot.
  • His voice imitations
  • He scored a 93 for theory and 100 for practical for his driving test. He now owns a license.
  • “Jiminnie pabo”
  • His pants nearly fell off while doing the jumprope challenge but still jumped the most in the maknae line
  • “왜 내 맘을 흔드는 건데?” 
  • When he dances he sticks his tongue out a lot. A looooot.
  • You can see how much he sticks his tongue out in just. One. Dance. Here
  • How his voice can go from husky and rough to gentle, mellow, soulful and sweet
  • “You’re a holiday ~ dundundunnn such a holiday ~” montage.
  • Is very down to earth, and always trying to be a better person. Always himself and never embarrassed about it.
  • And thus has a very genuine love for ARMY
  • Is in love with dogs. Animals. Everything fluffy and cute that comes near him be sure that he’ll be squealing internally.
  • Kkomul kkomul
  • He hates doing sexy things but ends up doing them unintentionally
  • When he laughs it’s like kids having fun at the playground because it’s just so nice to hear.
  • And so unique I will never get enough of it
  • Sometimes he swipes his thumb at the side of his mouth and I don’t know what to do with life
  • How he says “hello”
  • “There’s that logo at the corner of the screen. Do you see it?”
  • “Don’t look at that. Just look at me.”
  • He faked beatboxed but it looked so real help
  • He broke the toilet bowl set while shooting the MV
  • He is very intelligent and I feel like his way of thinking is so unique that his ideas also are unique. Has a very beautiful mind.
  • How his hair bounces when he moves a little
  • His hair is just so fluffy.
  • His Catallena dance with Yoongi!!!
  • I don’t think he gets credited enough for his dancing. He dances REALLY REALLY well too and you can see he puts a lot of effort into his movement
  • He’s modest about what he has. Isn’t cocky about his skills.
  • Also, his body proportions. Have I ever mentioned that I love it?
  • Like have you seen photos (esp selcas) of him with kids? 
  • His selcas in general
  • The videos he uploads on twitter.
  • His unlimited energy
  • Skinship with the other members (!!!!)
  • How he cuts up his own shirts (for fashion?)
  • But they look really good on him 
  • He acts so well. GET READY TO SEE HIM ON HWARANG
  • Tae in harry potter glasses 
  • Hits Jungkook’s butt all the time
  • The video where all he did was just say “hi” multiple times
  • He’s bangtan’s black hole in cooking. Don’t let him near a stove
  • One of my favourite songs is written by him. (잡아줘)
  • Never forget Taetae Magazine News where he reported Jimin’s fishnet outfit
  • When he wore a ladybug dress in rookie king (KIM FAIRY)
  • His love for his family. He loves them to death and is always thinking about them.
  • He had to suck thrice as much helium as the other boys to get his voice to their level 
  • FOREHEAD TAE; During ISAC he had his hair pushed back a sweatband (is that what you call it pls tell me) and tied up
  • Everyone probably agrees that is hot af
  • He’s not judgemental, and I think he’d be one of those friends who will never disappoint/leave you
  • Box smiles. They should be in your emergency kit.

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What it would be like to date Yixing/ Lay;

**anon, i hope you like this and its what you expected and im sorry if it isnt! Lay was kind of difficult to write for but hes and adorable fluffball**

• Giving him massages to ease the tension in his shoulders.

• Massage his waist to help him ( ;) )

• Constantly tell you he misses you even though you’re sat on his lap.
• Whispering in your ear, sweet words of comfort or love.
• When he is feeling low, you would let him lay his head on your chest and let him talk about anything that has made him feel that way.

“Lay baby? Do I need to go beat someone up?”
“Ah Jagiyah! No it’s ok, I have you so I’m better now”

• Baking together
• Grabbing back his attention from when he spaces out for a minute.

“yix honey? Are you ok?”

