i just love this scene it's too cute


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Anonymous: DCEU Clois or L&C Clois

Fake Chats #210
  • Hoseok: I think we need to define our relationship.
  • Yoongi: why?
  • Hoseok: so there's no confusion.
  • Yoongi: are you confused?
  • Hoseok: so others aren't confused.
  • Yoongi: they can make up their own definitions.
  • Hoseok: labels are important, Yoongi.
  • Yoongi: yeah, that's why I created SOPE, you idiot.
  • Hoseok: and that's pretty perfect, but-
  • Yoongi: no buts. You said it yourself. It's perfect. It literally does not get more perfect than us.
  • Hoseok:
  • Yoongi:
  • Hoseok: I find myself unable to argue with that.
  • Yoongi: yeah right. You could always argue. You just think I'm cute.
  • Hoseok: that too.

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Ok so its 1:30AM and i just had this random thought. Im not sure if you're taking requests or but imagine Talia wearing one of Mephisto's shirt as pajamas or after a steamy night (; (; (;. Oh and his reaction is just adorable. I can picture the scene as fluff or siniful. .I think something is wrong with me. P.S. I LOVE YOUR BLOG<3<3<3!!!

Ok so its 1:30 AM and I GOT U BABE

she’s just…have you ever seen anyone so gorgeous??? he can’t help himself his fiancee is too cute and also i love you this was such a cute idea lmao

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Okay so I've always been into Jikook- or Jeikook now xD (god I love Jimin XD)- but I was quite unsure if they were 'Real'. But after all of this stuff Jimin is posting and Kookie is doing, I am 100% sure they are real and I'm screaming (Well I'm sick so it's more of a silent scream)

First of all, I hope you will get better <3, being sick sucks. And second, I totally understand you. I wasn’t sure too. It was just shipping them because I liked how cute they looked together. But after “backhug scene”  (I’m sure every jikook shipper knows this backhug) I was like: WOW THEY HAVE SOME STRONG FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER.

And now seeing them posting all those videos and photos where they look so comfortable with each other makes me think that they are real. Idk but these days they look so boyfriend. Maybe we can’t see it sometimes at first on camera but when we look closer we all can see how subtle they can be. All those stolen glances, “accidental”skinship etc. Also Jimin with that tag:  Jeikook. Very nice ^^

I think that this is how they are in real life. I mean look at them

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 They are so in love. Now we can see it even in their eyes. <3 
And in the last gif where in original video we can hear a kiss sound.
I can talk about jikook for hours but I don’t want it bo that long :D  


Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 


“Just the idea that in the background they’re, like, basically ‘I love you. I love you.’..” (star trek 2009 commentary)

thoughts when watching newsies for the first time

- wow this is the most disney thing i’ve ever seen

- seriously these songs were taken straight out of kevin price’s ass this sounds like if aladdin were white and sold newspapers instead of stealing

- cruTCHIE LOOKS LIKE BABY MARTIN FREEMAN?? (watching the netflix live recording) (okay now that i looked Andrew Keenan-Bolger up he looks nothing like him but i swear he does on screen he looks like mini john watson)

- did they only cast guys that can also be a stunt double for spiderman holy shit the flips and handstands and splits everywhere

- “how ‘bout a crooked politician?” “yeah, nitwit, that ain’t news no more!” im  w h ee z ing this is set in 1899 its getting too real

- wow this is cute are they gonna take the jack/crutchie pairing furthe- nope wait just reached the theatre scene go jack fall in love at first sight with the first woman you see 

- he literally has a song where he sings “love at first sight’s for suckers/
At least it used to be/But I never planned on someone like you”


- love daveys character development mmmmmgood stuff

- also medda larkin is amazing af?? her dad’s all ready to pamper her for life she wouldn’t have to lift a finger and she decides “nope im gonna get a career in journalism, and im not gonna use any connection with my dad, who honestly owns all the newspapers in nyc” r e s p e c t 

- plus the whole “im gonna write about how the newsies are shitting all over my father and get myself blacklisted from every newspaper in the city”

- tap dancing??? im w e a k. seriously had some serious thoughts about Turn It Off vs Kings of New York

- that one newsie from brooklyn that the camera keeps zooming in on oh my god

- yes we know he’s very good looking and his eyebrows are perfect but there are other characters too

- some BOM vibes. orlando vs santa fe, anyone? also jack gives me the vibe of what kevin would be if the other elders actually liked him.


