i just love this picture of me jfc

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I h8 that jen is leaning on misha in the boat pic, I hate it, too fkn cute. my heart has not recovered, and I can't stop thinking about this being dean and cas, and claire snaps this picture of them while sam's driving up front, and its pretty damn cold, and dean's totally stealing cas' body heat, but cas finds nowadays that he doesn't mind, bc dean told him he loved him this weekend, and he'll never forget it. I just made myself cry jfc I'm off to write this drabble, apologies for my ramblings


a brief summary of what the world needs now aka THE GREATEST EPISODE TO EVER EPISODE

the “purr-fect” cuboid. brittany’s crayons and the face she makes when her mom talks about having sex with stephen hawking. YEASTY. katniss everdeen! i fucking love the troubletones can they please sing all the songs. look tubbs is back. and got more screen time this episode than blaine lol. i want you to be our wedding planner - for free! WHEN IM WITH SANTANA IT FEELS LIKE IM IN HEAVEN. hearing HBIC santana speak so sweetly about her abuela. I CHOOSE YOU OVER EVERYONE. thanks dr. walgreens. brittany.speaking.spanish.MAS POR FAVOR. i popped a hip once. queso por dos. it’s got a mean kick - just like you. BUT THE WAY BRITTANA WORK THROUGH THEIR DISAGREEMENTS THOUGH. do you want a signed picture? i’m sure you do. did i ever tell you that i love you? tell me again. Wait - Rachel’s going back to new york? jfc that storyline is giving me whiplash. back to brittana. god naya looks so pretty. and she’s somehow managing to sing alfie without too much of the derp hands. fuck you abela why ya gotta be like that? (she must be a klainer).  WITHOUT BRITT I JUST EXIST. take a look at this - this is what real love looks like. Brittana’s fucking hand hold (death grip??). YOU’RE MY LADY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR. a lot a lot a lot. heya being the biggest fucking idiots with their fake surprised faces. i’m emotional because glee club wants to be santana’s family?? oh god, more hand holding. help. ew they just greeted pedo!will with kisses on the cheek. but i can totally get past that because now santana is being cute with wemma’s baby and brittany is showing off her ring. OH NO - MORE HAND HOLDING.  okay wow it’s over. what did i even just watch? this can’t be glee. who hijacked the writer’s room? we just got more brittana in one episode than we have in five seasons. and it was just SO DAMN PERFECT. LIKE BRITTANA. AND THEIR INFINITE LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. RIP ME.