i just love this scene in the mv i know it's old


*there are way more namjoon tracks but this list was getting too long* *just peep his mixtape and soundcloud*

1. Rap Monster by Rap Monster

This is Namjoon’s take on “look at me now” by Chris Brown and a.k.a the first ever song to be represented by Bangtan Sonyeondan as it was the first ever track on BTS’s official soundcloud.

This is an introduction to Rap Monster as an artist and a lit track. This shit was a bop!

2. Too much by Rap Monster

This song is extremely meaningful and Namjoon’s voice sounds breathtaking. This was Namjoon’s reflection of the B-free incident. He mentions how he shouldn’t take B-free’s hate to his heart and not to over think criticism. In the beginning he sounds really hurt but omg towards the end he is going hard, and it gives me old school rap vibes.

3. Unpack your bags by Rap Monster

This song is a huge middle finger to the underground rap community who looks down on idol rappers. This was a collab with the show 4 things where he mentions how hard it was him to pursue hip hop. He mentioned 4 struggles he faced in the industry. Check out the episode, the show also shows how he interacts with his producers and Bang PDnim and this was where the really famous “ Solo, or Bangtan” moment was born. We really got to know Namjoon as an artist personally and his teenage days.This is complimented with a really cute music video.

4. P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) by Rap Monster

This is a track where he collabed with Warren G  prior to his mixtape in L.A and this gives me chills because of that prominent West Coast feel. Check out the MV and the naver behind the scenes.

5. Something by Rap Monster (a.k.a my all time favourite song I don’t know why tbh)

HOLY SHIT THIS SONG TAKES ME WAY BACK! I feel as if nowadays the producers really autotune Namjoon’s singing voice and make it really shaky but hear you can prominently really hear his singing skills and It is such a sexy love song. It really gives your romantic feels and reflects on a sad teenage love story.

6. Where u At by Rap Monster


Here we have high school Namjoon talking about how school has gotten the best of him. In a culture where education and status are everything, he talks about letting his parents down and confessing to his relatives about his future in Hip-Hop. Its an extremely relatable track where you think about where you want to head in the future.

7. Favourite Girl by Rap Monster

This is such a cute fuckboy song omg Namjoon’s voice is so cute in this. Young love amirite.

But I have a secret meme with this song. In 6th grade I accidentally blasted this and my teacher started singing along to it since the chorus is in english and ever since my friends have been taunting me with this song.

8. Monterlude by Rap Monster

The instrumental to this was included in the Skool Luv Affair album. This is in english and this is such a cute love song. Namjoon would spoil his girlfriend omg.

9. Promethus by Yankie feat Rap Monster

Namjoon teamed up with some popular K-rappers and his verse in this made my pussy drop BUT EVERYONE IN THIS SONG DID SO AMAZING THIS IS SUCH A TURNT SONG I WAS JAMMING TOO HARD

This song is based off of the seven sins and Namjoon plays lust..ofc.

He uses some sick korean wordplay.

10. Bucku Bucku by MFBTY feat Rap Monster

MFBTY are already korean hip hop legends and the fact that such “old” and wise rappers decided to have Namjoon feature is an honor. 

He also had a little role in another one of their mvs here

11.   PRIMARY (프라이머리) - U (Feat. Kwon Jin Ah 권진아, Rap Monster 랩

This song is really relaxing and I love Primary’s beats and Kwon Jin Ah’s soothing voice, But Namjoon’s soothing rap was so sexy. It was just so hot omg.

12. Awakening by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song was from his mixtape which you absolutely need to check out and I suggest you see his other music videos such as the legendary Do You  and Joke.

This song was extremely powerful and eye opening. Just ready the lyrics and you will know why.

“In  the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
while saying that I became a moron after joining a company
yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol
at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title”

13. I believe by Rap Monster

Extremely uplifting and it brings you a huge amount of self-confidence, its a self-loving song and its a self reminder to always believe in yourself no matter how much you fall. Also has a little appearance from Jimin.

14. God Rap By Rap Monster

This song talks about Namjoon being an athiest but also has a message for believers. It talks about controlling your own life and to be your own idol. It says how you have the power of god in you and how you are extraordinary.

15. Throw Away by Rap Monster


“got an automatic dick”

16. Rush by Rap Monster feat Krizz Kaliko also from his mixtape

Funny story this is how they got together and created this lit korean meets american rap track.

Namjoon goes really hard in this, check it out!

17. Drifting by Rap Monster also from his Mixtape

This song has a theme that goes with “Reflection” and “Always”, He says how his thoughts are drifting and how feels lost (almost like the track lost in wings). Its put you in a trance where you, yourself starts to think about where you are in life and what purpose you have. 

18. Life by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song got me tripping because Namjoon is a lyrical genius. The amount of questions this song got me saying is insane. Just read.

“ the little me inside myself was always lonely
why is there no opposite word of loneliness?
could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?
it’s necessary to seek a moment to be alone
yeah that’s a life
we live inside danger
through the reward that makes us able to see this beautiful world “

were we born to die, were we born to live
are we living to die, or are we dying to live
the nametag with my name on it, is that my life?
or is it death

who knows…

life, fall in love
life receives injuries from us and
is lonely because of the wind and
we wanna be right
but always wrong
were we born to be wrong?
is life something like that?
(in the end, for our whole lives we don’t know what tomorrow will be)”

19. Monster by Rap Monster from his mixtape


20. Joke. (you should probably know this)

I really did’nt want to include this because his 2 most famous tracks are Do you and Joke and I wanted to keep this list to the underrated but tbvh I was really surprised when I figured out that people don’t know this track.


In this track he said how he is mocking rappers who only have good flow but no sense of meaningful lyrics. 

The lyrics in this song make no sense but the rap flow is too damn good. WHEN WATCHING THIS YOU WILL BE LIKE HONEY PLEASE BREATHE. HE RAPS SO FAST.


21. DO YOU BY RAP MONSTER ( (you should also probably know this)

In this track he talks about how at a young age society tells us what to be, how to look, what to wear, how to behave. He says fuck whatever they say and just do you.

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22. Fantastic by Rap Monster (from fantastic four)

I heard that fantastic four was shit but Namjoon got a chance to do a song for a movie which is a big deal for bangtan so WHOO

23. Illest Bitch

A really cute confession from Namjoon going through Puberty

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Let me get down right to it:

Jin, is the main character. Basically the trilogy revolves around Jin’s journey from being a boy to an adult which is why he was the one driving the truck ALL THE TIME. Now the remaining 6, Jimin, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jungkook, Yoongi and Hobi represents a part of Jin. I’ll go into more detailed explanation of things as I discuss the MVs one by one. As you read through, please bear in mind that all members are basically Jin.

It is the beginning of chaos. Tae going in the water symbolizes giving in to emotional confusion. Drowning in it. Youth, when they reached a specific age, begin to experiment—-try everything and see where the limit is. Hence, all those scenes where the boys where having fun (parties, causing traffic jam, vandalism, getting caught by police etc etc).

Also Namjoon found the butterfly card, BUTTERFLY SYMBOLIZES CHANGE. RESURRECTION. Namjoon was that part of Jin who first realized he needed to change some things in life and grow up. He was the Adult part of Jin.

Things to take note of:

Jimin often had a confused expression and often in the tub, depressed, burning the picture.

Jungkook was child-like. Trying to stop Yoongi’s anger. At a loss of what to do.

I am not going into so much detail with RUN and I NEED YOU bc both are basically just prologue of the shit that’s about to happen. However, I’d like to point out that JIN ISN’T DEAD. The reason he’s not in the polaroid is simply because HE DOES NOT FIT IN THERE ANYMORE. He isn’t a boy anymore.

This MV began to show the initial state of confusion Jin has to go through while growing up. He was holding flower petals, of a LILY to be exact. Lilies are often associated with death/funerals so it can represent a certain part of his life getting buried bc the petals were set on fire. After that, Jin curled on bed in fetal position which meant he was in a worried state probably because he felt like he’s leaving something behind and he was unsure of how to deal with it.

The chaos was introduced here.

Yoongi in bed, and eventually setting up the room on fire may literally mean getting ‘burned out’. Growing up is something Youth can’t avoid or ignore. Issues, crisis arise and so the ‘intense emotion’ was represented by the fire. Yoongi being in the room when he did it meant he was consumed by those emotions. 

Hobi taking pills. Excessively. It symbolizes the mental confusion Youth has to go through and he tries to depend on anything that can ‘cure’ this confusion. But as implied by the excessive pills, it wasn’t prescribed and can cause harm. The youth can find ‘temporary’ cure to their confusion but it doesn’t really solve anything.

Taehyung killing someone. UNINTENDED. When frustrations, intense emotion and mental confusion, Youth can become rebellious, feel so much angst and act violently without really thinking of the outcome of their actions. BASICALLY SOMETIMES YOUTH JUST LOSE THEIR SHT AND SHT HAPPENS.

Jimin in the bathtub. ALWAYS. He represents depression. Trying to lock himself up and drown in his sorrows, issues and conflicts. Burning pictures meant he wanted to forget the things that brought him into such state. It was implied he succumbed to depression when he eventually put himself(his face) idk how to call it, into the water completely.

Jungkook getting beaten up. Youth in such state can cause harm to their own body. There was a scene where Jungkook was getting beaten up by random strangers, he did fight them but just for a moment but he stopped and let himself get beaten—–there were cases where the Youth think they deserve to be treated in such a way because they are ‘trash’ I know you can understand me on this. We went through that phase ok.

Namjoon. He’s the ‘accepting’ conscious of Jin. Like the ‘adult’ side. I can’t find the right words but it was implied by him drinking coffee and smoking(lollipop was used but it represents cigarette ok). He’s accepting all the changes without thinking about it. Notice that he was the first one to come out from the MV and knocked on everybody’s door to start everything. He was the ‘FK IT TRY EVERYTHING’ side of Jin.

This MV focused on desolation, depression and everything sad. Memories of what used to be and what’s happening now, and the uncertainty of what’s going to happen in the future. Worries. Fears. Getting tired of everything.
REMINDER: ALL SIX ARE JIN. So basically they represent what he was going through. What YOUTH was going through. 


The short films were basically a summary of both KOR and JAP MV. Before I go through the BST MVs. Please read this first to understand the Jin and the 6 persona living in him.


