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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Seven 

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Michelle Ryan in DWM (#407)

Rumour has it that there was plenty of socialising off set. DWM presses for details. “Oh, lots of going out,” she chuckles. “We went to an 80′s night. It was a place in Cardiff where they play cheesy 80s music.” That’s every club in Cardiff, isn’t it? “It was such a random night. Everyone went, all the cast. It was just brilliant.” Weren’t they recognized? “Yeah, but the people in Cardiff were really friendly. I didn’t get too much hassle. I think it was a Saturday night, and we had the best time.” […]

There was a lot of debate on set over Michelle’s cooking. Is she any good? “Well, David gave me a nine out of ten for my apple pie,” she grins, “so I’ll let you be the judge! He was really impressed that I made my own pastry. No, it wasn’t frozen. On top of the pie, I did a little figure of David with a big quiff, and then the TARDIS, but he said the TARDIS looked more like a Dalek, so the option’s there. Then we made flapjacks and cookies for the crew. Even in Dubai, everyone had breakfast and dinner together, and we were hanging out in the evenings. It was like what happens in the episode itself, in as much as all these characters are strangers, but they’re forced together when they’re stranded on this planet, and they get to know one another and end up having a great time.”

Excerpts from “The Producer’s Tale” by Tracie Simpson, as told to Benjamin Cook in DWM (#407)

I won’t say I’m surprised, but the whole cast seems to have gelled. When you take people abroad, that happens, doesn’t it? They bond a bit more. Michelle Ryan is a fantastic actress. She’s so grounded, and I think she’s absolutely brilliant as Christina. And David is a dream. This is my first episode as producer, but actually, I introduced David to the TARDIS! I brought him on set for his first bit of filming, in our old studios in Newport. It was secret filming, for his very first scene as the Doctor [in 2005′s The Parting of the Ways]. When he saw the TARDIS, he really did jump for joy, and I thought he was going to cry. David makes it worth coming into work every day.

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do you remember this photoset you made and it said "When you stop and think about what it meant to Katsura to have Gintoki there ಥ_ಥ" .. LIke what did you mean omg

It’s really pretty self-explanatory. At least, I thought it was when I made the post, but of course I’ll explain it to you no problem!

Katsura lost his family and he was alone until he got Gintoki, Takasugi, and Shouyou. Katsura admired Shouyou, but he didn’t really get attached or open up until Gintoki got under his skin. Gintoki has been and always will be very special to Katsura. However, after what happened with Shouyou, Katsura had convinced himself and was sure that while he might see Gintoki from time to time, they couldn’t have what they had in the past. All the Joui had gone their separate ways and that tore Katsura up, but he had no choice but to come to terms with that and find a way to move on with his life as well. That he ended up still near Gintoki makes perfect sense because even if their bond isn’t what it used to be because of everything that happened, Katsura wasn’t prepared to fully lose those he’d come to care so much about. Gintoki is the one that Katsura couldn’t quite stand to have out of his sights completely.

So, Katsura is going off with Sakamoto and he’s convinced that it’s just going to be the two of them. He has to figure out how to do everything that needs to be done without two of the three people he has always relied on to have his back in these situations. He wants Gintoki there with him, he feels stronger with Gintoki there, but after everything Gintoki did for Katsura’s sake, it’s clear Katsura never felt like he had a place to ask for more of Gintoki. Katsura wanted to take some of that burden off of Gintoki’s shoulders and he’d been fully prepared to do that.

But then Gintoki showed up and you can just see the change in Katsura’s face in the gifset I made:

He’s fucking shocked that Gintoki showed up, it’s written all over his face. And it means the absolute world to him because it changes everything. Gintoki is more than just a strong fighter to Katsura, he’s a symbol, an emotional support – Gintoki stands for something in Katsura’s mind. Having Gintoki there is the difference between going into battle naked and going in fully armed. Katsura is fully capable of kicking plenty of ass on his own, but having Gintoki there with him is mentally stabilizing for Katsura. Gintoki’s appearance is a comfort, a reassurance, and it’s hope.

The impact Gintoki has had on Katsura’s life has never been anything less than profound and Katsura is way too intelligent not to know that.

When You Gonna Give Me Some Time?: A Reality Bites CS AU (1/?)

For @lenfaz, on the belated occasion of her birthday. There will be more. But this is the first bit. A taster. Because you deserve. (I was writing you something else, but this came much more naturally. Sorry?) Inspired by this photoset you gave me for my birthday last year.

Emma Swan was going to Make It. Cannes. Sundance. Hell, even Telluride. She was going to be the toast of them all. One day she was going to make a documentary that changed the world. She was going to make someone feel the way she had when she’d crept downstairs when she was twelve years old to watch a crappy ex-rental VHS of The Thin Blue Line with her Dad, and felt her world spin off its axis.

Truth, Justice and the American Way were just lines from a comic book. The system was not infallible. And yet, if someone cared enough, a condemned man could walk free. A film really could change the world. And one day, Emma Swan would too.

But first she had to survive her graduation dinner with her parents.

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halloweek; day three

nitenai bokura wa hosoi ito de tsunagatte iru

Becoming a vampire isn’t really a big deal. All Bellamy has to do is switch to night shift, set up a subscribe and save order for cow blood on Amazon, and give up garlic bread. It’s pretty straightforward.