- falsettos youre doing great sweetie i still love you keep up the amazing work

truthfully, the behind the scenes of strong woman do bong soon is probably the most solid evidence of how powerful n worldly park bo young is. I remember during oh my ghostess, a taken man JO JUNG SUK !!!!!!! was like ‘its so hard working with boyoung because she just does things that make you automatically want to smile n its hard to control your emotions while acting with her’ n its like bitch…..you get it too, good. literally in the behind the scenes hyungsik always laughs n smiles @ boyoung whenever she does something cute n its like how does one act with her for like 3 months n not fall in love with her ??????????? when bongsoon is holding onto the pole in some episode n minhyuk convinces her to let go in the behind the scenes hes like LAUGHING because shes soooo cute !!!!!! n everything she does hes like 😂😂😂 but thats real because who can truly act serious n mean around her when shes her. 


I’m sure no one was wondering this, but this moment is why I started shipping vhope and looking at their interactions more closely (keep in mind that I had already watched Rookie King and the *cough**cough* kiss *cough**cough* and I didn’t ship them). So why this moment? Well, Tae doing the solo message piqued my interest a bit, because jikook had done it together, so why didn’t tae pair up with someone to say happy birthday to Hoseok?? Then, Hobi was crying and Taehyung hugged him, but what caught my eye was that look that Taehyung had while going in for the backhug. Just the way that he stares so lovingly and the care that is shown is so incredibly overwhelming. I mean, yes everyone was staring lovingly at our Birthday boy Hoseok, but Taehyung’s stare was so freaking intense and special that I just couldn’t help but be like, ‘oh, he must really love him a lot’. Not to mention how long he backhugged him, wanting to love and care for Hobi and make sure that he was safe and would feel happy. Like, he didn’t have to do it at all, or hold on for that long, yet he did. It was something completely natural too as Hoseok didn’t flinch away, considering that they had kissed in Rookie King and yet they weren’t acting awkward with each other at all, but still remained super close?? And this is considering the fact that I had vowed myself to not ship anyone in kpop for the sole reason that I had already gone through the youtube era and shipped tons of people, and honestly it was time consuming and I wanted to stop being ‘delusional’, but with vhope I just can see something special, and I hope to show what that is to as many people as I can 😊💕.

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I think the best part is how everyone working on the movie is complimenting Harry. I feel like it's almost done filming based off the caption on the picture yesterday that was posted with Malese and Harry that said they were almost wrapped. It seems like he gets to physically fight people in this movie. Now it's time for Todd and the other showrunners and writers to note how much people like that and write some fight scenes for Magnus.

Yeah, I think they’re nearly done filming too! That would make sense since it’s just a 1.5 to 2 hour movie so. Everyone seems to really love working with Harry which is super cute; I really hope he picks up more roles in the future.

I’ve been waiting 84 years for them to let Magnus do something more physical and Harry’s been clamoring for it too it is time for season 3 to deliver.

Don’t Move

Septiplier - [Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and its characters.

Summary: Jack uses a little game to decide in an argument with Mark, and Jack loves the game too much to stop. [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! Okay so i took a small idea and just kinda went off topic. It starts as Don’t move then just derails into general tickling. Still cute tho. Anyways enjoy!!! Also I did this cause i was craving some ear tickles and Mark’s got ticklish ears. Makes for the cutest damn tickling scenes ever. 

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'bughead was more rushed than varchie' excuse me?? bughead have known each other practically their whole lives and you say it's rushed? that's YEARS of build up..

