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right, but what about whiskey/tango coming out to dex b/c they think he's queer and will support them and dex having his internal sexuality panic right then and there

Dex dropped his backpack beside the couch with a thud. He was normally more careful with it, but he’d been awake for the past 27 hours with no sleep, he’d only barely met the deadline for his Gender Studies essay, and Professor Rezendes had decided to hold back his class. For an extra 20 minutes. 

The only thing that Dex wanted to do was fall into a short coma, but sometime around 3 a.m. Tango had texted him asking if they could talk. And his 3 a.m. self thought that it would be an excellent idea. 2 p.m. Dex, however, was at the level of sleep deprivation that put him dangerously close to either homicide or insanity.

Still, he did love the tadpoles.

“What did you guys want to talk with me about again?” He asked, grabbing a stray snickerdoodle from the plate on the coffee table, actually looking towards the Tadpoles for the first time and-

Okay. So he had at least half of an idea about why Tango wanted to talk. 

They were sprawled out on the couch, Tango tucked into Whiskey’s side. Dex can’t say that he’d never suspected anything (Tango was about as close as you could get to being an open book), but he’d always thought it was one-sided. Given the lovestruck way that Whiskey was watching Tango right now, apparently not. 

Tango squinted expectantly at him. “Is it not super obvi-” 

“We’re dating.” Whiskey interrupted, side-eyeing Tango, who looked back at his boyfriend with a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ expression.

He’d totally called it, but Dex still stared blankly at them for a moment, processing the fact that the two freshman he and Nursey had practically adopted had somehow fallen in love, that he was watching his children grow up (damn he felt like Bitty), before his face split into a smile. 

“Congrats, dudes,” He said, flopping down across from them in an empty arm chair, before taking a slightly more serious tone. “Also, like, thanks for trusting me with this moment.” 

Whiskey snorted. “Bitty said the exact same thing.”

“Shitty taught us well,” Dex shrugged. “Speaking of, um, I should probably know who you’re out to, so I don’t accidentally say something to someone that you guys aren’t comfortable with.” 

“Just you and Bitty,” Tango answered cheerfully. “We don’t know when we’ll be ready to tell the others, but we felt like we could tell you two.” 

Ha, he thought, so the Tadpoles trusted me more than Nursey. Nursey can suck my ass they think I’m more- wait what?

“That’s totally cool and I respect that,” Dex asked, “But like, why not Nursey?” 

Tango fidgeted a little with the sleeve of Whiskey’s shirt. “Well, we weren’t sure if he’d be totally, um, chill, with us dating. And like, also, you know…” 

He did not know, and it must have shown on his face. 

Whiskey rolled his eyes. “Also, you know, Nursey’s not queer. We figured it would just be easier to come out to you and Bitty for now.”

Dex’s entire world seemed to shift on its axis.

“I’m not gay,” he snorted incredulously. “Like, I’m glad that you guys felt comfortable enough to come out to me, but why would you even think that?”

Tango looked quizzically at him. Whiskey raised a single, well-manicured, judgmental eyebrow. None of them spoke.

“Are you sure?” Tango asked at length, still obviously doubtful. “Are you sure you’re not at least a little gay?”

“Um, yeah?” Dex said. “I’m pretty sure I would’ve noticed if I was into dudes by now.” 

“But what about your crush on Chris Pine?” Tango asked.

“And your sexuality rants in the dining hall?” Whiskey added.

“And how you always get onto the Lax-douches for saying no homo?” 

Dex’s brain almost short-circuited from a combination of exhaustion and shock. It almost felt like he was being fucking interrogated or something. He took a slow deep inhale before he started explaining. 

“First off, I wouldn’t say I’m gay for Chris Pine. He’s cute, but, like, even if I were gay I don’t think I’d be into him. He’s twice my age. And I rant about gender and sexuality stuff because Shitty made me promise to ‘keep the tradition alive’ when he left for Harvard and said that he trusted me, as, and I quote, ‘the angriest, most passionate motherfucker on the team’ to carry on his legacy. It’s the same reason I get onto the Lax Bros. Fuck those dudes.” 

The silence was somewhere between awkward and understanding. Dex could practically see the way the gears were turning in Tango’s head. His thoughts must’ve settled after a second or two though, because Tango’s 1000-volt smile returned. 