His new partner, though. She’s an issue.

based on prompt: ‘Buddy cop story where both officers are trying to hide that they’re vampires from each other.’ for anonymous

written by: Chash / @ponyregrets
edit by: Cat / @catja 
word count: 8517

The problem with being a vampire (or any other supernatural being) is the same problem there is with everything else, from what Bellamy can tell: the farther you are from being a cishet rich white human male, the harder it is. And of those, Bellamy is only a cis human guy, which means that his whole life he’s been dealing with shitty people who have shitty assumptions about him based on his race, class, sexuality, or some combination of the three. His life is basically one continuous intersectionality failure even before he becomes a vampire.

So, yeah. It’s going to be a pain.

“A pain,” Miller repeats.

“Yeah,” he says. “It’s not like I can’t deal with it, but, man. It’s going to suck.”

“If you say pun intended, I’m going to murder you.”

He snorts. “Shit, I wasn’t even trying. I wish that had been intentional. Maybe I’m just going to be a really good vampire. I’m a natural.”

“Fuck, I can’t believe we’re friends.”

“Plenty of people deal with this shit every day,” Bellamy points out. “It’s doable. One in–”

“If you start talking vampire statistics, I swear to god, I will go and find a stake and murder you.”

“Which would be a hate crime. Dick.” He flops back on the bed, putting his arm over his eyes. It’s very livable, being a vampire. Or very unlivable. It’s doable, he knows that much. Millions of people live semi-normal lives every day, as vampires.

“Vampire cops aren’t exactly popular,” Miller points out. Which he knew, obviously, but it was one of those things he hadn’t been wanting to dwell on too much.

“I know. I don’t have to tell anybody.”

“That’s seriously your plan?”

“I’ll tell your dad,” he says. Captain Miller is a good guy, and he likes Bellamy. “I need to put it in the arrest report anyway. So I explain the situation, tell him why I want to keep it on the down-low, ask to get reassigned to night shift. And then I just keep it quiet.”

“Drink blood out of a nalgene?”

He shrugs. “Thermos. Pretend it’s coffee.”

Miller shakes his head. “If my dad thinks you can try it, I guess you can.”

“I’m not letting this ruin my life,” he says, firm. “It doesn’t have to be a big deal.”

At least Miller is a good enough friend to not point out that it already ruined his life. He’s undead now. When your life ends, it’s also ruined, kind of by default.

But he can still make the best of it.

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Prom & Hospital Replies

Replies to my most recent comments. I’m going to write a Pixel Rust update now, but if I have time once I finish and post that then I will try to do some more. But in case I don’t get around to it, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on (and liked!) my stuff, and I apologize for not being more consistent about responding. Your feedback means the world to me, and I sincerely feel so blessed by your support. <3


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(Picture from C.G Warrior)

This is a very long list of replies. I haven’t answered some which I don’t really know what to reply apart from THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! <3

(Look for your picture below the cut - it will be easier to navigate this jungle of text!)

I think I am going to start posting individual reply posts when you guys comment like I see other people doing, because this took me like 2 hours of copying and pasting :/ lol 

Also - I will try and catch up with all of your blogs soon! PEACE!  xxx

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Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Three)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

DT: It’s funny how the weirdest things can be very difficult.  That bit where I chuck that gun away, which has to look terribly carefree, careless, and yet throwing a gun away is so difficult because it’s an expensive prop

RTD: Yeah, yeah

DT: …that you can’t afford to break or scratch.  So to toss it away with such elan, you have to have fourteen people holding up duvets and cushions, desperately trying to catch this gun before it scratches itself or something else.

SL: I think Phil is an ex-rugby player or something because he’s got pretty safe hands, hasn’t he?

DT: Phil Shellard the grand-master of props

SL: He’s a legend

DT: I broke that [the device the Doctor makes in Rattigan’s lab].  There’s a Phil Shellard story!  The first time I did that, hitting that thing with a hammer, the prop broke in two.

RTD: [ laughs loudly ]

DT: And Phil Shellard mended it in about 30 seconds to go for another take.

SL: He was amazing.

DT: And you can’t tell.  Maybe if you freeze-frame you can just see a hairline crack, but I bet you can’t.  Oh you can!  Just at the bottom, see?

RTD: Oh yeah, look there!

DT: Below the red switch.

RTD: You vandal.

DT: Sorry 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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londongirl2001 replied to your photoset “In this season’s exploration of Isak and his sexuality, this might…”

It is this scene that makes the eye-fuck scene later on rather sad than hot to me :-(

Well, I think two things happened before that scene that changed Isak’s outlook again? I agree, he was having really dark and self-hating thoughts that week. When Sonja was introduced, it hurt him far more than just Even being taken. He likely was beating himself up for ever thinking about the possibility of this being something, telling himself he must have been projecting his own attraction onto Even. So, he turns around and he’s ready to give up entirely, he’s going to arrange a new pre-game with Emma and do his best to hook up with her. Be better at being straight. 

But then, Jonas reacts so strongly when he makes that remark about the dance instructor being gay. Jonas is one of the most important people in his life and also a source of some of the casual homophobia Isak has absorbed too so I think that moment of being called out by him really sticks with him. But really, the ♪ eye-fucking to Call Your Girlfriend ♪ neverrrr would have happened without Even saying “You don’t think that’s a bit of a superficial generalization?” and having that conversation with Emma. @ravenclawisak already did a great breakdown on just how much that would have meant to Isak, to sum it up: “This is the first time he’s heard that he could say ‘I’m gay’ and not have every other part of himself erased in other people’s eyes. Even if they had never gone further in their relationship Even would still have changed Isak’s life with this moment.”