I don’t agree with you. I love both pairings btw, but Bughead was 100% more rushed than Varchie was…

Bughead IMO may have known each other for longer, but it doesn’t seem they were that close as friends. To me, it seems that their association was mostly because of Archie. If they were that close wouldn’t they have met each others parents already and been to each others houses? And even if they were apparent good buddies like the show claims, we never saw any of that. The show started in 101. At which point Bughead were no longer that close of friends that they “used to be”. So we didnt get to see any of it. It doesnt matter if two people were married in the past, if the show starts and they arent together then they need to start over and build that relationship up again for the audience to see. They didnt really do that with Bughead. Maybe that works for you but it doesn’t work for me.

Let’s compare a little… (forgive me if I get something wrong as I’ve only seen the series 1 time through)

101: Varchie meet for the first time. They share a nice convo in the closet and a kiss (which some people say is rushed but IMO it wasn’t because it was part of a game and not a true first kiss so I don’t really see it that way). 

Jughead was barely in the episode himself so Bughead don’t interact. Betty is “in love” with Archie.

102:  Varchie had a conversation outside Pops. So their connection as friends at least was forming immediately and some could argue that romantic undertones were thrown in there. 

Bughead still didn’t interact. Betty was still in love with Archie.

103: Minimal interaction for Varchie but they at least had an awkward run in in the boys locker room.

Bughead finally interact in this one but they are short scenes and felt very platonic to me. 

104:  Small Varchie interaction but it did feel that Veronica was a little protective over Archie and the Grundy situation.

Bughead I honestly dont remember their interaction in this episode except for a little look at pops but I could be missing something. I still didn’t get a romantic vibe in any of their scenes though, and wasn’t Betty still hung up on the Grundy thing with Archie?

105: Veronica fixes up Archie’s hand in this one and its filled with sexual tension and flirtation. Veronica is visibly jealous of Archie and Valerie. It’s not too much too soon though, I think the pacing is great. 

Bughead are cute, finally some good interaction. I loved the little looks between them once they were all dressed up, but this is the first episode that we start to see that tension starting to build. (And still some could interpret those smiles as just friends being impressed with how nicely the other cleans up ya know?)

106: So much Varchie in this one. They were going to partner together and when Archie decides to parter with Val, Veronica is very clearly upset about it. But by the end of the episode she encourages him to go on stage and fixes his tie. More sexual tension. She tells him to find someone that makes him feel safe. He looks at HER when he’s singing. More nice build up. 

Bughead, nice interactions, and then it goes from 0-60 and they kiss. ALREADY. Like, I love them and I loved the kiss, but it was so fast. They only started interaction in episode 103 and now in 106 they are kissing? That’s 3 episodes dude. How is that not rushed? There aren’t even obstacles in their way after they kiss, they are basically together immediately. (couple obstacles yes, but not like, getting together obstacles if that makes sense.)

Meanwhile Varchie continue to build. They share a lot of looks through the rest of the episodes and some more cute scenes. People try to claim they are only sex but they had multiple talks about their friends and their families. They shared that adorable hug in the kitchen and confided in each other. They don’t even kiss for the first time ( a real first kiss) until episode 10. I do think that Varchie were slightly rushed as well, because 10 episodes isn’t a whole lot of time to form something, but it’s a lot more than 3 episodes! They also weren’t really an official couple until the finale really. So while they kissed, they still had to “fight” to be together and figure some other things out first. 

On top of all of that while Archie dated other people I don’t think he was really in love with them, compared to Betty being in love with Archie and then moving on quickly to Jughead. 

People are free to interpret things how they like, but to me, Varchie took 12 episodes to get together, where as Bughead took 3 so… you tell me who is more rushed.

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Let's focus on that forehead kiss though for a second. They both look so blissful and those kisses are just so LOVING and affectionate and I just can't deal with it it's too sweet 🙀

Their forehead kisses really get me melting. They show so much. Because you can feel it’s not just a crush or lust, it’s fucking LOVE. And the ones at her doorstep are so magic and full of promises (“tomorrow”, and “the day after”, …) I just wish that night had had a different ending (sigh).

But I think my favorite kissing scene takes place in 2x06, Regrets Only. Those cute kisses and happy smiles after Karen explained why she supported Matt when he suggested taking the Castle case. I could almost hear Matt thinking “yes, she is the one”. My karedevil heart was melting more than ever.