“Sorry for assuming, Dex,” He said. “We should’ve known better. It was nice of you to take it in stride, though. I knew we could count on you.” 

Dex smiled back, exhausted and relieved, but still glad that Tango and Whiskey felt comfortable around him. “No problem dude, we all jump to conclusions sometimes. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff Nursey used to think about me.” 

Tango’s eyes widened comically, “No! Really? What did he-” 

A buzzer went off in the kitchen, piercing and annoying. Tango’s nose wrinkled and Dex almost flinched at its sound. 

“Give me a second, I told Bitty I wouldn’t let his pie burn.” Tango said, disentangling himself from his boyfriend. Whiskey watched him leave, his eyes following his boyfriend all the way to the kitchen, but as soon as the door shut his eyes were on Dex. 

“Are you fucking with me? With the gay thing?” 

Dex was halfway between laughing and pounding his head on the table. 

“I already told you guys that I’m not gay. Jesus, calm down.” 

Whiskey leaned forward. “Then why are you always looking at Nursey like you want to fuck him senseless, move into the suburbs, and then adopt ten kids with him?” 

He scoffed, “I don’t-” 

It was like several things clicked at once. 

“I’m not into Nursey,” Dex rebutted with no actual force at all.

Whiskey raised both well-manicured, judgmental eyebrows at him this time.

“I’m not. I’m not into Nursey. I would’ve noticed or, like…” Dex trailed off as shock set in. 

Whiskey leaned back, nodding slightly. 

“Oh,” Dex said quietly. “Fuck.” 

Whiskey only hummed in solidarity. Distantly, Dex could hear Tango knock something over in the kitchen. Or maybe several somethings. 

Whiskey sighed. “I’m going to go help him, but you-” he said with a pointed look- “should probably go get some sleep. You look like you’re about to pass out or something.” 

Dex shook himself into being awake and functional enough to process that. “Yeah, sounds good.” 

He grabbed his bag off of the floor, but Whiskey grabbed his shoulder before he could leave. 

He almost looked like he had no idea what to say. “Dude, honestly just chill. You can figure everything out when you don’t look like death. I probably- shit, we probably shouldn’t have gone all Spanish Inquisition on you when you look like death. No offense or anything. Also Bitty’s gone for the weekend, so you might as well crash in his room.” 

Dex sighed, practically sobbing at the thought of getting some sleep and just not thinking about how in love he was with his best friend anything. “Yeah, I get you. I’ll just.. go crash there now.”

Whiskey let go of him gently, as if he was afraid he would tip over. 

“Cool.” He said, then looked over his shoulder towards the kitchen. “I gotta go help with whatever that was.” 

Dex nodded, already halfway in the hallway. He wanted to sleep so bad, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Nursey

God, he was so fucked.

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Your 5 favorite things about Alex?

His kindness and genuine care for others.
Let me quote a message I received about him here. 
”I remember when they played here in Barcelona he said “visca catalunya” (which is actually Catalan, not even Spanish) and I loved that because most celebrities don’t even know what Catalonia is lol and he actually took time to learn a couple words in Catalan, when it would’ve been easier to say it in Spanish” x
It’s the small things like that that show he actually cares.

The way he talks about the things he’s passionate about. 
“When I first saw it in the store two years ago, I laughed at it. Then I went back and bought it. It’s as if they tried to make a guitar so no one would have to have an effect pedal ever again. It’s got a repeater effect, a palm wah-wah and a ratty fuzz distortion sound. And when you play it, it sounds like an orchestra from outer space.about his Vox teardrop-shaped 12-string Starstream guitar (Guitar World - December 2013)

His intelligence.
“I sometimes imagine each word to be made using a three dimensional open-top glass alphabet. Each letter built to harness and transport the mirror ball liquid marble of the melody. When the ‘substance’ fills up the syllables they seem to shimmer and become weightless. With the addition of close harmony I see colours swirl together, parts of the lyrics glow and the way in which they float suggests that something like the ‘star gate’ sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey is happening deep inside them out of view.” 
This whole interview is just fascinating.

“It’s really like… I feel like that riff - or that song even (Do I Wanna Know) - was like a ghost within the walls of this old guitar that I bought, to some extent.” 