I think that’s why his eyes first seek out Even, his mind is completely fixated on what he just said and what that could mean. He just cracked open the world again: made Isak wonder it wasn’t just him and offered him something he desperately wants.

I mean, it is fucked up though! It’s hot and sad and conflicted, hopeful and jealous and wanting and wondering. Just singing with tension. That’s what makes it so good though, it’s such a loaded moment. But it didn’t happen with Isak hopeless like he had been before and that question to it makes all the difference imho. 

I love this episode because everything builds on the moment before: if Even hadn’t said what he did, Isak wouldn’t have been looking him on the dance floor like that. Then Even looking up and their eyes locking leads right into the almost kiss in the kitchen. Rather than this being a “game” they’re playing, I more think everything they do is feeding more and more into what’s between them. Until they reach that breaking point and… *cue Noora*

Every week, the cast and crew of HBO’s Insecure — the new series based on Issa Rae’s successful web series — is taking EW behind the scenes of each episode. This week, Rae herself walks us through the season one finale, “Broken As F—.”

On the ups and downs of Molly and Issa’s friendship

Molly and Issa have been calling each other out on their sh-t since the pilot. In fact, in the first episode, they have a blow up about Molly feeling like Issa exposed her “broken pussy” insecurities and Issa feeling like she’s been living for everybody but herself. This was something that continued to silently stew for both of them as they watched each other’s actions play out over the season, and so it felt natural to have it all boil over during a moment where they were both at lows. I think only your real friends can tell you the truth in a way that cuts deep, but that you need to hear and, in this case, they were both triggered with the truth and lashed out with low blows. We always knew that it would hurt to have them fight, but their friendship is so strong that it could withstand a little hard truth. They’re not frenemies; they actually need each other and they love each other — so we knew they’d make up.

On the significance of the couch in Insecure

One of our writers pitched the couch being on the curb throughout the season as a long running joke, and then we recognized how representative it was of Issa and Lawrence’s relationship and their past, and intentionally used it to convey that. Even though Issa and Lawrence resolved to make it work, the fact that the couch remained there was a lingering reminder that their relationship hadn’t truly made it out of the weeds yet. Replacing the couch was a temporary band-aid, but they needed more than a new couch to repair years of unsaid things in their relationship. To us, the couch represented a fresh start that was never really fresh. We were so excited to come up with the idea of Issa and Molly sitting on the couch together at the end of the season because their relationship is truly the core of the show, and to have Molly sitting on the couch with Issa at end shows how they were the only ones who were ever truly “in this” together.

On the final fight scene between Lawrence (played by Jay Ellis) and Issa

Man, that fight scene was brutal. Jay is such a great guy and was always in good spirits and just genuinely friendly. Throughout the day, we knew we had to film this scene and then right before we had to shoot, we just weren’t talking to each other. He was in his zone and I was in mine, but once in a while I would just longingly glance over at him and feel for him. It felt like I truly crushed his soul in every take and he was just soooo great at conveying that hurt and betrayal, that the tears came easily for me… that is until take 10, where I did the last wall slide and told Kevin (our director) that I had run out of tears. Unfortunately, since we shot that scene so late at night, Jay and I just hugged it out and went home. But on the bright side, it was one of the first scenes we shot for that episode, so we got all of that emotion out of the way and were able to shoot the rest of the episode in jolly peace.

On coming to the decision in the writers’ room that Lawrence would leave Issa

This was also something we discussed in the room. The idea of a woman cheating is so bewildering for a lot of men; like it’s a huge mark of betrayal for them in a way that’s kind of a double standard. I remember writing a film when I was younger and part of it had a woman cheating for reasons of lust and weakness. The executive who read it told me that a lead woman could not cheat because it makes them immediately unlikeable. He strongly believed that women could not come back from cheating and I remember thinking how unfair that was, because I watched shows and movies where women forgive men for cheating all…the…time. It was also important to me to have Issa cheat precisely at a moment where Lawrence wasn’t necessarily at fault; where it wasn’t about him, it was about her. I think we always think that a man has to do something for a woman to cheat, and this was very much about Issa and her decision to be “aggressively active” for once. She just failed to think about what she would lose in the process.

But even discussing it in the room, a lot of men felt like Lawrence would not be ready to take her back so easily — he never imagined that Issa, the woman he had grown to love and trust, would do this to him and would not be ready to take her back so easily. For that final scene where he goes back to his complex, seeing Thug Yoda and the old couch, then stepping into his old apartment felt like a regression to him. In a way, he would rather leave than face the hurt and Issa’s transgressions. I think for him, being in that environment, knowing that he had vowed to commit to this girl just a month or two before, was just too much to forgive at that point.

On what’s next for Lawrence and Issa

I think we saw Issa at the beginning of this season decide to take life into her own hands and be active at all costs. We saw her make some pretty selfish and harmful decisions as result and, as the season progressed, we saw her appreciate some of what she already had in her life and to see her own fault in the things that weren’t going her way. I think this next season will see her start to ask more introspective questions. I think the break up will hit both Lawrence and Issa pretty hard and I think break-ups are rarely ever clean, especially for couples who lived together. So we know that Lawrence won’t be completely out of her life forever. We’re also really excited to develop what Issa and Molly possibly being single together looks like.