The child.
Namjoon said in the beginning “Opposite poles mingled during this time” meant this is the beginning of confusion—because the child started to recognize that there is another side of the world. And he doesn’t know yet what it is. He refused to let go of ‘boyhood’. Awakening of the devil inside him(shadow with wings appeared at the end of the clip)

LIE #2
The boy started to act differently in in different aspect of his life. When at home, when in school. When his with his mom or dad. The choreography for Lie- indicates choking, getting suffocated, getting hit by an unknown force(bc the boy is unsure of what’s happening yet but he is hurting). One scene—Jimin was scene one with the painting, the painting was a picture of a dark foggy forest: dark forest means 'lost your way’.
Right after that Jimin ate the apple, bc he’s lost and judgement is clouded. He started sinning(the apple). The camera which all the while was focused on him—-Jimin shifted the focus on the painting while he looked at it: One important meaning. HE WAS LOST. THE BOY WITH ALL THE CONFUSION. LOST HIS WAY.

The Devil.
Or the beginning of him. The boy was lost and so he started self-destruction. He cant see yet that he was destroying/hurting himself. At the beginning of the clip Namjoon said “Every individual must destroy before becoming himself”.  Because the boy was hurting, but also alive, he continued to bleed.  At one scene, Tae looked like he was getting beaten by someone invisible. The boy had no idea what to do so he resorted to aggression and violence.. The things he’d done in the past haunted him. But he wasn’t a devil yet,  which can mean a relative or a friend or someone close to him—-he still love them. But he was trapped in his own confusion, he built a prison around himself—eventually the ones close to him left or at least he thought they left him.

Take note of the chained phonebooth. It will be related later on.

The devil has awoken.

First Love #4
The Supporter/The Past/Savior
Self destruction continues because the boy don’t understand the reason behind why things are happening. At one point, Yoongi found the piano he used to love—-the piano , an old one, reminded the boy of how he used to be. The things he ignored. But something/someone summoned him away from the piano so he went out. A while later a car crashed on the shop, the piano was destroyed. Now think about this: if the boy didn’t hear the sound, he will still be inside that shop, he will be there when the car crashed on the piano, HE WOULD HAVE DIED IF HE STAYED. At this point, the boy started to see that THINGS HAPPENED FOR A REASON.

Reflection #5
The Beggining of Adulthood
After realizing a few things, the boy searched for answers. Reflect on his own life. Every bad thing/sin he did came to him (implied by Namjoon’s dialogue “frightful drunkards, robberies, murder, suicide”). Mirrrors, a room full of mirrors, he can see himself but he dont know who he is. The mirrors were shattered, SHATTERED MIRRORS MEAN SOMEONE OR SOMETHING IS SUMMONING YOU URGENTLY, and the phone rang so the boy came to answer the CALL—-but he cant because the phone booth where the phone was, was chained and it has a 'WAR’ written on it. The chained phone booth was a representation of his own self calling him but he still cant answer it because he was still locked and at 'war’ with himself. HE DISLIKES HIM. Of what he has become. But at least, he acknowledged it.

Now the phone booth was seen first on Stigma, no war written on it yet. That was when he started locking himself.

Being at war, of not loving himself, the boy went through depression, emotional and mental stress because he was aware of what’s happening by now but he cant find a way out. HE TOOK A LOT OF PILLS–pills can mean NEW RULES, THINGS he needed to swallow. He desperately wanted a way out banging the walls until he fainted. When he woke up, he was CALMER, he saw the light, HE SAW THE PAINTING OF THE DARK FOREST. HE SAW HE WAS LOST. Finally he knew he was lost. HE SMILED, he finally knew. He ate chocolate, chocolate is often a token oF LOVE. The painting of Dark Forest changed to a painting of mother and child with an EVA written on it. Eva literal meaning is LIFE.

“The bird fights its way out”. The boy spent some time alone on the table with just an apple 'contemplating’ whether to eat it or not. HE DIDNT. The apple fell on the floor and he went back to his room. The door had so much scratches which meant he was trying to go out before but unable to. However, he saw a bird outside, looked at the window just to see his reflection but it wasn’t a mirror, it was water. Water can mean rinsing off sin, renewal—and just after he touched the water, The door opened by itself, he went out. HE ALSO LEFT THE APPLE ON THE FLOOR. HE IGNORED IT(the sin). HE FOUND THE PAINTING OF THE BIRD——WHICH IS ALSO A SYMBOL OF ABRAXAS(God who can see both good and evil). AND WELL PROBABLY TRIED TO FIND HIS WAY OUT OF ISOLATION.

Things are finally clear.


BOTH ARE RELATED. And I may have shed blood sweat and tears dissecting this too.

Korean Version:
This ones really difficult but I’ll try to explain it somehow. This is the beginning of EVIL. Youth or Jin being EXPOSED to the world, was naturally of course, EXPOSED TO BOTH GOOD AND EVIL. That’s where the real struggle starts—whether you would give in to the temptation of evil or choose to go to the good side. Or find a middle ground.

I’ll name each member’s role as early as now for better understanding:
JIN – Actual Person
Jimin – Innocence (remember how he’s always confused and gets dragged in RUN MV)
Jungkook – Childhood/child (at loss of what to do in RUN and I NEED U MV, bc basically he felt like he’ll be tossed aside once Jin grew up)
Namjoon – Adult/ Taker/Tempter
Taehyung – Devil
Hobi – Love
Yoongi – I cant find the exact word but he is the Guide, Supporter, Saviour. Was also thinking he’s representing The Past.

Jin was looking at the painting called ‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’ and it’s just simply about the conflict between good and evil. It has both ANGEL and DEMONS in it. IT represents the inner battle inside Jin’s mind.

Notice how Jimin and Yoongi are always together. At the beginning of the MV, Yoongi gave Jimin a smack on the head jokingly, Jimin did not retaliate. Yoongi was riding a bike, Jimin and him were like playing around. Yoongi has repeatedly covered Jimin’s eyes, blindfolded, him to prevent him from seeing EVIL—— Yoongi was trying to protect Jimin’s(Jin’s) innocence. He doesn’t want innocence to know the presence of evil.

Second point about Jimin, the apple. Only Jimin has the apple all throughout the MV. He’s the only one who ate it(LIE-short film). Why? Because being the innocent one— he doesn’t know what the apple is(basically that’s ignorance) APPLE SYMBOLIZES SIN, TEMPTATION. (Like how Eve, tempted Adam to eat the apple and they both learned the good and bad and was chased out of paradise because the apple was supposed to be forbidden to eat.)

So he’s been holding on to it. Holding temptation close to him.

Jungkook is Jin as a child. He was constantly on a swing of some kind. Swing = childhood. Until The Adult/Tempter lured him. Children by nature are easily tricked.

Also from the LIVE Trilogy Teaser Jungkook was on a swing but he disappeared and the swing was on fire.

Namjoon and JK are also together, NJ reading a book to JK, indicating ‘superiority’ of NJ from JK. They are in the same room, with smoke. THIS IS IMPORTANT: THE SMOKE CAME FROM NAMJOON’S MOUTH AFTER HE DRANK THE ABSTINTHE——smoke(not from fire) in dreams are interpreted that YOU ARE UNDER CONTROL OF SOMEONE. In this case, Jungkook, the child, is under control of the tempter—-Namjoon. Also in the Japanese MV, JK blindly drank the absinthe Namjoon gave him, without complaint. LIKE A CHILD. He was corrupted in short.

Why would Namjoon corrupt JK? He was jealous of his childhood. He was the adult. He wanted to drag the child with him bc sees the child as a threat to adulthood.

Okay this is getting longer im gonna try to make it fast. So Hobi representing Love or maybe a mother’s/family’s love been aiming his bow and arrow at Tae, the devil—probably trying to save Jin.

Tae in the whole mv was ENTICING, well what can you expect from a devil? Looking for his chance to go all out. The thin cloth, and him jumping off the veranda simply means—follow him to hell(LMAO).

All of them head out of the museum, Yoongi dragging Jimin out. Namjoon and JK too. And jin was left with the devil. ALONE. Tae covered Jin’s eyes(denotes blind judgement). He made Jin see the huge statue with black wings. Made Jin kiss it—the kiss meant Jin’s submission to temptation.

If you realized, after Jin kissed the statue. Jimin’s blindfold was removed(innocence gone), the Pieta statue behind Hobi was shattered(love bye), JK became haram(childhood bye) and the devil revealed his broken wings and smiled in triumph.

I think it’s basically a supporting video for the BST Korean Version. Jungkook waking up to see the broken wings mark on the bed meant he’s already corrupted by the Adult. Taehyung being the devil inside Jin, left both Jimin and Jungkook(innocence and childhood) behind.

The scene where Jimin walks away from Yoongi: HE AINT RUNNING AWAY. YOONGI DID NOT BOTHER TO CHASE AFTER HIM TOO. Yoongi being Jimin’s protector realized that he cannot protect Jimin forever and keep him blinded because both good and evil do exist. So he let him go to find himself. Innocence, without knowledge, is ignorance afterall.


The scene switched to Namjoon making JK drink the absinthe, and JK was obviously drugged. Jin was shown alone at the back of the truck—–his journey towards adulthood was in a slump.

He was sleeping. When JK drunk the absinthe, Jin was shown shifting UNCOMFORTABLY in his position. JK vomited, his body REJECTED the drug. At the same time, the other Jimin(who left from Yoongi) was trying to find his way to other Jimin, wiping off his mouth as if he was REGRETTING eating the apple. Jimin and JK were trying to stop the devil and put him back into hiding(hence the appearance of the cloth again). Hobi also appeared polishing his bow and arrow(getting ready to fight the devil again)—-ready to aim at Tae most probably.

Scene shifted to Jin punching Tae, the devil, Jin said sorry, BECAUSE TAE WAS HIM. THE DEVIL INSIDE HIM. HE WAS SAYING SORRY FOR HURTING HIMSELF.

THESE SUCCESSION OF SCENES probably represents the inner battle of Jin’s reasoning inside his head. He’s trying to fight the devil.

Tae, STABBED JIN. It may seem like the devil inside Jin triumphed over him but after Jin was stabbed. Glasses were shattered, Namjoon’s tempter expression changed into something softer, Jungkook laid down on the bed. Hobi and Jimin(love and innocence) danced together and Hobi tried to shoot his arrow at Tae again. And JIMIN FOUND HIMSELF and finally let go of the apple.

I believe this denotes that Jin finally acknowledge that both evil and good exist.

After knowing the truth, the other Jimin disappeared, Jin moved away from the cracks, Namjoon’s wounds were healed,  Jimin’s able to look at himself at the mirror, the green sky turned back to black and Jin was able to see the hole he WAS standing in.

In short, Jin’s clouded thoughts/confused emotions are fading. Or at least he finalyy understood what was happening to himself.