• Tender kisses
• Tender love
• Sends you so many selcas because he’s afraid you’ll forget his face or him.
• Even though he is your lock screen and there are pictures of the two of you together all over your shared flat with him.
• He helps you study for exams ect.
• Send you cute edits of himself to make you smile.
• Teasing him a lot.
• He would get embarrassed easily.
• HIP Thrusts
• Sexy on stage acting just for you and The exo l’s
• NETLFIX AND CHILL but he gets to invested in the film to remember the ‘chill’
• Lap dances
• Cuddling on the couch
• Cuddling in the bed
• Cuddling in the bath
• Back hugs wherever you are.
• Hand holding near enough all the time.
• He so sweet and considerate and puts you before him even though you tell him not to
• Comforting him when he messed up the dinner he was making for you and you ended up making dinner for the both of you.
• You give him weekly cooking lessons to help him.
• Dates every Friday night
• Sneaks you into dance practice because he misses seeing you for longer than five minutes
• Strokes your hair and kisses your forehead
• He’s wearing a large overcoat and he lets you wrap your arms around him, wrapping the coat around you.
• Nibbles on your ear.
• His favourite cuddling position is the sweethearts cradle.
• Couple t shirts
• Doesn’t care if you ‘accidentally’ skip leg shaving day
• He lets you shave his face for him
• Washing his hair because when he wakes up on a morning, he’s not exactly 100%.
• Teasing him by softly brushing your hand against him when he’s in the mood because the sound of his moans are pleasant and run over you like silk.
• Pizza parties
• He wants to watch the geographic channel but will pin you down to get the remote off of you.

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can you do a 'dating Brian would include' thingie for Brian/YoungK from Day6? ^^ thanks yous


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  • him asking you to come & watch DAY6 perform when they have concerts
  • he would really like to see his girlfriend support him
  • helping him shave when he needs to (ugh cute! until you end up accidentally cutting him)
  • posing weirdly in front of famous landmarks when you travel
  • and then possibly making a collage out of that
  • handwritten notes around the house
  • “good morning,” “you look cute today,” “don’t worry. i took care of breakfast,” “have a good day at work!”
  • him letting you mess around with his guitar girlfriend, Jane
  • pretending that he’s offended when you comment how wild his hashtag game is
  • and then he’d come back with it’s what the cool kids do (cool kids meaning jae lmao)
  • commenting “photo creds to me” whenever you post a photo on instagram that he took
  • sending you cute videos of himself so that you’d smile :)
  • him purposely jamming to his music playlist loudly so that you can also listen to good music
  • always remembering and celebrating your anniversaries & other holidays
  • wearing couple outfits
  • …and then he’d probably ask his members who wore it better
  • more wild than his hashtags….them dubsmash videos haha
  • camping together often
  • him wanting to share a tent with you so that he can cuddle
  • having selcas sent to you while he is in the studio practicing
  • him telling you that he loves you more
  • which would then lead to that kind of “i love you more” play fights
  •  lots of kisses on your cheek :*
  • and, of course, he’d expect them back in return
  • dates at other concerts so that you guys can just jam your hearts out
  • (i always have a hard time with the sex part OTL) but for you guys, i shall answer….and i think that with him, it’d be really really intimate sex
  • he’d let you know what he likes that you’re doing or what feels good
  • and he’d make sure all parts of you felt his love
  • then there would probably be pillow talk afterwards

- Fany ♡


ʜᴇʏ, ɢᴜᴇss ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ɪᴛ ɪs? ɪᴛ’s ᴊᴏsʜᴜᴀ ᴛɪᴍᴇ! ᴘʀᴇᴅᴇʙᴜᴛ ᴏʀ ɴᴏᴛ, ᴛʜɪs ʙᴏʏ ɪs sᴛɪʟʟ ᴀs ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ᴀs ᴇᴠᴇʀ!

There’s a rumor about the two of you being a couple when you two are/aren’t (MONSTA X)

Shownu: -he got really shy about it, because he liked you a lot and people seemed to pick up on that. His face heated up as he answered as best he could about it- “we aren’t dating. I enjoy Y/N company a lot and hope to spend more time together”

Jooheon: -to him you were his world but no one was sure if you were together or not. You held hands, kissed cheeks, and had many selcas together but you both were really friendly so it couldn’t be determined- “she’s very important to me. I love her as a person and just like being with her”

 Wonho: -the interviewer joked that he couldn’t get you to date him because you were wildly sought after women. But the rumor was still out there due to your friendship- “I could get her to date me. But that may ruin our friendship, not worth it”

Minhyuk: -he didn’t lie about it he invited people to enjoy the rumor. It was true but not everyone needed to be invested in your relationship.- “if the rumor is what get’s you guys through the day. Believe it.”