And lastly, on filming in that incredible house

That. House. Was. Amazing. It had so many rooms and the beach was right there. I remember being so hype to shoot the jacuzzi scene because it got cold at night. I also had my own little room during the day with one of those fancy toilets with all of the buttons that can warm and spray your ass, on command. My biggest regret was being too basic to figure out how to work it, though. Being in Malibu was amazing, the on-set writers and I actually rented a house overnight to drink wine and to celebrate filming our last episode. It was really special and fun to work with everyone on this show, from the writers to the cast to the crew. And it’s so damn cool how invested our audience got! I’m so appreciative that we get to do it again for season 2!

anonymous asked:

Please do talk about Sam Clemmett's brilliant acting a bit more! Tbh I feel like his acting is more subtle than Anthony's... which is, of course, neither a good, nor a bad thing, just a different approach I guess, for their characters are so different in many ways. (For instance, Albus is not a boy-shaped spinning top, unlike Scorpius. :)) So, not really a specific question... just tell us about your favourite Albus moments or anything you'd like!

Oh my dear anon. This is basically the best question you could have asked me, because I could talk about Sam’s acting for days. I will try not to do that though. 

First, I agree about the subtlety, and I think part of that is Albus himself. The character is generally more subtle and restrained, and the part is a lot less exaggerated. There is definitely range there, but it’s not like Scorpius where he literally goes from singing about sweets to being plunged into hell. So I think it’s easy just to read Albus, and by extension Sam’s acting, as one note and angsty, which it definitely isn’t. 

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brittana hiatus challenge
→ 08. favorite season 5 moment
I love this scene for many reasons because there’s so many things in this scene that’s not clear to the eye. You have to dig a little deeper. The first thing is Santana’s walls and the pezberry fight. Now, with the pezberry fight there’s alot of things people don’t understand about it. In a nutshell, Santana did not audition for Funny Girl in a malicious manner. She was simply lost and didn’t really know what she wanted to do. All she knew was that she wanted to make it big to show the world what she could really do. So she took a page out of Rachel’s book and thought that if it worked for Rachel, maybe it’ll work for her too. The problem started when Rachel assumed the worst in Santana. She assumed that Santana was just jealous of her success and wanted to take it all away from her when really Santana just wanted Rachel’s approval. So Santana said “Okay, if i’m mean and jealous and terrible like you say, then fine I am.” So she took on the role of being what Rachel thinks she is. Hence her lashing out and being mean. Back at McKinley, people are pretty much taking Rachel’s side. And there’s the scene between Rachel and Santana in the bathroom when Rachel says “What is it with you Santana? I just don’t get it.” and you see Santana looking hurt and then resuming her cool exterior simply saying “yeah.” Because Rachel doesn’t get it. Brittany does. Just like in 4x22 how Santana knows Brittany better than anyone else, Brittany knows Santana better than anyone else. She understands how Santana works.Brittany knows that Santana could care less about Broadway. It isn’t about that. So Brittany uses her patience and climbs over Santana’s walls making her realize what she really wants and what’s really important. She reassures Santana that quitting the show wouldn’t be just another loss or something that she has failed once again but a chance to do things that she really wants to do and dreams of doing. Santana tries to warn Brittany off because in her eyes, Brittany is perfect. Brittany is doing things with her life and Santana, once again struggling with self-worth, doesn’t think she’s good enough to be with Brittany. Brittany tell her that she wants to be with her because they are the only truly “awesome” people and she’s tired of doing things that matter to people less “awesome” than then. Awesome, a term Brittany has used multiple times before when it comes to Santana. Brittany throughout this scene puts things in a way that Santana will understand. And so in the end, Brittany had torn down Santana’s walls and made her realize her worth, her dreams, and her future all in a few sentences.


T.O.P for Arena Homme+ Magazine Interview Translations.

*Thank you so much Dana for the full translations! @bigbanggisvip & scans by Jacly, @shrimpljy! The two translators of Bigbang! ^^

Boom. One man stands in front of the camera. He’s chatting as he is touching the back of his hair that grew out behind his ears. It’s Choi Seung Hyun. Now that name is as familiar as the name TOP. He has already filmed 3 movies. He poses with his hands and feet towards the camera. He relaxes his shoulders and takes over the space. The yellow sunglasses look like it is a part of his body. He was not like this in the editor’s memory. It was when he was shooting for the cover of a movie magazine with his movie, . He looked a bit stiff. His piercing eyes were as sharp as an arrowhead, but his body was hardened like a stick. It was understandable. Since it was his first movie and he had to be shoulder-to-shoulder with some big actors. However, he existed in his own way, apart from them. TOP, who came down from the stage, looked like that. Like an awkward fish that just got out of the water. Of course, this is about his past. Now, he has gotten used to the environment to the point he can freely move out of the water. At least it looked like it. In an evolutionary point of view, he is very successful. Because he has survived the sudden environmental change called .

Q: You were very worried about looking too cheesy while shooting. Why is that so…
TOP: We decided to make the retro concept photoshoot more fun by putting long hair extensions on me. I always usually wore a suit during photoshoots. Since I’m trying to show my new side with this long hair, retro-style clothes, and manly faces, it’s very easy to look cheesy. So I was worried.