The hole in his heart was because the devil stabbed him—he hurt himself in the process of fighting and took a piece of him. He won’t be the same person again(?) I mean don’t we all. That’s part of becoming an adult.

In I Need U MV, – a lily was blooming on Jin’s chest—where the hole was. Lily, a kind of flower, can also mean resurrection and restored innocence.

At the end of the MV, Jin, met Namjoon(adulthood) and he said “It’s been a while”. You only say that to a person who’s gone and FINALLY BACK. JIN MANAGED TO FIND HIMSELF. Jin handed him an empty lighter. EMPTY LIGHTER. Means he’s done with all the sht, he no longer needed to play with fire.

PART 4: Spring Day and Not Today

At this part: The Devil is no longer a devil. The problem was resolved in BST MVs. Basically Tae, the devil, was just a representation of evil when one dont know how to control it.

I’ll just go through the main points. Im sleepy and tired.

After winning his inner battle between good and evil. Jin’s on a journey to find ‘new’ happiness—represented by Omelas and the train.

Jimin looking at the sea—sea can mean life and hardships. And he was holding an old pair of shoe that he can’t wear anymore. It’s not anyone’s show but his.

Jin was piercing Jimin’s(innocence) ear. And Hobi(love) and Yoongi(the past) were hanging out tgt brushing teeth—affectionately poking Yoongi’s cheek. It can mean that Jin isn’t ignorant anymore. And than he learned to love his past.

The adult and The Devil(NJ and Tae) were seen laughing side by side too. I think Spring Day is a representation that Jin was able to get hold of his personas and create harmony instead of fighting.

Jin making gestures as if he was taking a picture but he is not holding a polaroid anymore and all 6 of them disappeared. Tae walking on the railway, Jimin walking away from the sea, birthdays – are all symbolism of GROWTH. GROWING UP AND MOVING ON.

Jin was washing doing laundry, when Yoongi’s part was shown—Yoongi was IN the washing machine(as mentioned in one the MV shooting before). Therefore it can mean that Yoongi(the past) was being cleaned/purified/washed.

Hobi(love) on top of the moving train, was the aspect that helped Jin to move forward.

While Jungkook, most of the time was simply standing alone. Staring at an old idl carousel(or something similar)—which meant the child in Jin can only watch as he grow up. At some point, JK was watching everybody walk around him(past paced) and joined them—I believe it meant Jk(the child in Jin) came into terms that he cant be a child forever and joined the other personas to create harmony.

At the beginning of the MV, Tae(devil) was seen kneeling on the rail as if ‘embracing or like leaning his head on railway. There was also a scene where he was walking on it—he accepted growing up. The devil in Jin finally came to terms with himself and learned that violence and aggression was not the solution.

Spring Day is about finding himself again. Finding his new self. After letting go of certain things from his childhood. Jin is slowly coming to terms with being an adult.

Also in the scene where JK was holding the lighter then the fire was put off then he was alone——-meant an end of a chapter in his life. But then the fire was lit up again but this time all the members behind him—–meant a new chapter. And he isn’t alone anymore.

Pile of clothes can mean the stack of memories? Past? Comfort Zone but you need to step out of it. Let it be memories of the past. And all of them were inside the washing machine meant each aspect gone through some renewal(rinsing off).

Jimin hanging the shoes on the tree (teary eyed) meant he’s willing to let go of the things that are not fitted to him anymore. Just like the clothes.

Tree symbolizes growth too and transformation. The pair of shoe has now become 'part’ of the tree. It will be there, but just a piece of your memory. Something that helped you grow and be a new person.

Do note that everybody seemed to be supporting Jimin at the end. Jin’s different personas—–learned to mix together rather than separately working/fighting. Creating harmony inside Jin.

Not a lot of plot twist. But the men in black were the shadows of the past chasing them but now there is a change in attitude. No longer confused and haunted compared to the beginning of Trilogy.

The scene where all of them got shot except for Jungkook but zoom into Jungkook’s eye and he saw himself holding a gun—-IT MEANS HE ALREADY KNOW WHO IS THE ENEMY. HIMSELF. Remember everyone of them are Jin. I may be wrong but think of Jungkook as Jin. Try not to see them as separate individuals. I dont want to think to deeply as to why Jungkook was the one when it could be Jin himself. (it can be as simple as Jungkook just fitted that role and looked good in running the best tbh lmfao)

Not sure if the illuminati was intended but let’s just say it was—meant he can finally see what he needed to do because he has acknowledged who the enemy was. Therefore it will no longer defeat him. He no longer need to hurt himself.

The scene where everybody was shot but Bangtan stayed up behind meant they have become 'bulletproof’ or strong enough to take on bullets life throws at them like an adult.

And the shadows that used to chase them 'danced’ with them. This represents that experiences you had in the past should be a tool for youth to grow and learn(refer to Spring Day).  The memories of the past was not supposed to haunt  but make them stronger thus the pose at the end where everybody held hands taking bulletshots? Or firing guns!


HAPPY ENDINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (I admit I rushed this part so it may have a lot of holes but it was alrd 5 AM)

Thank you for reading all 4 parts. I was aiming for something relatable and easy to understand theory without the use of too much reference to the technicalities like Demian, Omelas, The paintings and their painters bc that’s too much to understand.

Also dont you just love it when all the symbolism they used like butterfly, lily, train, shoes, railways, water, mirror, tree all point at the same things: change, resurrection and growth.

I also did the interpretation for PROLOGUE if you are interested: here


BTS REACTS TO: s/o doing the mannequin-head dance

Anon Asked: bts react to their s/o doing mannequin-head dances XD (if u dont know what it is, try looking up for it)

Anon Asked:  bts react to their s/o doing a mannequin-head dance XD



Truth be told, there’s no rational or logical explanation as to why you would be doing this, but the thing is you are. And you were killing it. From the voguing, the death drops, and the legendary no-hair hair flips, it was all a sight to be seen. A scene that was quite a sight. One must be mentally prepared to have such grace bestowed upon them - unfortunately for Jin, he simply wasn’t ready. He barged into the room yelling your name, and you spun around, mannequin head whipping along with you. You faced him, posed statuesque and all, and he just stood there, mouth agape, eyes wide, and utterly confused. He tried to say something, but the only sound that came out was his windshield wiper laugh.

“I- I just- What were you doing?”

“[y/n], no sane person would be doing this!”

“You’re crazy, jagi!”

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You were home alone, but inspired. After hours of surfing YouTube, you’ve caught yourself in the deep depths of BTS MVs and Dance videos. Watching the amount of work and effort your boyfriend put into his job was motivating to say the least. As the hours went by, the recommendations got weirder - and your mind followed along willingly. With just enough leisure time and under the influence, YouTube has blessed you with Mannequin-Head Dance videos. Carrying a new sense of self and eagerness, you’ve got to recording one of yourself dancing to BS&T, planning to send it to Yoongi. It would’ve been a damn good plan, too, if he hadn’t shown up himself. He unlocked the door to your apartment, and caught you mid-leg kick on the ground. Your mannequin head rolled off, and the hoodie fell, leaving you and your boyfriend in silence, staring one another in the eye.


“Shh. Don’t worry about it, babes.”

“… I - you know what… alright.”

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One thing you and Hoseok had in common was your love for dancing. Truth be told, you were shit at it, but as long as Hobi was a good dancer, you considered yourself good by association. Later on in the day, the two of you were to go out after he had finished work. The anticipation was killing you and time seemed to move dangerously slow in spite of you. You were desperate to kill time, but a knife and gun wouldn’t do. Instead, you made use of the couple hours you had until Hobi arrived, and entertained yourself. You were getting into it too. You danced in front of the mirror with your hoodie on and the mannequin on the top of your head, laughing hysterically at the sight of yourself. You did a quick twirl and dabbed hard, the head falling out the hoodie with a thud and rolling at the feet of your boyfriend who stood by the bedroom doorway watching you. There was no moment of silence, no sense of confusion or hesitation between the two of you. J-Hope headed straight for the closet to grab a hoodie and join you.

*cue dance montage with Fergalicious playing in the background*

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The question isn’t “why are you doing that” but “why hadn’t you done that”. Namjoon had been ignoring you basically all day. Well, that was a stretch. He had himself cooped up and playing hermit in his office doing work, writing lyrics, lord knows what. The problem is, he was there with you. Your boyfriend has been so busy as of late, and the little time you finally have with one another, he spends in his office doing work instead of showering you with attention. It wasn’t as if you were asking for a lot. You just wanted him to worship the very ground you walked on is all. The goal now was to capture his attention somehow. A couple memes down the road, you’ve found your answer, and got straight too it. You blasted 24K Magic from your cellphone, and practically kicked down the door - instantly catching his eye. Namjoon spun around and you got right down to the dancing. You had barely gotten through the first minute of the song. The two of you were already crying of laughter.

“[y/n], what are you doing?”

“You look stupid.”

“Here I thought, Namjoon, an intellectual, would appreciate the arts.”

“God, my jagi is a nut case…”

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Your boyfriend puts in a lot of work when it came to dancing. You could see it. He was crazy good at it, it made you wish you were as good as him. You could fantasize about all the choreography and sexy songs the two of you would dance to all day. But unlike your ChimChim, you were born with two left feet. Swiping through your discover feed on instagram, you found a video of Jimin’s old contemporary dance videos floating around. You watched it in awe and wished you were that good. You scrolled a little further down and immediately was met with a mannequin-head dance video that instantly sparked an eureka moment. It took hours of practice for you to get the gist of Jimin’s contemporary dance routine before you were confident enough to do it yourself. You put on one of the hoodies you stole from him, got the mannequin head, hit record, and made your own mannequin-head dance video doing Jimin’s routine. More than satisfied with the results, you sent the video to your boyfriend and waited for his response. He called not too shortly after, fighting his giggle fits

“Jagiya, what is wrong with you?!”

“Wow Jiminie, I worked so hard and that’s your response?”

“Have you always been this weird?”

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TaeTae had called you not too much eariler saying he was coming over. Its been a while since you’ve gotten some time with him in person, and felt the need to make this moment extra special. You weren’t too good at romantic stuff. You stressed yourself out over what he would like, and always felt as if the results were lacking. And you certainly weren’t good at playing it sexy. It felt awkward and unnatural. What was natural between you and your boyfriend was simply a good laugh and childish games. You seen a couple mannequin-head dance videos trending on twitter, insta and youtube and was pretty drawn to the idea. You prepared the music, put on the get up, and posed on the bed when you heard his footsteps nearing the door. The moment he opened it, you struck a pose, the mannequin head violently swinging as you did so and hit play. Taehyung was so taken aback and startled by you, he practically fell on the floor dying of laughter.