I.M: -he stayed quiet while the interviewer talked about you and he let a small smile creep onto his face when they mentioned you guys would be cute together.- *gif*

Hyungwon: -him trying to play it off was ridiculous. Many people could tell you guys were dating but neither of you would admit it.- “she’s not um my um girlfriend. Just my best friend I kiss a lot, you guys know that” 

Kihyun: -he let out an odd laugh when the boys brought it up. He couldn’t say he never thought of it but now he kinda gave up when you didn’t seem to have interest in him.- “you guys need to shut up about it. We all know she’s not interested in me”

Dating Lu Han Would Include-

- selcAS that he would then put on his instagram lets be real here

- pDA

- he loves 2 show u off tbh


- he highkey flirts with you in public and people r like arent u dating????

- sometimes when he has to get up early in the morning he’s just like o shi t what do i do 

- so he just leaves and sticks a note on your forehead and puts his cat on your bed

- sometimes when he’s away your just sitting in his apartment and his cat just jumps on your lap and ur just like o hey there u little rat

- and when luhan comes back he’s like bABE IM HOME and when he walks into the living room he sees youve fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie and the cats on your chest and hes just taking a picture of it

- then that sly bastard he uploads it to instagram

- he makes you wear his clothes and his excuse is “because thats what couples do” but really he just thinks you look cute af

- then he goes to bed without even waking u up because he doesnt want to get scratched by his cat

- anywAY

- he loves playing with your hands?? just like randomly you’ll be in his dressing room before he goes onto his bejing concert and hes just mumbling the lyrics under his breath while playing with your hands

- he’ll buy you a lot of cute things 

- sometimes he’ll even buy you both matching couple items that you never wear in public only inside the house 

- sometimes you both stay up all night playing board games because the other one cant get to sleep

- lots of inside jokes

- hes highkey the small spoon

- but he feels much more comfortable being the big spoon

- sometimes when your cuddling on the couch your on your back and he has his head on your chest and your just playing with his hair with the cat at your legs

- laughing at memes together

- helping him with his english pronunciation

- sometimes randomly staring at each other

- he’ll tell you to lie on your stomach and he copies you

- then he sorta penguin slides forward until your foreheads are touching and you both just giggle staring at each other

Dating Series Masterlist

[CHANBAEK] This Is Heaven ❤

Chanbaek moments in everywhere!!!  🎉 🎊 

Call me crazy. Call me delusional. All I can say is this era definitely a heaven for Chanbaek shipper *yay* ❤

👍  Let’s check it out!! *wink* 

Call Me Baby’s (couple?) tshirt

Can you see the letter in their tshirt. Letter B (Baekhyun?) for Chanyeol. Letter C (Chanyeol?) for Baekhyun. That’s look like couple tshirt, isn’t?? Moreover they’re standing next to each other ❤ |cr.in the pict|

Baskin Robbins CF

So this is from EXO - Baskin Robbins CF Making Film. Still can’t take my eyes from Chanbaek. Enjoying the the movie date, running together, and have a selfcam time together!! ❤

EXO Next Door Mini Drama

Aww, the way Baekhyunie taking care Chanyeolie  💕 💕

I don’t know about you guys, but I really need another version from EXO Next Door with Chanbaek as main character!!! ❤ |cr. in the pict & xx |

Chanyeol Instagram Update

Yeah, that’s from Chanyeol Instagram. Haha, can I put title for that? How about “Story of My Life”?? And Chanyeol’s story be like :
[pict.1] Chanyeol as sexy, free, and single person.
[pict.2] Chanyeol with Baekhyun (as couple??)
[pict.3] Chanyeol’s little family (and happily ever after)

This post actually for Baekhyun birthday. This post gave me diabetes because Chanyeol’s message just really sweet 🎂 He also said ‘I love You’ in the end of his post ❤ And you can see that they took this pict when they’re still wearing those couple tshirt *wink wink wink*