Q: Looking at the results, do you think they came out okay?
TOP: I think it contains various new sides of me. I don’t try new concepts very often because I want to save them. If I show too much, I could run out of it. I always save some concepts to increase the freshness of them. But I tried to unleash those concepts through . The character in this movie is very different from the characters that I have acted out before, so I was more eager to show the new sides of me. And I also thought that I should show some new stuff since I’m having a photoshoot
for the first time in a while.

Q: Watching you during the photoshoot was something new. You looked a lot more relaxed than you looked when you were promoting a while ago.
TOP: I’ve become too relaxed now that it’s becoming a problem, haha. I fundamentally like doing photoshoots and I enjoy them. The pictures come out better when I enjoy it. I follow the given concept, but I learned how to show a more sophisticated side of me in that given concept. You have to be greedy to get good results. I actually keep my guard up to avoid getting lazy. Because if I get lazy, new things won’t be made. I always hide my cards and stay ready.

Q: Your new movie is exactly like that. It’s like you’re showing us the cards that you’ve been hiding!
TOP: When I was getting interviewed about , I said that this will be the last movie to show my character and that I will be choosing a shocking, unexpected character for the next movie. While looking for it, I encountered but, I hesitated at first. Because I could be harshly criticized by the manias(fans) of the original comic series. But now, I don’t gravitate towards things that don’t stimulate something in me. Even though I knew that it’ll be hard, I still wanted to challenge myself. I continuously tried to draw out the sides of me that I didn’t have while filming.

Q: Daily life, delicate emotions between sexes, fights in the gambling world, humanity, etc. You had to show a wide range of things while acting. It’s completely different from your previous roles that were just mostly emotional.
TOP: Even from the moment I saw the scenario of the movie, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this movie without taking off a few layers of me. And because of that, I had to fight with myself a lot. If I try too hard to draw something out that I don’t have in me, the audiences will think, ‘Uh? Why is that person doing that?’ and think that I’m trying too hard, so it’ll be hard for them to focus on the movie. You must never let the audience see that. The night before we started filming, I was very troubled, thinking about that. How could I express my character more exclusively without making it banal? I thought about that a lot. I didn’t really want to draw a line to indicate how far to go, but I just wanted to take off all the layers of me.

Q: Do you like gambling?
TOP: I just don’t play games at all, including cards. I’ve never even played any electronic games since I was little. I have a serious desire to win, so I feel like I’ll see the end of it once I start. I always keep that in mind, and never play games. I practiced Hwatu very hard this time, but I have decided that I will only like it for acting purposes. I promised myself that no matter how good I get at it, I will not play Hwatu. Haha.

Q: So you don’t want to do it at all cause you get furious when you lose, right? I understand what you mean.
TOP: That’s right. I will even bet my life over it. Haha.

Q: Actually, your movie this time is like a gamble as well.
TOP: I thought that this movie will definitely be a nice growing period for me. Since I had to act out the sides of me that I’ve never shown before or didn’t exist at all, I knew that I was taking a huge risk. But because I knew that it was risky, I gravitated more towards it. Now I don’t gravitate towards things that aren’t risky.

Q: Now that you’ve finished filming the movie, in what way did you grow?
TOP: Honestly, I’m not sure about the appropriateness level here. Haha. As I was filming, I tried to catch all the unique features of each actors, and I was sure that I could show what I learned in the next movie. I gained a little more confidence in a good way. They say that when you work with someone, you can see the spectrum of the life they’ve lived. Through this experience, I could see their spectrum to a certain degree, and I received a lot of good energy.

Q: Since so many famous senior actors were in the movie, were you intimidated at first?
TOP: I actually gained more confidence. Through this movie, I met some deft, amazing people and that stimulated a desire to win inside of me, so I received good vibes from them. They say that there’s a war of nerves between actors during filming, and singers on the stage. But I’m not good at doing something like that. In contrast, I try to feel the good vibe of other people. I try to receive good, powerful vibes and return it to them. I did that a lot while filming this movie.

Q: is a movie for Korean Thanksgiving. When they say “A movie for Korean Thanksgiving”, that means that it’s highly anticipated. It must be a different feeling being in a movie like this.
TOP: I never actually thought about that. It still doesn’t feel real to hear things like “A movie for Korean Thanksgiving” or “Highly-anticipated film”. The movie itself was a burden to me, so I did not have the energy to think about that. Because I already knew that it was highly risky. Ham Daegil was a character from Mr. Heo Young Man’s series that was read and loved by many of the senior generations. I thought and thought about how I could make the character more interesting. I still feel like I was a “substitute” of Daegil that was created by Director Kang Hyung Cheol and Mr. Heo Young Man.

Q: Despite all those burden, you must feel a lot more relaxed now that you’re done filming.
TOP: Not really. My face is breaking out pretty bad right now. I usually don’t really get pimples. I was shocked when I looked at my face in the photo taken during the photoshoot. The moment before a movie’s release or an album’s release is when my skin is at its worst state. Finishing something and waiting to present it to people is the most anxious moment in the world. It’s very nerve-wrecking, and I become more sensitive. I get nervous, and I can’t sleep. So I drink a lot by myself. Right now is the most anxious time for me. Because it’s a movie that I poured out all my energy and emotions into, plus a year of my life.

Q: There’s some ‘sexuality’ in the original comics. You probably had to act that out too, and weren’t you worried as an idol?