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Prior to you doing it, Jungkook had been practically spamming your phone with videos of the mannequin-head challenge. When he first showed it to you, it low key freaked you out. But the way your boyfriend died laughing every time he saw a new one eventually grew on you. Surely enough, you were on the bandwagon, too. You bought yourself a mannequin-head just for Kookie. You showed up at his dorm wearing a hoodie with a bag in your hand, telling him it was a gift. You pulled out the mannequin head and the boy already knew exactly what you were about it do. You didn’t even have to dance. You propped the mannequin head on top of your head, threw the hoodie over and struck a pose. Jungkookie was tearing up, and practically gasping for air.

“[y/n], wait wait wait, I have to take a picture.”

“Why are you laughing, I didn’t even do anything yet”

“You should see yourself!”

“Wait ‘til Tae Tae sees this!”

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House of Cards: Tarot Symbolism in BTS

I first picked up on the tarot card symbolism thanks to the following scene in the I NEED U mv.

The pose tickled something in my brain because it seemed… well posed. Intentional. And with how intentional they are about almost everything in these vids, I took note. 

It makes me think of something religious (angelic) which I still haven’t been able to identify (if you know, please send me a note).

But there’s something else it reminded me of.

The Hanged Man, one of the major arcana in the most common orientation of tarot cards still around today. The arms don’t exactly match, but there are as many different artistic interpretations of the major arcana as there are different kinds of decks. 

Most often, the hands are behind the back, but sometimes they are out.  The common element is always the crossed leg.

I thought “Huh, that’s interesting.” And did a little more digging. I realized there’s another card that fits the post pretty well.

The World is another major arcana card with the iconic crossed leg. The positioning of the arms seems to fit pretty well too.

“So, what, his leg is crossed,” you might be saying. “Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?” 

Well, ignoring that I’ve ready MUCH crazier fan theories founded on much less evidence, you’re right.That’s not really enough to go on. So I kept looking.

And I found more.

This is the iconic pose of the magician card.It’s pretty clear that he’s posing intentionally, pointing at the ground. And before you go saying “But RM has a cup in his hand, not a wand,” you should know that some of the older cards often have the magician (or “trickster”) raising a cup rather than a wand. Take a look at this saucy fellow from an old Italian deck.

And just in case that wasn’t a good enough reach for you, remember what he’s carrying throughout all of the videos.

About the closest thing you’ll get to holding a wand in 2017 without being completely fucking obvious about it. (Although, now that I think about it, seeing RM walk around with an actual wand would be pretty hilarious.)

Much of what they do to represent the cards in the videos is symbolic and doesn’t shove it in your face (like they didn’t give RM an actual wand to hold, they gave him a stand-in lollipop and made him do the pose). 

There’s more evidence too.

Kookie’s got the dang wheel of fortune on his chest. 

I could go on, but suffice it to say, these visual cues coupled with the repeated and important role cards play in the songs and videos makes me think there’s something there. 

Is this conclusive? Hell naw. But it’s got a much stronger foundation of evidence than a lot of fan theories and interpretations, and it’s more than enough to make me want to investigate further. Especially since the recent LOVE YOURSELF promo activities pretty much yelled at us “PAY ATTENTION TO TAROT CARDS” just in case we weren’t getting it. 

Tarot cards are just one element the videos draw on, and while investigating how they’re used won’t reveal the entire meaning of the storyline, it will reveal one piece of it, add some context, and at the very least, appreciate the thoughtful and hard work the writers, directors, and producers put into these videos. 

The videos themselves are really rich with symbolism and plagued with allusions, calling on a lot of different mythologies, religious texts, literature, science fiction, music, and philosophy– which is why I’ve had such a hard time teasing the meaning out of them and buckling down to write any posts about it (and why most ARMYs feel like they’re going crazy when they try to make sense out of them). 

There is a basic plot to the videos (that involves time travel in a butterfly-effect type of scenario with Jin) but it’s layered in so much metaphor and what appears to be symbolic background noise (but it isn’t :D) your brain picks up on all of it, tries to make sense of it, starts going in a million different directions, and before you know it, you’ve got a massive trello board and an evernote and several folders on your computer all dedicated to trying to make sense of it, and your brain gets scrambled with the labyrinthine interconnections of visual elements between mvs and the only thing you end up commenting on the Youtube video is “What.”

It’s almost like the defense mechanism of flocks of birds or schools of fish– by all of them sticking together and moving in a complex pattern, it makes it really difficult to focus on any one individual allusion or symbol, and even more difficult to nail it to a blog and try to pin down its meaning.

I have a headache just thinking about it.

(Or maybe that’s the soju.)

I’ll start teasing out some of the meaning by doing a few posts going forward that focus on elements of the cards that are called up in the mv’s and the meanings behind the cards themselves. I think each member represents one or two cards, and lots of other tarot card symbolism appears throughout. I’m pretty certain about which cards a few of the members are supposed to be, but others are still up in the air. 

But every day new pieces get added to the puzzle ;) Hell, just today a new piece of this puzzle dropped and made me pretty sure I finally know which card Jimin is.

Why Namjoon isnt accepted in the krap scene (and why thats a good thing)

  unpopular opinion and confession 

*****im not saying all krappers are like this btw chill ur dick

***also butthurt ppl dont come at me saying YEAH YOONGI TOO bc i shall make a post about him too i didnt forget about yall, always coming into namjoon rap posts and making it about yoongi

****My intention of this post is not to diss your faves or rappers in general. This isn’t a post that has the intention of throwing shade I am simply expressing my respect for an artist. 

I never really respected a lot of k-rappers. I do like some songs because they have a good beat but respect is something that an artist should earn. I respect rappers and groups like epik high, verbal jint, and tiger jk for influencing the krap scene for the good.

I wont touch on american rap but the krap scene is so generalized. Like hey have fake gold chains and a bunch of girls while I rap about shit that doesnt make people feel better about themselves with lyrics that i didnt even write. Many generalize culture, rap about degrading others, and you know all that shit. But let me tell you: RAP stands for RHYTHM AND POETRY.


Listen anyone can have their different perspective on poetry and maybe to someone “squad shit it g ma” is the most well thought out poetic verse that they have heard. 

But rapping all started when people were in pain, when people were in dark time period in life and spilling out their feelings through rhyme made them feel better and got them out of trouble. I`m not saying you need a depressing life story to be a rapper (you dont need a chicken to recognize an egg) but rapping is way more than some beats and a snapback, its a coping mechanism, maybe not always for the artist but definitely the audience.

I sound so old when I`m saying this but rapping isnt just talking fast, its a lengthy process of finding strong and meaningful word play, to beats and rhythms which compliment eachother which is then it put together in one song almost like a prayer.

and don`t come at me with the WELL I LIKE HOW IT SOUNDS, because these days i swear to god ANYONE CAN BE A RAPPER, and thats how it shouldnt be. 

They get others to write songs for them, songs usually have no smart wordplay or meaning and just talk in slightly faster pace. (i definitely find rap flow and speed a plus point in rapping). 

Rappers who arents even all that shit get praised and recieve so much attention and go on judging others just bc their not AS famous.

(random thought i really dislike smtm) Rapping isnt a childsplay. Common korean rap communities like smtm etc are extremely trashy to me.

 In 2015 during bangtan`s vacation Namjoon released his first mixtape (legendary) which proved his ability to write lyrics in both english and korean, write lyrics about depression happiness life hope etc, he made a damn song DISSING rappers who only have flow and lyrics that don`t make sense AND SPAT BARS SO FAST IM LIKE BOI BREATH, he teamed up with a western artist and recieVED EXTREME APPRECIATION IN THE AMERICAN RAP SCENE. 

If you don`t know he started rapping at 13 because he was going through a really low point in his life. He then started writing HIS OWN lyrics about his feelings and educated himself in hip hop and rap culture (he listened to a lot of nas and tupac what a man). He then joined an underground rap team which he gained skills like free-styling and flow (BOY CAN RAP SO FAST BRUH). But definitely his raps are extremely smart. He uses so much worldplay their almost like a riddle you need to figure out. Not only that he can rhyme and compose and has the qualities of a true rapper who IS PASSIONATE ABOUT MUSIC HE LET DOWN  HIS FAMILY TO BE A RAPPER DESPITE HAVING SO MUCH GRADES


Like when someone would think of k-rapper they would think Zico, Gd maybe, Jay Park, Dok2 (and if you are fans of common krappers thats okay) but I honestly feel as if rappers like them are so common. To me they don`t show anything exceptional. Its like comparing Eminem with Lil yatchy (you can like either and thats okay) but Eminem did his own thing with no influence from the stereotypical culture. In shows like SMTM or unpretty rapstar you definitely see the rap community come together and Im like boi why isnt joon there he can own yall asses.

Namjoon however is on a whole different level. He does in own thing without the influence of popular culture (which refers to his message in his song DO YOU). He raps about things that are special TO HIMSELF and doesnt care about others opinions. He never thinks about what others might think of his song or what he should do to catch the attention of the audience. He does what he likes to do and goes with HIS gut.

Namjoon is a special snowflake and I dont want him to be thrown in the *oh look another korean rapper lets put him in smtm and not let them grow as an artist* pile bc I feel as if thatll take away his authenticity.

I`m kinda happy that Namjoon doesnt associate himself with common rappers because he is way better than that. He strives to collab with artists of his choice, his taste, and doesnt go for popular or common people. 

Like you know what I`m trying to say. Imagine an exceptional student who isnt really popular among the folks. and all the students who get like c`s or b`s are extremely praised and popular.

Don`t get me wrong despite getting SO MANY opportunities like 4 features in official songs from other groups (one being korean hip hop legends MFBTY), being in the 4 things show , performing at multiple festivals individually,etc. I really don`t feel as if he reached the legendary rap title yet. He definitely was close to being “part” of the community as in 2014-2015 his rap career was highly active but is on the low now as a individual. 

  I appreciate Bangtan as a group and all the contributions of all 7 members  but since BTS is a group who produces their own music, one member can`t just go off making MVs while their writers do the job for their (cough cough, bts dont got writers they got mean namjoon) I know he is busy writing for bangtan, producing beats, and a whole lot of shit for the group and he is happy with doing that but that also takes away time from doing his solo rap career AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT.

He doesnt care of not being able to produce music all the time to the likings of krappers. He cares about Bangtan. He knows his potential and doesnt need to highly promote in order to prove his worthiness. He can promote small mixtapes or covers for his armys and he is content with that. His intention isnt to get famous, as he always says: i do this for the  music not the fame.