His sense of humour. 
“That rock’n’roll, eh? That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go away. It might hibernate from time to time, sink back into the swamp. I think the cyclical nature of the universe in which it exists demands it adheres to some of its rules. But it’s always waiting there, just around the corner, ready to make its way back through the sludge and smash through the glass ceiling, looking better than ever. Yeah, that rock’n’roll. Seems like it’s faded away sometimes, but it will never die. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Thank you very fucking much for this, I do truly appreciate it. Don’t take that the wrong way. And yeah… invoice me for the microphone if you need to.” 
This speech is iconic and no one can ever convince me otherwise.

His strength and ability to grow and overcome his shyness.
“Writing isn’t the same as speaking, I struggle with conversation.”

“I feel like I should just flip out and do something crazy. It’s boring when people tell me I’m really well grounded. I feel a little bit sensible ? I don’t want to be that.”

“I’m in a difficult position in the sense that, preposterous as this might sound, I don’t like being the center of attention. I get up on stage every night and play songs, but I almost feel the songs are the center of attention. I don’t like opening my birthday presents in front of people, either.” -  Esquire UK (May 2014)

“I think I’m alright as a lyricist, you know? But then what will happen every couple of months or so is that I’ll hear a song I’ve never heard before and feel I’ve gone right back to square one. ”

“If anyone asks me about songwriting, I guess I’d say that you just gotta do it. I remember being afraid almost, to write shit down. It’s not strictly like - it is a craft, and there’s definitely an element… you need a little bit of luck and a little bit of magic as well. It’s just about practice; you get better.” x

There are so many more amazing things about him and I’m always so excited to find out more. 

*Friendship Rings*

So I saw a comic today on my dash, and a request from another person in the community asking just about anybody to write a fanfic about it.

So I thought, why not step up to the plate for once? Even trash like myself can write a drabble on stuff like this >;3c Mind you I’m not that great of a writer, so I’m terribly sorry if it doesn’t come out as any of you imagined ;v;)

Original idea here

Original comic here

@reapthis76​ Hopefully this is good enough for you!! <33

Edit: I felt super guilty for using the joke without crediting the person who made it in the tags, so thank you so much to @infinite-atmosphere for your inspiring tags!! The post where they made them is here >;3c

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AN: hello i wrote something for ‘a question of boardmates’ !!! i tweaked graciano a little bit. so, heads up: he can speak spanish because he lived in spain with his parents for a few years hehe :) 

La Solidaridad:

It is a small office space, but the cubicle is large enough for the equipments and for four people to move around. Right outside there is a small couch and a flatscreen TV on the wall, blaring the current news with the occasional static.

Pepe is having his teeth checked up today with Graciano and Marcelo (or Momcelo to their group) accompanying him. Well mainly, it is Del Pilar’s plan. He forced the Calamban to wake up early after being informed by tita Teodora that the young Rizal is supposed to have a monthly consultation with his dentist. And then there is Grazi who often follows Celo. They are like a family. 

The three are sat cramped on the couch, Pepe fidgeting in the middle. “Ay stop it na,” Graciano scolds, tsking and swatting the Calamban on the arm. 

“Aray! Why do I have to go through this again? I brush my teeth naman e,” Pepe whines. 

Marcelo dog-ears the Total Girl magazine — which is the only mag available in the ‘waiting area’ — and leans a little to the left to see the progress on the patient before Pepe. 

“Hah-luuuh, mag-bleed teeth mo a!” Graciano teases. He still has some troubles speaking in straight Tagalog, what with being born in Madrid (his parents were once OFWs who eventually became permanent citizens) and then spending some years in Toulouse for his secondary study. His Bisaya is excellent, and so’s his English, Spanish, and French — yes, one could say he is a wunderkind. Right now, the Solidaridad boys are helping him polish his rusty Tagalog. Tonio, of course, finds great joy in teaching Jaena the ‘basics’ such as, “Ina mo Mascardong balbon.” Poor, innocent boy doesn’t know what it means but it sounds real crisp so he often uses it whenever he is pissed. 

“Grazi, ‘wag mong takutin.” Marcelo turns to Pepe. “You’re doing this kasi sabi ni tita. And you’re lucky you get to have monthly check-ups. Not all are privi—” 

YES MOM,” Pepe huffs. He buries his head in Graciano’s shoulder and the latter in turn embraces him tightly. 

Marcelo sighs and goes back to reading the Totally Embarrassing Stories. “Stop coddling him. Nagmumukha tuloy akong demonyo.” 