TOP: There was never a time when I said, “I can’t do this.” The director also doesn’t really like to show things explicitly. I think he thought that since the story is already very explicit, it would make the original series ‘not-so-classy’ if we were to film it explicitly. But there are some intense scenes too. I filmed a scene where all the actors were naked, I filmed a bed scene, and I also filmed only in my underwear for the first time since I was born. Even though I’m someone that doesn’t even wear short sleeve shirts…

Q: Did you feel a sense of freedom after doing that?

TOP: No, I was so nervous. But I couldn’t even let it show. If I tense up, all the other staffs and seniors would feel that negative vibe too and feel nervous. On the outside, I acted like I was fine, but I was actually very nervous. Just like what I said, I really hate showing skin. I don’t even wear short sleeve T-shirts in the summer. But when I filmed (without clothes on), there weren’t that many thoughts in my head. Haha. Maybe this will be my first and last movie with such exposing scenes.

Q: Why are you talking so conclusively like that
TOP: There is a reason why I decided to show skin in the movie. For example, in an action movie like , it would have been too much if there was a scene where they showed muscles to look cool. People might say, ‘Is he taking his clothes off to look cool in the movie?’ But in the movie, , they didn’t control the lighting to make my body look cool, it wasn’t that type of a scene. As I read the scenario, I thought that ‘the more clothes I take off, the more fun it adds
to the story’. I thought that taking the clothes off makes the movie’s plot more interesting.

Q: True. The scene where you guys play Hwatu naked symbolizes the theme of greed and doubt.
TOP: Because I felt that would be important, I gained the courage to willingly take my clothes off. Hmm.. Looking back at what I said, I feel like I talked like an actress. Haha.

Q: Haha. So you’re more focused on the character rather than the scene?
TOP: I don’t think I’ll take my clothes off if it doesn’t seem essential to the narrative of the movie. I felt that even more through this movie. I think I hate it(exposing skin) psychotically. I always wear long sleeves at home. I hate it when my skin touches objects. It’s been over 10 years since the last time I wore shorts. I wouldn’t say that I’m sensitive; I’m just very shy. To me, “showing skin” is a very embarrassing/shy act. When I was filming (the bed scene), I asked the director, “Do you want to take my underwear off too?” Haha. I thought there would be no difference in wearing underwear and not wearing underwear since I already showed my skin. Haha. It was fun though. Experiencing something like this in my life time.

Q: There are a lot of worries about the movie … Like some comments.
TOP: I read them but I don’t get hurt by them. Even when Bigbang released albums, there has always been hateful comments. But afterwards, I learned that people’s thoughts change over time. It’s also pretty interesting to watch that change. And I feel like I don’t have that many ‘anti’ fans up to now. Haha. Ah, this time, (while I was reading the comments) I did see that people were criticizing me for something that I’ve never been criticized for before. Haha.

Q: Musician and Actor. I think you have a good balance between the two. You’re not leaning towards one, and you’re not doing too much either.
TOP: My main profession is a musician, but I try to find a balance
between the two. I think it’s been about 8 years since I first appeared in a drama. I think I’m someone who carefully goes ‘all-in’ in one specific thing. Not someone who tries a lot of things and finds one thing. I’m the type to put a lot of effort into something and prepare heartily and sincerely one by one. So I think that I am capable of achieving that balance.

Q: The circumstances that allow you to do that must be very nice.
TOP: Well, not necessarily. I know that I should be working more at this time, but I’m the type that can’t easily put something into action. I feel like I’m always saving things. Even when I’m acting, I still sometimes watch music shows. And I watch what people these days do. I don’t really like to jump in, and I really hate showing weaknesses, so I don’t try to get involved in or jump into something that I don’t feel the need to.

Q: Because there’s a risk of losing even though you’re skilled?
TOP: I meant the exact opposite of that. I don’t really want to do things when there aren’t any “strong” ones in the field. Hmm.. Am I being too honest here? Haha. It’s my first time doing an interview in a while… So yeah, I’m someone who makes a move when I feel something stimulating inside me. I slowly became more like that. The fact that there’s a lot of risk in the movie, stimulated me even more. That made me gravitate towards the movie more.

Q: Because it’s a “High-risk, High-return” movie.
TOP: I’m still not sure about what I can get in return from the movie. Compared to the risk I’m taking, I actually don’t think that I’ll be gaining something big from it. If I don’t do well enough to deserve an applause from everyone, this is certainly a risky movie. I know well that the original series was a piece loved by a lot of people. But I still wanted to challenge myself.

Q: As I was listening to you, I noticed that you work very hard.
TOP: I try not to get lazy. Since I’m still young, I try to work while looking at the future. If I don’t take risks and try new things now, I feel like I’ll be an old-fashioned person in 10, 20, 30 years. Even if you fail, if you always look for something new, wouldn’t you be someone who can set the trend even when time passes? If one always takes the safe road without any risks, he will have no change in his life. People will certainly get sick of that person.

Q: Because it’s easy to run out of ‘change’. In that aspect, it seems like your strategy to not show yourself often because of that is not that bad.
TOP: But it’s not a very practical strategy for these days. I don’t show myself a lot also because there’s nothing to show off about me. If I was a highly confident person, I would take ‘selcas’ and post them. But I’m too strict to myself to do that. My problem is that I’m too thoughtful.

Q: You have to be thoughtful to avoid encountering external dangers. If you show/expose too much, it could make risks.
TOP: I never do anything that would lead to dangerous situations. When I rest, I seriously just stay at home. If I could have 2 weeks off to rest, I will not come outside of my house for 2 weeks. Even when I meet with my friends, I bring them to my house and drink wine together. I try not to make mistakes any where. I know that I’m like a loose cannon that is unpredictable, so I try to restrain myself even more. Haha.