Best pict ever 🏆 Chanyeol and Baekhyun took a selca with baby Seojun when filming ‘The Return of Superman’. YES this is REAL!!! This isn’t just a photo edit for Chanbaek fanfiction. Kekekekeke,

I need to calm down. Slap me, pinch my cheeks, tell me this isn’t just my random dream after I read a lot Chanbaek fanfictions. Chanbaek … parenting … twins … omg my feels *ugly sobbing* [Just hurry up, get married and have babies!!!]  ❤❤ Can’t wait for next week!!! Watch the preview here

‘I Am Korean’ MV Filming

Baekhyun gave his shirt to Chanyeol because he noticed that chanyeol shirt was too short. But some people also said that that shirt belong to Chanyeol, and Chanyeol gave it to Baekhyun because Baekhyun felt cold. I don’t know the real story behind that sweet moment. The most important thing from both story is they’re care about each other!!! *hug Chanbaek*
[cr. in the pict]

More more more … I’m expecting more Chanbaek moments in the future  ❤❤❤

BTS when you send them sexy pictures but they’re with the boys

1. I don’t know why this weekend’s reactions are so sexy, I’m very sorry ^^

2. Not nudes, c’mon, just like, you in a mini skirt or something. This is a blog that 14-year-olds can enjoy too :) 

3. We could use this idea for ‘Possessive/Protective BTS’ as well, rigfht? I’ll think about that ***

Please enjoy BTS FESTA 2016, please support BTS and your fellow Armys well, lots and lots of love sends your Al eonni :***

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Jin: *Why is ________ always doing this to me right before we go on stage?*

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Suga: *Where can I sneak off to to text her back?*

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Rap Monster: “Can you please not sneak up from behind like this when Hyung is looking at private stuff?” 

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J-Hope: “Jimin, come over and film this, I want to send something to _______”

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Jimin: “Just act natural and don’t let Jungkook play games on your mobile, then everything should be fine”

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Taehyung: *mesmerized by your selca*

the boys @ Taehyung: “Ya! Are you flirting with ________ again?”

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Jin: “Jungkook, can we use your phone to call manager hyung?”

Jungkook: *gif*

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BTS reaction: their s/o getting hate

I do hope that we would be. Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin: When he came home one day and saw you curled up in bed, just staring into thin air, he would immediately start to worry. He’d ask you what had happened while laying down next to you, hugging you from behind. When you showed him the hateful comments underneath a picture of the two of you, he would put your phone away and hug you even tighter. He would tell you how hate was almost part of every relationship a celebrity had, and how much he loves you and that you should ignore those hating on you. He’d be so sweet and not let go of you for the rest of the night.

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Suga: When he came home and were not your usual, talkative, self, he would know that something was wrong. He’d try to ask you, but you said you were fine. By the end of the night, he was tired of you not letting him in and he’d sit you down and try and make you talk. When you finally told him about all the hateful comments you’d seen on different social medias, he’d be so angry. He’d go away for a few minutes, writing an angry series of tweets to let his fans know exactly how angry he was, hoping that it would help. When he was done, he’d return to you and cuddle up to you, holding you much tighter than usual.

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J-Hope: When he went to sit by you in the sofa, he saw you crying while looking at your computer screen. He froze for a moment, before going to look at whatever it was that made you cry. When he saw you reading through the comments on one of the Bangtan Bombs, he would read a few before quickly closing the laptop and pull you closer. 

“There’s a reason why we stopped reading those comments. Please don’t let them get to you, jagi. I love you.” he said before kissing you head. It would sadden him so much to see you crying, and he’d try to dry your tears while joking to make you smile.

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Rap Monster: As soon as he saw you looking at the comment section on some magazine’s site, he would make you put down your phone. One look on your face, and he would see that the damage was already done. He’d probably hold you close while giving you a whole speech about how you shouldn’t listen to them, focus on the good comments and that he loves you and you should trust him on that. He’d probably also tweet something about it, but not a whole series like Yoongi.

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Jimin: He would be so upset when he saw the hateful comments. How could anyone hate you? He’d do as much as he could to hide the comments, but he knew that you would see a few of them no matter how hard he tried. He’d be so extra sweet towards you to make sure that you knew exactly how much he loves you. And he’d also post a lot of stories about you and selcas with you to try and show A.R.M.Ys just how wonderful you are.