He does his own thing and doesnt worry about the drama. He is too good for them. Someone who is beyond expectations doesn’t mingle with people who are popular. They dont worry about irrelevants. They just keep on focusing on themselves and how to grow.

I can`t wait to see him become so well known as a rapper (he already is so high up in his journey) that everyone who looked down on him now want to be him.

Namjoon is a person who expressed that their isnt a right wrong with hip hop just passion

As we understand many of you are confused (but also amazed) by the Oh My Girls’s “Closer” MV  (B1A4′s rookie sister girl group if you don’t know) and here at K-POP TIMEOUT we have an explanation for you! I know it’s been a gazillion years since I last did one of this but this amazing MV has given me the nudge to move my lazy college ass for it.

[Updates have been made thanks to you awesome people in places where I named the wrong member. The theory still stands and I’m grateful to know my worries of mistaking a member due to styling is not unfounded.]

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Reasons to Stan Seventeen (아주 Nice Ver.)

  • STOP
  • also
  • for all you non kpop fans
  • I know how scary that 아주 looks buT DONT WORRY I GOT YOU FAM TIME FOR A QUICK KOREAN LESSON
  • now onto the post~~
  • this is something to show to all your non kpop/non carat friends so they can stan Seventeen bc they deserve it
  • kk so from the beginning we have changing scenes that go too fast to notice
  • but do not worry friend
  • i have screenshotted them for you
  • “Who’s that girl??” You ask? I answeR BE PATIENT WE’LL GET THERE IN A SEC
  • oh she’s there again??
  • right so they wore dressy pants and suspenderS AND I JUST
  • rip all carats
  • see we even got athletic members so i mean why not stan svt??
  • gotta go fast 
  • !!!!
  • to see this attractive boy’s also attractive boyfriend see above image
  • okay so you guys remember that one girl??? yeah okay there’s more of her just bare with me friends
  • yes you see correctly
  • memesol strikes again
  • confetti count: 2
  • confetti count: 3
  • hello darkness my old friend”
  • + carats when this mv came out rip us
  • okay so are you ready for this part?? bc it’s Jeonghannie and he’S MY BIAS HE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL OKAY 3 2 1 GO
  • yall thought i forgot about confetti count
  • but nah
  • confetti count: 5
  • !!!TUMMY!!!
  • when ball is life
  • confetti count: 8
  • we also have a running scene?? ew running
  • majestic memes
  • also there is a spooky scene
  • but dont worry friends
  • bowing svt will protect you
  • confetti count: 10
  • okay so this next scene will be hard to explain since im not talented and can’t make gifs
  • so you’re wondering: wtf why is this boi running alone weren’t there like 378683050276309297 other guys there before??
  • wow much magic

!! S T A N  S E V E N T E E EN !!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I found your blog recently and I also just started listening to MFS and I really like their music. I'm a bit lost as to where to start to learn more about them and their motivation/thoughts behind their music since it's been a couple years since they've debuted. What would you suggest?

Hello (^^)v Welcome to the fandom.

I’m guessing you probably discovered them through their more popular songs like ALONE, 不可逆リプレイス or the more recent ones like Missing You. Firstly, too many people get caught up in singer Hiro’s family relations and ignore the other members. So, I would highly encourage a new fan to NOT follow that crowd XD

There are basically 4 aspects to MFS that all fans need to know OR you won’t understand the band and what diehard fans talk about:

1. Band members & the personnel changes.
2. Their musical roots especially the main songwriter Sho Tsuchiya + their twin band named fromus.
3. Hiro’s lyrics in relations to his life story.
4. The important people in their team especially their boss GEN, A&R exec KTR (Kentaro Suzuki) from Japan Music System (JMS) & circle of friends. Also, their earliest mentor K ( Kei Goto) the late singer of Pay Money To My Pain (PTP).


1. Sho Tsuchiya ~ leader, guitarist, main composer (currently only functions behind the scene & as a non-touring member)
2. Nob @ Nobuaki Katou ~ bassist
3. Teru @ Teruki Nishizawa ~ guitarist (many like to categorize him as rhythm guitarist when Sho was in but I personally disagree because he played both lead & rhythm guitars even from the 1st album)
4. Kid'z ~ drummer (officially joined on 3 Mar 2016)
5. Hiro @ Hiroki Moriuchi ~ vocalist, lyricist
6. Masack @ Masaki Kojima ~ drummer (officially left on 3 Mar 2016)

MFS current members “deactivated" from public social media in early 2016. So, don’t bother looking XD


Sho’s hiatus:
Sho remains as a member. He announced his hiatus in October 2015. I won’t call it “inactive" like some people do because he’s still composing with them and most recently served as the Sound Producer for ANTITHESE. He’s just not a touring member for now. He didn’t give specific reason other than family matter.

Drummer change:
Masaki didn’t state why he left but it looked like he didn’t want to be tied down to only one genre of music. He was active playing outside MFS before his departure. So, he probably wanted that musical freedom even though he loves MFS. But his decision was enough to badly crush the two youngest members at the time, Hiro and Teruki, from what I observed. Those two younger men were still emotionally dealing with Sho’s hiatus at that moment.
Kid'z is their friend / labelmate who had always got along well with Teru & Hiro. He had worked together with Sho & Nob before too. Co-incidentally, his band officially split up in Nov 2015. So, he was the natural choice to replace Masaki. But Kid'z was drumming as a sessionist musician for singer ナノ(nano) at the time MFS took him. He stopped using his real name and took on a stage name Kid'z* after that. 

* I personally don’t use his real name in public anymore out of respect for his decision. Understandably, he was initially worried about MFS fans’ reaction. Also, it was and probably still is an awkward situation for him regarding his former bandmates when their band split up and he went to their biggest rival band just a few months later. So, I chose to respect his wish to start anew.


On my blog so far, the interview that tells their formation year story the most is this one from GEKIROCK.

MFS GEKIROCK Interview March 2016 Translation

The band did describe how they got together in this video interview around minutes 01:42 to 02:58.

My Japanese listening ability is not up to that point yet though, sorry. Hiro explained how he and Sho met at a PTP concert. Couldn’t catch what Sho said about Hiro & Masaki with the music playing in the background :-/ Hiro also said he and Teru knew each other when they were high school students. Well, the GEKIROCK interview is a pretty good picture of their history.

FOR OLD PHOTOS of MFS, check out these places:

My First Story Unofficial fanpage on FB
My First Story Thailand fanpage on FB
ex-drummer Masaki Kojima’s Twitter @kojimasa 


Ignore whatever musical comparison people made about them and OOR. The real band to compare MFS to is their real twin band fromus, a piano-rock unit. I made an entry about them here.


I personally feel that musically, MFS first two albums are the direct guitar edition fromus. Just take MFS, change the singer & then the guitars to piano. You’ll get fromus.


They do have influences from old school hard rock & metal. Sho and Nob are already in their 30s. Both men said they started on guitar with British rock legend Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water. Guitarist Teruki grew up with a heavy-metal-music-loving father and would often cite Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica as his early influences.


If you want to see their musical & lyrical evolution, try to listen to their songs chronologically from the 1st album to the current work.

Albums & Singles

1. MY FIRST STORY ~ MV Second Limit & Take It Back
2. THE STORY IS MY LIFE ~ MVs The Story Is My Life & The Reason
3. 最終回STORY (Saishukai STORY)
4. BONEDS (a joint 4-band project in which they contributed 2 songs)
5. BLACK RAIL ~ MVs Black Rail & FAKE
6. 不可逆リプレイス ( Fukagyaku Replace) ~ their breakthrough song IMO
7. 虚言NEUROSE ~ MVs 虚言NEUROSE, Child Error & Someday (lyrics MV available on Livehouse iOS App & STORYTELLER website)
9. ANTITHESE ~ MVs The Puzzle (exclusive for STORYTELLER members only), Missing You (there’s another STORYTELLER-only version too) & Last Call

Update: 12 Jan 2017. Sorry I forgot the MVs from the ALONE single XD

They also have a special 2-track single dedicated to band leader Sho Tsuchiya, released to the public at the Budokan called:

We’re Just Waiting 4 You (available at MAGIC ROOM while stock lasts)

DVD Collection so far:

1. THE STORY IS MY LIFE Final at Shibuya Club Quattro (bundled with 最終回STORY) ~ the only official DVD released when Hiro still sported his natural black hair colour.
2. The Ending of the Beginning at Ebisu Liquidroom.
4. ITSUWARI NEUROSE Tour Final at Shinkiba Studio Coast.
5. MFS at A.V.E.S.T. Vol.9 (released as a free bonus for ANTITHESE Pre-order)

TIDBITS Info (^_-)

Hiro called 虚言NEUROSE creation process as “creating a human-like superhero" & the sound as “listening to the radio in the city“. Does that make any sense to you? LOL. Read what he said in this interview:

Hiro’s Interview with Rockin’ On Japan magazine Jan 2015


Sho let Hiro be in charge of lyrics writing from the start (from an interview for Yamaha Music).

Hiro comes from a famous family thanks to his parents and his successful brother. As a result, he was heavily thrashed on the internet by people who disliked his “easy entry” into the music industry. Hiro used to be very active on Twitter but the criticism against him soon turned into cyber-bullying. I personally had seen the cruel things people wrote about him on Japanese 2ch forum.

I can only guess what happened that drove Hiro to leave social media. Other than abusive online comments, some people probably took advantage of his Twitter presence by sending inappropriate messages or even being intrusive about his brother Taka’s personal life. He tweeted an angry response about 2ch on 14 Feb 2013. Then he wrote on his blog on Ameblo (now deleted / deactivated(?)) that “people’s words can hurt". A few months later, he tweeted “I started blocking fucked up people" in English. Not long after, he tweeted his final tweet “Goodbye forever" and abandoned Twitter in Sept 2013.

He then channeled his anger through the song BLACK RAIL in 2014. He explained it in this interview.

Hiro MFS Rolling Stone Japan Aug 2014 Interview Translation

From then on, a lot of his lyrics reflected what he was going through while writing them.

It must be noted that the special project singles ALONE & 不可逆リプレイス (Fukagyaku Replace) were written for the themes of those projects. Hiro talked at length about ALONE around its release and there are a bunch of them that I posted on this blog.

For details on ALONE Project with HAL College, read these posts:

HAL Project Special Musician Interview with MFS Translation

MY FIRST STORY Flying Postman Interview Translation

Hiro’s ALONE Blog Translation

What is HAL Project & HAL College?