“E, that’s because you don’t know how to deal with children,” Graciano reasons out. 

“WOW SALAMAT,” Pepe replies in a muffled voice. 

Minutes pass before the patient, a high school girl, exits the cubicle and gives Graciano a shy smile. Marcelo shakes his head after seeing his friend nod at her. “O Diyos ko. ‘Wag tularan si Goyong.”

“Ah oui, the other Del Pilar boy. I admire him, to be frank. He is an unyielding toro, showing no remorse for whatever he does. A real heartbreaker — the stuff that the literature of my people thrive on! My abuela used to say, ‘A lo hecho, pecho!’ or ‘In the face of deeds done, present a full chest’ — and that’s what Goyong does. Sometimes, I can’t believe that I am friends with him!” 

“Mr. Rizal?” the dentist calls out. 

Pepe stands up and does a few breathing exercises Poli taught him. “Guys, this is it. I just want you to know that I’m very thankful to have you as my second family. Also, please tell my mom that I love he—”

Marcelo pushes him inside. “Just…Just go. Maghahanda pa ako ng lunch. Masunog nanaman ni EJ yung kanin.” 

The Calamban sticks out his tongue at him before greeting Dr. Azcarraga with a cheery, “Hello po!”

At makakapanayam po natin ngayon ang abogado ng isa sa mga nabiktima ng ‘tanim bala’ scheme

“I hate that news. It’s only making me anxious with the upcoming reunion.” Graciano’s supposed to spend Christmas and New Year with his family who are now in Seville. But with the airport controversy reaching foreign shores, even his parents are now not so keen on having their son push through with his red-eye flight. “Papi, baka ikaw pa ang madiskitahan,” his mama told him. 

Marcelo, however stern and imposing he may sometimes be to his friends, actually wants Jaena to visit his family. He knows it’s his friend’s only wish for Christmas. So he had the rest of the boys pitch in for their ‘group gift’ — a legit Samsonite trolley. The hard plastic type that’s invulnerable to force and has a complicated lock system. It’s secure; Graciano’s going to love it. 

“I understand your dilemma but don’t you think it’s better if you can express it in Tagalog? So, ano masasabi mo sa mga sindikatong sangkot diyan?”

“…Puta nila.”

Marcelo shrugs. “Fair enough.”

AW!” Pepe half-shouts. Probably the hook accidentally scraping the inside of his lower gum again. Both boys grimace.  


He’ll have to order take-out for the household again if he doesn’t get up and race against the surging crowd current in the last day of SM’s sale. And considering that the boys are voracious fast food eaters since they rarely eat ‘junk’ when Marcelo’s around, he’ll be forced to pay with blue bills should he ever resort to his lazy way again. 

Miong is assigned to buy the ingredients for today’s lunch. How can he do that though if he is literally stuck in bed? 

Like, pinned down.

By a sleeping body. 

The Kawiteer has tried tickling the boy behind the ear (which is how he is usually woken up). Yet all he gets is a grunt and the creasing of forehead. 

He doesn’t know how it led to this. The heavy weight just woke him up. Sure, his friend is a fitful sleeper but he just can’t wrap his head around this…arrangement. Is he a ‘sleepcrawler’? If there’s a sleepwalker, then perhaps he unconsciously crawls and clings onto someone or something. It’s weird. 

But he really needs to jet now. Or else he’ll get an earful from Marcelo later.  

Miong tries to move the boy beside him, but the latter only clutches harder on his flimsy gray shirt.

This isn’t getting him anywhere; he’s forced to swallow his pride and call Goyong, who is probably just downstairs already eating late breakfast with Tonio. Most of them are late risers, so they just preheat whatever Marcelo leaves on the dining table. 

He unlocks his phone and sees a new message from his mother — she usually just forwards Bible quotes and those bizarro inspirational messages she receives from her fellow church ladies. This time the text reads like a patama to him, and he feels creeped out: 

J E S U S   I S   W A T C H I N G   Ü.   H a v e   a   p u r e   n   h o l y  
S u n d a y.   -   D o r o t h y

Okay, who the fuck is Dorothy and what does she care about his lifestyle? He switches to ‘Contacts,’ and calls on ‘Mr. Suave’ (a point of defense: Miong did not type that; it was Goyong who loves to abuse his phone storage by downloading a bunch of gaming apps and filling his camera roll with stolen shots of Pepe and Jacinto). 