What I mean is, I think Karen was falling in love with Matt since day one whereas Matt needed more time to see her as a potential girlfriend. And that made me think that he would be the one feeling more confident, taking everything for granted, the one deciding almost every step.

But Karen was the one who took his hand to walk him home, she also offered him a way out on their first date telling him “is it the place or is it…?” and then she was the one “not labeling it” (OMG! I was dying and Karen looked so calm!!!)

So when I heard him say “but I’m not misremembering, am I? It really was the best curry on the planet?” and his body language was screaming for a confirmation I was like “wow, he’s really head over heels for her too”. He is not just playing along, he is not going with the flow… he is IN LOVE.

And those kisses show that love, that happiness that is “all over his face”. (Yes, Frank, she is not the only one feeling that way) So that moment is THE moment for me.

But then it all went to hell (Why, Matt? Why?) and I am dying to see them back together again.

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hi! i was just curious if you were going to have jungkook sing in tra? like, obviously not as an idol, but i think it'd be cute if they were just lounging around her dorm one afternoon and he started singing outloud while he was on his phone and she would be like "oh my god you sing??" and then he would get all shy and embarrassed and be like "no LOL ME???? SING??!?!?" and then oc would tease him but tell him he has a good voice and she would encourage him to sing more around her :,) BYE LOVE U

OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY BECAUSE I WAS LISTENING TO MUSIC IN THE LIBRARY THE OTHER DAY AND i think about tra when i listen to music. and i DID think about singing actually. i was like. what if theres a scene much later on where theyre drunk and they crash a karaoke party at a bar. like these two could have so much fun together if they would let themselves have fun. and fun for them doesnt just mean rubbing up against each other LMAO!!!!!! but omg i love asks like this. i would love to hear what u guys wanna see in the story!!!!!!

GOT7 reaction to their crush being the love interest in the music video.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

can you do a reaction, of where you’re like the girl in the music video that they have to act like they are all interested in, but they all actually are interested in you, i hope that makes sense ^-^

This is super cute ^_^ i love the idea
sorry its takes ages to get to, but i knew i had to do it.
i hope you like :)
~ahgase Omma 


generally he pulls the cool leader vibe, every now and then he ends up reverting to his somewhat dorky self being playing, because he’s so hyped about playing this scene with her.


does nothing too extra, he’s just his regular self but as he's rehearsing, he is getting hot and bother more with her, and does the classic hair push which he knows is a winning move.


over excited puppy,he loves every scene together, and is more playful on set with everyone, and they all immediately understand that its you being here thats made him so hyper.


he’s acting completely professional, but he's clearly happy with the situation. he doesn’t do anything out of professional park jinyoung behaviour until the two of them are much closer.


come on the girl of he’s dreams is going to be playing the girl of his dreams… of course he’s going to be out of his mind happy! every scene they have together, he stares at her, forgetting how amazing she was.


double B turns up the sexy. he has to make a point of being all the man she could ever want. whenever he’s around her he’s cool/sexy bambam, but when his not he’s somewhat hyperventilating freaking out about that grinding move he has to shoot.


super happy gyeomie slowly turns into super shy maknae. he does all his amazing dance moves and sing, but the regular conversation and the pleasantries are beyond him and he strutters a lot, until he becomes more comfortable

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Reasons why “The First Day of Summer” is the best episode:

  • Stingy’s beach outfit
  • “Milford hurry up it’s not as if you got anything heavy to carry”
  • “I wish- no… I wish *just a bit more dramatic than before*
  • Sportacus being kind of a cock block for Milford and Bessie
  • Stingy’s titanic scene during the song
  • Robbie’s dancing (especially the booty shake)
  • The whole ice cream dialogue/monologue
  • “Who did you expect? Sportaflop?”
  • The way Robbie imitates Sportacus’ “šœmõņəś įň ťřôůbłë”
  • “I really really miss those guys”
  • Robbie’s date with the fly
  • The kids being concerned about Robbie
  • “Next time will you please leave a note”
  • “We kinda missed you” “I missed you too”
  • Robbie singing Bing Bang
  • Sportacus being so happy about Robbie singing and dancing to Bing Bang
  • And of course the Sportarobbie dip