不可逆リプレイス / Fukagyaku Replace was made for the historical anime Nobunaga Concerto. Interesting to note that Hiro wrote the lyrics not from the main character Saburo’s point of view but the other guy Michi. The lines, “I don’t know why but you saved me ………… “ all the way to “I will follow you ….. keep you close to me,” were directly inspired by what Michi said to Saburo in the finale or Episode 10.

The lyrics of Someday are for the late K.
Hiro said in Kaohsiung, Taiwan that “This is a very important song to me,“.

His blog entry translation on K’s death

ANTITHESE Lyrics & Hiro’s personal stories

The Puzzle & Tomorrowland are about his heartbreak over Masaki’s departure.
Home is about his family who split up after his parents divorced.


1. GEN ~ boss, owner of INTACT Records, owner of Zephyren, organizer of AVEST Project, formerly of Subciety clothing brand.
Twitter : @Zephyren_gen
Instagram : Zephyren Gen

2. KTR (Kentaro Suzuki) ~ A&R + marketing exec of JMS, marketing exec of Deviluse clothing, regularly seen at MFS video shoots and concerts.
Twitter : @kkktttrrr,
Instagram: Kentaro Suzuki

3. The late K @ Kei Goto ~ vocalist of Pay Money To My Pain (PTP), mentor in MFS early days.

4. Nori (producer), Makiko (merchandising) but she’s better known now as the lady who covered Rassungorerai with Hiro XD

5. Japan Music System (JMS) ~ the music distribution company specializing in indie music and the one that markets/promotes MFS music
YouTube Channel: JMSTV
Online shop for bands’ merchandise: MAGIC ROOM ONLINE STORE

5. Circle of friends among many:  
Shirakawa-san (SAKAEYA clothing shop manager) ~ the members regularly visit his shop.
Twitter: @sakaeyatencho

~ artists they had musically collaborated with.

The funny interview with Hiro & KOJI about the Sink Like A Stone collaboration in which Hiro admitted the song’s high notes were difficult to sing is here.


All MFS members let go of their individual public social media after the club was launched in 2016. If you’re interested to join, feel free to ask questions on how to do that.

In case you have an iOS mobile device ……..

JMS created a Japan-only iOS App called LIVEHOUSE where they feature videos from JMS artists. The videos vary from live performances, interviews, behind the scenes etc. However, if you create a different Apple ID specifically for Japan iTunes account, you can still download the App and watch those videos even if you don’t live in Japan.

*Update (12 Jan 2016): You will then get to watch videos like this one!

**Update (15 June 2017): JMS decided to stop the App by 31 May 2017.

Lastly yet very important, don’t believe any ridiculous claim about Hiro and his brother Taka hating each other because they don’t. You’ll find such comments at some point, I’m sure. These two brothers love and support each other away from the public eye and rightfully keep their family relationship private.

I hope that will give you a good start (^_-)

SMent distopian ultraconcept

Here I am again with a longer (really longer) post about SMent ultraconcept theory, involving the majority of its groups. We could say that the concept could be related to distopias, which are the opposite of utopias: the world is seen as a cruel one (especially the future world), where conspiracy, kidnapping and corruption are just normal.
I think that the first MV involved in this was Shinee’s “Everybody”, where we find some elements that re-appear later on in other MVs.
The video starts with a masked kid holding something that seems like a flute

Then, an army of identical puppets (keep this in mind)

Then, same scene as the first one, but there’s an upsided-down flying bird above the kid’s face:

The kid plugs-in the giant plug:

What’s the role of this kid? What was SM trying to say? I think that there could be two main references for this kid: the first one is “The Magic Flute” by Mozart (keep Mozart in mind), where Papageno, one of the characters, is the bird-catcher (in the original, Papageno enters the scene dressed as a bird), and Tamino, another character, plays the magic flute. The second caption is “Gulliver’s travels” by Swift: the kid represents the Lilliputiens (keep Gulliver in mind). This book is a satire on human nature and critizes the society of his times, through parody it fits in the utopistic literary genre. 

Let’s keep going. Shinee are dressed like hot soldiers with a great amount of accessories, like, a lot of rings (keep them in mind):

And there’s the use of three “colours codes”: normal, black and white, red:

And, last, another element: Jonghyun’s statues

And let’s not forget the last words of the song “Wake up, wake up!”

Guess what? In the next video involved in this concept (in my opinion), all these elements are emphasized. And the video I’m talking about is f(x)’s “Red light”. We can find the soldier/military uniforms:

The black and white and red colour codes (and let’s not forget the song’s title):

The puppets:

These puppets/robots are looking at someone, this scene resembles one of the film inspired by Orwell’s “1984″ (a distopian novel):

To all of this, we can add some other elements. The MV starts with a cat which has two different-coloured eyes (keep in mind the cat):

and, then again, the same cat, but with eyes of the same colour:

We can also clearly see that the girl that I miss so much are wearing really heavy make-up only on one eye (and Kristal at a certain point even has her eye covered):

The most natural caption I caught in this is the on to “A Clockwork Orange” by Kubrick. Just look at this:

But not only this, the references are a lot: the burning book (keep in mind book) Krystal holds at the beginning of the MV could refer to “A clockwork orange” book:

“We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it.”
Now, I said to keep in mind Mozart and Gulliver. In “A Clockwork Orange”, Alex, the protagonist, listens to classical music: in the book he listens to Mozart and feels hurt inside. Alex also calls his own headache “Gulliver”.

In Love Me Right, we can see that Xiumin is listening to some old CD:

“AM”: I tried to find the Image of the CD, but couldn’t. It could stand for “Amadeus Mozart” (but also for Arctic Monkeys, so I really don’t know).

And we are not finished: in “A Clockwork Orange” there’s also the “cat lady”: a lady that lives with a lot of cats and gets killed by Alex.

We’ll add two more elements: the gas-mask and the breaking light-bulb.

Let’s keep going to the third MV: Red Velvet’s debut track “Happiness”. Known for its controversary images since the very beginning, it keeps some interesting references.
In the original MV there’s images of accidents, of newspaper talking about conspiracy happenings (especially regarding IIWW) and the girl looks like nothing severe is actually happening (ps: notice the cat in the first pic):

And we’ll other ingredients here, in a crescendo of meaning: the television, the dream-like scenario and the fucking ball:

Then, we have again Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”. And we have BALLS, BALLS, BAAAAAALLSS. FUCKING BALLS EVERYWHERE.

The ball that chases the girls

The ball that explodes and frees a large amount of mini-balls

and a final giant light-ball that keeps chasing the girls:

And, again, the cat:


Again in Red Velvet’s “Automatic” we can find the black and white + red colour codes:

Do you know where you can find more balls?

In Taetiseo’s “Holler”

But the master of the balls is actually EXO. The first time they’ve used (I’m just talking about Overdose+CMB+LMR eras, not earlier eras because I think the ultra-concept is more recent) the balls is in the teaser “2015 coming soon”:

EXO are represented as balls in a maze (I think you know well).
But, then, balls re-appear in Kyungsoo’s Pathcode (like he is the master of the balls kkk)

He is good in touching balls

Notice that the balls are always in a different scheme

and more balls in their fresh Love Me Right:

The lamps too are spheric

Spheric lights (keep them in mind):

I think that EXO is the key for reading the concept. I will try not to dig into EXO-related storytelling (it’s difficult). As I said, I think that SMent is trying to involve its groups in the creation of a distopian society concept using recurrent elements (such as balls, colour codes, cats, accidents, puppets). All EXO storytelling has been twisted up since Kris and Luhan’s departure. EXO’s utopia has become a distopia since then (I think that they were pretty lucky they had the maze concept and they are using it reeeeeally well). So we have two balls in the maze and the others are outside, but not together, as we can see in the various Pathcodes, where the most of the members appear lost, wandering, are running away from something unknown and look like they are running out of time (keep in mind this). So, in all the Pathcodes we can find a lot of references to time:

Chanyeol’s clock goes counterclockwise.

In Automatic the time is overturned and the water returns to the faucet.

We can find time in Holler too (”right now, Shigani eobseo”). There’s no time to waste. Hurry up!

Time and the fucking tv are back:

Guess what? We can find the television in LMR too:


The televisions and the books may represent the dream, the fairytale, the multiple distopias these groups are living. Want more books (/newspaper)?

Let’s just pay attention to that FAKE mole on Chen’s forefinger: do you remember Shinee’s rings? Pathcodes are full of rings (that could be a reference to Matrix: people who are wearing rings are actually dreaming, so here Jongdae could be one of the architects).

And, if they don’t wear rings, there’s this:

The spinning thing is back and its movement refers to the state of dream of that person (refer to Matrix), notice the black and white code:

Maybe all these refer also to other SMent groups, not only EXO. And the television is back in Xiumin’s Pathcode:

And in LMR too:

The television could also refer to the authority (in Red Light the authority was seen on a screen), that tries to control the mass through media. The authority makes our brain sleep, our knowledge less aware. Xiuchen are sleeping among screens.

And they keep dreaming: in Xiumin’s Pathcode, he is going upstairs and it’s like a labirinth, in Kyungsoo’s one, he is going downstairs.

The most clear reference to the dream is the caption from Alice in Wonderland we read behind Sehun (in black and white colour code): “Eat me, drink me”

{GG’s “Catch me if you can”}

We see also a large amount of drugs-related imaginary in LMR (Matrix is back)

(with a gas-mask, like in Red Light)

“Someone call the doctor”: EXO look like are manipulated, are lab experiments with superpowers and are used against their own will (all the Pathcodes could refer to this)

They look HIGH on drugs (”overdosed”?)

And the dream keeps going:

Kyungsoo is looking at you also when you are masturbating

Kyungsoo is controlling you all. Notice the light-bulbs, like in fx and in Tao (whose superpower is time control)’s Pathcode

Jongin keeps wearing his ring in LMR

And, between the balls, we can see Jonghyun’s broken statues

and an eye:

AN ODD EYE (like in fx, in A clockwork Orange):

Shineee’s View (an action the eyes do) is somehow “disturbing”: the atmosphere feels like teenagers-related, but then you see the girls kidnapping them (in black and white and red codes):

Utopia (summer’s teenagers dream) ruined by a distopia (kidnapping).

The colour codes are also used in LMR, CMB and Pathcodes:

And, lastly, we see a tiny light ball (remember Baek?) and a box.

