i just love this psd on that picture!


comet’s apartment part 1 (apartment created by @jools-simming, decorated by moi) + my new editing style inspired by @sims3melancholic (thank you @gabreux for the reshade/psd!)


renjun for @twtshua ♥
// rj, holding up 2 pictures of markhyuck: “…these two, i love these two photos.”

I wonder if you plan to recolor some EA clothes?


Mamiri Set

10 Recolours of the EA jumpsuit. Sorry I just had to faff with the texture. It is a mix of the top part, another top texture and jeans from EA. So credit to them for this. Hope you like it. It is a CAS part so you can find it under the intestinal coloured jumpsuits (as pictured in the insert - soz don’t love them bleergh!).

I have also included a copy of the PSD file so if you want to do your own top recolours or do the jeans in other colours (as I did with the blue top because it looked clashy with the jeans) then feel free. Credit for the base texture would be nice (as would a link) but not essential :)

Base game compatible (as it is a base game mesh!)


anonymous asked:

hey aah i love your edits how did you add that falling animated glitter to one of the doctor who edits you made its stunning plz teach me your ways!!

hey! tysm, sorry this took me so long to answer, i am the worst.

  • okay, so first you should have photoshop (i personally use cs6 extended but i think any version should work).
  • then you’re gonna need a picture you want to edit. i usually just take mine straight from the video (i use potplayer).

1) open the picture on photoshop and edit it the way you want. add a psd, doodles if you like, crop, resize, whatever you want basically.

2) (this is optional but i personally do this) save the image as jpeg and reopen it. that way you won’t have any additional layers. 

my edited picture looks like this:

3) now for the falling glitter effect. you will need a specific gif for that. try googling “sparkle gif tumblr” or smth along those lines. and going way waaay down in the search results. once you find the gif, save it and open it on photoshop.

4) my personal preference is to change the delay from 0 to 0.06 but that is totally up to you.

5) now what you have to do is change the opacity of the gif. (i have no idea how to do all frames at once so you’re gonna have to change every single one by hand). click on each layer of the gif and change the opacity from 100% to 40%. when you’re done it should look like this:

Disclaimer: i suggest saving this version of the gif as a psd file somewhere, so you don’t have to change the opacity again, the next time you need it.

6) now you can crop and resize the gif so it fits with your edited picture better. for example, i resized mine to 540x300px.

7) now go to the “window” tab -> arrange -> 2-up vertical (or horizontal, whatever is more comfortable for you). and then select Layer 1 on the gif.

8) drag the edited picture onto the gif. and make sure that the picture is the very bottom layer (drag it below Layer 1)

Disclaimer: because of the gif, the image might end up pretty dark so you can just change the brightness of it :)

9) go to file -> save for web… -> make sure it’s under 2M -> save

and you’re done! ^.^ the finished edit should look smth like this:

hope i explained it well enough, and again, so sorry for the long wait! if you need any more help, feel free to message me!

I know that I’m late but it’s finally here… Our 4k photoshop pack.

I’m thinking of making another pack full of icons and sidebar pictures, asap.

  • 36 Actions
  • 103 Fonts
  • 5 Patterns
  • 3 Polaroid Png
  • 6 PSD
  • 112 Textures


So, as usual, I’ve selected and made some resources for you!

Thank you for follow and like my stuff. I love what I do. I love this blog. I love FATM. So it’s just me having fun in my free time. Thank you. Thank you and Thank you.

New Header Tutorial :)

Okay today I am going to teach you how to make a header something like this :

or this 

I will try to show you to my best abilities to teach you how to make this, I got bored so I wanted to do this  but anyways the first thing you do is 

1. Open up PhotoShop it doesn’t matter which version but in my case I am using (CS5) 

2. Press Ctrl +N = New imagine. and make the size 500x167 like so 

3. Then you go to your PNG’s or Tumblr PNG’s what ever floats your boat but if you don’t have any I am going to put where I got my pngs from here  x 

I am going to use Bart cause he is one of favorites.

Okay so once you open up your png you change your header background color to any color you desire but I prefer the gray look that you see in the picture I first posted above.

I put the color number inside of the pic.. but anyways once you add your color to you header, add your png to you header and position it the way you want it. 

This is how mine came out and I didn’t even add a psd yet. I love it like that but we are not done yet.

Make sure you sharpen it, and add Topaz to this to make it look more neat.

Then add Topaz ( Note: Of you don’t have topaz labs then just look around tumblr “Topaz tutorial” )

Once you add your topaz just add your water mark and you are all good to go. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I’m sorry if I was rambling on but I like to talk a lot. If you have any questions just @ me on twitter @/Journalsjiley or message me on here

Oh and if you want add a psd but I am not, cause I think it looks nice like this. 

Send me messages for other tutorials you would like me to do 

here’s a throwback - an old sketch from October of Olimar and his wife’s wedding picture. I had every intention of adding some glorious coloring to it, and actually started on it, but got so overwhelmed and frustrated that i dropped the project for months. I just so happened to open the old PSD this morning and remembered how much I loved the sketch, so I thought I’d post it here as a little random Pikmin-related treat :3

               Kaichu’s Two-Year Bias List & Giveaway

YOOOOOO OH MY GOSH can you guys believe you’ve been following me and all of my account shenanigans for TWO YEARS?! Okay, well not all of you have, but in all honesty, many of you have stuck around for the long-haul, following all of my new accounts, dealing with the fact that i’m indecisive af, somehow being interested in all 27 of my muses??? And that’s why, for my Anniversary, which was on Christmas Eve, I wanted to do a special Giveaway and Bias List for ALL of my accounts rather than picking the one with the most followers. Yes, that includes you, SU fandom!

Let’s get to the giveaway first, because the bias list WILL be long!

Rules of the Giveaway:


  • First Prize: The above pictured Shiny Vuplix + your choice of: an icon PSD, a promo image (gif or static), or a dash banner.
  • Second Prize: Second choice of an icon PSD, a promo image (static), or a dash banner. (In other words, you may choose from what first place did not pick.)
  • Third Prize: I love you, but whatever’s leftover!

So with that out of the way, click the readmore for my bias list, of shityear2016!

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To the lovely ooonara <3 Sanji in first palette. I woulda put the colors in the picture buttttttttt i deleted them out of the .psd and was too lazy to eyedropper them again :D!

I seriously love this meme. Dont be afraid to request one !!
I’ll do any anime/manga/thing ya want… i just think this is really fun haha