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you’re Tae. maybe with less dancing lol

V: He’d be confused on what to do. On one hand, they were his fans. On the other, he truly loved you. I think he might ask the other members for advice, and then just sit down one night and post a long rant on the fancafe about how he hated to see you being hurt by their comments and then he’d ask people to stop posting hateful comments. He’d just rant about the whole thing until all of his thoughts were out. Then he’d go back to bed with you and cuddle you to sleep, hoping that his post would make the matter better.

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Jungkook: He would, like Tae, be confused on how he should act. He would want to protect you with all he’s got, but he would at the same time not risk losing fans, as it would affect the whole group. He would probably start treating you even better than he did before and shower you in compliments. And he’d also tweet/post something on the fancafe to ask people to stop the hate. He would keep posting things every now and then, as soon as he saw that it was starting to become to much for you to handle again.

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if The8 was your best friend....
  • he’d be available for you 24/7 like if you needed him all you have to do is call him
  • he’s that best friend that listens to you rant and he’d sort of just nod and mutter ‘mhm’ and ‘okay’ once in a whie
  • but when you’re done talking he gives you like mind blowing advice and you’re left there staring at him like ‘tf minghao you deep as the fucking ocean’
  • “do you want to get some ice cream?”
  • “is that even a question?”
  • you’d support him in all of his b-boy events like you’re the loudest person in the crowd whenever minghao is on stage
  • he’s that super caring best friend like he’s gonna come up to you with two cups of coffee in his hands and he’d be like ‘you looked kinda pissy today here, have some coffee
  • you can never say no to him whenever he’s asking for a favor because he flashes you his best puppy dog look and you’re like ‘minghao….why’
  • he’d dance badly on purpose in public just to embarrass you 
  • and you try really hard to act annoyed but you can’t because the laugh on his face is priceless and you’re like ‘be thankful you’re my best friend’
  • he’d know right away when you were upset like you don’t even have to tell him 
  • and then he’d come over to your house with your favorite movies and some food and he’s more than ready to listen to you pour out your feelings
  • “minghao did i ever tell you that your hair looks like food all the time? i mean it was ice cream before and now it looks like noodles”
  • “all the time, _____. all the time”
  • you’re always teasing him about how he’s always “””flirting””” with people but we all know he’s just really sweet to everyone
  • you’re unconsciously protective of him tho like you know he can do things for himself but he’s such a lovely person it would literally kill you if anyone would hurt him
  • also you’d take lots of cute selcas and all the other members would dub you as friendship goals
The Reasons Why


- He named his dog after himself
- His thinks, he looks like an egg
- Kim Daily
- Skirt over trousers
- Bitch, I am your man, 10 outta 10
- My music is not for everybody. Its not for you, bitch
- Sorry, bitch
- Automatic dick
- He can impersonate Sponge Bob
- That one time he asked Taehyung, if he had something to say to him, while they parasailing
- R.A.P. Monster, not D.A.N.C.E. Monster
- Vlogs
- Hairstyles
- Clumsy like hell
- There is ribbon in the sky that i like
- His part in Love is not over
- Whalien
- He draws himself with those hat and black round glasses
- He wrote a poem to Yoongi on his birthday because he was too tired to come
- Jasmine smell
- His selcas with his mom
- When he is blushing
- When sharks come, pretends, that you asleep
- Pardon?
- They dont even know, how to spell Eric, i wonder, if they can
- He reads a lot
- Do you, do you, do the fuck you want
- Solo or Bangtan? - Bangtan.
- His *i hate you, but you are my bro, but i hate you, but we live together for 6 years, and wrote a song about our dorm* relationship with Yoongi
- He looks after Hobi, even if he is the one, who is younger
- That sleepy bullshit from Show Champion backstage
- He doesnt like ham
- He jumps, when he is happy, and makes that stupid face
- His strange angled selcas so you can see his nose, even if you wasnt asked for this kind of information
- Converse rjrjfjjsjjeg
- Others calls hom Joonah (Yoongi) or Joonie (Jimin)
- He is deep, he has the weight of the universe on his shoulders
- He watched that movie. You know what movie. The one from Rookie King
- His inside jokes with Jin
- oppa, slap me more
- but you done it to yourself, Jimin
- He cant run
- I am your pocket monster
- i am rap monster aka pink monster, because i like pink, thank you very much
- his dream girl doesnt look like a ghost
- his thank you speeches
- cant cut an onion
- seaweed dance
- mushroom! Mushroom! Mushroom!
- after all those years he catched a crab, he was happy