Summerized in CMB logo (a box trespassed by a light ball)

What does all this mean?
Let’s resume: we have references to distopian movies, to dream-like stories, to utopias books and classical music. Distopian movies often refer to future scenarios, while classical music to old times: in this way we keep travelling in time. Time is represented by clocks. Distopia are represented using different simbols: we have the odd eye, the cat, the television/screens (the authority that wants to control the mass), the colour code red (alarm), the balls (control of the balls, the balls chasing people, the balls invading all the space), the light bulbs that break, the kidnapping. The dreams are represented by drugs, gas masks, the spinning things, the staircases, the upsided-down world (the bird in Shinee, Kyungsoo and the door in LMR), the rings, the mask, the people who sleep and the invitation to wake up, the references to Alice in Wonderland (both in LMR and GG’s Catch me if you can). The ball breaking the television could symbolize that the authority wants to make people think that something is different, but in the distopian reality, it’s not.
Now, imagine to pack all these scenarios: what do we have? We have the infamous SMent boxes. And a box is in Kyungsoo’s hands. And this same box is EXO logo and is crossed by a light ball. Maybe Kyungsoo is the authority that can manipulate box? Or maybe he represents the real utopia that can destroy all the distopian boxes and giving us the real box, the only utopian box? One thing is sure: Kyungsoo has the power, because his super-power is actually power.
(SMent storytellers, you are foxes)

the closer theory and how everything is linked are u ready

my fantasy theory was kinda messy but we all got that ken is in control of everything and the evil eye was the side effect of the love potion and hakyeon was following in leo’s footsteps to get nayoung back and he succeeded(?) in dynamite

with that in mind!!!!! here’s my theory!!!! copied from my twitter thread

establishing points: 

  • ken is in control: we know this! we’ve known this since the first conception trailer came out. ken is the ‘god’. hongbin called him god-ken today lol
  • storyline order: theres no evil eyes in the closer until we see leo running from ravi. hmm~?? fantasy is the story of hakyeon getting the evil eye. in dynamite they both have the evil eye.
  • hakyeon vs leo: again in this video we see them both after nayoung.

HERE WE GO theory time!!! IMAGE HEAVY

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[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Obata Yuna x Goto Rara

HNY 2017!!

As promised, all translated interviews from BUBKA deluxe [100%SKE48] vol.1 will be here. I will translate them one by one. Some may be separated in 2 parts because of its length. 
Let’s start a new year with SKE’s hope and future, YuRara!!

*please note the interview was around March 2016*

7th gen and draft 2nd gen of SKE48 a.k.a  7D2 have got high expectation to carry on SKE48’s future.

Among them, members at the front are Obata Yuna and Goto Rara.

What kind of future reflecting in their eyes? We’ll see.

If we walk with smile on our faces, we will surely get there.

The future is in our hands.

Relationship of YuRara

- Today is Apr.1, yesterday was Miyazawa-san’s graduation concert. So, today is the new beginning of SKE48. Having interview with both of you, I hope that we will be acquainted and have some work together from now on.

Rara: Thank you!

YNN: I am glad.

-  Cherry blossom is blooming as well.

Rara: It’s so beautiful, right?

YNN: Um! *smile*

- You look close to each other *smile* How is it, actually?

Rara: Yesterday, I went to Yunana’s house and had some hamburgers with her family. And we also enjoyed Hanami (flower viewing) together  

YNN: We are always together.

Rara: Though the things we like are totally different but I feel the time flies fast when we talk. Our personalities are also opposite; dressing style, preferences are all different. Yunana mostly dress in pink.

- That’s matched with her image. *laugh*

YNN: fufu *giggle*

Rara: Her makeup bag is also pink, very cute. But mine is like…(take out her bag to show) this!

- All black!!

Rara: My stuffs are mostly black. There’s no way I would wear pink dress. Not suit me.

YNN: It would suit you, of course.

Rara: You don’t think like that, for sure!

- Please don’t opt out your potential

YNN: it suits you like in “Wimbledon” (wimbledon e tsureteitte)

- Must be the one at concert in Yokohama few days ago, right?

Rara: That was embarrassing. But it was a unique chance, so overcoming embarrassment is…also important.

YNN: I still wanna see you perform “Heart Gata Virus”, what do you think?

- I think that would be good *laugh*

Rara: …just let me perform something like “ESCAPE”, I really am not the cute type.

- Apparently, two of you have different style but you can get along well. Today, you represent 7th gen to be here. However, I think there are parts that you still don’t know of each other. So, let’s take turn to introduce the other one; start with first impression, how was it?

Rara: Ummm, I thought “this girl’s face is so small” and “She’s thin”

YNN: fufu I thought she is a serious person.

Rara: That’s right. Everyone said that. Maybe, it’s because I am serious by nature but I am also playful sometimes. But Yunana, she is what she seems to be.

YNN: really?

Rara: She’s quiet, doesn’t express her opinion bluntly. But whenever she stands on stage, she is full of liveliness. I think she really loves dancing and singing.

YNN: Um! I love it.

- Obata-san’s response is so simple *laugh*

YNN: *smile* though it’s not like I hate conversation but once I start talking, everyone around becomes quiet.

Rara: that can’t be helped

- Yeah, that can’t be helped *laugh*

Rara: When Yunana tries to say something, everyone would be like “Hm?”  *laugh*

YNN: It’s not like that. It’s because…it’s difficult! Having someone understand me is too difficult!

Rara: Yunana’s catchphrase is “Banana janai yo, Yunana dayo” right? when Yunana became quiet, everyone would just pretend to fall (slipping banana peels) * laugh*

- Though you say “Banana janai yo” but you don’t like banana *laugh*

YNN: fufufu but Rara, as I mentioned before, I think she’s so serious that I don’t know whether we can get along. It feels like she’s always an Ojou-sama (young lady)

Rara: It’s not like that!

- Feels like she would say “Good day” (gokigenyou)

YNN: fufufu That’s it. She has that kind of aura. At first, I thought it would be hard to get close to her. But then, when we practiced together, everyone line up in 2 rows, I was in second row and Rara was always in front of me. That time, I think “She’s good at dancing. She will be better and better” and then, after practicing together many times, we get close unconsciously.

Rara: Yeah! unconsciously.

- The distance between you two has been decreased, does this involve your position?

Rara: I don’t know…I wasn’t the center at first, not even at the front row. But Yunana got to the front row in an instant. I think she is amazing. The first time we arrange the position was when we perform “Pareo wa emerald” on stage.

- That was in handshake event on Mar.31 last year, right?

Rara: Yes. That time, the atmosphere was not good.

YNN: Umm…

Rara: There were members who were not satisfied with their position; there were members who were really happy. At that moment, everyone realized that this is competition. This is the rule of this world.

- For a 14-year-old girl, it’s a horrible truth… Obata-san is also in the same world, do you have intention to strive for better?

YNN: …Yes, I have! Why not! *smile*

So happy with SKE48

- From what we talked just now, we learned about your character. You both entered SKE48 for a year now. For SKE48 or both of you, there must be something changed.  

Rara: I changed a lot *laugh* also a lot of difficulties…when we were practicing for the first show, Sensei called the ones who dance well to dance in front of everyone. I didn’t get called, it was so frustrated. At general election, we had to remember lots of songs as well. It’s really tough.

YNN: Um, me too…it’s so tough.

- It was very tough at that time, I can feel it *smile*

Rara: But for me, the toughest was “Mae no meri”

- That was a big leap. Rena-san was the center, two wings were Jurina and Rara. Did you worry how your friends in the same gen would think?

Rara: Yeah…until now, I wanna know how Yunana thinks.

YNN: Heh? I think you are great. We’ve been close already at that time and seeing my friend from the same gen enters Senbatsu made me happy.  

- So to speak, it’s a new path for you.

YNN: Yeah, but you always put an awkward face. *smile*

Rara: …well, it was really awkward *laugh* I also heard something that I shouldn’t hear but Ota Ayaka was always beside me. So, I think it can’t be helped.

- It will continue being like this; some are picked, some are not. This year, you two already learned about this, I would like to ask if there’s any kind of turning point for you.

Rara: It would be the time of “Love Crescendo”

YNN: Yes! That’s it.

- The unit that you two are in, released a single in Nov. last year, right?

Rara: Yes. In “Mae no Meri”, I just did what I was told but in “Love Crescendo”, I can express myself quite spontaneously. I was quite confident.

YNN: For me, it was also “Love Crescendo”. That was the first time I participate MV shooting. When they shoot each member separately, I didn’t know what to do. The dance lesson before that was also tough…but when I saw the result, I felt the world is bright. My face was still a bit too cold, not good enough. So when I saw Rara’s and other Senpai’s scenes, I think they are great. If I have a chance to be in shooting again, I will improve what I lacked. I will try my best.

- Few years later when “Love Crescendo” comes back, we would realize more of its importance. Since it was the first single after Rena-san’s graduation, after summer last year, we were looking forward to something new from SKE48. This unit includes many next gen members. Did you two also feel like that?  

YNN: …Um! fufufu

Rara: Yep! There are fans came to say “Do your best”

YNN: Me, too.

Rara: some fired up fans said “You are the future of SKE48”

YNN: Ah! That’s right. There was someone said that.

- Really got fired up *laugh*

Rara: “Don’t give up, try your best” something like that

YNN: A fan who went to stage or concert and came to handshake event for the first time said “I will secretly support you, do your best” I don’t know why it has to be secret *laugh*

- You two must have the thing that made fans got fired up though this is just in my opinion. Let’s talk about SKE48, what part of SKE48 that you like?

Rara: I like SKE48 that performs on stage! especially when we hold a concert.

YNN: Um!

Rara: It’s enjoyable time. I dance and I feel fun. When I look around unintentionally and meet with people’s eyes, we share happiness. When it’s like that the happiness doubles up.

YNN: Yeah! It’s really fun!

Rara: I like singing and dancing on stage. In dance lesson, if there’s something I can’t do, I would feel dejected but when I stand on stage, it’s like turning on a switch.

YNN: Remembering new songs is difficult but when we can remember it and perform in theater or concert, it makes people happy. I am really happy, fans watching new songs are also happy. Though it’s difficult but it’s fun.

- For current SKE48, being optimistic like this is very important. In Miyazawa-san’s graduation concert, Jurina-san said “SKE48 is in a pinch now” I would like to hear your opinion on this.

Rara: I think that’s what Jurina-san has in her mind now. Even though Jurina-san always say “Being like this, SKE48 might come to the end” but I think she’s been feeling the pinch all along. However, the SKE48 I know is the group that is ready to go through anything together, try our best together. Now, the fun has just begun.

YNN: Um! So, even the hardest part, we will go through it cheerfully.