Q: It must be difficult to wait.
TOP: There’s an expression, “showed all the cards one had” (meaning that one showed everything about oneself). I always have conviction that I have some cards left unused. I always try to save them. As a public artist, I can picture what I should do at this time. Because of that, I’m not anxious or anything. There are still so many things that I can show. Even with music. That’s also the reason why I have never released a solo album, even though the group, Bigbang, has been around for almost 10 years. But of course, that wasn’t the only reason - I did miss the timing to
release it since I had to promote as an actor and as Bigbang. So I am gradually collecting more cards now. And I’m also saving some songs that I have worked on.

Q: So you’re calculatingly planning to release the cards when you need them?
TOP: I’m not calculative. I’m actually a very emotional person. Honestly, I think I’m more of a coward. Since I am an emotional coward that can’t live a calculative/premeditated life, I always try to hide. I also feel like I lack some confidence inside me. Gradually, I will wait and show more things to people when I get stronger. If I were to calculate my talents and skills in percents, what I showed up to now is merely 5% of what I have in me. I know that for sure.

Q: Are you waiting for the moment of explosion after boiling up?
TOP: I like being patient. I’m actually a very enthusiastic person. But as I suppress that enthusiasm, I feel a sense of catharsis. Sometimes when I look at some people, I feel that they don’t have anything left in them because they showed too much. You can tell if you work in the same field. But I’ve always resisted those things. Even when people around me tell me to do more and try to stimulate me, I restrain myself even more. I want to show more of myself when I become more “full”.


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 6]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

“It keeps everybody on their toes,” says Phil [Collinson, producer], “because David brings with him a different energy, a fresh dynamic, and that gives everybody working on the show a bit of a shake-up. And it’s brilliant in story terms, because it means that you get to go back to the first base with Rose and the Doctor. She has to get to know him all over again, and so do we. David is very different from Christopher, but I think that’s the direction we always had to go. We had to pick an actor who’s physically different, who looks very different, who’s going to have a different approach to his character. Chris was very grounded, very down-to-Earth, a very - and I use this word a lot - tangible Doctor.  I think he was somebody that you could absolutely identify with. David has all of those qualities, but there’s an etherealness, an other-worldliness about him too, and a little more eccentricity.  I like that. It’s a great contrast, and I think the viewers are really going to take to him. He’s just as fantastic and inventive an actor as Chris was.

“David is bringing a completely new take to it,” says Noel Clarke [Mickey Smith], “obviously, cos he’s a different person - but it’s a really cool take. I’m eating my words a little bit, cos I did say that the last Doctor was probably the best, but I think David may well be the best yet.”

“It’s just fantastic to be back together,” agrees Camille [Coduri, Jackie Tyler]. “It’s like we’ve never left, really.  The added bonus is having David here. We’re complete again. It’s just lovely. The four of us together. Like a family. I know that sounds a bit corny, but really - we have bonded, because this is a bit of an adventure of a lifetime.”

“David makes the Christmas special even more special,” says Phil.  “It’s a brilliant introduction to that character. It’s good to be able to introduce David then start the second series running.”

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Thank you to everyone who takes and shares set photos!


SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT EVERYONE T_T all of your messages were too sweet augh. also it looks like the pigeon post has been making its rounds but unfortunately i wasn’t able to answer every bird-related ask. there were a lot of similar questions to sort through so i just added some to the faq!

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Anonymous said: What are your favorite screenshots of 2015?

-Here’s the second part of the answer to that question. These are all the 3:4 ratio shots that i really liked.

Number one is from Bioshock Infinite. I’m very fond of this screenshot. In fact, if i was making a coffee table book full of pictures about Columbia (I’m ready 2k. Let’s make it happen!), I’d probably put this as the front cover (if you’re curious, I’d use something like this as the back cover). I think this shot represents a few of the most important things about the city. The grand neoclassical architecture, the overwhelming and always vigilant statues, and of course, being high up in the sky. The way Comstock house is obscured by the clouds adds mystery to the picture and you cant help but feeling a bit of wonder and awe at the imposing building shooting up towards the heavens. You wouldn’t normally see this exact scene during gameplay though. This area is actually a few buildings and things put together in the distance, made to look like Emporia. If you look very carefully when Songbird flips your airship over, you can see some of this stuff right before it crashes. To get this, I just exited the airship the moment before he attacks it, paused time, and flew in much closer than you’re normally allowed.

Second up is from Batman Arkham Knight. It almost always evokes strong feelings (for the player and the person they’re playing as) when a main characters’ decisions negatively affects another character they care for, so i wanted to try and capture that in a screenshot. The overturned wheelchair is a strong image by itself, but by placing Batman in the center of the picture and more importantly, the clock, it visually represents that everything revolves around him and his choices. I used the in-game color filter to make the image red, to add more tension and dread.

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Ship. Of. The. Year. So Proud To Be In This Fandom...

WOW. We are Ship of the Year!!! 

Not only are we Ship of the Year…we are Ship of the Year after Season 3. Season 3 was hell on Olicity for a good portion of the season. Complete and utter misery. 

Truth be told, if we tallied the happy moments between Oliver and Felicity in Season 3, it would add up to mere minutes of screen time.