Beach Date - EXO

you and exo go on a date to the beach

Sehun: Sits under the umbrella most the time, watching people as they walk by, probably judging them. Openly admires you in a swimsuit -until he realizes other guys can see you too. “Put this on.” “We’re at the beach. Why would I want to wear your shirt?” “Just WEAR IT.” “No!” Begs you to get him a bubble tea because he doesn’t want to go get it himself and he’s it’s just so hot

Jongin: Worries about the sun darkening his skin and management getting mad at him. “Jongin, I like your dark skin. Please, let’s have fun.” Finally stops worrying about his tan and joins you in the water, diving and splashing around. He likes to grab you and dunk you when you’re not paying attention. Loves the water; loves teasing you by lightly pulling on the straps of your swimsuit.

Tao: Lounges in the sun. Likes to show off how good he looks. Takes a lot of selcas and pictures of the water. Sneaks a few pictures of you and saves them on his phone before you can delete them. “You just look so cute in that bikini.” “Give me your phone Zitao or I swear to God…” “Maybe I should send these to Suho-hyung…” “DON’T YOU DARE.”

Kyungsoo: Brings a book and reads in the shade. Likes to look up from his book and watch you while you play in the water. Cooks a lunch and brings it with him for you to share. Keeps reminding you to put on sunscreen. Laughs and rubs in the spot on your nose you keep missing.

Chanyeol: Tries to play beach volleyball. Makes friends with the people who set up next to you. Wants to play chicken in the water. Gets tired toward the end of the day and buries his feet in the sand and falls asleep. You put random things on his chest while he’s sleeping so that he tans around them and ends up with a bunch of weird splotches. “AH JAGI WHAT DID YOU DO?”

Chen: Plans a beach cookout with lots of meat. Plays football on the beach and gets sand absolutely everywhere. You dunk him in the water to get the sand off of him. When you get out of the water he envelops you with a towel and hugs you tight while violently scrubbing you dry. Walks you down the beach to watch fireworks.

Baekhyun: Picks up literally every seashell/sea creature he finds moderately pretty. “Jagiya, look at this one!” Tries to take selcas with the fish. “Ah, jagi, they’re eating my feet!” Writes random words in the sand and watches the waves beat them away. Pokes your face while you’re sunbathing. “Jagi. Jagi. Jagi.” “WHAT?” “You look good in a bikini.”

Lay: Talks about how excited he is for the beach the whole way there. Meticulously sets up your spot to make sure the umbrella is at just the right angle and the blanket is nice and smooth. Pulls you into the water the second he’s done setting everything up. Likes diving into the waves. Makes sandcastles with the kids on the beach.

Suho: Mainly lounges in the sun, playing on his phone. “C’mon, Junmyeon, let’s see it.” “See what?” “Take off the shirt.” “Jagi, what-” “We’re at the beach, please.” Likes to stare at you while you sunbathe. “What are you looking at?” “Nothing.” Wears raybans the entire time.

Kris: “I’m the best swimmer. Definitely.” Flails around hopelessly in the surf to make you laugh. Yells whenever a big wave knocks him off balance. Drags you under the water when you laugh at him. Lets some of the kids bury him in the sand. The kids leave as soon as he’s completely buried. “Um, hey, you’re coming back, right?!”

Luhan: Doesn’t know how to swim, so he just kind of walks around the edge of the water. Stares at you in the swimsuit the entire time. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing: swimming, sunbathing, eating nachos. “Oh my god, stop watching me eat.” “But I want to.” Takes pictures of the sunset on his phone.

Xiumin: Mostly hangs out on the shore, but gets in the water a little bit. Likes to follow the crabs as they crawl across and disappear into the sand. Brings you ice cream cones and enjoys watching you attempting to finish it before it melts all over you. Loves that you use his arm as a pillow while you two lay out in the sun.

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