“Crush ng bayan speaking.”

“Goyo, I need your help!” Miong replied in a hushed tone.

“Drive ba kita sa SM?”

“No. Di ako makaalis sa kama. Poli’s on top of me.”

“WOAH TONE DOWN ON THE SPG!” Miong hears Tonio guffawing in the background. 

“Gags hindi kasi ganun! Pwedeng kayo na lang bumili ni Tonio?”

“Sure. No prob sir.” 

“Thanks. Babawi na lang ako sa susunod.”

Miong nuzzles the top of Poli’s head. If he can’t get out of bed, he may as well catch a few more hours of sleep. 


“Ano ba ang pinagkaiba nung ‘breathable’ sa ‘healthy fresh’?”

Jacinto stands in the middle of the infinite aisle, diminished by rows and rows and rows of choices. Written on his left palm and already partly faded is a single word: ‘Carefree.’ Just like the woman who told him that word on the phone when Andoy had to run to the nearby bakery to grab some pandesal for the household. 

He repeats to himself over and over. A picture flashes in his mind — that of Andoy running hand-in-hand through green fields with Oryang, silken, dark brown hair flowing behind her. In that distant and hazy Shangri-La, his two close friends are happy, peaceful, and carefree

“If I were a girl, ano ba ang pipiliin ko…”

“…Um, okay lang kahit ano man diyan bilhin mo.”

The illusion is shattered. Jacinto turns to his right and sees Andoy scratching the side of his head and looking at him sheepishly. He is back again to the dreary land of capitalism, gray people slaves to their ever-consuming pushcarts. 

He stares at the older boy as if he’s crazy. “Pero ang daming pagpipilian! I mean, what if that,” Jacinto points to a random brand, “doesn’t work on her?” 

Andoy laughs. “First of all, lahat nyan pwede sa babae. Mga ano lang ‘yan, pampalito siguro ganun para maparami ng bili syempre baka yung iba gusto ma-try lahat…ha ha…” He screwed up. His meticulous friend isn’t going to buy it. 

Oh. My. God. Kuya, kung ako naging GF mo baka nagalit na ako sa’yo!”


Jacinto’s ears redden, and he starts walking away, pretending to be once again absorbed in the feminine products. Andoy shrugs to himself and grabs one of those tiny, pink packages. “Diretso na ako sa may Prestige counter.”




A loud crash and thud. Andoy whips around and sees Goyong and Jacinto sprawled on the floor, Tonio on his knees and laughing breathless at the two. An elderly woman loudly scolds them: 

“Ay kung wala rin kayong magandang gagawin e umalis na kayo rito! Nakaka-perwisyo lang kayo sa mga tao!” 

Andoy profusely apologizes for what has happened while Tonio helps the two get up, but the lola won’t have none of it. Once they are left alone again, Bonifacio faces the guilty trio. “That was stupid,” he sighs.  

“Sorry,” Goyong speaks up while still jokingly putting Jacinto in a headlock. 

“Drop it,” Tonio tells the younger Del Pilar. “May bibilhin pa tayo. Uy Andoy makikisabay na lang kami sa’yo para di sayang points mo.” 

“Ge. Pila na kami.”

With the queue being long, Jacinto busies himself with the light up toothbrushes. Andoy ruffles his hair and asks, “Nasugatan ka ba or what?” 

“Huh, me? N-No!” the younger stutters, still not meeting his friend’s eyes. “Okay lang ako.”

“Yeah, sure. I saw you limping. Lalagyan natin ng ice yan mamaya.” 

“…Fine. Um, about the GF thin—”

“Forget that. Kung naging GF kita I wouldn’t care if you’re cranky during your period,” Andoy assures him. 

“That’s not what I meant! Hala…just…we never had that super awkward conversation, okay kuya? Tsaka if I were a girl ako pa rin biggest fan niyo ni ate Oryang.” 

“Wow. Ang sweet mo naman.” 


Lunch is a zoo — that’s how Pepe once described family lunches with the boys. But Andoy doesn’t care about losing a few teeth from wrestling with Goyong and Tonio, or inadvertently lighting the toaster on fire if it means spending more time with his boisterous bunch on the dining table. He’s grateful to have them, and he couldn’t ask for more.