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Well. That was…that was pretty boring to be honest. Obviously a set up episode designed to thrust us into the final stretch of the season. There’s a lot of stuff here that will pay off later, but as an independent hour of entertainment? Pretty meh on it. So with that ringing endorsement, let’s do this:

  • Like Pittura Infamante, we open with our case of the week. It seems to take a long time to get into this, like we burn a lot of screen time on set up that won’t actually matter. And mashing together John Dee and the Salem Witch Trials seems like a bit much? But shout out to the actor playing the security guy – you gave it your all, dude. I like your hustle.
  • Yeah blood magic! But having a hard time taking the Quaker Oat Man seriously. Buckled hats just aren’t intimidating. I want to make hand turkeys with him.
  • The house hunting scene is really weird for like thirteen different reasons. About the only good thing is how irritated Abbie is with every single second of it. The realtor is the worst realtor ever. Like, no chill, no poker face, no nothing. How do you ever sell anything? The muffins that good? And Crane’s explanation for why they were doing this – “an exercise in optimism for the life I don’t have with the money I don’t have” – makes zero sense. Felt really shoehorned and awkward. I assumed he was going to be infiltrating the house to find some something or other, but he really was pointlessly house hunting. I do think we hear some echoes of it later that make it more interesting, but on its own it just felt super off to me. I choose to believe Crane was just roleplaying for the life he imagines with Abbie, okay? 

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It will be a long rant, so..

Okay, the whole Marrish thing… I need to speak up, because it’s getting so illogical it’s ridiculous.

You need to understand that I’m a multishipper. I shipped Stydia pretty hard to some point and although I changed my otp for the show, I would have no  problem with them getting together if it would be logically developed for some time, because let’s be honest, they care for each other and they have a special bond (but is it really romantic?). They weren’t as far away from each other since the begining as they are now, though.

The age difference: I’ve seen so many posts about the age difference between Lydia and Parrish being so inacurate it actually doesn’t make ANY sence. Poeple are trying to make the age gap bigger and bigger with every season. Parrish was 24 in season three and with the whole fucked up timeline  TW has let’s just say it was a year ago since “now” and Lydia was 17 back then. So how is it possible for you guys that now when Lydia is 18, Parrish is in your opinion 28? What? I know the age difference may trigger some poeple although in my opinion it’s not that big of a deal, especially since:

a) Parrish is a big confused puppy in here, acting like the one being in high school.

b) Lydia. The argument that pisses me off the most is that Lydia is some little 18 y/o girl who doesn’t know the world and what the fuck she is doing and she is being manipulated into a relationship with an older guy who’s trying to take advantage of her. STOP. Are we really talking about the same show and the same character? Lydia is a sexual being. Lydia has had sex since she was 14?15? And since it’s not ok, that’s a fact. Lydia loves sex. Like really guys. Isn’t it like the whole point of feminism to let a girl with sexual needs to take care of those needs? Lydia’s exactly that. Let’s not forget about Lydia’s dystractions. These guys were definitely older guys too, college boys? NEXT. Lydia is not some kind of little girl. Comparing Lydia to an actual 18 y/o high school girl is illogical. I’ve always seen Lydia like the most mature one of them all. And right now, she’s like mentally 35 or something after all she’s been through. And isn’t it like she’s the one actually flirting, throwing inuendos in Parish’s face and making all the steps? And you still say he’s the one luring her in? Using his position as a cop to take advantege of her. WHAT?

c) THE HALLUCINATIONS; I don’t know how someone can  interprete those hallucinations as Parrish being a pervert. Like really guys… The whole point of every hallucination was a clue for Parrish to do something, to realize something etc. And in this particular episode it’s LYDIA who tries to connect through their supernatural BOND and wants to tell Parish we’re she’s in. The hallucinations are abrupt and sudden and also sometimes unwanted by Parrish, but the only thing you read into it is him dreaming about a young girl being naked? Like how can you not see - marrish shipper or not - that LYDIA created that hallucination?

d) Poeple who are most disgusted about their relationship are the same poeple who want 25-40 y/o actors/actresses to take them right  then and there. Those are the same poeple who write really obscene orgies about  tw characters -kids, as you call Lydia, or  about the actors. Those are the same people who doesn’t have problems with underage or underage/adult sex just becuase it’s about THEIR ship and it’s okay then.

I’ve been in a lot of ship wars, I’ve been the one frustrated about my ships being killed off, abandoned, ruined, forgotten, written off. I know how it feels like and I know how frustrating it is. I’ve hated ships too. But I’ve never seen such a hipocricy in any fandom, really. (And I’ve been in Glee fandom and that’s saying things)

I just wanted to watch some gifs and photosets of one of my many beloved ships from one of my guilty pleasure show but all I’ve seen were people being ridiculous. Poeple who don’t care about the show, poeple who don’t care about the actual plot, poeple who don’t care about the storyline, poeple who take from the scene what they want and need to hate more, but who don’t even try to see the whole point or the whole meaning of a thing. 

(And I feel sorry for Stiles, I feel sorry for Malia, I feel sorry for Scott, Kira, Liam and Hayden. But I don’t feel sorry for you guys. You’re not fans, you’re toxic. And you made me (and many other poeple) want to avoid one of my favourite ships in this show. Congrats. You don’t deserve Lydia Martin. You don’t deserve Stilles. You don’t deserve Stydia.)

It was suppose to be a much longer post but I’m literally done.