- It’s good that you enjoy it. If members are happy, then fans are happy. If we can pass this happiness forward, we will surely get back to this point. That’s why we took you here. (They took YuRara to interview at Nagoya Dome)

Rara: Come to see it like this, I want to set it as a goal!

YNN: Um!

Let’s look at the future

- In summer 2013, there was announcement that SKE48 would hold a concert at Nagoya Dome in February 2014. At the time of announcement, the feeling was so overwhelming.

YNN: Wow…

Rara: In the past, I came to see other artist’s concert here. It’s really huge.

- Talking about huge venue, there was also concert at Toyota stadium. How was it?

Rara: It was awesome. We still can see audiences from afar but the venue was so huge…how should I put it…I want them to see us perform clearly.

YNN: To let the people at the farthest see the performance, we spare no effort. Though it’s not our showtime, we still dance at the back with smile.

- In graduation concert (Sae’s) also, I can see both of you even from far away.

Rara: Eh? Really? I am happy.

YNN: Fufu

- How should I say…I can feel that your identities are distinctive. I think even though you two have many points in contrast but because of that, you understand each other well and really care for the other, right?

Rara: care…I care for her *smile* obviously! I care for her as always, right?

YNN: *smile broadly* Um!

Rara: We are not rivals that compete with each other but we are kind of growing together *laugh* So, when I see Yunana being cheerful, I am happy. However, I also have some discontentment.

YNN: *smile broadly* Um. Um.

- You two are close.

Rara: this girl (Yunana), she doesn’t care for me the most. It’s Nojima Kano *laugh* These two give out the same aura, the cute type.

YNN: …really?

- I feel that Obata-san has given out that aura all along, so people can’t see right through you *laugh* you may have something in your mind.

Rara: Right! Maybe she thinks “Does Rara think she looks good?”

YNN: It’s not like that *smile*

Rara: Or you are getting close to me for benefit!

YNN: It’s not like that *smile*

Rara: Say some other things!

- From now on, I wish you will continue being close to each other like this. And I hope that both of you will take your friends back to Nagoya Dome. Let’s head to the future!

Rara: OK, I will try my best!

YNN: Fufufu Yes!

Joker Game Drama CD 2: Track 2 Translation

Track One / Track Two / Track Three / Cast Comment


Sakuma: “Discontinue Azumacho’s sports day. If it isn’t cancelled, I will set up a bomb at the site.” A bomb warning was written on the 3 chan notice board. After receiving the report, a request came for the D Division. So, our next mission is this.   

Kaminaga: Are are we misconceived as a division that can do anything from the top?

Tazaki: A bomb notice at the neighborhood sports day… I have no clue why would anyone set up a bomb there…  

Amari: Could it be neighborhood troubles? I heard they can be quite scary.

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Namjoon - Breaking

A/N: I’ve had this written for a while, it only seems fitting to post this on his birthday. Happy Birthday Dance Rap Monster. Thank you for being you.

word count: 2,631

Originally posted by asdfghobi

“She is going to be so pissed.”

“We don’t have to tell her.”

“That is the last thing she has left from her friend that passed away.”

“Can you…?”

“I’m not telling your girlfriend for you, this is your problem not mine.”

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[ENG TRANS] Daesung on でぃらいと (diraito) Interview by EXCITE MUSIC

[Source: http://ent2.excite.co.jp/music/special/2014/d-lite2/interview.html

Translated by mmvvip. Please credit if you want to take these out. thank you]


Q: Concept mini album “Diraito” was fun to listen. How did you think of this concept? 

D: During D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan D’SLOVE Tour, I sang Furui Nikki (Old Diary originally by Akiko Wada) and Japanese version of Nalbwa Gwisoon which I received a great reaction, and I personally had so much fun singing them. It’s almost the end-of-the-year party season so I thought it would be a great idea to make an album that people can sing at karaoke and have fun. My music video shows the fun choreography so I want people to sing and dance at parties.

Q: So the “fun project in fall” you mentioned during the tour was about this.

D: Yes it was. Nalbwa Gwisoon and Daebakiya were the two trot songs that were perfect for the concept of the album and I wanted to put additional 2~3 songs.  I sang Furui Nikki during the tour so I decided to include that, then I chose Dounimo Tomaranai which I listened to when I was searching for songs.


Q: Nalbwa Gwisoon was translated by Kenichi Maeyamada (a.k.a Hyadain). The lyrics are very unique.

D: I’m very thankful because Hyadain is the only one who can express like this.  The original Korean version was full of humor.  I kept worrying “What will happen when this gets translated?”, but I was relieved when I saw his lyrics. So I decided to let him write Daebakiya too.  I tried rap in Kansai (Western Japan) dialect for the first time.  I never even talk in that dialect so it was difficult, but Hyadain made a guide vocal for me. I used that and listened to it so many times to practice. Recording took a while.

Q: Furui Nikki turned out to be a rock style that you like?

D: Yes. I really like rock, and also the original song sounded rock-ish to me.  That’s why I wanted to make it rock style. I thought it would suit my character.

Q: Not only the HA! shout but also different kinds of fake-souds were included. Were you able to add them naturally?

 D: No. I record them beforehand. We make different kinds of fakes and try them during recording. Then I receive opinions from staffs and choose the good ones.

Q:  You prepare carefully. 

D: Yes. By the way, I heard that Akiko Wada (original singer of Furui Nikki) played my version of Furui Nikki in her radio show yesterday.  I was so scared (laugh)

Q: That is nerve-wracking (laugh)

 D: I really wanted to know her reaction…. Staffs told me she happily said “I’m very thankful~” and I was relieved! Because the most important thing for me is that I want the original singer to enjoy listening to my version and not to lose the original appeals.

Q: Did you know Dounimo Tomaranai by Linda Yamamoto from before?

D: No. I found out about this song while I was trying to find songs for this album.  I thought I wanted to sing it right away the moment I saw the performance by Yamamoto.  Its “power” was great and it was a little different from Akiko Wada’s power. The concept of the arrangement was “marching.” I had this image in my head of people singing it and marching forward, so I arranged it with that style.  I put in the part in the interlude where people can sing along, because it felt like many people would be able to sing it together.  I thought it would be a great idea.  Then I actually made it in and it suited perfectly than I was expecting.  I listen to it when I go running and it gives me power. 


Q:  Singing these old songs is a chance for young generation to listen to it for the first time. How do you feel about that?

D: Isn’t it great?  I wasn’t even born in the 70’s when these songs were made.  I know that many people already know these songs because they are famous, but there will be young people who would listen to it for the first time.  I want for those people to listen to the original songs.  I really want to tell them that they are great songs.

Q: Not only as a singer but you also have so many ideas as a song arranger.

 D: No, not really (laugh) I have to listen to soooo many songs, be concerned, think a lot, then finally get new ideas. I don’t know when those good ideas come so I keep thinking and thinking.

Q: About ideas. You planned the ideas for Nalbwa Gwisoon MV.  I laughed so hard; it was very comical!

D: Thank you (laughs) My ideas weren’t organized so I really want to thank the director who put them in order and made this MV.  I had an inspiration from this one commercial I saw a long time ago.  I’ve made so many MVs until now, but I feel disappointed when people don’t understand the concept of them.  Even though we put so many messages into it, people don’t understand it watching them only once.  So this time, I didn’t really think of the overall flow but simply tried to express the lyrics.  I wanted to make the MV like a commercial; just showing funny short scenes for 5~10 seconds that anyone can laugh at.

Q: I think you successfully managed it (laughs) Which idea do you have the most confidence?

 D: I personally felt confident in that scene where I break the crackers. But I wanted to express that scene more clearly.  When I watched the MV, I thought the funniest scene was that part with G-DRAGON.

Q: Did you personally ask him to appear? 

D: No. I felt bad to ask him so I couldn’t.  But G-DRAGON said that he will be in Japan when I was filming the MV and wants to be in it. It was nice of him to say that so I really wanted him to give him a handsome character and a great scene for him.

Q: You are so nice! That scene was funny but you probably felt sad…

D: Yes. I had no confidence after shooting that part (laughs) I just had to forget all my handsome side in this project. I named this album “diraito” in hiragana (simplest Japanese character) so people can feel closer to me.

Q:  You wanted to have the comical role so the fans can enjoy?

D: That’s right. I feel that I have to when I have to.  I didn’t want to worry about my past impressions on people. When I have to be funny, I would change myself 100% completely, then I go back to the past image.  That way, I think fans will enjoy it more and they will be able to look forward to my next album.

Q: I see. By the way do you have end-of-the-year parties in Korea?

D: End-of-the-year party is also popular in Korean culture; people in our Ent do it too.  We have been busy these recent years but until 3~4 years ago we had them every year.

Q: So do you guys drink and talk about how the year was?

D: In Korea, we don’t talk.  Only drinking (laughs).  We just say “Good job~! Now let’s drink!”

Q: Do you have any party plans this year?

D: No~. Wait! There is a party that would be great.  BIGBANG Dome Tour would be the great end-of-the-year party!

Q: BIGBANG Best Album will be released soon . 

D: There will be 50 songs included in that album so you will be able to know everything about Bigbang.  Please look forward to the new concept pictures.

Q: How did you feel looking at the list of 50 songs? Was it long or short?

D: The time felt so short.  We debut in 2006 in Korea and it would be our 10th year in two years.  I could never imagine BIGBANG will have its 10th anniversary.


Q: So you thought BIGBANG wouldn’t last that long when you debuted?

 D: I just didn’t have the time to imagine about our future. We were so busy every day…

Q: You are probably still busy these days, but you are successfully building up on your career and doing well on both solo and group activities.  What are your goals now?

D: The difficult topic that BIGBANG have on our minds now is “What and How are we going to remain?” We must make better things and we must achieve higher goals. This idea is making us difficult to make an album and the process is becoming time consuming.  Also the fact that so many people listen to our music now compared to when we debut is making us take our time to make new music.  But we all have in mind that we want to make music that people can listen to and feel fresh even after 10, 20 years. 

Q: What comes in mind when you hear “autumn/fall”?

D: Fall is the season of “preparation”.  I love winter, so fall is the season to prepare to go skiing, hot springs, and parties.  I think everyone should listen to my mini album and get ready for parties (laughs)  I sing Nalbwa Gwisoon at parties.  We had an after-party after we performed for Incheon Asia Games.  We went to Karaoke and G-DRAGON put Nalbwa Gwisoon and called my name.  I had to ran to him; he handed me the mic and I sang.  I’m always prepared to sing it (laughs).